Violation in the Suburbs

(m/m, j/o, oral, anal, forced)


My parents went out of town on a four-day weekend to see friends in California. In my 14 years memory, they had never left my older brother, Chad, and I alone that long before, at least not unsupervised. I guess since my brother was 17 and close to graduating high school they figured they could be more laidback about that kind of stuff.

Naturally, though, my brother slipped into "party planning" mode the second they left the house. Chad was very popular in high school. He played football and ran with the jock crowd. Unfortunately for me, I was the exact opposite. He was a popular senior, and I was a geeky freshman...he was tall, blond, athletic and good-looking, and I was short, dark-haired, skinny and awkward...he had lots of friends, and I only had a few that were about as unpopular as I was.Needless to say, we didn't hang out and while I loved my brother as much as I could, I hated his friends.They picked on me regularly at school calling me "Chad's little sister" or "fag-boy", and Chad just pretended for the most part not to notice. He told me one time if I was ever going to become a man, I'd have to learn how to deal with the assholes in the world without his help. Whatever.

When Chad announced he was having a party Saturday night, I cringed at the idea of all his friends and their airhead girlfriends drinking and slobbering on each other in our house. I tried to make plans to stay at my buddy Steve's house, but his parent's wouldn't let me. I was stuck, so I made plans to lock myself in my upstairs bedroom, play tons of videos games and hide out until the smoke cleared. I had recently figured out how to look up porn on the Internet without getting caught (by erasing any lingering evidence in my computer files daily), so I planned on jerking off as much as my dick could handle as well...

...I'd been jerking off a few years now, ever since Steve showed me some downloaded pics of these naked teenage girls after school one day, playing with each other's privates. I knew about sex from health class and the talk at school, but I had never seen anything like this before. He said he jerked off all the time now and it was "awesome". He kept rubbing his dick through his jeans while he looked at the pics and, for some reason, it started making my dick hard too. Looking at the graphic pics of their pink nipples, round titties and furry slits made me feel like I had butterflies in my stomach, like I was doing something forbidden but exciting. Steve got flushed red in his face and told me to lock my bedroom door so he could show me something. I was uneasy, but the husky sound in his voice and the intense look in his eyes made me curious. He hopped on my bed and, after a little coaxing, got me to sit next to him and rub my crotch too.

With me following his lead, it didn't take long before we had our pants pulled down to our knees and our shirts pulled up behind our necks, exposing our torsos. We stared at his pics and rubbed our hard dicks in unison. I tried my best to mimic his movements and the sensations were incredible, spreading intense warmth through my crotch. We watched each other's dicks, but avoided eye contact completely. Neither of us said a word. I'd never seen another guy's dick this close up, except Chad's, but his wasn't hard when I saw it.Steve's dick was not as long as mine, but it looked thicker with bigger balls and more hair. My chest burned with excitement and, for the first time in my life, I felt an overwhelming drive to pleasure myself without thought to anything else. I would have done whatever Steve suggested at that point.

I matched his strokes as best I could, which got faster and faster. We were both breathing heavy and humping our pelvises in the air, thrusting our dicks into our hands. He started rubbing the swollen head of his dick more so I did the same. I didn't really know what I was doing and I didn't care.I suddenly felt a desire to touch Steve's stomach or maybe even his dick, which was a weird thought. I didn't dare for fear of being considered a fairy or freak, but it did seem like the natural thing to do as bizarre as it seemed.All at once Steve grunted and white stuff shot out onto his stomach. I stopped rubbing myself and just stared in fascination, looking at the "sperm" they talked about at school.

He looked at me after coming out of his trance and hollered, "Don't stop! You're supposed to keep going!" I felt embarrassed and started rubbing myself again furiously. I guess I wasn't doing it right, or had messed something up by stopping, `cause nothing was happening. "I'm sorry, man, if I screwed up or something." I said quietly. He just moved closer to me, glanced at my locked bedroom door a couple times, cleared his throat and said, "Here. You're not doing it right. Let me show you." Before I could respond, he grabbed my dick and start stroking and squeezing it harder than I had been, rubbing its head a lot. It freaked me out that Steve was touching my dick, but the intense feelings in my groin took over and I stopped caring. In less than a minute, with my jaw hanging open and my eyes pressed closed, my dick started burning and throbbing, followed by the sensation of pissing on my stomach. I opened my eyes and saw several drops of white stuff on me, less than what came out of Steve's dick. The pleasure and release were so intense; I knew I'd be doing this again as soon as I could. Steve quickly stood up, mumbled something about having to go home, pulled his pants up and left.

