This is my first attempt at prose. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have many of the stories found here on

Reflecting on my life just one short year ago, I am still amazed at my transformation. I was an ordinary man living an ordinary life. Well, perhaps not ordinary, but certainly not exceptional. I was on my second marriage, with two teenage kids about to graduate from high school. At 49 years old, I was enjoying a successful life with a waterfront home and a Porsche in the garage. Two dogs rounded out the typical American dream fulfilled. I kept myself in pretty good shape, though I admit my genes were more responsible for my slim body than my exercise regime. I am 6'0, weigh 165 lbs, and have all my hair with just a tinge of grey. I have never had a lot of body hair. In fact, I still only shave every other day.

I am writing this story because my Master told me that I should share it. He knows there are many men out there that are like me. He believes that my story could be an inspiration to such men, who have held back their true needs and desires and should be enjoying the freedom and the joy of living the life they were born to live. I am not sure if this story will help others to stretch out, to break the bonds of society's dogmas and to reach their potential, but I hope so. If only so that I will have proved my Master is correct.

My Master has made me realize that I was born to serve other men. There are many men and women out there that are meant to serve others - men to serve a Mistress, women to serve a Master, and of course, men and women who serve either. I fall into the latter category. People like us are compelled to live our lives so that others can more fully enjoy theirs. Though I can only speak for myself, my life is finally fulfilled now that I have understood this.

My sexual interest in men did not start until I was in my mid-twenties. It was only shortly thereafter that I also found myself curious about dominance and submission. The world was a different place then. Prior to the Internet it was much more difficult to explore the plethora of sexual variations out there. Back then, a person was pretty well restricted to what they might read in a magazine in an adult book store. In addition to the general lack of access, I admit that trying to conform to society's standards prevented me from really exploring my desires. I was a product of a straight society. So I suppressed my feelings. After all, I was a reasonable looking guy, with a good job programming software, and thus I had my fair share of interest from women. Sex was always a large part of all my relationships, so there was no great urgency to explore other desires.

As the years past, I found myself thinking about and seeking out dominant men. I often thought a dominant woman that would force me to also service men would be a better fit. However, since I always seemed to be with a woman (who always had a strong personality but were actually anything but dominant), that would almost seem like infidelity. Somehow I managed to justify playing around with men. It was my only dishonesty.

It was difficult to find someone that met my needs. I met a number of men that claimed they were dominant, but none seemed to live up to my expectations. Invariably, I would see them once or twice and then restart my search for the right personality. I did meet one such individual while on a business trip to Chicago. He was a true Master and knew exactly what he was doing. Unfortunately, my travels to the windy city discontinued almost immediately after I met with him. My home town is very small, at about 200,000 people. Finding someone in a city of this size proved to be all but impossible.

Then I met Him.

Yes, I capitalize the "H" because he is like a god to me. I met him via a Craigslist ad. He stated very simply "Experienced Master seeks subs. Be over 30. Desire is everything." I was really intrigued by the last sentence. The double entendre was compelling. Was he inferring that if I had the desire, that was all he required as a prerequisite? Or was he simply making a statement that fulfilling one's desires is the meaning of life. I answered the ad, describing myself, my limited experience, my needs for discretion and safety, and the fact that I had a fairly flexible day but could available in the early evening on some occasions .

His response was succinct. "We will meet for coffee. Be at Starbucks at the Mandolin Mall at 11:00 am tomorrow. I will be wearing a Giants baseball hat."

That first meeting was pretty normal, in retrospect. His name was Tom. We talked about ordinary things - family, where we were from, jobs, etc. He came across as a very nice, intelligent, decent person. He was very successful and I admit I was immediately attracted to him physically. We were of similar height - around 6 feet. He probably outweighed my slim 165 by 30 pounds. He was clean shaven, had all his hair, slightly graying, and a strong jaw. It was his eyes that were irresistible - a deep emerald green with specs of gold. They were intelligent, humorous and serious all at the same time. Realize that I am not really attracted to men. When I see a beautiful woman I always think about what it must be like to see her naked. I don't look at men that way. He obviously worked our regularly as his arms were solid and his chest was defined even under his t-shirt. I couldn't wait to discover what he had in his pants.

