The Houseboys

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Chapter 8

Craig was working on his school projects and David was in his usual position by the door when Graham phoned. As Paul had been allocating jobs for the day after breakfast, David had moved determinedly to stand behind Craig. He had not said anything but it was clear that he wanted to attend Craig the way he had the previous day.

Paul accepted it and told Ryan to start tidying the bedrooms while he took the others to school. Rob would accompany them until he had to turn off to reach Mr Crosis' office.

It was settling quickly into a routine with few problems but Craig was finding it all very difficult. Danny tended to be exhausted by his long days of school and community service and would fall asleep as soon as he was in bed leaving Craig frustrated. David was proving a strain. He found some satisfaction that David had started to respond but he was aware that any progress could be destroyed by the wrong word or wrong move.

He was also worried about Danny's future. Craig had grown fond of the other boy and hoped they could help him but it would mean taking on another problem.

The incident with Paul and Adam had upset him more than he wanted to admit even though it seemed to be over but if he had not given them the apartment he would not have had to punish them so he felt as if he was to blame.

David had seemed surprised when they had made their way straight to the office and when Craig asked why David nervously mentioned the run and shower the previous day. It seemed like a good idea to Craig and that's what they did. Craig was still restless when they finally reached the office.

“If Danny was here I'd have him on his knees under the desk to give me a blow job.” Craig said.

“Yes master.” David replied.

“Remember what I said about calling me master?”

“Yes master but you ordered me not to be scared of you.” David replied, “I'm trying to obey you, master.”

Craig was thoroughly confused by the answer but at least David had a bit of life to him.

“I said I would punish you for calling me master. You're lucky I haven't carried it out yet.”

“Yes Master, I know.” David replied, “I'm used to chastity and you did that wonderful thing for me yesterday. I know it will be a long time before I'm allowed pleasure again.”

“Come here!”

Craig pushed his chair back from his desk and spread his legs making David stand close between them.

“Now I want you to jerk off and cum all over me.”

David looked surprised but grabbed his cock and started stroking. Craig just sat with his hands behind his head, not helping in any way. He watched David's muscles as they tensed and heard his grunts as the pressure increased and suddenly white strings shot out landing on Craig's chest with one or two landing on his face.

David was worried that hitting Craig's face would get him into trouble but Craig merely told him to spread it all over. When his chest and face was shiny from the layer of jism covering him Craig looked David.

“Is it true masters mark their slaves?”

“Yes master.”

“You've just marked me. Shouldn't I be calling you master?”

David was at a complete loss how to answer. He'd heard how Craig sometimes wanted to be the servant but not to a useless nothing like him.

“Please don't trick me like this.” David replied eventually, “I'm trying not to be scared of you but I'm just a slave. I'm not worth anything more.”

“That's a pity.” Craig replied, “You see I need someone who wants to suck me off. If you're just a slave I don't know whether you want to or are just obeying me.”

Luckily for David, Craig had not asked a question so he could stand in silence. He had no idea how to respond. They could have stayed like that all day if the phone had not rung. It was a Mr. Thompson of CSC Placement asking when it would be convenient to bring the boy over.

Craig suggested late afternoon so that he could meet the others which suited Mr. Thompson very well. It seemed that the boy, Brian had been the victim of an inter-departmental wrangle. He had originally been fostered when he started skipping school and getting into trouble.

It was one of the ideas behind grading that youngsters be given a fresh start, somewhere new.

Every thing went well. Brian settled down and they would have tried to return him to his parents soon. Then one of his foster parents had a heart attack and could not continue looking after him. An inspector visited and confirmed that Brian had to be moved but the report said that Brian had been originally fostered for being a troublemaker and the foster parents could no longer cope with him. As a result he ended up in a home for unmanageable children. Placement knew the true situation but the Inspectorate was insistent that Placement could not know the full facts.

Placement were obliged to follow the Inspectorate's recommendations but could formally appeal or seek further discussions which is what they tried to do. Unfortunately budget restraints and a lack of interest by the Inspectorate slowed the process. In the meantime Brian had become increasingly angry and bitter about his treatment. To be accepted by his peers he had to start behaving like them and it all came to a head when he struck his supervisor.

Brian had been given a temporary grading to allow the staff to handle him more easily and he was charged with the assault. Encouraged by the Inspectorate, who saw the incident as a vindication of their decisions, the home was insisting that it was a deliberate and malicious attack which effectively meant that Brian was heading for grade one.

Mr Thompson had dealt with Brian since he had first been fostered and had done everything possible to help him. Brian's case was the final straw and he was resigning from the CSC. He had heard of Craig's search, had made enquiries, and could see that this was their last chance of salvaging anything for Brian.

