The Houseboys

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Chapter 6

Danny was still standing in the corner after everyone had left. Craig slipped handcuffs onto Danny's wrists then allowed Danny to lower his arms in front of him. He then wrapped a belt around Danny's arms and across his back, pulling it tight. Danny's ankles were next. They were manacled with a chain just long enough for Danny to hobble around. Finally Craig fitted a bit which effectively gagged him.

Grade ones do not sleep in the house. After some thought Craig took Danny to the garage. There was a block and tackle hanging from the roof. It was used to lift engines out of cars. The hook had a bar that opened inwards. Craig could push the chain of the handcuffs against the bar and onto hook but the bar would not let the chain slip off. Craig released the belt securing Danny's arms and pulled on the hoist until Danny was stretched upwards standing on tiptoe.

Danny was terrified wondering what was going to happen. Craig, in his turn was becoming very hard. He might be straight but having another male in his power was a definite turn on. He was ashamed to admit, even to himself, that he looked forward to these opportunities. He turned to Paul.

“We'll have to get that hair off him, tomorrow.” he said, “What about his pubes before we fit the cock cage?”

“We could trim it back tonight and and get some depilatory tape to do a thorough job tomorrow.

“What tape?” Craig asked.

“Depilatory.” Paul replied, “It's like band aid but designed to stick to hair more than skin.”

“Whoa! That sounds painful.”

“It is sir,” Paul replied with feeling, “At the centre they use it on you once and you don't forget to use the cream regularly afterwards.”

Danny was staring at them wide-eyed with horror. His nerve was fading fast and if he could speak he would probably have backed out of the voluntary grading.

Paul sensed this and said, “I'm in charge of discipline. Nothing will happen to you that won't happen at the centre. I survived it and I'll make sure you do.”

Danny calmed down and nodded. He hung there, arms beginning to ache, while Paul trimmed the bush around his cock and then fitted the cage. He looked vaguely ridiculous because Paul had left most of the spread of hair across his abdomen alone which emphasised the trimmed ring around his cock.

Nowadays chastity devices were something of a joke except, of course, for the wearer. Amongst the many put downs adults used against teenagers was the comment that their brains were inside their underwear. Seeing a grader restrained in this way always produced cracks about getting them to think straight or it's better soft there than in the head. The gags, which had been around since grading began or even before, had stayed just as unfunny but added to the embarrassment of the wearer.

People could be uncomfortable seeing a grader with an erection but it was seen as a normal bodily function. The grader was seen to have accepted his situation and was reacting normally to the world around him. Naturally a well behaved grader should be concentrating on his duties and not worrying about his own pleasure so chastity restraints were seen as a sign of weakness and immaturity.

While Paul was working on Danny, Craig picked up the belt and doubled it up before swishing it through the air making the other boys jump giving Craig a strange thrill. The conversations that evening about how to handle Danny and the possibility of finding a boy that might get raped had shown him how far his power over graders went.

He swished the belt through the air again. He was disappointed the boys did not react so much. He swung the belt again and this time it landed with a satisfying thwack across Paul's back. He swung again and a second stripe appeared next to the first. Craig was breathing heavily and spoke hoarsely as he told Paul to go stand by the wall.

Craig turned his attention to Danny's back. Danny yelled and bucked as blow after landed leaving his back, buttocks and thighs bright red. Every scream, every jerk and every movement in Danny's body seemed to make the fire in Craig's cock more intense until he could take no more.

Dropping the belt, he grabbed Paul and bent him over the bench and rammed his pole into the defenceless grader. There was no tenderness or love, just a release of pressure. He had no thoughts, just the sensations of the moment.

As he exploded into his boy and his seed forced it's way deep into Paul, he watched, almost as an onlooker as his fingers dug into Paul's back until red spots appeared.

As the raging sensations faded and he calmed down after the violence of the moment he began to realise what he had done. Ashamed and in tears he ran to the house and collapsed into a chair.

Paul followed him. He was sore and humiliated but he knew that Craig probably needed him and that was enough. He sat on the arm of the chair and put his arm around Craig.

“I'm so sorry,” Craig wailed, “What have I done?”

“Discovered something about yourself I think.” Paul replied quietly, “It's OK.”

“No it's not fucking OK!” Craig yelled, “I hurt you. God knows what I've done to Danny.”

“Danny will be all right. You warned him to expect a tough time and I'll talk to him. He'll get worse if he's graded one.”

Adam appeared at the door. He had been waiting for Craig and Paul and had heard the noise. Craig could see Adam's shocked look as he saw Paul's back.

“What's happened? What have you done to him?” Adam yelled.

