The Ties That Bind

Chapter 01

By: CJZ♂
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On the hottest 4th of July, long weekend to date my life turned a drastic change.  
When I woke up that morning, I was really looking forward in enjoying this much anticipated holiday.  

Afterall, I had been putting long hours at work, plus working overtime and hadn't taken a single vacation day, so far.  

I was saving my three weeks paid vacation for the month of December.

Afterall I had always enjoyed the Christmas holidays as a kid and now that I had a family of my own, I thought what better time to take off than during the Christmas season.  

However, little did I know that this long weekend would be one that I'd never forget.

I work for the Blitzkrieg Electrical Company and I got an emergency call that one of our power grids had collapsed, possibly due to the heat. 

I was unfortunately "chosen" by my boss to investigate the cause, analyze the situation, but most important, to fix the problem as soon as possible.  

So, I was to sent on an emergency and urgent roadcall into Prarie County.  

My initial reaction was that of pure anger. 

I was majorly pissed off for being picked, afterall this wasn't even my fucking district. 

But, my boss felt that I was extremely reliable and skilled enough to find out the cause of the power outage in that western part of the county. 

The son-of-a-bitch, make it very clear that this would qualify as double time and a half.  And to make the deal sweeter, I could also take a day off during the coming week with pay for the inconvenience.
My wife however didn't take the news very well, as she had overheard the phone conversation and to say that she was upset was certainly an understatement. 

I don't blame her, afterall we had both sides of our family gathered in our home for the long weekend. 

We even had relatives who had flown from out-of-state to join in the festivities, and along with our closest friends it was to be a major party.

I hadn't even had time to hang up on the call, when I saw my wife march up to my boss while carrying both of our fraternal twins in each arm.

"You, have some nerve to pull this..."

My wife was now face to face with my father-in-law.

Oh, wait? 

Did, I forget to mention that my pain-in-the-ass boss is also my father-in-law?  

Yup, trust me.  It dosen't get any more unpleasant and awkward than that.
As she started shouting and demanding that he send someone else, I quickly rushed over to her and in a very composed and polite manner, pulled her away.
I took one of the twin boys in my arms and as I cradled the baby, I whispered softly in her ear.
"Hunny, what the hell are you doing?  We have guests, you have to watch your..."
Taylor was scarlett red and almost foaming at the mouth.
"This is supposed to be our weekend, Mark.  He knows that and I can't believe that he's sending you to a county that is not even in your territory!"

I knew how she was feeling.  Afterall, I felt the same way.  
However with everyone looking, I certainly didn't want my wife to be speaking for me. 

Besides, I knew how to deal with my father-in-law, in more civilized and polite way.
At that moment, my father-in-law handed me an empy beer bottle and took my son from my arms.

"C'mere, Ewen and how's my other big boy doing?"

As I looked at my father-in-law, I couldn't help to feel like he wanted me out of the way this day.   

Every Fourth of July holidaym since I had started dating his daughter, we would spend it at his place. 

We would eat his food, listen to his music, listen to his stories, mingle with his friends and last but not least, be his guests.  
But, today...

Well, today it was different, he was our fucking guest.

He was in our turf, listening to our music, hanging out with our friends, listening to my stories and eating our food. 

So, I think he really missed being in control and being the center of attention.
However, I do have to admit that taking this call wouldn't hurt.  It was an inconvenience that's for sure, but otherwise the double time and half was pretty sweet.
Taylor and I have been married for eleven months now, after a long 3 three year, "Christian Courtship"

Yup, you read right.  

Shit was new to me, too.  And it was Taylor that explained it to me, as plain as possible. 

A Christian Courtship was actually quite simple to understand.  It meant that anyone you dated, was first to be cleared and approved by your parents at each stage of the relationship and that you should only date in the pursuit of marriage, end of story.

Oh, and sex before marriage.

And so, I weighed my choices...  

Taylor and I met, while I was a quarterback playing for Notre Dame. 

We were set to play Harvard on that beautiful, chilly fall day.  

As I entered Harvard Stadium with my team mates, I caught a glimpse of the most curvaceous, big titted and gorgeous, platinum blonde cheerleader, cheering for the Harvard Crimson.  

As corny as it sounds, it was love(or lust) at first sight.  

From that very moment, I vowed to make that girl, mine!  

Throught the game and the entire fucking time, I couldn't get the image of that breathtaking beauty out of my head. 

I mean, fuck!  That sweet piece of ass, was giving me major wood.  

I was so sexed up, that after the game I was going to fuck Kelly "luscious" Madison until she could hardly walk. 

She was our head cheerleader, emphasis on the word "head".  

I mean, this girl knew how to give amazing blowjobs and her sweet and tight pussy was a legendary on campus.   

And to make this a day to remember, this was to be my last game before graduation.  And that afternoon we triumphantly defeated Harvard, 44-23.