Officially, the CSC would reprimand him for allowing a participant to take part in such a risky venture. Unofficially the paperwork would be stalled until after he had left.

While the phone call had gone on, Craig had been idly stroking David's thigh and was vaguely aware that David was becoming aroused again. What he did not see was the conflict in David's mind. Instead of punishing him for getting hard, let alone cumming, Craig seemed to encourage it. He had spent the last two days in close company with Craig and Craig had missed so many excuses to punish or torture him. He still had a dull dread that it would happen but he could convince himself that it would not be this time.

Craig's constant presence and gentle touches had re-wakened his sexuality and he wanted to respond to Craig's attentions by going down onto Craig, but how could he do that without making a move on his master without any sort of permission?

While Craig was on the phone he waited. Interrupting while two masters talked was a step too far but as Craig put the phone down, David knelt down and took Craig's member into his mouth.

The anger and the blows he risked never materialised so he began a long slow servicing of his master that Craig would remember for the rest of his life. Craig scarcely believed how his cock could penetrate David's throat while David could breathe in time to his head rocking up and down. As David's tongue and lips massaged his cock so the sensations created electrified his body.

Whenever Craig was about to cum, David eased the pace just enough to bring him from the edge before resuming the rhythm making the sensations more urgent than before. Finally David sensed that this time he could not pull Craig back without more drastic action and increased the pace.

Normally Craig grunted and groaned but this time yelled out as the force of his climax took complete control of his body. He arched his body lifting himself off his seat and lifting David with him until he collapsed, spent and exhausted back into the chair.

David knelt back on his haunches, with his hands behind his head, waiting for his master's verdict. Still nervous that he had overstepped the mark, he was reassured that Craig was not displaying any anger.

Craig recovered quickly. He would not be getting much school work done that day. It did not matter too much as he was slightly ahead of his program but after carefully kissing David on the forehead sent him to fetch Paul and Tom and drinks for all four of them. He had seen the look in David's eyes and the kiss had been to reassure him. Craig relayed the information he had about Brian. He wanted Danny to meet Brian so Paul needed to arrange for Danny to come straight home for once.

Once Craig started on his school work he felt relaxed and alert. He succeeded in making a little ground and so the he felt quite satisfied with his morning. Lunch also went well. Neither Ryan nor David contributed much but the atmosphere was far less strained than the day before. Tom was happy for their business activities to be shorter than usual and Craig had time to shower and dress ready for his visitors.

Craig was shocked at the sight of Brian. His shorts were torn up one leg leaving his genitals visible. A chain ran from his grader chain down his body. There was a ring in the chain just below the line of his nipples to which metal cuffs were attached keeping his hands up to his chest. The chain split just below his knees linking shackles around his ankles. His body was covered in cuts and bruises but in spite of his treatment Craig could see the fire in his eyes.

Brian was surprised that he was standing in front of someone his own age but it was enough that the CSC official was treating Craig as an equal and he launched into a wild tirade on 'fucking do gooders and how they could could kiss his arse'. Craig was sure he said a lot more but it was rambling and almost incoherent.

Craig had never had such a flood of hatred directed at him before. The CSC official rolled his eyes up in despair and began packing the papers back in his bag. When Brian finally paused for breath Craig called Paul in and had him stand where Brian could see him and picked up the tawse.

“This is my home and you do not speak like that to anyone while you're here. Craig said quietly. “Bend over that desk.”

“No fucking way. You can fuck off. I'll talk how I fucking like.”

That was gist of Brian's reply taking out the repetitions and general insults. Again Craig waited for a pause.

“That's two lots of six you've earned. You can try for a third and then Paul will bend you over and I will double your punishment.”

Brian looked across to Paul then back to Craig. The interview was not going how he expected it to go. Craig was not trying to be all friendly and telling him how, this time, things would be different. He had heard all that before when someone was promising to help him. He could not face the disappointment of more broken promises so he rejected everyone in authority. His first plan was not working so he needed to change tactics.

“You're just a kid like me. Why should I do what you say. Who's in charge here, your dad?”

“My dad is dead.” Craig replied trying to sound calm and steady, “I inherited this place so I'm in charge.”

“Sorry about your dad. Do you really own this place?”

Craig nodded.

“Paul will show you around after your punishment. Bend over that desk.”

Brian was thoroughly confused by now. Craig had stayed calm and in control and had not sent him away. He looked at Mr Thompson, the CSC official. Mr. Thompson seemed as uncertain as he was. He seemed ready to go but had remained seated.

Brian was beginning to see that he had talked himself into trouble that he was not going to get out of.

“I'm sorry I was rude.” Brian said, “I'll be careful how I speak until we go.”

