The Trials of Toby Grant

Max H.

Chapter 4

This story involves sex between guys.  If you shouldn't be reading such things, move on.

The characters in this fantasy may not always practice safe sex.  In the world we live in, safe sex is vital.

It's okay to print this story out or save it to disc, but it remains my property.  Don't transfer it to another website or archive without my permission.

My thanks to TW for doing the copy editing here and to a new friend from Atlanta for suggesting the scene between Kevin and Toby in this chapter.

In the days following his experience with Garth and Bruce, Toby had lots to think about.  He worried about the fact that he was now a cocksucker.  He'd used that term since he was ten years old to put down guys he didn't like or even guys that were just different from him and his jock buddies.  As he got older, he realized that when he called guys that he was claiming they were gay, that they sucked cocks because they wanted to.  It wasn't just a put-down any more, it was a description, it alleged that they put dicks in their mouths.  And now he was a cocksucker.  You can't undo that, once it's done.

But he was desperate, he rationalized.  He didn't suck Bruce's cock because he wanted to.  He did it because they had repeatedly brought him to the edge of blowing his wad and then quit.  If he hadn't gotten release he thought he might explode.  That didn't make him gay or anything.  What worried him was that he enjoyed the kissing.  Kissing guys!  And the blowjob with finger fucking Bruce and Garth had given him was truly mind-blowing!  He couldn't deny that he'd never had a greater sexual high.  And those were two guys.  How could he deny he was gay?  Or at least that he enjoyed some kinds of sex with men?  And didn't that make you gay?  Well, bi, maybe.  Toby assured himself he wasn't about to take up with men and ignore women.

One day not long after that Lt. MacMillan called Toby into his office.  

"Grant, you've seemed distracted lately.  Is everything okay?"

"Oh, yes, sir.  No problem.  I'm fine."

"You know if you have a problem you can always come to me, don't you?"

"Thank you, sir."

"Tell me, Grant, are you enjoying being on the force?"

"Oh, yes, lieutenant.  It's what I've wanted to do ever since I got out of high school.  I hope I haven't screwed up or anything."

"Not at all.  I just wanted to check and see how you were doing."  

"I appreciate that, sir.  Thank you, sir."

"Okay, Grant, get back to work."  As he said that, Toby thought there was almost a grin on the lieutenant's face.

"Yes, sir!"

*          *          *

`Aw, come on, Will.  Let me do this!"

"Kevin, Grant has already had his cocksucking experience.  What you want to do would just be doing it again.  It's not part of our plan for him."

"Call it reinforcement, maybe.  But, man, I've dreamed of seeing that bastard at my feet for four years.  I'll never have the chance again.  So, whatdaya say, man?"

Willie chuckled.  "Okay, okay.  I'll call the lieutenant and ask him to pass the word not to interfere if they see Grant's cruiser in a strange place.  And remember the rules.  You can't harm him physically and you can't do anything to embarrass Smithville PD."

"Got it!  Thanks, Will!"

*          *          *

Toby's phone rang.  "Hullo?"

"This is Kevin Wheeler."

Toby remembered Kevin as a tall, skinny guy he'd liked to make fun of when they were in school together.  He didn't remember why except that Kevin didn't play any sports and he made good grades.  That would have been reason enough, Toby realized, to harass the guy back in those days.  Kevin had been one of the group in the alley the day he got spanked, one of the group that had laughed as he was humiliated by Will Jefferson, one of the group that had covered him with their spunk.

"Uh, hi, Kevin."

"You don't go on duty tomorrow until 3:00, right?"


"That's 'yes, sir' to you, Grant."

"Yes, sir!"

"Tomorrow at 9:00 AM I'll be past to get you.  Be in uniform.  Have the keys to your cruiser with you.  Got that?"

"Yes, sir!"

