The Houseboys

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Chapter 9

Brian Hollis was enjoying his time in Craig's household. He had people he could talk to and they all had a genuine interest in his future. >From the age of thirteen onwards he began to realise that he could not meet his parents expectations.

He could just about keep up at school, never achieving the first prizes that his parents could boast about. Like Mrs Brassom, they wanted their son to mix with the right people but unlike Mrs Brassom who quietly threw her hands up in despair when Liam made bad choices and unlike Mr Brassom who had taught Liam to see his mothers good points and make his own choices, Brian's father had been as bad as his mother and it was difficult to believe that either one of them saw Brian as anything more than a fashion accessory.

The crisis came when the Hollis family moved to be closer to Mr Hollis' boss. The boss was a very astute man and had discovered that Mr. Hollis' sole talent was to be able to steal other people's ideas and present them as his own. The only member of the Hollis family he liked was Brian. He was also aware that his own son, Joey, was a spoilt brat who was heading for grading. He, half seriously, wondered whether Joey and Brian had been swapped when they were babies.

Mr. Hollis' boss encouraged Joey and Brian to play together. He hoped some of Brian's qualities would rub off on Joey while he was happy to let Brian relax and be himself for a time. Brian had an open invitation to visit whenever he wanted and obviously, his parents were delighted. They coerced Brian into visiting even though he made it clear that Joey was trouble.

Joey's father had badly underestimated Joey's viciousness.

One day Joey and Brian went to the shops together. While browsing around a shop Joey suddenly shoved something into Brian's hands while yelling “run” but as Brian turned, Joey pushed him causing him to stumble. Before he could follow Joey, a guard had grabbed him.

The guard had seen the other boy running off and asked for his name. Brian was frightened and automatically replied. He was taken to the police station while his parents were called and Joey's parents were also contacted.

In the meantime Joey had managed to get home and had tearfully told his mother how Brian had talked him into shoplifting and he had been too scared of Brian's bullying to refuse.

Once they were assembled in the police station, Mr and Mrs Hollis took Joey's mother's side apologising profusely for his behaviour especially after all their kindness to him. Brian was in tears still not sure what he had done wrong.

Luckily for Brian the whole incident had been filmed, including a scene where the two boys were arguing, followed by Joey dragging Brian into the shop. Joey's shoplifting plus the push were also clearly taped.

Joey altered his story slightly saying it was some sort of dare but that it was still Brian's idea and that he was not dragging Brian but was pushing him back and he lost his balance.

Looking at the the playback, it was just possible enough to keep Brian implicated though neither Joey's father nor the police believed it. It was obvious that Joey had not been intimidated by Brian.

Brian's involvement remained on record but he was allowed to go home despite protests from Joey's mother.

Joey's father managed a few moments alone with Brian.

“It's not your fault, son.” he said, “It's mine for not sorting Joey out sooner.”

Brian's parents were less forgiving. He had let them down, made them look bad in front of his father's boss and it would be impossible for to have the right friends in the future.

Brian never worked out what he had done that was so wrong. The whole incident left him with the feeling that it did not matter what he did, it would be bad so he may as well do it anyway. It was the start of him getting into trouble.

Brian's parents softened towards when they reasoned that Brian's bad boy image could be attractive to girls and began to revise their accounts of what had happened making Brian seem a little adventurous but naive. They then set about seeing that he met the right girls.

It might have worked except that Brian tended to look at boys more than he looked at girls. Being branded as a bad boy meant people expected bad behaviour so having nothing to lose he made some unwise approaches to good looking boys.

Getting beaten up was not so bad. Being grounded almost permanently and being told how useless he was, made his life a misery. He was almost suicidal when he crept out of the house and made his way to see the the only man who had believed in him, Joey's father.

Unfortunately he was out and he was confronted by Joey's mother who called the police. His parents declared him unmanageable and he was handed over to the CSC.

His foster parents had helped him as much as possible and he had begun to feel better about himself. Then he had been moved on until he had finally ended up with Craig.

He had rebelled against the idea of being brought to see Craig and had ripped his shorts on the car door as he struggled to get away. It was lucky that he had not seriously injured himself.