We avoided each other for a while after that, I guess not knowing what to say. But now we hang out and just pretend it never happened, which is cool with me.The whole experience got me into jerking off constantly and hunting for pics of naked girls in my free time.And, even though it seemed a little "gay", I thought about Steve and what we did while I jerked off sometimes. It was an actual sexual experience for me, very real and intense. I sort of wished it would happen again but, whatever...

By 9pm that Saturday night the house was already full and Chad and his friends had kegs of beer in the backyard. There must have been about thirty guys and girls hanging out downstairs, some dancing to the thumping music and others shouting at each other over the noise. I was in my room with the door locked playing video games drinking a coke. I was already getting bored and a little jealous listening to the rowdy party. My brother's friends were total losers, but they did sound like they were having more fun than me.

About that time I heard people yelling and splashing in our pool in the backyard. The window in my room overlooks the backyard, so I decided to spy on the guests for kicks. I didn't want anyone to know I was looking, so I turned out my light, opened my window so I could hear better and peered through the blinds. I saw two of Chad's football buddies, Zach and Mike, standing by the edge of the pool looking at two girls floating in the water. The girls looked pretty hot and, more importantly, were only wearing their bras and panties. My dick started getting hard imagining what they must look like soaking wet.I started praying they'd get out of the pool so I could see. I slipped my cock through the fly in my boxers and rubbed the sensitive part under the head while I watched.

The guys had their shirts off and it sounded like they were trying to talk the girls into getting completely naked. The girls were saying "no" and seemed irritated. Then, after whispering to each other, Zach and Mike started taking their shorts and underwear off. They told the girls they would go first and then everyone could get naked. Within seconds, the guys were bare-assed and standing proudly with their semi-hard dicks sticking out in front of them. I couldn't believe they'd be that brazen, but I figured the beer had something to do with it. Right then the girls hopped out of the swimming pool, flew past the guys too fast to get a good look at them and then ran into the house appearing disgusted.The guys called after them, but it didn't do any good. Looks like football stars strike out too. So they just stood there like it was nothing to be naked, slugging their beers down and shooting the breeze.

I didn't know Mike that well, but Zach was the jock I hated and feared the most. He made it his personal mission the beginning of my freshman year to humiliate me very chance he got. He seemed obsessed about it at times and really played up the whole "fag" thing in front of the other guys. He once told everyone in the locker room that I looked at his dick in the shower, which was a lie, and to watch their asses when I was around. He labeled me an "ass clown" that day and it stuck too long. I came to dread it when my P.E. class would be in the gym the same time the football team was there, mainly because of Zach. All I could to do was ignore him or make pathetic sounding denials, but everyone just laughed at me anyway.

So there I was staring at Zach and Mike in the buff with a hard-on between my legs, feeling more than a little weird about it. For some reason, though, I also felt very sexual. I don't know if it was because the half naked girls got me going, or what, but I just stood there in my dark room staring at them. This time I was looking at Zach's dick and, I hated to admit, it was an impressive sight. He had a ripped chest, flat stomach and a tuft of dark hair over a dick that looked to be about 5 inches soft. It was very thick and it hung over a set of nuts that looked like golf balls. I wished my dick were that big. His legs were twice the size of mine and his ass was all muscle. Mike had a nice body too, but Zach was the picture of masculinity. I felt a swirl of confusing feelings as I stared at him...jealousy over his body, jealousy over his lack of shame as he proudly stood there naked, even wishful thoughts of what it would be like to be him. I started feeling that flushed, turned-on feeling I had with my friend Steve way back when, and then the idea popped into my head that I'd like to see Zach's dick hard. What the hell?! Feeling startled, I snapped out of it and quickly moved away from the window.

