Who Laughs Last

Max H.  lilperv76@yahoo.com

Chapter 1

This story involves sex between guys.  If you shouldn't be reading such things, move on.

The characters in this fantasy may not always practice safe sex.  In the world we live in everyone should practice safe sex.

It's okay to print this story out or save it to disc, but it remains my property.  Don't transfer it to another website or archive without my permission.


Jamie's rehearsing for a performance of Beethoven's Third Concerto with the Bournemouth Symphony, so I've got some time to work on this story.  He and I agree, now that those guys are in prison, we can tell it.

The bastards got to me first.  They told me they had Jamie, so I went with them.  It wasn't until they made me their prisoner that I discovered they didn't have Jamie.  Yet.

I suppose I had better explain who Jamie and I are first.  

My name is Joseph Hudson.  James is my twin brother.  Everybody knows us as Joey and Jamie.  We're fraternal twins.  We look like brothers, of course, but we're not identical.  Nobody ever had any trouble telling us apart.  And even if we had been identical, we are very different guys.  When we were in third grade, our teacher called our parents and told them Jamie was something of a musical prodigy.  Right away they got him enrolled in piano lessons, and everyone who heard him play said he had real talent.  By the time we were in high school, everybody just understood that Jamie was going to have a career as a pianist.  The only question was how far he would go.

My talent was different.  I was into sports.  I played football and baseball in middle school but just concentrated on football in high school.  I was first-string quarterback my junior and senior years.

Pretty different guys to be twins, huh?  Well, that's true in some ways.  By the time we were seniors, we were both six feet tall, but I outweighed him by about 25 pounds.  Of course I worked out a lot and bulked up some.  Jamie used the gym a couple of times a week, so he had a decent-looking body, but he was on the thin side compared to me.  We both had this sort of dirty-blond hair and gray eyes.  From sophomore year of high school on, Jamie wore his hair long, down over his ears and to his collar in back.  I've always worn mine buzzed.  It's just easier to take care of when you're showering twice a day, at home in the morning and at the gym in the evening.  I've always hated the gray eyes, by the way.  I wish they were either brown or blue.  Some of the girls I've dated said they liked them, but they're just sort of this faded gray.  Weird.

About the time Jamie and I were both getting a little hair above our dicks, we began to jack off together.  We never went any further than that, but we did it a lot at first.  Then after we began dating girls, we didn't do it any more.  I guess we just didn't need to.  I dated more than he did, but maybe that goes with being a jock.  

What I need to say, though, is that Jamie and I were always close.  He did his thing and I did mine, but we loved each other.  And I think we understood each other better than most brothers.  There was never any rivalry between us, and we never fought.  Once or twice in high school I had to lean on some guy who was trying to give Jamie trouble because he was a musician.  Didn't have to do that often, though, because Jamie has always been really good looking, and he was popular.  We had different circles of friends, but he had as many friends as I did.  He always came to my games, and I always went to his recitals.

One thing we had in common was that we both got good grades.  Our football team kicked ass both years I played quarterback, and it looked as if I could get a scholarship to play football somewhere.  Jamie was so good at the piano he was a pretty sure bet for scholarships, too.

Even though we had more or less gone our own way in high school, we had always shared a room.  The thought of being at different universities bothered me, and when I asked him about it Jamie agreed.  Our parents warned us that we shouldn't count on getting scholarships from the same school, but it turned out we did.  Actually, we got offers from several schools, but we were both awarded scholarships from one of the state universities in our state.  It was the one that supposedly had the best music school, and their football program, though it was good, wasn't so good I'd never have a chance to play.

I don't know who was happiest when we got the news.  Jamie and I hugged each other and danced around the family room until our mom reminded us to be careful of the furniture.  We knew we probably wouldn't even be living together, but we were proud of each other's achievement in getting the scholarship, and it was good to know that we'd at least be on the same campus and could see each other.    

So, to get on with what happened . . .

It was the spring of freshman year at Northern State.  I was living in a jock dorm.  Jamie was in a different dorm.  I'm ashamed to say it wasn't as nice as the one I was in.  I didn't get to play in any varsity games that first fall, but everybody said I had a good chance to play the next year because both the quarterbacks who had been playing were graduating.  Jamie was majoring in piano, and he had to play in a student recital each semester.  He was doing great, and his piano professor was already talking about him leaving and going someplace else after two years at the university.  Each of us was wrapped up in his own thing, but we made a point of getting together for dinner once a week.  I hated it that we couldn't be together more, and he did, too, but we had always known we couldn't be in each other's pockets forever.