Toby was watching for Kevin the next morning.  A few minutes after 9:00 a three-year-old Camry pulled up in front of his house.  He was surprised by the appearance of the guy who got out of the car.  Kevin Wheeler had obviously spent a lot of time on his body since high school.  He had bulked up in the shoulders and chest.  His light brown hair had been highlighted.  He'd traded his glasses for contacts.  In a green polo shirt and khakis, he looked great, Toby thought.  Actually, except that Toby's hair was true blond and he had blue eyes whereas Kevin's were brown, the two looked a good deal alike and were just the same size.

Toby held the door open for Kevin to come inside.

"Well, Grant, ready for your next `lesson'?"

"Yeah, I guess so."

"That's `sir'."

"Sorry, sir."

"That's better.  Now, strip.  Take off everything."

As Toby began to undress, he was surprised to see that Kevin was undressing, too.  He was also a bit surprised to see that Kevin was freeballing.

"Give that here," Wheeler said as Toby removed his uniform shirt.  As Toby was taking off his shoes and socks, Kevin put on the uniform shirt.  Soon Toby was naked and Kevin was wearing his uniform.  It fit him as if it had been tailored for him, and Toby couldn't help thinking he looked good in it.  He thought that if Kevin had looked that good in high school, he might have been a popular guy.

"Okay.  Let's go.  Where are the keys to your car?"

"In the pants pocket.  But I can't go outside this way!"

"Toby, Toby," Wheeler said, grinning, "when are you going to learn that you can and will do whatever we tell you to?  What does it matter if your neighbors see you?  You'll just have to deal with it."

When they got outside, Kevin put Toby in the back seat of the cruiser.  He got a digital camera out of his own car and then locked the car.  He put the camera in the pocket of the uniform shirt he was wearing and got into the cruiser.

Toby was humiliated yet again.  He was afraid people in SUV's and semi's would see that he was naked.  He was afraid they'd think that, because he was in the back seat, he was being arrested.  And, not knowing that his fellow officers had been told he was on special assignment and not to worry if they saw his patrol car in an unlikely place, he worried that someone would spot his car and call in a report on it.

It was already warm, since it was midsummer, so Wheeler turned on the A/C full blast.  Soon Toby was cold.  His nipples began to stand out, and he had goose bumps all over his body.  These effects were partly from the cold and partly from his concern over what Wheeler had in mind.  They drove out of the city for about a half an hour.  Then they turned onto a narrow country road and drove for another fifteen minutes or so.  When he came to a large unfenced field, Wheeler pulled off the road and under some trees.

He got out of the car and then opened the back door.  "Get out."

Toby felt really strange being naked outdoors in front of a man who looked every inch a  police officer but wasn't.  He hoped desperately no one would drive along the road at that moment.

Kevin grinned.  "You used to call me a cocksucker, among other things.  Just for the record, I've never done that.  Like I always used to tell you, I'm not gay.  But I hear you're a cocksucker now, and I want you to show me what you've learned."  He put his hands on Toby's shoulders and pushed down.  After obediently sinking to his knees, Toby looked up at Kevin.  The standing man may not have ever sucked dick, but he was obviously looking forward to having his dick sucked.  His tool was long and hard, sticking down the left leg of the uniform trousers.  There was a wet spot at the tip, a wet spot in Toby's uniform trousers, a wet spot put there by another guy's cock.

"You look good down there, Grant.  At least it's fuckin' good to see you in that position.  Now, before you get to show me what a good cocksucker you've become, you'll have to beg me for the privilege."

Knowing there was no use arguing, Toby took a deep breath and said, "Please, Kevin, let me suck your cock."

"Not good enough.  Can't you  remember that it's `sir'?  And you don't sound like you mean it.  Try again."

"Please, sir, I want to suck your cock.  I want to feel it in my mouth and taste your juices."

Kevin chuckled. "Attaboy.  You may take it out now and just kiss the head."

Toby unzipped Kevin's trousers, his trousers actually, and fumbled inside.  Kevin's cock was so hard he couldn't get it out.

