The Undercard 2 – Thug Top On The Hunt

By D.O.

Where is that little faggot? I was sweaty and all riled up from my last MMA bout against Craven ‘Ice Pick’ Konchalski, this huge fucking Russian Polack who was bigger than me and could fight like a motherfucker. After the fight, I was in the locker room and I could feel myself starting to get hard and stiff. All that pent up aggression that I let loose during a fight, comes rushing back to me in the form of intense sexual vigor right afterwards and I have found that I really need to get my nut soon following a match. I need that cute little white kid, Cody I think his name was, who I turned out yesterday. He wasn’t willing at first, and he might not be again, but I’ll have him mewling like a cock-starved kitten again soon enough. Lot’s of ‘straight’white boys think they don’t want black cock, but once they’ve had a taste, they never want to go back to pussy, if they’ve even ever had it. Nothing was better than my prison days when I could take a wide-eyed newbie and turn him into my personal fuckhole. I still missed that part of prison.

Cody hadn’t had any pussy yet; I could tell he was completely inexperienced, my favorite type. Yesterday, after a few impromptu suck-off sessions, had been fantastic as I’d finally taken the kid’s cherry, then fucked him in multiple positions and bred his asspussy more than once. He was mine; he just didn’t know it yet. My big black cock would be in him again and sooner rather than later if I had anything to say about it. Where was my pretty fuck punk? My erection is straining against the fabric of my workout shorts, the thick meat showing rather obviously as I tracked my prey. I knew Cody was around here somewhere; he might be avoiding me, thinking he doesn’t want to be my bottom bitch and that yesterday was a mistake. But I’m here to show him it was no mistake, at least not for me. Men like me don’t much care for what other people want. I’ve been used to taking exactly what I desire since a young age and it’s not about to stop now. I’m a warrior and the spoils of war for me are Cody. He can’t avoid me for long. I’m a natural top and my specialty is sniffing out boipussy. And then skewering it.          

I get a tip from one of the other fighters that Cody was in the basement, cleaning out shit near the old fight ring, the one that almost never got used anymore. Good. There would be no one else around and I could have him to myself, far from prying eyes and ears. I took the little used corridor to the back of the first level of the gym and went down the dimly lit stairwell. As I got farther down, I could see the darkness starting to lessen, but not much. I continue down the stairs and then into a short hallway that opens into a much larger underground facility. Lots of old, rusty weight machines and worn-out workout benches. I smiled wickedly to myself as I thought of all the ways I would be putting those benches to use in just a few minutes. I can hear some noise, like something heavy being dragged across the floor and as I come into the big hall, I can clearly see my target. There’s Cody, indeed the source of the sound, trying to move some of the 100lb plates. I move in quietly, knowing that the kid might get startled, but I like the element of surprise. I move in behind him, just a few feet away.

“Hello, Cody.” I speak the words softly, almost a whisper, but with absolute calm and authority. He jumps, starting up quickly and turns around. I see him gulp as he lays his eyes on me, and I know that he knows what is about to happen.

“H…hey. Hi Jax. I…I didn’t hear you come in.” I see his eyes rove up and down my body, my huge, ebony muscles still glistening with sweat from my recent bout. His searching stops as I see him lock his vision onto my rock hard cock. He gulps again. Good. He’s scared, but clearly interested, but pretending not to be. “I…I didn’t…I didn’t think you were going to be here today, Jax.” I stand with my arms crossed over my chest, with a slightly sneering smile on my lips.

“Course I’m here. I work out every day… But you knew that. You hidin’ from something down here, boy? Or someone?” I arched my eyebrow, enjoying watching him squirm a bit. I enjoy the game, the pursuit.

“Oh, no Jax! I’m not hiding or nothing…”I could see his eyes searching for an escape route, but I was blocking the only way back towards the stairs. “Gino wanted me to get these old plates all in one spot, cause I guess he’s got someone wants to buy’em…” His nervousness was palpable, and I loved every second of his discomfort. I moved slowly to the right of the doorway and smiled to myself as the boy started to inch to my left, obviously figuring he could make a quick break for it, if need be. The kid might be fast, but I’m faster.

