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Hitchhiking is a way of travelling and a way to meet people, and have fun, but it can be a bitch also. Hitching cross country is usually a blast, but sometimes difficult when you find yourself too close to a city. This was the case for Mark. He had made it from Chicago to the Denver area in little over a week, roughly ten rides, and now was having a hard time just getting through the city's congested area. People around the cities are usually more hesitant to pick-up strangers, or they are just going shorter distances.

Mark was a sixteen-year-old high school drop out. His parents did not care for him, and as a result, he brought himself up. He had short spiky dirty blonde hair and a cute baby face. He had deep blue eyes, which went right to your heart, and an adorable smile that melted it once there. Although at school he was not a jock, his body was. He had broad shoulders, and his torso tapered down to a V, accented along the way with hard pecks, and slightly forming six-pack abs. He had known for sometime he was bisexual, but was ashamed of his gay feelings, so he took a, bury your head in the sand approach for dealing with it. Mark had little in the world, as far as possessions went, a few sets of clothes and an I-pod was all this troubled teen had to his name. He may not have been academically bright, but he sure was street-smart. He was running away from his home in Chicago and was heading to California to find his place in this world.

Mark's last ride had taken him only for two exits, and now he found himself at an exit where, almost no cars got on the. It was usually easier to get someone to stop on the on-ramp, than on the highway itself, and in many places, the cops made trouble if you are on the road itself. However, when you find yourself stuck at a little used exit, you do what you must do, and choose between waiting forever, or risk the hassle, and go down to the main road.

The weather today was atrocious, it was snowing and Mark did not have a proper winter coat. The afternoon was wearing on rather tediously, so for this reason, Mark decided to take his chances on going down the ramp. He needed a ride that would get him clear of the city traffic, so once at the bottom, he stood in front of the 'Merging traffic' sign, his thumb stuck out for the passing cars. When anyone came driving down the ramp, he stuck out his other thumb hoping to catch a ride.

He was typically very tense standing there, watching the approaching traffic with care, and worrying was of some idiot choosing that spot to run off the road. He was ready to leap out of the way in the event that happened, but he also rehearsed, in his mind, what he would say in the event that a cop should decide to harass him. Sometimes when the latter occurred, he was able to, not only persuade them not to arrest him, but to take him to a spot where the traffic would be more favourable for catching a ride. Cops were people too, not all bad as some people thought, and by his experience, most were OK, but you never knew. While some amused themselves making trouble for kids, none had ever done that to him, but he had heard stories that caused him to wonder, why there wasn't another revolution brewing,

Therefore, after standing there for a half hour with no luck, his luck turned, but what direction was it turning. Down the ramp came a hitchhiker's worst nightmare, a silver Ford Crown Victoria, with black and blue highway markings, and the infamous bubblegum machine on top. It could pass, he thought, or it could stop, no such luck today, as it rolled to a stop. The window rolled down and the man inside motioned with his finger, for him to come over.

The cop inside was a real stud, he appeared to be over six feet, or so Mark guessed, and that made him taller than Mark. He had light brown hair and deep blue eyes that were set in a beautiful symmetrical face. He looked to be around thirty-five; when he smiled, his teeth were ivory white, and he looked so good in his uniform.

"Got some ID," asked the Adonis God of a cop.

Mark retrieved his ID and passed it in through the opened window. The cop looked it over briefly, and glanced up at Mark, and then instead of giving it back, he placed it on his dash and got out.

"You know it's unlawful to hitchhike down here kid?" He said staring at Mark as if could see clear to his soul.

"Yes, but what was I supposed to do," Mark asks, hoping to get some sympathy from him. "I got let out here officer, there's no traffic coming down this ramp, and there's not even a place to stop and eat."

"Too bad kid, but you're also underage. Do your folks know where you are?" he asks a now worried Mark.

"Not exactly officer, they know I'm around, but not just where, and they don't care about me, so they wouldn't care anyways," Mark tells him sadly, because Mark knew how true those words are.