"Ouch!  Careful, dammit!  You'd better unfasten the pants and pull them down."

When Toby did that, Kevin's hard prick flopped up, slinging a drop of precum onto Toby's face in the process.  Toby leaned forward and kissed the tip of the hard, red tool staring him in the face.  He heard a click.  Kevin had taken a picture.

"Now, take it in your mouth.  And if I feel any teeth, I'll let you find your own way home."

Toby obediently took the cock in his mouth, but he did nothing else, waiting for instructions.

"What are you waiting for?  Go on!  You know what to do."

Toby put a hand around the base of Kevin's dick and began to suck and lick the remaining part.  

"Oh, man," Kevin groaned.  "You do that good."  He let Toby carry on as he was for a while, and then he put his hands on Toby's head, pulling him closer.  When his cock hit the back of Toby's mouth, Toby began to gag.  Kevin simply kept on pulling Toby's head towards his belly.  Toby's eyes were watering, and he couldn't breathe.  Kevin saw what was happening and said, "Breathe on the outstroke."  Toby caught on quickly.  His throat hurt from being stretched, but he soon managed his gag reflex and learned to breathe each time Kevin pulled his cock back.

Kevin made Toby stop at one point and look up at him while keeping Kevin's cock in his mouth while he took another picture.  Then he commanded Toby to go back to work.

It seemed like an eternity to Toby, a brief moment to Kevin.  

However long it took, Kevin eventually knew he was about to cum.  He pulled his dick from Toby's mouth and began to pump it.  

"Fuck, man, I haven't come for three days. I've been saving it for you."  After a couple more strokes, he exploded, scattering his thick, white goo all over Toby's face and hair.  When he had finished, he made Toby clean off the bit of jizz that was left on the tip of his cock, and he took a close-up of Toby's cum-spattered face.  "Another shot for your album," he chuckled.

"Okay, Grant, stand up.  You know, I always figured you were a closet gay, but, man, all that gagging makes me think you really haven't had much experience sucking dick.  And, speaking of dicks, look at yours.  It's limp as a noodle."

Toby decided not to respond.  He was relieved that his dick had stayed limp.  But then sucking Kevin hadn't been an erotic experience for him.  It was just humiliating and at times painful.  Even scary there when he couldn't get his breath.

Kevin gave Toby nothing to clean the spooge off his face and hair.  In the car Toby tried to slide down in his seat so he wouldn't be seen, but Kevin saw through the rear-view mirror what he was doing and made him sit up.  "Lean forward a little, and look out the window.  All the way home.  You can smile at people who look at you.  Maybe you'll see someone you know."

Toby was truly humiliated when they got back into town and had to stop at several traffic lights.  One woman in a minivan looked at him and then turned away in disgust.  At another light, a guy in a pickup looked at him and grinned.  He stuck his hand out the window and gave a thumbs up to Kevin.

When they got back to Toby's little house, they went inside.  Kevin took off the uniform and put on his own clothes.  Toby was commanded to remain naked until after Kevin left.

"You're a piss poor cocksucker.  Wish I could give you some more practice.  But you do beg nice."  Taking his camera out of Toby's shirt pocket, he grinned and left.

*          *          *

When the next call came, it was Frankie again.  "Yo, fuckface, be naked and on your knees tonight at 8:00."

Toby had come to realize as a result of the experiences he had lately at the hands of Willie and his friends that he had really been a bastard to most of those guys, and he had come to be genuinely sorry.  His own experiences, being humiliated and helpless to do anything about it, had taught him to be more tuned in to how others felt.  But he just didn't like Frank Malucci.  It didn't have anything to do with Malucci's Italian heritage.  Malucci was just someone he couldn't like.  Thus it galled Toby when he had to listen to those instructions and respond with a meek, "Yes, sir, I'll be ready."  Then he thought how much the lieutenant deserved to be called "sir" and how Frankie didn't deserve that title at all.

