The Trials of Toby Grant

Max H.

Chapter 3

This story involves sex between guys.  If you shouldn't be reading such things, move on.

The characters in this fantasy may not always practice safe sex.  In the world we live in, safe sex is vital.

It's okay to print this story out or save it to disc, but it remains my property.  Don't transfer it to another website or archive without my permission.

My thanks to TW for doing the copy editing here.

As usual, Willie let Toby stew awhile after the episode in the park.  Toby thought it was strange that Willie seemed so familiar with his work schedule.  He got a call on Friday telling him to save both that evening and the next evening for his "retraining."  He was told to be in his uniform at 8:00 that evening, ready to go with whoever picked him up.

Toby worried that they wanted him to wear his uniform.  He feared doing anything to bring discredit to the force or to get himself into trouble with his superiors.  His imagination went wild thinking of what Will Jefferson and his cohorts might have in store for him.   He had a cheeseburger and fries at BK on the way home after his shift, and a couple of beers after he got home.  

He showered and put on a clean uniform.  He didn't want to look sloppy in his blues.

There was a knock on his door promptly at 8:00.  He opened the door to find Willie and Frankie standing there.  

"Lookin' sharp, Office Grant," Willie said.

"Uh, thanks," Toby replied.

Frankie handed him a folded Kleenex.  "Here, Grant.  Here's your pills.  Take em!  We want you on top of your game tonight."

Toby wondered what that meant and he wondered why there was, in addition to the blue Viagra, a smaller, white pill.  Having asked and gotten permission, he went into the kitchen, where he washed the pills down with a drink of water.

The three men got into Jefferson's car.  They drove to the edge of the city to an area along the railroad tracks, pulling up, finally, to the Malucci Hardware Co. warehouse.  Several cars, trucks, and SUV's were already parked out front.  Frankie led them into the cavernous building and down a dark hallway.  He tapped on a door, which was opened by Bruce Jessop and Garth Cantrell.  

"The others are all here," Bruce said.

They took Toby into a room lighted by a single incandescent fixture.  In the murk, Garth undid the belt of Toby's uniform trousers and pulled them, along with his boxers, down to his ankles.  

"Don't look down," Willie commanded.

Somebody, Bruce or Garth, grasped Toby's cock and seemed to tie something on it. Then they pulled his boxers and pants back up, zipped, buttoned and belted them.  The Viagra had taken effect, for even that slight handling of his dick had caused Toby to get a boner.  

"Okay, Officer Grant," Willie said, grinning, "come with us."  

They led him from the small, dark room into a huge wareroom that was brilliantly lighted.  There were all sorts of hardware items on shelves around the edges of the room, sort of like Home Depot, but there was a cleared area in the middle.  There, Toby saw to his shock, were the rest of the dozen men who had been present at his first humiliation in the alley behind Willie's insurance office.  

All of the men were standing in a horseshoe pattern.  When Toby was brought in, they turned their backs and bent over, hands on knees.  Frankie, Bruce, and Garth joined them in the horseshoe.

Willie reached into a pocket of his cargoes and pulled out a video camera.  

"Okay, Grant.  You are going to get on your knees behind the first man, Frankie, and stick your nose right against his ass crack.  Take a big breath.  Smell those funky butts!"

Toby started to protest, but he realized that he couldn't avoid doing what he was made to do, and there was no point in complaining.  `These fuckers own me,' he thought.  `I guess I gotta do whatever they say.'

Actually, Frankie's ass didn't smell all that bad.  In fact, what Toby smelled was the male smell of Frankie's balls.  It was the knowledge that he was on his knees with his nose pressed against the seat of Frankie's denim shorts that galled.  

"Thank Mr. Malucci for letting you smell his butt, Officer Grant," Willie said.

"Thanks, Mr. Malucci, for letting me smell your butt," Toby responded.  All the rest laughed.

"Now, go to each of the others and do the same thing."

In turn, Willie moved sideways and put his nose against the cloth-covered asses of the other men, thanking each one as he'd been instructed to do.  Some of them smelled worse than others, but it was when Maynard Brown cut a big fart that Toby nearly lost his cheeseburger.  He coughed and pulled back from Maynard's big, jeans-clad ass.  "Fuck!" he exclaimed.