“You know, Cody… I was thinking about yesterday… What we did. What you let me do to you… Think I’d like some more of that. Heh.” I chuckle a bit at the end and I enjoy seeing the bright red blush creep up his face, showcasing his embarrassment. “Damn, boy! You were so fucking hot for me…for my cock. You like this black meat…Cody?” I whisper his name to accentuate it. I slowly run my hand over the length of my throbber.

“Wh…what we did…what we did…we shouldn’t have done. I’m not gonna…do it again. I can’t… I’m not…like…like…that…” He was stuttering and stammering his way through his denial, still blushing hotly. I’d had a couple sissies like him before, trying to refute their true nature, acting as if they didn’t want me to take them and make them into my bottom bitch. But I knew the truth…and soon, so would Cody.

The kid moved as if to maneuver past me towards the beckoning archway. I moved smoothly to block his progress and in doing so, pushed him up against the wall, his slim physique crushed between the granite wall and my granite-hard muscles. I grabbed his chin in my hand and tilted his face up to look directly into his eyes. “Going so soon, Cody? I thought we could get to know each other a little better.” I smiled an evil grin at him. “Although we sure got to know each other yesterday, didn’t we…sweetie? I bet you were still shittin’ out my cum this morning, huh? Damn, you took my load so good… Like a true bitch…” I was whispering in his ear while I held him up against me. I made sure to breathe hot on the flesh of his neck. Even in the dim light, I could see goose bumps pop up on his skin. He was still flushed, red with shame.

“Stop…saying that! I’m not…like…that…I’m not! I don’t want you…I don’t want you to…to come around…me…anymore.” He was starting to cry a little, but I could feel him weakening, almost imperceptibly, as I heard him take in a deep breath and I knew he was inhaling my masculine, sweat-drenched scent. A black stud’s aroma is usually irresistible to white sissyboys. It would be no different with Cody.

“You don’t want me to come around you anymore? I sure didn’t get that impression when you pressing those pretty little buns into my prick. You wanted me to come inside you. You were begging for my jizz. Remember, sugar? Maybe that’s what I’ll call you from now on, sugar…Want to know why?” My hard on is raging, but I can’t get enough of the cat-and-mouse game. I tilt his chin upwards again, holding his eyes in a harsh stare. I breathe hot on his face and mouth as I murmur my next words. “Cause you gave it up…so sweet…like sugar…” His face was burning up with his humiliation. “You look even prettier when you blush, baby.”

I laugh as he struggles against me. The kid is in good shape, great shape, actually. But he’s no match for my raw strength. He pushes fruitlessly into my biceps, but I feel his hands pause momentarily, as if reveling in the feel of my muscles. I know he’s attracted to me and just doesn’t want to own up to his weakness, a weakness that he hates. He’s really crying now, balling his eyes out, terrified of me, but more terrified of his own body betraying him.

“You…y…you tricked…me! Made me…feel like…this! Aaa, noo, I’m…not like…this…I’m…not…” His sobs slowed and I took the moment to plant my lips on his and take him in a strong, rough kiss. I push my tongue firmly into his mouth and seize ownership of it. I feel his tongue pressing back into mine timidly at first, then more resolutely. He drinks my saliva and was soon suckling on my licker, returning the kiss with a fervent zeal. He moans into my mouth as I move to cup his buns through the flimsy material of his sweat shorts. I lift him up a bit and his little boner is smashed into my own hard on. I smile again as I feel his legs wrapping around my waist. I pull out of the kiss and chuckle depravedly as I point out his arousal.

“Yea, you can tell me you don’t want it. But then I feel this!” I grab his prick and squeeze forcefully. “What’s this, huh, sugar? This is no trick. Nobody tricked you. You’ve got your legs wrapped around me… Fuck, you’re so hot and hard for this, bitch. Don’t worry. I can be very gentle with my girls… Wasn’t I gentle with you honey, when I took your sweet little cherry…?” I breathed the words into his ear, emphasizing ‘cherry’. 