“I say this to everyone who stays here.” Craig replied, “My brother Ethan is my first concern. I want to keep him away from the CSC so they can't mess him up.”

He turned to Mr. Thompson, “Sorry! I think I was rude to you, then.”

“Not at all, Mr. Ryder,“ Mr. Thompson grinned, “I wouldn't like my children to enter the CSC. We do our best but it's not ideal.”

“Everyone thinks I'm a kid so I have to prove I can keep control. Now bend over the desk, Brian.”

Brian surrendered and bent over allowing Craig to yank his shorts off. His last hope was that Craig would go easy on him and that hope vanished with the first blow. By the end of the first six blows across buttocks he was crying and howling in agony. After the next three it felt like the fires of hell were burning across his buttocks. The last three were the customary blows across the back of his legs that would be visible even when he was wearing shorts.

“Could I have the keys to his restraints, please?” Craig asked.

Taking them from Mr. Thompson he passed them onto Paul.

“Take him to the kitchen and get him something to eat and drink. Then show him around. You can keep him cuffed or release him as you see fit. Oh! See that there's a new pair of shorts for him when he leaves.

“Tell Tom we'll have tea in the living room.”

When Craig and Mr. Thompson were settled, Mr. Thompson asked, “Are you still thinking of taking him on after all that?”

“Most of the others will be home from school soon. Rob works and Danny normally does community service. Usually Paul fetches them but I thought I might need help with Brian. I'd like him to be around the others for a while and see how he gets on.”

“I see. It makes sense. I know how you want to use him and I told him you'd have an unpleasant job for him but I've not said how that will help him.”

Craig nodded. “That's OK.”

They heard the hubbub of the boys arriving then it went quiet as they settled down to homework. There was no sign of Paul or Brian so Craig and Mr. Thompson continued to sit and chat. It was a bit awkward at first as Mr. Thompson was asking about the their life there but he pointed out that, apart from needing some background for Brian's file, he was genuinely curious. Things relaxed when he pointed out that allowing Brian to be used for a sting was completely against every protocol and regulation. It was only because his case had been so badly handled that they wanted him to have one last chance.

Craig described the incident in the mall and how he had dealt with the salesmen in the estate agents and the workman who had wanted to rape him and Danny. The time passed and Ethan put his head round the door to say dinner was ready.

Tom had obtained some extra chairs and all twelve managed to sit around the table though even Craig found himself with less space than usual. Craig and Mr. Thompson were pleased to see Brian sitting, free of his chains, between Rick and Danny. The table fell silent as they began to eat but as the meal came to an end the conversation picked up again.

“Paul's told me what you want me to do.” Brian said a little aggressively, “Why should I? I'm gonna be grade 1 and that means dead.”

“Probably.” Craig replied, “The law says that if you help with a more serious crime your sentence can be reduced. It was meant to get a drug dealer say who their supplier was. Stuff like that. Our lawyer says it's never been tried like this but he thinks it may work.”

“Yeah! May work.” Brian snarled, “I'll stay five and have a home for more than five minutes.

“How about two and placed here?”

Brian stared at him.

“Another of your toys, I suppose. Like Danny. I'm surprised you haven't got him in my chains already.”

“You can put them on me if you like, Brian,” Danny giggled, “but Craig might want to try them first.”

While the rest of the table laughed with Danny, Craig blushed with embarrassment, Mr. Thompson was a little unhappy listening to this sort of talk while Brian wondered how his jibe had been turned around so much.

“OK then. I'll do it if Mr. Ryder spends a week in those chains.”

“That's enough, Brian.” Mr Thompson snapped. “We can forgive you being rude but you shouldn't put our host on the spot like that.”

“Why not? If he's so keen on helping Danny and me let him prove it.”

“First! My names Craig. I don't like being called Mr. Ryder.” Craig said quietly. “Second I can't wear them in business hours. I have school work, I'm learning about business from Tom and I have to meet people to do with running this place and looking after everyone.”

Brian stared at him. He had expected Mr. Thompson or someone to try and rescue Craig so he was not surprised by Mr. Thompson's remark but Craig had not taken the escape route, at least not completely. Craig did have a point a point about needing to be able to work but would he back out of the rest of the time?

“OK! We'll do it like a grader.” Brian said, “You can have enough restraints removed to work but you have to be under supervision. Paul can do that but for the rest of the time you're restrained. You sleep in the bunkhouse and you get no privileges.”

“Don't agree, Craig,” Rob exclaimed, “You do a load of stuff for us. You shouldn't be treated like that.

The other boys nodded and called their agreement and the hostility against Brian began to worry Tom and Mr. Thompson.

“How will it prove anything?” David asked quietly. “Master Craig will help you anyway.”