"Watch it, Officer Grant.  Maynard has given you a gift.  You must give him special thanks.  Kiss his butt and thank him."

"Thank you, sir, for allowing me to breathe your fart," Toby said through gritted teeth.

"No, that doesn't sound like you mean it, man.  Lick his crack and try again."

Toby thought he was going to puke, but he managed to lick Maynard's jeans where his crack was and made a more sincere-sounding apology.

Then he was allowed to complete the ritual of ass-nuzzling and thanks.

Willie had been taking videos of the whole procedure, so he hadn't been involved in the ass-worship.

Toby was sickened, not so much by what he'd just been made to do as by the thought that maybe others would see the video that Willie had taken.  He didn't have time to worry about that for long, however, because Willie told him it was time for the evening's next event.

Frankie and Maynard went behind some shelving and began bringing out folding lawn chairs for the others.  They arranged them in a large semicircle.  Willie came over to Toby and put his arm around his shoulder.  

"Now, Grant, here's the next thing on the program.  There's a boom box over there by the wall.  When it begins to play, you're gonna do a strip dance for these gentlemen.  And, man, you'd better give it everythin' you got!  Shake your bootie!  Grope your package.  Lick your lips.  Make like a fuckin' exotic dancer.  What happens afterward depends on how good a job you do."

"Willie, sir, I've never done anything like that before.  I don't think I can --"

"Of course you can.  You gotta!  Make love with your eyes to every man in the room.  Make him want to fuck you.  Here's a chance to show your acting talents.  And, man, you better make it good!"

Somebody started the music playing softly, but it was very rhythmic, sensual.  Frankie stepped into the center of the circle.

"Gentlemen, it is a pleasure to present to you a former big man on campus at Smithville High School, star quarterback of the football team, one of Smithville's Finest, who will dance for your pleasure, Officer Toby Grant."  Frankie began to applaud.  The others clapped, whistled, and,in some cases, jeered.  The music got gradually louder.

When Toby stepped into the circle, everyone saw his hard cock pressing against the blue twill fabric of his uniform pants.  Someone said, loud enough for everyone to hear, "Look at that woodie.  And he called me a fag!"

Toby blushed, trying to ignore the men watching him and perform as ordered.  He turned his back to his audience and bent over to untie his regulation black shoes, thus presenting his ass.  

Everyone clapped and whistled.  "Nice ass," Bruce said.  "Very fuckable."  Toby couldn't see it, but Garth was adjusting his package.

Toby straightened up, kicked his shoes aside, put his hands on his hips and stared at his audience.  Then, leaving his hands where they were, he began to gyrate his hips in time to the music, his cock still obscenely tenting his pants.  More applause and whistles ensued.

"Take it off," someone shouted.

Slowly, Toby began to unbutton his uniform shirt, still swaying his hips in time to the music. He couldn't understand why he was getting into this striptease, but he was.  He enjoyed the enthusiastic responses of his audience, even though he knew they were making fun of him and enjoying his humiliation.  What was with that?

He pulled the tail of his shirt out of his pants, slipped it off, and began to whirl it around over his head, finally throwing it aside.  He didn't throw it toward the audience because he was hoping he'd be able to wear it home.  

"Yeah, bitch, strip for us!" someone yelled.

Toby was hurt that his efforts weren't being appreciated.  Again, very slowly, he pulled the tail of his white tee out of his pants.  He raised it enough to show his six-pack and then quickly pulled it back down.  He turned his back to his audience and pulled the tee up as far as his pits, giving them a look at his muscular back.  Then he lowered it slowly again.

He turned back toward his audience and slowly pulled the tee over his head, whirling it around as he had his uniform shirt.  Then he tossed it on top of the shirt.  That left him naked from the waist up.

Switching from rotating his hips to pistoning his pelvis forward and back, he reached up and began to rub his nipples.  Toby had always had sensitive nipples, as some of his women had discovered.  He quickly decided that was too erotic.  He didn't want to come, and he already had a monster hardon.  He unbuckled his belt and slowly pulled it out of the belt loops, tossing it on top of his other clothing.

The audience of twelve men was enthusiastic in jeering at him.  "What a fag!"  "Look at that cocksucker!"  "He's really gettin' into it!"  Toby was momentarily distracted when he noticed that Willie was taking videos of his performance and Frankie was taking still shots with a digital camera.

