The Houseboys

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Chapter 7

Danny awoke the next morning as Craig straddled his chest, looming over him. Danny took the hint and wrapped his mouth round Craig's rampant cock. Danny had his own morning hard on but could do nothing about it. Instead he tried to concentrate on pleasuring his master. From the rapt look on Craig's face and his contented grunts and groans, Danny guessed that he was succeeding. He was learning to take Craig deeper and deeper into his throat and mouth as his tongue and lips massaged the increasingly rigid pole. As Craig got closer to the edge his gentle humping became more intense causing Danny to gag and choke.

Craig pulled back slightly but Danny's distress pushed him just that little bit further and he came, shooting his load into Danny's mouth.

Almost immediately Craig rolled off Danny to collapse onto the bed leaving Danny to swallow his cum and recover his breathing.

“Still sure you want this?” Craig asked idly as they lay there.

“Yes sir,” Danny answered, “I'm completely at your mercy and it's exciting.”

“I'm thinking of having the cellar converted into a dungeon. How exciting would that be?”

“Tying you to the rack until you promise to let me cum every day.” Danny laughed, “I guess it could be exciting.”

“You really should learn who is in charge,” Craig retorted. The menacing tone was diluted by the laughter that was also present, “I think I'll keep you in a cock cage all weekend.”

Danny gulped hoping his master was not too serious about his threat.

Adam and Paul had woken at about the same time and had settled into a slow and sensuous 69, both intent on giving the other maximum pleasure.

Much to Adam's disappointment Paul had to get up. It was his responsibility to get the household moving. Luckily for Paul, Craig allowed slow starts to Saturdays and Sundays.

Reminding Adam to start his morning routine he headed off to rouse the others. He tapped on Craig's door and looked in. Seeing that Craig was awake he enquired whether Danny was still needed. Paul had been aware of Craig's increasing interest in bondage and the like and loved him the more as he realised that he had held back, knowing that Paul hated it. Paul was glad that Craig had found a partner for his activities and had no problems working with it.

Craig told Paul to deal with Danny so Paul uncuffed him and sent him across to the bunkhouse. As Paul made his way through the house, he found Tom in the kitchen getting ready to start breakfast.

He headed across to the bunkhouse waking everyone. The only real resistance he encountered was when he tried to get them under the shower and Ethan insisted that Rick shower separately. Once he understood the problem Paul left them to it.

Obviously there were day to day variations but this was a typical start to the morning. The strangest part of the routine, for Liam, Rob and Rick was, seeing that it was Saturday, no one bothered getting dressed and padded around naked. Liam could imagine his mother, looking horror struck, screaming that visitors would think they're all graders. Liam grinned. He had slept in a grader bunkhouse with a bunch of graders and criminals awaiting sentencing and none of them were from the right families.

As they sat around the table eating their breakfast, Paul explained the programme for the day. Those at school had to do their homework. Danny had already done his when he was with James and of course Rob did not have any. They were assigned to Tom. His wine collection was being delivered that morning and he was going to be very busy. The others were assigned other jobs when their school assignments were done. The newcomers were surprised when Paul asked Adam what plans he had.

“Adam is ungraded.” Paul explained, “If we go out then us graders have passes saying we're assigned to him. Liam, you're the oldest so by rights that should be down to you but Adam's proved he can handle things.

“It's cool,” Liam replied, “Mum keeps saying you have such peculiar ways of doing things.”

Craig grinned.

“I bet she does.” he retorted, “I'd like Rob to start on the top landing and finish the apartment divide. You can choose a couple of guys to help you, Rob. Tom needs some help with his wine. That's arriving this morning. Mr. Brassom is coming over to help as well. Maybe Paul and Liam should be with them and make sure they don't get too drunk.”

“Dad never gets drunk on wine.” Liam said, “He says that you should not waste quality on something so crass. Like I say, that's what he says.”

“Danny and I have something we want to check out in the cellar under here.”

The others looked knowingly at each other but did not say anything.

“Whoever's left can do the housework.”