>From the moment he had met Craig, Brian knew that he was different. Craig had immediately expected certain levels of behaviour from him. He had not been patronised or told that he would be restrained for his own safety. He either behaved or took the consequences. Seeing Paul a grade two having considerable responsibility further upset his ideas. A grader being trusted? It was unheard of. And as for the other boys, they had leapt to Craig's defence when he had said anything against him. Yet all he could see were contented lively guys who were not cowed or defeated in any way.

Brian had relaxed enough for Paul to remove the restraints. Brian considered running, not that he had anywhere to go but just to prove he was not beaten. It was nice to be free of the chains and maybe it wouldn't be so bad joining everyone for dinner. It was strange how everyone took it for granted that he would behave instead of assuming he would cause trouble.

He still was not sure why he had challenged Craig. Probably he had still been looking for an excuse not to trust him and putting a do-gooder on the spot was a good way of driving them away. Not only had Craig accepted his challenge but when he had tried to express his feelings about not being in control of his life and feeling useless Danny and the others, especially the graders, understood him and thought it a good lesson for Craig.

He thought ruefully how Paul had added his own twist to the challenge making him share in Craig's humiliation but a shared ordeal can form strong bonds.

Part of not being in control was being told not to worry and everything would be all right. The supervisors at the home were overstretched. They did not have time to deal with his case properly and Brian was worried because he knew everything would not be all right.

Craig had spelled out immediately what he could aim for and what he wanted. He answered his questions and had got things moving. Brian understood that Danny needed his help and he would get help in return. The speed and energy with which Craig got things moving was more reassuring than any promise.

He was impressed when he was bought a bike and set to work as a servant in Graham's offices. At least he was when he realised that it was a cover to work with John. He watched film of other boys who had been caught shoplifting while John explained how they had resisted and then given in. The actual arrest had to be convincing and Brian could see that some of his ideas on how to to behave would have seemed very unnatural.

John also took him through interrogation scenarios giving him a chance to react to unexpected questions. It reminded Brian of the spy stuff in some of the movies he had watched and it was exciting to be involved.

There was one small change. The owner of the shop would be in the control centre. The police were worried about consent to Brian's shoplifting so wanted her actively involved in the decision making.

When they all got together for the final planning Brian was there too, with a place for him at the table, and he was treated like an equal by all the adults.

All that was needed were the right conditions. Brian was keyed up ready to go. He knew how important it was for Danny and he was proud of the responsibility he had been given. When he thought about his own situation he could not help wondering whether his whole life had not been intended for this one act and he was going to show everyone what he could do.

There was one brief interlude which amused Craig. One morning David looked terrified every time he looked at Craig. At first Craig tried to pretend not to notice hoping that David would calm down but if anything he became more agitated as time went by. Finally Craig asked him what was wrong.

“I've done something so bad, sir. You're going to punish me and I know I deserve it.” David cried.

It took a little while to get the whole story from the beginning but Craig eventually succeeded.

David often sat in the bunkhouse in the evenings. Craig was surrounded by everyone else and did not need him. He still lacked the confidence to relax around a crowd like that. The previous evening he found Brian there quietly weeping. Brian still faced being graded one and at times his fear overwhelmed him. David had tried to comfort him and they had held each other. As he calmed down, he became distracted by Brian's body and started feeling it and the touching turned into kissing.

Craig had released David's sexuality by their own encounters and David was not used to dealing with it. The kissing became more passionate and Brian ended up fucking David before taking him into his mouth for a long slow blow job.

Craig was amused by the story and not least bit angry but he knew that if he just brushed the incident off, David would think he was just biding his time before unleashing his fury.

“Did you force Brian to fuck you?” Craig asked sternly

“No sir,” David exclaimed.

“But you made him suck you?”

“No sir,” David cried, “We both wanted it to happen. I'm sorry I was so disloyal to you, sir.”

“Brian felt felt bad about it afterwards and was still scared.”

“No sir. I held him and he fell asleep. He seemed a lot happier when he woke up.”

“If you made Brian happier and more comfortable, what did you do wrong?”

“I had sex without your permission. After your kindness, I failed to control myself and betrayed you.”

“Have I ever said that you could not have sex with someone else?”

“No sir, but other masters would have castrated me.”

“So I'm like other masters, am I?”

“Oh no sir. You're a wonderful master. You look after us all.”

“And you followed my example and looked after Brian?”

For once David paused, considering his answer before replying, “I suppose so, sir.”