"Well, I'll have to take you in just the same," the officer said as he got out of the cruiser.

He took Mark's bag, tossed it in the front seat of the cruiser, and Mark flinched, because he hated letting anything get between him and what precious belongings he had.

"Assume the position kid," demanded the officer as he took an authoritarian role with Mark.

"Huh," a confused Mark replied looking at the officer.

"Bend over the hood, kid," the officer said and pushed him onto the hood. "I have to check you... regulations."

Mark did as he was told, and the cop carefully ran his hands over Mark's clothes, grazing his teen cock, as his hands roamed his young body. He found Mark's wallet, the only thing he found, and examined its contents, finding only a few bucks.

"You won't get far on this little money kid," he says, because the wallet contained a mere three dollars.

The officer felt sorry for Mark, because he looked like he had not had a decent meal in days.

"I'll manage." Mark said defiantly now, not wanting the officer's sympathy.

"Humph," the officer said, hating the obvious lack of respect.

The officer, Officer Jake McLean, or so his nameplate read, got out his handcuffs, secured Mark's hands behind his back, and then put him in the back seat, securing him in a seatbelt. They headed down the interstate, and got off three exits later, perking Mark's concern. Mark would have thought they would get off at the first exit, and then head back towards downtown. However, state police tended to have there stations in odd places, as it was this was Colorado, and he was unfamiliar with the state.

As they drove along, instead of houses and buildings becoming more common, things thinned out. Mark wondered where he was being taken, but kept it to himself, because it never made any sense to hassle a cop. However, when the gritted pavement turned to snow and ice, and then they turned down a narrow one-lane dirt road, he became a little more worried.

"Where are we going? Is this the way to the police station," asked Mark, as he tried to conceal the panic in his voice.

"Don't worry about it kid, you'll find out soon enough where you are going," replied the Jake, smiling at him warmly, yet also sadistically.

Eventually the road, if you could call it that ended in front of what appeared to be, an old abandoned cabin, and Jake turned off his engine and got out of the car.

"What is this place?" Mark demanded a note of anger had entered his voice, as Jake opened the cruiser's door and pulled him out.

"Come on in and find out!" replied Jake opening the passenger door. He was smiling at Mark, like the Cheshire cat, as he pulled the frightened teen from the car, and pushed him to the snow laden ground.

"What the fuck!" Mark exclaimed, as he rolled helplessly with his hands secured firmly behind his back. Mark's heart was beating a mile a minute, as he looked up at the superior man gazing down at him, smiling.

"You're a filthy mess, boy!" scoffed Jake, as he smiled down at his helpless captive, and then he tussled Mark's hair and stroked the kid's face.

"Hey, you son of a bitch," Mark exclaimed, with a now deepening note of alarm in his young voice, and Jake bent over and slapped him across the face.

"You will address me only as `sir' or 'master' boy. If you ever call me that again and I'll use a belt on you, and beat you into an unrecognisable pulp," growled Jake as he pulled Mark to his knees.

"You can't do this to me, I have rights you know," Mark shouted defiantly, trying to hold onto his tough guy image, yet inside he was just a terrified kid.

Jake calmly reached down and ripped off Mark's flimsy jacket, along with his tee shirt, exposing the teen's pale, yet defined torso to the elements.

"Get this straight, kid, you're here, and no one, but you and I know that. I'm in control here, and I can do what ever I want with you," he says as he instilled fear into Mark. "You will learn to do what ever I tell you to do, got it kid? You are a weak kid, and you need looking after," said Jake, with a mixture of authority and tenderness in his voice.

He hustled Mark over to a corner of the cabin where there was a faucet and hose, and he undid Marks cuffs as he ordered the terrified kid to remove the rest of his clothes.

Mark complied, out of fear and seeing no other choice as he quickly removed his jeans and his boxer shorts. He looked up at a grinning Jake who nodded his head towards his feet, as an indication for Mark to remove his socks as well. He now stood completely naked, terrified and shivering from the cold. His balls were all shrivelled up close to his body, and his skin covered in goose bumps. He closed his eyes, as the spray from the hose hit him, like needles against his skin. Mark screamed in pain, as the high power hose, shot out water that almost pierced his tender skin. Once he was hosed down and shivering, Jake escorted his captive inside.

