I had a lot of trouble sleeping that night. Between my sore ass and my guilty conscience, I kept waking up. Each time I would lay there thinking about my wife, my family, my friends, and everyone I worked with - how would they react if they found out about my deepest desires?

I looked over at my wife as she lay against the pillow, the soft moonlight reflecting off her pretty face. I really loved her. She was beautiful, sexy, smart, and had been a great mother and a great wife. She really didn't deserve this. I really didn't deserve her. I wished so much that I was like ordinary men, without this deep seeded need to have a cock in me and to be made to feel like I was just some slut to be used and abused by some other man.

I would finally fall asleep, only to have nightmares, wake up and go through it all over again in my head. The guilt, the shame. Then I would think about Tom. As my cock almost immediately got rock hard, I would reminice over each minute I had been with him. He knew exactly what I needed. He really was amazing. There was no doubt that his training and experience as a psychologist helped him to guide me as he did. He was not manipulating me. He was simply making me realize how much I had always wanted to serve someone like him.

I started to think how wonderful it would be if my wife were like Tom. I wondered if I could serve a woman in the same way as I was serving him. What if my wife were my Mistress and made me her cuckold? That would be the ultimate solution. Of course, it would only work if she would force me to service other men as well as to service her, because I would always need to have some cock once in awhile. I could imagine Tom fucking her, then forcing me to suck his cum out of her dripping pussy. She would call me a disgusting slut while she squeezed her keagles and squirted his cum onto my lapping tongue. Then, afterwards, she would tell me to clean off his cock. He would lay back against the pillows with his legs spread open. While she lay her head on his chest, she would look down and watch me lick their mixed cum off his cock and balls. She would tell me that I was a good little cum-eater.

What a great fantasy.

After a fitful night, the dreaded alarm buzzed at the usual time. I think I must have fallen asleep thinking about Tom's wet cock in my mouth because I was rock hard when I woke up. Almost as if she knew what I was going through, my wife rolled over gave me a seductive smile. She must have been having some sexual dreams herself because, without a word, she sat up and stradled me, and dropped her wet pussy right down on my throbbing cock. She was up on her knees, pushing her entire body up and down onto me. Her eyes were closed. She was using me like Tom had used me. I think she may have been reliving her dream. Her pert little breasts bobbed up and down with the rythm of her body. She looks so beautiful. She started to moan. Her silky hair fell down onto her shoulders as she swayed her head from side to side. The morning sun shone onto her beautiful face and she looked like an angel.

I swore right there and then that I would give it all up. Yes. That was it. No more men. No more cock. No more cheating.

I had never screwed around on my wife with another woman. The idea never really even occurred to me. It was cock that I needed, not another woman.

If she ever found out about what I had been doing, she would be devastated. She would almost certainly leave me, and might even "out" me to everyone as well. No. She did not deserve this and I could not take the risk. I would find a way to resist my urges, and be true to her. She deserved it. She was a good woman. No, she was a great woman and I loved her.

Almost as if she felt my conviction, she started cumming at that very moment. Her entire body shook as she plunged her full weight down onto my cock. Her ass vibrated agaist me and my own cock spewed its treasure into her pulsating pussy.

I admit, it was not the first time I had promised myself I would purge myself of this desire for man-sex. In fact, it was probably the tenth in as many years. Every once in awhile I would erase everything I had that related to gay sex. The pictures of big cocks and cum- shooting I had downloaded from the Internet. The emails and chat logs from the various personals sites I cruised. Everything. Then, with each passing day, I would find myself creeping back into the scene. I would go look at a picture, watch "just one" video, or start up a chat with some guy with a big cock across the country. After a few weeks, I would be right back into it, on the search for someone to actually meet so that I could suck the cum out of his balls.

No... this time I would do it. Tom had come too close to putting me over the edge. I had actually had thoughts about leaving my wife so that I could serve him full time. Not that he had suggested that option might be available to me, but my mind had fast forwarded to a future where that might be possible. Once I went there, there would be no coming back. I had a family to think about. I had kids that looked up to me. I had the respect of my colleagues at work. I had a great life - a beautiful, wonderful wife, a great house, no worries about finances, it was all planned out and the future was grand.