Like I said, it was spring.  A Friday, about midnight.  I had taken my date home, kissed her goodnight, felt her up a little (it was only the first date), and started walking back to my dorm, which wasn't far away.  A dark-colored SUV pulled up next to me.  A guy got out, came over to me, and asked, "You're Joey Hudson, aren't you?"

"Yeah?  Do I know you?"  I was pretty sure I didn't know the guy.  He looked a lot older than a college student, like maybe he was 30 or something.  But he was bigger than me and in good shape, like he might have been a jock and he still worked out.

"Come on, man.  We don't have much time.  It's about your brother, Jamie.  He's in trouble.  We'll take you to him!"

Like a fool, I got into the car with them.  If Jamie was in trouble, I needed to go help him out.  There were two other guys in the car.  As I got in the back seat, I thought I felt a sharp jab in my ass, but I was so worried about my twin I didn't say anything about it.  I fastened my seatbelt and asked, "What's happened to Jamie?  Where is he?  Is he okay?"

"He needs you.  Relax.  We're taking you to him.  We'll be there soon."

"Relax," he said.  I must have, for the next thing I knew I was waking up in an upholstered chair in what looked like a big family room.  The other three guys were sitting there just looking at me.  All three of them were about the same age, and they all were about the same size.  I guessed they were all former jocks.  All three had their hair buzzed.  One had brown hair, one had black hair, and the other was blond.  They were wearing jeans, tees with button-ups over them but unbuttoned and hanging out, and sneaks.  They seemed amused as they sat there calmly and looked at me.

"What the fuck did you guys do to me?  And where's Jamie?  If he needs me, I've gotta get to him!"

I tried to stand up, but I was so dizzy I felt back into my chair.  

The one who had gotten out of the SUV and stopped me grinned.  "So far as we know, he's safe back in his dorm room.  Safe for the moment, anyway."

"You fuckers tricked me.  I'm gonna get out of here."

Yeah, right.  I was so dizzy I couldn't stand up, and there were three of them, all bigger than me.  But I couldn't just sit there and let them think they'd gotten away with something.  Which they had.

The talker grinned again.  "I don't think so.  You're in no condition to fight your way out of here, and even if you were the big man back in high school, you don't seriously think you can take the three of us, do you? "

I didn't say anything.  I just sat there waiting for my head to quit spinning and tried to glare at them.  

"Something else you should think about.  We grabbed you pretty easily.  It'd be even easier to pick up your brother, wouldn't it?  So, Joey boy, if you don't cooperate with us, we'll just fetch him.  What would happen to his piano-playing career if we broke some of his fingers?"

Oh, shit!  They had me for real.  If I didn't do what they wanted, and I still had no idea what that was, they'd go after Jamie.  I couldn't let them do that.  I decided I had to play along with them until I could figure out what to do.  "So what do you bastards want from me?"

The blond, one of the guys who hadn't said anything so far asked, "How's you're head?  Still feeling dizzy?"

I had to think about that.  "I'm not so dizzy anymore, but I have a bitch of a headache."

He smiled at me.  "I think we can take care of that."  He got up and left the room.  I sat there, wondering what was going on.  He came back with a glass of water and two pills.  I looked at them very carefully and saw that they were Tylenols, so I took them.

"Now, I'm asking you guys again.  What's up?  Why did you bring me here?"

"We're going to help you to realize some things about yourself you probably never suspected."

"What makes you think you know more about me than I do?"

"We may be wrong.  But whether we are or not, you're in for an interesting weekend.  Stand up and come with us."

I just sat there, so they came over, pulled me up, and dragged me into a large bedroom.  It didn't help me feel any better when I noticed there were a couple of video cameras on tripods.

"Now, quarterback, unless you want us to go grab your twin brother and start on his fingers, you will take off your clothes and do a little dance for us while you're at it."  There was a large entertainment center across from the foot of the bed.  He pushed a button, and some slow, rhythmic music started.  They told me to stand in the open space between the bed and the wall in front of the cameras.