Once inside, the derelict appearance of the cabin quickly disappeared. Inside looked liked any modern cabin, with its large flat screen television, and two nice leather sofas. The cabin was decorated in a modern style, which surprised Mark. Jake ordered Mark to stay put, while he went into another room, and returned a moment later. He returned with a towel and proceeded to dry Mark off, from head to foot. When the Jake got to Mark's ass, he lingered, running the towel into Mark's crack, grazing his teen rosebud, and then down between his legs to his perfect teen feet. He runs the towel between his toes, as if he were making love to them, before ascending his legs to his firm ass once again. In spite of the cold and the scary situation, Mark felt a thrill pass up his spine, and his legs involuntarily spread a little, as Jake grazed his rosebud again, causing Jake to chuckle to himself. Mark was a fine specimen; he had a cute hard ass, and a body that would only get better with time.

"Welcome to your new home kid," said Jake, as he brushed his fingers through Mark's hair seductively.

"FUCK YOU, LET ME GO YOU PSYCHO!" Mark screamed, as he pushed his captor away, and started shouting for help.

Jake slapped Mark hard across the face and mocked his pathetic attempt of shouting for help, as he knew it was going to be hard breaking him down.

"Holler all you want son, nobody will hear you," he said as he taunted the boy. "There's not a body around here for at least fifteen miles," scoffed Jake, laughing at Mark's foolish attempt to call for help.

The hunky officer poked a finger into Mark's chest, and told him to shut up, as Mark dared not speak and remained paralysed by fear.

"I'm cold, is there anything for me to wear?" Mark eventually squeaked out, as he was looking into Jake's hypnotic eyes.

Jake looked at the kid and felt a great deal of sympathy for the unloved frightened teen. He wanted to hug him but he knew he had to remain strict for now, because he needed to show him who was in charge.

"Quiet kid, I'll find you something warm to put on soon enough," Jake replied in an assertive tone.

Mark looked at his captor with an expression on his face, which showed sheer contempt and fear. He wanted to cry, but prevented himself from doing so, as Jake signalled for Mark to sit down. Mark was grateful as he sunk into the soft leather, and the fullness the cushions enveloped his young body.

"Okay Mark, I'm gonna give you the lowdown on what's going to happen here," Jake says as he looked unsympathetically in Mark's eyes. "I know you're a runaway, who thinks he's big and bold enough to face the world alone; but you are not Mark, you are a weak kid that needs to be looked after and taught how to behave."

Mark was shocked by Jake's analysis of him, he was running away from his problems, and he did think he was able to face the world by himself. He was disgusted when Jake told him that he was going to be taken on a sexual adventure of self discovery. Mark stood up and shouted...


Jake calmly reached for his tazer that was hanging on his belt, and quickly brushed Mark's abdomen with it, causing him to fall to the ground, writhing in pain. Jake looked down at the helpless teen and warned him, that if he very shouted like that again or was disrespectful, then the punishment would be swift, and worse next time. Mark just nodded and looked at Jake with fear in his deep blue eyes, not daring to challenge him.

Jake turned to a chest of drawers and took out a small green bottle and a cloth; he sprayed some of the pungent chemical solution on the rag, and walked over to Mark, who was still groaning from the pain of being tazered. Jake knelt down and whispered gently to Mark as he placed the chloroform soaked rag over the kid's mouth and nose.

"You are just gonna go for a little nap now kid," and Mark struggled feebly against Jake, to get out of his hold.

Mark stirred a little, before passing out in his tormentor's strong arms, as Jake carried him to his new bedroom. Jake placed him on the bed, dressed him in shorts and a bathrobe, and tucked Mark gently in. He looked for a moment at his young captive, before he kissed his forehead and then left the room, as he locked the door once closed.