Nevertheless, he was ready at 8:00 that evening.  He unlocked the door and knelt, naked, in his small living room.  Frankie came in about two minutes later.  He was alone.

"Well, there's something I can't get enough of seein'.  Toby Grant, all stripped down and ready for action.  Kneeling like any other cocksucker.  I hear you ARE a cocksucker now.  As if you haven't always been.  A guy that has to call other guys that as often as you do must have some issues about guys and dicks.  And now we know, don't we?"

"Aw, come on, Frank.  You know they made me do it."

"That's `sir' to you, Grant.  And the way I heard it you were begging Jessop and Cantrell to suck their dicks."

Toby didn't say anything.  He did plead with them, and he figured there was no point in arguing with Malucci.

"Go get on your bed.  And get out your lube.  You're gonna need it."

Toby glared at Frankie, but he went obediently to his bedroom and got the lube out of the nightstand.  "Okay, now lie down on the bed on your back.  You can pump your dick if you want to.  I know you would like to, bein' naked and all with me in the room."

Toby almost said something, but decided he'd better not.  He got on the bed.

Frankie reached into his nylon bag and took out the video camera.  Since it had occurred to Willie or whoever, they had mostly quit taking stills and were using the video camera.  

"Now, shithead, lube up a couple of fingers and stick them up your ass."

"No fuckin' way!" Toby growled.  "I won't do it.  You'd better remember, Malucci, that I'm a trained cop.  I could break you in half."

"Yeah," Frankie said, grinning, "but you won't.  Willie knows where I am and if I don't call him in an hour, he'll be here with the rest of the guys.  Besides, even if you did something to me, they'd still have all the pix, and you can be fuckin' sure that your lieutenant down at the precinct would have them before midnight."

Toby was practically shaking with rage.  He'd been goaded and humiliated for a couple of weeks, but something about Malucci's attitude made him mutinous.  He really was considering jumping the shorter man, but he realized that Frankie was right.

He took the lube, put a lot of it on his index and middle fingers.  "Can I start with one at a time?"

"Yeah," Frankie grinned.  "You wanna prolong the pleasure, huh?"

"No, I just think two fingers will hurt, and I want to do it gradually."

"Well," Frankie said, still smirking, "whatever floats your boat."

Pushing his cock and balls aside with his left hand, he slowly inserted the middle finger of his right hand into his anus.  Instantly he remembered the feeling of having one of the guys' fingers there when Bruce and Garth had visited him.  His cock began to get hard.

"See, you do like it.  You're throwing wood, and you've just barely started.  Now, find your nut and massage it."

After a little exploring with his middle digit, he felt the hard bump and began to stroke it with the pad of his finger.  The feeling was incredible, and he couldn't suppress a groan.

Frankie laughed.  "Yeah, man.  You like that, doncha?  You look and sound like a whore.  Don't forget that other finger."

Toby removed his finger, twined the two together, and slowly pushed back in.  That was pretty uncomfortable at first, but as he twisted his fingers around, the muscle loosened up and the pain went away.  Then, without being told, he went back to rubbing his prostate.

Frankie, meanwhile, had been running the camera.  "Open your eyes.  Look at the camera."

Toby had almost forgotten about Frankie and the camera, and he only half opened his eyes.

"Oh, man, you look like a real slut!"

Toby stopped fingering himself, opened his eyes fully, and glared at Frankie.

"Now what?" he asked, brusquely.

Frankie took a pink dildo out of his bag. He had it in a plastic kitchen food-storage bag.  "Next scene in our video will be you fuckin' yourself with this.  You can put some lube on it if you want to."

The dildo was about six inches long and more or less normal thickness.  It certainly wasn't huge.  To Toby, however, the thought of that going up his ass was worrisome.  It was huge by comparison to the hole he was going to shove it in.

