(A Two Voices Story)

by Marc Tremaine and Terry Nicks

WARNING: If you are offended by sex between men, sex between teenaged boys, or sex between a man and a teenager -- where some of them may be related by blood, marriage or just plain lust -- you definitely shouldn't be reading this story. If this type of sex is illegal, immoral or fattening in your particular state, province, country, or bedroom, stop reading now and go away. If, according to your local laws, you're under age, no fair peeking below. This story is a fantasy, and any resemblance to any particular man, teenager, penis or other anatomical part is just your over-active imagination.

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Alec & Mike


  It's early evening, and I walk softly, naked, into your bedroom. You are lying there asleep, wearing only bleached white briefs. Your cock is outlined in the fabric, and I moan with desire at the sight of it. I walk quietly over to your sleeping form, and bend down so I can inhale the musky scent between your legs. I nibble lightly at the head through the fabric, and watch as it starts to grow. Gently I slide the waistband of your briefs out and away from your body, exposing your quickly growing cock. I bend over once again and slide my wet tongue from the base to the tip. You moan gently in your sleep...but you spread your legs to make it easier for me to get to your cock.

I begin to wonder if you are sleeping at all!

But it doesn't really matter. I make a slime trail from your balls to the beautiful head with my tongue, and quickly take your still hardening member into my warm wet mouth. I take it deep into my throat, taking every inch, and begin a slow tortuous sucking that makes you writhe and moan. Faster now, my mouth moves up and down your fat cock, taking it all the way into my warm mouth, caressing it with my lips. You awaken (finally) and caress the sides of my head.

"Harder. Suck it harder," you moan, and I do my best to please you. I increase the suction and the speed, and soon my head is moving at a blinding speed, up and down, your dick thrusting in and out. Your cock is steadily oozing pre-cum, and I swallow it greedily. I move my hand to the base of your cock, and begin to stroke it in time with my mouth, pumping it, jacking you off into my mouth. You moan. You moan louder, and grab my head to force my mouth down on you, and you tell me you are about to cum.


  But then I hold your head still, with my dick still shoved all the way into your mouth, and your nose pressed up against my crotch hair, sniffing the musky odor of cock and balls held all day inside those tight briefs. I let you lift your mouth off my prick and tell you to pull my briefs off. I tell you to use your tongue to lick my cock up from the base to the tip, and then suck it all the way in again. I sit up, controlling your movements, so you back up and you're kneeling on the floor between my spread legs, still with your mouth all the way down on my dick.

I tell you to hold still and not to move, and you can feel me throb in your throat and leak a little more pre-cum. I reach down and caress both your tits, stroking them, pulling them and they get hard. You moan around my cock. And all the while you're beating your own hard meat, since you're naked, too.

I reach over to the stand by the bed and get out a bottle of poppers...the good stuff. I take a deep hit off them, and let you do the same. You moan even more as we both get high and my prick starts throbbing even harder in your mouth and you start to move up and down my hard length. I work on your tits, twisting them as hard as you can stand and no more, and that turns you on. You're really beating your meat hard, and I can tell you want to shoot a load of cum, but I won't let you.

I take hold of both sides of your head and slowly move your head back and forth, using you as a fuck toy, shoving my hard cock full length in and out of your hard sucking mouth. Nine inches of thick meat, and your experienced mouth and throat take it all. And then I pull your mouth off my cock and lean down and kiss you. I kiss you hard, plunging my tongue deep in your mouth and you writhe and moan against me and shove your own tongue back at me.

Then I tell you to sit back on your haunches, and I lean back on the bed and raise my legs. You can see my dark brown asspucker and the balls hanging low above it. You know instinctively what I want you to do, what you want to do, and you move forward, first sucking one huge ball and then the other, getting both sloppy wet with your spit, while I keep my legs in the air and beat my meat. And you start moving slowly down from my balls, down to my asshole, and you start licking carefully around the edge. My hole is clean, but still musky smelling from yesterday evening and all night and the smell and the taste turn you on even further. You start licking and slurping faster, pushing your tongue tip past the ass ring, and then opening it up even further as you strain to get as much of your tongue inside my ass as you can. It's my turn to moan now from the fantastic rim job I'm getting.

I let you turn me on for a while and then I tell you to sit back. I lower my legs and stand up, grab your head, and shove my hard dick all the way down your throat in one quick stroke. You love it. You can't get enough of it. Holding onto your head yet again, I start ramming my prick in and out, quicker and harder and I can feel you beating your own dick at the same speed. We take another hit off the poppers and the sensations become intense. We're both really close to blasting an incredible load.

But I stop you once more. You moan in frustration and disappointment. You want to cum. I pull you up so you are standing and put my arms around you, drawing you in to another deep, tongue-lashing kiss, while my hands roam over your body and caress and stroke your taut ass cheeks. I grab your hair and pull your face back from mine, and bring the popper bottle up so you can inhale deeply. I do the same. And then I'm kissing you again, working your tits, and your cock and balls, and you're writhing against me and moaning with lust. I squeeze your butt, and then the tip of my right index finger pokes gently inside your hole and you squirm back eagerly to meet it, to get all of it if you can. It slides in easily because you're all greased up.


  My ass accepts your probing finger, and I moan and gyrate, making small circles with my hips, adding to my enjoyment and hopefully enticing you to put something bigger there. But still you make me wait. You turn me around so that you are standing to one side and slightly behind me.

"Please," I beg, reaching back for your manhood. I brush it with my fingers, and I try and grab a handful, but you are much too quick.

"Uh-uh," you say. Your strong hand clamps down on mine, preventing me from moving, and you continue with the finger treatment. It slides smoothly in and out. My hand is beating a rapid dance on my own cock, up and down.

"Please, Mike! I need your cock in me. Fill me with it," I plead.

Finally you agree, but move almost painfully slow getting into position. You brush your cock head against my ass lightly, and upon contact, I thrust my hips back at you. I need your cock, I want your cock. I need to feel it inside me. This becomes a chant inside my head. My hand moving like lightning on my own hard shaft, catches your eye and you reach up and squeeze my girth from between my legs using your thumb and pointing finger, making a tight ring, stopping all sensation. I moan in frustration and almost sob, so great is my need. Taking your hand away, you position yourself once again at my tight entrance. In my fogged state, I know that if I continue beating myself off, you will never slide your cock into me, so I leave my cock alone for the moment.

"Don't move a muscle or I'll take it away again," you whisper.