“Danny belongs to me like a slave because he has chosen to.” Craig said carefully, making sure David understood, “If he was to mess around with someone without my permission I would punish him and enjoy doing it. You don't want to belong to me like that so you can make your own relationships. Look after Brian in anyway you think will work. That is an order. Do you understand.”

“Yes master. Thank you.”

David rushed round the desk, knelt in front of Craig taking his master's cock in his mouth. Craig had already cum inside Danny's arse before they got up that morning but there was something about David's attention that sent shock waves through his body building up to a climax as if he had not cum for a year.

Apart from that incident the days passed smoothly until John Fletcher phoned to say the sting was set for the next day. That evening Brian was visibly nervous and there was an air of tension about the place. Everyone did what they could to make Brian comfortable but he seemed to want to stay close to Craig.

That night he slept in Craig's bed between Craig and Danny. For once neither one was shackled to the bed and the following morning Paul did not call them until everyone else was out of the way. Danny was kept home that day because he was so closely involved, it would be unfair to expect him to concentrate on school.

Craig took David to one side to tell him it was his responsibility to look after Danny. If anything happened between them it was OK. Although he would not be punished, Danny might be but would probably enjoy it. David looked surprised. No one ever mentioned, in front of him, the games Danny and Craig played and he knew it was because of his bad experiences in the past. He was proud that Craig thought he could cope with them now and would do what was needed.

Shortly after lunch John arrived in a large white van. He handed Brian an ordinary looking music player and watched as Brian pedalled off. Craig joined the others in the back of the van. A representative of the mall's owners was present as well as the owner of the shop and a policeman who Craig did not recognise.

They parked in a car park and John joined them in the back. There was a bank of monitors against one side of the van together with some recording equipment, computer and radio links. The police officer was impressed complaining that he would not be able to get a set up like it for such an operation. John looked pointedly at Craig and replied that when you've got a client willing to pay it was easy. The mall representative explained that they had a duty of care and so would discuss meeting the costs.

Craig was not interested in business at that moment. He was too worried about Brian and told them to sort it out with Graham later.

Luckily Brian arrived at that moment and the conversation ended. They watched as Brian sauntered casually into the mall.

“He's seen you.” John whispered.

The guard was slightly behind Brian and some distance away so apparently Brian did not know he was there. With boyish impetuousity Brian took a short run and jumped to brush his hand through the leaves of an ornamental tree.

“Good! You've got his attention. He'll be keeping an eye on you now.”

Brian headed for the shop with the same cocky saunter heading for the pocket games which were so popular. It was obvious one had caught his eye. He picked it up looked at it, then glanced at the shop assistant who had already noticed him before putting the game back. Brian wandered around the shop before returning to the game and examining it again.

Craig noticed that one of the shop cameras had stopped randomly switching scenes and was permanently focused on the games section. Brian left the shop and sat down on the bench. He had aroused plenty of suspicion, the mall control room, the guard and the shop were keeping a discrete eye on him.

“Let's do it.” Brian muttered, startling everyone who did not realise that the music player was a two way radio as well.

There was no bravado in his step this time. It was obvious from the change in attitude that he was up to something.

“He's doing well.” John said to the onlookers. “I'm convinced he's a stupid kid who's seen a game he wants.”

The mall representative nodded, “That guard should be intervening by now. He could give that boy a scare and we'd never see him in the mall again. We could use the boy for staff training.”

Brian had returned to the game by then and picked it up as if to study it again. He glanced at the shop assistant who was busy with a customer and slipped it under his shirt and into the top of his jeans before hurrying for the door.

The assistant had seen it on his monitor and was hurrying after him before the control room had signalled a warning.

“Excuse me, sir.” the assistant called out.

Brian was genuinely scared and followed his instinct to get out but he was too late. As he rushed out of the shop he ran squarely into the guard. Brian had been told that he should try to escape. Not to do anything would be suspicious. He had been only to pleased to comply even if it meant only showing up the guard's incompetence but as he looked for an opportunity he could see he was trapped and he slumped in surrender.

It had all been thoroughly convincing. Thanks to a combination of John's training and his natural fear, everyone, including Brian, had almost forgotten that it was all a set up.

Craig knew how Brian was feeling as a small crowd gathered to watch. The guard made Brian take off his shirt revealing the game tucked into his jeans. On the guard's instructions he handed it back to the shop assistant and then reluctantly removed his jeans and finally his underwear. He turned round allowing the guard to handcuff him who then checked his clothes for other contraband..