Jake hated seeing kids who did not have homes or for that matter, somebody to love and care about them. He felt a great deal of empathy for Mark, because he had no one and nothing. He saw it as his duty to take the kid in, and look after and care for him. He knew that a father's love would change Mark, and help him develop into a fine young man. He wanted to teach Mark about sex, and help him realize that he, like all boys his age, had a gay side that needed exploring. He knew that boys like Mark needed three things to develop: love, discipline and sex, and he felt he was just the one to teach him these things, especially sex.

Mark began to come to from his chemically induced slumber, he felt warm and safe tucked up in bed. It was dark outside, and the snow was falling heavily, as a light glowed from a bedside lamp, softly illuminating the room. His head was killing him, as he strained his eyes to look at the time, on the alarm clock on the bedside table; it was six thirty at night. He still felt confused and scared, as he looked around the room in which he was being held, and he could not believe his eyes. It was every kid's dream, a flat screen television, X-box, Play stations, an abundant supply of computer games and DVD's. Marks parents had never bought him anything, because they never cared for him. Jake certainly liked his technology, Mark thought to himself, as he slowly got out of bed.

Once he stood up and walked around the room, he felt like a kid in a candy store, as he looked at all the amazing computer games Jake had. Back home Mark could only dream of ever owning such things. Mark loved the feeling of the clean bathrobe against his skin as he had not changed his clothes for two days. He tried to open the door but it was locked so he sat back down on the bed and waited.

Fifteen minutes later the door opened and Jake came in carrying some sandwiches and milk. Mark looked up at Jake who was now wearing stone washed jeans, a wife beater shirt, which showed off his perfect body and white sports socks. Mark felt attracted to Jake and he tried to repress his feelings as Jake looked down at Mark and lovingly said.

"Hey buddy, I hope you slept well, here I brought you something to eat," Jake said gingerly to Mark.

"Thanks dude, that's good of you," replied Mark as he devoured the sandwiches and milk.

Jake enjoyed watching Mark eat presumably for the first time in days. He ate without manners which Jake intended to rectify. Jake waited until the famished teen had finished eating before pulling him up about calling him `dude'.

"By the way kid never call me dude again, it's always gonna be sir to you," he tells him, but he wished that it could be dad.

"Sorry sir," replied a shocked Mark, as he stared into his keeper's eyes.

Jake asked Mark if he liked the den/spare bedroom which he was in. He told him that it is where he comes to escape, and enjoy himself after a hard days work. Jake asked Mark about his favourite films and computer games, but Mark told him that he never had games consoles at home, but that he had used them at his friend's houses. It became definite now; Jake wanted to look after this hot but under privileged teen, but Mark was growing tired of the charade.

"Why are you doing this to me, locking me in here and pretending to care about me? I know you are probably some fag, but I ain't, so just let me go mister," Mark said as he made a sorry attempt at being defiant.

Jake cracked up and punched Mark in the face, which sent him falling back onto the bed, and he puts his hands up to protect himself. Jake pulls out his tazer and shocks the kid a few times, and left Mark crying, as Jake sneered at him.

"Look kid I wanna be nice to you, but if you continue to show me disrespect and insult me, then I won't continue to be so generous. I bring you into my home, look after you, and yet you show me no respect."

"I don't wanna be here let me go you asshole," sobs Mark as he pathetically tried to attack Jake who just tazered him again.

"Kid you just made one big mistake," warned Jake, as he undid the buckle on his belt, and pulled it from the loops.

"Fuck you, you God damn psycho," cries Mark as he looks up at his captor with hatred in his young eyes.

"You're gonna learn to show me respect boy," and grabs the boy.

Jake pushed the kid's robe out of the way and pulled down his shorts, exposing his cute bubble butt. Mark was terrified of being hit, but tried not to show his fear, as Jake brought down his belt on Marks ass, causing him to scream in agony as he brought each stroke down in quick succession. Mark could no longer scream, and just yelped from the pain, as his ass began to burn from Jake's physical attack on it.

"Are you sorry you disrespected me," Jake asked demandingly.

