Thrills Of Camping 4 By CJ and Angyl

The following is a work of fiction. Any similarities to anyone are purely coincidental. The story is intended for a mature audience. It may contain profanity and references to gay sex. If this offends you, please leave and find something more suitable to read. The author maintains all rights to the story. Do not copy or use without written permission.

"Dude's...what the fuck?"

Holy fuck...we had been caught. This was not good.

Andrew and I got all panicked. We were not sure what was gonna happen. This little dweeb could rat on us. He got up on his knees and looked at us.

"Damn you two looked hot...I think you bitches should service me?"

"What makes you think you can give us little fucker." Andrew snarled.

"Because if you don't...then I will go tell the teachers what you two have been doing."

"Fuck little prick!" Andrew almost screamed.

"Or maybe they would like this little video I have." He said, and patted his camcorder.

"What the fuck?" I asked.

"Oh I know about you to...I been watching and filming."

We were screwed. The little dweeb had us against the wall. This whole time he had been awake and listening. He did a good job of faking being asleep. Andrew and I looked at each other. We had no choice but to do as he said. We whispered a conversation, and then turned back to the kid. He was already naked. I looked down at his cock. For a little fucker he had a nice one on him, a good 8 inches. I smiled at this. I looked over and saw that Andrew had noticed the same thing.

"Get over here." He ordered.

We crawled over to him, and lay on either side of him. I reached down and started playing with is rod. I watched as Andrew started making out with the kid. Fuck I was hard. Andrew glanced at me and smiled. I knew what he was thinking, and it was the same thing as I was. Turn around is fair play. Before the kid could do anything I had his legs in the air, and was playing with his little pucker. He stopped kissing Andrew and looked at me.

"What the...?"

"Who's the bitch now?" I asked

I returned to my task at hand. I began fingering his hole...this boy was not as tight, like I had been. He was smooth and as Andrew would say...fuckable. He had been taking it up the ass before or something. I leaned in and ass, and the kid lifted up more, so I could get right in there. I stopped eating him, once he was nice and lubed up. I worked him for a second or two, but I really did not have to loosen him up at all. I lined up and my cock just slipped in. I heard a muffled moan. I looked to see Andrew face fucking this kid. I went back to fucking his hot little ass, occasionally giving it a smack for good measure. He had reached down, and was stroking his cock. He was getting it in both holes and working his cock at the same time. What a hot fucking scene this was.

"Oh...yeah kid...suck on my fat cock." Andrew whispered.

"Mmmph." Was all he could get out, with his mouth full of Andrew's hard cock.

We knew we had to keep it quiet, or we would wake the other campers up. I tried not to make much noise as I fucked him good and hard, my hips and balls slapping his ass every time I thrust in. He was really pumping his own cock. He let out muffled grunts. The kid had a big cock gag in his mouth. He was also sucking on some nice nuts as well. Andrew was grunting...he was really giving this kid a good face fuck. I knew he was gonna shoot to.

"Get ready it comes!!" Andrew growled.

I watched as he thrust his cock into the kid's mouth. I could see this kid was trying not to gag as his mouth filled with Andrew's spunk. Fuck me...that was hot. The kid shot his load...all over me and his chest. Well that was too much. I slammed my cock deep in and filled his ass with my juices. I thrust a few more times, making sure I emptied my spunk...all of it. I pulled out but left his legs on my shoulders. I could see my stuff leaking from him. I moved down and ate my spunk right out of that hot ass.

" two was fucking amazing." The kid said.

We all lay down on the sleeping bags. Soon I was off in sleep land. I think Andrew and the kid had another go. I know I got woken up to the kid playing with my cock. I just let him. I passed back out.

The next day was our day to leave. Nothing was said about our fun during the last few days. We just packed up and acted as if nothing had happened. To this day I do not recall ever learning the kid's name. I know I had heard it a couple time, but well I forget what is was. I think Chris or something like that. I did see him a few times at school, but we never really acknowledged each other.

As for Andrew and me, well we did not hook up again to fool around. He went back to his girl, and well I went back to mine. I would love to revisit this time in my life. It was fucking hot. I should point out; it would not be the first camping trips that got buck wild either.