“Ple…please, Jax! You’re wrong. I…I don’t…want this. I don’t…I swear.” Tears were still streaming from Cody’s eyes, but I paid them no heed. It was a standard defense mechanism for new bottoms. And he was a born bottom; he just needed the firm hand of an experienced topman to bring out his inner girl. I was just the top for the job. I had taken his virginity and soon enough I would instill in him the overwhelming desire to become a permanent bitch. But he was still resisting me and I needed to find a way to reach that part of him. The kid was still balling. “Jax…J…Jax! I don’t want…this…or you…”

I picked Cody up completely off the ground and lifted him effortlessly over to one of the weight benches, one of the types that has an angled back tilting 45 degrees off the seat, and pressed him into it, completely smothering his body with my own. I swung his legs up over my thighs, so my rampant cock was pressed right in between his tight buttocks. There was no mistaking my intentions. “Frankly, Cody, I don’t care if you want to keep lying to yourself or not. The way you gave it up to me yesterday tells me with no uncertainty, that you indeed, do want ‘this’… Now the bottom line is this: I am going to take you again, I am going to have my way with you and I’m not concerned with whether you think you’ll like it or not…Got it!?” I fix him with a hard stare as I state the words to him harshly, making sure that he knows I’m not fucking around. His frightened eyes glare back at me angrily, still maintaining his disinterest in me, I can see. But a proper topman knows better, knows just what buttons to press so his prey can open up and bloom into their truthful destiny.

With that I push his button down Brewers shirt, which was completely open, off his shoulders. Exposing his satiny smooth, white skin to my hungry touch. He has a hairless chest, with perfect muscle tone. Kid’s probably a swimmer; he looks a bit like some of the swim fags I had fucked before. A lot of those pansies were bottoms, so it was no real surprise. I chuckle as his breathing becomes faster as I run my burly paws over his chest, stomach, neck and shoulders. I lightly tweak each nipple. I’ll get back to those… His little boner is standing up straight as a steel rod through his sweats and I swat at it a couple times with the back of my hand, causing him some amount of dismay and discomfort. I don’t give a shit. I’m the one in control, the one in command of the situation.

“Please, Jax…please don’t do… this… Please.” The pleading in his voice is getting more distinct, as he is beginning to realize that this is going to happen. No force on Earth could stop me now, I need to nut. And I need to dominate, just like in the ring. God! I loved turning out ‘straight’ young punks. Loved taking their cherries and turning them into babbling, incoherent cum guzzlers, whose only need is my big, black dick. Shit! Need to focus, get ready for the fuck. Gotta get his little pussy ready for my black python.

Suddenly Cody lunges at me, hitting me hard in the face and wrenches his body upward, making to escape my grip. “I’M NOT DOING THIS, ASSHOLE! FUCK YOU!!” He screams at me loudly. My inner beast takes hold and I growl out menacingly as I slam into Cody’s jaw with my open palm. I manage to pull my punch a bit not really wanting to injure the kid; he just pissed me off. He slumps back into the weight bench, defeated, a small cry escaping his throat. As he holds up his hand to gingerly touch the affected area, I catch his stare and see the tears flowing freely. Tough shit.

“You little cunt. You’re gonna be sorry you fucked with me.” I utter the words threateningly through clenched teeth, with as much malice as I can muster. I grab both his wrists in my left hand and lift them over his head, using my right hand to turn his face to look directly at me. “This can go one of two ways, Cody. We can have a little foreplay, I can lube up that pussy of yours and we can both have a good time. Or I can tie you up, stuff your shorts in your mouth and rape the living shit out of you. It will not be quick… I guarantee you will not enjoy it…” I speak softly, slowly, almost whispering as I let the full meaning of my words sink in to the kid’s brain. “Don’t think for a second that I’m above raping a fagboi like you. I’ve raped a couple dozen prison bitches no better than you…never thought twice about it… None of them as pretty as you, though…”

Cody is trembling with pain and fear as I continue holding his gaze with mine, while still gripping his wrists above his head. His apprehension is palpable and I can feel the blood throbbing through my cock, the power I hold over him utterly intoxicating. God I love this part of the dance, where the shaking white kid has to make his decision: willingly give himself up to me completely or make me take what is rightfully mine. Either way, I get my cock buried balls-deep in boy quim. Either way, I win. Like always.  