I really didn't want to do that.  I thought it was the most humiliating thing I'd ever had to do.  It was, up to that point.  But I kept thinking about Jamie's fingers.  I began to sway my hips as I slowly pulled my tee over my head.  The guy with the black hair took one of the cameras and began to shoot me from different angles.  He knelt in front of me and aimed the camera up toward my face.  But my package, first inside my briefs and then, when I had shed those, hanging there prominently, was in the foreground of the shot.  

The other two just stood there, encouraging their buddy.  "Yeah," the blond said, "that's a great angle."

"Stick your arms up," the brown-haired guy said, "and slowly turn in a circle while you gyrate your hips."

"Look," said Blondie, "you made him blush!"

All I could think of was what the guys on the football team and the coaches would say if they ever saw this video.  I'd have to quit the team, maybe even transfer to another university.  That would suck because I'd be away from Jamie.  I closed my eyes and tried to think what it would be like to be dancing with some girl.  But I couldn't forget I was naked in front of three guys and that I was being taped doing this shit.  

I don't know how long that all went on.  Way too long, for sure.  Finally, the guy with the black hair told me to stop.  When I opened my eyes, I saw that all three of them had their balls and dicks hanging out of their flies.  I figured I knew what was coming.  "Coming."  

"Joey," the blond asked, "have you ever sucked cock?"

"Of course not, man, what do you think I am?"

"It doesn't really matter.  You're going to become a cocksucker while we get it all on video."  He stood back while the guy with the brown hair came up and put his hands on my shoulders.  He gently pushed down.

"Kneel, quarterback, and get busy."

"You guys are gay?"

"A blow job's a blow job, kid.  That doesn't mean we're gay."

"But I've never done that!"

"Well, you've had a blow job, haven't you?  Just do what you know feels good."

"But "

"Remember Jamie's fingers."

He didn't need to say more.  I sank to my knees.  My stomach was feeling queasy as I looked at his cock.  It was just hanging there, limp, three or four inches long.  My hand was shaking as I took it and held it up off his balls so I could get the tip of it in my mouth.

"Just lick the tip and under the shaft a little."

As I did that, the black-haired guy grabbed one of the cameras off the tripod and began to tape what I was doing.  I wanted to puke.  I was going to put a man's cock to my mouth.  In my mouth, `cause I knew just licking wasn't the end of it.

Actually, it didn't taste bad.  He was clean, and I could taste soap.  And it was sort of salty.  And I could smell the male smell.  As I said, he must have showered recently, so it wasn't too bad.  He got hard as soon as I began to handle and lick him.  Then he was like steel underneath a very smooth covering.  I could feel my skin glowing with humiliation, but I was also very much aware of the feel and taste of the guy's dick in my mouth.  I just tried to do what girls had done to me that I liked.  He coached me some, reminding me to be careful about my teeth.

After a while brown-hair began to moan.  "Yeah, cocksucker, that's it.  You're a quick learner!  You guys gotta get some of this."

He'd called me a cocksucker.  I wasn't a cocksucker.  I was just a guy being forced to suck cock.  It's not like I wanted to or anything.

Blondie said, "I want some of that."  He stood beside Brownie and sort of waved his cock at me.  As I pulled back from Brownie's cock a string of my saliva stretched between it and my lips.  Black-hair was right there with the camera, getting a close-up of it.

I worked on the blond for a while and then alternated between the two of them.  Finally, Blondie couldn't stand it any more.  He put his hands behind my head and began to fuck my face gently.  I gagged a couple of times.

"Man, we've got to teach this guy to take it all the way down."

"Maybe there'll be time for that later.  Right now, what we're interested in, remember, is getting this on tape.  Oh, and getting our nut, of course."

All three of them sniggered at that.

Soon, I could tell that the blond guy was getting close to coming.  He began to grunt with each thrust, and he was pumping faster, fucking my face.  That's when it dawned on me that he might come in my mouth.  Again I thought I was going to throw up.  Just the idea made me sick.  When he came it was the consistency of his jizz that startled me.  It didn't actually have much taste.  But here was this thick, slimy stuff in my mouth, like snot.  When he pulled out, I looked around for a place to spit it out.

"No way, quarterback!  You're gonna swallow my spunk."

"Yeah, do it quick and get back to work on me," brown-hair said.

I kind of squeezed my eyes shut and made myself swallow the stuff, thinking how my life would be over if the guys on the team ever saw the vids Blackie was taking.