I liked him so much, in fact, that I found myself wishing upon wishes that he would meet my needs for true dominance.

He put that all to rest when he smiled a slightly wicked grin and told me, "We are going to my place right now. I live a few blocks from here. I know that you need to be back at work within an hour. I'll make sure that happens. I know that you have concerns related to safety and not leaving any physical evidence of being together. I assure you that you have nothing to worry about." There was no question. He simply told me what was going to happen. This is exactly what I needed. He drove us to his home. I was astonished. It was really a mansion. He had described himself as successful, but this was over the top. It was hard to believe that he lived alone in a house so large. The foyer itself was larger than my living room. I had become quite successful in my own right, after I sold the software company I had grown and sold just before the dot-com crash. My few million paled to what he must have been worth.

The moment I stepped in the house he shut the door behind us and commanded me,"Stop. Don't move a muscle."

He reached into his pocket and pulled a smooth wide leather blindfold out of his pocket and wrapped it around my eyes. "Don't worry sweetie, I am going to take good care of you. You are safe here. Nothing is going to happen that will bring you to any harm." I was glad that his first thoughts were to put me at ease. I was nervous as hell and just a little afraid. I had no history with this man to know if I could trust him. Yet, he had seemed so decent and sincere. Also, I now knew where he lived. I knew I did not need to fear for my life or anything. It was just the trepidation of not knowing what would come next or how far he would want it to go.

I found it interesting that he called me "sweetie". It seemed like such a feminine term. Was he just being endearing?

"I know we don't have a lot of time. But as soon as you sat down for coffee I started to get really horny. Of course, as you will discover, that is not unusual. I am horny most of the time. Watching you talk, I was thinking about how nice it would be to have those lips wrapped around my cock. So, this first time, we are just going to have a little quickie. I want you to show me what you have learned over the years. I want you to satisfy my cock. This will be your first step toward your submission to me. Now strip!" I stood there in the marble foyer and quick disrobed. I had goose bumps all over and it was not because the room was not warm enough. He moved in front of me, reached back to take both my hands, and then led me into the adjoining room.

"On your knees", he commanded. I heard the rustling of his belt and his pants being taken off. He then positioned himself on the couch in front of where I was kneeling. He spread his legs and I could smell the must of his manhood. He put his hands on my head and guided me into his crotch. He didn't have to tell me what to do. I used my lips to feel for his cockhead and then gently kissed its tip. A single drop of pre-cum was waiting as my prize. I licked my lips and tasted the nectar. I wanted to simply engulf his cock in my mouth, but instinctively knew that this first time needed to be controlled.

I let my tongue slide slowly down this shaft. I was pleased to feel how long it was. I swirled my tongue around the rim of his head, all around the outside until I had returned to the start of that never ending circle. Still resisting my desire to feel his head knocking the roof of my mouth, I forced myself to go in the other direction, slurping my way further and further down his long turgid shaft until my nose finally nuzzled into the curly hair at its base. I worked my tongue further in between his legs until I could cup his right ball into my mouth. It was about the size of a golf ball and I smiled inside thinking about how much cum he must be able to produce. I moved back and forth between his two huge balls. There was no way I could get them both in my mouth at the same time, so I gently caressed each one in turn with my tongue. His guttural moans told me that I was succeeding in my goals, so I took that as my cue to start my journey back up his shaft. My hunger to have his cock in my mouth was overwhelming. I was like a dog salivating while he waited for his dinner, his master forcing him to sit and wait for his command to eat. Fortunately, this Master was not telling me to wait. Still I held back my desires knowing that the anticipation would only increase his rapture.

I finally reached the head of his cock again. My anticipation had my own cock putting extreme pressure on my jeans, so I reached down and undid my buckle and zipper while my mouth slipped over his head. I did not consider myself to be an expert cocksucker, knowing just about every gay guy out there had probably sucked more cocks than I could ever catch up to. But I have always strived to do the best I can do at everything, and had learned how to deep throat a cock and I wanted to show this man what I could do.

I also knew that my tight pussy throat was a treat that I wanted to give him. So I suckled on the head of his cock in my mouth, simply rolling my tongue around and around his head. It was just about that time when I found out that what I had in mind had nothing to do with what would happen. He obviously had had enough of my teasing.