I lasted all of three weeks.

OK...I admit, I am weak. But I could not stop thinking about Tom. I would remember how good it was to taste his cock spurting its contents onto my tongue. I would reminisce over and over again what an amazing out-of-body experience it was when he whipped me. I would imagine his fist deep inside my bowels.

During those three weeks, I had had no contact with Tom, nor any of my other bi or gay contacts either. As I said, it was to be a full purge.

When I could no longer resist, I sent Tom an email of apology.

"Dear Tom, Please forgive me for not having written to or contacted you for the last 22 days. I have been going through a bit of an introspection. I hope that I can explain it more to you in person. Please allow me the honor of visiting you again? I miss you.

Respectfully, Steven"

I did not hear from Tom for a few days. I was worried he had abandoned me. I would not have blamed him. After all, I had abandoned him. I imagine men like Tom meet all kinds men that turn out to be totally fickle. Let's face it, given my inner angst and the resultant purging, I fell into that category. I realized that I should have, at least, given him the courtesy of an explanation, rather than simply choosing to stop communicating. I felt like a high-school kid who breaks up with a girl by simply not calling her anymore.

As each day passed, I got sadder and sadder. I had really blown it...and with the first and only guy that really understood me. I wanted to write him again and beg him to allow me to see him. I decided that he would probably respect me more if I waited for him. After all, he was the one who should call the shots. I would wait another full week before the begging would start, and then I would plead with all my heart.

On the fourth day, I received a response. "Steven, you are forgiven. We will discuss this when we meet. I will be going out of town for 4 days. Be at my home at 3 pm on Friday."

Such relief! I practically jumped for joy.

I think he knew the extra wait would practically kill me. I wondered if it was part of his psychological games. After all, everyone wants what they can't have. He ensured I could not have him just a little longer. It was much less than the punishment I deserved.

I rearranged my schedule to ensure that my Friday afternoon was available. I told me wife I would be going to the gym for a workout right after work. I did not want to be rushed.

I knocked on Tom's front door at exactly 3 pm. He may have been waiting on the other side of the door because he opened it immediately. With my head hung down, I stepped across the threshold.

Tom placed two fingers under my chin, forced me to look up at him, gave me a gentle kiss on the forehead and said, "It's OK. I understand."

I jumped up and wrapped my arms around his neck.

"Oh Tom," I said, "I am so very sorry. I felt so terribly guilty. It wasn't you. You're the most important person in my life right now. I am so so sorry. I never want to be without you again."

"It's OK," he repeated. "I have done this enough times to know what you are going through. I expected it."

I was sobbing. I surprised even myself at the depth of my passion. I hadn't cried since I was ten years old, and here I was blubbering like a baby.

Just then, I caught a movement from the corner of my eye. Across the foyer, at the far side of the dining room, I saw a maid dusting off the china cabinet. Even though she was a full 40 feet away, her body looked exquisite. She was wearing a short frilly maid's skirt and nothing at all above her waist.

Tom caught where I was looking and said, "Samantha, come and say hello to our guest."

He stepped away from me and allowed me to watch her. She walked slowly toward me, her feet stepping in front of one another like a model on a catwalk. She had long, slim legs clad in white nylons, accentuated by the short skirt. As we used to joke with the boys, they went "all the way up". It was not her legs that caught my attention though.

She had the most amazing breasts I had ever seen. They had to be fake. I could not believe than any woman alive had breasts as beautiful if were natural. Based on my wife’s size B, Samantha easily filled a full D. The nipples were about the diameter of a silver dollar and sat just above center pointing up at about 10 degrees. Her nipples were obviously aroused and looked like two hard cherry pits. Those breasts were perfect! They bounced ever so slightly with each step. Her thick wavy hair framing them on each side.