“Quiet, Adam,” Paul snapped, “ Don't worry. Craig's had a few problems but they're being sorted. Come and sit with him. I have something to do.”

Paul headed back to the garage. Danny's arms ached mercilessly now and tears were flooding down his cheeks with the pain of his beating. Paul lowered the hoist until Danny's hands were chest height and examined Danny's back. He removed the bit.

“You speak without permission and I'll beat you. Your back is OK. It should be clear in a few days.

Paul had fetched a dust sheet from the decorating materials scattered all over the place. He laid it on the floor for Danny then lowered the hoist until Danny's hand could reach the floor if he laid down. He fingered the chain around his neck.

“Craig will do everything in his power to stop you getting one of these.” he said, “I've got a future and a boyfriend because of him. You will be better off for knowing him as well but at times, he needs to remind himself and us that he's in charge. Understood?”

Danny nodded.

“If you try, you could get yourself off that hook. I promise you, it would not be a good idea.”

Danny's eyes widened with fear again but he did not dare speak. Paul left him, turning the light off and leaving Danny to look after himself.

Back in the living room, he found that Adam had moved away from Craig and was looking at him in horror.

“I told you to hold Craig,” Paul said quietly.

“I told him what I did.” Craig sobbed.

“Like I said to Danny, because of you I have a future and a boyfriend whom I love dearly. I love you too but you're my master not my boyfriend and Adam has to remember that. You could whip me for saying this but you should remember that as well.”

“Don't tempt me, Paul or you'll be over that table. You and Adam sleep in your room tonight. I want to be alone.”

Craig slept fitfully that night and the next morning found it difficult to get on with his school work.

The builders had a delivery that morning. Paul had handcuffed Danny to a wheelbarrow and he spent the day shifting the load from the road to the stables. One of the workman loaded and unloaded the wheelbarrow but enjoyed strolling beside the struggling boy occasionally giving him an encouraging swat. The bruises had darkened and his back and thighs looked a real mess though Paul was satisfied that they would heal without a trace. Every time Danny saw Craig looking at him he speeded up a little, staring desperately ahead.

Craig was in love with Lindsay. He thought she was in love with him but ever since the party she had become colder and more distant. He wondered what he had done wrong and being a typical teenager with typical teenage hangups worried whether his sexual performance had disappointed her.

Ever since the time at the placement centre when he had caned Tom and finger fucked Paul he had become fascinated with the power he had over his graders. He was not naturally cruel or vicious and he had every intention of seeing that Danny was not graded but it excited him to see the fear in Danny's eyes when he looked at him.

Craig was also aware of the quiet masculine toughness that Paul exuded. Like Adam and some of the other boys he wanted to impress Paul with his own physical prowess. If he had stayed at school he would have been the football captain but since leaving school he had not found a way of expressing himself physically.

Last night all his doubts and frustrations had come to a head and not only had he enjoyed every moment of his assaults on Paul and Danny, he knew that he was looking for an excuse to repeat the experience.

He completed his school work then went through the days business transactions with Tom. Tom had seen Paul's and Danny's backs and could see that Craig was distracted.

Graham phoned in the early afternoon. He explained that just treating Danny as grade one was bad for his case. If that was all he was fit for now, what would be be fit for after the hearing? Danny needed to do some sort of community service to show he had the right attitudes in public. Impose strict discipline by all means but show that it was constructive

He further explained that Danny needed to speak to the CSC Inspectorate. He would be taken into a room with just him and an inspector and be asked to confirm that he had volunteered. He also suggested that the voluntary grading be altered to state that it was to last until Danny was twenty five.

He had already contacted a private investigator who would not only look into the matter himself but approved of their plan to find another volunteer grader and send him to the mall, wired.

He had sent for the documents and would contact them again after he had read them.

Craig was still upset and it barely registered when Paul asked permission to use the phone. He became more aware when Paul said he had spoken to James who would be willing to help and had him explain.

“You promised that we would help the Neighbourhood Patrol with the old folk. We haven't had the time but Danny could do it for us. Patrol Officer Macliney would like to come round this evening and discuss it.

“Who?” Craig asked.

“James.” Paul replied, “I'm sorry, sir. I know I've been told to call him James but I'm still a bit scared of his uniform.”

“I'll punish you later,” Craig retorted. It was meant as a joke but his cock stirred at the thought.

“Yes Master,” Paul replied. Craig was never sure whether Paul was being sarcastic or afraid when he called him 'master'. In fact it was a bit of each. As Paul had just said, his time in the placement centre still haunted him, even though he had got used to Craig's humour.

Craig and Tom had just about finished so Craig wandered out for some fresh air. The first thing he saw was Danny standing, waiting to be taken for the next load. Danny was filthy and exhausted from his uncomfortable night and physically demanding work.

