by Marc Tremaine

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I slowly woke up in my favorite position. On my back, my legs stretched out, my arms above my head and my hands sort of holding the brass rails at the head of the bed. The other part of my favorite position was my hard cock. I wear boxers at night, and sometimes my cock will work through the fly so that when I wake up with a good morning hardon it'll be sticking right up and visible. Like now. I could tell even though my eyes were shut.

I stretched first my right leg and angled it out, pointing my toes. And then the same with my left leg. I kind of ground my butt against the bed, and then thrust my hips up and down, feeling my prick rise and fall. I yawned and then finished the ritual. Or tried to. I suddenly realized there was something slick and metallic around my wrists. And I couldn't move my hands!

My eyes snapped open. I twisted and wriggled and lashed out but I couldn't get free! What the fuck!

I finally overcame my panic. Gary, my roommate, would be awake soon. He'd get me out of this. But in the meantime, I had to figure out what the fuck was going on. With a lot more twisting and turning I was finally kind of half-way laying across the bed and I could see my hands.

They were hand-cuffed to the rails! Somebody had fucking put handcuffs on me while I was sleeping!

Had Jennifer and I...? No. She wasn't even over here last night. I smiled despite my predicament. We'd been in the park last night, the one near her building. I'd been kind of horny and she could see my half-hard dick under my jeans. We were sitting on one of the park benches, kind of in shadow, but still somewhat visible, when she reached over and slowly unzipped my pants. I got real nervous. She was always doing things like this. But I was helpless once her soft hand was around my dick and pulling it out and stroking it up and down until it was at full hard.

She was wearing a blouse and medium length skirt, and sandals. As usual she had no bra underneath and I could see her nipples get a little hard. She made sure I was hard and then let me go. She told me to jack off and wait a minute. I did, stroking my prick slowly, still nervous. I watched in puzzlement as she quickly stood up and moved further into the shadows. I couldn't quite tell what was happening, but then she was coming back and sat down, bunching her skirt up behind her and as she reached out her hand I knew what she had been doing.

Her hand was holding out her panties to me. I gasped and took them eagerly.

"Sniff 'em, Charley," she said. And I did, inhaling the wonderful scent of her used panties. My dick started leaking precum.

"Play with me, Charley," she whispered as she bent her head to the head of my dick.

I quickly pulled and tugged on her skirt, hiking it up over her slender legs and thighs until I could reach under and get my fingers on and into her hot steamy cunt. She was horny, too, and ready for anything. I began playing with her while she went down on my hard and dripping prick. I heard another click. It was really soft, and I had no idea what it was. But there had been some off and on through the evening.

I moved my wet hand away from her cunt and somehow managed to unbutton her blouse so her tits could peek out and I could stroke and tweak her nipples like she liked. I usually didn't get off on this out-in-the-open shit, but somehow tonight I was really turned on by what she was making me do. I fondled and played with her tits with my right hand, while I was holding her panties over my nose and inhaling, and all the while she was sucking my rod up and down up and down.

Then she lifted her mouth off my sloppy wet prick long enough to tell me to get back to work on her. I did. It was kind of awkward but I managed to get a couple of fingers up inside her; she was real wet and just kind of clamped down on my hand. I thought what a hot sight that would be if there were anyone down there watching, with her legs spread wide and her cunt overflowing with juices while a man shoved fingers in and out of her hole and worked her clit. She began whimpering and moaning and started sucking harder and harder on my dick and then she was writhing on the park bench and I was cramming her panties over my face and blasting a hard load of cum to the back of her throat.

She licked me until I was limp and clean of cum, but before we got up she told me to lick my own hand clean and I did, eagerly. She put my cock back in my pants and straightened her skirt. She seemed to have forgotten her panties and I didn't mention them, casually stuffing them into my pocket.

Back at the house, I quickly changed into my boxers and crashed. And then I woke up handcuffed. With a morning hardon that still wouldn't go away.

I heard movement in the hallway. This was so fucking weird...and embarrassing. I really didn't like the idea of my roommate seeing me handcuffed to the bed, with a hardon, but on the other hand, if I didn't call out I'd probably never get free. I was still hesitating when the problem was solved for me. Gary opened the door without knocking...which was damned unusual...and came into my bedroom.

I was looking at him over my shoulder with my body turned toward the wall. I know it looked fucking strange, with me laying across the bed, instead of lengthwise. "Uh, Gary, I've got this problem...."