As she entered the foyer, I finally ripped my eyes from her breasts and looked up at her face. A few times in your life you meet a woman that is so outstanding that you know her face will be imprinted on your mind for the rest of your life. This woman moved to the top of that very short list. Her skin was flawless. Her sparkling blue eyes looked like reflections off the blue seas off the shores of the Cook Islands. Her perfect oval face was surrounded by big tufts of dark red hair matched in color by her full smiling lips.

Tom reached over and lifted my chin to close my mouth. Truly, I was dumbfounded and was standing their like a schoolboy with my jaw dropped to my chest.

"Samantha. This is Steven."

"Steven, meet Samantha. Sammi comes over twice a week to clean up the house and take care of some other duties."

I wanted to say something witty or charming, but my mouth didn't answer my brain. She was simply too overwhelming.

"Sammi, show Steven how we greet our guests here."

"Yes Master," she responded.

Without a word, this Godess dropped to her knees, undid my pants, pulled them down around my ankles, and with one smooth movement, wrapped those luscious lips around my shaft and sucked me into the depths of her throat. Then, nothing.

For a few seconds nothing happened. I thought that perhaps she was showing off on how long she could hold her breath with my cock lodged in her throat.

Suddenly, an amazing sensation enveloped my cock. I did not know what she was doing with her throat, but it felt as if my cock was being massaged by a tight creamy hand. A sensation of a ring pressed around my cock moved from one end of the shaft to the other - from the base of my cock up around the head and back down again. I had never felt anything so enormously satisfying. I closed my eyes for a moment so that I could focus on the sensations. Wet. Sloppy. Tight. Dry. Soothing. Scraping. Dreamy. Amazing. Words could not describe it. Finally, she pulled off my cock and sucked in a deep breath. Then she dropped onto it again and continued unabated.

I looked down and watched her. Her head was not moving an inch, yet my cock continued to be massaged from top to root. I was so close to cumming. My body was starting to get that tingling sensation that always precedes my gusher.

Just as I was about to go over the edge Tom commanded, in a firm strong voice, "Enough!"

Within a fraction of a second she was off my cock and standing before us, smiling and looking directly into my eyes. Her own eyes were bright and wet, obviously from the effort of holding her breath while my thickness had filled her throat. The wetness made them look all the more beautiful. This was a woman that could get any man to do anything and here she was, doing Tom's bidding and calling him her Master. Here she was, standing before me, with those beautiful breasts just inches from me, and looking at me like I was the man of her dreams. There was a depth to those eyes that was indescribable - intelligent, playful, and just plain sexy. I wanted her to stay and let me look into them forever.

"Go make us some lunch, Samantha. We will eat on the patio as we discussed."

Samatha turned on a dime and, with swinging hips, disappeared toward the kitchen.

As always, Tom insisted that I strip before further entering the house. Fortunately, it was another warm sunny day as he guided me outside onto the patio. Due to the size of the lot, trees on three sides and the water on the fourth, it was always very private, though there was the odd sailing boat drifting by. Knowing that boaters almost always kept binoculars onboard, I assume that a few of them got quite a peep show as they scanned Tom's backyard. I blushed slightly at the idea.

Kimberly served us soup and sandwiches. She acted as if she were just a waitress and that nothing had happened between us at the front door. If anything, she averted her eyes from any contact with mine. Needless to say, I could not help but watch her and those magnificent breasts as she leaned over to place my soup bowl in front of me.

Tom and I took the time over lunch to discuss what I had been going through for the previous three weeks. When I was finished explaining and again apologizing Tom said, "Don't feel badly Steven. This is very normal. It is natural for you to feel guilt. Let me ask you, knowing what you now know about yourself, that you are a cocksucker and are born to serve others, would you ever have gotten married?"

"I am sure I would not have," I replied. "I only wish that I had discovered this earlier. It seems like I have wasted so much of my life living a 'normal' life, when I could have been spending all this time serving others."

"Yet," Tom continued, "you say you love your wife. Imagine that you were living the life of a cocksucker and you met your wife and fell in love with her. Then what would you do?"

