The Meter Man

Kyle liked his job. He had been a meter man for the department of water and power and loved the non stressed pace it gave him. He was able to do the job in half the time the city thought it would take, so it gave him a lot of free time. Kyle also loved how walking five miles a day kept him in top aerobic shape, and he met a lot of very interesting people while on the job.

One particular person was an older man named Ross. Ross had a small house on Laurel Ave in West Hollywood, which had a small bungalow in back. Ross was always friendly to Kyle when he saw him, offering him water or a granola bar to sustain him. Kyle knew Ross' trade was that of a barber, because he occasionally saw customers inside, getting a haircut and a number of times, Kyle observed him giving body trims.

On one particularly warm afternoon, Kyle checked on Ross' meter, when Ross came outside with a glass of ice water. Kyle was grateful.

"Hey kid, you could use a haircut. Where do you usually go"?, asked Ross.

Kyle replied, "Supercuts. You can't beat the price!"

Ross responded like an arrow had shot through his heart. "Kid, you hurt me. You know I'm the best. Why don't you come in and let me cut you?"

Kyle paused, and thought, why not? He was done with his duties for the day, and it sounded relaxing. He accepted, and the two men went inside.

Ross' house was tiny, just one bedroom, a bathroom, kitchen and front room. He had a barber chair where a dining room area should have been, with a sink built in the corner. Kyle marveled at this cottage industry business Ross had. Hardly any overhead, and no commuting!

Ross handed Kyle a beer and told him to take off his shirt so Ross could shampoo him. Kyle reluctantly removed his shirt, because he was subconscious about his overly hairy body. Ross immediately commented on his furry chest.

"Wow! You're a bear, kid! Let me know if you ever want that trimmed.", said Ross. Kyle had never thought about it, but was aroused at the thought of getting his body hair trimmed, or more intoxicating, shaved off. Kyle told him he'd think about it, and Ross began to cut Kyle's hair.

The resulting haircut was ten times better than the woman at Supercuts ever did, plus Kyle liked Ross's easygoing conversation. He had not noticed that two hours had gone by.

"How much do I owe you?", Kyle inquired.

"Ten bucks. Eight less than Supercuts, and I'll bet you never go back there!, proclaimed Ross. He was right, because from then on, Kyle started going to Ross.

The third visit Kyle made, Ross asked him about the body trim. Kyle was of European descent, and his body had a thick coat of coarse, light brown fur. His chest, arms, back and legs were covered, and his pubes looked like a poodle. During the haircut, Ross told him he would look better trimmed, that it was the style these days. Ross had fed Kyle three beers during the haircut session, and it put Kyle's inhibitions on hold. He agreed, and Ross began the trim session. He got a massage table out of the closet and set it up, placing sheets on it. Kyle felt timid and vulnerable, yet highly stimulated.

Ross told him, "Strip for me kid". Kyle got up and began to undress in front of the old man. In a way, he felt like he was undressing in front of a doctor, yet he could help noticing the way Ross was looking at him, like he was an exotic dancer. When he dropped his shorts, Ross laughed out loud.

"Whoa, that's a bush, kid! I can't even see it!" referring to his flaccid cock, that decided to hide from the barber. Ross gave Kyle a fourth beer, and while standing and drinking, Ross began the trimming. He used a tall height on the trimmers, so Kyle would not be in shock with the trim. Kyle felt increasing comfortable as Ross went over his body with the electric clippers vibrating on his sensitive skin. When he was done with Kyle trunk, legs and arms, Ross ordered him to lie on the table, on his back, and spread his legs, so they hung off the table. Ross rubbed Kyle's thigh, then began to trim his bush.

This was a wonderful feeling, and Kyle couldn't figure out if it was the vibration of the equipment, or the fact he had surrendered to Ross. Ross left no area untouched, and felt no reservations of grabbing Kyle's now swollen penis. Kyle had to refrain from moaning.