He just smiled. "Morning hard? Hell, I've seen yours before."

"Well, no, it's, uh...."

"The handcuffs?"

My mouth must have dropped open because I was really stunned. Gary's grin got kind of...evil. He just stood there, technically half-naked like me, but with those tight jeans on he seemed more dressed.

Gary was a stud. A thick mane of black hair kind of tousled as if with sleep right now, but he was clearly wide awake. Kind of a square face. Blue eyes. Clean-shaven, although you could tell he'd have five o'clock shadow about 11 in the morning. The light winked off the diamond stud he wore in his left earlobe. His torso was bare with huge pecs, massive arms, and a flat, ribbed stomach. He had a pretty good amount of hair on his chest around his tits, and then a thick line of man fur down the center of his body and disappearing into the low-slung, faded jeans he was wearing. They looked like they'd been sprayed on and there were rips in both knees, and an almost-rip right under his balls. Big balls. Right under a large cock-mound. He was barefoot.

He held up a small silver key. "Looking for this?"

"Jesus Christ, man. Of course I am. C'mon over and let me out."

"Oh, I'll come over, but it ain't gonna be to unlock you."

The shock of his refusal was nothing compared to the shock when he quickly moved to the bed, grabbed my ankles in two powerful hands and twisted me around so I was once again laying on my back. For a moment I thought my arms were going to be wrenched out of their sockets. I'm not a small guy myself, although not as big as Gary. Five eleven, 150 pounds, kind of on the thin side but I worked out, light brown hair that I wouldn't admit was thinning, but I was suddenly beginning to be afraid. My roommate was a psycho who had gone off.

He seemed to read my mind, and laughed. "You're not in any danger, Charley...well, at least you're not if you behave. You are gonna behave, aren't you, Charley?" My reluctant, grunted "uh-huh" turned into a gasp of pleasure as his rough hand, palm down, circled around and around on my right tit, and then quickly moved to my left. Jennifer had tried to get my tits hard once, but it was such a bore she never tried again. This wasn't a bore.

Then the palms of both his hands were circling my tits which were nearly as hard as my dick now. With that same circling motion he moved down my naked chest to the waistband of my shorts, and then skipped over to my right thigh. He squeezed and stroked it, and gradually moved his hands down the inner part of my leg, and the outer until he was gently massaging my feet. My leg was tingling, and my eyes were shut, enjoying the sensation. That quickly changed when I felt something cool and soft being wrapped around my ankle, and suddenly my right leg was tied to the bedpost with a silk scarf.

I started to thrash around, trying to kick him away with my left leg, but he batted my leg aside contemptuously, easily, and then his left hand was grabbing my nuts and squeezing...and squeezing. My gasp this time was one of sheer pain.

"You gonna behave, Charley?" he asked softly, with absolutely no menace in his voice, which made him all the more frightening.

Tears leaked through my eyelids as I nodded.

"Say it, Charley. I want to hear you say it."

"I...I'll behave, Gary."

He moved around to the other side of the bed and repeated the whole process, starting again with my tits. This time I knew what was coming, but no matter how much I didn't want it to happen, I knew I had no was going to happen. And it did. Within a few moments my left leg was tied tightly, too.

Oh, Christ! I thought. He's gonna torture me and kill me!

As it turned out, I was half right.

"Any idea why I'm doing this, Charley? Any idea in that fucking peabrain head of yours at all?"

"Gary, please, I...I don't know why. Look, man, just let me go. We'll just forget this ever happened...."

"Oh, no, Charley. You aren't going to forget this happened...ever. And neither am I." He bent over the chair near my bed and when he straightened he had a pair of scissors in his hand. My dick immediately went as limp as though it was not interested in cumming ever again. But all he did was carefully cut off my boxers, and then yank the remains out from under my butt. When I realized I wasn't going to get stabbed, some weird perverseness in my cock made it start to get hard again.

Gary set the scissors down, after dropping the remains of my shorts on the floor. He picked up an envelope from the chair, and opened it. He took out a handful of photos. He loomed over the bed and me, and grabbed my hair with an almost painful grip and forced my head around to look at the photos as he showed them to me one by one.