"Well..." I pondered for a moment. "I suppose that I probably would not have had the opportunity to meet a woman like her because I would be always looking for the type of people who would dominate me and who I could serve sexually. I suppose I would not really be looking at women at all, because I would be more focused on the men that I was meeting and thinking about getting on my knees and sucking their cocks."

"That is probably true Steven. But you must be realistic. Even in the life of a cocksucker, you will meet men and women that will touch your emotions in a way that is more than that of a Dom or Master. Since you are really bisexual, you may also find yourself falling for a female Domme. You might even meet and fall in love with another slaveboy or slavegirl. Love is a funny thing - you never know when it might hit you. That may be OK. As long as you know you are a cocksucker, and that if you fall in love it must be with someone that will recognize and let you lead your life as the cocksucker that you are, then you will be OK.

"But what about my wife?" I asked, almost pleading with him to give me an answer I could live with.

Tom gave me a sly smile. "Don't you worry about that for now. We'll figure out something. As I told you before. I am not here to ruin your life. Your fate is always in your hands. In the meantime, I need to know that I can count on you. I need to know that you will be obedient and will continue to come and see me for your training. I need to know that you will never, ever, stop being my little bitch."

He said that word, "bitch" as if it were an honor bestowed upon me. I always thought of it as such a derogatory term. Yet here he was using it as if here were saying, "my sweet little baby."

"You can count on me Tom," I said with earnest. I knew that I was hooked on him and that he would always be a part of my life and that I would always have to be involved in his lifestyle.

"Say it Steven."

It took only a moment for me to realize what he was asking.

"I am a cocksucker. I was born to serve."

"Good boy. I am going to train you well Steven. You are going to be a GREAT cocksucker. You are going to make me very proud. Now, I am going to share a little about what you are getting into. You see, for many years now I have been building up a little 'community' here. We refer to each other as our 'family'. There are about 40 Masters and Mistresses in our family, each that own one, two, or sometimes even three slaves or cocksuckers.

Let me tell you a little about the difference between a slave and a cocksucker. You see, the latter is not 100% committed. You cannot be a slave unless you are living that life 100% of the time. That does not necessarily mean that you live with your Master or Mistress, but it does mean that everything you do and think about is related to serving your Master or Mistress. Anything less is a cocksucker. For example, you could not possibly be a slave as long as you are married to your wife, because you have some loyalty to your wife.

The important thing about our family is that we do not have any unsafe sexual interaction with outsiders. This means that everyone in our family, and there are over one hundred of us now, never have anal intercourse with anyone outside the family without condoms. We also never swallow cum from anyone outside the family. For the most part, we seldom have any sexual contact outside the family. Realistically we know that it will happen, so we set these rules for ourselves. As an added precaution, we all get tested for STDs every six months.

The great thing is that, within our community, we can have total sexual freedom without concern that we need to worry about our health. So, by our rules, anyone in my family can cum in your mouth or your ass, but you would never be allowed to cum in their mouth or ass without a condom. Of course, amongst ourselves, we never worry that any cum dripping out of an ass or a pussy or a mouth has any STD.

Now, as a cocksucker Steven, you might be ordered to fuck some other cocksucker or slave. But you can never be a full part of our family as long as you are having sex with your wife, because she is an outsider. We have no control over whatever outside sex she might be having. Even though I am sure you trust her, and she may not be fucking anyone but you, we have no assurance of that. So you must understand, as my bitch, you will become a part of our family, but you are never allowed to cum in any other family member. They are safe and may cum in or on you.

You will meet other few other cocksuckers in our group. They also are restricted by the same rules. In order to ensure that the cocksuckers are always recognized, so that the Masters and Mistresses in our group know to ensure that the cocksuckers are always wrapped, all cocksuckers must wear one of these."

Tom pulled out a leather collar that was studded with the word "COCKSUCKER". He put it around my neck and tied it at the back.

"Steven, you will wear this at all times you are in this home, or the home of any other member of our family. As my bitch, I will keep it for you. You are to put it on immediately upon coming into my home, any other family members' home. Whenever you see me, you will immediately strip and then put on this collar. If I invite you to come to some other home, and I am not at the door to greet you, you will find this collar somewhere directly inside the entrance where you are invited to enter. I have put your name "Cocksucker Steven" inside the collar, so that if there are other collars for other cocksuckers, you will be able to find yours."