As he unfastened the button of his uniform pants, Toby made sure he was turned toward Willie and Frankie, playing to the cameras.  He didn't know why, but he felt he had to do what he was told to the best of his abilities.  Besides, this forced strip dance was releasing something that had long lay hidden.  He wasn't quite sure what or why, but he felt that he wanted to be as sexy as possible.

Ever so slowly he unzipped his fly.  Then, looking straight at Willie's camera, he lowered his eyelids, licked his lips, and pulled the zipper back up again.  The watchers roared.

"Who'd a thought that bastard was such a slut," one of them commented to the guy next to him.  The other one replied, "I can't believe that's the great Toby Grant.  If only we'd known when he was handing us all that shit."

Toby let his pants drop to the floor and then kicked them away toward the pile of clothes he'd already discarded.  That left him in his blue boxers, which were severely tented out from his boner, and his black socks.

He turned his back to his audience and pulled the back of his boxers down over his muscular ass, the ass they'd all seen getting a spanking in the alley not too long ago.  It was no longer red.  Now it was pale once more.  He wiggled the ass as provocatively as he could and then pulled the boxers back up.  As he turned one more time to face the audience, he was greeted with calls of "Lose `em, drop the shorts."

"What a whore," someone shouted.  

At that moment, Toby had a flash.  `Why am I doing this?' he asked himself.  `Because I don't have any choice.  Because what I want doesn't matter.  Because this is what they want.'

He dropped his boxers.  When he did, the dozen men laughed simultaneously.  As Toby's red, throbbing cock was freed from his shorts, it slapped up against his flat belly.  Flying proudly from its fleshy mast was a miniature rainbow flag!

Looking down to see what everyone was staring at and laughing about, Toby lost his sense of euphoria.  Once more he was mortified and sickened to find himself standing there naked except for his black socks, erect, a gay flag attached to his cock.  As he felt the blush rise from his chest to his neck to his face, he asked himself if he really had been such a jerk as to deserve all of this.

Everyone was whistling and applauding.  He wanted to put his hands over his genitals, but he knew he wouldn't be allowed to keep them there.  So he just stood, looking embarrassed and bewildered, hands at his sides.

"Man," Frankie said, "you're a natural.  Maybe we should see if we can get you booked into one of the gay strip clubs."

His first instinct was to plead with Frankie not to do that, but then he realized that he'd better not say anything.  

"Well, now, Officer Grant.  It seems you still have a little problem."  Willie was staring at Toby's erection.  "So, to cap off your performance tonight you can pound yourself off for us.  Oh, and I guess you'd better take off that flag first."

Toby untied the cords holding the flag and ripped it off.  He tossed it aside.  All the feelings of wanting to please Willie and the others were gone by this time.  Toby felt the cold reality that he was there, a member of the Smithville Police Department, naked, hard, about to jack off in front of a dozen guys.  He looked at Willie with panic in his eyes, but the expression on Jefferson's face told him there was no appeal there.

Taking a wide stance and grabbing his throbbing cock, Toby closed his eyes and began to stroke himself.  Unconsciously, he played with one of his nipples with the other hand.  Several of the onlookers were calling him a queer and a faggot, but he recognized Bruce's voice saying, "Yeah, Toby, pound it, baby.  Show us your man juice."  Toby smiled inwardly.  He had been right when he'd called Bruce a queer back in high school!

Toby's cock had been hard and leaking ever since they arrived at the warehouse, but he didn't feel very sexed up as he tried to jack off for his jeering audience.  It felt good in a way as he fisted his shaft, but it took longer than usual before he felt the familiar feeling in his balls.  Tweaking and rubbing his nipples did help some, however, and eventually, despite his humiliation and shame, he knew he was about to come.

Willie must have seen the signs, for he said, "Catch it in your hand, Grant!"

Moments later Toby had a big, white, viscous puddle in the palm of his left hand.  After his head cleared from the intensity of his orgasm, he stood up straight and looked at Willie for instructions.

"Eat it," the audience began to chant.  Willie grinned and nodded his head.  Knowing he had no alternative, Toby licked his hand clean.  The crowd applauded and laughed.  "A real cum-eater!"  

Thinking of the pictures Willie and Frankie had been taking, Toby felt as if there were a rock in the pit of his stomach.