He said, "That's all very nice, honey. But now I need some throat pussy."

He repositioned himself on the couch. He put one leg over the back and left the other on the floor. He moved me over onto the end of the couch so that I could have ready access to his exposed manhood.

I barely had time to suck in a deep breath. Thank goodness I anticipated what was coming. He grabbed my head and, with one long thrust he sank his long thick cock deep into my gullet. He stroked the inside of my throat with the head of his cock. Back and forth. Over and over again. He would push it all the way to the hilt, then pull back just a few inches, but not so far so that I could catch a breath or so far back that my gag reflex would kick in again. It felt like a baseball bat had been shoved down my throat. My eyes were tearing. Finally, he pulled back so that I could grab a few quick breaths through my nose all the while licking the spittle and pre cum off his head. His mouth remained ensconced in my mouth, my lips still sealed around that massive head.

"That was really very good boy. Your throat is going to serve my purposes very well. I need you to get used to having a cock down there, because that hole is going to be plugged a lot. So let's try that again shall we?"

It wasn't really a question, just a warning. As I knelt in front of him, he simply pushed the back of my head down onto his member. This time it went a little easier, as my throat anticipated the size of the intrusion and stretched open to accommodate his girth. Again, guiding me with his strong hands, he pushed my head all the way down until my nose was full of the smell of his sweating balls, then up just an inch or two, down again to take his length, up again just to the point where his cock might have cleared my throat, then down again to the full extreme. This continued again for about 30 seconds, until he pulled my head far enough so that his cock was again just shy of clearing my lips. Each time he allowed me to catch my breath, he coaxed me on.

"That was so nice, honey."

Then the next time, "My cock feels like it belongs in your throat, baby."

And the next, "That is such a good boy, you are a natural cock-sucker."

He went on and on, "I can't wait to watch you deep throating my friends. You're going to be my prize."

Then, "Mmmmm. That was perfect."

I lost track of time. He continued praising me as he fucked my throat. He made me proud to be there, on my knees at the foot of his couch, servicing his cock. He made me proud to know that I was doing a great job. I felt like he was my mentor, or my father, or, dare I think it, my Master. There was no doubt in my mind that I felt like I was exactly where I wanted to be. No. This was where I needed to be - Naked, in His presence, serving his will.

My throat really felt like a pussy. I knew it was tight and wet like a pussy. My saliva was like cunt-juice, smoothing the way for the invasion of that cock. It was an invasion that I welcomed.

Then, there was a change in the tempo. He stretched out his legs and started meeting each bob of my head with an extra thrust of his pelvis. He lived my head until his cock was out of my throat, then slammed it down again to swallow his full eight inches. I quickly adjusted my breathing to suck a short squirt of oxygen into my lungs with each alternate thrust. He was magnificent! His cock swelled even thicker. My throat was really stretched to its maximum. He fucked me like this for another 5 minutes. His legs were getting sweaty, and his balls were exuding a fantastic odor.

For awhile there, it was like I was not even in my body. I felt like I was watching the scene while hovering just a few feet away. Of course, this was all in my mind, but I could see the length of his cock pulling out of my sucking lips, then disappear again and again as my throat extended under his relentless pressure. While I maintained my weight on one hand, I reached over with the other to cup his sweating balls. They were moving under my fingers, churning up the cum that was certain to explode out in any second. I massaged them gently, coaxing the cum as best I could. I didn't want him to stop. At the same time, I wanted to give him the release that he so obviously needed.

I did not know that he had such total control. I only learned later that he could have gone on like this for hours. In fact, there was to be many times when that is exactly what he would do. But he was aware of the time constraint. Our "quickie" had already lasted for half an hour.