I listened intently to understand all that Tom was telling me. This whole scene was much more than what I had envisioned. I had thought that I would only be with Tom, perhaps some of his other slaves, like Kimberly, and perhaps over time he might have me serve some other Doms and Masters that were his friends. Here he was telling me that there were over 100 other people that I might be introduced to and with whom to have sex.

Tom must have seen a bit of worry on my face, as he continued, "You will never ever have to worry about meeting any of the other members of our family outside our safe environments. First, every one of the slaves and cocksuckers will have gone through rigorous training to ensure their total dedication to our lifestyle and to their owner. I, myself, as the initiator and coordinator of our family, will have vetted each new member, including new Masters and Mistresses. We are all committed to being totally invisible to the outside world. Anyone you meet here will never even show any recognition of you when outside."

"Do you trust me Steven?"

"This is all much more than I imagined, Tom. But, yes, I do trust you", I replied.

"OK. I need you to understand that you can equally trust anyone that I introduce you to. If you trust me, you must trust my judgment in all things. I need your trust and I need your loyalty. Do I have that Steven?"

"Yes, Tom."

I was still a little pessimistic. But my mind quickly considered all the potential of being part of such a large and safe community."

"Good," Tom continued. "One more thing, there is a little key dangling off your collar. This key indicates that someone else outside our community, in your case, your wife, holds a key to your life. This is a signal to the others that you are not to be marked. You may see other slaves and cocksuckers being whipped or strapped or caned or other actions taken with them that are more severe taken with you. This is because we respect your status as a partnered cocksucker. When see other cocksuckers without a key on their collar, this means that, though they are not fully committed to a slave status, they are single and their Masters or Mistresses have total ownership of their body."

This was starting to get a little scary. Talk about "total ownership of their body" was a little more than I had considered. Even though Tom was telling me that I would be respected for may outside married status, this whole scene was way beyond my imagination. Still, I was intrigued. There was no going back now in any case. I told Tom I was committed and devoted to him and I knew that I just had to trust him. My mind was in overdrive with all this information.

"Now tell me Steven, do you understand this? This is your last chance to step away. If you do, you will never see me again. If you stay now, then I expect you will be my bitch for as long as I want you to be my bitch. You will obey me. You will do whatever I say with, for, or to anyone else I tell you. This is your chance now. What do you say, Steven."

I really didn't need to think about it. I looked down at my rock hard cock and knew that this was what I wanted. It was more than I had ever dreamed of. Yet I realized that was only because I did not even know that this kind of a life could exist.

"I am and will always be your bitch, Tom. Thank you for giving me the honor."

Tom smiled.

"Good. Now go sit in that chair there and put your hands behind the back." Tom pointed to a low back wooden chair just ten feet away from our patio table.

I sat in the chair and Tom walked around the back and tied my hands together with a leather strap. Then he move each of my feet to a front leg of the chair and tied them in place. Finally, he put something in my mouth and tied it to the back of my head. The gag was shaped like a short fat penis and filled half between my lips and my tonsils. It had a large hole in the end that I could breathe through and thus must have been hollow.

"You might drool a little with that gag on, boy. Don't worry about it, just drool if you have to. I have a special treat for my newly committed little bitch."

As if one cue, some Greek music started playing. My eyes widened as Kimberly came into my view. She had changed into the outfit of a belly dancer. She was draped in layers of light purple sheer silk. Her hair was tied up above her head, with a few wisps falling down onto her flawless face. Her beautiful lips were partially hidden by the scarf wrapped around the lower half of her face, all of which accentuated those gorgeous baby blue eyes. She had applied a lot of make-up onto her eyes with shades of blue and light purples and it all came together to make them seem full of both purity and fire.

Kimberly swayed her hips in large ovals as she danced onto the patio. Her long legs were wrapped in silk tied at the bottom like harem pants. Her hips were wrapped in layer upon layer of silk. Her breasts were equally covered, just enough that I could see them pushing out against the silk but her nipples were barely discernable.