Most of the men left.  Frankie, Willie, Bruce, and Garth remained.  Frankie slapped Toby on the butt and said, "You're such a queer, Grant.  And you used to call other guys names."

"But I'm not queer," Toby protested.

"Come on, man, you were really gettin' off up there.  We all saw it!  You're the biggest fruit in our class."

Toby wanted to strangle Frankie, but he knew better.  

"You can get dressed now, Officer Grant," Willie said, grinning.  

They took Toby back to his house.  As he was getting out of his car, Willie said, "Tomorrow night at 7:00 you will be naked, as usual, on your knees.  Garth and Bruce are going to come and spend the evening with you.  You're going to learn a lot about yourself."

Toby went inside, stripped off his clothes, and had a long, hot shower.  Sitting on the living room sofa with a beer afterward, he wondered how his life could get any worse. Then he mused that so far, despite the trials he'd been put through, he hadn't really been forced to do some of the most humiliating things he'd had fears about.  Except for having to put his tongue on Maynard Brown's dick and being sucked off in the park, he had not actually had any homosexual contact with anyone.  He wondered how long that situation would last.

At 7:00 the next evening, Saturday, Toby had made sure the front door was unlocked before he stripped and knelt in the living room.

There was a light rap on the door.  Then Toby heard a voice, but he couldn't understand what was said.  The door opened, and Bruce Jessop came in followed by Garth Cantrell.  Both men had changed since high school.  Bruce, who was about 5'9" and slim, had grown a goatee and mustache.  He had black hair and blue eyes.  Garth had simply grown.  Toby remembered him as a skinny kid about Bruce's size.  Now, however, Garth was close to six feet tall.  He had curly red hair and green eyes.  He was carrying what looked like a nylon book bag.

"Toby," Bruce exclaimed.  "Stand up, man.  Willie been making you get naked and kneel whenever anyone comes over here?"

"Yes, sir," Toby said, standing.  He had learned not to try to hide his genitals, so he simply stood naked before the other two, hands at his sides.

"Sir, huh?" Garth chuckled.  "You're coming along in your training.  You sure don't act and look like the Toby Grant we knew back in high school."

"May I say something?" Toby asked.

"Yeah, go ahead."

"Look, I'm not saying this to get you guys to go easy on me with whatever you're planning to do.  I know now that you'll do whatever you want and there's nothing I can do about it.  I just wanted to say that I was a real jerk with you guys back at Smithville High.  I've learned a lot in the last week or so about what it's like to be on the receiving end of shit, you know?  I know for the first time in my life what it's like to feel helpless, like things are totally out of my control.  I'm sorry for the way I treated you.  I had no right to make fun of you because you weren't like me and my friends.  So I know I deserve whatever you guys have planned for tonight."

Garth grinned at Bruce and said, "Looks like Willie's program is working."

Bruce nodded, looking intently at Toby.  "Toby, go pull on some shorts or something and then come back here.  We need to talk a little about what's going to happen this evening, and you don't have to sit there naked while we're fully clothed."  Then he grinned.  "Besides, it's too distracting seeing you standing there in all your glory."

Toby started to say something, then changed his mind.  He went and got a pair of boxers, pulled them on, and came back to the living room.  The last thing Bruce said seemed to be an admission that he, at least was gay, as Toby had maliciously accused him of being back in school.  But these two seemed to be a lot less nasty so far than the others in Willie's group.

When the three of them were sitting, Bruce said, "That was quite a performance you put on last night.  How do you feel about it?"

"I'm totally ashamed.  But I know I have to do whatever you guys say, that what I want doesn't matter.  Besides, it's over.  I just want to get through all this and get back to my life.  That's assuming nobody shows all those pictures and videos to my superiors at the precinct or to the general public."

"Toby, you can trust Willie Jefferson to do what he promised you.  We wouldn't be having anything to do with his `project' for you if we thought he wouldn't keep his word."

"Well, thanks for that."

"Now, look," Garth said.  "Bruce and I are actually grateful to you in a way.  You see, both of us are gay.  Back then, when you harassed us, we were both very much in the closet.  But we started talking after our run-ins with you, and we came out to each other.  One thing followed another, and now we're a couple."