I lean in close and slowly run my tongue up his neck and over his cheekbone. “What’s it gonna be…sweetie pie? I’m gonna get what I want one way or the other. The question is, how am I gonna get it?” His hands are on my biceps, trying fruitlessly to push me away and suddenly, I feel him almost imperceptibly ease up. “O…ok…Jax. Just…don’t …please… don’t hurt me…” His surrender is almost complete. “Aw sweetie. Wasn’t I a nice guy yesterday? I was nice and gentle with that little quimmy…and damn, you were soooo tight, sugar. Want to feel that shit wrapped around my cock again.” I take the opportunity to cover his mouth with mine and boldly thrust my tongue in almost to the back of his throat. I dominate him orally, almost bruising his lips in the process. I kiss him so long and hard that when I finally back off, he gulps in a deep gasp of air.

“Now turn around and lean up into that seat. Keep your buns up.” The kid did as he was told and quickly turned around, exposing his taut buttocks to my touch. I needed those thin shorts gone so I grab the waist with both hands and tear them off of Cody. He yelped a little as he felt my brute strength. He was still trembling a tiny bit as I dropped the ripped shorts to the floor next to us and turned my attention to my target: those perfect, beautiful twin globes. Smooth, soft, and round with just a dusting of light hair. Fucking incredible. “Fuck, Cody! This ass is so fucking gorgeous, gonna fuck it so good, sweetie. Fuck it raw!”

I slapped his butt with a semi-hard smack to get his attention. When he turned around to look at me quizzically, I held my index, middle and ring fingers up to his mouth and he took the hint, although a bit too slowly for my liking, and took them into his mouth. “Yea, boy! Really slobber on those fuckers. Get ‘em good and wet. They’re goin’ in your pussy next.” After an initial sound indicating his displeasure at having my big digits invading his oral cavity, he really took to his new task. He gave those three fingers a real blowjob, just sucked and slurped on them till they were dripping with spit. After jamming my fingers all around the inside of his mouth for a minute or so, I slowly pulled them out and a strand of saliva stayed connected from them to his lips for a couple seconds. I brought my hand around behind him and after hawking a loogy of snot onto his asshole, I slowly began to grind my middle finger into that bright pink, crinkly sphincter muscle. He began to moan (girlybois usually do when subjected to this treatment) as I slowly, so very slowly began to invade his most private spot. I wanted him to realize that even his most intimate, delicate places weren’t off-limits to me; I owned that hole and I was going to make damn sure he knew it.

“Ohh, God! J…Jax…Oohh fuck! Oh God! A…o…o…a…o…Jax…oh!” Cody was squirming as I unhurriedly pressed my fingers into his rectum, exploring those soft, velvety innards. I swirled them around, touching every nook and cranny of his bowels. I found his prostate and pressed into it, eliciting a girlish squeal from the kid. With my other hand on the small of his back to steady him, I reveled in my power as Cody humped back into my hand, gasping and moaning in delight as I found all the pleasure spots in his guts. I could see between his legs that his nut sack was sucked up tight to the bottom of his stone hard prick. Yea, the kid wanted this, I smiled to myself. He needed this. He was a born fuck-slut. The slow, almost tender fingerfuck continued, with Cody panting out my name, God’s name and every obscenity known to mankind. Damn, that teenager’s ass was hot and I could tell he was so close to being ready for me to take him. The cocksman in me was getting antsy, for sure.

“O…o…oh…God! God, Jax! J…j…jaxxxx!! Oh…please….ple…please! Wh…what…are you…oohh…God! Ohh…what are…you…doing to me?! OOOH GOD JAX OH GOD OH JAX OH JAX OH JAX OH FUCK OH FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK MEEEEE!!” Cody cried out loudly as I continually mashed his prostate with my probing digits. I realized he was about to shoot and I quickly clamped down hard around the base of his boiclitty, cutting off his cum before he could discharge. He groaned again in extreme disappointment as he realized his orgasm wasn’t going to happen. It would happen when I allowed it to. He’d learn. Oh, he was going to learn… “Yea, that’s it, Cody baby. That’s it. Calm down, sweetie, just calm down. I’m gonna give you what you want. You just have to ask the right way. I need to know EXACTLY what you want. Tell me kitten. Tell me what you want me to do. How you want me to do it…where you want me to do it…” I was whispering to him as he slumped forward into the seat back, gasping for air, his rectal ring spasming around my plunging fingers.