"I don't think I can get it up there," he said to Frankie.

"Sure ya can. Your fingers ain't exactly dainty, and two of them are almost as big as this thing.  So get with it!"

Toby applied the gel liberally to the dildo and then slowly pushed it in.  It hurt when the head popped through his ring, and he paused.

"Come on, Grant.  Don't be a baby.  Shove that fucker in there."

Slowly Toby pushed the dildo up his chute.  He felt uncomfortably full, but Frankie was right.  It went beyond the reach of his middle finger somewhat, but there wasn't all that much pain.  Toby waited, allowing himself to adjust to the feeling of the invader.  

"Go on, man.  Fuck yourself with it.  I don't need to explain how to do that, do I?"

Toby began to twist the dildo around, not pulling it out.  Though his ass burned a bit from being stretched, it felt good when the dildo moved.  Encouraged that he wasn't going to damage himself, he began slowly pulling the toy out.  That felt even better.  Soon he was lying there, feet flat on the sheets, knees in the air, reaching between his legs, and fucking himself with the dildo.  Instinctively, he had his eyes closed.  

Someone was groaning.  He was shocked to find that it was himself.  Malucci laughed and said, "Oh, this is great.  The guys are gonna love this.  Toby Grant fucking himself and groaning like a boy slut.  I mean, there's nothing wrong with being gay, but, man, you're disgusting.  And you're a fuckin' hypocrite, too.  Calling everybody names when you love getting your ass fingered or fucked."

"Frankie, I've never been fucked in the ass.  This thing you brought is the closest I've ever come."

"That's what you say.  But you can't deny you loved it, and I've got it all here on tape.  And don't congratulate yourself because you have never taken it up the ass.  You have one more `lesson' coming up."

Frankie put the camera back in his bag.  "You can keep the dildo.  I think you're gonna like it a lot.  We'll be calling you one of these days."

He left.

The dildo was still up Toby's ass.  He began to wiggle it around again and then to fuck himself with it.  His cock was hard and drooling, so he grabbed it.  He pumped the dildo with one hand and his tool with the other.  In no time at all, he had exploded all over his chest and abs.

Willie seemed to know Toby's work schedule.  It was ten days before Toby got his next summons.  They wanted him on a Saturday night and the first weekend after the dildo episode Toby had been on duty.

"Somebody will come by for you.  Be in your boy whore shorts, tee, and sneaks at 9:00."

It was raining when Maynard and a guy named Jack Kaster came to pick Toby up.  Kaster was a skinny guy who used to wear glasses.  In his early twenties now, like Toby and their classmates, he had finally gotten beyond his severe teen acne.  In high school, Toby had teased him unmercifully about the glasses, about the acne, about being a beanpole.  And, as Jack reminded Toby, the blond jock had often called him a faggot, too.  

They ran through the rain for Jack's car.  He drove them to the Malucci Company warehouse, scene of a previous humiliating episode for Toby.  When they pulled up at the loading dock, Kaster said, "I've got an idea.  Grant, get out and stand in the rain a while.  You'll look the part even better if you're real wet."

Toby stood in the rain.  Although it was summertime, he was chilled by the time Brown and Kaster let him inside the warehouse.  They took him into the big, brightly lighted space he remembered.  His hair was plastered to his head as his soaked cutoff tee and  shorts were clinging to his body.  The group of guys let out a collective whoop when they saw him.

Willie tried to look serious, but he couldn't help grinning when he saw how cheap and tacky Toby looked, with his erect nipples standing up pertly under his wet tee shirt.  The weight of the water made the shorts even more revealing.  This time, though, Toby's dick was in its most shrunken state from the cold, so it wasn't poking out of the leg of the shorts.  He stood there, head up, looking into the faces of some of the dozen men who surrounded him.  He found himself wondering about them, what sort of lives they were leading, what some of them did for a living.  He wondered which ones were married or had kids.  He knew that Willie had both a wife and a little boy.  He knew that Bruce and Garth were a couple.  But he didn't know much about the rest of them, and suddenly they interested him.  

