As the days past, I could not stop thinking about Him and the amazing two times we had been together. When in bed with my wife, I found myself thinking about being with Him. I would be kneeling behind her doggy style, fucking her relentlessly, imagining that she was me and I was Him. He would fuck me harder and harder and then fill me up with his hot man-juice.

The first time I played this fantasy my wife commented, "That was amazing. What has gotten into you""

All I could think was, "I want Him to get into me".

What I found interesting was that just minutes after filling my wife's pussy with my cum, all I had to do was think about Tom and my loins would start to stir again.

Normally, I could not get a hard-on again for hours after cumming. Even when I was young. No woman had ever had this affect on me.

I started to question my sexuality. When I was young I thought I was straight. In my early twenties I found myself attracted to the idea of gay sex. A year ago I had thought I was truly bi-sexual " enjoying women and men equally.

This experience of being hard all the time when I thought about Tom had me questioning even that assumption. Perhaps I was leaning much more to the gay side. On the other hand, perhaps it was just the power-game that made me hard. Whatever the case, I knew that it was going to be interesting to explore this new facet of my life.

I had had very little experience with anal sex. I had convinced my wife to wear a strap-on. She did so on a couple of occasions but she really was not into it so it had only happened on those two occasions " I did not want her to do something that was not giving her pleasure too. Other than that strap-on, I had some dildos that I used on myself when she was out of town. I had three of them, each a different size. The largest was thicker than I could encircle my fingers and about 10" long. I could not get all of it in me, but was always proud of my ability to take the girth. It wasn"t easy.

One of my favorite positions was to lube it all up, and then put it on the floor in front of the full length mirror in the bathroom. I would crouch over it and then sit on it, watching it disappear inside my rectum. I have to admit, my ass is about the most sensitive part of my body. I could imagine having something in there all the time, stretching my muscles and rubbing my prostate. I knew that even though I could take that big purple monster, my hole remained nice and tight. I think my ass was made for getting fucked.

I started exchanging some emails with Tom. When I told him how instantly hard I got thinking of him he simply responded, "That" great Stephen. I want you to get used to enjoying your sexuality all the time."

I told him that I had to focus on some business at work for a few days but would come and visit him as soon as possible. He indicated that he was really looking forward to it. He gave me the feeling that he was really interested in being with me - that I was not just a flash in the pan for him. He made me feel good about myself - that someone else out there cared about me.

In one of his notes, he asked me if I worked out at the gym. I indicated that I did, but only occasionally. That, and a swim once every couple of weeks, was all I was doing to keep in shape. As I said, my genes kept me slim and seemingly fit without a lot of effort.

He wrote back and indicated, "It is important that you get into the best possible shape you can. This is important for your health, of course. More importantly, a man who is in excellent physical shape has more sexual stamina. I noticed that, even though you look great, your body is not as tight as it could be. I have a complete gym here at the house and I will run you through an exercise regimen that I will expect you to follow religiously. By the time we are finished, you will look like a Greek God. And I will be able to enjoy you all that much more. Meantime, get yourself down to the gym and follow your usual routine."

Of course, this sounded great to me. I needed someone to guide me and goad me to get in better shape. I imagined him as a gym buddy " someone to keep me on a routine. I remembered the days when I worked out 5 days a week. I was so proud of myself. I knew that He wanted that for me " to be proud of myself and for him to be proud of me. I went to the gym that evening and pushed myself a little harder than I had for years. Besides, it was always great to go to the gym so that I could goggle some of the nice cocks in the shower.

Sure enough, I started to get semi-flacid as I lathered up my body and started thinking about my last two sessions with Tom. There were only two other guys in the shower so I faced towards the corner so that they would not see my growing member. With Tom on my mind, there was no way it was going to subside. One of the men left. It was later in the evening so there were not many guys in the gym. I turned my head to see if the other guy was still there and was surprised to see him standing there with his hand on his cock.

He smiled at me and said, "Looks like you are a little busy there." His eyes moved down to my turned ass.

I could feel myself flush a deep read.

"Hey, don"t worry about it", he mused. "You look like you might enjoy a little more." It was both a comment and a question. He smiled a bigger smile and, grabbing his now-growing cock, wandered over and into the steam room.

I couldn"t resist. I followed him in after just a minute. Beforehand, I took a quick scan around the locker room and was satisfied to see that it was now empty.