“Company policy would be to wait for his parents or guardian so that he could be caned in front of the shop.” the mall representative said, “it's not really good for business to go for grading for such a minor thing.”

The guard scooped up Brian's clothes and led him away. Brian was visibly embarrassed by all the hostile looks from the passers by. John had not dwelt on this part of the proceedings because Brian's natural reactions would be quite convincing.

So far the guard had done nothing seriously wrong. Brian could be suspected of other offences and the guard was going to check. The clue that their plan was working was when the guard made a quick mobile call.

“I've got a likely bird.” was all they heard inside the van, courtesy of the bugged music player the guard was holding. The cameras showed the manager receiving a call at the same time.

Once inside the lift and the doors closed the guard grabbed Brian's balls and squeezed hard. Brian tried to double up from the pain but simply pushed against the guards shoulder.

“Attacking a guard while under arrest.” the guard laughed, “That's got you grade two at least.”

“Please sir,” Brian pleaded, “You took me by surprise. I wasn't trying anything.”

The guard replied by slapping him in the face.

“Come on!” he said, as the doors opened, “You're going to meet a friend of mine.”

Inside the van the relief was obvious. The bait had been taken. The police had not been able to act until then as there was no acceptable proof that a crime had been committed. The guard's behaviour in the lift was enough and plain clothed officers began infiltrating the mall gathering near access points to the manager's office. One policeman entered the control centre and shut it down banning all outgoing calls.

The control centre staff had begun to wonder at the small groups but did not have time to react. They only monitored cameras in public areas. The cameras in the office areas were only to provide information in a crisis. It was a privacy issue that the manager had exploited.

Brian was standing in front of the mall manager's desk.

“He's a ripe one.” the guard was saying as he locked the office door, “He's not used to being handled.”

“Good.” the manager replied, “ Behave yourself and you'll get out of this without even your parents knowing.”

He stood up and walked around behind Brian.

“Very nice.” he said, “I'm going to remove the cuffs. If you think you can overpower the two of us and break through the door or jump three storeys from the window then you're welcome to try. Otherwise you put the palms of your hands flat on my desk and you will keep them there until we have finished with you.”

“Are you ready to go in?” Craig asked, “He's going to need some help soon.”

“No! Not yet. We'll know when he's had enough.”

The manager was feeling inside Brian's crack with a finger and then reached between his legs feeling his balls. Even across the video link it was obvious that Brian was tense and unhappy.”

“You're getting a nice little hard on. That's good. Maybe you're gay and will enjoy this.”

To the watchers amazement the manager stripped while the guard played with Brain.

“We should stop this,” Craig insisted.

“No! He's coping.” John snapped, “When he uses the code word or the sound goes, we'll move in. Until then he's got his own case to consider.”

“What code word?” Craig asked. “And what about his case?”

“Volcano!” John replied, “If he starts yelling that then the officers move. The longer he stays the stronger out case will be which will make a better impression on his own judge.”

The guard was stripping now and the manager had picked up a heavy strap.

“First we'll deal with your shoplifting. It'll soften you up a bit ready for some fun.”

Both men were hard and the look in the managers eyes worried Craig especially when Brian screamed with the force of the first blow. The blows rained down on his back, his buttocks and his legs until finally his tormentor tired. The manager was drooling as well as being rock hard and leaking precum. He moved around behind behind Brian and moved forward. At the touch of his cock, Brian straightened up yelling no. He was rewarded with a vicious slap to his head and was pushed down again.

“He's done it.” John yelled gleefully, “There's no doubt it's rape.”

He reached for the mike saying “Volcano! Go! Go! Go! It's volcano.”

In spite of his pain Brian understood that his job was over so he stood up again yelling volcano over and over again. The unexpected shout confused the two men long enough for the door to come smashing open and the police to burst in.

Craig was out of the van in an instant charging through the mall past startled shoppers wondering about all the commotion.

He was stopped as he reached the office by a policeman.

“I'm Brian's guardian.” he shouted, “The code word was volcano.”

It was good enough and Craig was let through.

The guard had collapsed in tears while the manager was blustering about him not penetrating Brian.

“It doesn't matter.” one of the officers replied, “Whatever you were doing was sexual and the boy had said no.”

Craig could see Brian. He was trembling with tears in his eyes. An officer had put a blanket around him and was holding him. Craig saw his clothes and grabbed them. Kneeling down in front of Brian he started to dress him.

