The Trials of Toby Grant

Max H.

Chapter 2

This story involves sex between guys.  If you shouldn't be reading stuff like that, move on.

The characters in this fantasy may not always practice safe sex.  In the world we live in it's vital to play safe.

It's okay to print this story out or save it to disc, but it remains my property.  Don't transfer it to another website or archive without my permission.

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Again they made him wait.  The second day after the visit from Maynard and Frankie, he began to settle down, getting back into the routine of his work.  During the third day, Toby almost dared hope that Jefferson and his band had forgotten about him.

The call came the fourth day.

"Hey, mufuck!"

"Uh, hi, Maynard."

"Tonight.  Yo place.  7:45.  Naked.  Kneelin'.  You got dat?"

"Yeah, I got it."

Maynard chuckled.  "From now on, white boy, you call us all `Sir'.  Now, answer me again."

"Yes, sir, I got it."

"That's better."  He hung up.

Although he didn't do anything to actually screw up, his mind wasn't on his work that afternoon.  He was lucky he didn't get in trouble with Sgt. Kerns, who was his supervisor that day.  Sometimes Kerns was scarier than Lt. MacMillan.

That evening it was Willie and Maynard who came to his house.  

"Stand up, Grant," Jefferson said.  "Let's have a look at you."

Toby stood up, trying unsuccessfully to cover his genitals with his hands.

"Take those hands away, boy.  We want to see if you've got stubble."

Blushing, Toby put his hands at his sides.

"Yeah, Maynard, look.  He's got stubble."  Jefferson reached into a small shopping bag he was carrying and pulled out a safety razor and a can of shaving gel.  "From now on, Officer Grant, it's your responsibility to keep your cock, pubes, balls, and ass smooth as a baby's butt.  Now, take this stuff and go clean it all off.  And don't let us find any more stubble."

"Uh, Willie "

"That's `Sir'!"

"Sir, last time I couldn't get my ass crack by myself."  Toby wanted to sink through the floor for even  having to mention that.

Willie chuckled.  "Bro, I think Officer Grant here wants somebody to feel his ass for him."

"Ya think?" Maynard replied.

"You're on your own, boy.  We ain't gonna touch that white ass of yours.  You'd better get it real smooth.  And hurry up.  We ain't got all night."  He held his hand out to Maynard, who handed him another of those little blue pills.  "While you're in the bathroom, take this.  If you throw it away, we'll know in twenty minutes, and you'll have to take two.  If you take two, your dick will probably explode."

Toby was angry, humiliated, and nervous.  He was afraid he might cut himself with the safety razor.  And he wondered what the hurry was and why they wanted him to take another Viagra.

Willie and Maynard seemed satisfied with his shave when he presented himself for inspection.  Willie reached into the shopping bag and handed Toby some clothes.  "Here, put these on.  Then put on the oldest, funkiest sneakers you got  No socks."

The clothes were a tee shirt that was at least a size too small for Toby, cut off just below his pecs, so his washboard and navel showed, along with the treasure trail of blond hair running south from his navel.  The other garment was a pair of cut-off jeans, again at least a size too small.  Toby could barely fasten the buttons.  They were so tight and so short that parts of his ass cheeks showed.  And without any underwear, he couldn't keep his balls from hanging out one side or the other in front.  He looked like a boy whore.

"Sirs, you can't make me go outside in this.  I look like a slut.  What if someone sees me?"

"Oh, people's gonna see you," Maynard said, chuckling evilly.  

"Yeah," Willie added.  "Remember that you don't count.  What you want don't count.  People are gonna see you in this get-up, and believe me, you'll be glad to put it back on later."

Toby gulped when Willie said something about "putting it back on."  

They took him outside.  At the curb was a pickup truck.  Willie and Maynard rode in the cab, telling Toby to get into the cargo bed of the truck.  As he was climbing in, Willie slapped him on the ass.  The Viagra had obviously begun to work, for that touch on his ass gave him an instant erection.  As he rode through the streets of the town, still quite light, he tried to tuck his big boner into the shorts, but the shorts just weren't big enough.  He had to let it stick out one of the legs.  The shorts were too tight to let it peek up out of the waistband.  A block or two after they left his house, an SUV pulled in behind the truck.  In the front seat were Frankie Malucci and Bruce Jessop, the guy who claimed Toby had pantsed him three times in the high school hallway.  They could see his stiffie and were laughing and pointing at it.  When they stopped at a stoplight, Frankie kept tooting on the horn, so that pedestrians and other motorists were staring at them to see what the fuss was about.  Toby put his hands over the head of his cock, but Frankie gestured for him to take them away.

