The Winners' Circle

Written by: Tarrius 2012

(The following story is a true account of a very raunchy evening that took place almost a year ago today. The name and location names have been changed to ensure confidentiality.)

"Um, Chad there is someone else here...," I said peering over his shoulder.

"It's okay Todd, let them watch...," Chad replied push back into me.

Earlier that day I signed into one of those gay dating and hookup sites to see who had been messaging me and/or checking out my profile. As usual there were two or three within the past two hours. Two of them were in desperate need of a gym and a mirror, but this other guy was absolutely gorgeous. His screen-name was Chad35for69. He had a rugged look that screamed blue collar with a touch of military training. Sure enough when I began talking to him he mentioned that he is retiring from the military and currently working for a racetrack out in the middle of nowhere.

My name is Todd by the way. At the time of this escapade I was 21 and still in college. I am 6"1' 200 lbs with brown short kept hair with deep blue eyes and pale white skin. Essentially except for the gay thing Nazi's would have loved me, but I diverge.

After a bit of email flirting we decided to exchange numbers. It was five minutes after I sent my number to him that I received my first text message.



Hey there sexy. What you doing?


Of course I didn't want to tell him that I was in class learning about the civil rights movement and its effects on global warming...or whatever that class was teaching that day. I wanted to keep the ball rolling and see how far I could get him to go! So I went with it. Besides, nothing is sexier than getting a hard-on in the middle of class. Maybe it has something to do with the adrenaline of getting caught.


I have my hand down my pants gripping my raging hard cock wondering what you will do to me once we finally meet face to face. U?





Oh... ok... I am at work finishing up paper work so I don't have to be in the office early in the morning.

Of course at this point I figured that I just fucked up royally and I moved way too fast for this guy. I tried to quickly scramble to fix my mistake.


Oh sorry... my friend grabbed my phone and thought that it would be funny to send that.

~ Send... Send... Send you bastard!





I like the way "your friend" thinks! Maybe "your friend" would like to come over later on tonight...?


Okay I was totally busted in terms of the friend story, but it worked out in my favor after all because he was eager to get down to the fun stuff!

After I received the address to the location I high tailed it down to the address that he had sent me. On my way down he continued to shower me with pictures of himself with a hard-on under his desk at work... Really? Does he not realize that Virginia cops are absolute assholes about ticketing? I think that my dick actually jumped out of my pants and pressed the accelerator for a moment!

This man was perfection, well perfection in my eyes! He was 6'3", a solid 220 lbs of muscle, and beautiful olive skin from working under the sun all day, every day. Some time I wonder how I can get these guys, but the important thing is that I do!

I followed the GPS to the location that he had told me... unbeknownst to me I was pulling into a professional drag race track. I just thought, maybe he works here and he is about to get off and we are going to his home, boy oh boy was I ever glad to be wrong!

As I parked the car I noticed the man that I had seen in photographs, only so much better! That perfect mixture of muscle bear and daddy wrapped up in a grease monkey. Honesty I didn't know I could get harder!

As soon as I got there I formally and awkwardly introduced myself...

"Hi, I am Todd," extending my hand further than my erection to greet his hand.

"Chad," retrieving my hand into his rough much larger hand giving me good firm handshake.

"Would you mind if I smoke a cigarette, honestly I am really nervous," I asked innocently.

"No problem, let me have one I smoke with you," he said firmly and reassuringly.

After we shot the shit and did the small talk for a bit I looked up at him, "So, umm..."

With that he grabbed the back of my neck and led me to the track pointing out the various cool things that the track had to offer. I felt much more relaxed with him treating more like a younger brother or an uncle. When we reached the winners circle he moved his hand from the back of his neck and put it to the top of my head.

"Alright, boy get down and suck my cock," he said firmly.

"Out here?" I asked innocently.

He pushed me to my knees and undid his fly unleashing his 9 inch throbbing member right in front of my face. I could smell his sweat pool off of him after a hard day's work. As I opened to protest being outdoors he shoved his cock to the root down my throat. I gagged on its monstrous size. He continued his assault on my throat as tears welled up in my eyes from gagging over and over again, by this time I was convinced he was in control and there was nothing I could do to negate that fact.

He pulled his cock from my mouth and looked down at my gaping mouth expecting further assault.

"Look up boy."

When I did he spit right in my mouth and shoved his cock to the root, he pulled out again and spit again this time getting some on my face.

"Don't wipe it off boy I want see you as you are, daddy's boy!"

When he finished assaulting my throat with his cock he pushed his pants to the ground. I didn't know what to expect. He pushed me to my back and straddled my face, he bent over held his position freestyle perfectly above me.

"Eat my hole boy!"

When I hesitated he reached behind himself and kneeled to the ground and drove my head straight into his hairy crack. I could smell the sweat, oil, and gasoline that obviously caked his clothing from the day. I drove my tongue into his sweaty hair hole, tasting his salty man essence. All I could do to stay conscious was inhale his scent over and over again getting higher and higher off of the man taking my boy body and using it for his pleasure.

When his hole was good and orally satisfied he rolled me over and pushed me to my gut. He ripped my jeans apart exposing my jockstrap and tight clenching hole. I felt his hot spit splash my hole and a callused hand explore my rear. I felt the pressure of his thumb enter my hole. As he entered me with his thumb I felt him use his other four fingers and leverage against my lower back to enter me harder and faster.

Then I saw it. The condom wrapper was already ripped and he held it from behind me so I could see it from the side.

"Just give me a moment to pre.." I started to say.

With that plea for a second, a searing pain and pressure invaded my body and sent shockwaves through every bone of my body. I tried to pull away but he pulled me back into him to the root.

"Give it a second boy."

I breathed deeply and he pulled all the way out of me, letting me catch my breath one more time before pushing full force back into me. I clenched my ring around his cock trying to control the invader to no avail. He enjoyed assailing my hole with all of his might, and to be honest I started to enjoy him being inside me. His heat pressing further and further into a region that the other men that I have been with have been unable to reach.

He laid into me pushing my body further into the sharp gravel and he ground his pulsing cock in and out of my hole at lightning speed. I could hear his breathing strong and heaving against my ear. He slid tongue against the nape of my neck and shoulder giving me just the slightest sense of sensitivity before biting hard into my flesh drawing just a bit of blood. I could begin to feel the heat of my own blood pool down my shoulder as he tore out of my hole. Just as I began to feel empty he spun my body around and pulled my knees to his shoulders and shoved himself into me even deeper it felt like.

I could see the black contract inside the pools of his emerald green eyes every time he slid inside me. I hesitantly lifted my hand to his face to pull him into but was met with two strong arms pushing hand above head into the gravel. This gave him the best leverage yet, he pushed further and faster into my used hole.

That was when I saw the two janitors cleaning the stands above us watching.

"Um, Chad there is someone else here...," I said peering over his shoulder.

"It's okay Todd, let them watch...," Chad replied push back into me.

At that moment something inside him picked up and he was breathing and pushing harder than ever. I felt him grow inside of me and I knew he was close. He pulled out of my hole ripped off the condom and stood above me.

"Look at me boy," he said pumping at his dick with fury over my face, "I'm gonna..ughhhh!" with that he came all over my face, lips and hair. I licked at the salty sweet nectar at my mouth and looked up at him completely clothed still except for the hole he tore through my pants with a raging hard on.

As I reached to relieve myself he stepped on my forearm, bent over and said, "Did I say you can cum yet boy?"

I looked up at this huge staggering mass of a masculine man and I subserviently said, "No sir you have not."

He looked down at me and with a devilish grin said, "We have just begun to have fun."

To be continued...

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