Brian jerked as Craig guided his underwear over his cock but smiled as he looked down and saw Craig.

“I don't want to make Danny jealous.” he said softly.

“Don't worry about that.” Craig replied, “It's what you want that matters for now. How about getting you dressed and out of here?”

“Please. Can we do one thing first. Can we go to that shop tell them what was going on, please?”

“Of course. There that's your jeans. I'll just get your shoes and socks.”

Brian was feeling better from Craig's tender care. He was still in pain but it was beginning to sink in that he had done it. The police wanted him to go to hospital for a check up but he refused. He just wanted to go home. Craig compromised by arranging for the police doctor to come and see him later.

They had to go down the stairs as Brian refused to use the lift. As they reached the shop the manager came out with her staff and gave him a round of applause. They tried to shake his hand but it was getting too much for him. Craig called a taxi and they headed off.

Craig took him straight to his own bedroom and helped him to undress before laying him on the bed. Brian lay on his stomach gripping Craig's hand and fell asleep. Craig lay quietly beside him until Paul arrived to say the doctor had arrived along with some other visitors.

David had been waiting quietly just outside the door. Craig had not seen him but knew he would be somewhere in earshot and called him in. Telling David to stay with Brian and obey the the doctor, he set off to see his other guests.

He recognised John and Graham and waited to be introduced to the third man.

The man ignored the courtesies and before anyone could speak announced that he was from the CSC and that Craig needed to answer concerns about his treatment of his wards. Craig should produce Brian Hollis immediately for examination.

“He is being examined by a doctor.” Craig replied, “He'll see you when he feels well enough.”

That is nowhere near good enough.” the man retorted, “As I'm a member of the Inspectorate, you have a duty to comply with my requests without argument.”

“And as Brian's guardian I have a duty to look after his well being.” Craig snapped angrily, “This is my house and I'd be grateful if you showed some manners while you're my guest.”

The man turned bright red, looking as if he could hit Craig.

“I'll see you graded for that, you little shit.” he snarled, “I know you think you can run roughshod over the Inspectorate but you're dealing with me now. You and the rest of your crew of crooks will be down in placement before you know what hit you.”

“In that case, perhaps we should introduce each other. This is Graham Baxter, my lawyer, and this is John Fletcher a private investigator who's working for me. Perhaps you would like to tell us your name now?”

“How dare you have a lawyer present without my knowledge,” the man snarled, “That is against all procedures. I will not conduct an interview under these conditions.”

“Would you like some tea before you leave?”

“I'm not leaving. They are.”

“So far, I do not even know your name and I think that may be against the rules. If you had introduced yourself properly at the start we might have sorted this out. I don't think it is possible now.”

“There's nothing to sort out.” the man snapped, “I'm calling the police and I'm having you all arrested for obstruction.”

The door opened and the doctor entered the office.

“Brian should be fine,” he said, “Your grader, David, he's looking after him for now but he's insisting on coming down for dinner.”

“In that case he's well enough to be interviewed my me.” the man said.

“And you are?”


“Is that Mr. CSC or doctor CSC?” the doctor asked sarcastically, “I would appreciate some professional courtesy.”

“Hm! Oh yes, of course.” the man grunted, “I'm Mr. Redmond from the CSC and I'm here to investigate a report of a grade five being sexually abused. I need to start steps to have him removed. You can help. It will make the process much easier.”

“If you are referring to Brian Hollis I would be against any such move. Excuse me for a moment.”

The doctor turned to Craig.

“Like I said he's fine.” he continued, “The police will need a statement as soon as possible and they'll need to question him. You should be present. Reassure him that it's a witness statement and he'll cope. Apart from that he should rest and under no circumstances should he have any interview that is in any way confrontational. I've read his case notes and I think anything to do with him being relocated could prove harmful mentally.”

“Thank you, doctor.” Craig replied, “I'll follow your advice even if I have to ask Mr Baxter to get an injunction against the CSC for me.”

“I'll start drawing up the papers straight away.” Graham said, “A CSC guy turned up at the mall just after you left and John phoned me. That's why I'm here.”

Mr. Redmond was at a loss. His usual bluster normally intimidated people enough. He had never known a united front against him like he was experiencing now and for once he was the one beginning to feel intimidated.

“You'll be hearing more about this.” he said and left.