I wasn't gay and I knew it, even if though those asshole jocks kept saying it. I looked at naked girls on-line, fantasized about them and jerked off to them constantly. I even sort of had a girlfriend last summer. We made out a lot and she'd let me feel her tits. I tried putting my hands in her panties one time, though, and she freaked out and stopped talking to me. Fucking uptight girls. All the same, I think that makes me pretty straight. I was just overly horny tonight and needed to get off really bad, that's all.Any naked body seemed exciting at this point. I grabbed the bottle of lotion off my nightstand and got comfortable in front of the computer. I pulled up a series of pics on the screen of a blond girl in her twenties slowly getting undressed and playing with her pussy. I started stroking my dick slow and tight, making it all swollen and sensitive.I loved jerking off that way, kind of how Steve showed me to my first time. I slipped off my boxers and my shirt after a few minutes. I had no chest to speak of, but I admired my flat stomach and light-colored patch of pubes. I could stay like this for hours; it felt so good.

After about 10 minutes I got bored of the blond and tried finding something else to look at. I pulled up a list of free porn pages and I noticed one of the male sites. I'd seen gay porn ads all over the Internet, but never seriously thought about looking at them.They just seemed nasty. But tonight, my curiosity was peeked, for some reason. Remembering my interlude with Steve and staring at Zach's mature body had me in a strange mood. I figured, what would it hurt to look at it for just a split second? I could erase all the evidence when I was done and no one would ever know, right? And I doubt I'd ever do it again since it would probably gross me out.

So I clicked on the link and a pic of two naked, young guys facing one other popped up, with their hard dicks almost touching. Unbelievable!They both had nice bodies, good sized dicks and the one on the right was holding the other guy's balls...fucking wild. Mindlessly, I started jerking off again, wondering what it would feel like to be one of those guys...especially the dude with a pair of nuts in his hand. I felt like I was being really sick and twisted with what I was doing, but it was turning me on in an odd way. I felt sort of kinky and it was pretty crazy. My breathing got heavy and I started biting my lower lip in anticipation of the huge load I was close to blowing all over my chest. I closed my eyes and images of my friend Steve jerking with me, Zach's naked body and the half-naked girls in the pool all flooded my mind.

All at once a booming voice snapped me out of it. "My God, you really are a fucking fag!" I jumped out of my chair and stood there in disbelief and confusion, trying to cover my hard dick in vain. Zach was standing in my doorway wearing only a pair of boxers with a look of total disgust on his face. It was then I remembered what was on my computer. I started screaming at him, "Get out! How'd you get in here?!?", while I fumbled with the mouse trying to close the screen. My face got beet red, my heart was pounding and I truly felt like I might die. What was I going to do?! How could I ever explain this?! My eyes started to tear up and, after pathetically floundering around for a moment, I finally just stood there with my head hanging down. Zach just stood there silently, shaking his head, cutting through me with his accusing eyes.I was paralyzed. How did he get in here? Didn't I lock my door again after I ran down to get a soda? Fuck! Maybe I didn't. I heard the door close and I looked up.

Zach was standing in my room, locking the door behind him. He still looked pissed off, but not so disgusted anymore. His eyes had a fierce shine to them that made me feel uneasy."Listen up, fag, `cause I'm only going to say this once...I came up here to find a free bathroom so I could take a piss and instead I get the disgusting pleasure of seeing you spank your monkey to queer porn." I pleaded, "No, Zach, I swear, it was a one-time thing. I'm not gay, I promise---" "SHUT... the FUCK...up!" he hissed, making me wince. "I promise you," he said, "if you open your mouth one more time I'm gonna beat your ass and then go downstairs to let everyone know what I just saw. You get me?!?"His words were slightly slurred from the beer he'd been drinking, making me even more scared of what he might do.

All I could do was stare at the floor and weakly shake my head up and down. I'd never been this scared before and I didn't know whether to sob and plead with him or just play it cool. "Well, queer bait, I came to this house tonight to party and it looks like I'm gonna be partying up here for a while," he chuckled. Did Zach just say he wants to party with me? What the hell was he talking about? "Someone needs to show you what a pussy you really are and I guess that's my job tonight." He suddenly lurched forward and grabbed my lower jaw with his hand, pulling me close to his face. I could feel my limp dick swinging between my legs, getting smaller by the second, and smell the beer on his breath. "See, fag, whatever manhood you have left in you...well, you don't fuckin' deserve. You need to realize how much of a pussy-boy you are, understand?"