“G…God, Jax! Don’t…make…don’t make…me…please don’t make…say it….” The tears were coming back. Fuck it. That kid was going to say what I wanted to hear. “C’mon sweetie, you can say it. You’re gonna say it, else we can do the finger thing all day long. And I ain’t never gonna let you cum, little girl. I got all afternoon, baby…” Cody was slowly but surely coming to the awareness that I was in control of his tiny world. I was the center of his universe. He could please me or anger me, the choice was his, but the former would go much easier for him.

“Say it, Cody! Tell me what you want. Tell Big Jax what you want him to do to you… Say it, sweetie pie…” I punctuated my words with another hard thrust and swirl of my brawny fingers into his asspussy, scissoring them, stretching that tiny hole. I didn’t care what the kid wanted. I was the dominant master and he was the subjugated slave-to-be. He had no chance of winning this war of wills and he needed to be shown that.  Damn! I wanted to get into that pussy so bad. It was so tight, so hot and wet. I planned on spending the rest of my afternoon plowing into that sweet love channel, whether Cody wanted it or not…

“Ok, punk! I’m sick of this fucking shit. Now, you can either tell me just want I want to hear, or I can go ahead and rape the shit out of your pansy ass. Doesn’t matter to me…” I growled the words with a spitting, biting intensity. Playtime was over. It was fuck time. The kid was going to be on the receiving end of my lust, as so many boys had before him. He only to had to acquiesce to my demands and I would be sure to bring him along with me, taking him to heights of passion he couldn’t possibly imagine jerking off in the bathroom to his mom’s Cosmo’s and Victoria’s Secret catalogs. Believe me when I tell you that as a seasoned top, I know my way around a young boy’s body better than he knows himself. Cody had already had the honor of experiencing my expertise firsthand when I busted his cherry and I’d heard no complaints from him after he’d cum several times with me inside him. “Fuckin’ say what I want to hear…now, bitch!”

“O…ok, Jax. Ok. I…I want you to…fuck me, Jax. I want…you in me…in my…my…p..pussy…” He gasped out the words, trying to choke back the tears as I purposefully forced him to humiliate himself. Fuck, I love that moment where a white punk realizes what he is, understands his true calling as a bottom bitch for my cock. Within a few days, I’d have no problem turning this little shit who thought he was straight into a cock-loving whore, with no desire other than to ride me and drink my cum and my piss.

Fuckin’ kid was crying again as I pulled my fingers out of him with a wet slurping sound and slid him back towards me, positioning his glistening pink hole just above my stiff black rod. I pushed down aggressively on the small of his back, forcing his buns up and outward while mashing his little prick into the padded seatback below him. I snarled out at him in my lust. “Damn, this little quimmy is so ready for me, isn’t it, Cody? Fuck, it’s so moist. Too bad you can’t see this, your pussy tryin’ to close up, but we both know it’s ripe and open for me, don’t we, sweetie?” I fished out the tube of Anal Ease from the pocket of my workout pants and squeezed a dab into my palm. Then I slowly greased up my shaft from tip to base, spreading the slippery shit all over every thick, veiny inch of my cock.

Finally, it was time. I leaned forward over Cody, covering his back with my chest. I put two fingers into his asshole and pulled up hard, opening him a bit more, just briefly. But it was enough time for me to push in with the bloated tip of my prick. He gasped and I felt him instantly tense up as I violated him. It was no surprise. Every kid reacted that way, and even after being lubed and stretched, a boy’s asshole was still resistant to a cock as big as mine. I ignored his movements and his pleas for mercy; I wasn’t in the mood for compassion. I was going to take that ass and make it mine. And so I did. Just the flared, bulbous head was embedded in Cody’s sphincter but with one smooth, but powerful movement, I slowly slid myself all the way in. Cody screamed out but I merely covered his mouth with one hand and paid no attention to his anguish. Of course it was going to hurt. But soon enough, he would be purring like a kitten and rocking back in a frenzy to meet my thrusts.