"Yes!" Mark replied, somewhat sarcastically, as a few more smacks fell across the ass.

"Are you really sorry," he asked again unrelentingly.

"Yes." Mark whimpered unable to remember what is it was that Jake was demanding of him.

Smack! "Yes what," he asked, as he still demanded more from the boy.

"Yes, I'm sorry," he whined, hoping he had it right.

Smack! "Sorry, Sir," he said just barely audible to Jake. "I'm sorry, sir," and at last he had gotten it right.

"Good" was all Jake said, as he rubbed Mark's sore ass with his hands, and then he stood up and removed his own clothes.

Jake reached into the top drawer of the bed stand, and took out some lubricant. He squirted some onto his fingers and started to lube up Mark's virgin hole, but Mark tried to resist, which only elicited several zaps of the tazer. The tazer stopped him from struggling, as he resigned himself to his fate, that this man had broken him. Jake applied some lube to his cock and slowly slid his cock into Mark's cherry red ass. Jake liked fucking boys, but he loved shoving his cock into a virgin's rosebud.

It did not hurt as much as Mark thought it would, although it was still unpleasant. He whimpered in pain as Jake thrust his entire ten-inches into him, and he tried to struggle but was tazered. Despite the pain of being anally penetrated, Marks own cock began to stiffen, and it surprised him.

Jake began to pick up momentum, as he worked a rhythm for fucking this teen stud's ass, and Mark cried into the pillow as Jake fucked his boy pussy. Jake noticed that Mark had developed a hardon and laughed as he said.

"You like that cock, don't you boy," Jake whispers in Mark's ear. "You like my cock in your ass, don't you boy," and Mark cried out like a wolf as Jake plunged deeper into him.

"Nooooooooo please don't do this I'm sorry," he screams in pain, as Jake attacks his ravaged young ass.

Jake just laughed as Mark's cock started dripping pre-cum, and he taunted the sexually confused teenager, as he started to play with his cock.

"Yeah boy you love me playing with your cock don't you," he whispers, as new sensations were now revealing themselves to the boy.

Marks moans of pain had now subsided into moans of pleasure, as Jake pounded his ass and Jake's cock rubbed against the kid's prostate, which sent riveting waves of pleasure through Mark's body.

Jake loved it when he converted straight boys to loving cock; it was a high for him. Mark was now overcome with pleasure, as he began to push his ass back on Jake's cock. His rational mind had deserted him as he gave in, and accepted that he enjoyed the feeling of cock in his pussy.

"Oh yeah kid I'm gonna pump your sweet pussy full of cum," was all Jake groaned as he fired volleys of his seed into Mark's well stretched ass.

It only took one more nudge of Mark's prostate, and one final tug of his young boy cock, before he experienced his most intense orgasm ever. He groaned as he shot cum all over the sheets; one, two and finally ending with five loads of his sweet boy nectar, as he panted for breath.

Mark lay exhausted from an intense session as Jake fell on top of him, forcing the air from his lungs. Mark cried, as he struggled to comprehend, what had just happened to him, and most importantly, why he enjoyed it. Jake pulled his shrinking cock out of Mark's ass, and kissed the back of his neck. Mark tried to resist, even though Jake could overpower him, so he eventually accepted that resistance was futile.

Mark fell asleep from the exhaustion of being fucked, and from having used so much energy when firing his massive teen load all over the bed. Jake laid stroking Mark's hair contented, that he was well on the way to breaking the teen down, and getting him to accept his new life. Jake kissed the back of mark's head, got up, and left the room. He locked the door behind him, and contemplated his next move with the kid. It was a good sign that Mark enjoyed cock; it would mean that breaking him would be slightly easier. Jake climbed into his own bed and drifted off into a blissful sleep, but Mark on the other hand, slept with Jake's seed slowly dripping out of his ravaged hole.

Mark awoke the next morning, his hole numb and his ass cheeks still tender, from the beating he received the night before. He felt confused, half of him felt used and the other part of him loved, being fucked. He sat quietly with his thoughts until Jake came in; he was cheery as he sauntered into the room.