“Everyone says they'll help me but I'm just a case file.” Brian sobbed, revealing his emotions for once, “They go home in the evening and forget me. Why shouldn't someone show they care.”

Mr Thompson was uncomfortable because he knew Brian was right. Everyone was looking at him expecting some sort of denial.

“You're right about staff leaving their work behind them when they go home at night. It must seem as if they don't care but you're still wrong to put Craig on the spot like this.”

“Maybe I am and maybe he just likes to sit at this table and have everyone tell him how wonderful he is.”

“I think it's time we went.” Mr. Thompson said, “I'm sorry we've wasted your time, Craig. I do appreciate you seeing us.”

Craig had seen the look on Brian's face and could not understand it. Disappointment possibly? Fear certainly. Acceptance that Craig was just like the others?

“Could Brian stay the night and we'll take things one step at a time?” Craig asked.

“That means he'd stay under CSC jurisdiction. He'd have to be restrained or supervised all the time. I've stretched a point letting you release him now.”

Craig took Mr. Thompson through to the office where he signed the necessary papers and saw the CSC supervisor out.

Returning to the kitchen he kissed David on the forehead.

“Well done!” he said, “But stop calling me master.”

David thrilled to David's touch and was so delighted at the praise that he answered automatically and without thinking, “Yes master.”

Calling Danny over, Craig then stood in front of Brian making a point of standing in the respectful 'at ease' position.

“Mr. Thompson says you can just be supervised until we go to bed then you must be restrained until morning. It's do with you sneaking off while we're asleep. I'll be your grader until breakfast. Danny will supervise us both and we'll be treated the same when we're restrained for the night. Until then Danny is our master but I am to serve you.”

“Then why is Danny in charge? To make sure I go soft on you?”

“No! Work together.” Craig replied, “Don't forget, somebody needs to supervise you as well.”

This was not what Brian had expected. Craig was actually going to give up his evening for him and share his ordeal of being secured for the night. He'd noticed the happy atmosphere during the meal and the way they had defended Craig. Maybe he had misjudged Craig.

“No one else is wearing clothes.” Brian snapped, “Why are you?”

“I dressed for the meeting with Mr Thompson, sir.” Craig replied.

“Fair enough. He's gone now, so strip.”

Craig undressed and waited for Brian but Adam interrupted by saying they had given dinner long enough to settle and they could all go for a swim.

“Not you,” Brian said still very brusquely, “I need to talk to Danny first.”

Beckoning Craig to follow him, Brian led Craig outside then made him stand facing a wall with his hands behind his head. Craig stood, slightly erect with excitement but nervous about what Danny and Brian were planning. He could hear the noise from the barn and sometimes footsteps as someone returned to the house for something but nobody came for him.

Craig began to feel a bit cold. His erection had long faded with boredom and his arms were aching and still he stood there. He tried stretching to ease his muscles.

“Stand still!” a voice commanded. He thought it was Rick who had been on his way to the kitchen. “Unless you want Danny and Brian to know you're misbehaving.”

Time moved slowly until he heard the visitors leave. He hoped Danny and Brian had been waiting until then before coming for him but still he was left standing. Finally when he was thoroughly cold miserable and ready to go look for them he heard Danny and Brian approach talking happily to each other.

“It's been fun,” Danny said, “and I really am grateful that you'll help. I wish I didn't have to do this to you.”

“It's cool,” Brian replied, “It's a pity we didn't get around to Craig but like you said, we had fun. How do you want to do this?”

“Craig, put your hands down by your side. Danny ordered then added, “Stop complaining. You've not been here that long.”

As Craig had moved his arms he had groaned with pain as his muscles reacted to their treatment. Danny had Brian stand next to Craig and before he realised what had happened, he and Brian had been handcuffed together. They were led down into the cellar.

Rob was already there waiting for them holding some ropes while an open sleeping bag lay on the table. On Danny's instructions, Craig and Brian climbed onto the sleeping bag, lying facing each other. Rob tied their ankles together and ran the ends of the rope through to holes in the bag under the table where he tied the ends together. Danny handcuffed their free wrists together then looped a rope round the two pairs of cuffs, tying the end off round the rope securing their ankles. Danny zipped up the bag.

“You can probably get out of that bag if you want to. Take my advice. Don't.” Danny said as he and Rob left, turning out the lights.

“What happens now?” Craig whispered.

“We try and get some sleep I suppose,” Brian replied, “What else?”

“I just wondered what you wanted to do to me and when it's going to happen.”

