Tom had sent me one succinct email the next morning. "Bring running shoes."

I remembered he had mentioned he had a full gym at his home so I assumed he had something in mind there.

When I arrived at 11 am sharp the next day, he greeted me as he had done before, with a long lingering kiss and some light groping.

"Take everything off and then put on your gym socks and your running shoes," he commanded.

I took off my clothes at the front door and folded them on the bench in the foyer. I put on my running shoes, feeling a little silly standing there with nothing else on. I would have felt more comfortable had I been totally naked.


I followed him through the mansion, through some large double doors into an area that was as practically as big as the entire main floor of my house! The area was more of an atrium than a gymnasium, with a high oval roof that was completely made of stained glass. His gym rivaled that of any club I had been to. There was a large matted area for stretching, climbing ropes and rings hanging from the high ceiling in one corner, a couple of stationary bikes, a couple of treadmills, a stair climber, a number of benches, most of the types of machines found at my local gym, and an equally impressive array of weights in every size and weight.

"Let"s warm up with a short run," he invited me to step up onto the second treadmill as he started jogging on the first.

"As I said, Stephen, keeping yourself in perfect shape is important for both your health, your appearance, and your stamina. I am going to help you create a routine that will get you there in as short a period as possible."

" You will fill out one of those forms," he said, as he pointed to a few sheets of paper on a nearby desk. "I will require that you make it to the gym at least 4 times a week for a good one hour work-out and that you do 15 minutes of some other kind of strenuous exercise every other day. You need to both tone up your muscles as well as build up your aerobic strength. "

With a little grin he continued, "We won"t usually have time for you to use this gym when you come over, because I"ll have other plans for you. "

We continued the jog for about 20 minutes as our conversation meandered over a number of subjects that had nothing to do with sex or domination. We chatted like old friends about politics, finances, what books we liked to read, etc. It was kind of strange to be running like that in the nude. My cock and balls swung back and forth in a steady rhythm with my legs. There was a kind of freedom to it all though. Of course, I equally enjoyed watching Tom"s beautiful body as his long, strong legs drove his stride. He had just a little hair on his chest and his legs, but otherwise the sweat that appeared on his smooth skin was unencumbered by body hair. After 15 minutes his entire body glistened in the light from the overhead skylight. He looked beautiful. I could not help thinking how hot it would be to lie on top of him and slide around on his sweaty muscular body. After the run, he led me over to the bench press.

"How much can you lift, Stephen?" he asked.

"Well, I don"t do a lot of weights regularly Tom," I replied. "I mostly swim and bike. I can"t remember the last time I did a bench press. I think I am good for about 70 pounds."

He put 60 pounds on the bar and motioned me to get on the bench in the lifting position. Then he walked around to give me a spot.

"I am going to give you a routine that will build up your muscles. Once I get your body looking exactly as I want it, we will transition to a routine for maintenance and stamina. With each of the weights we do today, we will start with 10 reps at a lower weight than your comfort zone. Then 10 at your comfort zone. Then 10 more that will be a real challenge. OK. Let"s do it."

I easily pushed up the bar as I enjoyed watching him straddle me with his cock and balls just above my head. He kept his fingers on the underside of the bar as he focused on ensuring that the weights stayed balanced. At this weight, I didn"t need any assistance, but he took the role of spotter seriously. As I finished the 10 reps and settled the bar back in its cradle, he stepped back.

"While you catch your breath, Stephen, let"s try another exercise. Slide back on the bench until your head falls back over the edge".

I did as I was told and, once my head had fallen back, Tom got on his knees and walked forward a few inches on them until he had guided his growing cock up to my lips. He smiled down at me.

"I didn"t say this would be all work and no play!"

I didn"t need any further invitation. I opened my mouth as he pushed his cock onto my ready tongue. I licked his cock while my heart slowed down. When it reached its normal level he pulled his cock out of my mouth and stood up again.

"Back in position now," he commanded. He put another 10 pounds on the bar and again straddled the bench as he positioned himself to spot for me.

"This is a fun way to exercise," I thought with a chuckle.

After the next 10 reps, we repeated his "special exercise". He spent a little more time in my mouth this time, but avoided invading my throat. It was just an intimate sucking that I enjoyed immensely.

The last set was difficult. He had increased weight to 10 pounds higher than my normal rate. My shoulders ached and my heart raced as he pushed me to complete every one of the demanded 10 reps.

"Good work, Stephen. You will repeat this exercise and the rest of this entire routine four times a week. We are going to add 5 more pounds every week for 4 weeks. Then we"ll see how we"ll proceed from there. OK. Now go ever and do some sit-ups." He pointed over to the inclined bench, currently sitting at about 60 degrees.

He adjusted the bench down to about 25 degrees. "Let"s start with 50. Get at it."