Long story short, Brownie came in my mouth and I swallowed.  Then he took the camera so Blackie could have his turn.  He took the longest, and by the time he came my jaw and knees were sore.  What I remember the clearest, though, is that their cum all tasted different.  Blondie's was pretty bland, Brownie's was kind of bitter, and Blackie's was sort of nutty.  I remember thinking that I liked Blackie's best, and then thought, "Omygod, I'm trying to decide whose spunk I prefer.  How sick is that!"

"You can stand up, now, quarterback," one of them said, and I wasted no time in standing up.  

"Guys," blond-hair said, "it's getting late.  Let's put our guest to bed and get some sleep ourselves."

They let me piss and rinse my mouth in an attached bathroom, and then they made me lie down, still naked on the bed.  They produce a length of chain and a cuff-like thing they put around my ankle and fastened to one of the legs of the bed.

"Just so you don't go wandering around in the night.  There's no point in trying to escape.  You're naked.  You don't have any idea where you are.  The security system will set off alarms if a door or a window is opened.  But we don't want you doing any unsupervised exploring inside the house, either.  That's why the leg chain.  It should be long enough to let you change positions in the bed."

The other two left without saying anything.  Blondie said, "Sleep well."  He grinned, turned out the light and left, closing the door.

They hadn't taken my watch, but it didn't have a luminous dial, so I didn't know what time it was.  It had to be, like 2:30 or 3:00 AM, though.  Even so, it took me a while to get to sleep.  I couldn't get over what had happened to me.  I worried that they'd show the video to people.  I worried what they might do to Jamie.  After all, I only had their word that he was okay.  And I wondered what they had in mind for me the next day.  They hadn't verbally abused me, and they'd been civil, at least, most of the time.  They could have been a lot nastier to me, since I was pretty much their prisoner, and they must have figured out that I'd do anything to protect Jamie.  With all this stuff running around in my head, I finally got to sleep.

"Wake up, quarterback."  As I opened my eyes, I was aware that Blackie was unfastening my leg chain.  The room was dark.  I noticed, as I hadn't the night before, that it didn't have any windows.  But I could see the hallway through the bedroom door, and it appeared to be daylight.

"You aren't going to try to run away, are you?" Blackie asked.

"As if I could!" I said, not very pleasantly.

"Yeah, I guess you aren't goin' anywhere.  Unless you'd like to use the pisser."

I told him I did need to do that.  

"Okay, there's soap and a towel in there so you can wash your hands and your face if you want to.  Don't worry about a shower.  There isn't any point in that yet.  When you're finished, come out and we'll get you some breakfast.  Or whatever, since it's getting close to noon."

After using the bathroom, I wandered out into the large room where I had awakened the night before, sort of a large family room.  Brownie was waiting for me.  

"The other guys are upstairs on the main floor."  I noticed that there were what appeared to be sliding glass doors on one wall, but they were covered with vertical blinds, so I couldn't see outside.  "We're gonna feed you down here.  You may as well sit down."

"Hey, man, do I have to stay naked?"

"Why, you cold?"

"No, but it's just pretty embarrassing being naked when you guys are dressed."  

"Well, maybe so, but not as embarrassing as a straight guy like you having to suck cock, right?"

"Now that you mention it, yeah."

About then the other two guys came down the stairs.  Blond-hair was carrying a tray.  They'd made me scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, orange juice, and coffee.  It all tasted good, and I forgot my nakedness as I scarfed down the food.

When I was finished, they let me rinse my mouth again and have my morning crap.  

Then they made me get back on the bed.  This time they spread-eagled me and used ropes to tie my arms and legs to parts of the bed.  Then they put a pillow under my head so I was looking toward the entertainment unit on the wall opposite the foot of the bed.  

They turned out the lights, started the dvd player, and left.  The first thing I saw was the vids taken of me doing my strip dance and then sucking all their cocks the night before.  I supposed they did that to remind me that now they didn't need to use Jamie as a way of getting me to do whatever they wanted.  They had the videos, and that meant they had me by the balls.

After the scenes with me were finished, they next thing on the screen was a series of porn videos.  Straight porn, I was happy to notice.  

The girl I was with the night before had insisted that we not do any heavy making out on our first date, and I was pretty well boned up and leaking when I left her.  All the shit I went through later that night took my mind off my horniness, but lying there watching the porn flicks made me bone up to the point of aching.  And because my hands were restrained, I couldn't touch my cock to do anything to relieve myself.