I didn't understand what he meant at all, but I just stared at him and shook my head in agreement. I hated myself for being so afraid of him, but I was so ashamed and frightened. It was then that I noticed the huge tent in the front of his boxer shorts.I couldn't believe what I was seeing, but Zach looked like he had a hard-on. He saw me looking at it and then laughed at me. "That's right, pussy-boy, it's time to get this party started and make all your dreams come true." With that, he pushed me back and crossed his arms on his chest. "Get on your knees." Realization of Zach's intentions slowly dawned on me and a look of panic spread across my face. "No, Zach, no," I almost whispered, "you're making a big mistake. This was a fluke. Let's talk about this just a minute `cause---" "SMACK!" He cut me off with a hard slap across my face. I was stunned and in pain, but the fear and humiliation hurt more. My tears started flowing again. "That was the last warning you get, faggot!" he bellowed."One more word and the kid gloves come off. I'll make you sorry you were born, I don't care whose brother you are. Now, get on your knees, put your hands behind your back and open your"

I fell to my knees in shock and clasped my hands behind me. I'd never thought about putting some guy's junk in my mouth, and now it was about to happen whether I wanted to or not. I mean, I could admit that I thought about jerking off with guys before and I looked at Zach's dick when he was by the pool...and I looked at a gay porn site for 10 seconds, but I would never stick a dick in my mouth. That was disgusting, something for chicks and queers to do. I liked girls! All that other stuff was just bullshit! God, why was this happening to me?!? My mind raced at a dizzying speed. I looked around desperately for an escape, but there was none. I tried to think of a way to reason with Zach, but I knew in my heart it was a waste of time. I was trapped.

Zach pulled at the elastic on his boxers and let them fall to the floor. His hard dick popped into the air, bouncing around in front of me. It was bigger than I imagined hard, at least 8 inches long and as big around as my wrist. "This is going to be sweet," he mumbled to himself. He positioned himself in front of me, grabbed the hair on the back of my head and pulled my face forward. "Open up, faggot. It's time to feed you your dinner, hehe." I just stared at his dick in shock with tears running down my face. Out of fear, I opened my mouth, but only barely. "If I feel any teeth," he warned, "I'll beat your ass. Now, open up wide and quit crying like a fuckin' girl. You were born for this shit and you know it." I opened up a bit more and he pushed his fat cockhead against my lips. I could smell the pungent odor of his crotch and feel the warmth of his swollen dick.The salty taste sickened me and I started to turn my head but, without warning, he pushed about half his cock into my mouth. His hands wrapped around the back of my head and held me in position.

I instinctively opened my mouth up wider to accommodate the intrusion. He pushed his cock further in until it just barely touched the back of my throat. I remembered what he said about my teeth so I tried to make a hollow space in my mouth, raising my teeth out of the way. His cock was so big; my lips were firmly pressed around its girth. "Suck on it like a piece of candy, fag, and move your tongue all over it." He didn't move his cock around at all, letting it just sit in my mouth. I started sucking in around his cock as best I could and moving my tongue along the bottom of it. I couldn't believe I had a dick in my mouth, or that I was doing exactly what he told me to. Some of my spit started running down my chin and he laughed at me, making my humiliation worse.I kept my eyes closed; I couldn't bear making eye contact with him. After what seemed like an eternity, he started moving it in and out of my mouth very slowly. "Keep sucking on it and moving that tongue, bitch. Mmm...yeah, we're about to heat things up." All I could smell, taste and feel was Zach's nasty, fat cock in my mouth.This couldn't really be happening.

All at once Zach grabbed the sides of my head and yelled, "Open up and don't bite down, or I'll knock your head in!" With that, he rammed his cock all the way down my throat. I gagged and my abs contracted like I was going to puke. He quickly pulled out, but rammed it down again, and again, and again. I tried to yell, but I couldn't catch my breath enough to form words. All I could do was gag and make grunting noises, freely drooling all over myself. I grabbed his hands to move them off my head, but he was too strong; they wouldn't budge. The more I struggled, the faster he pistoned in and out of my mouth shouting obscenities. "Fuck yeah, cock-sucker! Take it all down your fag-hole! Good boy!" The more he humped my mouth, the further down my throat his cock went. It seemed to get bigger and bigger. Soon I could feel his pubes smashing against my face with every thrust he made.