Nodding in agreement, I become stock still, doing my best to remain completely immobile. I can feel you pushing at the entrance to my ass, and all of my being wants to push back at you, to bury your cock in my tight hole. "Remember..." you gently remind me. And finally your cock head slips into my ass. Ohhh, yes! I almost (s)cream in joy! But, remembering your warning, I remain still while your cock gently probes me. Another inch slides in, taking its own sweet time. How I long to push back at you, to slide the entire length of you into me in one swift stroke! My ass muscles convulse involuntarily around your cock, and I pray that you will not take this as a sign of my disobeying. You don't pull away, so a sigh of relief escapes my lips, and I groan as another inch slides further into me. My own cock, now wildly throbbing and bobbing up and down in time with my heartbeat, drips pre-cum from the tip...a long, long strand drops to the floor.

Finally, you can stand the pressure no longer either, and slide the rest of your wonderful cock into me. But then you stop. We are connected at the most primitive level, my passion burning like hellfire, and you stand as still as I.

"My god, why doesn't he fuck me?" I ask myself.

You stand quietly, your cock a hot poker inside me, throbbing...and only after an eternity, do you begin to slide out once again. Just as you reach the end, you slide it back in...faster now, in and out...your cock, my ass, our bodies meeting, connected by your wonderful, pleasure giving cock. Still connected we move onto the bed. You push me down so I'm on my hands and knees as you continue to mount me.

"Oooohhhhh, yes, that's it," I moan. "Faster and harder! Uhhhh! Oh, yes! Yes! My god you're so goddamn big. Mmmmm, ooohhh yessss. Yes! Harder, man, c'mon, fuck me, don't hold anything back!" Your cock pistons in and out faster and faster, spurred on by my words, or perhaps from the pleasure you are getting and giving. I almost forget, and catch myself as I realize I had almost broken your only rule. My cock, now on the edge of spontaneous combustion, throbs with need, almost crying out to me. From the corner of my eye I can see it, gently weeping and bobbing as your assault on my ass continues. In my mind I think, "I have never wanted to cum so much in my life!" I have never been fucked this way, and realize, almost sadly that you are ruining me, you have ruined me, for everyone else. But right now, all I can think about is the impending explosion.


  But the explosion doesn't happen. I know you want it. I know you want it bad. My mind and body are so attuned to yours I can feel your cock throbbing as if it were my cock, so that it's almost as if I had, as if I were, two incredibly hard, pre-cum dripping pricks, one encased in hot tight slick ass flesh, the other being caressed by the steamy air in the room. I stop moving. A soft, very, very soft whimper eases through your parted lips. I hear your horny panting breaths, almost the only sound in the silence of the sex-charged room. Still without moving my cock inside you, and it is inside you, all the way so that my thick curly crotch hair is scraping against your butt, and just with our breathing you can feel those heavy cum-filled balls right there at your hole, too. I bend forward over you.

You're on all fours, bent down so you are resting on your forearms, with your ass thrust up for my use and my pleasure. I gently pull you up so you're supporting your weight now on your hands. And still my cock doesn't thrust and shove inside you. It just rests there, thick and hard and long. I reach around to your chest with both hands and begin playing with your tits again. Gently now, but at the slightest, softest touch of my fingertips, whether they were hard before, they are hard now. For a moment I just use the tips of my fingers, stroking across your nipples, your hard sensitive nipples, lightly teasing them. It makes you want to twist and twitch away from my hands. It makes you want to move your hips around and around and shove back hard against me. But you know I don't want that. I want you still.

But you need an outlet besides the steady stream of pre-cum dripping from your cock like thick clear piss. I whisper in your ear, "Tell me what you're feeling, but no words." And then I make you take a deep, deep hit off the poppers. You hear me inhaling and doing the same.

I can actually hear your mind saying, "Oh, Christ, you bastard!" But the words don't slip out of your mouth. Still playing with your tits while the poppers work their magic, I lick behind your ear, and then into it, and then lick the side and back of your neck, and your muscular shoulders, alternating licks of my sloppy wet tongue with gentle bites that tease your flesh and give you goosebumps.

I can hear your mind saying, crying, "Bastard. Fucking bastard! I swear I'm not going to give you the satisfaction, I swear I'm not going to say anything, words or no words, I swear I'm not going to...."

But you do. Because when I squeeze your tits while I bite the back of your neck, both a little harder than a moment before, and deliberately twitch my cock in your ass, you forget your vows and moan. Not a soft moan this time, but a loud moan pulled from your heart, from your gut, from your prick-stuffed burning hole and your painfully throbbing cock. It's a moan that tells me without words how ready you are. How much you need my load of cum. How desperate you are to have me ram that hard mandick up your hot slick hole. It's a loud moan that goes on and on and on, underscored by heavy breathing as I work on your tits just a little bit harder still and suddenly begin to move my cock in your ass and the moan gets louder still and more frantic and more wanting as you feel my dick slowly moving out of your hole, knowing that when I back out so that all that's left inside, all that's held in by the tight grip of your ass ring, is that seemingly enormous head, that I'm going to ram it back up your fuck tube full and hard and fast and keep ramming until I blast every square inch of that channel with a load of gism like you've never had before. You know that's what I'm going to do, you can sense it, you can feel it, and your moan tells me, "Oh yes, fuck me, fuck me fuck me. Hard. Now. Don't wait, just fuuuuuuuuuuucckkkkkkkk meeeeeeeeeeeee."

Only your moan turns into a wail...of disappointment, of incredible "I can't fucking take any more of this shit!" frustration...when I pull my dick all the way out of your ass. Your hole is gaping wide for a moment as I sit back on my haunches, my rod slick and gleaming and thrusting up hard over the balls that are aching to cum.

You say, actually you whimper, you beg, "Pleeeeaaaaaase."

You are panting so hard with lust you might hyperventilate. I tell you to control your breathing, to breathe slow and deep. You do. I raise up and begin caressing your body, which is almost as slick as your magnificent hole from our mingled sweat. I slide a couple of fingers up your ass, covering them with pre-cum and ass juice, and reach around to your face, holding the sticky fingers just under your nose, in front of your mouth, so you can inhale our odors.

I say, "Don't say anything, Alec. Not any more, not until I tell you. You understand?"