Bruce picked up the narrative.  "We don't live together.  I am in charge of computers for the county library system, and Garth here is the manager of his dad's music store.  In a town this size, we have to be discreet.  But, yeah, you were right.  We hate to hear gay people ridiculed and called names like the ones you called us.  And we hope to help you understand that we're not such bad guys."

"Yeah," Garth said, grinning, "you may actually enjoy this evening.  And at least we're staying right here, not taking you out to humiliate you somewhere.  And we aren't going to hurt you."

"Well, guys," Toby said, "I understand that you can do anything you want, so let's get on with it.  What do you want me to do?"

"First of all, you won't need a Viagra this evening.  Just show us your bedroom."

Toby took them into his bedroom, where, being 6'2", he had put a king-sized bed.  He had hoped it would be the scene of many a fuck session with some of the better looking of the local women, but he'd been "inducted" into Willie's retraining program so soon after he got his job on the force that he had had no time for a social life.

"Okay, Toby," Bruce said, "this will do great.  Take off your boxers and lie down on the bed, face up."

When Toby did as they said, Garth took pieces of clothesline rope from his bag.  There were four pieces, two of which they used to tie around Toby's wrists and then secure them by attaching the other ends to the legs of the bed.  His ankles were similarly bound and the ropes were attached to the legs at the foot of the bed.  There was enough slack in the ropes on his legs to allow him to move them around on the bed, but his arms were stretched taut.

Toby was nervous enough in that position, but he began to sweat when Cantrell and Jessop began to undress.  Soon both men were standing naked beside the bed.  The first thing they did was kiss each other, the kind of deep kissing that Toby liked to do with a hot chick.  Toby was more fascinated than repulsed.  He'd never seen or even imagined anything like that.  They actually looked as if they loved each other.

When Garth and Bruce separated, they both climbed onto the bed.   `Here it comes,' Toby thought, `here's the queer part!'  Then he gasped.  Bruce was tickling the tip of his right nipple with the tip of his tongue.  Toby had always had sensitive nipples, but none of his female dates had ever licked or sucked on them.  He like to play with them when he was pleasuring himself, but he thought it would seem unmanly to ask a woman to do that, and none of them had ever offered.  So, when he felt Bruce's tongue there, he jumped and said, "Oh, shit!"  Bruce began to lick and suck and nibble on that tit.  Garth had gotten a video camera out of the bag and had it pointing at Toby's dick, which was, to his great embarrassment, slowly rising from his balls, gracefully, like a ballerina.  Soon, as Bruce continued, it was pointing toward the wall opposite the foot of the bed.

"See, Tobe, it feels pretty good, doesn't it?"  

Toby didn't want to admit that it felt good, even though his cock had betrayed him by announcing to the other two just how great it was.  He reminded himself that this was a guy who was sucking on his nip, but his cock got harder and harder.  In his confusion, he was aware that Bruce's hair smelled good.

Garth put down the camera and got onto the bed on Toby's left side.  Lying on his stomach and propped up on his forearms, he put his face over Toby's.  At that distance, Toby caught a faint scent of Garth's aftershave and thought it smelled nice.  Garth smiled down at Toby and then, lowering his face, very gently rubbed his lips against Toby's.  Toby clamped his lips closed.  He wasn't going to kiss another man if he could help it.  That was just too gay!  Yeah, he'd had to do that some days back, and it hadn't been as bad as he thought, but something in Toby's mind said he had to resist.

Then Garth stuck his tongue between his lips and brushed it very lightly over Toby's lips.  Bruce chose that moment to bite just a little hard on Toby's nipple, so hard that Toby gasped.  That's when Garth gently inserted his tongue into Toby's mouth.  What he did after that was pretty much what Toby did when he had his tongue in a woman's mouth.  As Garth continued to explore, Toby found that being on the receiving end of such a kiss was as erotic as taking the dominant role.  He moaned.  Bruce chuckled.  Then Toby's tongue began to respond.  He didn't will it to, but it began to probe back, touching, twining around, doing a dance with Garth's tongue.  

"Oh, this is too hot!  I've got to grab the camera," Bruce said.  He began taking vids of his lover and Toby in what had become indeed a very hot face-sucking session.  He also pointed the camera at Toby's cock, which was throbbing and beginning to leak precum.

Toby found himself disappointed when Garth pulled away.  Then he remembered what they had been doing and blushed.

