The Winners' Circle

Written by: Tarrius ©2012

(The following story is a true account of a very raunchy evening that took place almost a year ago today. The name and location names have been changed to ensure confidentiality.)

Sorry for the delay on the new chapters of my stories I recently started a new job and needed to focus, but I plan on focusing on getting a new story/chapter out each week. Please see links below for stories already published.

Past Character Descriptions

Todd- (Me) 21 years old at the time, 6'1", white, 190 lbs, 7 inches cut

Chad- 35 years old, 6'3", green eyes, Olive Skin, 220 lbs of muscle, 9 inches cut

Chapter 2


Chad was right about the fun just starting for the two of us. The sun was just beginning its decent when the two janitors that watched us approached. Chad climbed off of my face. I licked my lips and tasted his delicious seed. It was strong, salty, and sweet. He took his finger swiped it across my cum soaked face and began feeding me his spilt load.

"Eat up boy, you will need your strength," he said with a grin as he plunged his cum drenched finger into my eager mouth.

"Yes sir," I replied taking his long masculine fingers into my mouth to the knuckle.

As the two men approached I noticed they were applauding, apparently, dazzled by our performance moments ago. My face became quite hot as I suddenly realized I was blushing at their praise. As they approached the two of us I realized how handsome these guys were. The older man, Rico, was in his 40s, light skinned Hispanic, 5'8", and a black goatee. The other man, Cameron, seemed even younger than I was. He was I assumed late teens early twenties. He had fire red hair, 6'2", very light complexion, 200 lbs (firm), big pink lips, and dazzling blue eyes that you just wanted to dive into.

"Aye dios mio, Chad you really know how to punish," Rico said punching his fist into his hand.

"Gracias, Rico this is my new toy for the evening Todd," he said grinning and grabbing the back of my neck.

Cameron began inspecting me like a piece of cattle circling me looking me up and down. He got really close behind me and smelled the back of neck inhaling my sex sweat. That was when I felt his large hand palm my exposed ass. He slid it across and dragged his middle finger between my crack. I immediately got chill bumps up my spine.

"Hey buddy I don't even..." I began to protest before having Chad grab my face and turn my face towards him.

"Hey boy, did I say you could talk if front of my friends?"

I looked down at the ground afraid of what to say. He pushed my head up by the chin so I stared directly into his eyes.

"No sir, sorry sir," I said pleading.

I felt Cameron continue his prod of my body. He jammed his thumb up my ass without warning.

"Mmm, yeah he is still wet and warm. I think he wants some more what do you think Rico?"

"Oh yeah! Look at him coo over your hand. He wants it," Rico said getting closer to me tugging on his cock through his overalls.

"Hey Chad, can we borrow him for a bit? It is my birthday tomorrow," Cameron asked pleading. I soon came to realize I had no part in this decision process, which was okay...different but okay.

"Alright boys, you two go get started I am going to us some beers," Chad said as he walked away.

As Chad turned the corner and disappeared to God knows where Cameron pulled me into a kiss. His lips were big and soft. His tongue was soft but assaulted my mouth with a fierceness that I could only hope that I would feel on my hole soon. When Cameron released me reluctantly Rico grabbed the back of my neck and pulled me down to his mouth. He too was a good kisser, but also a lip biter which I loved.

"Let's just lose these they are going to get in the way," Rico said referring to my clothing.

I began to lift my shirt off when Cameron grabbed my pants from behind at the already torn back end and completely ripped off my jeans and underwear. Rico grabbed my shoulder and ripped my shirt straight down the center without any effort. So here I was a 6'1" white boy standing butt ass naked except for shoes in the middle of a race track in between two totally different but uniquely hot janitors.

"You see that red car over there hijo?" Rico said pointing to this shiny and beautiful race car parked a couple lanes over. Luckily I took a bit of Spanish is college and high school so I caught on to the hijo remark.

"Sí, señor," I replied smiling.

"No, hijo...llámame papi," he said pulling me toward him "walk over to the car climb on to the hood. Push your ass up and wait for us."

He kissed me and let me begin my naked walk across the track. I must say having the fall wind rush all over your naked body is wonderful. As I approached the vehicle I climbed on to the warm hood. I lowered my chest to the windshield and spread my thighs to give as much axis to my open hole as possible. I could feel the warm wind across my hole as I looked back at the men disrobing and kissing one another. I could feel my cock get harder watching them.