“Sorry about that,” John said, “He showed up at the mall, as I was leaving, demanding to see Brian and telling us to call the operation off. I phoned Graham and we all seemed to arrive here at the same time. You managed without us though.”

“How did the inspectorate get involved?” Craig asked.

“It was a little bit of a cock up.” John replied ruefully, “Brian's case was still open with the Inspectorate so when the police became involved officially it was flagged at the CSC. They sent someone charging down to investigate. Luckily it was all over by the time he arrived or that guy would have gone charging into the manager's office and blown the whole thing.”

“Shouldn't they have checked with the police first?” Craig asked.

“Oh yes!” John replied, “But that would have meant cooperating with someone and we are talking about the CSC Inspectorate.”

John answered his mobile which had rung before speaking to Craig again.

“That guy did not delete the surveillance footage he kept it. He'd replaced the standard camera with a high definition one and adjusted his desk so that it showed everything. It's brilliant. His cock was touching Brian's anus both times before Brian protested.

“The film was all dated with names and we've found Danny's. There's not been time to view it yet but we're grabbing the public footage and we'll see what happened. The police are using me as a consultant since I've been pretty successful in dealing with some of the other victims.”

“So a search warrant would have done it.” Craig said, “We needn't have put Brian through all that.”

“Then he would have ended up grade one.” John replied, “and we didn't know he would keep the evidence.

”Would you mind if I stayed for a while. The police need a statement as soon as possible and I'd like to see if he's up to it, tonight.”

“That's fine. Stay to dinner.”

There was a real party atmosphere as everyone sat down to the meal. Brian was greeted with applause and cheers when he arrived. Craig and Danny were not that sympathetic with his physical injuries, they weren't that much worse than they had inflicted on each other, but they admired the way he had carried the plan through even though he could have backed out at any time.

The sleep had done Brian a lot of good. He was in pain from the beating but Danny had told him about his beating from Craig and Craig's beating from him. It helped Brian put things into perspective. His reaction had been due partly to relief that he had succeeded without messing up. His parents had convinced him that he was a worthless good for nothing so he was sure that the plan would go wrong and it would be his fault.

He had hated the men groping him and invading his body. He could cope with being searched but he had no wish to give them any pleasure. He had been tense and frightened and feeling the man's cock pushing into him left him feeling dirty and used.

Only Brian could have chosen the right moment to stop. Too soon and the evidence would have been less than perfect. Too late and he would would have been ripped and left bleeding by the invading cock. He would have instinctively resisted the men's invasion and they would have forced their way in without giving him any chance to accommodate them.

It had sunk in that his ordeal was over. He was enjoying being treated like a hero and the way David was fussing over him. Now that the threat of rape was over he could think of a problem that had been bothering him for some time. Who was going to take his virginity?

It had come down to a choice between Craig and David. Craig was definitely the sexier of the two and he could almost feel himself opening, ready to accept that beautiful cock whenever he thought about it. On the other hand, David was so gentle. He would be slow and patient not minding if Brian was too nervous and inexperienced to perform as well as his other partners.

The only thing Brian was sure of was that if his court hearing went wrong it would be the last major decision he would ever make and he wanted to get it right.

The doctor had played up Brian's stress simply to get one over the CSC. Like everyone else he hated the Inspectorate's high handed attitudes and had been more than happy to support Craig in his argument with Mr. Redmond. Brian was quite well enough to be interviewed and John could see that.

Brian almost enjoyed giving the statement and answering the police's questions. Again he was treated as something of a hero and actually being asked his opinion on aspects of the operation. It made him feel better about himself than he had ever done before.

Brian was a handsome young man with his blond hair and the sort of body you see on statues of youths from Ancient Greece. He could turn the head of any man or woman he wanted. Now he was seen as bold and daring. If a football star could attract hero worship then it was hardly surprising that Ethan started to see him in a new light.

There was something more. Ethan was not a naturally jealous person but at thirteen he was beginning seek his independence and find his position in life. Tom was a grader who had his own substantial quarters and could come and go as he pleased. Adam and Paul had their apartment while Ethan just had his bedroom. He liked his room since moving into it after his temporary grading had been lifted. He had plenty of material things but he felt uncertain as to his status in the household.

He wanted a personal servant. Craig had started with Paul then moved on to Danny and David. Paul and Adam had each other. It was not a master, servant relationship but it could look that way. His own servant would be a badge that he was closer to Craig's position than anyone else.