Craig was naked as well. He spent as much time as possible at the barn and the entire property was so secluded he did not bother dressing. Even Paul dressed more often than he did taking the boys to and from school. Often when Craig did go out he rarely dressed more than a grader. Tom had convinced him that it was good manners to dress appropriately if he was meeting people but otherwise, if anyone wanted to jump to conclusions about him, that's their problem.

Danny became increasingly nervous under Craig's stare while once again Craig found a perverse excitement at the other boy's fear.

“You been sent out to do proper grader work or you just wasting time?” a workman asked. He had just finished unloading a barrow load and had taken a quick break. “Your boss likes his pretty boys, doesn't he? We've got one more load then he can share you two with me.”

He slapped Danny on the rump with a harsh, 'move it' then grabbed Craig by the arm and pulled him along. The man was strong and Craig was caught off balance. By the time he had recovered they were out on the road. The workman pointed at the remaining bags of cement and told Craig to start loading the wheelbarrow.

Just at that moment the foreman arrived.

“Everything OK?” he asked.

“No, it's not OK.” Craig snapped angrily, “I want that man off my premises and he's not to come back.”

“Your premises?” the man snapped, “Who the fuck do you think you are? You might be your bosses favourite pretty boy but that's all you are.”

“He is the boss,” the foreman replied, “He owns this place.”

The workman stared, taking in what the foreman had said.

“It was a misunderstanding.” he cried, “He was wandering around like a grader.”

“I was going swimming.” Craig retorted angrily, “That wasn't the problem. He was talking about my boss, your customer, liking his pretty boys and he was threatening to share us with him. This boy has already had to deal with this type of behaviour and I expect him to feel safe on my property.”

“You're a lying little fucker.” the workman snarled, “A free boy wandering around naked with all your naked little friends. Who's going to believe a pervert like you?”

“I am and you're fired.” the foreman snapped, “With a graders help you should have got this job done by now so I'm firing you for laziness as well.”

A couple of other builders had paused to see what the fuss was about. The foreman had them escort the fired workman while he got his stuff together and see him down the lane to the main road.

During the time they were there, Craig had become popular with the contractors. He allowed them to use the barn during their lunch break. He'd permitted a bricklayer to bring his young children with him when there had been a family problem and Craig, Paul or Tom looked after them while they played happily in the barn.

He would listen to them as they explained the different stages in the building work trying out the various jobs involved in the conversion. His attempts at plastering had been a notable failure but nobody seemed to mind that his efforts caused more work than it saved.

It had been the second day of employment for the man who had been sacked and he had made himself thoroughly disliked. The rest of the crew had heard of Danny's problems and why he was being treated the way he was and somehow, during the day there had always been someone nearby keeping an eye on him which is why the foreman had been on the scene so quickly.

The foreman was extremely apologetic and when Craig asked if they could fit in an extra job, they were only too happy to help. The main work was winding down and it was a fairly simple job to fit a plasterboard wall and door across the upstairs passageway isolating the last two rooms. It would not be a finished job because their would not be time but Craig was adamant that the basic structure was good enough as long as it was done in time.

Danny had heard a few comments about Craig while he had been working and knew how the builders felt about him. The previous night, Craig had scared him and his life had dropped to new depths so the comment to the workman about feeling safe did not make sense. Paul had said that he would be able to cope with everything. He had survived last night, got through today and that man had been stopped. It all seemed confused and muddled and he did not understand the contradictions in his treatment.

It was at that moment he felt that everything would be all right. People had promised to protect him in the past but even his parents had failed to save from the man at the mall. Craig had promised to do his best for him but it would be tough. Danny had expected the tough part but Craig had delivered on the help part as well. From that moment on he belonged to Craig.

The incident had made an impact on one of the builders. His name was Rob and he wondered whether he dare talk to Craig about his own problems.

It was the last week for the builders. Tom's apartment and the grader bunkhouse were just about complete. The final delivery had been to lay a new drive to the garages. Tom would not have made a fuss. To him it was just workmen completing a job they were being paid to do but it was a new experience for Craig. He made Tom set up a table with drinks and food for the crew while he, Tom and the foreman made a final inspection.

Later as everyone was chatting Rob sidled up to him.

“I'm gonna get graded.” he blurted out, “Will you help me, please?”

Later in life a doctor would tell him how he always waited for a patient to put their hand on the door as they left. Patients would often spend the whole consultation talking about other things rather than face the problem they had come for. It was when their hand was on the door that they and it was their last chance to say anything that they explained the real problem.

Like Danny, Rob had been scared to talk to Craig but knew that his last chance was slipping away.