If a parent asks a child to take out the rubbish then there's likely to be a massive argument then the parent may watch as the child happily takes out the the garbage and mows the lawn for a neighbour. Why can't you do this at home they cry and there never seems to be a good answer. There was a sense that they were working for themselves so while Ethan and Jake happily helped Rob, Adam and Rick got on with their chores. Since part of those tasks seemed to consist of pushing each other in the water as they cleared up the barn, maybe Saturday chores were a bit more interesting. At least until Paul checked up on them.

Paul satisfied himself with a stern warning and the day continued. It was not exactly routine but not remarkably different from an average Saturday though with David and Ryan's arrival with the wine there was more confusion than usual.

They were in their late twenties or early thirties and were graded in their early teens. The younger grader was David who was 26 years. Everyone was shocked by the scars covering his body. They were all old and it was obvious they would never fade completely.

Tom's wife had not approved of graders. She thought it fashionable to have the grader is automatically scum point of view so she had hired ungraded staff and attempted to treat them as much like graders as possible. Tom had originally taken on a grader for the gardens. He had been a great success and had become such an expert that Tom had sold him on to one of firms looking after the public gardens. He was supposed to have trained David but David had lacked the same green fingers. Tom had not realised just how badly David had been affected by his treatment and how he was incapable of seeing anything beyond his next punishment.

In desperation he had taken on Ryan to help and things had improved enough for Tom to let matters ride. He had seen his first grader just before his arrest and knew that he was extremely happy. He had felt responsible for Ryan and David and was grateful that Craig had taken them on.

The first few days were extremely confusing for David and Ryan. After so long as graders they were used to simply obeying orders from their guardian. They could not get used to the informality Craig's household enjoyed.

Since Tom was their old guardian and the only one to be normally dressed, not to mention the only real adult, it was difficult for them to accept that he was not in charge. When they met Craig, he was naked, filthy from clearing the cellar with the bruises on his back were still visible. Paul, a grade two took charge of them and showed them the bunkhouse and explained their duties while obvious fivers were doing a lot of the hard work.

It was not so bad while they helped shift the wine but when everyone sat around the table for lunch they were completely lost. At various times Craig, Paul and Tom told them to help themselves. They did half-heartedly expecting someone to yell at them for misbehaving. In the end Tom just asked them what they wanted and when he got an answer scooped generous portions onto their plates.

The conversation started off innocently until Rob asked Craig what he was doing in the cellar.

“I bet he's building a torture chamber.” Ethan laughed. When Craig blushed he yelled, “He is. He's building a torture chamber.”

David and Ryan turned pale at thought. Rob was sitting next to David and felt him trembling.

“Don't worry. It's Craig who wants to be the victim. You got a couple of new bruises today, haven't you? On your stomach.”

Craig blushed again.

“I fell against a table down there. That's all.”

Adam grabbed his wrist, tracing a red mark round it.

“And this?”

Craig snatched his hand away amidst the laughter.

“Let him be.” Danny said angrily, “Every one expects him to punish his graders. Why laugh at him because he's got interested in it all. You didn't laugh when he beat me. That was normal.”

“We do understand, Danny.” Tom said, “Something's been woken in Craig. It could have turned into something nasty and vicious hurting us all. You've helped turn it into a release. If you want help building your dungeon we'll give it but if Craig acts all shy about it he's going to get teased.”

“I did fall against the table.” Craig said sheepishly, “Danny had tied me to it to see if it was big enough to be spread-eagled on it. When he let me up I turned to pick up the ropes and tripped over some rubbish.”

“You're in charge and you're great at it,” Rick said, “Why do you let yourself get treated like a grader?”

“Because he needs to escape sometimes.” Ethan answered, “I know my brother. He worries about all of us and everything he's got to do. Next week he's got lawyers, school and all that business stuff to deal with and he's going to do all he can for Rob and Danny. There's some that would say that's weird.”

I think my wife is one of them, don't you agree, Liam?” Mr. Brassom said with a grin, “I must admit I found this conversation most disturbing but Ethan has a point. Craig has a lot of responsibilities for a boy his age. Maybe he should be treated like a kid when he doesn't have to be an adult. I think Ryan has something to say.”