The only visible skin was at her belly, which rotated with the movement of her hips, her fine stomach muscles readily apparent as the they stretched and contracted with each gyration.

I thought she was gorgeous before. Seeing her clothed, with those gorgeous eyes flashing at me, made me want her even more. I started thinking about what she had looked like when she first approached me at the front door, her naked breasts, her long wavy hair, her beautiful lips. Of course, that thought led directly to the memory of the amazing thing she did with her throat. It made me wish I had met her before I met my wife, because I would certainly have fallen in love.

Right. Like a guy like me would have had a chance with such perfection.

Kimberly stood directly in front of me. As the music reached a crescendo, her stomach vibrated with the beat. She must have been a professional belly dancer, or at least aspired to be one, because her belly moved as well or better than any I had seen in a Greek restaurant.

She started taking off the layers of silk. She would tease me by dragging the soft material across my body. The first scarf slid across my legs. The second over my shoulder. As she danced around and around my chair, she continued to pull the scarves off her exquisite body and dragged them around my neck, over my shoulder, across my chest. Whenever she was in my line of sight, she looked deep into my eyes and batted her long lashes at me. As each scarf fell to the patio, more of her body became exposed. Finally, the outline of her hard nipples could be clearly seen through the last few layers. She came closer and rubbed them against the skin on my shoulders.

I sat there with my cock standing straight in the air, my chest covered in my drool, and my lust having reached new heights. My entire body was tense with the overwhelming desire I had for her.

She teased me. Then pulled back. Then teased me again with a rub here, a sway there. She would push her arms out above her head and twist then together like two loving snakes before she would bring them back down as lovingly, touching her hair, her shoulders, her breasts and then finally her stomach and hips. As my eyes followed her hands, she would gyrate her hips and stomach again to accentuate the music. She was amazing!

Kimberly was wearing some dark cloth around her waist, keeping me from seeing the her nether regions. I really didn't care, as I continued my focus on her gorgeous eyes, her amazing stomach, and those still-hidden breasts.

The final layers were removed from her breasts and they stood out proudly, her nipples rock hard. She slipped her hands in that sexy movement above her head and this time, as they started their journey back down her body toward her body, she let her hair loose. The long thick waves cascaded down over her shoulders. She took advantage of the new found freedom and swung her head around and around to the music, her thick glossy hair swinging through the air from the centrifugal force. She was on fire! Hell. I was on fire!

With her breasts free, she cupped one in each hand and rubbed them against my face. Then she sat on my legs and rubbed her crotch into my knee as if she was trying to guide it into her cunt. Her hips gyrated back and forth as she dry humped my legs, all the while rubbing her breasts into my face.

I so wished that my mouth was not full with the penis gag because I wanted so much to stick out my tongue and lick them all over.

She got up again, still dancing to the music, and further teased me by denying me the touch and feel of her body. As she danced in front of me, her body moving like an leaf in the breeze, she looked magnificent. With almost no silk layers left on her body, the 5 inch pumps on her feet, and only a single sheer layer of silk covering her legs.

Her waist was still a mystery, but I was sure that at any moment she would expose her most private parts to me. My cock was still standing at attention, as it had the entire time, hoping upon hope that she would remove her covering and slide her body onto my love stick.

Then I remember Tom's "rules" about safe sex with an outsider, and I realized that she would never let me slide my cock in her without a condom. It made me want to become an insider, because I so wanted to be inside her.

She danced back toward me. Finally, she removed the silk scarf around her head and mouth. She licked her lips as she gave me a knowing smile. I could sense that something had shifted, and something special was about to happen.

She started to dance around my chair over and over again all the while rubbing her breasts all over my head, then my face, then my head again. I was getting dizzy with desire.

The music started to slow as she straddled my chair and dropped onto my lap. She looked directly into my eyes and then dropped her head to my chest. Her tongue came out and she gave me a long lick, as if she were a cat, across my nipple, up the length of my neck, then across my face - over my lips, cheek, eyes and then finally my forehead.