After a few more minutes, they pulled into the city's big old park.  They made Toby get out of the truck and start down a paved pathway that led into a fairly large woods.  The others refused to walk with Toby.  They told him to walk about fifteen paces in front of them, making comments about what a slut he looked like and laughing.  Eventually they came to a place far enough into the woods that there were no other people around.

"Okay, Officer Grant," Willie said, "stand with your back to that tree and put your arms behind it."  He indicated a tree a few feet off the path.  Its trunk was about six inches thick.  Jefferson produced a pair of regulation police-issue handcuffs and fastened Toby's wrists together behind the tree.  

"I picked these up from your bedroom while you were getting yourself all smooth," Willie said, grinning.

"What are you guys gonna do to me, uh, sir?" a frantic Toby asked.

"Can I do this part?" Bruce asked Willie, who nodded affirmatively.  Bruce unfastened Toby's cutoffs and dropped them to his ankles.  Toby's cock fell away from his abdomen and then returned to a position almost vertical.  Then Willie handed Bruce something.

"Look, Grant," Bruce said, "this is the key to your handcuffs."  He reached between Toby's legs and shoved the key between his ass cheeks, almost touching his anus.

"Ohmygod, what are you guys doing to me?" Toby wailed.

"Here's the deal," Willie said.  "It's 8:00.  We're gonna go have some beers.  If you can persuade anybody to take that key and let you loose, you're free to go home.  Of course," he added, grinning broadly, "you may have to fight off a few admirers on your way."

"Christ!" Toby said.

"If you are still here at 9:00, you will be released.  Come on guys, I'm thirsty."  They started to walk back to their vehicles.  Willie turned and said over his shoulder, "Have a nice evening, Officer Grant!"

Toby's first thought was to yell for help, but then he couldn't bear the thought of being seen there, shorts around his ankles, cock in the air, shaved clean.  He just couldn't register that someone could see him like that.  He was clenching his ass cheeks together tightly so the key wouldn't drop out onto the ground and be lost in the grass under the tree.   Just then he heard the sounds of skateboards approaching on the macadam path.  Two young teens came into view around a bend to Toby's left.  They were both about 5'6" with hair long enough to fly in the breeze created by their movement.  Both had thin, wiry bodies and good tans.  They had taken off their shirts and tucked them into the hip pockets of their baggy shorts.

"Whoa, man," one of them said.  "Look at the dude!"

"Holy fuck!" the other exclaimed.  They walked over and stood in front of Toby.

Ready to pass out from shame, Toby couldn't think of anything to say, so he just looked at the boys with a panicked look in his eyes.

"Hey," one of them said, "this is a real fag.  He doesn't have any pubes."

"Dude, look at his balls.  They're clean, too.  Yeah, he must be like a total fairy."

Toby thought about pleading with them to release him.  But then he remembered the law.  If he asked them to take that key out of his ass crack, he'd probably be guilty of statutory rape.

"Fuck off, kids," he said.  "It's just a fraternity initiation thing."

"Funny time for an initiation.  It's July, man," one of the teens said.  He looked at his friend.  "I think he's looking for somebody to suck him off."

"Yeah, dude," said the other one.  "If you're looking for some action, you should go back that way," and he nodded his head in the direction they were headed.  "The toilet's there, and you might find another queer to give you some head."

After the two boys got on their skate boards and left, it was quiet for a while.  Then three guys who looked as if they might be students at Smithville Community College came along.  All were wearing tees, cargo shorts, and Birks.  They spotted Toby from a distance of ten yards or so and walked up to him looking first puzzled and then amused.

"Hey, man, what's up with you?"

One of the others giggled and said, "Well duh!  It's pretty obvious what's up with him."

They all had a good laugh at that witticism.  Toby realized he couldn't use the fraternity hazing excuse with these guys, so he said, "Please help me.  I was grabbed by some perps.  They took my clothes and made me put on this shit.  Then they fastened me to this tree."

"You must be enjoying it, dude," one of the guys said, looking down at Toby's pole.

"Naw, man!  They made me take a Viagra."

"That's the most unbelievable story I've ever heard."

The third college guy, who hadn't said anything to that point asked, "So how do you want us to help you?"

"Well, like, ya see, the key to these cuffs is hidden close by.  I just need you to get it and unlock them.  Then I can get the fuck out of here."

"Yeah?  Where is the key?"

Toby tried to swallow, but his mouth was too dry.  He didn't know whether he could say what he had to or not. "Uh, it's, well, it's "

"Come on guys," one of them said.  "This is too weird.  I think we should just move on."

"Please, dudes," Toby said, "ya gotta help me.  Put yourselves in my place.  Think what it would be like to be here."