It was first time in the eighteen years that Ryan had been a grader for that he had sat down to eat in any sort of family atmosphere. Even before he had been graded, if he was lucky, his mother would dump some food in front of him on her way out. If he was unlucky he have to search for any scraps left over.

Guardians were people to be feared, not teased and made fun of. It was the first time that he had thought about guardians or masters having fears and worries but one comment had struck a chord and he had almost spoken out. Only Mr. Brassom had noted the slightest of chinks in his guard.

Ryan felt nothing but terror at having attention drawn to him in this way. He had definitely earned himself a punishment but would it be worse if he denied it or admitted it.

I'm sorry, sir.” he managed to stammer out, “It was nothing important. I'll be more careful in the future.”

We have the CSC breathing down our necks waiting for us to slip up.” Craig said gently, “You don't know us very well yet but I listen to anything, anyone has to say because it helps me understand things.”

Ryan felt completely trapped and lost. He saw no choice but to answer and face the consequences.

It's what that boy said about being treated like a grader,” he whispered, not daring to raise his voice any louder, looking at Rick, “You're either a grader or you're not. You can't be treated like one.”

I know what you mean,” replied Paul, “Once that chain's around your neck the whole world is different isn't it?”

Ryan nodded still waiting for the anger and punishments.

Craig doesn't understand that world. No one does until they're graded themselves.”

I don't want to be a grader,” Liam said, “but I love slobbing around in just shorts not caring if I'm impressing the right people. You won't tell mum, will you?”

Mr. Brassom grinned. “Not unless you tell her I'm going to be having a few drinks with one of those grader people.

While Ryan had begun to believe things might be what they seem to be and he could be a part of this group, David cringed in his seat waiting for the meal to be over. His experiences in the brothel and the master he had been passed onto had destroyed any spark he may have had. His time on Tom's estate had been a paradise that had ended in confusion and uncertainty. All he really understood was that Craig liked torture so his life with Tom had been just been a brief respite.

The conversation drifted on no one seemed inclined to do move. Ryan relaxed enough to risk asking whether David and he should be naked.

That depends.” Craig replied, “Are you an old man like Tom or are you youngsters like us?”

Not so much of the old if you don't mind,” retorted Tom.

Why not?” countered Craig, “When was the last time you came to the barn? Have you ever been swimming?”

I don't need to flounder around in the water to prove I'm fit,” Tom said huffily.

If it's OK then I'm one of the youngsters.” Ryan said cautiously, still expecting to find himself in trouble for his rudeness.

Maybe us gay ones should take him down the barn and check him out.” Adam giggled, “Don't look so jealous Paul. I've seen you eyeing him up.”

Maybe Craig wants to take him to his dungeon first.” Ethan said also giggling fascinated by Craig's interests.

No! Craig must be disappointed,” Rob added, “He's not a new grader so Craig doesn't have to initiate him.”

No but I can start on you and Ethan.” Craig replied slightly irritated, “Chastity devices for a month if you mention it again.”

The boys knew Craig well enough to know that he would carry out his threat if they challenged him.

They began to drift away from the table. Tom set David to clearing away and discretely ushered Craig out of the kitchen. Ryan had no idea what to do and waited for instructions. Craig had intended to spend some more time clearing the cellar and sent Danny on down. He was uncertain how to handle Ryan then sent him after Danny while he made his way to the barn. He was beginning to understand what Tom had meant about them lacking initiative.

Craig dived into the pool and swam hard and long until he was exhausted. He tended to swim like that when something was bothering him. As he climbed out of the pool he decided to accept that Danny and he liked their games and would continue them. His cock swelled as he began to plan how he would fit the dungeon out.

Inevitably it was not long before Paul entered the barn. He discretely sat in one of the loungers, some distance from Craig, as if taking a break but Craig knew Paul was there in case he wanted something.

Come and sit next to me, Paul.” he said.

Does it worry you that I want a dungeon?” he asked as Paul settled down.

No!” Paul replied, “Danny seems happy enough playing around like that. I think Rob and Liam might want to join in a bit. Not too much. Spankings rather than whippings if you see what I mean. Just be careful talking about it around David.”

Ethan seems curious as well,” Craig said, “That bothers me a bit.”