Kyle was in a state of nirvana and hardly heard when Ross had asked him to turn over. When he realized what was being said to him, Kyle obeyed and flipped over and felt Ross spread his legs wide, then something else Kyle hadn't anticipated; Ross reached underneath and pulled Kyle's cock and balls, so they lay flat pointing down . Kyle had a full boner by this time, and though Ross could see it pulse. Ross pretended not to notice, and began to shear Kyle's butt and crack.

Something unusual happened, when Ross drove the clippers over Kyle's anus. Kyle whole body shuddered, and he experienced the most overwhelming orgasm of his life. He could not stop blasting out hot semen from his cock that felt like a fire hose out of control. Ross did not help matters, in that he kept on trimming his puckery hole, until Kyle had spent his load, and then just laid there, exhausted. The trimming continued, until Ross was satisfied.

"You have a very sensitive asshole, I see", proclaimed Ross, as he rubbed Kyle lower back. "Almost like a cunt", he added. Kyle was humiliated, yet couldn't believe the pleasure he received by what Ross had done to him. Ross then suggested he get up and shower off the excess hair and semen that landed on his legs. Kyle could barely get off the table and walk into the bathroom, where Ross had started the water in the shower, and was waiting for Kyle with soap, a washcloth and an oversized towel. The water was hot, and the pressure strong as Kyle sat on the ledge, weak from the explosion he had earlier. After he had built up the strength to wash himself, he finished, then turned off the water, dried off and began to dress. Ross had put away the table, and was in the kitchen, watching TV. He saw Kyle, and approached him smiling. "I'd like to see you next week, kid", Ross said. Kyle immediately nodded his head and asked, "How much do I owe you for this?" Ross grinned, and told him the first one was free, but the second would cost him. Kyle's chest involuntarily heaved. This was the best orgasm he ever had, and Kyle knew there would be more to come.

That night, while surfing on his computer, he saw an email pop up with an address he was not familiar with. It was from Ross. Kyle had no idea how he got his address, but he quickly opened it and read:

"Hey Kid:

I'm hope you had a good time today. I'm sure we'll be doing this a lot more in the future.

For the time ahead, let's schedule for this Friday, at 4 pm. We'll do the standard haircut and body trim. I want to ask you to do something else for me. Before you come over, go to CVS and buy three Fleet enema kits, the kind that have mineral oil. On your meter rounds, find a bathroom and try to void anything you are carrying. Rinse yourself out three times with the enemas. You'll see why. If you would rather do it here, I'll help you.

Looking forward to seeing you,


Kyle got so hot and bothered, he quickly stripped and started masturbating. But as he jerked off and tried to cum, he could not achieve an orgasm. Instinctively, he reached down, and began to rub his asshole. Within seconds, he came. The jism had splashed all over the screen, which had never happened before. Laughing, he got a paper towel and began cleaning, when another email popped up:


Reply immediately and tell me if you just jerked off. No response means no more trims.


Kyle obeyed, and typed back, confessing he had masturbated. He felt guilty that he did, and hoped it didn't ruin his chances of another session. He waited for a reply, staring at the screen. Within seconds:

"Thank you for being up front. I appreciate that.

See you Friday, kid"

Kyle sighed, turned off the computer, and went to bed. He instantly fell asleep.

Friday seemed like it would never arrive, but when it did, Kyle had already purchased the kits, and had them in a back pack flung over his shoulder. He seemed to float on his feet the whole morning, anticipating what magic Ross would administer this afternoon. Around two pm, he passed by a public restroom, and decided even though he didn't feel the need, he would try, for Ross' sake. The bathroom reeked with urine, and after successfully excreting, he discovered there was no toilet paper. He wanted to be as clean as possible for his barber, so he used his underwear to wipe. No big deal, they were torn anyway. No way after that we could wear them, so he wadded them up and threw them in the trash. He then went on his way, and checked more meters on his route, slowly getting closer to Ross' house.