"Man, I can't imagine."

"So, where is the key?"

"It's between my ass cheeks."

"Oh, fuck!"

"Ewwww!  That's so gross!"

"That's plain sick, dude.  Come on guys, let's get out of here."

Looking at Toby with disgust, the three of them went quickly on down the path.

Toby didn't know how much time had passed, but it was beginning to darken.  The sun was coming almost horizontally through the trees.  Looking down at his still-hard cock, he thought it looked like a sundial.  

As disappointed as he was not to have been freed by the college guys, he was relieved that no women had come down the path.  Then it occurred to him that he was lucky there weren't more people out skating or walking at that hour.  Perhaps it was because Jefferson and friends had taken him to a remote part of the park.

Just then a pair of cyclists, both wearing full cycling gear, including spandex pants and those funny little helmets, whisked around the corner and toward him.  They went right on past, but as they went on, Toby heard one of them say, "Did you see that?"

"What?" the other asked.  They kept on going.

Almost immediately from the other direction came a lone pedestrian.  He was as tall as Toby but probably 30 pounds heavier.  His outfit was not unlike Toby's.  He wore cutoffs, a wife beater, and hiking boots.  His shorts weren't as tight or as revealing as Toby's but they didn't leave much to the imagination, either.  The guy, who wore his black hair in a crew cut, had about a two-day stubble on his face.

He came up to Toby, stood very close to him, looked him up and down, and said, "Looks like Christmas in July.  But a seriously cute piece like you doesn't have to resort to such extreme measures to get someone to give him head, you know.  There are more subtle ways."  He chuckled.

"Hey, man, I didn't have anything to do with this.  Some guys who don't like me did this to me.  Can you turn me loose?"

"Loose?  I don't think so.  But I can give you some relief from your problem."  He looked down at Toby's throbbing dick, grinned, and sank to his knees.

"Oh, noooo, man!  I'm not gay. Please don't do that."

"Not gay?  Puleez!  Look at you, boy.  You've shaved yourself all nice and pretty all over.  Your cock is obviously ready for some action.  You're here beside a public path.  Don't tell me you're not gay."

Having said that, he first kissed the tip of Toby's cock and then engulfed it, taking Toby's seven hot, hard inches down his throat as if it were nothing.

"Shit!  Fuck!  Oh, God!"  Toby had, of course, had blow jobs before, but nothing had ever felt as good as that.  He was revolted by the idea that it was a man who was giving him those feelings, but he couldn't deny how he felt.  He went from protesting that he wasn't queer to moaning with pleasure very quickly.

The big man on his knees stopped, pulled off, and said, "See, I knew you were gay."  Then he went back to bobbing and sucking.  Toby was startled and embarrassed to find that he was pumping his hips, trying to face fuck the stranger.  When he realized what he was doing, he quit.  But he couldn't hold in the moans that went with the incredible feelings he was having.  

He wanted the guy to stop.  He wanted the guy to keep going forever.  And then he knew what was going to happen.

"Hey, man, you'd better pull off.  I'm gonna cum!"

The guy didn't pull off.  

Toby felt the guy's tongue going around and around his cockhead.  He screamed something unintelligible and exploded into the big stranger's mouth.  He couldn't ever remember having such an orgasm.  He had no idea how many spurts he pumped out, but it must have set a record.  Then he sagged a moment until the tree bark began to scratch his ass and he stood back up straight.

Toby still wasn't capable of speech.  The other man stood.  There was cum running down his chin.  He opened his mouth to show Toby the load he had caught there.  Then he leaned forward and put his closed lips against Toby's.

Toby was revolted. "Hey, like I said, dude, I ain't a fag.  I don't kiss guys!"

The stranger simply pinched Toby's nostrils together until he had to open his mouth to breathe.  Then he stuck his tongue in Toby's mouth and swabbed his tongue, lips, and cheeks with it, leaving a deposit of cum everywhere he touched.

Toby's mind was reeling.  He was sickened by the thought that he had the stranger's tongue in his mouth.  Having never tasted cum, his own or anyone else's, he wasn't too happy about that, either.  But two things registered dimly through his confusion.  The cum didn't taste bad.  It was sort of bland and tasteless.  Getting frenched was getting frenched, and he was shocked to find that he was enjoying it.  He wasn't supposed to enjoy it.  And it felt really weird to be kissed by someone with scratchy whiskers.  But much as he wanted to hate it, he didn't.  