Jennifer and me! Jennifer sucking my dick. Jennifer making me eat her pussy. Jennifer riding my hard cock with me laying underneath her, working on her tits. Even last night in the park, including one shot straight between Jennifer's legs while my fingers were buried deep inside her. Gary had been following us around...that was what those clicks had been...and then developing the film in his lab downstairs. Shit! What the fuck was going on?

After I'd seen all the photos, and there were a after the other held in front of me so that I could get a good close look at each and every one...he let my head fall back flat on the bed. My dick was leaking precum. I couldn't help it. Jennifer...yeah...the thought of Jennifer and those photos were what was turning me on.

He sat down on the bed next to me, and stroked one hand down the side of my face. "See, Charley, I'm tired of Jennifer getting what I want. I'm tired of you not getting what you need."

Oh, great. Now this psycho...faggot...thinks I'm a fag, too. "Look, Gary, I'm sorry you feel that way about Jennifer, but...."

I stopped talking. It's very difficult to speak when a rough hand, backed by massive muscles, has been clamped tight over your mouth.

"Shut up, Charley. Behave." Again the tone was non-menacing, but the hand made his point.

He moved his right hand off my mouth and to the left side of my head. His left hand came up in a matching position. Holding me in place he bent towards me. The idea of kissing another man was fucking disgusting but I really didn't have any choice. His lips touched mine, very, very gently. I closed my eyes and could almost imagine it was Jennifer...except for the feel of his beard and the raw man-smell emanating from his body. Resolutely I kept my lips closed and he didn't force the issue, although I felt his tongue stroke lightly across my lips, which began to tingle.

He stood up, unbuttoned his 501's, peeled them down over huge muscular thighs down to the floor and stepped out of them. His butt gleamed white and taut, but the surprise was when he turned around again. He was fucking huge! Nine inches at least, uncut, thick, and very, very, very hard.

There was enough play in the scarves tying my ankles to the bed to allow me to move my legs closer together, which is what he made me do. Then he straddled me, his knees just above my hips, and his hands were flat on the bed near my armpits, and he was leaning down and starting to lick my neck. Very gently. And then he'd kiss my neck, with a little pressure almost like he was trying to give me a hickey, but not quite. I could smell the freshly-shampooed scent of his hair and look up the slope of his naked back to those gleaming white ass cheeks thrust in the air. I could feel his dripping cock touching mine.

When he finished with my neck, ignoring the involuntary shivers he caused, he licked and kissed his way further down, stopping to work on my tits, which became instantly hard. He would kiss and lick and suck and nip one with this teeth, while his hand was twisting and pulling on the other, and then he would change tits for mouth work and then switch back. Jennifer is doing this to me, I told myself, keeping my eyes shut and pretending real hard, but a distant mental voice jeered softly, "Liar!"

Then he was working on my tits with both hands and he was kneeling between my outstretched legs, kissing and nuzzling and licking the center of my chest right down to my crotch hair. I hadn't showered last night or yet this morning and I knew I must have smelled a little raunchy but I could hear him inhale as he rested his hot, hot lips right where my dick rose out of my pubes, and he shivered a little. He started to work on my cock, licking it quickly a few times and then as if he were desperate for it he gulped it down into his throat in one quick movement, and started bobbing his head up and down. With his arms still outstretched and his hands working my tits, he gazed up at me, and caught me staring back. I had raised my head when he took my dick in his mouth. I don't think I'd ever felt a mouth so hot.

Jennifer sucked me like that. Yeah, Jennifer...Jennifer...oh shit, Jennifer wasn't anywhere near as good at pleasuring my cock as the man, the hot stud, who was gulping my meat, getting it slimy with spit. He took his mouth off my dick and sat up, moving his hands to rest one lightly on my left hip, while the other played with my low-hanging balls. He grinned. "You're liking this, aren't you, Charley? And you want me, don't you?"

Despite a grip on my balls that could cause me intense pain any moment, I had to tell him. "Gary, honest, man, I just don't...."

His grin got broader as he interrupted. "Oh, yeah, man, you do. You just don't know it. You talk about cunt and pussy and tits and ass all the time, but I've seen you looking at my tits and my ass when you thought I didn't know. I've seen you checking out my box. I've seen you grope your dick when you saw me with a morning hard."

The expression on my face told him better than words that he was right about my staring at him.

"Make you a deal, Charley. You can cum a couple times, right?"

I nodded, but I wasn't certain. I didn't often cum twice close together because there was rarely anything that really turned me on enough to do it.

