Thrills Of Camping -- By -- CJ and Angyl


The following is a work of fiction. Any similarities to anyone are purely coincidental. The story is intended for a mature audience. It may contain profanity and references to gay sex. If this offends you, please leave and find something more suitable to read. The author maintains all rights to the story. Do not copy or use without written permission.


My name's CJ. I am 17 years old now. I am going camping with friends this weekend. Well planning it got me to thinking about the last time I had gone camping. Oh for the record I am bi. Like the chicks, but I a good cock now and then can satisfy me.

I remember back it was back in grade 8 going camping with my school. I was 14 back then. Yeah I had failed a grad, big deal. Anyway the trip included the students and 4 teachers, and I think they were older students or some shit like that. I fucking hate adults. The only upside was the fact one of the guys that came with us was a buddy of mine, Andrew. We drove three to four hours to Jasper Park. I slept all the way. Did I mention I fucking hate camping? I was going out of boredom.

Andrew and I go back a few years. He is 21 now, but at the time he was 18, and was always volunteering for shit like this camping thing.

Once we got to the campsite, we proceeded to unpack our gear. Tents had been set up. The girls were gonna be on one side and the guys on the other. Talk about lame. The food was put into the House that the Teachers would be staying in. Lucky asses got all the luxuries while we would be in tents. Each tent would be two students and one student guide. Luck would have it I got a friend of mine, Andrew, as the student guide. The other kid was some short guy, who's name I cannot remember. Well everyone went to bed early the first night.

Well the next morning was none too exciting. We were split in three groups. One group got to go hiking. The next group got to go biking, and the last group would be canoeing. I got to go hiking and biking, as I cannot swim, and I have problems with my ears. Andrew was the one taking the kids hiking. We spent most of the day hiking around Jasper Park. We were ten to fifteen minutes late getting back. It was fun. The kids were allowed to do what they wanted after supper. I sat by the fire and watched other kid's canoe and swim. As night fell we were all sitting by the fire, and everyone was trying to scare the others with ghost stories. Big fucking deal. It was fucking boring, so I headed off to bed.

I was up bright and early the next morning. It was my groups turn to make breakfast and shit. As I was the first one awake, I did breakfast by myself. Then I spent the morning just sitting by the fire. After lunch we had a free day. I really wanted to go hiking again. I talked Andrew into taking me, as we were required to have an adult with us at all times, when we were away from the site.

Andrew and I headed off. We were about an hour away from the site when we decided to have a break. I was hot and sweaty, so I decided to take my shirt off. Well Andrew had done the same. I looked over. I forgot how hot he was. He was leaning back and for whatever reason I reached over and began rubbing his crotch. Andrew jumped up. I thought he was gonna kick the fuck out of me. I blocked my face for the first punch. Instead as I peered through my arms, Andrew was dropping his pants. His cock was big.

"Come on bitch take my cock and suck on it." He demanded.

Now I am smaller than he is, and I knew he could kick my ass, so I crawled over and awkwardly took it in my mouth. I had never sucked a cock before then. I kept scraping it with my teeth. Andrew grabbed the back of my head.

"No teeth you little bitch."

Well after a bit of awkwardness, I was able to suck him without my teeth grazing him.

"Yeah that's doing a good job." He said.

I was rather enjoying this. Now don't get me wrong I still like my pussy. But I had never sucked cock till I did Andrew. I worked up and down on Andrew's cock. He gave me some guidance, but I did most of it on my own.

"Yeah...that's lick my knob."

I pulled off the lick his knob, but he slapped the back of my head.

"No keep my cock in your mouth and lick the knob."

I took him back in my mouth, but only the tip of it, and ran my tongue around it.

"Good now go back down."

I did as he instructed, going back down and then to the tip. Each time I got to the tip I would lick and swirl my tongue around the knob. Andrew was moaning. He used his hand to guide my on his cock.

"Oh...fuck...yeah...that's it boy...gonna cum soon."

I wanted to stop, but there was no way he was gonna allow my mouth off his cock. I had no choice but to keep sucking him off. His moaning got louder and his hand forced me all the way on his cock. I gagged on his cum, as he shot his load, but I managed to swallow every drop. He released my head, and I sucked his knob, getting it all his cum out.

"You did one can know okay."

"Yeah no worries...maybe I can do it again later?"

"You got it...that and more."

We quickly gather up out shit, and headed back to camp...only three hours late.

To Be Continued...