About six months ago just after his sixteenth birthday he had got drunk on his step-father's whiskey. He had staggered outside, fell against a car breaking the mirror and had been sick over the officer arresting him.

His step-father declared him unmanageable and refused to help him in any way. The CSC had no choice. They had to deal with it and in fairness they did the best they could. They recognised it was just teenage stupidity and placed him in a foster home until his hearing. He liked the people he was staying with. They had accepted that he was unhappy at school and found him this job and they had made him feel welcome.

The only problem was, they would not contact or deal with the CSC unless it was absolutely necessary. When he tried to talk about his hearing they would simply say he should leave it to the CSC. As an apprentice he had just about managed to pay for the mirror and the officers cleaning bill but he was scared that he was heading for grading because the fostering would end with the hearing and the court would decide what to do with him.

The CSC had to supply guardianship for the next nine years and there was no way he could afford accommodation.

“Come and see me before you go.” Craig had replied before finding the foreman and asking him about the boy.

“You've seen for yourself, he's quiet and a good worker.” the foreman replied, “Has he told you about his problems?”

Craig nodded.

“You know the CSC and how it works better than I do.” the foreman said, “He doesn't deserve to be graded. He shouldn't have asked you for help though. He's no business bothering customers like that. If I were to report it, he'd get fired.”

“Then don't report it.” Craig retorted. “I won't. We've got a lot of moving to do and some decorating this weekend. I could do with an extra pair of hands. Do you have anyone who could help?”

The foreman laughed.

“By a funny coincidence I think Rob might be available. You should ask him. We should be moving. You're still paying for our time.”

“I can afford it. I want time to think and talk to Rob. I know some of your gang would prefer to start the weekend early but I wish things didn't get dumped on me at the last minute.”

“They all feel sorry for Rob.” the foreman said, “If you can keep the booze coming they won't mind being paid to get drunk.”

Paul had left to fetch the boys. They were becoming excited because the next week would be their last complete one at their current gradings. When they got home they found a party in full swing with the work crew in no real hurry to move.

Craig explained Rob's problems to Paul and they discussed the possibilities. Craig then sent for Rob before heading to the office. When Rob entered the office he became aware of a completely different mood. Instead of the usual relaxed attitude it was obvious that he was expected to stand respectfully in front of the desk awaiting Craig's pleasure. His eyes were inevitably drawn to the shackles canes and other paraphernalia lying on the desk.

“Tom and Paul keep reminding me that I'm in charge.” Craig said, “I've beaten Paul, Tom and Ethan. You saw Danny's back the day he worked for you. If you were to stay here, I would probably give you a beating just to let you know I mean it.”

Craig paused. Rob went to speak but Craig stopped him.

“I said much the same thing to Danny before I worked him over.” Craig continued, “The most important thing for me is keeping my brother away from the CSC. I think you can see that but it means I have to prove that I can run this place. Do you understand?”

“Yes sir,” Rob replied, subconsciously following Craig's demeanour. “I do understand what you're saying but I can't stay here, can I?”

Rob had seen Craig dealing with Paul and the other boys and he'd seen them together in the barn. It would be marvellous if he could join them, even if it was only until the hearing.

“You're staying until Sunday evening at least.” Craig said, “That gives us the weekend to plan long term. Is that a problem?”

“My guardians might object. They worry about anything that upsets the CSC.”

“You've been hired to work for me. You can phone your guardians and tell them. Your boss will confirm it.”

“Do I have a choice?”

“Of course you do. You can refuse and I'll still try to help you.” Craig replied, “You just sprung this on me at the last minute and it would be easier if you were nearby until things are sorted.”

“Sorry, I didn't mean to sound ungrateful. I'd love to stay.”

“OK! I'm going to phone my lawyer. He can get your papers and start getting your case sorted.”

“I can't afford a lawyer,” Rob said wide eyed.

“I love saying this – I can.”

Craig managed to reach Graham before he left his office for the weekend and passed on Rob's details. Graham would get back to him Monday but agreed that residency with Craig and a job should keep him ungraded. Legally that meant grade 5 but it was generally called ungraded.

“You've got to decide if you're happy with me being your guardian until you're twenty five.” Craig said, “If you've got a relative or can think of someone you'd prefer then I'll arrange it. Just make sure you know what you want when Graham calls on Monday.”

“Thanks!” Rob said, “You've not said anything about Danny yet and what you want in return.”

“Who's said anything about Danny?”

“It's all round the crew. Your graders talked to them as well as you especially when we were in the pool. You want me to be taken to that sleaze bag in the mall and catch him fucking me, don't you.”

“No. I mean yes, we're looking for someone but you should remain five without doing that.”

“You want me to volunteer?”