"Here's the deal. You cooperate while I bring you off twice, and I get my rocks off once. And then you decide whether you want to help bring me off a second time. If you do, fine. If you don't, I'll let you loose and start moving my shit out tonight. No cops, nobody knows anything happened. Deal?"

Cooperate in my own rape? He had to be fucking kidding! But he wasn't. I didn't have much choice, and he knew it, but if he was telling me the truth, then all I had to do is let this faggot blow me a couple of times, and jerk himself off, and then I was free. "Okay."

This time there was something his smile. He scooted back a little and then swooped down on my cock, holding it upright and jacking me off into his mouth. And then his mouth was all over it. I'd never felt anything like this in my life. Shit, I hadn't even fantasized anything like this in my life. His mouth was so incredibly warm and his tongue was lashing my cock all the while he was ramming his head up and down so fast I thought he'd get whiplash. His left hand was playing with my balls and then he suddenly jammed my cock down into his throat so that his nose was pressed against my crotch. I could hear him inhale deeply and he was moaning. I couldn't help myself. I swear to God I wasn't trying, but as soon as he started moaning I began gushing cum down his throat and into his belly. He must've been unprepared, too, because he gave a little start and then backed off a little so he could catch the last of my cum, which at the rate I was pumping right then, was a pretty good amount, in his mouth. Faggots like the taste of cum, I'd always heard.

He sat up for a moment, and then he stretched out on top of me, his arms supporting most of his weight, and for the first time in my life I felt a man's hot sensuous hairy body pressing on me...a body with a huge dick alongside my half-soft cock, trapped between our bellies. He pressed his lips against mine and this time his lips opened slightly and his tongue pressed against my mouth. I resisted, but then remembered my was only because of my promise that I opened my mouth and let it be invaded by his tongue. He opened my mouth even wider and then I realized it wasn't just his was my own cum! Shit! This faggot was making me drink my own cum! Shit!

Damn, it tasted good. My tongue was probing his mouth, too, now and I was breathing in the smell and taste of my own cum and his man-smell and his sweat and my own, I even imagined some of the scent was my own crotch smell that had rubbed off on his lips. At last he broke the kiss, leaving me with lips puffy and parted, and gasping.

The gasps turned to fear when he put several pillows behind my head so it was propped up...propped up just right I found out a moment later...for him to fuck my mouth!

He was straddling me, his knees right under my armpits, left hand balancing against the wall, right hand holding his wide cock head in front of and lightly resting on my tightly closed lips. He rubbed his dripping cock back and forth and my lips were moistened with precum.

"Your word any good, Charley?" he whispered

Damn! He was a mean motherfucker.

I opened my virgin mouth and his thick dick head slid in. He rested it there for a moment, but only to let me get used to it. I hoped for a moment that he'd just hold it there, and jack himself off so that only his cock head was in my mouth when he shot his cum....I had no doubts in my mind I was going to be sucking down his cum.

But he started slowly pushing it in until I began to gag. He stopped and pulled back a little. I could breathe again. He twisted away for a moment, but somehow still kept his dick in my mouth and then I heard a faint hiss and the sound of a cap being unscrewed. A small bottle was being held under my nose, and he told me to inhale while he pressed one nostril shut. He repeated this a couple of times and then he was doing it to himself. The sensation was fucking wonderful. I sort of fogged out but my throat relaxed, and his cock got just a little bit softer, but he moaned as he started fucking my face, slowly and gently.

He was leaning over me now, both hands supporting himself against the wall, his head down and looking at where my lips circled his prick and he was thrusting in and out in and out in and out, using my mouth as a fuck toy and he was moaning, "Oh, Charley, suck my dick, Charley, wrap your lips around my hot dick, oh God, oh Christ, man you're a stud cocksucker I....I...I'm gonna cum, Charley, I'm fucking cumming!!!!!" And with that little warning I was no longer a virgin when it came to sucking man-meat. It was glorious. Spurt after spurt after spurt of hot sweet gism coated my mouth and my palate and my throat and I eagerly bobbed my head on his huge meat, taking it all, sniffing his clean-smelling crotch and wishing it were as raunchy as mine or raunchier. "Charley, Charley, please" he whimpered, "save some, save some for me."

I did. I stopped swallowing and held the last huge gobs in my mouth so that when he'd stopped shivering and cumming, he could pull his meat slowly out of my mouth, and shift around and put his lips on mine and we could exchange tongues and spit and cum once again...his cum.