He arrived at his barber's place fifteen minutes early, but was glad to see Ross was waiting for him, sitting on the porch. He also noticed Ross was dressed differently from the Tommy Bahamas look he always displayed. Today, he was wearing a black tank top, old blue jeans, and doc marten black boots. Ross was also smoking a thick cigar. The fragrance of the smoke gave Kyle a lump in his throat. Other than that, Ross was his old self, smiling and inviting Kyle in the house. Once inside, he offered Kyle his beer, and the ritual began. Kyle was used to it by now, and almost immediately after shutting the door, began to strip. Ross always watched him get nude, something about the process of morphing into his subject that Kyle figured turned Ross on. Ross's eyes got big when he noticed Kyle wearing no boxers. Kyle explained he had to use them for another reason, and Ross nodded his head, then asked if he douched. Kyle shook his head and pulled out the three boxes from his bag, delighting Ross. He motioned Kyle into the bathroom, and began to gently clean out Kyle. Kyle had not even thought he would not do it himself, and was not comfortable with someone else performing such a personal duty. The oil shooting up him made his body tingle. When it was all in him, Ross would plug his hole to allow no fluid to escape. After two minutes, Ross told Kyle to tighten his hole, and sit on the toilet and push. Kyle was extremely embarrassed that Ross was watching him do this, but did not object. Ross performed this treatment two more times and by the third time, the toilet bowl was completely clean. Ross finished the cleaning session by wiping Kyle's crack with baby wipes. They were soft and wet. Kyle didn't flinch.

Kyle loved being stark naked in Ross' house, especially if there was an open window. He discovered his fetish for exhibitionism, and got turned on when a passerby peered in. Ross realized this too, and once or twice had a neighbor come in when Kyle was being trimmed. They left when Ross performed the most personal service.

This was the tenth or more time that Ross had trimmed Kyle, or cut his hair in between. What Kyle had not known when the trimming started, was that Ross had been trimming closer and closer each time. By the fifth or sixth time, he started using a razor, first on his back, then chest, then belly. By now, only his bush remained, and it was down to stubble. Kyle could barely remember how it felt to be hairy. He was now accustomed to the smooth feeling.

Kyle did wonder what Ross was going to do today, especially because he had requested Kyle's colon be squeaky clean. This might be the day Ross decided to fuck Kyle in the ass, and with the feeling Ross gave him, he would not object one bit.

After the shampoo and haircut, Ross began to rub a lotion on Kyle's body, which made the skin tingle and burn a bit. "Just a reaction to the shaving", explained Ross, calming the kid. This session, Ross had decided to shave Kyle's remaining Brazilian style bush, turning Kyle completely smooth from the neck down. What Kyle didn't know was the lotion was permanent hair remover, something only licensed beauticians could purchase. He then led Kyle back to the shower and rinsed off his body, Kyle just standing there while Ross did all the work. Kyle had noticed he was less and less independent, Ross was taking over everything. He had even started cutting Kyle's hair shorter, so now he wore a buzz, just like Ross had. With the clothes Ross was wearing today, he suddenly realized how butch and buff his barber and mentor actually looked.

Usually, Kyle would receive his anal massage back on the massage table, but Ross had different plans tonight. After he dried off his kid, he ordered him to go into his bedroom and get on the bed on his hands and knees, with his ass facing the door. Kyle obeyed to everything and walked into Ross's bedroom. This was the first time he had been allowed in there. The room was sparse, only a bed with a table and lamp. Kyle didn't have the nerve to turn on the light. He crawled on the bed in the position he was told.

Ross came in after a while, with a tray with drinks, a small bottle and some small box. He set the tray on the table, and handed one of the drinks to Kyle. Both he and Ross downed the old fashioned glass filled with Wild Turkey 101. This caused a slight burning in Kyle's belly, followed by a warm glow. Ross set the glass down and peeled off his tank top, revealing a very hairy chest. Kyle was envious of Ross's manly look, and stared at his own, hairless, boyish figure. The bourbon was taking effect, and Kyle felt woozy. He was turned on how Ross made him be on all fours, his hungry hole exposed and cute as a button (Ross' words).

