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By Patrick -


The Unexpected Holiday - Chapter 4 - My world changes

With our eye fixed on each other Sir then press hit manly lips against mine and drives his tongue deep into my mouth. I feel Sir grope then end of my cock which is ready to explode. He pulls away from the deep long kiss to offer his hand to me. He has that look of you know what to do and I did. I licked the precum of his hand, making sure I got every bit.

He then climbs up on the tree stump and release one of my hands. I drop my hands to my buttock and grasp them. The heat and burning pain coming from the is nearly volcanic. "Admiring my work" asks Sir

I smile up to him "Yes Sir"

"Now you need to thank me"


"Come here"

I walk up to him "On your knees"

I drop to my knees in front of him with my face right in front of his crotch. I can see that I was not the only one that had been hard the whole time as Sir has a big bulge in his shorts with a wet patch. He then leans down "hands together" I comply. He locks my hands back up behind my back.

"Now get my cock out"

I look up at him, he smiles back. Yup with no hands! I bury my face into his crotch trying to find the zipper. I get it between my teeth and tug it down. I bury my face further into his short to find the amazing powerful cock that I had seen earlier. I find the head of his cock, it's moist with his precum. I take the whole cock into my mouth to get it out of the shorts. I breath in deep his musty manly smell. I feel the sweat on his thighs from all the work he had done on my backside to teach me a lesson.

I get his almighty 9 inch cock out of his shorts and pull back to look at it in all its glory. This cock is going to mean all the world to me from now on. "Get my balls out too boy" orders Sir. I duck under the massive piece of meat letting all the precum ooze into my hair as I bury myself again into Sir magnificent shorts. I breath in deep again to take in Sir's smell. I get my mouth around Sir's balls and pull the out of Sir's shorts. I again  pull back to take a breath and to admire my Masters cock.

"What does that cock mean to you slave?"

Without delay I answer him with "It means the world to me Sir"

"Now show me that"

I open wide and take Sir massive cock into my mouth running my lips and tongue up and down his shaft. I feel my mouth fill with a mixture of salver and precum as I work Sir's cock.

"Ok slave, that's enough of that. Get up and bend over that tree"

I look up as see Sir point at a big tree that is nearly on it's side from all the wind from the sea. I stagger to my feet still with my hand cuffed behind me and kneel down to drop my body over the tree trunk. The barks it grisly and rough on my skin but I say nothing as I want to please Sir. "Arse in the air boy" I quickly raise my arse up to Sir's waist height. I then feel his big cock press against my red sore buttocks. He rubs the head around my checks. I could tell he was admiring his work. His precum and my salver coming off onto my cheeks which made quickly turned from soothing to bring back the pain from the tawse, paddle and cane.

"Do you want this cock slave?"

"Yes Sir"

"What does it mean to you?"

I look around at Sir to meet his eyes and with definiteness I say "It means the world to me Sir"

And with those words Sir pushes his cock against my hole. My hole tries to put up a fight I whisper to myself "relax. relax. This cock means the world to me. relax. relax. This cock means the world to me." Sir's cock then ease into my hole and deep into me. I get a crunching pain as all my muscle try to adjust to this massive cock. I breath deep and keep saying the mantra "relax. relax. This cock means the world to me" My body obliges eventually as Sir starts off slowly. Sir reads my body and can see I am now relaxed and drives his cock that bit deeper and harder. I let out a massive moan and say "Sir's cocks mean the world to me.”

"Good slave, now you're going to take all of me!" as he pushes the full length of his 9 inch up inside me I feel Sir's hips press against my bright red buttock. The warmth from his body and the blows to my bottom send my head all of a spin as he quicken the pace and fucks me hard.

"Ok slave I am close to cumming. I think you've earnt Master cum" as he pulls his cock out. I try to get to my feet but only manage to get to my knees. I shuffle around to face Sir's cock. He is stroking it. I press my lips against the head of his cock. He grabs me by the hair and shoves his cock into my mouth. I taste my arse all over his cock. I do my best to go all the way down the shaft. I gag and try and pull away but Sir has me by the hair and only pulls me back down deep on his cock. He grabs both my ears and hair and face fucks me hard.

Mouth is suddenly filled with warm hot cum. I feel Sir body shuddering with his orgasm. He pulls his cock out of my mouth and shoot another burst of cum over my face and then shoves his cock back into my mouth. I feel his cock pulse with each burst that fills my mouth. I swallow to try and make room. He pulls his cock out again wipes it down my face collecting the cum that his shot over my face to then shove into my eager mouth. I swallow every drop.

Sir then sits down on the tree trunk taking a deep breath and enjoy the orgasm as it washes over his body. I shuffle over to him and gently lick up the shaft of his cock and around the head making him shudder even more with orgasmic pleasure. I look up at him, in his magnificence "Sir your cock means the world to me and I will do anything you want". I then rest my head on his lap looking at his cock with the beautiful seascape behind. Knowing I will never forget this day, this moment.