You nod your head and I move my fingers to your lips, the pressure telling you it's okay to open your mouth and take them in and suck off the pre-cum and ass juice. You've done this before. Other men have had their dicks up your ass and you've sucked them right after they pull out. Other men have finger-fucked you and you've licked their fingers afterwards. But it's never been like this for you. And you are afraid, horny, filled with lust, eager to cum, eager for me to cum and right now that's more important than whether you cum at all, but you're still afraid that what's happening now will never happen again. So you lick and suck and slurp my fingers as eagerly as you were working on my cock earlier.

I remove my fingers from your mouth and sit backwards again. My hands caress your moist ass. The palms press down and pull your butt cheeks apart, revealing your hot brown hole. I bend over and very, very slowly insert the tip of my tongue into your butt. Your gasp is loud. Your thoughts are blurred. Maybe you expected this. Or maybe you hoped for it. Or maybe it's just a fucking surprise. But you like it. Especially when I get my mouth real close to your hole, and use my fingers to open it up and then shove my tongue as far up inside of you as I can, lapping and slurping and soaking you with spit. Your body is quivering. You know you're supposed to keep still but there's no way you can stop, no way you can help yourself, you're shivering like you are cold, but it isn't cold, it's deep-seated lust.

I stop licking your asshole and make you turn over on your back with your legs held wide and up in the air. I lean down between them and kiss you deeply, our tongues lashing at each other. You can feel my hard rod laying across your balls and the base of your dick. I shift my position and hold your legs up just below the knees. For a moment I put one hand down to guide my prick head right to your hole, and then I'm spreading your legs and slowly, very, very slowly, thrusting my dick into your eagerly welcoming hole. You drape your legs over my shoulders as I lean in, and your ass comes up, and I start stroking. For a moment I stretch my legs out and rest my weight on my hands and it's like I'm doing fuck pushups over your ass. Your heavy breathing and the soft eager moans escaping from your puffy lips tell me how much you're enjoying this. I stop for a moment, allowing your legs to come down and your feet to rest on the bed while we both takes hits off the poppers. Long hits. I quickly set the poppers down and shove your butt in the air and start a faster-paced ramming. "Talk to me, Alec, tell me about it, all about it," I whisper, my mouth close to yours, and then you can't because my mouth has clamped down on yours and my tongue is down your throat but your ecstatic moan tells me as much, tells me more than, words.

My cock is moving faster in your hole now and you can hear my breathing getting faster. You hope, you pray, that this time I really mean it. I say to you, "Talk to me, Alec, move for me, Alec, make it fucking good for both of us, Alec." And then we take another long, long hit off the poppers, and suddenly you're a fucking maniac. You're writhing and bucking your hips, thrusting hard to meet my incoming meat, shouting your lust, begging me to fuck you fuck you fuck you, deep and hard and fast, to make you cum, to cum myself, to fucking cum this time, you're begging me not to stop again

So I do.

Just stop. Holding completely still up your tight slick asshole.

You scream, "Oh Christ no, you bastard! You cocksucking scum shit! Don't do this to me you fucking prick! You, you...." Words fail you and tears well up in your eyes. And I start again, and the tears are coming down your cheeks, but there's a big shit-eating grin on your face and you sigh, you moan, you whimper, "Oh, God, thank you, thank you, please, fuck me, fuck me, baby, shove that mandick hard up inside me, let me have your load of cum, oh Christ, I need it, and you need it, you do, I know you do, oh, please, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, fuck, fuck, FUCK MEEEEEEEEEEE!"

And I do. I shove that hard prick up your ass like no one ever has before. And we take a hit off the poppers and my strokes start to pick up. You move your hand toward you own cock, but I won't let you touch it. You whimper again, this time with a touch of fear that I'm just going to use you and nothing will happen for you. You want to be used, but you want to be rewarded for being good. And you know you're good. You can tell you're good from the expression on my face, and my own sounds as the ramming picks up speed yet again.

But I know what's going to happen. We're in sync, completely in sync even if you can't feel all of it. So I know. And there's one final hit off the poppers and then you're almost bent in half as the bed rocks with the speed and hardness with which your hot tight horny making sweat-slick pre-cum slick butthole is getting fucked. And then we're there, we're over the top. Yes, "we," because just as the first drops of my cum start splattering so far up inside you that you think they're going to come out of your screaming mouth, without a hand on you, you start shooting, and there are two eruptions like incredible cum volcanoes, one filling your gut and you can feel the gism backing up and leaking out around my still hard, ass filling cock, and the other splashing gobs and streams of white, white cum on your chest on mine on your tits as I manage to get down there and lick some up while we're still cumming.

And then it's over. Still connected, we lay there exhausted, panting, sticky and joyful. I let you lower your legs but I don't pull out of your ass yet. It takes a little maneuvering, but we've both done it before, and now, without taking my cock out, I'm laying behind you, chest pressed to your back, arms cradling you, dick still deeply embedded in your warm hole. I swirl some of your cum around on your belly and your chest. You twitch when I reach your tits. I move pillows up under our heads, still holding you. I pull your head back and we kiss, awkwardly in that position, but we kiss. You sigh deeply and snuggle up close.

I pull the light covers up and over us so we're in a warm cocoon, spoon fashion. You give a kind of wriggle to your warm butt, and sigh contentedly. I can tell you want to, you're about to, drift off to sleep. I lick your ear lightly. I can feel your smile. And then I whisper, "But it's not over yet, Alec."

Your eyes snap wide open. It's my turn to breathe deeply, not quite a sigh, and then I pull you a little closer and start to sink into sleep myself. But your eyes are wide open. And you're very, very still. "Not over yet???" you think.


  I groan, and feign sleepiness, wanting only to lie there and recuperate. Your cum is slowly seeping out of my sore, but satisfied ass. "What do you have in mind, you insatiable thing?" I grin widely even though you can't see my face, proving my eagerness to please and be pleased. I wiggle my ass against your slightly flaccid cock, and marvel at its tenacity. Already it's beginning to harden!

My voice is smiling as I say, "Why, Mike, I had no idea you had it in you! But I've had enough, I have really had enough of that incredible cock for one night... see you in the morning!" Regretfully, I move my hips so that your prick slowly slides out of my ass. Still turned away from you, you can't see my spreading grin. My cock is beginning to harden, but I certainly don't want you to least not yet.

"I have to use the bathroom," I say, a plan formulating in my mind. I roll quickly out of bed, and you watch my lithe, muscular form move quietly across the floor. After finishing my business, I walk quickly out to the kitchen, ignoring your "Where do you think you're going?"