I was whispering in his ear so many dirty things and even in the dim light I could see him blush again as my words reached him. “Yeah, that’s it, sugar. That’s it, baby. Real nice and slow for your daddy. Fuck, You’re so tight!” I nuzzled his earlobe, gently biting it while I continued with my coaxing. “Now what I want, sweetie, is for you to reach around, put both hands on your buns and open that pussy for. Open it up for Big Jax.” Cody, in pain and trembling, did as he was told. I could tell he was in my thrall. What else could he do? I was his entire world at that moment. I was part of him and I controlled everything about his world. His palms cupped each of his baby-smooth buttocks and slowly peeled them apart. I looked down at the majestic sight of my long black viper disappearing oh so slowly into the kid’s Garden of Eden. The pink, gaping maw was stretched so tightly around my shaft, you would swear we were molded together and would never come apart. I could hear Cody’s soft sobbing as he felt the full brunt of my intrusion. This was exactly what I wanted. The kid had to be taught that I was now part of him and there was no better way for him to learn that lesson than to be able to feel every vein on my cock as it passed through his most intimate portal and then dug further into the slimy warmth of his innards and claimed ownership of his body and soul. Suddenly I felt my pubes smashing his upturned buns and I knew without looking back down that I was all the way in.

“You feel me, punk? You feel me all the fuckin’ way up inside your twat? Yeah, now you remember, eh sweetie? You remember my shit… Fuck I am gonna own this pussy. I am gonna breed this pussy.” I put my hands on his shoulders and forced him into the seatback as far as I could, pushing his buns up and back even farther in the process. Damn, this was gonna be some good fuckin’! He started to pull his hands back around to support himself. Fuck that. “What the fuck you doing, punk? Keep your hands where I told you to put ‘em! Spreadin’ that pussy open for me. That’s what your hands are for right now. To make it easy as possible for me to get all up in that shit…”

“Aaaghh! Jax! Oh…oh…oh! Oh…God! Oh Jax! Oh Jax! Oh my God!! Fuck me Jax! Fuck Me Fuck Me Fuck Me!! I NEED YOU IN MY PUSSY SO BAD, JAX!!” Cody was practically screaming out incoherently now, as his insides were turned into jelly from the force of my fucking. He was continuing to hold himself open for me, like a good girl. The heat that was building up in his asspussy was so intense, I found myself yelling back at him. I twisted his head around violently so I could jam my tongue down his throat. I was yelling, cursing at him. I was spitting on him and in his mouth. Anything to degrade him and make him even more into my pussyboi.

“YEAH, YOU FUCKIN’ PUSSYWHORE! YOU LITTLE FUCKWHORE! TAKE MY COCK LIKE THE SLUT YOU ARE! FUCK YOU SISSYBOI! YOU’RE MINE FAGGOT! MINE! I OWN THIS FUCKIN’ HOLE!! GOT IT?” I was going nuts, mad with lust as his scorching hole gripped my prick like it never wanted to let it get away. I was pounding into the kid with angry abandon, just forcing myself on him time and again. I was nothing more than a single-minded fuck-machine.

“JAX, YES JAX! TAKE ME TAKE ME FUCK ME FUCK ME! I’M YOURS JAX! YOU FUCKIN’ OWN ME! YOU OWN MY PUSSY! I’M YOUR LITTLE FAGGOT WHORE! I’M YOUR PUSSYBOI! FUCK ME PLEASE! PLEEEEESE OH GOD OH GOD FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME! FUCK MY PUSSY! TAKE MY TWAT JAX! MAKE ME YOUR CUNT BOY!” Cody was throwing himself backward into my every plunge into his dripping quim. He was a quick study and soon learned how to grip my shaft on my out-strokes and then loosen up his ring when I pounded forward into him. Suddenly I felt him tense up hard and I knew he was cumming. His sphincter clutched around my fleshy spear as his orgasm hit and he shot his milky boy load onto the padding beneath him. His shrill cries echoing through the dank basement as he reached a new erotic high.