He kept pistoning in and out for what seemed like an eternity. I gave up struggling after a few minutes, lost in my own misery, my arms just hanging at my side. I had submitted to him, body and mind, and my spirit was not far behind. I was just vaguely aware of my mouth aching, the fullness in my throat, the stench of his crotch and his grunting and cursing. I suddenly snapped out of it when he crammed his cock down my throat and just held it there, my nose buried in his pubes."Want me to cum down your fag-hole, cock-sucker?!" My eyes opened to look at his hardened, sweaty face peering down at me as he snarled out his words. "Want me to give the pussy-boy his reward for being such a good faggot?!" I realized I couldn't breath and my chest was starting to burn. Panic set in.I started thrashing side-to-side, trying to break free, pleading at him with my eyes. The sadistic bastard just laughed at me, holding me in place with his fat cock lodged in my airway. Dizziness came and my vision started blurring. Just as I felt unconsciousness coming, he jerked his dick out making a loud "slurp" and "pop" noise in my mouth. I collapsed on the floor gasping for air.

After letting me breath for a moment or two, he grabbed me by the hair and pulled me back into a kneeling position. "Open wide, bitch...break's over." He slapped my face hard again, making me open my mouth like the trained animal I had become.He slammed his cock back down my throat, pounding my face with a vengeance. Tears streamed freely down my face as he picked up speed, growling at me with each thrust. "Eat... my... fuckin'... shit!" With that, his cock swelled up and cum burst out, spraying the back of my throat. I couldn't believe a guy just blew his wad in my mouth... how... why?! The salty, acidic taste made me gag hard. He quickly pulled out and sprayed more on my face. I could feel it dripping from my nose and chin. "Uh, uh, uh!" he violently hissed through his teeth with each load he shot, gripping his dick hard with his fist. I'd never seen someone cum that much before. He shoved just the head of his dick back in my mouth and blasted more cum all over my tongue. "Don't spit my shit out! Swallow it ALL, every drop!" he threatened. I knelt there, wanting to sob, vomit or just collapse from exhaustion. I looked up with his hot cum swimming in my mouth, trying to leak out the corners. My degradation was complete as I swallowed hard, feeling the burn down my throat and into my stomach. I knelt there trying not to get sick, while he just laughed. "Hehe... you are one sick fuck, my friend." he mumbled.

I looked up at him standing over me. He still had that shit-eating grin and his cock was somehow still hard as a rock, covered in cum and slobber. He stretched his arms over his head and let out a sigh. I just sat in a heap on the floor in front of him, too tired to move my arms or even look away. "Hey, listen up," he said matter of factly. "It looks like you didn't quite satisfy my fat chub," he said, motioning to his dick. "I mean, your mouth felt good and all...I don't want to hurt your homo-pride or nothin'," he sneered, "but it didn't finish the job.Do you see what I'm gettin' at, pussy-boy?" I was too weak and overwhelmed with the events of the last hour to figure out his cryptic comments. Why didn't he just get to the fucking point?! I couldn't believe the creep wanted more from me after what he just did. What else? Did he want me to jerk him off or something? Whatever it was I just wished he'd get on with it. I wanted this nightmare to be over. "So," he asked as he jerked his wet cock a few times, "will I be takin' your cherry or did you already give it up to some queer friend of yours?"

I heard his heartless laughter fill up the room again and I stiffened up in shock. Cherry? Girls had "cherries" they lost after getting fucked for the first time, right?! No...please, please, please don't tell me he's thinking about fucking me!Not even he would do something that fucked up, would he?! Only fags and guys in prison got fucked, not 14-year old, straight boys who've never even been laid before. Please, God, no!Panic set in again and my hands started shaking. This must be what he meant by taking my manhood. By fucking me like one of his dumb ass bitches! There's no way I could take getting fucked by Zach, physically or mentally, and I knew it. He'd rip me in half with his huge cock and I would never be able to look at myself in the mirror again.