"Thanks, doll."  The guy pulled a card from his hip pocket, bent down, and stuck it in the pocket of Toby's shorts.  "You really don't have to pull desperate stunts like this, you know.  You're too cute.  Just call me when you want a blow job.  Or more."  He caressed Toby's cheek and strolled away.  Toby noticed that the guy's dick was sticking down out of his shorts and that precum was running down his leg.

Toby's arms and shoulders were growing tired from being stretched around the tree behind him.  His cock was still hard, even though he'd just had a mind-blowing orgasm.  And his mouth was full of the taste of his own cum.  He needed to get out of there, to get home and try to process everything that had happened to him.  Then he remembered that Willie said he'd be set free at 9:00.  From the fact that it was now almost completely dark, he figured it wouldn't be long.

Soon, a lone figure came around the bend from the direction of the parking lot.  Toby watched carefully to see if it was Willie or one of his cohorts.  He was horrified to see that the man approaching was one of his colleagues, a member of the Smithville PD.

He was blinded by the flashlight shining in his face.  A voice chuckled.  "Well, Toby  Grant, I do believe!  What the fuck have you gotten yourself into?"

"Bingham, is that you?" Toby asked.

"Yeah, man.  Looks like I came along just in time.  You might have been in deep do-do if someone else found you like this."

"You mean I'm not in trouble?  You're not gonna tell Lt. MacMillan?"

"No, man.  Relax.  Let's get you out of here."  Officer Clark Bingham, who had taken the flashlight away from Toby's face and set it on the ground, reached into his pocket and took out a latex glove, which he pulled onto his right arm.  Then he squatted in front of Toby.

"Man, you've just cum, haven't you?"

"Yeah," Tony admitted, humiliated to be found like this by Bingham.

"Is the key where I think it is?"

"In my ass is where it is!"

Bingham removed the key from its hiding place.  Holding it between his fingers, he peeled off the glove with the other hand.  Continuing to hold the key with the glove, he unlocked the handcuffs.  Then he turned the glove inside out with the key in it and shoved it in his pocket.  He put the cuffs next to the flashlight.

Toby began to massage his wrists.  "Thanks, man.  I'm so glad it was you that came along.  You're not shittin' me?  You aren't gonna tell anybody?"

The tall, well-built red-head smiled.  "Relax, Grant.  I know what's going on."

Toby pulled up his slutty shorts and fastened them.  "Hey, are you in on this?"

Bingham picked up the flashlight and the cuffs.  Putting his left hand on Toby's bicep, he said, "Let's go back to the car and I'll explain."

Toby was greatly relieved that they didn't meet anyone on their way to Bingham's cruiser. He may have been unfastened from the tree, but he still didn't want anyone to see him in his boy-whore outfit.

"Get in, and I'll drive you home."

In the car Toby had to ask.  "You said you'd explain, dude, how you knew I was there.  You sure you aren't helping Jefferson and those bastards, `cause it sure looks like you are."

"Look Grant.  I'm not really `in on' what they're doing.  Let's just say that a year ago I was tied to that tree."  He looked over at Toby and grinned.  "I know what you're going through, bud."

"Those fuckers did this to you, too?"


"So what's this all about?  What's going to happen to me?  How can we get back at them for all this?"

Bingham pulled the cruiser up in front of Toby's house.  "I can't tell you any more about that.  I can tell you that you have to do exactly what they say.  There is no way you can get back at them.  Your ass belongs to them for as long as they want it to."


"I can also tell you that if you go along with the program, it won't be all bad.  Maybe a lot better than you think."

"But -"

Bingham put his hand on Toby's knee.  "That's all I can tell you, Toby.  Trust me.  You'll get through this.  Then maybe we'll talk."

"You've really got me confused, Clark.  But thanks, man, for savin' my ass out there in the park.  I owe you bigtime."

"No prob.  See ya at the precinct."

Toby got out of the patrol car and ran into his house as Clark drove away.  He didn't want nosy old Ms. Pinchbek next door to see him like that.  She'd tell his folks, for sure, and probably everyone else she knew.

As he had after the previous experiences with Willie's vendetta or whatever it was, Toby needed a long, hot shower.  Afterward he pulled on a pair of shorts and went into the kitchen.  Unlike the other times, this night he was ravenous.  He put a frozen pizza in the microwave and nuked it, washing it down with a beer.

Later, on the sofa with another beer, he relived the whole evening's experience.  What bothered him most was, surprisingly, not the humiliation, which had been excruciating, for sure, but the fact that he had really gotten off to the big stranger blowing him and that he had enjoyed the cum-filled kiss afterward.  

`Fuck!' he said to himself.  `What happened tonight sure as shit isn't gonna make me start looking for sex with guys.  But maybe I can see now a little bit about why the fags like it."

To be continued