After the game, I boldly walked up to the opposite team's cheerleader squad and asked the big titted blonde out. 

She, ofcourse while batting her long and curled eyelashes, and mesmerizing me with her emerald green eyes laughed in my face. 

I was about to get jumped by some Harvard varsity guys, but my team mates pulled me away before things got ugly.  

But, I didn't fucking care.   She was going to be mine, period.

As she was scorted away by her cheerleading squad, she kept looking back at me.

That's when I yelled out.

What's, your name?  

She giggled, covered her face with her pom pons and as she was dragged away, shouted back...Taylor.

And that was it for me, I was head over heels and she was to be the future mother of my children.

A melee broke out soon after, as a bunch of Harvard tough guys came after us.  

But, these idiots were no match for my guys and we literally kicked their asses.  We were quickly and quietly wisked away by our coaches before things got really violent and ugly.  

And that night as I savagely fucked, Kelly "luscious" Madison in our hotel room, I still couldn't get Taylor out of head.
Kelly got fucked in every available hole in her body and once I was done with her, I passed her to the team.

Once I had gotten my fill and shot several cum loads in her, the guys were more than welcomed to enjoy my sloppy seconds.

Oh, and Kelly you ask?  

That slut was fine with that, trust me.  

She was only "dating me"(using me, is more like it) for the prestige it gave her over her own sorority sisters of Kappa Kappa Gamma.

As head cheerleader and self proclaimed Sorority Queen of Kappa Kappa Gamma, she had the right to date(fuck) the quarter back for Alpha Phi Omega.

Dating me, gave her free passes to anything and everything on campus, the bitch was practically royalty.  

But, in the end...

You used me and I'll use you, was my motto.

I remember being so fucking drunk and watching Kelly from the soafa, as the entire team took turns in fucking her.

But, I still couldn't get Taylor out of my head.  

And over the next couple of days, I did some investigating and found out Taylor's full name.

Taylor Jacqueline Kaaden.

Well, once I was done charming her, she'd be Taylor Jacqueline Brodie.

And after a few dates and without much exaggeration, we both fell madly in love, saw a future together and wanted to get married.  

But, her parents had something completely different in mind.  

They wanted Taylor to finish and graduate from Law school first.  

Then to wait at least, three years(yes, three long fucking years) to make sure that this was an indeed serious relationship that would eventually lead to marriage.

The family was Protestant Episcopalian and they followed old traditions.  Which meant that I had to ask her father for Taylor's hand in marriage. 

He seemed fine with it, no big deal.  But, my future mother-in-law was less than thrilled.  

She made it clear to Taylor that she didn't approve in having a Scottish Catholic, black irish, ex-football player and non-virgen(as, she put it) marrying her baby, Taylor.

Which, brings me back to our story.

As I said earlier, we've only been married for eleven months now.  And with the new home, the mortage, two cars, insurance, the twins, food, doctor's bills, vet bills and a fucking dog(phew).

Yeah, it wouldn't be such a terrible thing in taking this call and getting some extra cash.
My meddling mother-in-law, however had to put her two cents worth.
"Taylor, honey your daddy is only trying to help.  I mean, the two of you need the money and..."
I was like, whoa!
Now, wait a fucking minute.  Back the fucking truck, up a bit.
I gave my meddling, bitch of a mother-in-law the coldest stare.
We were a young couple and just like any regular couple out there, we were juggling with new responsabilites and doing a good fucking job, so far.
Taylor being her mother's daughter and the tigress that she is jumped in before I had a chance to say anything.
"We, are doing fine Mother!  Mark has a good job and putting long hours at work.  We, are certainly not struggling to make ends meet, so don't even go there!"

Her mother's face turned red and you could see that she was pissed off(no one talked to her that way, ever).

I smiled, as my hag of mother-in-law took my other son, Michael from Taylor's arms and walked away.
Take that!  You, bitch!
It was true, though.  

Taylor and I were doing fine.  Sure, I was fresh out of University and up to my eyeballs in debt with my student loans and everything else.

However, I had luckily landed a very well paid job at the Blitzkrieg Electrical, as a High Voltage Electrical Engineer.  

My wife graduated at the top of her class and chose a career as a lawyer.  However, she chose to start a family before choosing a very prestigious law firm and for the moment, Taylor was a stay at home mom.

Taylor chose to stay at home until the twins were old enough to be left in the hands of a nanny(her mother's idea)

We had recently bought a beautiful Georgian Colonial two storey house, with four bedrooms, two full baths and roughly 2032 total square feet, for the boys and dog to enjoy and play in.

At this moment, my wife was still yelling at her father, not caring who heard her.
"You're always sending him to take care of things.  What about the other guys on his team?  How come you don't send them?  How come it always has to be, Mark?"

My father-in-law was smiling at Ewen while kissing his forehead.

