Thrills Of Camping 2 – By – CJ and Angyl

The following is a work of fiction. Any similarities to anyone are purely coincidental. The story is intended for a mature audience. It may contain profanity and references to gay sex. If this offends you, please leave and find something more suitable to read. The author maintains all rights to the story. Do not copy or use without written permission.

    Andrew and I got in big time shit for being for hours late. I was supposed to help with supper, and well that did not happen. So I got clean up duty and was not allowed of the site after that was done. Andrew got a written reprimand. Man I felt bad. After all it was me who instigated the whole thing.

     Seeing as I was grounded so to speak, I ended up in bed early. Fuck assholes. I swore I was never gonna do the camping thing again.

    The next morning after breakfast I was again forced to clean up/ Fuck teenagers are such fucking pigs. I was still not allowed to go off site, so I moped around for the better part of the morning. Watch everyone leave and come as they felt like it. Fuck them they were a useless bunch anyway.

    By noon I was really in a pissy mood. When told I had to clean up, I told the bitch to go fuck herself and stormed off to my tent. I knew I was gonna get in shit, but I was sick of being someone’s bitch. I had one good day so far out of the two we had been here already.

    I must have passed out, because a couple hours later, Andrew was in our tent waking me up.

    “Come on dude...Miss McKee wants to see you.” He said.

    “Fuck what she wants to give me more crap…I ain’t gonna clean anymore.” I grumbled.

    Grudgingly I crawl my ass out of the tent, and over to the main cabin. Miss McKee was sitting there, acting like so sort of Queen or something. She started to lay into me. I turned on my heels and walked.

    “Fuck this shit…I’m going for a walk!!”

    I imagined the shocked look on her face. I heard Andrew running behind me.

    “Dude wait up!!” He yelled.

    I stopped and waited for Andrew to catch up with me. I was still pissed about this whole camping bull shit.

    “I ain’t going back...I hate this bullshit dude.”

    “I know dude…she told me to go with you…wait while I grab something.”

    I nodded and he ran over to our tent and grabbed his backpack. We left camp, and as far as I was concerned, I did not give a fuck how long we were gone this time. I think Andrew knew that to, and I knew he had snacks in his gear.

    Well with all the anger built up, we walk a lot further than yesterday. I found a much more secluded area in which to chill and do fuck all…or something…if you catch my drift. *WINK*. I sat my ass on a rock and watched as Andrew did the same. I was calmer now and open to listening if he had something to say. He just sat there and took his shirt off. Things were starting out like yesterday…LOL.

    I lay back on the rock. I was hot, but I put my shirt under me and it was not too bad. I just laid back and let the sun hit me. I was also horny as all fuck. I wanted to see if Andrew would instigate anything. I did not wait long. He came over and grabbed me.

    “Hey bitch we gonna have some fun now.” He whispered in my ear.

    He pulled me off the rock, and pushed me onto a blanket.

    (FYI…I like it rough)

    “Get your clothes off boi!!” He demanded.

    Andrew was already naked and hard. I quickly shucked my shorts and boxers. I crawled over and got ready for some cock. Andrew put his hand up to stop me. I looked up at him questioningly.

    “No cock for you…we are gonna have a different kind of fun…lay face down on the rock boi.”

    Fuck I knew what he had in mind. I don’t think I was ready for a cock up my ass.

    “Andrew I…umm…”

    “Shut up and on the rock!!” He demanded.

    I wanted to protest but I knew Andrew would win. I lay on my tummy, and waited for Andrew. I felt his hand running over my ass, and then into the crack. His finger found my hole, and began rubbing it. I liked that feeling.

    “You got a nice fuckable ass boi…nice and smooth!”

    “Andrew please I don’t think I want this.” I pleaded.


    I lay on the rock, and let him do his thing. I felt something wet and cold on my ass. Lube? Well I think it was…I did not want to look. Andrew started working my ass. I felt his finger slide into me. I cringed from the pain. I admit as he worked his finger in and out it felt a bit better. I was still unsure if I really wanted a cock in me. Yeah I know I am bi and all, but a cock? In my ass?

    Andrew worked his finger in my, and then he slowly worked another finger in. This time the pain was stronger and I clinched my hole.

    “Relax dude or it will hurt worse.” He said.

    Okay I tried to relax and son he had two fingers in me. Yeah this was starting to feel good. He stopped fingering my hole, and I felt the tip of his cock there instead. He slowly began pushing his hardness into my tightness. Okay his cock I swear is about nine inches and pretty thick. He got the head in me and I screamed. He quickly put his hand on my mouth.

     “Quiet you dumbfuck…you want someone to find us??”

     I shook my head. I fought off tears, as Andrew continued to push in.

     “Here I go.” He said.

    I did the best I could as he rammed his cock into me. It felt as if I was being ripped in two. Andrew began pumping in and out of me. I was in tears, but as he worked his cock in and out the pain was going away. It started to feel real good in fact. Holy fuck…I totally was against anyone ever fucking me, but here I was bent over a rock…my friend fucking the daylights out of me.

    “Oh…yeah...fuck me…that feels so good.” I moaned.

    “Yeah…*grunt*…you got...*grunt*…a nice tight boi pussy” Andrew moaned.

    “Oh…fuck me hard…yeah...oh…ahh.”

    Andrew needed no encouragement pounding me. I felt his balls slap my ass every time he buried himself in me. I was amazed; he had all of him inside my tight little hole. Well it was not gonna be so tight anymore. Andrew was pulling my hair as he fucked me. Plus he kept hitting my g-spot when he went in. I shot my load all over the rock.

    “Oh…fuck…yeah…I just came!!”


    Andrew was really giving it to me. Every time he slammed in, I was jerked against the rock. I knew I was gonna have marks on me. Fuck I did not care, I was getting fucked for the first time, and it was great. I could feel Andrew’s balls tighten, as they slapped my ass. I knew from experience, that he was gonna shoot.

    “Oh…err…ahh…here it comes boi!!”

    He slammed hard into me, and I felt his seed fill my hole. He pumped and pumped his load into me. He kept his cock in me for a few, and then pulled out. I could feel his stuff leaking out of me. I got a shock when Andrew knelt down and sucked in out of my ass. He licked and swirled his tongue in and out, and then sucked my hole clean. That I had not expected; nor did I expect it when he told me to suck his cock clean.

    “Okay boi, crawl over here and suck me clean.”

    Ew…gross…no fucking way.”

    “Come now…get it done.”

    I was gonna refuse, but it did not look too bad. I thought it would be covered in shit or something. I crawled over and got between his legs. I tentatively lick his cock. Okay it did not taste that bad. I took his knob in my mouth, and then slowly worked my way down. It did not taste anything like I thought it would, actually it tasted pretty damn good. Andrew was getting hard again. I continued sucking and licking him. He was hard in no time. I worked his cock, and using my hand jerked it as well. Slowly I would go down and then back up. I did not take me long to bring Andrew to a second orgasm. He pushed my head down, and shot his second load into my mouth. I swallowed it all. Andrew lay back and sighed.

    “Dude that was awesome…and not so bad.”

    “Yeah it was good.”

    We lay there for a bit, and then cleaned up as best we could. Andrew stopped me, and for whatever reason kissed me on the lips.

    “Thanks dude…we can do more if you want later.” He said.

    Well we got back to camp, and everyone had already eaten and cleaned up. Not a word was said about us being late again. Only thing mention was all the scrapes on me legs and how I was walking. I gave a lame excuse, that I had fallen down.

To Be Continued…