Wave after wave of pleasure cascaded over the kid’s body and I could tell he was having a fantastic orgasm. I could feel it too. The way he humped back hard into my forward pushes into his twat. The way his ass convulsed around my cock. No young boy could fake an orgasm like that, even if he wanted to. But I was far from done with my prey. Far from done. I wanted him to experience what only males can feel. I was going to give that kid an assgasm. A true, pure and unadulterated orgasm, deep in his twathole. I didn’t need him to be hard or anything, just impale on my cock.

“Yeah, that’s it fagboy! You like my big black daddy dick up your precious little whiteboy pussy don’t you? Wanna get pregnant, punk? Want me to make you my pregnant fuckwhore? Seed you up with my fuckin’ jizz, make a fuckin’ baby up in that hole… Yeah, girlieboy. Fuckin’ tight little twat…Gonna….fuckin’….do it! Make…you…fuckin’……pregnant! Bitch!” I was gasping for breath, calling up all my reserve energy for one final go-round.

Cody screamed as I speared into him again, with fierce gusto. I had turned his guts practically into Jell-O and they molded around me, offering no resistance. I was so fucking hard as I proceeded to pull up Cody’s legs and then spun him around so he was facing me, all while keeping him skewered on my throbber. I leaned up so I was sitting on the weight bench and pulled Cody up with me, him sitting in my lap with his legs wrapped around me. The look on his face was one of complete surrender as the lust took over his young body. I covered his mouth with mine, forcing his jaws apart as I plumbed his oral cavity and then pulled back a little and hawked a juicy spitball all over his tongue. I locked a hard-edged stare directly with his eyes, holding his gaze with mine. I pulled him up a bit and he instinctively knew to grasp my shoulders. I moved to cup his smooth buns with my rough, brawny hands and then as I massaged those twin globes, I began my fuck. Raising and lowering the kid, I soon had him ooohing and aaaahing as my cock touched every crevice inside his boytwat. I ran my rough licker all over his neck and shoulders. I elicited shrill gasps as I bit down hard on his nipples. Soon I had both tiny pink knobs swelling up hard and erect. I alternated between gently kissing and brutally chewing on those aching pinpoints of pleasure. I was pleased when he arched his back even more. I knew he was trying to give me better access to his tits, but the motion also served to allow me deeper penetration of his rectum and he gasped out girlishly as I took full advantage and pounded up and in, hard, while also punishing those burning, throbbing titties with my teeth. He was running his hands all over me and I could tell he was enjoying my muscular, masculine physique. His little gasps and mewls also let on that he was thoroughly enjoying our rough coupling and my forceful incursion inside his young body. All the white punks were like this. They all thought they were King Shit until they got their first taste of Nubian dick. Then it was all they thought about, night and day, their little pussies aching for more nigger stuffed up inside them….

“Yeah, you like my fuckin’ muscles, baby? You like those big muscles wrapped around you? Huh? No shame in that, Cody. Plenty of whitey’s been in your spot, and they all react the same as you. Can’t get enough of my muscles, my big black prick. Yeah. We both know why you’re workin’ here. Get a little closer to some real men, some niggers who can turn you into a sissy, eh punk?” I was speaking in a conversational tone, which sounded rather quiet after our screaming session a few minutes before. “I gots lots a things I’m gonna try with you, sweetie-pie. Maybe hog-tie you, try out some handcuffs. I got a fucksling at my crib; maybe strap you up in that fucker, eh? I had a couple a real sissies back in the joint, liked to dress up for me. I got me a real nice assortment of pretty girly things. Whatcha say, sweetie? Wanna play dress up for daddy? Little schoolgirl outfits, nurse uniforms, French maids. Fuck, I got lots a lingerie, panties, stockings, high-heels. All that shit! You spend the night at my place, you sleep in a nightie. All lacy and sheer and sexy. That’s how Daddy Jax likes his girlfriends….”

I continued our slow, grinding fuck as I spoke to the kid. Every once in a while I would accentuate something I said with an extra hard thrust, causing his eyes to open wide. Otherwise, he seemed to be in a hazy, languid state, almost catatonic. I stabbed upward again, grabbing his attention.