I suddenly got very calm and focused, deciding I would do whatever necessary to keep him from violating me.I found the strength to stand up and move towards my bedroom door. Let that asshole tell the world, my reputation be damned. I'd rather die than be ridden like a fucking bitch by Zach.Beat me, rat me out, whatever, but my small, white ass wasn't about to be plowed by that monster. For some reason, a thought about Steve and how he had touched me once passed through my mind. That felt so different than what this prick was doing to me. If only I could be back in that moment with Steve instead of here, being vulnerable with a friend I could trust.

As I moved for the door, Zach swiftly moved in front of me blocking my way. I just stood there blankly staring at him. "Where the fuck are you going?! You know what will happen if you leave this room, if I even let you leave!" he shouted, getting right up in my face. It was now or never, so I lunged at him to knock him against the wall so I could run, hoping the element of surprise would help me against his formidable size. It was do or die, so I gave it all I had. Pathetically, he simply grabbed one of my arms, twisted it around behind me in a flash and forced me onto my knees facing away from him. "Guess I'll be takin' you from behind then," he jeered. "And don't expect a reach-around from me, fag." He dropped down on his knees behind me and pushed my upper body forward until my face was on the floor and my ass was sticking up in the air. My heart sank and I cursed myself for being so weak and powerless.I felt Zach's cock-head against my quivering asshole. This can't be happening, it's going to hurt, maybe I can tighten up and keep him thoughts raced and my body trembled. "This is going to hurt you more than it'll hurt me," he said in a smug voice, "so get ready for me to show you what a cum-guzzling, cock-loving, pussy-boy you really are!"

With that, he shoved his cock in me with one violent thrust and kept it there, burying it to the hilt in my helpless, virgin ass. "AAGHHHHH!!!NOOO... PLEASE... TAKE IT OUT... PLEASE!!!AHHHHH!!!" I heard myself scream in vain. "ZACH... PLEASE, MAN, TAKE IT OUT... PLEEEEASE!!!" Fire seared through my gut, making my body jolt forward to escape the agonizing pain. It was like a hot poker slamming into my innards. I struggled to get away, but his strong hands were locked on my small waist and his huge legs were pinning mine down. Instinctively, I flung one of my arms behind me to try and fight him off, twisting my upper body to get at him. My elbow forcefully made contact with his shoulder, but he just grabbed my arm, twisted it behind me again and slammed me back on the ground. "That's right, faggot, give me a good fight! The more you struggle, the better this party gets!" He finally pulled his cock almost completely out, only to slam it back in, making me cry out even more. "AAGHHH!!! PLEEASE!!!" "Goddamn, you're fuckin' ass is tight....fuck yeah!" he yelled. "Looks like I got your cherry after all...hehe." He grabbed me by my hair and yanked my head back, somehow pushing his cock even deeper into my gut. My screams got louder. "AhhAHHHHHH!! I CAN'T TAKE IT, ZACH, PLEEEASE... TAKE IT OUT...TAKE IT OUT!!!" I sobbed. "You are takin' it, fag-boy" he bellowed, "just like a fuckin' bitch! I'm gonna fuck you like only a real man can. Your ass will never be the same again!"

He suddenly dropped his body weight on top of me, flattening me out on the floor. He grabbed both my arms, yanked them to my sides and held them there. His massive chest crushed my torso, pinning my entire body and making it hard to breathe. But all I could focus on was the massive cock lodged in my ass, making my lower body writhe under his heavy legs in pain. "Let's get to it, boy!" he roared, "Time to make you really holler!"With that he started fucking me hard, pulling his cock out to the tip and slamming it back in, deep inside my gut...over and over and over again. My cries started matching his thrusts. "UGH... UGH... UGH... PLEASE... LET ME... GO... ZACH... UGH... UGH... STOP... HURTS... SO BAD... UGH... UGH!!!" He put his mouth by my ear and I could smell his steamy, alcohol-laden breath. "Yeah... oh yeah... fuckin' take it! Give me that ass, fuck yeah! Oh yeah! Take it, you fuckin' slut! Yeah!" This was total violation. This was the end of my pride. I was being taken like a helpless woman, my insides grinded by a man.