"Aww, look, Garth," Bruce said, "he's blushing."

Garth grinned.  "Yeah, but look at his cock.  He likes it, I think.  You do like, it, Toby, don't you?"

"Nooo.  I just know I have to do what you guys want me to.  This is wrong.  It isn't natural.  I'm not gay.  I can't like it."

Bruce and Garth both chuckled.  "Well, let's move on to the next phase."

Garth began to do to Toby's left nipple what Bruce had been doing to the right one.  Bruce stretched out between Toby's legs, pushed his cock out of the way, and began to lick his sac.  

"Ohmygod," Toby exclaimed, overwhelmed by the stimulation to his nipple and balls.  He knew he should be hating this, but he couldn't.  It was incredibly exciting.  He wished his hands weren't tethered so he could grab his cock.

Bruce managed to take each of Toby's nuts into his mouth.  Something deep inside Toby's mind asked, `How can he stand to do that?'  But Toby was beyond caring about the answer.  He wanted so badly to come that he began to plead.  "Fuck, guys!  That's fantastic.  But I gotta get off.  Please untie my hands."

Garth chuckled.  "Not yet.  In fact, you won't be allowed to get off until we say, and there's something you've got to do first."

"What's that?  I'll do it!  Anything!"

Bruce let a Toby-ball fall out of his mouth and said, "Don't make promises you won't keep, Grant."

"But, man, I gotta get my nut!  Please!"

"Patience," Garth chuckled.  He and Bruce got out of bed and released the ropes that were around Toby's ankles.  Then they pushed his knees back against his shoulders, exposing his ass.

"Oh, shit!  Please don't fuck me," Toby wailed.  

"Relax, Tobe.  That's not on tonight's agenda."  He stressed "tonight's."

Garth stretched out at the foot of the bed and began to run his tongue up and down Toby's ass crack.  The recipient of these attentions nearly went ballistic.

"Oh, fuck.  Oh, Christ!  That's nasty!  But it feels SO GOOD!  How can you do that?  But don't quit!  God!"  He was silenced when Bruce, who was kneeling at the head of the bed, facing Garth, holding Toby's legs up, scooted forward and parked his ass just over Toby's face.

"If it feels so good, maybe you should return the favor."

Toby tried to protest, but Bruce simply lowered himself until Toby's nose was in his ass crack.  "Do what Garth is doing.  You won't get to come until you've passed this test.  This is the first of several."

Toby tentatively stuck his tongue out and licked Bruce's crack.  It didn't taste bad at all.  Bruce had obviously showered recently, and the only smells Toby could detect were soap and a more intense form of what locker rooms always smell like.  So, practically beside himself with pleasure from what Garth was doing to his own rear entrance, he did his best to follow suit.  

"Yeah, man, that's nice!" Bruce said.  "You're a quick learner."

When Garth began to tongue-fuck Toby in earnest, Toby did the same thing to Bruce.  Again, some part of his brain was clamoring that this was not only queer but really sick, but he ignored it.

When Garth quit what he was doing and knelt up, Bruce raised himself off of Toby's face.

It was then that Toby heard and acknowledged the voice.  "Fuck, you guys, I can't believe I just did that.  That's so sick!"

"Sick?  You enjoyed it, didn't you?" Garth asked, grinning down at him.

"Yeah, and you were doing a pretty enthusiastic job on my ass," Bruce said.  His face appeared upside down to Toby, but he, too was obviously grinning.

"Well, yeah.  And I have to tell you, if I don't nut soon I'm gonna explode.  Please, guys, untie my hands."

"All you have to do to get off, Toby, is to suck one of us off first while the other takes pictures with the video camera.  Your choice.  The guy that gets sucked off will then suck you off."  

"Oh, no way!  What you've already made me do is sick enough.  I'm not ever gonna be a cocksucker.  No offense, really, but not me."

Garth gave an evil chuckle.  "Bruce, baby, let's see how long it takes us to have him begging to suck cock."

"You take his tits.  I'll do his ass," Bruce replied.

Soon Toby found himself being stimulated at both ends.  Garth was alternating between his sensitive nipples.  He sucked on them like a baby sucking his mother's tit.  Then he'd nip them, causing just enough pain to make Toby's cock jump and spurt out more precum.  