I pushed myself and found my stomach aching and my breath scattered as I reached the 35 mark. It had been awhile since I had done this. He goaded me on as I pushed and pushed to reach the 50 mark so that he would not be disappointed in me. After I finished and lay there with my head inches away from the low end of the bench and my legs still secured by the foot-strap, he stepped up over my inclined body, and straddled me with his feet pointed toward my head. He slowly lowered himself onto his knees and dropped his ball sack onto my face. His cock was fully erect and pointing toward the ceiling.

"Open," he commanded.

I opened my mouth and he dropped his balls into my mouth as if he were dropping a tea-bag into a tea cup. I chuckled again as I realized that this is why the called this "tea-bagging". His balls felt great as I rolled one and then the other in my mouth. His sweat ran down from his chest, across his tight belly, and down around his cock onto his balls and into my mouth. The smell was overwhelming. I mean that in a good way. I was in heaven as I sucked his balls with my face snuggled into the crack of his ass. Suddenly, he reached down and spread his ass cheeks as he adjusted himself a few inches forward placing his hole over my tongue.

"Eat it slut."

I tightened my tongue and pushed it into his hole. Then I pulled it out and licked all around his anus. He started to gyrate above me, pushing down on my tongue as I tried my best to keep it straight up and hardened. He groaned with satisfaction and stood up again. I was disappointed, hoping that this would have gone on longer. But as I laid there catching my breath and savoring the tastes in my mouth, I looked up at his magnificent body, with his cock protruding straight out and thought, "This guy makes me melt."

The fun was over for a little while as he led me through the rest of my new routine. I recorded each exercise diligently in my log book indicating the name of the exercise, the amount of the weights, and the number and frequency of repetitions. Most of the exercises were with free weights as he described to me that those were the best for building muscle. Using free weights also ensured that I was not dependant on finding a specific type of machine in any gym that I might use. I traveled a lot and some of the gyms were not as well equipped, so this made a lot of sense.

As we worked through the routine, we started to talk again. I was working on some leg presses when he changed the direction of our conversation.

"Stephen, are you coming to realize that you need to be serving other men""

"Well, I have thought about it and explored this for a long time Tom. I have to admit that, having met you, I now realize much more clearly how much I need this."

"Yes, need comes from desire, but there is usually more than that. I have studied a lot of submissives over the years, both professionally and for my personal use. You all have a lot in common. It mostly stems from your childhood and how you were brought up. Almost all of my boys have had parents that didn"t really pay a lot of attention to them and often the attention that they did get was in the form of punishments for misbehaving. These boys grew up normally, but as they got into their twenties or sometimes their thirties, they found that they were missing something. They found they needed to have someone who could give them a sense of security that they never found in their childhood. Someone who could make them feel loved but would also provide them with some solid direction. Most of them never have a chance to experience what you are experiencing now. Most of them bottle up that inner need and, though they live their lives normally, know that they are missing something but never can put their finger on what it is."

"You have found your place Stephen. You know it as I know it. You are a cocksucker. Although there is the literal meaning to that, it really means that you are meant to serve. Cock sucking is just a metaphor for serving. It really means that you will suck the cock, eat the ass, lick the balls, suck on the armpit, suckle the nipples, lick the toes, drink the piss, or do anything else that someone that recognizes your need will demand of you. It also means that you will cook their food, clean their toilet, do their laundry, be the maid or butler or chauffer for those that are stronger than you too. You are meant to serve. You are a cocksucker. Now say it, Stephen. Say "I am a cocksucker. I am meant to serve.""

I repeated the phrase, "I am a cocksucker. I am meant to serve." It felt a little silly.

"Good. The more you say it, the more you will know it is true. Now, repeat it with every rep."

As I pushed the weight up with my legs, I repeated, "I am a cocksucker. I am meant to serve."

"Louder," he commanded.

"I am a cocksucker. I am meant to serve."

"Harder," he demanded.

I pushed harder with my legs and shouted, "I am a cocksucker. I am meant to serve."

"More," he urged.

"I am a cocksucker. I am meant to serve." I was really getting into it. As I focused on the admission, I practically forgot about the pain in my thighs. "I am a cocksucker. I am meant to serve."

I shouted out like I was pleading for someone to confirm it, "I am a cocksucker. I am meant to serve."

"Good. Very good Stephen. I want you to repeat that to yourself every night before you go to sleep and every morning as soon as you wake up."

I assume that this was one of his Psychologist tricks. But he was right. I was a cocksucker. Even though I had spent my life working hard to earn the respect of my peers and then later my employees " even though I was the head of my household and was always looked to as the person to make the decisions and take control " what I really wanted " no, what I really needed " was for someone else to lead me; to tell me what to do; to let me let go for once so that I could just do what I was told; so that I could give away all the responsibilities that were demanded of me and just go with the flow.