“You don't get it do you? Graders get handled like packages. Danny's told me about the trouble he's in and how I can help him. I've agreed. Paul's already phoned Mr. Thompson and he'll being coming over tomorrow with the paperwork for you to sign. The P.I. will be coming tomorrow, as well, to tell me what to do. How does it feel to be out of control?”

“Scary and it's going to get scarier. I need a piss.”

“Oh shit. I never thought of that.”

As realisation came he added, “Paul did though. He said something about sharing each others problems. Why didn't you say something?”

“Speak without permission, you mean.” Craig retorted, “I might like playing games but I'm not going to give you an excuse to punish me. Besides I thought there'd be a chance after you'd done something to me.”

“Can you hold out until morning?”

“I'll have to.”

“I'm sorry, Craig.” Brian said, “I was only trying to show you what it's like to be ignored. Are you sure you want me to stay after this?”

“Be careful what you ask for. It may be given to you.” Craig said.


“It's something Paul said once. One of his supervisors used to say it a lot when he was at the centre. Make sure you want to stay before you ask.”

Brian was thoughtful for a moment.

“This place sure is different.” he said, “Do you think I'll be able to stay here after the trial?”

“We'll all do our best if you do your best for Danny. How does that sound?”

“Fair. Your best is fucking better than being told everything will be OK, don't worry.”

“Watch the language.” Craig admonished gently, “Ethan needs to watch his behaviour and graders could get whipped. I have to be so careful about these things.”

“OK! I'll have to learn anyway. Let's try and get some sleep in case that causes trouble later on.”

Brian had touched Craig's cock as he spoke and not getting a rebuff left his hand where it was.

They were both uncomfortable and slept fitfully. It was worse for Craig as the pressure in his bladder steadily increased. He lay still trying not to disturb Brian concentrating on not losing control but it was a losing battle.

Brian moved restlessly in his sleep and trapping their shackled hand between them pressed against Craig's abdomen. As he moved again Craig tried to give him some space and the movement was all his bladder needed. Once started nothing could stop the flow. Brian was woken by Craig's embarrassed squirming and the wetness. They lay there, the pungent smell in their nostrils, increasingly uncomfortable in the pool of cooling liquid they were lying in.

“Rob and Danny will understand.” Craig said hopefully, “They set us up.”

It was a long and very unpleasant hour before even that small hope evaporated.

“Phew!” Ethan yelled as he came down the stairs, “You stink. Hey Danny. They've pissed themselves. I don't have to untie them do I?”

“Just cut the rope like I told you.” Danny yelled back, “You'll have to open the bag until you can drop the keys by their hands. They can clean their own piss up.”

“You sure you don't want him graded one?” Brian muttered.

“I'm sure,” Craig replied, “He and Ethan had better be very careful what they ask for though.”

They struggled to free themselves from the handcuffs and ropes. Ethan kept his distance telling them to clean up with the rags he threw down and take the soiled sleeping bag to the bins.

With what dignity they could muster they hurried past the assembled boys, dumping their load before rushing to the bunkhouse to shower. They headed back to kitchen to find everyone else seated.

“I thought you'd like to eat with us this morning,” Paul said with a glint in his eye. “Craig. In future please be more careful with the games you want to play. And Brian. We don't like Craig being put on the spot like that. Do you both understand?”

They both nodded sheepishly. As he sat down Craig realised that he was back in control and it was a great relief. Brian had had enough of testing Craig. Paul was also relieved that Craig approved all the arrangements he had made and the day went as planned.

All the papers were signed. Brian's temporary grading was lifted and he officially became Craig's ward.

Craig kept Danny home from school that day so that they could go with Brian to the lawyers office to see the private detective.

The detective, John Fletcher, had been busy. The owners of the mall were not to happy with the manager, Neil Smith. They had noticed irregularities in the records there had been a number of unrelated problems. They had no objections to a proper check on him.

John had spoken to nearly a dozen boys. Mrs Brassom had been particularly helpful and Rick had found a couple more at school. It had been enough to establish a pattern. The incidents mainly happened on a Thursday afternoon. One boy had been adamant that he had been attacked on a Tuesday. It turned out that Thursdays was the manager's secretary's day off but she was off sick one Tuesday which tied in with that boy's story.

Neither did it happen every Thursday. John had done some more delving and had found that all attacks occurred when one of two guards were on duty. One of them had been the guard that Craig had trouble with and who had been fired.

While Craig sat with the adults, Danny and Brian stood respectfully in the 'at ease' position against the wall. Brian felt some resentment at the unequal treatment but relaxed as he could see how easily Danny accepted the situation. He had also developed some grudging respect for Craig. Every so often he thought of Craig failing to hold his bladder and had to stifle a giggle at the contrast.

Every organisation involved was now taking the allegations very seriously. The police and placement were holding back on cases where other attacks may have happened. Danny was going to be a test case which may affect all the others.