Not really! He's fascinated that you are but the two I mentioned always seem to get hard when we're talking about it.”

They sat in a companionable silence for a time before Craig suggested everyone come down to the barn until the visitors left. The day drifted on and everyone had fun. Even David. Tom always made sure there were plenty of drinks and snacks. He asked David if he would like to help and for the rest of the day David stayed close by him except when solemnly serving the others. He could relate to what he was doing and felt comfortable serving his old master.

Without thinking Craig asked Ryan whether he was going for a swim or just take it easy. For Ryan it was an incredibly complicated question. He had not been expected to make decisions for a long time nor had it mattered whether he was having fun. Now he had to choose how to enjoy himself. Craig waited patiently while Ryan tried to decide but in the end pushed matters.

You see that corner over there.” he said, “From now on you go and stand there with your hands behind your head if you have to decide something and you stay there until you have.”

Craig expected some sort of protest at his instructions and was surprised when Ryan meekly trotted off. Ryan stood in the corner for at least five minutes before returning to Craig.

I haven't swum since I was graded.” he said, “Could I try a lap or two then just sit it out.”

Craig nodded, “You should take your shorts off first.”

Ryan had asked about being naked but stayed dressed, simply because he had received a clear instruction. He swam his laps and climbed out of the pool. Instead of heading for a chair he hesitated, looked at the corner where he had to stand to make a decision, then took a deep breath and approached Craig and asked if he could stay in the pool a bit longer. Craig nodded looking as serious as he could, telling Ryan that he could stay in until he was ready to come out. Ryan nodded just as seriously knowing he had another decision to make later.

Sunday was another relaxed day. Miriam and Allan arrived early and spent time in Adam's and Paul's apartment chatting. Paul had David wait by the door to fetch refreshments from the kitchen. After lunch Allan joined Tom in his apartment to sample some wines while Adam and Miriam took a walk to admire the scenery. Paul would have gone with them but it was difficult filling in his pass without a destination. Regular trips such as the school runs and the park were simply duplicates. They were all looking forward to going on a bike ride without deciding where they were going first.

For once Paul was able to sit alone in his own living room. It was a moment of solitude that normally a grader could only dream of but his years as a grader had left their mark. It was not long before he felt as though he should be doing something and was feeling restless so he headed downstairs to find Craig who found it quite easy to loaf around the pool.

While Craig and Paul were chatting, Rob approached them and asked if he could stay on permanently.

The main problem is, I won't have a job. I'd need a car or motor bike or something to get to work each day.”

You have an apprenticeship, don't you?” Craig asked.

Kind of. They put you on an assessment course for a year first to get all round experience. Then they decide the best trade for you.”

So you could do that year anywhere to do with building?”

Yeah but it's not really what I want to do.” he replied, “I was getting interested in computers when I was still at home. Until my step-dad got drunk and smashed all my gear up.” Rob said bitterly, “He told me to stop wasting time, get a job and clear out.”

Paul excused himself leaving Craig and Rob alone.

I have learnt a bit on the sites,” Rob said, “I could help you build your dungeon.”

And test it out?” Craig asked.

Rob blushed but did not say anything. He did not have to. Craig saw the surge in his his cock.

Craig talked to Rob trying to make that it was what Rob really wanted until Paul returned.

I've just spoken to Mr Crosis.” he said, “I knew he was having trouble finding a maintenance man and he's willing to give Rob a go. I've explained Rob's situation and he says that he can work full time until his hearing clearing the backlog and then we can sort some courses out for him. He says there's a load of old computer stuff in a store room that he'd found when clearing places. Rob's welcome to it to see what he can do with it.”

Rob hugged Craig and rushed off to tell the others. He then phoned his foster parents to explain that he had found a permanent home. He reassured them that he would contact the CSC as soon as possible and phone his old employers. Once they knew that they did not have to deal with the CSC they were happy for him and wished him well. They wanted to know when he would collect his things so they could say good bye properly.

Apart from that, the day was quiet. Only David was unable to enjoy a quiet Sunday. He made sure he was quietly out of sight and huddled up as small as possible. Paul knew where he was and kept a discrete eye on him, making sure that no one else disturbed him. He only found any sort of peace when they were back in the bunkhouse and the others were settling down for the night.

