Thrills Of Camping 3 -- By -- CJ and Angyl

The following is a work of fiction. Any similarities to anyone are purely coincidental. The story is intended for a mature audience. It may contain profanity and references to gay sex. If this offends you, please leave and find something more suitable to read. The author maintains all rights to the story. Do not copy or use without written permission.

Well we did not get into any trouble. I just got told to be more careful next time. I guess some people a dumb. If anyone ever knew though, it would be a bad thing.

I was tired from our little excursion, so I crawled into the tent. It was only nine but I wanted to rest. Andrew helped clean up, and then he came into the tent as well. I did not plan on doing anything that night, and had fallen asleep. I awoke a couple hours later to Andrew spooning me. I looked over and saw our tent mate fast asleep. Thank god for that. I rolled over and could see Andrew was awake. I also realized both our sleeping bags were unzipped. He reached into mine and started rubbing my crotch. Fuck he wanted some fun, but with our tent mate sleeping so close, I was unsure if we should or not.

"What if he wakes up?" I whispered.

"Shh...Just keep quiet and he won't."

I was really worried about the kid waking up, but Andrew had other plans. He had reached in my boxers and was working my semi-hard cock.

"Get your hot little ass closer...and lay on your back!" He demanded in a whisper.

By now I was getting all boned up again. Fuck...I figured Andrew was gonna want to get sucked, or fuck me, and I was still sore for our earlier romp. When he ordered me to lay on my back. I was not sure what to expect. He pulled my boxers down, and began stroking me. I figured that was all he was gonna do to. I could feel him moving around. Then I felt his mouth wrap around my hard cock. Holy shit I was actually gonna get a blow job from Andrew.

"Oh shit!!" I whispered.

Our tent buddy moaned and rolled over. Andrew stopped and we listened. He was snoring lightly. Good. Andrew went back to licking my knob, and then going down on me. He was playing with my balls, and rolling them in his fingers. He moved slightly and sucked on them. Wow that felt fucking awesome. Then he was back sucking on my knob, and swirling his tongue around it. Whatever he was doing was making my shiver, and squirm.

"Oh fuck...yeah!!" I whispered.

Andrew was bringing me to ecstasy. I mean in a big way. Shit it never felt so good. He ran his tongue down my shaft sucked and licked my balls, and then he would take me to the hilt. I felt my balls tighten. I was gonna shoot. I was not sure if he would swallow like he made me do.

"Dude...ugh...I am gonna...ugh...shoot."

Andrew took my cock in his mouth and sucked my load right out of me. I shot a big load right in his mouth. He milked every drop out of me. He moved and lay next to me.

"Wow...that was fucking awesome!" I whispered.

"Yeah well you can do my cock in a bit...bitch"

I loved it when he talked to me like that, and treated me like his person sex toy.

I was about to start playing with Andrew, when we heard our tent mate roll over. Then get up on one arm, and look directly at us.

"Dude's...what the fuck?"

Holy fuck...we had been caught. This was not good.

To Be Continued...