"Morning kiddo, I've brought you some breakfast."

"Thanks sir," Mark replied gratefully.

"Don't mention it kid," laughed Jake, as he handed Mark his breakfast.

Jake asked Mark about how he felt about the events of the night before; Mark replied honestly, and told him part of him enjoyed it, but another part of him hated it. Mark asked why Jake was doing this to him and Jake explained that he needed to learn, that he was just a kid who needed to be shown, how to behave, and most importantly shown love. Mark burst into tears, and spilled his heart out about his life, how his parents neglected him. Jake hugged him tighter to him, and reassured him everything would be okay.

Mark buried his face into Jakes chest, as he sobbed uncontrollably, and the smell of his captor aroused him, a faint mixture of sweat and body spray filled his senses. He inhaled deeply as Jake stroked his hair lovingly content that the kid would submit, and accept him as his new teacher, and maybe someday father. Tears of self-pity rolled down Mark's face, as he realized he had feelings for Jake.

Jake told Mark to lie back on the bed; he complied, afraid of the consequences and Jake pulled Mark's shorts down and off. He engulfed the boy's cock right down to his pubes, and slowly moved masterfully back up, as he ran his tongue along the vein on the underside of it. Jake dropped Mark's cock, through his muscular legs on his shoulder, and spread his luscious cheeks, as buried his face deep into his ass.

He plunged his tongue deep into his rosebud, and Mark moaned out in ecstasy. Jake fondled Mark's balls and soon the boy is at his edge and cooing like a dove. Jake licked and kissed as he descended Mark's legs, as he worked his way down to his feet. He lifted his left foot up, and kissed the tender souls, before sucking each toe as a cock.

"Fuck yeah sir," Mark purred, as this new sensation overtook him.

Jake gave Mark's right foot the same attention, as he worked his way up towards Mark's cock.

Once back at his thighs, he gently nibbled on them, before he lifted his legs once again. Jake kneeled between Mark's legs, pushed them back, as he spread the boy's ass cheeks, and dives for his luscious pink pucker waiting deep within. He ran his wet tongue around the hidden prize, as he caused shivers to run down Mark's spine, as he pushed his tongue deep into his sweet pucker.

"Holy shit that's hot," Mark crowed, as he pulled his legs higher, to give Jake better access to his boy pussy, and he brought Mark quickly to his edge but he kept him dancing on the edge.

Jake moved quickly to Mark's cock, and engulfed it.

"Mmmm," Mark moaned as Jake sucked harder and faster on Mark's cock, and Mark groaned in pleasure as Jake worked the head with his tongue. Mark did not care anymore and he admitted to himself, that he loved getting a blowjob from another guy. Jake worked Mark's tender young nipples as he squeezed and teased them, and it sent the kid into a realm of unimaginable pleasure. Jake started to play with Marks hole again, using one finger at first, then two; working the kid's prostate, and he knew he was close when his hole tightened around his fingers.

"Oh fuck... oh fuck... oh fuck I'm gonna shoot sir," was all Mark could groan, as he shot rope after rope of thick warm semen, into Jake's mouth. Jake swallowed Marks seed as if it was going out of fashion, and never lost one drop.

Mark laid there panting heavily, as Jake licked the last droplets of cum from his dick. Jake then stood up and looked at the kid; who was still in his climatic euphoria, as he smiled at Jake he whispered...

"Thank you sir," and he softly sighed.

"No problem kid" Jake replied, Mark did not need to be told, to assume the position, he merely lifted his legs this time, and he held them back as far as he could, exposing his pussy to Jake.

"What's this Mark," Jake asked, and Mark noticed he had called him by his name, instead of simply boy or kid.

"I want to watch your face sir, as you make love to me," and it touched Jake's heart immensely.

Jake smiled back as he started to lube Mark's boy pussy, enjoying his boy's pussy, and then lubed up his own cock. He slipped his cock into his hungry teen pussy, ever so gently, letting in glide until it bottomed. Mark loved the feeling of having a cock in his ass because it somehow made him feel complete. He yelped slightly, as it slid past his prostate and through to his second sphincter, and now he was going wild as the fullness took over.