I hum quietly to myself and open the refrigerator, peering inside. Aaaaahhh, I think to myself. Whipped cream. Now that might come in handy...ooh, and this, and definitely some of this. My arms quickly fill with items from the fridge and nearby cupboard. My cock, now really starting to throb in anticipation of the things to come, dances to its own beat. I walk back into the bedroom and marvel at what a lucky guy I am to have been found by such an exciting guy. You lie there, almost dozing off, and I realize that my plan may actually work. I quietly set down the items I had gathered save one.

Tip-toeing over to the large bed, I extend my arm so that my hand is directly above your semi-rigid cock. Even in sleep, you are a sexual marvel. Giggling quietly to myself, I depress the tab and out shoot a different kind of cream.

"What the fuck!" you shout, instantly awake. Your cock is now covered in layers of whipped cream. Cold whipped cream. You leap out of bed and I fear for a moment I may have aroused your anger, but when you chase me across the room, I know that you are really in the mood to play. I evade your capture, continuously spraying you with the cold whipped cream, until most of your torso is covered in a gooey mess. I leap onto the bed, hoping you'll follow...knowing that you will.

You quickly embrace me, rubbing my face into your chest and neck, and I lick as much cream as I can...hoping you'll get the hint that it is your cock that is most heavily saturated. You do, and push my head south.. I leave a creamy trail down your chest, across your muscled midsection and finally meet your cock, face to face. I tentatively lick at the cream hiding the real prize. Soon, it rises from between your thighs, the cold obviously worn off, and excited by my ministrations. I sigh in pleasure, and lap lazily at your turgid manmeat.

You lie back, your hands behind your head and let me take control. Your cock would normally be in my mouth by now, but I have learned a few things from you. I do my best to avoid giving it too much attention, and concentrate instead on your rigid abdomen and muscled thighs. My hands roam all over your sexy, well built body. You are really beginning to get into all the attention. As my fingers tweak your hardened nipples, you moan softly. "You made me wait to cum for a long time before, buddy, well, let's see how you like the same treatment," I think to myself. I look over at the items on the floor, and grin devilishly.


  I look at you looking at the floor, and my own smile just can't see it. I don't know what you have on the floor, but I'm willing to let you try it or them out on me...but not just yet. I know you, and know you well. I've known you almost all your young life. And I know that if I reach my hands up, as I do, and tweak your nipples, as I do, your attention is going to start to shift from your plans to my plans. My fingers twist just a little bit harder and your nipples are standing at attention now like mine. Grasping both of them I pull you down toward me. You don't want to (but you really do) and your eyes dart sideways toward the floor, but my touch is irresistible. It always has been. From the very first time I pleasured your sleek body to right now. I'm using my full hands now on your nipples and pecs, squeezing and playing with them as you move toward me. I don't need to look at your cock to know it's thrusting out from your groin, raging hard.

As you get close, I put my hands on both sides of your face and draw you down into my embrace and a deep gentle kiss. You're laying on top of me now, our rigid dicks side by side between our bellies, thighs meeting thighs, hard chest meeting hard chest. Still kissing deeply, my hands stroke down your back and clench your gleaming white butt cheeks. You squirm against me and the remainder of the whipped cream lubricates our bodies. I slide my hands past your butt cheeks, and grasp your thighs, starting to pull them toward my shoulders. You resist, or you try to, or you pretend to. It doesn't make any difference. It isn't going to work. But I let you think it might, for just a moment or two. And then I slide a finger up your hole. You gasp and groan, and groan louder when another finger joins the first, and then another. My fingers stroke in and out a few times and that's enough. On your own you shift so that now you are kneeling, sitting back, with my long hard rod trapped beneath your ass crack.

"Please. Let me...."


You sigh, but you're not exactly disappointed. Not when I raise your ass and guide my prick to your twitching hole. Not when I shove the head in quick and hard and you gasp with a split second of pain but more with eager lust. Not when I lower your body down to mine so my crotch hair rubs your ass, and every long hard fat inch of my hot cock is up inside you.

I look up at you as I lean back against the pillows and put my hands behind my head. It's my turn for a devilish grin, as I tell you to put on a show for me, to fuck yourself hard and fast on my stiff pole, to play with yourself, and make us both shoot at the same time. You no longer have any problem with postponing your plans. You like the feel of my hard meat up your butt, just like you always have. I tell you to make it quick, and a look of disappointment flashes across your face. You'll get a chance to tease me later, but for now, you do as I say, knowing that you'll enjoy it too.

You begin to rise and fall, using the firm muscles of your thighs to raise and lower your butt so my dick starts greasing your fuckhole with pre-cum. You lick your lips and look directly into my eyes, as you play with your tits and your chest and your belly. You lick and suck and slurp your own fingers, and then you start beating your own rigid meat. You're moving quicker on my rod now, your right hand firmly grasping your prick, your left hand twisting your tits one after the other. We maintain eye contact. You know I'm not going to tell you when I'm ready to cum. You have to figure that out yourself, but you've learned about me, too, and you sense the fact that I'm not holding back, I'm letting you jack off my cock with your tight asshole quick and hard and my cock is expanding in your hole and getting harder, and you're moving faster and faster up and down, starting to moan out loud, telling me how much you like my dick up your butt, how it turns you on, how close you are to cumming, and then we're both there, my fat rod expanding yet again and blasting your hole with another load of cum as you shoot jet after jet out of your flaring dickhole, splashing on my chest, my tits, even up to my chin and my mouth.

When we are both spent, you ease your again-stretched hole off my dick. A glance from my eyes tells you what to do next. You bend down and lovingly lick my prick clean, and then you do the same with my crotch and belly and chest, gently licking upward, no part of your body touching mine except for your tongue until my body is clean and shining with your juices. My hands reach out to your ass, and I slowly pull you into place, still laying down, but now you're squatting over me again, only this time I'm lowering your butt and that hot brown hole over my face. There's a drop of my cum oozing out of your tightly puckered hole. I lick it off. Then I lower you all the way down so your butt is sitting on my face and my tongue is ramming up your ass, spreading it wide, and sucking out all my cum. You moan, and I know you are getting turned on again. When I am done, I still don't swallow. I love the taste of cum, including my own, but I have other plans for this most recent load, and the load that was already up there.

Slowly, carefully, I pull you down beside me, stroking your side, your arm, your thigh, your smooth, hard-muscled belly. I lean over you and down and our lips meet once more. Yours open eagerly, knowing that when mine open we will share spit and tongues and two loads of my cum. We do. We pass it back and forth and then gratefully swallow. I'm laying on my back, holding you close to my side, your head resting on my shoulder. I stroke your cheek gently. Your arm is draped across my chest and one knee is across my thigh. "Rest now," I whisper and you murmur agreement.