“No but I think you should take your clothes off then stand with your hands behind your head.”

Rob looked startled then worried as Craig picked up his favourite instrument, a tawse.

“I'm waiting.” Craig said quietly.

For once Craig was dressed. He was wearing jeans and shirt and he looked relaxed if a little excited as he sat back in his chair waiting for Rob who still had not moved.

“If you're going to stay this weekend or for longer then you will be treated like my other wards which means I am going to punish you for disobeying me. If you want to go and come back on Monday to see Graham then that's fine. I promise you I will try to help you.”

As if on cue there was a knock on the door and the foreman entered the office.

“I'm sorry to bother you but we do need to get going now.”

“Decision time, Rob.” Craig said quietly, “Leave or strip.”

The foreman watched the scene, fascinated. He knew that Craig could enforce discipline when he had to but had only ever seen the confident, affable side to him. He understood the principle of starting off hard and easing off when new guys had proved themselves but he had not expected Craig to be using it.

Rob shrugged and took off his shirt. Craig took the foreman outside and they shook hands. The rest of the crew were already asking about Rob as Craig went back into the office. He sat on the front of his desk, inches from Rob.

Rob's torso was hairless but starting with an ample bush around his cock a dark fur spread down his legs. Craig had developed an interest in the male body. Not quite sexual, his fantasies still centred on Lindsay and other girls but he had already decided that Rob would be shaved. When he had first inspected Paul and Tom, he had understood that being hairless was a part of being a grader. Now he wanted his boys to have less hair than him so that even when they were naked in the pool his own pubic bush acted as a badge of rank.

Without thinking, he grabbed Rob's balls and felt them idly running a finger back towards his anus. Rob tensed, unready for the sudden loss of privacy but his cock swelled pointing accusingly at Craig. Craig wrapped his hand round it and stroked a few times making it even firmer.

“Maybe I should put it in a cage for the weekend.” he teased, “Something up your arse as well so no one can fuck you. Just to make sure you know that you're not here for sex. What do you think?”

Craig had not let go of Rob's cock and stroked it gently while he waited for Rob to answer.

“I can put you on a train and send you home if you wish. You'll still have a lawyer and my help on Monday.”

Rob could not think how to answer. He had assumed that he would be expected to show his gratitude in some way but Craig kept giving him chances to back away but he could not believe that Craig was simply willing to help.

The sensations from his groin were overpowering his thinking and using his last ounce of will power he stepped backwards breaking free from Craig's caresses. Craig looked at him amused.

“I'm still waiting for an answer,” he said.

“What do you want me to say?” Rob asked desperately, “Fuck me, Master? You're messing with my head and I don't like it.”

“I want a volunteer to help get that evidence for Danny.” Craig said, “Not someone doing it because they think they have to. I was messing with you and I enjoyed it but I was deliberately pushing you until you reacted. You can do that, you know. Say no, I mean. If I become your guardian then you will have to be honest with me and that starts now.”

“Who said I want a kid my age as a guardian?”

“Better but don't call me a kid. I don't know if I want to be your guardian yet. You still haven't told me what you want to do this weekend.”

“What's in it for you if you help me?”

“I don't know.” Craig answered, “The CSC came close to getting Ethan and me. Tom saved us and here we are. I was so lucky that I got Tom and that was on Paul's advice. Adam kept me out of trouble once. I guess I need mates who are on my side.”

Apart from stepping back, Rob still had his hands behind his head. He knew that if it had not been for Craig, Paul and Danny would have been headed for the labour gangs. Rob had recognised Craig the first day he was there as the boy who had taken on the CSC. He had tried to find out as much as he could about Craig since then and had liked what he had discovered. Danny's back had been a shock but he had seen Danny's attitude change into the same friendly respect the others showed towards Craig.

He came to his decision and taking a deep breath to calm himself stepped forward.

“I guess I'm yours this weekend.” Rob said, “Can we talk about the mall later though. We've got other stuff to deal with first.”

As he spoke he thrust his hips forward slightly, almost inviting Craig to hold it again. Instead Craig grabbed some of pubes and pulled.

“We do things the traditional way here. Graders aren't supposed to have body hair. Craig said quietly, almost menacingly, “Go and find Paul. Tell him you need help removing your hair. Ask him to use the tape.”

Rob looked puzzled so Craig continued, “Placements centres use it to pull hair out by the roots when a grader forgets to keep himself smooth and like the creams we normally use, it prevents stubble.

Craig was gratified to see Rob turn white. He had psyched himself up for a beating only to be confronted with a far worse ordeal. He guessed that Craig was testing him again but boyish pride prevented him from admitting that he was scared. To buy a little time he asked what had happened to Danny as he had not seen the other boy since the first day.