When John had finished speaking, Graham asked Danny if he had anything to say. Danny shook his head, close to tears. From having to control his anger and bottling his story up, he had been completely believed and something was going to be done.

When his turn came, Brian asked how many boys had been attacked.

“We don't know for sure.” John replied, “It could have been going on for ages. It's a mess.”

“So I'm not just doing this for Danny. I'm doing it for a lot of boys.”

“That's right.” John replied, “If you go ahead you're probably going to get raped. Even after you've been arrested you can back out by blowing your cover. Once you're stripped and they're obviously going to fuck you you can protest as much as you like. That way there's no consent. Do you understand?”

Brian gulped nervously, obviously scared.

“But it gives me a chance to get out of grade one, doesn't it,” he asked, “and even if it doesn't, I'm going to get far worse aren't I?”

“The answer to both your questions is yes.” Graham replied, “Please believe me. I'm working on your case as hard as Mr. Fletcher is working on Danny's.”

“I trust you because Craig does.” Brian said quietly. “At least I'm helping those other kids. What's the plan?”

“You're going to get caught doing a spot of shoplifting. You might get caned in the shop which would be pretty convincing and then the guard we're interested in will take you to the manager's office.

“The owner is only too happy to cooperate because she reckons she's losing trade with all this going on. Ideally one of the staff will catch you and call the guard. If not the shop owner will do it. That means two people will be play acting so there's more chance the guard will notice something. She won't know it's you or which day we're doing this so you could be a real shoplifter.

We've got copies of video showing real shoplifters. You'll study them and we'll set up a mock shop so you can do some dry runs. You'll be wired so you'll receive messages as well send data. You'll need to respond to instructions without getting confused.

“It sounds like a military operation.” Brian said, “Is all this necessary?”

“This can affect a lot of kids.” John replied, “If we raise suspicions then it's all over. Even with all the evidence we've got, kids are just graders even if they are fives, and it would be difficult to get a conviction on their say so alone. We could get a search warrant and hope something turns up and we could hope the missing footage turns up.

“Missing footage?” Danny asked.

Surveillance footage is kept for a year on hard drive. We've checked the footage for the manager's office and guess what? Some's missing. It's for Thursdays other odd days, and all the odd days ties in with the secretary being away and the two guards being on duty.”

“Can't you check other records for those days and see if you can find anything?”

“How do you think I found the boys we have?” John replied. “A lot of boys we approached won't talk. Most who talk came from the orphanage and that's only because of Mrs Brassom. She was wonderful at reassuring them and encouraging them to speak.

“The manager's been there for five years, one of the guards for seven and the other one for four. Finding earlier victims is going to be almost impossible.”

There was silence as everyone considered the implications.

“All this because I wanted to buy a computer.” Craig said.

“No you stumbled on this because you went to the mall looking like a voluntary grader on the wrong day. The guard saw you as a trouble maker so who would believe you? You've got a good head on your shoulders and you spotted something was wrong. Then you went and found Danny.”

“My brother found Danny.”

“You still set the ball rolling and it's to your credit that's something being done.“ Graham said.

“What do you call it, circumstantial evidence? Brian seemed to be thinking out loud, “You've got enough of that to get a search warrant but not enough to arrest them. If you do search them you might not find anything. If I go through with this and it works then you've got everything you need but it's got to go right. Isn't there a sure way of getting them?”

“Unfortunately, no.” John replied, “Whatever happens he's going to be fired. There's enough to do that but he could get a job as school caretaker. I'm out to get him off the streets.”

“Me too!” exclaimed Brian, “I feel better that there's a plan B in case I foul up but I'll really do my best to nail him. I wish I could do it before he nails me though.”

They're permitted to make an internal search,” Graham said, “but that doesn't entitle them to get their cocks out. Once they do that we've got them especially if you're bent over. If you can fight off the penetration for a few minutes maybe it would give us time to move in. In fact, once you know it's his cock, the more you resist the better.”

“It proves I'm not consenting.”


There's just one thing, Craig.” Graham asked, “He'll ptalesrobably end up grade one. Do you have problems getting someone graded?”

“I have problems when someone is unfairly graded. If he falls for this I wouldn't care if they cut his balls off.”

“If he switches the cameras off then how do they record Brian?” Danny asked.

“It looks as if he deletes it later but it doesn't matter. I've tapped the feed and I've been recording the cameras in my office for a week.”

“If he grabs another kid, I lose my chance don't I?” Brian asked. “If you're recording you'd get him instead.”

“No, not necessarily.” Graham replied, “He'll probably be scared enough to agree to anything. Consent could give the defence some scope. We'll give you a go anyway. Two witnesses are better than one. It'll be enough to give me an opening for you in court.”