We fall asleep, both knowing that it won't be long...but that the sleep will be long enough. And when we wake, we both have rigid meat. I smile at you and pull you close for another kiss. "Now," I say and that devilish grin flashes across your face, the one that lights you up from the inside and makes you look so very young and innocent...though you certainly aren't...innocent...any more. You prop yourself up on one arm, and lightly stroke the line of my jaw, and then move down my chest and across my stomach and grab onto my cock for a moment. Your grin widens and you look over at the things on the floor, whatever they are. You get off the bed.


  "Drat...foiled again!" I think to myself, sliding off the bed and onto the floor. My ass is throbbing now, and a bit sore, but I can deal with this kind of pain. I stretch, my knees popping like fire crackers, and I glance behind me to find you staring at me...and it excites me. Walking nonchalantly across the floor, I bend down and grab a few more things from the pile. My hands roam across the items, and I finally find a couple that I would like to use. I wonder to myself if I can even get far enough before you...but I realize there is only one way to find out.

Hiding these things behind my back, I walk to the bathroom backwards, beckoning you with my eyes and body. "C'mon," I say. "Let me wash that beautiful body." I duck into the bathroom and quickly hide the items I had grabbed from the pile. You grin and slide off the bed, your cock twitching slightly. You walk into the bathroom, and look around, but do not see anything out of the ordinary. I bend over provocatively, thrusting my ass into the air, and turn on the water.

"What a tease," you think to yourself, and smile at my hamming. Steam quickly rises and I step into the oversized stall. You frown a bit, hoping to see what it was I had hidden, but no luck. Sighing quietly, you step into the shower close behind me. The water is good and hot, and feels good upon our bodies. I pick up the soap and begin lathering your muscled torso, massaging your pecs and abs. I ask you to turn, and wash your back, massaging the tight muscles, and work my way to your ass. I spend ample time cleaning your crack and hole, and even wash your legs and feet. I stand and focus my attention on your nipples, getting them hard by pinching and tweaking them. You moan, "Mmmmm, that feels good."

Knowing it does, I begin to slide ever downward, until your balls and cock are covered with lather. The whipped cream is all gone now, but I spend a lot of time making sure you are really clean. Maybe too much so. Your cock begins to harden, the water, my hands, the moment, all play a part in its resurrection. I smile as it grows larger. I am overcome with lust, your body glistening in the spray. I turn the water down so we are not being bombarded by the torrent, and hand you the soap. "Don't drop it," I joke, smiling widely. You smile back and take the soap, and begin to wash my body, my chest, abs, back, ass, and finally my cock. You spend a lot of time making sure it's clean and I lay back against the wall and lose myself in your movements.

Finally, I reach out of the stall, and grab the half gallon of milk I had hidden behind a stack of towels. Before you can move, I pour some of the white creamy stuff over your torso and quickly lap at it, licking especially hard around your nipples. The milk streams down your chest and I am almost overcome with desire. You look so sexy. My tongue works feverishly, working its way down past your abdomen and into your curly pubes. Pouring more of the milk over your cock, I suck it all off, paying special attention to the head. It is at full mast now, and I slide its girth into my waiting mouth. Now its your turn to lean back against the wall, as my head bobs up and down at your groin. Suddenly I stop, give it one last lick and stand back up. I turn and place my hands against the wall, my ass thrust out towards you. I look over my shoulder to see if you are interested, and I can tell you are. You place your hands on my hips and slide your cock up and down my crack. Like satyrs, we are insatiable, and I groan as you grind that beautiful piece of meat into my ass crack.


I like you groaning. Moaning with lust is even better. So I decide you deserve to have cock up your ass again. I brace my legs, and slightly bend them, and use one hand to guide my thick hard prick to your moist asspucker. A quick jab, a short gasp from you, and the head is in. No problem. I knew there wouldn't be. But you've got me just a little pissed off, though you don't realize it right now, so I take it out on you by shoving the full hard length in all in one fast rough stroke. Your gasp is even louder, accompanied by a loud, "Oh, Christ! Take it easy!" I do, and I don't.

I leave my cock up inside you, pulsing, giving you a moment to adjust, and then I start sliding my dick in and out of your butt, pulling almost all the way out, and then shoving it back in, comparatively gently at first, but then progressively harder and faster...building up fuck speed with unusual, for us, quickness. But you're at the point where you don't really care about that, you're being used and the heat in your fuckhole is radiating out to your whole body. You start playing with your tits and stroking your cock, since my hands are firmly grasping your waist as I thrust in and out. You sense...or so you think...that what I want right now is something quick and hard, and that's fine with you. You moan "Oh, Christ!" again but this time it's a moan of pleasure. "Oh yes, Mike, yes, fuck me, fuck me."

And then I pull out of your asshole.

And I don't put it back in.

And I release your hips and lean back against the wall of the shower. You almost stumble as you regain your balance. You turn to look at me, bewildered, your expression hot with horniness and confusion.

I look you directly in the eye. "What did I tell you a while ago when you brought all that stuff into the bedroom?"

"Uh, that we'd do it later."

"You wanted to use those things right then, didn't you?"

"Well, yeah."

Your look of confusion is adorable, especially with your sexy hair plastered against your skull by the steam and the water.

"But I wouldn't let you."

I wait for an answer and you finally say, "Right."

"You got used the way I wanted you used instead, didn't you?"


You can't help yourself. That single word tells me you love the idea of being used (but not abused); that you love it when I control what you do when we're fucking; that you want me to go on doing that to you, and giving you pleasure like you can't get from any other man.

"We slept for a while, didn't we?"

You're still not quite following, but you're beginning to have an idea. "Yes," you say softly.

"And when we woke up, and I kissed you, what did I say?"

"Uh, you said, well, 'now.'"

"Did you know what I meant?" My voice has become a little harder and more demanding.

"Yeah, I guess. I...well, I thought you meant it was okay for me to get the stuff and use it. I thought, I thought, Jesus, I thought you wanted me to do that." There's a hint of tears in your eyes, a slight edge of fear, not physical fear because you know I would never do that to you, but fear that you have done something wrong. Fear that you've pissed me off.

And you're right. You have. Not because you started. But because you stopped.

"Did I tell you not to use the rest of whatever fun things you've picked out? Did I tell you to turn things back over to me? Did I tell you to give me control again? Did I tell you I wanted control again? Did I take control again?"