He said, "All right, my little slut, you have done so very very well for your first time. I am going to give you your reward now. I want you to savor it. You need to know it is coming so that you can relish it. You are going to taste my seed for the first time and I want you to remember always how good it was. There is only one first time for everything. This is the first time you will swallow my seed and I want you to be joyful. "

He increased his tempo ever so slightly. My head was like a yo-yo; up and down and around the world. He was making me do tricks with my mouth and throat that I could not even consider were possible. It was like magic. I was seeing stars. It was like I had gone around the galaxy and back. With a gush that was like a geyser, he erupted into my mouth. He had pulled back enough so that my mouth filled up like I was at a drinking fountain. The hot cum filled every corner of my gums. I swallowed a full gulp. Then he said, "Don't swallow again until I tell you." Again, with perfect control, he filled my mouth again. His second squirt was as copious as the first. My cheeks swelled to hold it all in as his cock-head filled most of the space in my mouth. He pulled back slightly so that there was room available for his third squirt. Even with my mouth full of cum, I could feel the pressure of his next foray. This time, even though his cock head was almost fully out of my mouth, my cheeks swelled again to hold in all his nectar.

"Taste it, my sweet," he commanded. "Roll your tongue through it. You will soon crave that load as if it were the only food you could digest. There will be nothing sweeter to your taste. There will be nothing you desire more in your mouth than the delicacy that I give you."

It did taste marvelous. It was indescribable. Somehow, he was making me experience tasting cum like it was my first time. It was a fine wine that I wanted to savor. Rather than swallowing, I wanted it to cascade across my taste buds forever. Knowing that the tongue has different tastes on different parts, I concentrated on the difference between the tip of my tongue and the area at the back of my throat. It was all delicious, but with subtle differences that I could only now appreciate, as he explained it to me. "Your mouth is a pussy, needing to be filled. You need a cock in your mouth. You need to know that another man gets pleasure from your mouth-pussy. Your entire existence will change with this knowledge. You will seek out every opportunity to open your mouth for a cock - any cock. But my juice will be the one that you crave the most."

It was almost hypnotic, the way he spoke. It seemed like everything he said was an undisputable Truth. I knew that he was right. All my life I had suspected it was true. I needed it only to be told to me by another man that I could tell understood me. He told me later that he could tell all this about me the first second he laid eyes on me in the coffee shop.

His cockhead was still at my lips. It was still as hard as a rock. His piss-slit remained pointing into my mouth. He pulled my head back and put two fingers under my chin to direct me to face him. Had I not been blindfolded I would have seen him smile that gorgeous smile of his as he then redirected my face toward his engorged cock. As if he had not even cum a first time, he started spraying my face with load after load of wet strings. He shot it all over my face, until it was literally dripping off my cheeks, my chin, and my nose back down onto his throbbing cock.

"Ok...swallow what is in your mouth, my slut. Then open wide," he commanded.

I quickly swallowed. I hardly had time to take a deep breath before he pushed his throbbing member back deep into my throat. My wet face was scrunched up into his flat belly and it slid from side to side has he again forced his cock into the recesses of my throat. Again and again I felt his cock pulsate and I knew that he was squirting the last of his ball-juice directly into my stomach.

"Let's take a look at you, honey". He put his fingers under my chin and forced me to face him again. I smiled up at him as he used his fingers like a shovel to push the now-sticky cum from my face into my mouth, each time leaving his finger to linger at my lips so that I could suck on it.

"Such a good cocksucker," he told me. "Such a good boy. Now clean me up."

I didn't need any further instructions. My tongue went to work licking all around his belly, his pubic hair, and his balls. His cum was everywhere, mostly spread by my face after he had covered it. The taste of his cum mixed with his sweat was divine. I could have stayed there forever, on my knees, licking him all over.

He gave me my final praise, "You have done very well, my boy. I will allow you to take the second step."

He stood up, pulled up his pants. Guided me to a standing position, turned me around and undid my blindfold. I squinted in the bright light as I looked around the well furnished room. By the looks of the furniture and the original art on the walls, I could tell that he was well traveled. The pieces were of many different origins but seemed to flow together the style and color of a designer's touch.

I pulled up my own pants.

I was elated that he had taken such complete and utter control, and saddened that it had to end so soon.

"When might I see you again, Sir?" I asked, hoping beyond hope that it would be soon.

"You will be here again tomorrow at 11:00 am sharp. You will need to arrange to be away from your office for 2 hours. We will need every minute of it. Now, do you need a ride back to Starbucks?"

"No thanks," I responded "I think I need some fresh air. The walk will do me good."

I moved on wobbly legs to the front door and let myself out.

"Thank you so very much, Sir." I said as I closed the door.

He just smiled.