Ross got behind Kyle, and began to tug on his cock. This caused it to get hard, but as Kyle knew, it wasn't what made him wild. Ross whispered how he loved how Kyle's hole needed him, and how far Kyle would go to received the service. This was driving Kyle crazy, and he began to lick his lips, agreeing to Ross' mandates. Ross said that with his cute hairless body, he would pay for nipple and tongue piercings, as well as any tattoos Kyle desired.

He then began to describe how Kyle's delicious asshole looked. Ross confessed how turned on he was by it, and that he had wanted it for his own since he first saw it. Ross then stopped talking and bent down to kiss it. Kyle let out a loud ecstasy wail, while Ross licked, kissed, spit and nibbled on his pink wrinkly knob. Ross told him he knew how to please Kyle, and spread KY jelly up and down his crack. Ross then opened up the box on the table, and took out what looked like a small penlight. He rubbed the utensil on Kyle's hole, then pushed it in. Ross maneuvered the probe until he found Kyle's prostate. The he clicked the top of it, and it began to vibrate inside Kyle, massaging his prostate. Kyle wailed in rapture and immediately shot his load, but this time, it was one continuous stream, like he was pissing. It seemed to last for minutes, and Ross didn't let up. He loved giving so much pleasure to someone, and knowing he would have all the obedience Ross needed from Kyle. When Kyle had no more cum inside, he remained on all fours, wobbly as can be. He saw Ross stand up, and remove his pants, which were snapped up the back, allowing him to strip them off easily, leaving on his boots. Kyle stared at Ross' body; he was a bear, and had a huge, uncut cock. Ross stroked it a few time, pulling back the foreskin, then wiggled it in front of Kyle's mouth. Kyle opened and began to slurp on Ross's gigantic snake. It tasted sour from Ross' sweat, only increasing Kyle's desire to suck. Ross pumped Kyle's head back and forth, almost in a violent way, not hurting his boy. Ross began to chant, "That's it. I knew you could suck cock. You wanted my cock all along...", humping his new property. "I want you, kid. I want you to worship me. Be my bitch, you gorgeous faggot. I want to take you to Folsom St. and parade you, show off my boi."

Kyle could only moan while he licked and sucked Ross's now rock hard cock. Ross pulled it out, and slapped it on the side of Kyle's face, to show how was in charge. Kyle only closed his eyes and purred. Ross walked over to the table and grabbed the small bottle and put it in front of Kyle's face. "This will make is easy on your pussy, kid". It was a bottle of poppers, and Kyle took and big intoxicating whiff. In seconds, Kyle's boi cunt was wide open, and Ross entered him. The Man fucked him with all the fury he could give the boi, and in doing so, caused Kyle to cum three more times. When it was Ross' turn to shoot, he pulled out and shot all over Kyle's back. When Ross was finished, he scooped some sticky semen up, and gave it to Kyle. Kyle wasted no time eating the hot cum, licking his Owner's fingers.

Ross told Kyle to change the sheets and call him when he was done, so Ross could enjoy a cigar outside in the backyard. When Kyle was finished, he joined Ross outside, under the patio lamp. Ross presented Kyle with a gift. Kyle opened it and saw a small cage. "It's a skeletor cock cage. If you truly want me, you'll wear this", said Ross. Kyle held it in his hands, then offered it to Ross. Ross smiled, and fit it over Kyle's cock and balls. He shut it, and fastened the combination lock shut. Ross was the only one in the world who knew the combination. Kyle leaned over, kissed his Owner on the mouth, then got on his hands and knees, and began to lick Ross' boots.

Kyle's journey had just begun.