He held me on the ground and fucked me for what must have been at least half an hour, pounding me mercilessly; easily not cumming too soon having already blown his load once tonight.My ass loosened up at some point, making the intrusion a little less painful, but the full feeling made me nauseous, like I had to go to the bathroom. His sweat soaked my back and his panting and grunting were all I could hear."Yeah... gonna fuck you wide open!Uh, uh, uh! Feel me, bitch?! Uh, uh ,uh!" I stopped begging and screaming after a while and just grunted loudly with each of his rapid thrusts. "UGH, UGH, UGH, UGH!!!" Was this ever going to end?! Where was everyone else from the party?! Where was my brother?! He started increasing the speed of his thrusts, making my ass burn like fire. "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" he yelled.He started rabbit-fucking me and growling out his words. "Gonna cum in your faggot-ass and cover your guts with my shit!" My tears started again as he inflicted a relentless, brutal assault to my ass. He pounded in and out of me at a speed I didn't know was possible. All I could do was cry out at the top of my lungs, "AHHHHH... OH GOD... OH GOD... OH GOD... AHHHHHHHH... OH GOD!!!"

He suddenly grabbed me by the throat and pulled me against his body, burying his cock deep inside me. I could feel it swell and start pulsing out hot cum. He sounded like a wild animal, "Ughhhhhhhhh!!!" He came over and over again, thrashing me against him with each load he shot. Suddenly he pulled out, rolled off to the side of me, grabbed my head and pulled me down with a violent yank, cramming his fat, smelly cock in my mouth. "Suck it clean, fag! Ugh! Ugh!" He shot two more loads in my mouth. I could smell and taste my ass and his salty cum. His depravity had no end. He was a sick piece of shit with no mercy, no soul...cruel and hateful to the end. "That's right...fuckin' eat it!" I gagged and tried to block out the stench of it all, but I didn't even resist in the slightest. I swallowed it down like a good manhood was gone...I was his...he made me a fucking pussy-boy like he said.

He finally pulled out of my mouth and rolled onto his back exhaling really hard. "Goddammit, if that wasn't one of the best fucks I've had." I just lay on my side staring at him, dutifully waiting for my next humiliation. He slowly stood up and picked his boxers off the floor. He slipped them back on and said, "For now, your secret's safe with me. For now." He was still breathing pretty heavy and chuckling to himself. I could tell he was amused with what he had done to me. Then he looked down my body towards my dick and stared at my crotch. A look of disgust came over his face and he shook his head. "I can't believe a fuckin' guy with balls would get off on having his ass plowed. Fuckin' fags."He snorted and hocked up a loogey.He bent down and spit it in my face and walked out of my bedroom.

I wondered what he was talking about and why he spit on me. I lay there frozen in shock, feeling his spit wad sliding down my face. After a few moments, I slowly lifted my head and looked down at my crotch. I couldn't believe what I was seeing, my dick standing at full attention, harder and bigger than I'd ever seen it. What the fuck?! I was just anally raped by a mindless jock from school... and I have a hard-on?! I started crying again, this time out of confusion and frustration. I was a pussy-boy. Even if I wasn't a fag, I was no better.

I rolled back and closed my eyes, trying to ignore my aroused cock. It didn't last long and my hand slowly crept down, gripping my cock firmly.I gently started jerking it. The sensations hit me and I sped up my stroking rhythm, vaguely aware of my panting breath and the tears still in my eyes.I tried hard to think of the girls in the pool or any of the girls from my computer, but all I could see in my mind was Steve jerking me off, with his face very close to mine. I was disgusted with myself, but I couldn't stop. I started jerking my cock furiously imagining it was Steve's hand doing it. I imagined his mouth coming in contact with my mouth, our lips lightly pressing and our tongues gently touching. I felt safe, in this fantasy, exhilarated and hornier than I've ever felt in my life.

I came hard, crying out in pleasure and complete surrender, strand after strand of cum landing on my chest and the floor. As my orgasm subsided and the shame began to settle back in, I drew my knees up to my body and hugged them. I could feel Zach's cum dripping out my swollen asshole. I nodded off, wondering if this had all been a bad dream.