Brian smiled his thanks.

“What happens if they say something like, 'either you let us fuck you or we'll see you're graded one'?” Craig asked.

“I've got an expert on evidence gathering on call.” John said, “He'll coach Brian in how to respond to various situations.

“The final thing I need to ask is whether we should inform the police. In this case I think we should. They've been sympathetic so far and they could help. In fact we should arrange a meeting of all the people involved but it needs to be somewhere discrete.”

“How about my place?” Craig suggested, “Even if anyone noticed it could be a party.”

“No! Thanks all the same.” John replied, “I don't want Mrs Smith recognising any of your boys especially Brian.”

The meeting drew an end, allowing Craig and his companions to head for home. Both Danny and Brian seemed less worried about their futures so they were a cheerful group.

The next couple of weeks were something of an anticlimax. Craig's household settled into a contented routine and the few interruptions were happy ones though the CSC made it clear they were still interested in Craig.

Rob's hearing almost went through without a word being spoken except the Inspectorate requested time to make it's own report and submit it to the court. When Graham pressed them on why they were concerned they mentioned the number of violent graders in Craig's household.

When Graham pointed out that one was about to upgraded to four, the second did voluntary work and the the third had his temporary grading removed by placement the CSC's application collapsed.

Ethan's temporary grading came to an end and Paul's upgrade came through.

Paul was almost overwhelmed when he took the boys to school the next day. The other parents and guardians congratulated him, gave him cards and presents. Even Mrs Brassom handed over a congratulations card and shook his hand. Ethan, Danny and Adam all felt comfortable with Paul taking them and no one had talked about changing the routine. The school principal sent a message asking to see Paul and after offering his own congratulations asked whether he would be registered as a tutor to take on more boys in his homework gang. He needed to talk it over with Craig of course but the idea interested him as it meant he would be expected to work for qualifications of his own.

Craig had no objections apart from a couple of logistical ones. So far they had managed using bikes and hiring a car when they needed one. Although nearly everyone owned a bicycle Paul would have to provide for anyone who didn't. It had been a long pleasant summer but, possibly because of the lie of the land shading them from the rising sun, it could become quite chilly by the morning.

Ethan was beginning to complain about lining up naked while waiting for breakfast. Being Craig's brother entitled him to complain first even though it had done no good so far. When the new school year started, it would be getting cooler and Paul would have to wear more than just shorts on the school runs but for now he could cope. Even if there was snow on the ground they would probably stay naked in the grounds. The insides of the buildings were warm and comfortable so it would pointless dressing to go to the barn just to strip off again.

It was time find vehicles and a driver. Tom would have to make enquiries about his license and Paul would have to take driving lessons as they had discussed once before.

The other problem would be seating arrangements. If they put any more tables around the pool where they usually did their work it would get too crowded.

Craig was content that for now the problems were simple and that others could deal with them.

He felt confident enough to throw a party. He still wanted to get together with Lindsay and in his heart knew that she was no longer interested. Her invitation would be his last attempt to get together with her.

Ethan was excited by the idea while at the other end of the scale Tom initially looked upon the idea with horror until Craig suggested that he might like to start off the evening with a dinner party of his own before the adults took to supervising the main event.

David looked forward to the party almost as much Ethan. Somewhere along the way he had learned not to be scared of Craig and had come to love him. The fear was never far away and a look from Craig could still bring it back. It was the dull permanent dread that had gone and he was happy. The party meant he could serve Craig and treat him with the respect and reverence that he deserved. It never occurred to him that Craig would be just as informal meeting with fellow guardians and masters.

The party was roughly split into three groups. The youngsters and their school friends, the parents who came along to help and Tom's dinner guests.

Craig chose to greet his young guests in the barn. Since it was a swimming pool then it was quite in order for him to be naked. David had stationed himself just behind and to one side of Craig ready to serve him. He made the mistake of answering Craig's first request for refreshments with 'yes master' whereupon Craig pushed him into the pool. Everyone else took the hint and for the rest of the evening, if he referred to Craig as master he found himself pushed or thrown into the pool. Any pretence at proving himself to be a loyal and obedient servant vanished and he had to be content with seeing Craig laughing and enjoying himself.

Tom's dinner party consisted of Mrs Williams, Tom's lady friend, Mrs Sanders and Harry, Mr. and Mrs Brassom, Mr. Crosis and his partner/grader Mark, Danny's and Adam's parents with Ryan serving them. The meal was relaxed but began to break up as various parents decided they should help supervise their offspring.