"Well, Officer Grant, you're holding your head up after all this.  Didn't your retraining work?"

"Yes, sir, I think it worked.  You've made me understand a lot about myself.  Most of it has been stuff I'm not proud of.  The rest of it just lets me know a little more about who I am."

"That's good, that's good," Willie said.  "But you're here tonight for another lesson.  For macho straight guys like us (he looked at Bruce and Garth and winked) "the idea of taking it up the ass is fuckin' revoltin', right?"  He looked at Toby, who nodded, realizing that the long-dreaded fucking was probably about to take place.

"We thought at first of a gang bang.  We decided against that for two reasons.  We don't want to cause you any real physical harm, and after twelve guys fucked your sorry ass, it might be In bad condition.  Second, some of these men didn't want anything to do with putting their dicks up your shit chute.  They don't have anything against watching you get fucked.  In fact, they're looking forward to it."

"But first," Willie continued, "tell us all what a bastard you've been."

"I've been a real prick to you to all you guys.  I know it doesn't mean much, but I'm really sorry."

"You sorry for sure?"

"Yes, sir, I am."

"Then you think maybe you deserve what's coming?"

"I don't think anybody should be used sexually against their will, sir."

"That's true, Officer Grant, and I'm glad to hear you say that.  But you are a special case.  There is still the question of payback.  You are gonna get fucked while we all watch.  And the man who's going to do it is, what's the word, our surrogate.  And believe me, there's not a man here besides yourself that hasn't been looking forward to this moment."

"Now, bitch," Kaster said, "go get that box and drag it over here."

Toby pulled a box that was about a three-foot cube into the center of the lighted area.

"Now, drop those slutty shorts, macho man, and lean over with your hands on the box."

When Toby did as he was told, Kaster put a blindfold on him.  So there he was, naked, bent over with his weight supported by his feet and his hands, which were on the box.  Someone, he thought it was Kaster, spread his legs apart and then smacked him on the ass.

"Frankie, you got your camera ready?" Willie asked.

"Yeppers," Frankie said, holding up the video camera he'd been using to record Toby's trials.  "So let the fucking begin!"  

The group gathered around to watch up close, leaving just enough room for Frankie to  move around and tape the event.

He heard someone walk up behind him.  Then he heard a buckle being undone and the sound of pants dropping.  Then he couldn't tell just what was going on, but there was a pause, after which he felt someone smearing cold lube against his pucker.  Then the guy leaned over his back and said softly, "Relax, Grant.  We'll take it slow and easy."  Toby could smell the guy's aftershave.  He didn't recognize it.  Something light and sort of like lime.

It was a familiar voice, but Toby couldn't quite place it.  To his great relief, it wasn't Jack Kaster.  It wasn't Willie, or Maynard, or Bruce or Garth, either.  And it sure wasn't Frank Malucci.  But he just couldn't remember where he'd heard that voice.  `Oh, well,' he thought, `it's got to be one of the others.'

Toby felt the warmth of a dickhead against his pucker.  He gasped when the man behind him slowly pushed his cock through the anal ring.  It hurt for a minute, but then the guy stopped.

"Go on, man, shove it in him!" Kasner said.

"Shut the fuck up, Kaster," Willie said.  "Let the man do the job his own way."

"Yeah, well," Kaster said, "but this way he might enjoy it."

"Yeah, he might," Frankie said, chuckling.  "And you know what that means."

"Hey, yeah," Jack answered.  "It means Grant here has been a fag all along."

"Uh," Bruce said, "that's gay."

"Sorry," Willie said.  "We don't want to lower ourselves to Grant's level, do we?"