He broke the kiss, and sat up. He looked...tender somehow...and he stroked my jaw with one finger. "Charley," he whispered. "I...if you want...."

My voice was abrupt and cold. "No. I keep my word. I already know what I'm going to tell you about your second cum, so let's get on with it. Just get my rocks off again and get it over with."

He looked taken aback for a second, and then moved down to my crotch. I was already hard again, without him touching me. He moved my legs closer together and from the side bent down and started sucking me. It wasn't very enthusiastic sucking, but it was sure coating my dick with spit, mixed with the precum I was strangely starting to leak again. And then he was straddling me, his ass hovering over my cock. He spit on his fingers a couple of times, followed by reaching back to his ass and I knew he was plunging his fingers up there and spreading his butthole. And then he was lifting my cock upright, so hard I thought it would shatter at a slight touch, but it didn't and my dick head was pressing against his stud butthole, and then it was through and he was wincing, and then he just fucking sat down on my cock until his ass was against my crotch hair and his again hard cock was standing straight out in front of him.

The sensation was incredible. There wasn't a pussy on the planet that was as hot and tight as this ass. I almost came in that second, but somehow didn't. He used the poppers on himself and then on me and then began rising and falling, using his hip muscles and thigh muscles to fuck himself on my rod. I didn't have to do anything, but I did. It was the third cum and I'd given my word, so what the fuck...I cooperated. I started fucking him. Although I was tied down my hips could still move and I fucking well moved them. I swiveled my hips so my cock moved in circles in his tight fuck chute, and then I started thrusting upwards, really damned fucking hard. Gary began to moan and tremble. He used the poppers again, and then again, and gave me some as I started fucking him harder and faster and harder and faster. He leaned down and grabbed my face and kissed me, and it was like our tongues were fucking as hard as my cock up his ass, and he just kept on kissing and kissing and kissing me and twisting my tits and whimpering with lust and then I was blasting load after load after load of unbelievably hot cum up his hole and I could feel him hear him through every sense in my body moaning, "Fuck me, Charley, oh Christ, Charley, fuck my ass, fuck me hard."

As I stopped cumming, we slowly stopped kissing and he sat up. There were tears glistening in his eyes. He slowly raised his ass until my cock plopped out and down on my belly. Brushing the hair back around his ears, he leaned down and licked me clean. He moved and sat on the edge of the bed, back towards me, hands on his knees, head bent, that glorious hair hiding his face.

"Well?" he asked softly.

"Well, what? You haven't told me how you were going to cum a second time, if I decided to let you do it."

"It...doesn't make any difference any more. So...."

"Tell me anyway, Gary."

"Bastard." His voice was soft and bitter. "But I guess I deserve it. Okay, man. If you had said yes, I was going to untie your legs and un-cuff one wrist and turn you over on your belly, and re-cuff your wrists, and tie your legs together. And then...then I was gonna get my dick stiff and mount your pretty ass and give you the fuck-ride of the century until you were convinced it was me you wanted and needed and not her."

I smiled, although he couldn't see me since he was looking away.


He acted like he didn't hear me at first, but he must have, because he just froze there. And then he looked at me and I have never before seen such a look of joy on anyone's face, least of all joy caused by me. His hands were shaking as he got the key and un-cuffed one hand, and untied my legs. I cooperated in turning over on my stomach, moving my wrist carefully in the cuff. He snapped the second cuff on so I could grip the rails as I lost my virginity again tonight. My legs were next, tightly tied so I was pretty much helpless to move, but not so tight as to cut off circulation.

The first thing I felt after the poppers was his tongue on my hole. It was a very horny making sensation as those huge hands spread my butt cheeks wide and he plunged his tongue in and out of my hole, fucking me with that long and talented tongue and getting my hole loosened up and wet. He went on and on and on, practically devouring my hole and I was writhing with lust against the pillow he'd put under my hips to raise my ass.



"You gonna fuck me, or what?"

That got his attention real quick. He wasn't using anything for lubrication but spit, but I figured if he could take a spit fuck, so could I...even if his meat was a hell of a lot bigger than mine, and mine was a virgin hole. Then there was this heavy pressure against my asshole. Supporting his weight on one hand, he just kept up a steady pressure and finally my assring sort of popped! open and the head of his cock slipped in.