You understand now. Oh, fuck! the expression on your face says. You really do understand. You tried to get out the easy way. You stopped and tried to let me, make me, take over again.

"It's not going to work, Alec. I told you that you could go ahead, and I meant it. I haven't taken that back, have I?"

You shake your head no.

"Then what do you think you ought to be doing about the situation?"

You look up into my eyes, a hesitant grin crinkling your lips. "Well, maybe I should, uh, get my fucking ass in gear and do all the things I planned to do."

"Until I tell you to stop, or until you've done it all."

You sigh, but say, "Until you tell me to stop, or until I've done all that I do."

This time I smile at you, and I'm rewarded with an answering smile. I pull you close for a moment, holding your head with both my hands and kissing you deeply. Our cocks surge harder against our bellies. I finish the kiss, and pull my head back. Still smiling, I say, "Now, Alec."


Thanking my lucky stars, I nearly leap out of the stall, and rush dripping wet back into the bedroom. "Stupid, stupid, stupid!" I smack myself in the forehead, and vow to never make you angry again. You're right.. I love the control you hold over me, especially when we make love to one another, perhaps because you are so much more experienced at it than I. Of course, that's no excuse.

I take a few minutes to get things set up in the room, arranging the items next to the bed within easy reach and return to the bathroom. The steam hangs in the air and I see you there, standing quietly, immensely attractive. You smile at the enthusiasm in my eyes, the new spring in my step. I toss you a plush white towel, and tell you to hurry and dry off. You catch it, and begin rubbing down your body. Your tousled hair drips water onto your shoulders, and you step from the stall. You quickly finish drying off, my eyes never leaving your sexy form for a moment.

"Well?" you say. "I'm waiting!"

See ... it's that coyness that I love about you.

"Come back into the bedroom--" I wiggle my finger provocatively...and retreat into the darkness. You check your hair in the mirror and open your mouth wide, sticking out your tongue. You grin at the face in the mirror, and then follow me into the bedroom.

A dozen candles are set strategically around the room, casting an eerie glow and making the shadows dance. You walk a few more feet, and suddenly feel me come up behind you, wrapping my arms around your chest. I squeeze gently, and urge you with my body towards the bed. There, you see the whole layout, everything I have been wanting to do, dreaming of....and you laugh quietly to yourself. Silk scarves, a blindfold, and a plethora of toys, various foodstuffs, cucumbers, more whip cream, a jar of honey, and maraschino cherries. "OH! I almost forgot!" I run from the room and you hear the refrigerator door open, pause, and then close. The sound of padding naked feet , and I am once again in the room. You are sitting on the bed.

"Ta-da!" My eyes sparkle with excitement, and you nod in approval at the two ice trays I have in my hands. Setting the trays next to the bed, I kneel next to you, and ask, "Do you trust me?"

"Yes. Of course." Your eyebrows raise in curiosity, and you quickly glance at the items ready for use.

"Then lie back." I push your chest gently, my fingertips sparking desire in you at this change. Perhaps bending him to doing what I want won't be so easy this time, you think. You push back against my fingertips, resisting.

"Trust me," I say, and push back with a bit more force. You agree, smiling as you see my maturity finally coming into play. You lie back...and wait.

"Now what?" you ask, an impish grin beaming.

"Here." I grab the first item from the pile...a long silk scarf. Wrapping it gently but firmly around both of your wrists, I fasten it to the bed rails, tying it securely in place. You tug on the bonds experimentally, and find them to be quite secure. "Trust me," I say again, looking deep into your eyes. I smile, and you see more than affection in my stare. I slide down your body and pick up another silk scarf. I affix one end to your ankle, and the other to the bed frame. Soon, your other leg is also securely tied. A moment later, the room goes black as I put the blindfold in place.

"Can't have you staring at me with that sexy look of yours," I say. "Might change my mind or something..." I giggle quietly at myself, and sit back to stare at my handiwork. Your legs are spread wide, your cock already semi-hard, and I have yet to touch it. This in itself excites me. Seeing you trussed up, blindfolded, not knowing what's coming next, only yearning for something...and trusting me.

"Time to get to work..." I say, bending over and rattling something. You listen carefully, but are unable to hear anything that clues you in. Suddenly you feel an amazing mix of hot and cold around your cock. You writhe in pleasure as my mouth, full of ice, descends over your cock head. The ice is almost too much to bear, but you want more of my warm mouth. The sensations are incredible, but just as things are going good, I back off, leaving your cock to throb against your abdomen.

"Get back here. I want more," you say.

I smile in triumph. I'm not going back -- at least not yet. Minutes tick by...and all you hear is rustling of the bed clothes. In a moment however, something warm and sticky drips down onto your nipples.. "Hey! What the hell are you do...."

You don't get a chance to finish as I drop a dollop of honey into your mouth. You smack your lips, and in a moment, feel my tongue gently licking and probing your sweet mouth. My tongue slides deep into your mouth, inter-twining with your tongue, laving your entire being. You respond in kind, and we share the last of the honey.

"One second," I say, and quickly slide down and lick at the honey pooled on your chest. It's hard getting it all off, but I drive you insane as I try. Your nipples are rock hard, and I take each one in turn and nip at them, licking, biting. You moan in ecstasy. Soon, the honey is gone, but your nipples are red and standing up nicely. I look up and notice that the blindfold is starting to creep downwards, so I stop my mouthing, and adjust it. Bending over the side of the bed once more, I grab one of my favorite 8" dildo. Very realistic.

I lube it up gently, and make my way down your body once again, straddling your torso, my mouth very near your cock. But that's not what I'm here for at the moment. I slide the head of the dildo into your tight ass in one smooth stroke. You're not used to anything like this up your hole, but you take it like the stud you are. I use the special belt that accompanies it to secure it in your ass. Sliding myself backwards, I position my cock above your lips. Then at the same moment I take your cock into my mouth, I push past your unyielding lips and bury myself in your warmth.

I reach with one hand and turn on the "spaz switch" a high-powered vibrator built into my toy. It buzzes madly in your ass, causing you to push your hips upward, forcing me to take your girth all at one time. I gag slightly, but then adjust myself and begin sucking mightily. I pump my hips into your mouth and urge you to suck harder. This is what I want, what I need from you. And I can feel that your body wants me as much. The buzzing in your ass is driving you wild, and my expert mouth is pushing you closer to the edge. You suck harder and harder on my cock, swallowing it, loving it with your mouth, while I return the same feeling to you, my mouth matching yours in speed and suction. You groan, and I feel the first spurt of cum shoot down my throat. This triggers my release, and I shoot a load into your hungry mouth. The buzzing in your ass extends your orgasm, and you let out a loud groan around my cock. You swallow and swallow, trying to keep up with my spurting penis. Soon, all good things must come to an end.