"Fuck your boy sir," Mark said, as he reached up and tortured Jake's nipples, causing Jake to emit a loud groan.

Jake quickly gained momentum as he proceeded to fuck Mark's starving hole. Mark loved the feeling of the Jake's dick inside him, and begun to thrust himself up onto Jakes cock, as he impaled his ass with it. This continued for twenty minutes or more, and both of them were getting tired, as sheer pleasure now consumed them both. Jake was close, so he thrust deeper and harder into his boy.

"Oh yeah... oh fuck... I'm gonna shoot my load in you boy... get ready," Mark just groaned in approval, as thrusted up faster on Jakes huge dick.

Jake shot several thick loads of cum up his ass, planting it deep in his teen bowls, as he rubbed his boy's prostate, and sent Mark over his edge.

"I'm gonna shoot again," and tossed his teen cream all over his chest and abs, as he cooed out in content.

Jake and collapsed on Mark, and kissed passionately, as their tongues lapped in a post orgasmic frenzy. They kissed with such love and tenderness, as their sweat glistened bodies rubbed against each other, and Mark nibbled on Jake's ear and then whispered.

"I love you daddy," and Jake cried as he said.

"I love you too son," and they kissed tenderly.

Jake just held a dependent Mark close to him and promised to look after him. Mark loved being held in this tender man's arms. He was falling in love with a man he knew so little about and yet he did not care any longer. Jake on the other hand was now confident that he had Mark dependent on him, but what he too had come to realize was that he finally had a son.

Jake told Mark about how he had never married or had kids, and how he always wanted to be a dad, but work always prevented him from settling down and starting a family. He also told Mark that it broke his heart when he saw kids like him, from broken homes that did not have a decent life, and he felt compelled to help somebody, even if it was only him. He felt justified now, that he was able to turn one kid's life around. He told Mark that he was lucky he took him in, and saved him from a life of living rough or of crime and drug abuse.

Mark realized that his life with Jake would be good, here he had somebody who cared about him, a nice roof over his head, warmth, security and love, and all the things he could ever dreamed of. Jake told him he could play with all the things that he wanted, as long as he behaved and showed him respect.

Why would anybody want to leave the warmth and love behind? Jake made them both a lovely lunch.

"My parents never made anything for me; I either ate at a friend's house or made something for himself," he told Jake as he sat and watched his daddy cooking.

As they sat by the fire together, with Mark nestled in Jake's arms, Jake told him that he never needed to worry about money or finding a job, because he was there to look after him. All Mark had to worry about was enjoying his childhood and being happy, and he cherished doing that.

Mark now saw Jake as the father he had always dreamed of, strong, caring and handsome. He never imagined that he would enjoy gay sex, but for some reason he just did, and he no longer lied to himself about his sexuality.

Jake planned to have a normal father and son relationship with Mark, with the exception of their sexual activities. Jake also hoped that he could find something for Mark to do at the local police department, perhaps a job carrying messages or generally just helping with everyday jobs. Jake's father was an unloving man who never had time for his family, so Jake knew that a loving father figure was all Mark needed.

"From now on Mark, I will only call you son," Jake said looking at his boy.

"And I will refer to you as dad, because you're the dad I have always wanted," Marks said as he looked up at his dad, and Jake cuddled the hormone driven teen.

"I love you my son," Jake whispered into Mark's ear, as they sat and watched the fire burn.

"I love you too daddy, and I can't imagine the adventures that we will have," as he reached up and kissed his dad.

Father and son kissed then cuddled each other as they basked in the warm glow of the flames. They fell asleep in each other's arms as the heavy snow fell outside, covering Marks old clothes and hence burying his unhappy past finally.

"We will have great adventures, won't we dad," Mark asked as he drifted off to sleep in Jake's arms.

"You bet we will son," he whispered back, and drifted off to sleep also.

The End

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