The following morning Paul and Adam overslept. Normally Tom might have realised something was wrong but he was having his own problems with an unexpectedly early delivery from the food store. By the time he had packed away the groceries and recovered the breakfast that he had been in the middle of cooking it was getting late. When he finally realised that the place was silent and that David had not arrived to help he knew something was wrong and hurried off to check on Adam and Paul.

At about the same time Craig woke up and heard Tom trying to rouse them an reached the landing in time to see a horror-struck Paul rushing off to wake the others. While the others were eating a much belated and spoiled breakfast Craig entered the kitchen.

“I'll deal with this after you've done your homework tonight, Adam.” he said.

“I'm sorry, sir.” Paul said, “I won't let it happen again.”

“Adam. Who was responsible?” Craig asked.

“I was, Craig.”

“Explain why.”

“I'm in charge in my quarters and so it was my fault Paul was late.”

“Good! I'm glad you understand. Paul will give you six strokes of the cane. You go and collect Jake and Paul can take the others direct to school. They shouldn't be late that way. You can explain that it wasn't Jake's fault so he won't be punished for lateness.”

Craig paused. Adam and Paul were both extremely upset at having messed up so badly. The incident had shown up another problem though.

“In future, Paul, you will see to it that everyone is up at the same time as Tom. I know he likes to get the food ready on his own so if necessary you can line up outside the kitchen ready for him. He should at least have help standing by.”

On a scale of one to ten David's terror of his master had just dropped to eight the night before from ten he had endured on his first day. The suggestion that he had been laying in bed when he should have been working pushed his terror off the meter. Never mind that every one else was just as much at at fault, Craig had a reason to punish him.

Craig could see the effect the situation was having on David and tried to ease the tension.

“David, don't worry.” Craig said as gently as he could, “We haven't been here very long and these are called teething troubles. Only Adam has been careless enough to get punished.”

Singling David out was a bad mistake. Instead of reassuring him it had the opposite effect and he lost control of his bladder. It had one beneficial effect. No one felt inclined to finish breakfast and even Adam and Jake made it to school on time.

Leaving Tom, Paul and Ryan to clear the kitchen, Craig took David over to the bunkhouse and made him shower. David could not swim so Craig took them out to the field below the patio and they jogged around it with Craig setting a fairly fast pace. Although David could do hard manual labour all day or sprint when summoned by an irate master a long distance run was just strange enough for him to work up a sweat by the pace set by a boy ten years his junior.

When Craig had run enough laps to tire him he took David to the showers in the barn and insisted they help each other wash and then towel each other dry. He quietly ordered David when to stand or when to do something and then headed back to the kitchen and got them both a drink. Craig then headed to the office to start his studies. Not having been dismissed by Craig, David followed him across and stood by the door, hands behind his head, waiting to serve Craig.

David had enjoyed his running session. Washing his masters back in the shower had been a routine command. When he had turned away from Craig he had expected to be fucked or beaten and the gentle washing had been the nicest sensual feeling he could remember. He had felt the same with the towelling and being given a drink of juice from the same bottle that his master had taken his drink from was as luxurious as drinking the most expensive champagne. He knew that such gentle treatment could not last but he was grateful for Craig's display of kindness.

And it did not seem as if it was going to. Craig began to struggle with one of his maths problems and his irritability showed itself when he through his pen down in disgust before screwing up the paper he had been working on and flinging it at the bin. Seeing the fear beginning to appear on David's face helped calm him and he sent his servant through for a drink making sure David knew to fetch one for himself.

The brief interlude had it's effect because as he stood to stretch the solution flashed across his mind. He hugged David and kissed him on the forehead. Luckily David had set the drinks down on a side table. Craig quickly wrote down the solution before he forgot it then stood and handed a confused David his glass remembering to tell him he could drink and downed his own glass before settling down to work.

Spending the morning with Craig was helping David more than Craig had hoped. David's fear factor had peaked at a mere nine when Craig had seemed angry and dropped as low as five when they shared a drink.