Then, as she put the full weight of her body on my legs as she squeezed her feet on each side of me, and then stood up on the chair. Her waist was now even with my head and I knew what was going to come. She started to lift her skirt very slowly. It rode up from just above her mid thigh. I eagerly anticipated the view of her cunt as she teased me by lifting the dark cloth just a few millimeters at a time, all the while swaying her hips as if to say, "Here is comes, my love. Here comes the object of your desire."

Then, suddenly, my heart doubled its pace as the shock set in from what I was seeing. With one swift movement, she ripped off the remaining material, pulled at an elastic restraint and let a pair of balls fall out below a turgid cock, which had been held tightly against her body by the elastic.

She was a man!!!

I heard Tom give her a command. "Do it now Kimberly".

As if anticipating the command, she pushed the cock directly into the hollow of my penis gag.

"Cum NOW!"

Her cum started spewing through the hole at the end of the gag and filled my mouth. It filled me like I were drinking from a cup filled with warm salty fluid. I swallowed hard. Since the gag had filled so much of my mouth, there was not a lot of room for her cum. Then I felt the last ropes of her cum shoot through the hole onto the back of my throat.

I was in shock. Yet my cock started throbbing and I felt my own gush spurt up and land on my belly.

Kimberly pulled her cock out of the gag, cleaned it off by rubbing it against my cheeks, and then stepped off and back from the chair.

She stood there, totally naked, and looked straight into my eyes. My own eyes ran up and down the length of her body, not quite able to fathom such an exquisite woman having a dripping cock and balls dangling at the vee of her legs.

She licked her lips, then leaned over until her eyes were an inch from mine. Her tongue shot out and she licked the cum that she had rubbed onto my cheeks.

She smiled at me one last time and, without a word, disappeared from my sight. I could hear the cracks of the stiletto against the patio concrete as she walked away.

Tom got off the lounge from which he had been watching and walked behind me. As he undid the gag in my mouth he whispered into my ear, "She is quite the woman, isn't she?" It was a rhetorical question.

Tom pulled the gag out of my mouth and undid the restraints on my legs and hands.

"That is just a taste, if you will pardon the pun, of things to come Steven. I save Kimberly for those times I wish to bestow a great reward on my cocksuckers. This reward is for you. For your dedication to me. For your trust in me."

Tom lead me to the front door. After I put my clothes back on, he gave me a deep, passionate kiss. His tongue probed every corner of my mouth.

As he opened the door to indicate it was time for me to leave, he made one parting comment.

"You told me you have never been unfaithful to your wife with another woman. Yet, here today, you were willing to break that vow to your wife and to yourself. You did not know that Kimberly was not a total woman. Yet you were willing, this time, to have sex with her. In fact, you allowed her to suck you, and I am sure you had hoped that she had a cunt and was going to fuck you. I have no doubt that if she had dropped that cunt onto your cock, you would have pumped her full of your cum. I want you to think about that."

"Now, don't forget your gym routine. And don't forget your mantra. I will send you a note on Monday to arrange our next session."

"One more thing. Here is the address of a free clinic where you are to go to get a full battery of STD tests. It is anonymous and safe.". He slipped a piece of paper into my shirt pocket.

Tom closed the door.

As I walked down the path to the front gates, I could not help but think about what he had said. I had had sex with another woman. I was willing. No. I wanted her in ways I had never imagined. In one fell swoop Tom had blown away the last of my discipline. He was always a step ahead. He knew that I had been priding myself on the fact that I had been "faithful" to my wife. He had just taught me that that faith was false. I simply had not had the opportunity to be with a woman as sexually irresistible as Kimberly. Even if she wasn't a total woman. I had thought that she was.

I suppose it did not matter anymore. I had committed myself to Tom and to this lifestyle as his cocksucker. The question I started to ask myself was, "Now that I had given up my faithfulness to my wife, was there any point in staying with her anymore? Is this what Tom wanted? Was this the lesson I was expected to learn?"

I put it out of my mind, for now, and started to look forward to Monday.