Ethan did not begrudge Tom or Paul, their privileges. He knew what he owed them but he could not help the deep, almost subconscious feelings that were forming.

He realised now that Jake was all talk and no action and although they stayed friends there would never be more than a few mutual jerk offs.

All of these thoughts and feelings were coming together as he jerked himself off that evening dreaming about Brian being his servant.

All this may have stayed as an amusing fantasy but with the real prospect of Brian being graded Ethan began to think about turning it into reality. Brian would have to agree. Craig would see to that and of course, Ethan was sure that Brian would not be interested in a kid like him.

While they were in the barn that evening both Brian and Ethan were thinking about their respective problems and naturally found themselves becoming hard. It was not unusual for any of the boys to have their cocks behave in this way but for once neither Brian nor Ethan felt like discussing it with the others.

It had happened to Brian first and he had made his way to the patio to watch the sunset. Without realising he would not be alone Ethan had headed for the patio as well. That night the sky was beautiful full of colour and with clouds dramatically lit from below by the sun so low in the sky.

For both boys the scene was dramatic and symbolised the changes in their lives. For Ethan it was such a far cry from the town houses and flats he had lived in until so recently and he could see all the chances laying  before him. Brian could see the temporary beauty of his his own life before it too finally set at his grading.

Brian had noticed Ethan standing quietly watching.

“Lovely isn't it,” he asked quietly.

Ethan started, then relaxed and turned to Brian nodding.

“Yes, it is and so are you.”

“Everyone thinks so today.” Brian said, not fully understanding Ethan's meaning, “Tomorrow things will start getting back to normal and I'll be graded soon and then I'll just be another useless piece of shit.”

“Not to me you won't. You look beautiful and you act beautiful. I don't want you to leave here.”

Brian smiled, “Do you think I want to leave all this?”

“No! I'd hate to leave now. I can't believe how wonderful things are here. I could be so happy.”

“Could be? Instead of talking from across there, why don't you pull up a chair beside me?”

“Didn't you want to be alone?”

“Maybe at first I did but it's OK now. Come and sit down anyway.”

Ethan obeyed by sitting on Brian's lap, leaning into him with an arm around his neck.

“How's that?” Ethan asked.

“Awkward.” Brian laughed, “I came out here because I was getting a bit of a hard on. This isn't going to help it.”

“Oh! Do you mean I'm going to squash it or make it grow?”

“I don't know yet. So what's bothering you?”

“It doesn't matter. It seems silly compared with your problems.”

“So let's think silly. I'll help me forget mine.”

Hesitantly at first, Ethan explained how he felt sidelined by Craig and just a hanger on. He was careful to point out that he knew it was not true and others had real problems that made them the centre of attention. As he spoke, he realised he was more upset that he could not control those feelings and said as much.

“So you're looking for a set up like Adam and Paul?” Brian asked.

“No. They're in love. I want a servant. I don't want to do the things Craig and Danny do. I just don't want to be the only one who always takes orders and never gives them.”

They were quiet for a while. Brian's thoughts were leading off in a new direction. Being graded had seemed like the end of his life. Even as a four life could be pretty miserable and Craig did not need any more graders. Even if Craig kept him on he would would be just a hanger on, feeling the way Ethan did only many times worse.

Maybe he could be Ethan's servant and help John with other undercover operations. The mall people had said they'd like other centres checked. He'd be willing to do it.

In his heart he did not believe he would stay ungraded so school was out of the question. Grade fours could go but only if their education had been uninterrupted. It was was not worth the time and effort letting them catch up. Temporary and voluntary graders had no problem.

Ethan was asleep. It had not occurred to him that he could manoeuvre Brian into doing what he wanted. He just felt happy to have had someone to talk to.

They were still there when Paul arrived to close the place up for the night. With Paul's assistance Brian stood up and carried the sleeping boy to his bedroom and slid him under the covers. His parents had not really wanted him and although his foster parents and Craig had welcomed him, he could actually contribute something to Ethan. He lay down on the floor and tried to settle down not being used to sleeping on such a hard surface. He was still tired from the day's adventures and it felt right to be trying to do something for Craig and his brother, so he was soon asleep.

Paul and Adam were woken the next morning by a persistent ring of the front door bell. As steward Paul greeted visitors so a repeater bell had been installed in their quarters.