The pain was incredible! I didn't know anything could hurt that much. I groaned aloud and he almost panicked, but I told him to shut the fuck up and give me a minute. He did. He held himself more ways than a goddamned statue. Finally I told him to go ahead, and he began to push slowly. I could feel my asshole widening with every inch thrust up my no longer virgin butt, pushing up inside me until finally he had every goddamned fucking inch up there, his thick black crotch hair soft against my smooth butt, his huge balls resting against my ass cheeks.

He lay there for a moment until I wriggled my hips slightly and he slowly withdrew until all that was left in me was that fat, fat cock head. I was hard again. He thrust inside me with a little more speed than the first time, and withdrew with more speed. It was now my turn to moan as the heat from his cock radiated through my ass and through my body, causing me to beg him to fuck me, and to fuck me good and hard.

He did.

He was thrusting full length in and out of my hole, sometimes actually pulling all the way out and leaving my ass gaping while he paused for a split second and then rammed back in again. I could tell from the way he was moaning himself and starting to mutter obscenities mainly centered around how fucking wonderful I was and my hot ass was, that he was getting close to cumming. And I knew I was too.

And then he stopped.

"Gary! Jesus, man, don't do this to me!"

He just laughed and still impaling me bent away and stretched so far I thought he was going to slide out of my butt for good, and then he was in place again. He rested his elbows on the bed next to me, and I could feel something cool on my back. Then I realized what he was doing and laughed. He was dialing the portable phone! And it could only be Jennifer's number.

It was. I heard him tell her that I wanted to talk with her. The bastard. I've cum twice already. I've sucked my first cock, had my first blowjob from a man, fucked my first male ass, I'm face down on the bed, tied up with a nine-fucking-inch cock up my ass getting the fuck of the century...and he wanted me to talk to my girlfriend?

He propped the phone to my ear and in position so I could talk. And then he pulsed his rod in my hole a couple of times.

"Uh, Jennifer?"

"What's going on, Charley?"

"Well, I...unnnhhh!" Gary had just pulled nearly out and rammed me full again. He whispered, "Tell her, Charley. All of it."

"Jennifer. I need to tell!" He was ramming my butt so hard I could hardly breathe.

"Charley, just what the hell is going on?"

"Tell her, Charley, all of it, just like I said," this god-stud fucking me whispered in my ear.

"Jennifer...I...I'm in my bed. My...oh fucking hands are handcuffed to the bed legs are oh god oh god oh god...they're tied together, and Gary is...oh my fucking lord in heaven...he's fucking my butt." I began to hyperventilate as I could feel my own cum getting ready to spurt without hand or mouth on my cock. "I think....oh!...this means....jesus fucking christ!...we aren't...unnnnnnhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!....going together any more."

She slammed her phone down in my ear just as Gary joyously shouted, "Fuck you, stud, fuck your tight virgin ass!" And then he was ramming his prick up my hole one last time and I could feel every long, long rope of gism making its way from his balls up through the length of his cock and out into my hot, hot ass, filling it to overflowing until I could feel it backing up and dripping down around Gary's meat. At the same time, I was messing up my pillow with a bigger and harder cum than the other two was like I hadn't cum for years.

Still with his cock in my ass, Gary got the key and took off my handcuffs. Part of me didn't want him to. Somehow he managed to untie my legs, too, without slipping out. In fact, to my amazement, he was still more than half-hard. He turned on his side, pulling me with him, spoon fashion. The cum-sticky pillow was moved up to my head and I could sniff the scent of my own gism and even lick it. Gary reached behind him and then held the panties in front of my face.

"Still need these?"

"Not, a nice sweaty jock from a black-haired stud?"

Gary laughed, tossed them across the room, and wrapped his massive arms around me. He started thrusting his hips slowly. Christ! He was hard again. So was I.

His lips were soft as he murmured into my ear after kissing it gently. "Learn anything this morning?"

I sighed and shoved my butt back so that every one of those nine fat inches was as far up my hole as possible. "Yeah. Happiness is a hard cock up your ass."

He laughed quietly again. "Sure is. I think I'll be needing some of that happiness again in a little while. Think you' it?"

I put his large hand around my stiff meat and he started stroking me. "Yeah, I'll be up to it...unless you don't give me a very good cum right now."

"Not to worry, love...not to worry. If that's the'll be ready to cum for days." And he shifted his hips into ramming speed.