"Ahh, that sweet, pure and wholesome baby smell."

Taylor then yanked Ewen away from my father-in-law, leaving me speechless.

I had to step in.

"Taylor!" I gave my father-in-law an apologetic look.

My father-in-law, sighed and crossed his arms.

"I send him Taylor, because he's the fucking best!"
Everyone who had been hearing the family argument froze and all eyes turned to me.

Her father, Lee Kaaden was a tough-as-nails, foul mouthed, stubborn, son-of-a-bitch and those were his good qualities. 

He was an ex-Army General, who was used to things being done his way.  No fucking questions asked, no back talk and definitely, no room for fuck ups.

Even at work the guys would call him "General".  

It was just the way in which you addressed him and this behemoth of a man, stood at 6'5 and with an attitude to match.  You certainly didn't want to cross or make enemies with this fucker.  

After the General retired from the Army, he found out that retirement was for pussies(his words) and golfing didn't do shit for him.  What the "General" really wanted was to was to go back to work, to be kept busy.  

So, the old man pulled some strings and found himself working for as a Senior Engineer at the Blitzkrieg Electrical Company.

But, going back to the story, both Taylor and I were stunned.

She had never seen her father give a compliment to anyone.  The man was hardly human as he never even showed any signs of human emotion.

Taylor gave her father a weak smile, then looked at me.  

We both knew that her father had given me a very rare and special compliment.

I took Taylor to the side and kissed her on the cheek.

"I'll only be gone a few hours, it's fine hun.  Enjoy the rest of the day and look after my parents and our guests."

Taylor nodded and gave me a long kiss, while I felt everyone's eyes on me.

I made the rounds and apologized to our guests for leavig the party, but work is work and they understood.

I spoke briefly to my parents, who like all the other guests were following the drama that had unfolded that afternoon.

My mom was all smiles as she caressed my face.

"Mark Ewen Brodie, you do us proud, son."

My dad nodded as he took a sip of wine.

"Go get 'em, son.  That cold, son-of-bitch couldn't have said it better."

I smiled as my mom elbowed my dad in the ribs.

"Shhh!!, he might hear you!"

My dad spilled some wine on his shirt and gave my mom a look.

"So, what?  Let him hear, I'm not afraid of him and look at what you made me do, woman!"

My mom was now giving my dad the evil eye and they started going at it.

I quietly slipped away and I left them arguing.

I waved goodbye to my guests, walked over to the garage and got into the company truck.

I pressed the remote for the garage door to open and there waiting outside was the General, drinking a beer and smoking a cigar.

As I pulled out, I said.

"You better not let Taylor catch you smoking that.  She found my hidden stash a month ago and threw them out."

My father-in-law smiled and shook his head from side to side.

"Yeah, Taylor can be quite the firecracker.  Listen Mark, what I said back there..."

I nodded and was going to stop him right there.

"Listen, General..."

The General put his big paw of a hand up and I knew better than to interrupt him.

"No, no Mark let me say this.  I meant what I said, you're the best man on my team and I'm not just saying this because you're my son-in-law.  I know I can always count and rely on you, unilke those other fuck-ups at work."

I smiled.

The General then put his big paw on my shoulder.

"I'm sorry to take you away from the party and your precious family time.  But, this needs to be done by someone with the knowledge and the right equipment for the job."

I nodded.

He took another sip of beer and smoked his stogie.

"Thanks, General.  Everything that you said, well it means alot."

The General gave me a smile and winked at me.

I started to pull away and he walked alongside the truck.

"One more thing, Mike.  As of tuesday, I plan on making you District Team Leader.  This new position will mean a raise, bonus and your own desk alongside mine."

I hit the brakes and couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"Really?  But, I've been there less than a year and the other guys, they'll..."

The General put his big hand in the air.

"Don't you worry about those useless fuckers.  Besides, two of them are on the chopping block and you've more than earned it.  It's a done deal, no need for discussion."

I didn't know what to say, I was speechless.

"Umm, thank-you."

The General nodded and hit the side of the truck with his huge hand.

"Now, get going before it gets dark and your wife starts busting both our balls."

I smiled and waved.

As I drove away, I was still pretty stunned.  

Being the boss's son-in-law was one thing.  Getting a promotion along with a bonus and a desk job, well that was going to be a bitter pill to swallow for some guys.

Mark drove away and the truck disappeared down the block, the General took a sip of his beer and enjoyed his Cohiba cuban cigar.  

He took out his cell phone from his back pocket and made a call.

"Santiago, it's done.  The lamb, it's on it's way..."

The General hung up, smiled and thre the empty beer bottle on the neighbours lawn finished his cigar.

As he walked back to the party, he lewdly smiled and grabbed his ample crotch.

"Mark, my son.  I'm sure you'll enjoy yourself and they, will definitely enjoy you..."

To be continued...