Meanwhile, he felt the tickle of Bruce's `stache and beard on the tender skin in his crack.  That was followed by an aggressive assault on his pucker by Bruce's tongue.  In minutes he was screaming that he was about to come.  When he did, the lovers stopped what they were doing, ignored Toby, sat on the edge of the bed where he could watch, and began to kiss each other passionately.  

The feeling of impending ejaculation subsided.  As Tony lay there watching the two other men, he realized he wasn't as turned off by that as he should have been.  `They act like they really love each other,' he thought.  His cock remained hard and throbbing and pouring out an almost constant stream of precum.

"Hey, guys, what about me?" Toby asked, plaintively.

"Ready to suck some cock, Tobe?" Garth asked.

"No, man, I, uh, I can't do that.  You really ain't gonna make me do that just to get off, are ya?"

"Yep.  That's the deal, a blow job for a blow job.  Otherwise, we'll just keep taking you to the edge and backing off like we just did."

"Fuck, I just can't do it."

After three more trips to the edge, Toby couldn't stand it any more.  

"Okay, okay, I'll do it.  I can't take it any more!  Tell me what to do."

Garth quit sucking on Toby's by now red, distended nipples and said, "You realize that you are about to become a cocksucker?  Isn't that one of the terms you used to sneer at us?"

"Yeah, I guess it is.  Please, guys, I'm desperate here.  Whose dick do I have to take?"

"Like we said, your choice."

Toby looked at them.  "It doesn't make any difference to me."  Then he thought of something.  "No offense, Garth, but Bruce's dick is a little smaller.  That might be easier for my first time."

This was an event Bruce had dreamed about for years, being sucked off by his harasser and nemesis, Toby Grant.  He sat on the edge of the bed because he wanted Toby on his knees on the floor as he gave head for the first time.  Garth got the camera, told Toby to get into position, and said, "Okay, action."

"Uh, look, guys, you know I've never done this before.  I may not do a very good job."

"Two things," Bruce said.  "Watch the teeth and then just do what you know feels good.  You've had lots of blow jobs from your female admirers, haven't you?"


"So you should know what to do."

Toby moved his face slowly toward Bruce's dick, which looked much bigger up close than it had before.  Wanting to get the ordeal over with, wanting even more to have his own orgasm, he wrapped his lips around his teeth and lunged forward.  Bruce's cock hit the back of his mouth, and he began to gag.  He pulled off, coughing.

Laughing, Bruce said, "Easy, boy.  Try just licking it first.  Then make an O with your mouth and slide back and forth gently, watching the teeth."

Toby took Bruce's rigid cock, which was drooling precum, gently into his mouth.  He rolled his eyes up to see Bruce's face.  Bruce was smiling back at him.  "Good boy," he said.

Toby felt proud to receive the commendation from Bruce, so he tried his best to do for Bruce what he remembered some of his women had done for him.  Soon he was so into giving Bruce pleasure that he didn't have time to think what it was he was doing.  All thoughts of now officially being a cocksucker, something he had always held in utter contempt, were gone as he concentrated on making Bruce feel good.  When Bruce put his hands gently in Toby's hair and began to caress his head, Toby purred.

"Oh, yeah, Tobe, do that some more.  That's why it's sometimes called a `hummer,' ya know."

Eager to oblige by this time, Toby began humming, though tunelessly.  Bruce closed his eyes and began to moan gently.  Garth was getting video footage of the whole thing, being careful that his lover's face never showed in any of the shots.

Apparently the evening's activities had stimulated Bruce, too, for he was soon muttering that he was going to come.  Toby kept on sucking.  He assumed he was expected to take Bruce's load in his mouth.  

Just then Garth said, "When he comes, don't swallow.  I want to get a shot of you with your mouth open and Brucie's cum in it."

Toby grunted to indicate that he understood, and kept on sucking and bobbing on Bruce's tool.  Suddenly he felt the tube of flesh in his mouth swell, and then became aware of jet after jet of hot cum being deposited there.

Bruce fell back on the bed, panting. "Man, Officer Grant, are you sure you haven't done that before.  That was awesome for a first time."

Garth nudged the dazed Toby with his naked toe so that he'd turn toward the camera.  He did, opening his mouth.  Garth ran the camera for about thirty seconds and then shut it off.