It took almost another hour before we were finished. I was hot and sweaty and ached all over. It was a really solid workout " even more so for me since it had been so long since I had worked with weights.

Finally, he said, "Good work. I am proud of you Stephen. We"ll turn you into an Adonis yet! Come on, let"s take a quick shower and I will show you my hot tub."

The tub was just off the back of the gym and had an open-air shower right beside it. We sat in the tub, as we watch the ocean waves and just relaxed.

"Tom, I am not sure how I should address you" You seem comfortable with me calling you by your first name, but from what I have read, Doms usually expect more formal salutations of respect."

"Well," he said with a chuckle, "I have been called many things over the years. Master, Coach, Daddy, Sir, Doctor, and Mister. For now, you call me whatever makes you comfortable at that moment. Try some on for size. Over time, we"ll find the words that best fit our relationship. Meantime, you can continue to call me Tom."

I was a little surprised at this answer. I was starting to realize that Tom was really different as a Dom or perhaps all the stories I had read were not as realistic as I had thought. I later learned the this was his way of initiation. He was leading me down a trail from which I could never find my way back, because I was taking myself down that trail. He did not want to force me into submission. He wanted me to find the submission that was inside me. Later, I would come to know him as my Master and would never think of calling him anything else. In those early days, I continued to call him Tom or Sir. In those early days, when I tried to call him "Master" it didn"t feel right. It was like a game that I was playing but it didn"t really feel like it was true. I guess he had had enough experience to know this. He was always a step ahead of me. When I finally did call him "Master" it was like a relief washed over me like the ocean waves we were now watching - but that day was not to happen for many weeks into the future.

He slid over to sit beside me as the steaming water bubbled over our naked bodies. He grabbed my head on both sides and planted a deep satisfying kiss. His tongue rolled over mine like two eels entwined in a sexual ritual. I felt like I was melting into his body, like my body and his were being welded together by the flaming water.

He reached down to my turgid cock and stroked me under the water, pulling the skin back so that it felt like hot oil was poured on the exposed layers. He kissed me passionately as if I was the love of his life. I wanted only to return the satisfaction he was giving me. I wanted to give myself to him. My body, my mind, my honor.

He kissed me for many long minutes as he stroked my cock. I put my hands on his firm pecs and massaged them. I reached around his back and gently scratched up and down as I explored the fine muscle structure of his torso. I felt his cock growing hard against my leg and could only think about how wonderful it was going to be to have it spurting its glorious gift into my mouth.

He reached down past the base of my cock and squeezed my balls. His fingers inched toward my anus until he finally slipped a finger inside me. The hot water had relaxed every facet of my body, including the hole that his finger had now invaded. I let my legs float up to the surface as my head rolled back under his constant kiss. My ass was now totally available to him and he immediately took advantage of the new position. He sank his finger deep into my ass and I felt him exploring my insides. He rubbed up against my prostrate. He knew exactly where it was and what it needed. Then he started to fuck me with his finger. It was like a long fine thin cock and he pushed and pulled it in and out of my hole in rapid succession.

Then, as if he knew the moment I was ready for it, his first finger was joined by a second. My sphincter stretched to accommodate the new visitor as his tongue pushed its way into the back of my throat. I had never felt closer to another person as I did right then. He was literally lifting me out of the water with his two fingers as he continued fucking me unabated.

I reached down to grasp his cock but he slapped my hands away with his other hand. He was into fucking me, and he was not about to allow me to touch him unless it was under his control.

Unexpectedly, his two fingers were joined by a third. It was starting to hurt but he kept pushing the steaming water into my hole which acted as good a lubricant as the finest oil.

I felt like I was on fire with emotion. He owned me. There in that hot tub, with his fingers emasculating my ass, and his tongue finding new corners of my mouth, I had become his bitch. I would have done anything he asked. I wanted to whore my body for him. I wanted to be with him like this forever.

He finally slowed his assault on my ass and pulled all his fingers out. He looked into my eyes intensely and said, "You need this. You are mine. I am going to be inside you and you need this."

All the while looking deep into my eyes, his head just scant inches away from mine, he started pushing all his fingers back into my gaping hole. The pain was excruciating. But the way he was looking at me, like a proud father watching his wife giving birth for the first time, I knew that I had to take whatever he was going to give me. He adjusted himself so that his arm was positioned lower and pushed his entire hand into my ass. Then he stopped as my anus tightened around his wrist.

He smiled that magnanimous smile. "Now you are my cocksucker. You were meant to serve me."

Millimeter by millimeter he pushed his hand further into my bowels. I grimaced as I felt his fist inside me. I was breathing hard and squeezed my eyes tight as I fought the urge to scream. I so wanted to please him. I wanted him to be proud of my ability to have him inside me like this. It was so personal. There was no way that two people could be more tightly held together.