Tom was happy in his new quarters. His only responsibilities now were cooking and teaching Craig about the business. He realised he had friends who were friends and not for what they could get out of him.

Mrs Brassom found the evening confusing. Craig was was a wealthy and very eligible young man who had made a very positive mark on the community. He was, therefore, one of the right people and an invitation to dinner was an honour. Discovering that her host would be Tom, a grader, while sitting next to Mark, another grader, had definitely tarnished that honour but looking around and realising that she was included in a select group closely connected to Craig she decided that she could live with it.

As the parents drifted away Tom took her husband and Mark down to his cellar while others drifted off to find the third part of the party leaving her to chat with Mrs Williams. They settled firmly into Tom's living room, waited on by Ryan and ignored the rest of the world. If they commented on the noise or occasional interruptions it was as if they were discussing a passing thunderstorm.

The living room and kitchen in the main room had been opened up for the adult guests. There was a bigger range of drinks. Allen and Mr Crosis were particularly pleased to find the whisky bottle. They had enjoyed Tom's hospitality but were not connoisseurs like the three in the cellar.

The youngsters were more closely watched than at Mr. Crosis party. Swimming nude may be acceptable but it made parents more nervous when couples were obviously trying to find time alone together though some of the adults were also in the water.

Adam was torn between spending time with his parents, joining in the horseplay with the younger boys and spending time with Paul. Liam was nearly eighteen wanted to drink beer with someone his age so Paul was torn between Adam and Liam.

Adam and Paul settled their problem by going their separate ways and kissing and hugging each other like long lost strangers every time their paths crossed. They were extremely happy together in their apartment and seemed to be working through any problems caused by the younger boy being in charge because of Paul's grader status.

Danny spent the evening with his family describing his life with Craig. He came out to them that night and was relieved to find they still accepted him. They could also understand how the incident at the mall had affected him so badly as he had been trying to come to terms with his sexuality. Danny carefully omitted any references to bondage and the games they played but his parents knew the relationship between him and Craig was closer than they expected.

Danny and Brian were in a sort of limbo. Both faced the the possibility of being graded one as any form of assault was taken very seriously but they could see Craig actively trying to help them and they felt involved. Both boys were more concerned about being taken away from Craig than being graded.

Brian had never seen anything like it before. His parents had been remote and disinterested, more concerned with themselves than Brian. Parties had been stilted affairs meant for being seen, not for having fun. His foster parents had been much friendlier but were shy and withdrawn. Watching adults and youngsters mingling and sharing in the fun was a new experience. People came up and chatted, getting to know him, accepting him as one of Craig's boys.

The party was a success marking the end of a hectic three months with changes beyond Craig's wildest dreams. School would be breaking up for the summer holidays soon and he would be able to spend more time with Ethan. He was proud of his brother who had finally come to terms with the idea that his big brother was in charge. He had settled down and was doing better at school than he had ever done. Craig wondered whether he was making out with his friend Jake but he suspected that Jake was more of a tease than anything and seemed to be looking at girls more and more.

Craig spent a lot most of the evening talking to various parents who were grateful for the support their sons were getting also managing time with his friends and household. Danny's parents were particularly happy that he had some sort of chance of getting through the trouble he was in.

At one stage Craig was able to step back and survey the bedlam in and around the pool taking stock. He looking forward to having more time playing games with Danny but he still had to look out for the others.

Ryan had been fairly graded because of burglary. He had accepted his situation and after all the years of being graded just accepted his situation. He did the housework knowing Paul would be after him if he he did not do a good job but was content to sit quietly out of the way if he had no work.

David would die for Craig. For the first time since his grading for drug possession he felt like a human being. The scars of his ill-treatment would stay for ever and he would never think much beyond how to serve Craig but there were changes. His insistence on calling Craig master was his way of showing he was not scared of Craig which is what Craig had ordered him to do. Craig had noticed that whenever David thought he was in trouble he called him sir.

Rick and Liam were still part of the homework gang and enjoyed their time at Craig's place and a few other boys had joined as well but apart from Liam's interest in Danny's and Craig's games together they were content to be in a place run by themselves without constant adults attention.

Rob had settled in happily and was getting on with his computer projects as well as proving a useful worker for Mr Crosis. The last of the outhouses had been converted into work rooms where they could study and indulge in their hobbies.

On the whole Craig felt good about his life and the prospects he and Ethan now had. It felt good to be sharing them with others and his time with Danny was exciting. His one big disappointment was that Lindsay did not come to the party. Craig was beginning to suspect that something was wrong. There was something about her father's attitude that bothered him, though he was not sure what it was, but it was obviously time to move on.

He was also worried that the CSC had intervened at Rob's hearing. It had been unnecessary and Craig could not help wondering they had bothered.