Slowly the man began to push his dick into Toby.  It felt big, a lot bigger than the dildo.  Toby had never imagined the full feeling he had as the cock found its way inside him.  It hurt some, but the pain wasn't as bad as he'd thought it might be.  Determined not to cry as he had when he was spanked, Toby concentrated on keeping his composure.  He was being fucked by a man in front of eleven other men.  And Malucci was no doubt taking video footage of the whole thing.  Could it get any worse?

About that time he felt the man's pubes against his ass cheeks and realized that the guy's whole dick was now up his ass.  The guy paused.  

"Dammit, man!" Kaster said.  "What ya waitin' for?  Fuck the bastard!"

The cock in his ass began to pull back slowly, and Toby gasped.  After a slow withdrawal, the cock paused, then began to move back into Toby.  This time, however, Toby felt that sensation he'd had when he was being finger fucked.  The cock was hitting his nut, and his own hard cock burped out a stream of precum.  Toby couldn't help groaning with pleasure.

The fucker obviously knew what that meant, so he began moving a little faster, managing to hit Toby's prostate on nearly every stroke.  Now Toby's concentration was on trying not to moan, not to show the watchers how much he was loving what was happening.  He reminded himself that he was Officer Toby Grant of the Smithville PD, that he was a servant of the community, that he had the dignity of the Force and of himself to uphold.  He couldn't let the men watching know that this felt better even than the finger fucking and sucking he'd gotten from Bruce/Garth a little over a week ago.  It was only with extreme effort that he didn't yell for the guy to fuck him, to fuck him deeper and harder.  

Both men were sweating now.  Gone was the chill Toby had felt when he came into the warehouse soaked from the rain.  He felt sweat dripping onto him from the man behind him.  

Toby had no idea how long it went on.  It seemed like forever and not long enough.  Eventually, the fucker began to pant.  Then he withdrew abruptly, causing Toby to feel deprived.  He was mortified to know that he wanted the guy's hard cock back inside him.

The fucker grunted two or three times, and Toby felt the guy's hot jizz landing on his back and ass cheeks.

The men watching broke into applause and cheers.  Toby stayed where he was, catching his breath.  He heard the man behind him pull up his pants and he heard the buckle being refastened.  

Still blindfolded, he heard the fucker being congratulated and slapped on the back by some of the bystanders.  He heard Willie thank the guy, though he never mentioned the fucker's name.

"Stand up, Grant, and pull up your shorts.  We don't want to look at your bare ass."  It was Jack Kaster who spoke, but Toby was sure it hadn't been him who was his fucker.

When Toby stood up he winced with the pain in his ass.  "Maybe this will be a good lesson in humility, Grant," Kaster said, taking off Toby's blindfold.  "You've taken it up the ass now.  That may not make you gay, but you've been fucked by another man."

Soon afterwards, everyone left except Willie and Frankie.  They took him home.  Toby's ass still hurt, and he walked with his legs spread apart a little to ease the pain.  It was hurting a little less by the time he got out of the car.  When they were inside his house, Willie said, "Toby, why don't you go take a warm shower and get some comfortable clothes on.  Frankie and I will wait.  Uh, and you got any beer?"

"Yeah, in the fridge.  Help yourselves."

Toby was tempted to stand in the shower until all the hot water was gone, but he knew that the other two men were waiting for him.  He felt his puffy anal opening and though it still hurt a little, he didn't see any signs of blood.  He supposed that opening himself up with his fingers and then with the dildo had helped some.  He dried off, pulled on some jeans and a tee.  It wasn't nearly as chilly in his apartment as it had been in the warehouse.  He padded back into the living room in bare feet.  The others were sitting there.  He got a beer from the fridge and sat down facing them.

"Well, brother Grant, it's graduation time.  Brother Malucci, you got something for the officer?"

"Yep.  Toby, here's a cd with all the stills we took on it.  Tomorrow I'll mail you the dvd with all the action shots we took."

"There will only be one other copy of those discs.  Right, Frankie?"  Willie looked very seriously at the smaller man.