"Okay, Toby.  You've kept your part of the bargain.  Now, this part is not going to be on camera.  This is just for you.  You're going to be gotten off by two gay guys, and no one need ever know.  Except us, of course.  Get up on the bed on your back.  Keep your legs together."

Toby jumped quickly onto the bed.  His dick was still hard and oozing, having remained that way through his giving Bruce his blowjob.  Garth got on one side of him and Bruce on the other.  They both began to lick his cock.  The experience of two tongues lapping at his by-now aching tool was completely new to Toby and incredibly exciting.  That it was to male tongues meant nothing.  The sensation was different than anything he'd ever experienced.  Almost as good, he decided, as pussy.

He'd been lying with his head back and his eyes closed.  When he felt the weight of the two men shift, he craned his neck forward so he could see what they were doing.  At that moment, Bruce opened up and took Toby's fat but not overly-long cock all the way.  Almost at once his nose was in Toby's golden pubes.  Toby gasped.  He'd seldom been deep throated, and no one had done it that quickly and that smoothly before.  `This may be better than pussy,' a small voice said inside him.

Just then another sensation joined the ones his dick was receiving.  Garth must have found his lube in the night stand, for something cool and sticky touched his pucker.  Gradually, gently, Garth worked his finger into Toby's chute.  He went straight for Toby's prostate, and Toby went into sensory overload.  Turning his head rapidly from side to side, he muttered and moaned and growled.

Garth looked at Bruce and grinned.  He said, "I think Officer Grant is having a mind-altering experience, babe."

Bruce, who had Toby's cock down his throat didn't say anything.

Toby was incapable of rational thought.

Later, when Bruce and Garth were dressed and Toby had pulled on his boxers again, he offered them a beer.  They accepted, and they all sat around the small dining table in the end of Toby's living room.

Garth asked, "Toby, you've crossed a line you can't re-cross.  You've sucked dick.  Was it so bad?"

Toby looked at his Coors can for a minute and then said, "It helped a lot, ya know, that you guys were so decent.  You didn't try to make me feel like shit or anything."

"I think you just changed the subject," Bruce said.  "You seem to understand now what a jerk you really were.  You've gone along with all of the things Willie set up for you without too much complaint.  Besides, we wanted you to understand that gay sex is not sickening, that it can be pleasant."

Toby took a big swallow of beer, burped, and said, "Okay.  I gotta admit, this was more than pleasant.  I don't think I'm ready to give up on women, but what we did this evening may have been some of the best sex I've ever had.  You can bet that from now on I'll not be making nasty comments about gay people."

Garth and Bruce high fived and grinned at Toby.  

"Yeah!  Seems your attitude's been adjusted about a lot of things recently.  Willie's program seems to be working."

"So, guys, can I ask how much longer it's gonna go on?"

"Toby, we're not supposed to tell you anything.  But I think it's safe to say that it's almost over.  After Bruce and I talk to Will, there won't be much left."

"What's that gonna be like?"

"We can't tell you," Bruce said.  "But I'm afraid you won't like it.  The only saving grace is that it will be the end of your `training.'  Unless, of course, you misbehave."

"Fuck, man, I'm not gonna do anything to get this bunch after me again.  For one thing, I don't want to go through any more of the shit they've all put me through.  More important, though, I really understand what a jerk I've been.  I'm gonna try to change."

"Good man!"

When the two finished their beers and were ready to leave, there was an awkward moment.  They didn't seem to know what to say to one another.

Toby held out his hand.  "Shake?"

Instead of shaking hands, Garth and Bruce grabbed Toby and they had a long group hug.  Then the two partners left.

Toby had another beer and collapsed on the sofa.  He had a lot to think about.  He was clearly a changed man.  He couldn't help remembering something that one of the guys had said early in the evening.  That getting fucked was on the agenda for later, or something like that.

`Oh, well,' he thought.  `I'll just have to do whatever Willie wants me to.  But from what Garth, or maybe Bruce, said, this could all be over soon.  One thing's for sure.  I'm gonna be a lot more aware of other people's feelings after all this.'

Taking another swallow of beer, he thought, `Those guys were nice.  They might be fun to be with if they weren't gay.  Then he remembered that he'd never had better feelings in his life than he'd had that evening.  `Fuck, what's wrong with me?'

This story will be wrapped up in the next chapter.