After the incident with the workman, Craig had taken Danny to the barn so they could talk. Craig told Danny what the lawyer had said and he had decided that Danny should go back to school the next day. After school he would do community service with the Neighbourhood Patrol. Apart from that he would be treated like the rest.

Danny was grateful to Craig but rebelled against being in the control of a boy who was his age and had muttered something about being asked first. Craig was upset by the comment and angrily reminded Danny that he was in charge and that he would sleep in the garage until he remembered it. Craig had stalked off leaving Danny scared of the coming night and feeling guilty at upsetting the first person to believe him and help him.

That evening when James arrived, Danny was on his best behaviour. When James asked about his back, Danny replied that he had trouble obeying someone his own age as if he was an adult. He added that he felt bad about it as he had slipped up again today. He was really sorry and wouldn't question his punishment. Danny had been answering James' questions but he was looking at Craig as he spoke. James was impressed and agreed that after school each day he should report to James, be allowed time to do his homework then set to work. Tom would pack him sandwiches to tide him over and have a meal ready for him when he got home at curfew. It was a long day for Danny but when Graham heard about it, he thought it ideal.

They were having trouble finding a suitable boy for the sting. The CSC was sympathetic but pointed out they could not put grade fives under their care in such a situation. They could go to a placement centre and take on a boy already graded but not a grade five. Many parents would have gladly handed over their dear little boys to get them out of trouble but the ones they had seen so far turned out to be spoilt nasty little monsters who Craig would having the greatest trouble dealing with. Without the CSC's help, tracking down suitable cases was proving difficult.

“Which means you need me.” Rob interrupted, “Why don't you say so?”

“We've time to find someone better before it starts getting urgent. Let's see what happens. You might find a long lost uncle or something.”

“With my luck he'll send me down the coal mine he owns. What did you do to Danny that night?”

“It was strange.” Craig replied, “When the others started getting ready for bed he headed straight over to the garage. When I got there, he was standing like you are now under the hoist and he was rock hard. If I'd stared too hard he'd have cum. All the chains and stuff I'd used the night before were laid out on a folding bench beside him.”

“Fucking hell.” exclaimed Rob.

“No! I enjoy it. I don't think it's hell but I didn't do anything then.” Craig replied, “I asked him what was going on.”

Danny had not only been dealing with being gay but with a strong submissive streak. Deep down he wanted a master but he thought it was sick to want to be treated like a grader or worse. He knew that had it been a different workman Craig would have allowed himself to be worked just as hard as he had been. It had cleared some of the confusion in his mind and shown him that he could choose his master. Being submissive did not mean that he did not want to test the limits hence the moment of sulkiness when Craig had acted so adult, planning his future. It had also cleared the last of the doubts in his mind and he had chosen Craig as his master.

Craig was not aware of everything as he tried explaining to Rob what he did know but it still made some sense to him.

“Yes but what did you do to him that night?”

At that moment Adam stuck his head round the door to say dinner was ready.

Craig grinned, “Let's eat. Then you have to report to Paul.”

Craig swatted Rob on the thigh until he gave up waiting for an answer to his question and headed for the door. They were playful blows which stung rather hurt but they reinforced Rob's own change of attitude. Like Danny and the others he accepted Craig as the master and he would stay if Craig allowed it.

Whatever had happened that night, Craig had been more relaxed than usual. He had chosen to wear jeans and shirt rather than stay naked. The others had put it down to excitement at some of the changes that were about to happen.

Tom had already chosen the furniture for his apartment so Paul was mystified when Craig had taken him out to buy some furniture. Paul had his room next to Craig. He had been grateful for some of the old furniture from the flat. Paul enjoyed helping his master choose furniture for his new quarters though he wondered why Craig was moving out of the massive master bedroom.

For once Craig dressed the part as a rich customer leaving Paul the role of servant. The real shocks for everyone began that Friday night when a puzzled Adam announced that his family would be visiting so they would have to stay in for a swimming session. Craig began to look uncomfortable when both Ethan and Adam announced that Craig should join them and relax.

“Come on Craig.” Ethan exclaimed, “You've been getting all snooty on us the last few days.”

“Maybe Craig realises that he can't stay all matey with you and maintain discipline,” Tom said.

“He's done all right so far.” Ethan replied, “Besides he takes discipline as well as gives it 'cos he's got to behave like we do.

Just as they had finished eating, Allan and Miriam arrived. Craig surprised everyone by taking them to the improvised apartment after seeing that Paul and Adam were waiting for them just outside. Finally they were called in.

“This is Paul's new apartment.” Craig said looking at Adam, “If your father signs these papers he will give me full guardianship over you and you will move in with Paul.