Mr. Redmond and a policeman stood on the doorstep.

He would have marched straight in pushing Paul out of the way if Paul had not seen him on the security camera and used the safety chain.

“I've a warrant here that allows me to see Brian Hollis. Let me in at once.”

“I can take you to the office waiting room, sir.” Paul replied, “but you must see the master first.”

Paul touched his grader chain as he added, “It's all I'm authorised to do.”

“More time wasting. You're all just storing up trouble for yourselves. Officer, force the door.”

“I can't do that, sir.” the policeman replied, “The boy's request is perfectly reasonable and the warrant is to be served on Mr. Ryder.”

The CSC Inspector angrily followed Paul across the archway to the Office suite and sat heavily on one of the chairs.

“Paul turned to the officer, “I think Mr. Redmond is in a hurry, sir. If you'd like a coffee feel free to make some but I'd better go get the master. I hope you don't mind.”

“Not at all.” the policeman replied, “May I make one for Mr. Redmond, if he wishes it.”

“Of course sir. It's for all our guests.”

“Fuck the coffee. Get the boy here now.” Mr Redmond yelled. He had missed the look the other two had exchanged and did not realise that the slow and genteel politeness was simply to needle him.

Craig had heard the noise and was already up so Paul hurriedly explained what was happening.

Craig headed over to the office just as the policeman was pouring himself a coffee.

“Good morning, gentlemen,” Craig said as he entered the waiting room. “Would you care to come through to the office? Constable. I don't suppose you would be so kind as to pour me a coffee as well would you?”

Craig had been well briefed by Paul so it was no accident that he was using the same courtesy to infuriate Mr. Redmond. The policeman had dealt with Mr. Redmond before and hated the sight of him. Most people were completely intimidated by him and so the officer was delighted that, at long last, he seemed to met his match. He brought the cups in and took the seat offered by Craig.

At that moment Paul returned looking worried to say that Brian was not in the bunkhouse.

“More obstruction.” Mr Redmond shouted, “I demand that you arrest these boys for obstruction.”

“Any idea where he could be?” Craig asked.

“No sir,” Paul replied, “He likes looking across the fields. Maybe he got up to see the sunrise.”

“Run off, more like.” the CSC man sneered, “Officer. You'll have to organise a manhunt.”

“The warrant forbids me from preventing you from interviewing him. Is that correct?” Craig asked.

The policeman nodded.

“I'm not preventing you.” Craig continued, “and Brian is grade five so he has a perfect right to go where he pleases.”

“Paul, Any ideas?”

“The last time I saw him was last night and he was with Ethan. Should I wake him and ask him if he knows anything?”

Craig nodded.

“If I find him, I promise, I'll bring him straight here.”

“No!” Craig snapped, “Make sure he's awake and knows the Inspector's here and see that he has breakfast if he hasn't had it already.”

“Officer. That is blatant obstruction. I demand that you arrest these brats immediately. Mr. Redmond said very calmly and clearly.

“I'm not sure that it is.” the policeman replied, “I said before we came that I thought it inappropriate to turn up at dawn like this. We're not arresting a drugs baron.”

“You see what this place is like. It's a hot bed of corrupt, disobedient youth and the sooner it's closed, the better. I have never seen such rudeness and disrespect for the CSC in my life. I had hoped to take them unawares and get some order but your incompetence has prevented that.”

Paul returned.

“I've found him.” he said, “He was sleeping in Ethan's room. Don't worry. He was on the floor. He getting something to eat and drink and he'll be through shortly.”

“You allow graders to molest your brother, do you?” Mr. Redmond sneered with a triumphant look. “He needs to go to a place of safety.”

“For a start, I said that Brian was sleeping on Ethan's floor so wash your fucking ears out,” Paul snapped angrily, “Ethan seemed pleased that he was there so I doubt that he was molested. You've got a bit of paper that says you can interview Brian. Do it and get out of here, you fucking little worm.”

Craig had never seen Paul angry before. He took everything in his stride with a calm acceptance. Even if he hit his thumb with a hammer he would be embarrassed if he said more than 'ouch'.

While Craig had been astonished, Mr. Redmond was apoplectic. The policeman thought he might have a stroke. He had also noted Craig's expression  The scene was pure farce and he was doing his best not to laugh.

Fortunately Ethan came into the office at that moment.

“Is everything all right?” he asked innocently.