As they began to pull off their custodial jump suits I could really see what I was working with. Cameron had a smooth body, flat stomach, tiny pink nipples, and a thick red bush that hung over his 8 inch think cock. Rico had a black hairy chest that was completely tan, a bit of a belly but in an attractive daddy kind of way that was sprinkled with the same midnight black hair that melted into his pelvis against his super thick cock and massive low hangers. Needless to say I was pre-cumming all over the hood of that car watching them kiss and fondle each other's growing members.

"Ok hijo, look forward and close your eyes I want you to just feel us behind you," Rico instructed as he walked forward. I felt a callused hand against my ass and another smooth and petting my stretched pink hole. "Spread your legs," Cameron commanded from behind. I obeyed. I suddenly felt wet warmth envelope my cock and a hot wet tongue against my hole probing it.

"MMM GOD, Yes," I wailed.

"You taste so good!" they both replied in unison.

I felt a thick finger go inside of me and I pushed into it taking the digit to the knuckle. One of the men rubbed my back as a second digit entered me from the other angle and began stretching my whole apart. I could feel the warm air from outside enter my hole as the fingers pried me open. Then I heard the sound of someone spitting and then felt the hot spit enter my whole followed by that glorious tongue to work it in.

"Will one of you please fuck me I cannot take anymore," I pleaded.

"One of us? No, hijo you will take both of us," Rico informed.

I opened my eyes in astonishment and saw that both Cameron and Rico hand mischievous smiles on their faces.

Needless to say fear and excitement immediately set it in. I had a hard enough time taking one guy inside of me, but two!?

"Alright, Todd get ready for Rico first his cock is thicker than mine so he will get you opened up."

I braced myself grabbing the hood of the car and waiting to have my hold stretched further than it ever had before. I heard him come closer to me and then began to feel his radiate heat against my skin. He climbed up on the car straddling my lower back and angled is cock to enter me. I felt the sting of delight as his thick head pierced my body. I heard him grunt as he plunged deeper in to me stretching me. Then I felt his wiry pubes brush my back and I knew he was all the way inside of me. I could feel his pulsating member inside of me and all I could do was moan and rest my face against the car and smell the oil, rubber, and man sweat lingering in the air. Rico popped his cock out of me and pushed back in with gusto a few times allowing the warm air trickle into my gaping hole.

"Ready hijo?" Rico questioned.

"Ready for what?" I asked innocently.

That was when I felt my ass being torn apart by a second cock entering me. I felt like I was going to die right then and there. I could feel my muscles stretch to accommodate this second invading cock. All I could do was focus on my breathing to get past the initial pain. Then I felt that feeling of pure fullness that turned my pain into uninhibited pleasure wrapped in the craving for more. This experience turned me into a hungry bottom hell-bent on getting fucked to completion!

"Oh god guys fuck my hole I need you to move before I explode," I wailed.

"You got it," they both said in unison.

They began moving in unison rubbing their cocks in and out of me in a slow but steady pace. Grunting and panting above me. I could hear their staggered breathing and slopping from kissing and licking each as they used me and filled me with all they had.

My cock was leaking all over the car I could feel my cock getting ready to explode. I couldn't help but scream out and arch my back to give them better access inside of me. They picked up on my queue and began thrusting opposite of each other as one pushed into my hole the other pulled out then they would switch. It was heavenly not knowing who was staying and who was going...but one thing was for sure I was cumming.

"Oh god I am gonna... ahhhhhhhhhh" I screamed out. My whole body went into a shudder, my back tingled, my lungs wouldn't take in air, my hole clenched around their cocks as I coated the car with my seed. When I finished it took me a second to remember how to breath. I had never had such a powerful orgasm in my life.

The guys slowly pulled out of me and got off of the vehicle. Cameron pulled my legs from beneath me and slid my face to where I came on the car.

"See... you made a mess and this has got to be cleaned up. Lick it up," Cameron ordered. I began licking up my own cum. As I lay against the car licking my own cum up. "AHHHHH" I felt two hot streams of cum hit my ass cheeks and slide down my crack, and roll down my balls and drip on the car.

"When you are done with that I want you to lick up our mess. Chad will be here any minute and he doesn't like a dirty car, and believe me you don't want him to get mad."

~Oh boy was I right I did not want to get him mad, but that will have to wait for the final chapter coming soon!



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