Paul and Ryan spent the morning on the housework. Paul was feeling guilty about letting Craig down and pushed himself and Ryan harder than he normally would have done. Given a task Ryan would perform it to the best of his abilities. He only needed to be shown once and he would remember. Tell him to change the bed then pick up the dirty clothes he could be left to do it but tell him to tidy the room and he would just stand helplessly wondering what to do first.

Paul now understood what Tom about them lacking initiative.

Tom was also uneasy about the morning and he was ashamed of his treatment of Ryan and David when he had been guardian compared to Craig's. Although he had treated them well, Tom had simply accepted that they had been graders for too long and had made no effort to help them. Craig was actively trying to give them back their individuality.

He had volunteered to do the cooking. He had told Mr. Brassom in confidence that he wanted to be sure of having decent food and discouraged anyone from messing around in his kitchen. On the other hand he had not bargained on feeding so many people so maybe he was going to have to have an assistant. Even so he could return to his apartment and relax until Craig had finished his school work.

Before his arrest, Tom had appointed a manager, Aaron Bulton, who had proved capable enough to keep his business affairs ticking over during the uncertainties of Tom's grading, his wife and partner's attempt to salt away the funds and then Craig's appearance as owner. It was due to his astuteness that so much of Tom's money had been recovered.

Tom and Craig had agreed that Aaron should continue to handle the day to day running and had given him a substantial raise. They had full access to the books via the Internet and held conference calls if problems cropped up. Tom and Craig invested the surplus funds and handled those accounts themselves. The result was the business had gained a new confidence and was flourishing.

When Craig was finishing his school work Tom would prepare lunch. Anyone at home at that time would sit around the table and eat. After lunch Tom and Craig would go through the days business.

Lunch was subdued that day. Paul had trouble looking Craig in the eye, David could not hide unobtrusively in a corner and Ryan had the feeling he was not meeting Paul's expectations.

“This is our first working day with the building finished and everyone here.” Craig asked Paul, “How do you think it will settle down?”

“I think it will work out well.” Paul replied, “I really am sorry about this morning. I just forgot to set the alarm.”

“That's between you and Adam. In your apartment, you're the servant and Adam is in charge.”

“I know.” Paul replied, “It sounds weird though. I'm going to punish Adam because he forgot to make me do something. I really don't want to cane him.”

“I'd enjoy it,” grinned Craig, “but it's your punishment. You'll both be more careful in the future.”

Talk about punishment and canes always upset David so they changed the subject. Even Ryan ventured a comment about how much he had enjoyed swimming the day before.

Towards the end of a meal Craig decided to push David a bit further.

“David.” he said, “You've been quiet. Ask me a question.”

Strangely, David was resigned, almost relieved. The kind period was over and whatever he asked would be turned against him so would be punished and tortured. He had nothing to lose so he let the resentment at Craig's cat and mouse games appear.

“Why do you make us sit around this table and talk about punishments as if we were friends?” He asked, surprising the others with his passion.

There was a startled silence before Tom replied.

“We have a conversation like this at least once a day. Let's just say that masters have to discipline graders and we accept it. Paul's been punished by Craig before and so have I. I also have tremendous respect for what Craig is doing for us all. Does that answer your question?”

David nodded hardly daring to speak. “I'm sorry I was rude, master. Please don't punish me too much.”

“Only Paul calls me master and that's when he wants to be cheeky.” Craig replied, “I gave you an instruction and you obeyed. Why should I punish you?”

David burst into tears. Craig rushed round and held him while David sobbed and sobbed until there were no more tears left. As Craig let go David managed the first smile Ryan and Tom had ever seen on him.

The rest of the day went smoothly. Graham rang to say that Placement was happy with Rob's new arrangements Since both sides were happy to waive the three month rule the case could be heard very quickly, possibly that week.

When grading first started the court system speeded up amazingly. The defence lawyers complained that they did not have time to prepare cases and were ignored. The police started to complain that when they caught someone for a minor offence and they were still investigating the graders involvement in other offences he'd already disappeared into the placement system. The three month rule was introduced. A case had to wait three months before being heard unless both sides agreed to a waiver.