He rolled his wrist over as he observed how I handled the pain. I managed through it and he pushed me harder again. Each second seemed like a year but, eventually, I started to ignore the pain and started to be able to focus on the feeling of the hand inside me.

He sensed the change and started to gyrate his arm back and forth in my hole. He was sensitive to my reactions and I knew that he had no interest in hurting me. In his own way, he wanted to pleasure me as much as I wanted to please him. There was no doubt that he was enjoying himself. Every feature on his face showed me that. I looked down and was surprised to see his forearm half buried inside me. I should have known though, as my guts felt strangely full. I fleetingly thought that I could take a cock of any size in my ass now and that made me feel proud. I guess that was one of the purposes of this exercise. But really, I knew the main purpose was control. With his arm buried in my ass, he had total control over me"practically, no actually"control over my life and death. I looked up past his head at the big blue sky and felt like I was finally where I needed to be in the world. As his hand drove in and out of my hole like the piston of an idling engine, my ass eventually started to numb. Every once in awhile he would let his hand slip all the way out. As the hot water poured into my open hole, he would carefully plug it again with his fist, then slip his fingers in and start the process all over again. He ravaged my ass like this for a long time alternately kissing me passionately or tilting his head back so that he could observe my expressions. My cock, which had softened during the initial onslaught, was now rock hard again and bobbed up and down in the water. Each time his fist rubbed against my prostrate a little more precum would leak out, coagulate and drift off in a swirl of the jetted water. He supported my lower back with his other hand as he held me up to float at water level. We were in the middle of the bubbling tub now, his feet spread wide to support me as he slid his arm back and forth into my opening.

He was bent over so that he could position his arm for deeper penetration while his teeth found their way onto my nipples.

Suddenly my cock started spurting. My cum flew up into the air.

I craned my head forward and watched with astonishment as he caught the flying cum with his mouth.

"We all like a little love juice my slut," he whispered as he smiled, my cum dripping off the corner of his lips.

My own shooting must have triggered his need. He pulled his fist out of my ass and stood up straight. Roughly, he pushed back on a seat at the side of the hot tub and then straddled me as he stood up on the seat with one leg on either side of my spent body. He immediately pushed his huge cock into my mouth and started battering me like he was trying to knock down a castle door. Relentlessly he jammed his monster between my lips. His cock suddenly swelled and a torrent of juice shot deep into my throat. He kept on forcing his hips into my face as his cock continued its constant flow of hot sticky cum. Even after he had finished emptying his balls into my swelling stomach he fucked my face for another 5 minutes. His amazing cock stayed rock hard the entire time.

My ass started to feel the after effects of the beating it has taken, and was reacting to the constant swirl of water. It felt like it was on fire. He didn't seem to notice or care about me at all at that moment as he was caught up in the rapture of fucking my face. As his cock could not swell any larger, there was no notice when it started to spurt another mighty load into me. Again he kept fucking me with reckless abandon. My throat was his pussy. My lips were getting raw with the constant friction.

He finally pulled out and sat back down beside me with a splash. His head rolled back over the edge of the tub as he stretched his arms back.

"Whoooaaaooo!" he screamed. "That was soooo good!"

He stretched his biceps and then slumped in total relaxation as his eyes closed and a contented smile appeared at his lips.

I reached down with one hand to tentatively touch the spot where my ass used to be. I say that because what I found there did not feel like an asshole. I had been loosened up and stretched open like an oyster.

I was suddenly aware that he was watching me as I explored the rim of my hole.

"You did extremely well for your first time Stephen. Let's get out of here and I'll get you some special cream for that lovely pussy of yours."

We toweled off. I watched his tight ass muscles flex as he stepped in the nearby bathroom and came out with a tube of ointment. He dabbed a glob on his finger and ever so gently caressed my hole area. The relief was immediate but I knew I was going to be very sore for a very long time.

"Take this with you, my sweet."

He pressed the tube into my hand and then led me back to the front door where my clothes were still neatly folded. I put them on.

"Don't forget Stephen," he said after giving me another deep passionate kiss, "Every time you go to bed and every time you wake up. You are a cocksucker. You were meant to serve. You are turning into a GREAT cocksucker my little bitch. Keep it up."

As he shut the door behind me, I stood at the top of the front steps considering my next move.

"There was no way I was going to be able to sit at my desk this afternoon," I thought.

In fact, I was surprised when, looking at my watch, I realized I had been in there for almost 3 hours. The afternoon was half over. I went straight home. My wife had gone out shopping and would not be home until supper.

I laid down on the bed after applying some more ointment on my hole, put on some underwear so that I would not stain the sheets, and fell into a deep contented sleep.

But just before I drifted off, I whispered to myself, "I am a cocksucker. I was meant to serve."