The room wasn"t so steamy that you couldn"t see in there. He sat in the corner on the second tier boldly stroking himself with a full erection. His cock was magnificent! He sat there with his legs spread and his cock standing straight up. He must have been 9 inches. Even with his cock rock-hard, his big balls fell down and rested on the cedar bench.

"Come here", he invited. "I know you were looking at it in the shower. What do you think of it now""

"It"s beautiful", I gulped. I had to admit I was mesmerized as he slowing glided his hand up and down the length. The head was a bright purple and looked like a torpedo ready to be fired.

"Good. Come over here and suck it you little bitch."

I don"t know how he knew that I loved that kind of talk. "I must be giving off some sort of signal", I thought. I wondered if it was because of the new position as a submissive that Tom was making me realize how much I needed. At that moment I really didn't care. All I could think about was how much I wanted to wrap my mouth around that gorgeous cock that was now dripping precum over the fingers of its owner.

I put one hand on the bench on each side of his waist and slipped my mouth over the head. After licking up the tantalizing precum from the tip, I dropped my head until the full length of his shaft was deep in my throat.

"Oh shit, yeah!", he moaned. "That's what I need. You really are a slut, aren't you?"

He wasn't expecting an audible answer. I knew that he just wanted me to show him he was right. I started to long-fuck his cock with my throat, just as Tom had taught me a few days ago except this time I did not need this man, whose name I still didn"t know, to force me onto his love-stick. I just bobbed my head over his cock until the head touched my lips and then dropped it again until his cock was buried in my throat an my nose was nestled into his pubes.

"Oh man. Fuck that's good!", he goaded me on. I knew that I was doing it well by the way his breath quickened and his cock throbbed.

"Eat me, you cunt. Suck my dick. Oh fuck!"

I was a little afraid someone would come in, but the steam kept getting thicker and thicker. Soon, I could barely see his face when I looked up at him. From what I could see, he was in ecstasy. His eyes had rolled back in his head and the sweat was pouring off his forehead. If someone came in the door right then, they would not have been able to see us until they walked well into the room. With this knowledge in hand, I focused back on that gorgeous love muscle in my mouth. I wanted him to cum before we could be interrupted. My own saliva was running with the anticipation of the meal I was about to be awarded. I fucked this man's cock with my throat, all the while thinking about how Tom had forced me onto his lovely cock. I could not stop thinking about Tom and how wonderful he tasted when he finally shot his load all over my face and filled my mouth with shot after shot of semen.

"Oh shit! oh shit! oh shit!", he exclaimed with ever increasing volume. I knew he was ready, so I quickened the pace and did my best to tighten my throat. I literally swallowed while his cock was lodged deep in me and knew that the actions of my throat must have felt better than the tightest pussy this cock had ever fucked, if he even fucked women!

My reward was immediate. He started spewing his load into my throat so I quickly pulled back so that it would fill my mouth and I could taste it.

"Oh ffffuuuuuuccccckkkkkk."

His juice filled my mouth and I swallowed quickly. I could feel the pressure of each blast as it shot back against my tonsils. He didn"t have nearly the flow that Tom pleasured me with, but it was a fine cumming that ended too soon. My mouth came off his cock with a "plop" and he laid back and relaxed in the blazing steam.

"mmmm ... that was great, man. You can be my cock-sucker anytime."

Without another word, he got up and left the steam room. I sat down on the bench for a few minutes before following him out. I found a puddle of my own pre-cum on the lower bench and thought of the embarrassment if some other guy came in and sat in it, so I scooped it up with my fingers and gobbled it up, then wiped it dry with my towel. There were a few other guys in the locker room when I walked out so I wrapped my towel around my waste and dressed as quickly as I could. I was sure they had no idea what happened in that steam room, but I felt a pang of embarrassment nevertheless.

I described the scene to Tom the next day in an email. His response was short.

"Good Stephen. You are learning that you should service any man that demands it. You are a cock sucker. You should be proud of your talent. You were born to suck cock and serve others. I want you to come over soon so that we can continue your training. There is so much that you need to learn. When will you come""

My response was immediate.

"I am just finishing up on that job that was pressing. May I come over again tomorrow at 11""

"Yes", was the only reply.

It was the only invitation I needed.