Spending cuts in the court system meant many cases were delayed further resulting in delays up to a further six months. Waivered cases were fast tracked as they tended to be the simplest.

The three month pause had become something of a mantra, applied to any rule or regulation to be on the safe side which is why Paul had to wait three months before being regraded. There was no clear reason for it.

Tom and Craig worked on their business interests with David standing waiting to serve them. Although he scarcely moved except to hurry to obey a command, something had changed in David's demeanour. If it's true that you can smell fear then David no longer exuded that smell.

Paul left to collect his homework gang as everyone had started to call them. Rob faced long walks on his own as he did not have a bike. Craig had phoned the shop and the manager would be delighted to bill him if Rob called in and chose a model. Much to everyone's surprise he was allowed to pedal off on it straight away when he called in after work.

Adam looked strained as he did his work, aware of the cane that Paul had already fetched. Tom was already preparing dinner. Craig took David down to the cellar.

Going down the stairs was terrifying for David but he calmed down as they started work washing the walls. It eased David's mind that the cellar was empty except for a table not much smaller than the one in the kitchen. As they worked David thought back to the shower they had taken that morning and his cock began to swell.

Stress can reduce performance and of course his first masters had insisted on controlling even that, the simplest of all pleasures. It collapsed the moment he realised that Craig had seen it and Craig became aware of his fear again.

The discovery that he could have that sort of control was a definite turn on and Craig could not resist experimenting with it.

“If I told you to lie down on that table, on your back and with your hands behind your head, would you believe me if I said I wasn't going to hurt you?”

David had no idea what to say. He was beginning to trust Craig or, at least, believe that Craig would not be among the worst of his owners. He hesitantly nodded and at a command from Craig laid down as he had been told.

Bringing a male to a climax was not something that normally excited Craig. However this time was different because, instead of using him for his own pleasure, Craig was trying to comfort and calm David. Craig's own shaft was pushing outwards, stimulated by the idea that he was controlling the situation and could just as easily be trying to destroy David. He began stroking David's cock which returned to full alert in seconds. Craig stepped up the pace and David squirmed under the pressure building up in his balls.

He found himself on the edge of losing control.

“Please master, let me cum.” he begged, “I'm trying to be good but please, I can't hold out much longer.”

By answer, Craig bent down and took the cock in his mouth. He had never given head before and found he could only handle the first few inches but it was enough for David to cry out with the sensations coursing through his body. Craig raised his head watching the cock spring down onto David's stomach as he resumed his stroking.

“You can cum now.” he whispered.

Almost immediately thick creamy streams shot from David. None landed on his stomach, some on his face but most hit the table above his head. As the pressure was released so the first strands appeared on his chest. Craig straddled David, lowering himself onto his elbows so that his cock was squeezed between their stomachs. He rubbed himself up and down David's body gradually raising the tempo until his own balls released their load and he collapsed onto David.

As he returned to normal he saw the tears David's face.

“Did I hurt you?” he asked.

“Oh no, master.” sobbed David, “It was just so wonderful.”

“I've told you. Don't call me master.” Craig said softly, “I won't let you cum again if you do. Call me Craig or sir if you must.”

Craig felt David tense and then relax.

“I'm sorry master, I mean sir,” David tensed again but it seemed that Craig had not noticed his mistake, “I'm trying to be good but you're so different to my other masters.”

“Listen to me carefully. I do not punish my boys because they make an honest mistake. I punish them when they so disobedient or careless that they put us in danger. Do you understand?”

“Master Tim said the same thing when I first went to him. He was kind too. Then he went away.”

“Bad things happen and we can't stop them. All we can do is make sure the things we can control don't turn bad and there is something you can do for me.”

“Yes sir! Anything you want. I'll do it.”

“You're a grown man and I'm a kid ten years younger than you. I think it's wrong that you should be so scared of me. Will you try to trust me a bit more?”

Craig felt the tension again as David realised that his master seemed to rebuking him and this time the tension did not go away.

“Just try.” Craig said.

“Yes Master.” David replied.

Craig climbed off the table. He seemed to have undone all the progress he had made. Telling David to follow him he headed for his bedroom ignoring Tom's curious stare as they walked through the kitchen.