“The only rule is that they become your rooms and Paul is your servant. We're going downstairs and wait for you while you talk it over.”

They had barely reached the living room before a pounding on the stairs heralded the arrival of two very excited boys. Adam did not know who to hug first and even Paul forgot his usual reserve and not only hugged Craig but kissed him full on the lips.

“I take it you want me to sign?” Allan asked.

“Yes please. Are you sure you don't mind me moving out. I'm going to miss you.”

“You hardly see us now.” Allan replied, “You spend more time here than at home. We thought we might see more of you if we visited you here some evenings. You know how your mother likes painting. She says there are some lovely scenes around here. Craig says she's welcome to use this place as a base.

“When Paul is regraded, you can visit us for the day more easily. We could even go out as a family.”

Adam nodded happily as Allan signed the papers.

“Adam and I should head for the barn and see how the others are getting on.” Paul said, “Would you care to wait in the young master's rooms?”

It took a moment for it to sink in what Paul had just said. Craig was the undisputed master of the household. The title master did not have any master/slave connotations. It simply meant head of the household. Since Adam now had his own apartment and household, Paul, he was entitled to be called master as well. Young master meant that Adam was junior to Craig. Tom might have a larger apartment but he was a grader.

Craig's mix of family, graders and strangers living with him was not unusual. Neither was it that unusual for the Master of the house to be younger than some of his dependants. Legally the master was responsible for his dependants' behaviour and could be fined or graded himself if they persistently got into trouble. The CSC almost certainly became involved in running the house.

As Craig's steward, it was down to Paul to see that Craig's wishes were carried out. That would include ensuring that Adam and Ethan kept up with their school work and that would include punishing them if they slackened off even though Ethan was Craig's brother and therefore second only to him. It worked because everyone understood Craig's basic aim, keeping clear of the CSC. It also worked because they realised they had better prospects with Craig than with most people.

Paul's reference to the young master made the new relationships between them all very clear.

“No thank you, Paul. We'll leave you in peace. We'll visit Sunday afternoon if that's all right with you Adam and see how you're settling in.”

After making his slightly tearful farewell to his parents, Adam rushed over to the barn to tell the others. Paul ran just as excitedly after him halfway across the yard he slowed, turned and jogged back to Craig.

“How am I going to be there for you at nights, sir.” he asked.

“I've got a new boy for the bedroom.” Craig replied, “You don't have that job any more.”

“It's my duty to look after you,” Paul snapped with unusual passion.

“You're my steward,” Craig replied, “It's your job to run this place and with all the new boys you're going to be busy. You've got the homework gang in the evenings and there's Adam to consider. Like I say, I've got another boy for my bedroom.”

They had reached the barn by now and saw the six other boys talking excitedly. Jake, Liam and Rick all wanted to stay the night. Ethan and Rob would be sleeping in the new bunkhouse and the other three wanted to share the event.

Part of the stables had been converted into the bunkhouse. Apart from being warm and dry it had few comforts. Triple level bunks were arranged around the walls, two were lined against the far wall head to head or foot to foot, depending which way round you laid with another two against the side walls. In all twelve people could sleep there. On one side of the entrance was a shower area. The floor simply sloped to a drain and a screen fixed to the adjacent bunks stopped them being splashed. There was a room opposite with two toilets side by side and there was no lock on the door. The only concession to comfort was a powerful extractor fan drawing air outside.

The stables were a large building because they had not only been comprised of stalls but had tack rooms, feed stores and space for various horse drawn carts. Much to everyone's surprise, they had found another cellar under the stables. It seemed the stables had been the site of the original farmhouse. Some time in the distant past the new house, that Craig had bought, had been built before pulling the old one down. To Tom's immense delight the cellar had been incorporated into his apartment which comprised of bedroom, living room and a massive kitchen.

In between putting the finishing touches to his rooms he was inaugurating his kitchen by cooking Danny's meal and preparing snacks for the others.

When Danny arrived, just before curfew, he was surprised to find everyone still in the barn. He ate and impatiently sat until Tom gave him permission to join the others.

Somehow Craig had managed to stay dressed. He chatted to various parents about their boys sleepover. He'd told Mr. Brassom that Tom would be delighted to have help sorting his collection and he'd talked to Adam and Paul about the work that needed to be done to finish their new quarters. He had impressed on Adam that his status as young master was very important. Fifteen year olds having sex was a contentious subject. If there was any suggestion that Adam was being coerced then Paul and Craig could end up grade one but what Adam did to a grader was his own affair.

Now he could relax and everyone assumed he would take a swim. Very self-consciously he stripped to the gasps of amazement as his friends saw his back. It was as bruised as Danny's and being a day fresher that much more livid.