I pull the dildo from your ass, and gently let your cock slide from my mouth. My lips give it one last kiss. You reluctantly give up my cock, but not without giving it a good chomp first to teach me a lesson. And boy, do I learn! I stand up and untie you from your bonds. I massage your legs and arms, rubbing life back into them. I snuggle up close to you, and smile.

"You better put all that food away or it'll spoil," you say, gently stroking my back.

"Screw it. I'm not going anywhere." I nuzzle my face into your chest.


I pull you close, my hand stroking your slightly sweat-damp hair, the soft skin of your face, and turn my head to kiss the top of yours and hug you. You just murmur and snuggle a little closer, like you were trying to get our bodies to just...blend...into one.

You begin to drift off...not sleeping, but not really awake...just that kind of half-way stage that feels so nice for a while after a great cum. Soft sighs and murmurs slide from your lips as I continue stroking you gently. You can't see my smile, but it's there. Or maybe you can feel it through my body.

I do appreciate your new-found maturity. It makes our relationship, our special relationship, more equal now. Although it's never going to be completely equal. You know that. You wouldn't have it any other way because you have a deep need to be controlled...lovingly, with discipline when necessary, but still, controlled. I've always known that about you, even before this new aspect of our relationship started, what...four years ago? Five? How time flies when you're having fun.

But now I know you can be trusted. Of course, you've always been worthy of my trust in the usual sense, but I'm not sure that before today I would have surrendered control enough to allow you to use a blindfold, much less the silk scarves. Of course, for making me "helpless," even with my consent, you're going to have to be "punished." Ohhhh, yes. I'm grinning now. You can't win for "losing" can you, Alec? But not just yet. Later. Right now my massive cock is achingly hard again and there's only one place it's going to go.

"I want you," I murmur softly.

I feel your lips against my chest broaden into one of your patented (in)famous shit-eating grins. Still in the circle of my arms you roll to present your firm, muscular butt cheeks as I roll onto my side with you. You were right, you aren't going anywhere, at least not now. You spit on your fingers and lube your hole, and then add some of your spit to the pre-cum dripping from my cock. You lift one leg slightly and guide my manhood to your tightly clenched hole. You ease it, just as you ease my cock head past your ass ring and moan with sheer pleasure. I slide in, all the way in, each of those nine hard inches spreading your cheeks and moving up inside you slowly, steadily. Somehow, for some reason I don't quite understand, I seem to be harder and longer and wider than I ever have been before. The feeling must be pretty real, too, since there's a new type of breathless moan to your voice as I bury myself inside you.

You're impaled now on my rock hard, steel hard prick, and you definitely aren't going anywhere for a while. I start a slow, easy stroking, just barely moving my hips. You moan again as my right hand begins playing gently with your tits, and then strokes down your torso, pausing at the line between your hairless sleek chest and the lush crotch hair below, and then wandering down further to where your own hard cock is thrusting out and away from your body. A few strokes, and then you take over with your own hand, which frees mine to roam your body. My focus now, my sole reason for existing at this moment in space and time is to pleasure you.

Your body begins to burn. Your breathing gets heavy. Your tits are rigid as your dick, under my questing fingers. Your hand begins to move faster on your cock while I maintain that slow steady stroking of hard thick meat in and out in and out of your volcano-hot fuckhole. "Oh, please, please," you moan, "I can't...hurry, please, I'm gonna cum, oh, hurry, fuck me, do me, please," but all I do is increase my thrusting a little, just enough to be sure my cock is rubbing hard over your prostate. "Don't wait, Alec, do it. Do it now."

And without more the cum begins to splash from your dick, large streams of cum splashing everywhere.

I still haven't cum yet. The spurts of gism ease off for you, but to your surprise, you're still hard. Sure, you usually recover quickly and you're ready to go again. But staying hard after you've just emptied your balls? But it's happening.

I wrap my arms around you, large muscular arms holding you tight so that all that can really move is your hand, still on your sticky, horny prick. I bury my face in your hair, kissing the back of your head, moving my lips down to your neck and nuzzling you at that special point where your muscular neck blends into your still-broadening shoulders, that special spot that makes you squirm as you do now when my lips and tongue touch it, but you don't have much room to squirm now, but you try. The heat is building between us, even though I'm not thrusting very hard or very fast or even very deep, you know your ass is so incredibly hot and you know, as I do, that this isn't going to last very long. And you're right there with me, matching stroke to thrust, ready, oh God you're ready! for an even better cum than the one just a few moments, minutes, before.

We're almost there. And I stop.

You're almost as surprised as I am. But there's something I have to say.

"I love you, Alec" I whisper softly into your ear, my voice deep and passionate, my breath tickling your hair.

"I know you do." Your voice is so soft it can't be heard, but I hear it anyway.

"But...there's something...." I pause.

In your new-found maturity you finish for me. "I know you love me...Dad."

I am absolutely motionless now. My mouth has gone dry. "How did you know...." I can't even finish the damned sentence.

I can feel your warm smile radiating through your body. "That you loved me? I've known that for a long time."

I squeeze you a little, just enough to surprise a tiny gasp out of you. After all, who's in charge here? (Yeah, sure.)

"You know damned well what I'm asking, even if I don't have the guts to say it."

Our cocks are still hard, and you tauntingly wriggle your hips. That "maturity" of yours is going to make me squirm for this...and drag it out.

"Do you mean how long have I known you were my father?" I just nod, but you can feel it against your shoulder.

"Well, it wasn't when we met. Shit, I was just hustling and trying to get a trick to keep me off the streets for a while. Thank God I looked older than I really was. At least in the condition I was in then, I didn't look my age. I don't think you would have looked at me if you'd known I was only thirteen."

"Damned right. I'm not a chicken hawk...well, I didn't think I was."

"So you brought me to your house. It wasn't a home, not my home, I didn't have a home, fuck, I didn't know what a home really was." I know tears are glistening in your eyes, and I hold you tightly, carefully, warmly. I can't help it. My hips are still thrusting gently...but your hand is still matching me.