They showered together in Craig's bathroom and David relaxed again enjoying the gentle attention they gave each other.

Adam had not enjoyed himself so much. Paul knew why Craig had kept David out of the way. The homework gang worked quietly as usual but they all cast surreptitious glances at Adam and Paul.

Finally they had completed their assignments and waited for Paul. First of all he told them the news about Rob who had returned home while they had been working then he told Adam to stand tell them why he was to be punished.

Adam, like most of the others, had already stripped off. As Paul picked up the cane he swallowed nervously and bent over a table. Paul stood slightly to one side and took aim. Hating what he was about to do he swung down with all his strength leaving a bloody line across Adam's backside. Adam screamed in agony, scaring Ethan and Jake. Paul swung again with a little less force. Adam still screamed again but there were fewer spots of blood on the the welt. With the third blow, Adam was in tears desperately hoping he could hold on. The last three blows struck Adam's thighs with the last two low enough to be visible when he was wearing shorts.

As soon as was done, Paul had Adam lay face down on one of the loungers and began to treat the wounds. They would all heal completely and the lotions would ease the pain.

He had Adam stand up briefly so that he could lay down then had Adam lay on top of him and held him tight in his arms until Adam's tears stopped and he rested quietly. At that moment he Paul hated Craig with a deep burning anger. Part of him accepted that Craig was right but Paul had become as protective of Adam as Craig was of Ethan.

Things were very tense as they sat down for dinner. Adam chose to stand at a worktop. Craig tried speaking with Paul but was taken aback by the surly responses. David reacted badly to the tension waiting for the graders to be sent away and the rest were just uncomfortable.

“Craig was right, you know.” Adam said to no one in particular. “I had to give my change of details to the office and they asked loads of questions about the set up here. In the end I told them I was in trouble with Craig for making a grader late for his other duties and they all sort of lost interest.

“How do you do that, Craig? How do you know how to keep them off our backs?”

Craig shrugged. “I don't fight them and I wish I did. Playing around with Danny is one thing. Anyone can oversleep. You didn't deserve that.”

“Like Tom said. It's the world we live in.” Adam replied, “I had a choice. I could have gone home and refused to come back here. I don't think you'd have stopped me but if I want to be with Paul then I have to do things your way. Otherwise it wouldn't be safe for you, would it Paul?”

“I'm sorry, sir.” Paul said, “I've been rude. I hated hurting Adam like that and I hated you. I still do a bit but I'll get over it.”

There was silence for a while.

“I've had masters who would have whipped us all.” David suddenly blurted out to everyone's astonishment.

David panicked at the sudden attention and huddled up in his chair. He had been worrying about Craig's command not to be so scared of him. Craig had not realised that an order was an order. If he was ordered to cum he would cum. If he was ordered to do the washing up, he would do the washing up. If he was ordered to be less scared then he should become less scared but he couldn't and Craig could see he was disobeying him.

He was relaxed enough to follow the conversation and was amazed that anyone could complain at such a mild response for disturbing their master's day. The surprise and the worry came together and he managed after a desperate struggle to make his comment.

“That sounds like a good idea, David,” Craig grinned, “Do you think I should try it?”

David could see everyone was laughing or grinning so he was able to manage a quick shake of the head.

Tom looked at Craig with open admiration. He was working miracles with David. Even Paul looked impressed. David felt vaguely pleased with himself because he could see that Craig was looking happier.

The evening continued as normal except Adam and Paul headed for their apartment immediately after dinner. As Adam passed Craig he hugged him and kissed him full on the lips. Paul could not stay angry and hugged Craig as well.

Adam was right about school the next day. Grader shorts tended to be thin cotton while school shorts were grey flannel complete with pockets and and fly. Whatever shorts he wore, the stripes on his legs were clearly visible. The school was concerned that Adam was being forced by a grader but it was reasonable that Adam be punished if he failed to control graders in his own apartment. If the logic seemed hazy then at least school performance targets were not threatened.

Later that evening Graham phoned to say that they had found a possible candidate for the sting against the mall manager and a supervisor from placement would be phoning about it in the morning. Craig knew what that meant, more problems.