“Y…yeah, Jax. I’ll dress up in anything you want. Ooohh, fuck! Fuck!” he sobbed as I continued with the sexing. “ Bras. Panties. Whatever. I’ll be your girl. I just want to make you happy, baby. I’ll do anything to get more of your cock…inside me. I need it so bad. So bad…” He was cooing girlishly, trying to seduce me. I had to chuckle to myself. Didn’t want it? Shit…

“Well, baby, daddy needs to nut. You ready for another orgasm? Gonna get us both there soon, sweetie.” I was purring the words to him, but now I could feel that familiar tingle in my balls as my nut approached. I was still straddling the weight bench and Cody was still straddling my thighs as I pushed him down onto the flat part of the bench, using it as a makeshift bed. It was time to dominate.

THWACK. THWACK. THWACK. I started to pick up the cadence of our fuck as Cody completely wrapped his legs around my waist and dug his fingers into the back of my shoulders and neck. He was moaning, panting as I picked up the pace.

“TIME TO NUT SWEETIE! GONNA BREED THIS PUSSY, MAKE YOU MY BITCH AGAIN! YOU WANT THIS COCK, SISSY? I KNOW YOU WANT IT, WANT MY HOT CUM!!” I was hollering at him, getting so close, I could just…about…get…there…


“YEA! HERE IT COMES BABY. HERE IT COMES FAGGOT! GONNA GETCHOO PREGNANT MAKE A BLACK FUCKIN’ BABY IN YOUR GUTS! YOU FUCKIN’ WANT THAT SHIT GIRL? YOU WANT MY NUT GIVIN’ YOU A FUCKIN’ NIGGER BABY?” I was screaming, out of my mind with lust but so was Cody. I was so fuckin’ close to my nut. I could feel his slime-coated insides suckin’ all over my shaft, the heat and friction unbearable.

“SHIIIT HERE I FUCKIN’ CUM BITCH! GONNA COVER YOUR FUCKIN’ GUTS WITH MY –GASP- FUCKIN’ SPERM! OOHH MY FUCKIN SPERM! HERE……IT…….IS……..FAGGOT! PUSSYBOI FAGGOT! GET FUCKIN’ PREGNANT! SLUT! TAKE MY SPERM!! YEAAAA! FUCKIN’ CHRIST!! OOOHHH SHIIIIIT! FUCK! FUCK!” I was spraying my words through tightly clenched teeth, the power of the orgasm sweeping me away, almost causing me to blackout. With those last words, I seeded my pussyboi, hosing his guts with my nut juice. Cody was right there with me.

“OHH AAHHH DADDY! FUCK ME JAX! SEED ME SEED ME SEED ME! MAKE ME A BABY! MAKE ME A BLACK BABY IN MY PUSSY!! OHH –GASP- OHHH FUCK! –GASP- OHH OOOH JESUS!! JAX I FUCKING LOVE YOU….I LO…LOVE YOU!!” He was gasping out his orgasm just seconds after mine hit. I could feel his fingernails digging deeply into my shoulders. That’d leave a mark. His legs wrapped even tighter around me in our throes of passion. I knew he could feel me breed him; that sensation often brings out strong emotions in inexperienced bottoms, hence his proclaiming his love for me. He didn’t really love me; he loved being dominated by me, being my bitch, my sperm-dump.

We were both gasping for air, Cody trembling violently from the force of his assgasm. He remained wrapped around me even as I went to pull up from him. He smiled at me as he ran his hands over my chest and he leaned upwards to lick some sweat from my skin. I gave him a wicked grin as I attempted to extricate myself from his grasp. But he would have none of it. He hurriedly slung his arms around my neck forcing me to pick him up as I stood. He smiled as he kissed me lightly. My erection was beginning to soften and I could feel my cock starting to slip out of his ass.

“Damn, kid! That was fuckin’ great! I think…you might just…be my girl now, eh?” I teased him

“Yeah, Jax. I’m your girl.” He smiled again, rather meekly. “Can we do that again?”

“Fuck, whiteboy! You gotta give me some time. I may be a stud, but even I need some down time…”

“I’m going to make sure your down time doesn’t last too long, baby!” I groaned as Cody sank to his knees in front of me and I felt his lips wrap around the tip of my shrinking prick. He looked up into my eyes as he slurped the last bit of cum from my cock and I sighed, knowing this was going to be a long day “cleaning up” the basement…..

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