"Right, Will. Only two copies of each disc.  One for Grant, and we keep the other as insurance."

"Yeah, insurance is exactly what it is.  We think you realize what a nasty fucker you've always been.  At least it seems (he stressed "seems") you understand that now.  And it seems that you might actually be a decent guy down inside all that attitude somewhere.  So this is all over, unless you have a relapse.  We can keep pretty good tabs on you, and if we hear of you using your position on the police force to hassle anybody, except real criminals, of course, your superiors are gonna see the dvd and the cd.  You understand that?"

"I understand."

Willie grinned.  "We ain't gonna have to use those discs, are we, Toby?"

"No, Will, you guys have made me see what a prick I've been.  Your methods were pretty drastic, but you're right.  They worked."

Willie stood up.  "Then our work is done," he said, sticking out his hand.  After he and Toby had shaken hands, Frankie took Toby's hand.

"Look, Grant, you and I don't like each other much, and that's cool.  I'd just like to be sure that your attitude toward me doesn't have anything to do with me bein' Italian."  He grinned.

Toby grinned back.  "Relax, Malucci.  I think I can find reasons to dislike you that don't have anything to do with your heritage."

After the two had gone, Toby put the cd next to his pc.  He didn't know whether he'd ever be able to watch it.  He opened another beer and flopped on the living room couch, his mind going back over all the events of the last few weeks.  He realized that he had been as bad as the others had claimed, and he thought he had learned his lesson.  His sympathy went out to people who were truly helpless, for one thing.

He wondered which of them it had been that fucked him.  It seemed like the guy was trying not to hurt him, trying to make it pleasant for him.  Who could it have been?  The voice was familiar.  There was something . . . .

It was the buckle!  Toby knew that sound.  Regular buckles didn't sound like that.  That sound was one he heard every time he put on or took off his uniform pants.  It was a police buckle.

`Oh, fuck!' It wasn't one of Willie's group.  It was a cop.  Or could it have been somebody wearing a web belt and military buckle just to mess with his head?  He went to sleep worrying about that.

He woke up about midnight, realizing he'd drifted off to sleep.  He dumped the unfinished beer down the kitchen sink, locked the front door, turned out the lights, and went to his bedroom, where he shucked off the jeans and tee.  He padded naked into the bathroom for his final piss and tooth brushing of the day, came back and flopped into bed.

As he was about to fall asleep, he wondered if Garth and Bruce would be willing to answer some questions.  Maybe someday soon he'd give them a call.

Tuesday of the following week, Toby and Clark Bingham were working the same shift, so they were in the station as they clocked out.  

"Hey, Tobe, got any dinner plans?"


"How'd you like to meet me some place later?"

"Sure, great."

They settled on Applebee's at 7:00.

Clark was there first, waiting out front.    

Inside, when asked about drinks, Toby ordered a Coors.  Clark ordered chardonnay.

He grinned.  "You won't tell any of the guys, will ya?  Most of them would think a guy who didn't like beer was, well, suspect, shall we say?"

"Hey, dude," Toby said, smiling across the table at Clark, "your secret's safe with me."

The two had a pleasant supper, chatting, of course, about work, the local AA baseball team's season, the latest news from the Middle East, the incredible parade of hurricanes they were having in Florida.  They talked about everything except Toby's recent experience.

As they were finishing up their coffee and hot apple crisp with ice cream, however, Clark asked, "Your shit with Willie Jefferson's finished, isn't it?"

Toby blushed.  "Yeah."

Clark leaned across the table.  Toby caught a whiff of Clark's aftershave.  He recognized it instantly as what his unidentified fucker had been wearing in the warehouse the other night.

"Did they give you a cd and a dvd?"

"Uh huh," Toby said, still blushing.

"I'll show you mine if you'll show me yours."

Toby grinned and picked up the leather folder with the bill inside.  "Deal!" he said.