In answer to Rob's question earlier he had not done anything to Danny that night. He had been so intrigued by Danny's willingness to submit himself that he had got Danny to swap roles with him. It had taken some doing but in the end he had told Danny either to do as he was told or be punished for disobedience. Once committed, Danny got firmly into his role and if anything laid into Craig far harder than Craig had beaten him. Danny did not let him down immediately and as his body fought to deal with the pain he felt his cock harden until he felt it would explode. Danny stroked it occasionally adding to Craig's frustration. They might have been there all night but Danny wanted that beautiful cock inside him. He had stretched himself with his fingers hoping to meet the right person and he had taken the men at the mall without too much pain though it had been an unpleasant humiliation so he released Craig and bent over the bench as Paul had been the night before.

It was enough of an invitation for Craig. He was too near the edge to think about what he was doing. As Danny clamped down on Craig's first thrust so he came, spurting deep into Danny. Although the climax had been over all to quickly both boys seemed to understand each other and a bond was formed between them.

Craig had taken Danny up to his bedroom though Danny had slept on the floor.

Ethan had been partly right at the dinner table. Craig was far happier now that he knew he could take as well give. He had not said anything before because of his embarrassment at being fascinated by such things.

“I don't want to take things too far if I have to punish anyone.” he said, “so I guess I'm experimenting.”

Craig's revelation had one useful effect. They would all take more care to see that they didn't experience the results of those experiments.

That night Adam fell asleep contentedly and firmly impaled on Paul's cock. Although Paul had been given a room, Adam had not had many chances to share it with him. During those few intimate moments Paul had gently fingered him, stretching him and preparing him for the invasion to come. That night they had been relaxed more than ever. Even the worry of parent's and Craig's disapproval were gone and the moment had just felt right.

Paul had spent five years of his life terrified of ending up on some labour gang. Instead he was lying with the boy he loved, in his own bed, in his own quarters. He shuddered at his memories. When he had first seen Craig in the placement centre he had tried to get out of his way. He had not wanted to serve a kid younger than himself. If a guard had not noticed and tapped on his whip, Paul's life would now be very different.

Adam stirred and Paul's thoughts drifted from bad memories to the happiness of the present.

Danny was also asleep though with his hands stretched over his head, handcuffed to the headboard he was a lot less comfortable. Craig was lying against him, cock against his hip, one leg sprawled across his legs and arm across his chest. Craig had fallen asleep pinching his nipples, poking his ribs and generally exploring the other boy discovering what places got a reaction.

Immediately after his assault, Danny had got panicky if a grown man looked at him. It was one reason why he had lashed out when he had been arrested. He could not get close enough to an adult to ask for help. If Craig had realised this he would never have made him work for the builders. It could have been a bad mistake except for Craig's intervention when the man had threatened to rape him.

Danny's reaction to Craig was a complete rebound, from mistrusting everyone, he had complete trust in Craig and he dreamt happily of his slavery to his master and the cruel and strange ordeals he could face.

Craig's dreams were normally a strange mix of Lindsay and the naked girls he found on the Internet. He enjoyed having his toy/slave beside him and could get hard watching him wriggle and writhe in pain but he rarely thought about it unless there was a victim there in front of him. That night Craig dreamt of being tied up like Danny except it was the girls torturing him not Danny.

Tom was dreaming of sitting outside of his apartment with his lady friend for company enjoying a glass of wine in the evening sun before they retired to his new bedroom.

In the bunkhouse, Ethan was dreaming of sleeping in his own bedroom for the first time since they'd had to give up there parents house. In his dream Jake was beside him ready to be fucked again.

Jake was content to be sleeping with the boys. He loved his mother but she tended to be over possessive. The rules at Craig's were probably stricter than at home but less fussy. For example, he did not have to dress 'in case he got cold' but if Craig said do something Jake would dare not argue like he did with his mother.

Rick had been as badly affected by his rape as Danny. He had bottled it up more and still panicked at the thought of going to the mall. He did not like adults looking at him when he was naked any more and had trouble with the sports teachers at school. Discovering people who would listen sympathetically to him had made a difference though he still hated being touched. The others respected this, even allowing him to shower alone while they mixed in as best they could. For the first time he slept without nightmares and woke feeling better than he had done for ages.

Liam was content. He finally had friends that he liked and his mother approved of. For now he was satisfied with that.

Rob slept restlessly. At least he had been comfortable in his last home. He liked the vibrant atmosphere and had been amazed at Craig's immediate response to his problem so he felt a little guilty at disliking his new quarters. The threat of the CSC hung over them all to some extent, Rob and Danny in particular, and their problems far from over.