"Do you remember? That night, all you wanted was a quick fuck, to shove your dick up some willing asshole to forget the lover who walked out on you? And we tried, but I couldn't, I just couldn't take it. But you didn't throw me out. You let me stay. And I know, I know that you didn't know that night, any more than I did."

My own eyes are burning as I agree.

"See, all I could remember about 'home' was a few memories about my father. I was too young to picture him in my mind, but I just knew he loved me, really cared for me. Only there were these fragments, of him and mom shouting, and she was calling him names, and then, well, all I remember is this loud door slamming. He was gone, and the next day so were all the pictures of him and everything about him. I guess there was a divorce, because we moved away, and moved again, and again, and mom remarried. And remarried. My second step-dad was the one who beat us, and she didn't--wouldn't--couldn't--do anything about it. I ran away just after my twelfth birthday."

I can feel my body shaking with rage. You'd never told me this before. If I ever come across that piece of shit....

You wriggle your butt again and I feel a tentative smile through the tears I know are streaming quietly down your face. Your hair and your shoulders are equally wet with mine.

"You know, for a long time I kept looking at milk cartons -- hoping to see my picture, to know mom was looking for me. Dumb, I guess, and it never happened. "

You take a deep breath.

"At first, the night we met, I thought you were just one of those men who liked kids, the younger the better; that no matter how big I was for my age you'd seen through to the real me and knew how young I was. But you were just drunk, and we ended up here."

I don't really remember much of that night. The pain and the booze were out in force something fierce. I remember picking up a hustler for the first time in my life, how cold and wet he was, trembling on street corner, standing in a puddle of dirty light. I remember how slender I thought he was for an eighteen-year-old. Somehow I got us to the house without a drunk driving arrest, and I have a vague recollection of telling him to take a hot shower as I stripped off and then to get in bed with me -- and then I passed out. The next morning I woke up with this kid curled up next to me, naked, deeply asleep, and looking incredibly fragile.

You writhe your body against mine. The tears are going away and the horniness is starting to take over. You still talk softly.

"Do you know how much it meant to me that you didn't just panic and pitch my ass out on the street when you realized how young I was? Even when I told you it was my thirteenth birthday? And then you didn't touch me again. Do you have any idea how much that pissed me off?"

I smile into your hair. "I guess I'm a dumb shit. I didn't realize."

"Damned right you didn't. Here I am with a man who isn't forcing me to do anything. He's taking care of me. He pretends to be my father and fakes up all sorts of papers to prove it. He gets me into school. And he won't fucking touch me! It was the only way I knew how to say thank you, and you wouldn't let me. Bastard!"

Your voice is grinning now and you are moving more rapidly, thrusting your own hips back, forcing me ever deeper into your body.

"You were all the father I ever hoped for, even if it wasn't really 'real.' But I knew you wanted me. Even though you didn't want to want me. Or I thought you didn't. So I stopped pushing it. You gave my life order. You disciplined me when I needed it. You held me when I needed it...even if some of those hugs were kind of quick ones due to that bulge in your crotch. You loved me. I didn't have to worry because I knew I could trust you to care for me and tell me what to do, and I relaxed and enjoyed."

Our bodies are moving faster still, yet still we're not there. And still you open up to me.

"Things changed on my fourteen birthday. As you know. And even if I can't see your face I can see that shit-eating grin. It finally got through your thick skull that I wanted you as much as you wanted me; that I was willing to give, not be forced into it. And you took control that night." You breathe deeply and almost laugh out loud. "Oh, Christ! did you take control that night! And it was what I wanted...yes, you bastard, you're right, you're always right...and what I needed."

You're smiling now, I know, and you start to laugh and your body starts to move even faster against me.

"And somewhere along the line, not then, not soon, I looked at you. Really looked at you. And looked at me in the mirror. And realized why no one had ever questioned you saying I was your son. Shit, I look just like you. Of course my dick isn't quite as big and I'm not as tall, but even without saying anything to anyone they'd know. And I knew.

"And...oh, God, that feels good, I'll give you a million years to stop...and still you taught me, and I learned to suck your dick, to take all of it, and slowly, gently, you taught me to take all of that thick manprick you've got shoved up my butthole right now...and to love it! But you didn't just use me like the others did. You made sure I enjoyed it, too. And you taught me...oh, fuck! keep doing that, oh shit that feels take control of my life."

Our bodies increase the speed yet again.

"Not complete control. I don't want that. I will never want that. But just knowing that I can take control if I have to, that you won't stop me if I need to, that you'll let me if I want it as badly as I wanted it today...oh, God, that is a good feeling. Now can I, please, let go and you can take over or do whatever the fuck it is you're doing to me...I don't fucking believe this...I feel like I haven't cum ever before in my life and it's all bottled up inside, oh God, fuck me, please, just do me, use me, I want you, I want to be used by you, oh Christ, FUCK ME!"

And I do. It's as if we've never fucked before, as if our bodies are new to this, exploring sensations, reaching heights, plumbing depths we've never achieved before. For this one moment in time our bodies are one. I'm using you, yes, to shoot off a load of cum like I know I never have before and maybe never will again. You're using me to get to that same peak. If anyone were watching our bodies would be a blur of writhing lust as my cock lunges into your body and your hand jacks your long young meat. We're almost there, we both know it. I grip you tighter and tighter, you almost can't breathe, you almost can't move, we're not moving except for our hips and your hand, once again I bury my face frantically in your thick hair. "I love you, Alec. Happy 18th birthday."

The joy blasts from your body into mine as you say, "I love you, Dad. Oh Christ what a fucking birthday!" And without more our cum begins to spray, there are no words to convey the image of those cums, as our cocks shoot and shoot and shoot and shoot, and yet again.

And then we are still. Thoroughly depleted. Emotionally drained. But there is one more thing I need, one more thing I want. I slowly pull my softening dick out of your hole, and you whimper as you always do, even though you know that this time there isn't a snowball's chance in hell of a repeat any time soon. For either of us.

Our sticky bodies separate and I tug you a little that so that you can stretch and then roll back over and into place in my arms. My finger tilts your chin so you are looking at me. Your smile is soft and satisfied, your eyes warm. But I need, I want, to say this directly to you.

"I love you...son."

Your smile is sun-like now, and definitely not son-like. "I love you, too, Dad." You pause for just a second. "Say, you wanna hand me that big cucumber on the floor?"

I tweak one ear. "Fucker!"

"Uh, uh, Dad, fuckee."

We sigh together, and smile, and you rest your head on my chest. You're home. You're really and truly home.