When the dvd ended after about an hour or so, one of my captors came in to check on me.  

"Looks like you're pretty horned up, there stud."

"Yeah, man, I gotta get off!"

"That's no problem."

I couldn't believe what he just said.  He was going to untie me and let me jack off?  At this point I would have been willing to do it on camera, since they had all that other stuff anyway.  I just needed to get my nut.

"Thanks.  I'm in a bad way here."

"Just one catch, quarterback."

I groaned.  "What?"

"You gotta beg us to fuck you.  Gotta beg us on camera."

"No way, man.  I've told you.  I'm not like that!"

He grinned.  "Suit yourself."  He took the disc out of the player and put another one in.  Then he left, closing the door.

Because of the way I was lying, I could either watch the video or close my eyes.  I wound up watching the video.  One especially hot scene had two guys and a girl.  Then there was a scene with just two females going at each other.  And the longer I watched, the more desperate I became to touch my cock.  But all I could do was lie there with the precum running down my throbbing rod, my balls aching.

When that dvd was over, Blackie came in.  "Hey, dude, you look a little desperate."

"Please, whatever your name is, I just gotta get off.  Please untie my hands so I can take care of this."  I nodded toward my drooling cock.

"Same condition.  You gotta beg us to fuck your ass."

"Fuck you!" I shouted at him.

He called to the others.  "I think it's time to apply a little persuasion."

Blondie and Brownie came in.  The first thing they did was put some sort of blindfold on me.  I wondered why they did that, since I had seen them enough that I'd never forget their faces.

It was quiet for a few minutes so I wondered if they had all gone away and left me there, tied to the bed and blindfolded.  Then I almost jumped off the bed when something touched my right tit. It was real soft and felt like it might have been the feathery end of one of those quill pens you see in pictures sometimes.  Whatever it was, I'd have gone through the ceiling if I hadn't been tied down.

Then it trailed over to my left tit and made little circles there, occasionally brushing across the nipple.  Every time it did that, I'd twitch, and my cock would burp out some more precum.  

"Please, guys, that's too much.  You gotta stop."

No answer.

Then they trailed the feather or whatever it was down and began to tickle my belly button with it.  I was so hot and desperate by that time I arched my back, trying to thrust my cock in the air to find something for it to rub on.  There wasn't anything there, of course, so I was simply frustrated.  Agonizingly frustrated.

The feather was taken away, and I thought I could relax a moment.  The next thing I knew, however, was that finger tips were lightly stroking the insides of my thighs.  Both thighs.  I thought I was going to come right then, but suddenly the fingers went away.  Everything was very quiet.  I didn't know whether they'd left the room or not, but the pressure in my balls slackened off a little and my breathing started to return to normal.

They hadn't gone away.  I say "they" because I had no idea at the time whether they were all three there or not.  I really hadn't figured those guys as gay, despite the fact they were making me do gay things.  But someone in that room was gay, and it damn sure wasn't me.  Someone began sucking my toes!  One at a time, slowly and lovingly. That sounds gross, but you'd never believe what a turn-on it is if you hadn't experienced it.  Momentarily I thought how disgusting it was that it was probably some guy, and probably one of the three who had made me their prisoner, who was making love to my feet.  But it felt so damned good!

My cock, which had stayed hard the whole time, began to throb and drool again.  It was about then, I think, that I began to moan and beg.  "Please, guys, let me come.  I gotta come.  Gotta get off!  Please!"  And then more moaning.

They seemed to know when I was about to shoot.  Just then, for example, I thought I was going to explode, even though nobody had touched my cock in the whole process.  But they knew, the bastards.  And they stopped.  Again it was totally quiet.  I still didn't know who or how many of them there were.  I was assuming it was the same three.  I had noticed they weren't taping this.  Or at least I couldn't hear the camera.  So maybe all three of them were involved with torturing me.  And it was torture, for sure.  I've never been so desperate in my life as I was that spring Saturday afternoon.

Like they did before, they let me calm down just enough to keep me from coming.  Then somebody was back.  Somebody with a hot mouth.  Somebody sucking my tit and flicking it with his tongue and nibbling on it.  I nearly lost it right then.  Again I instinctively jabbed my cock into the air, trying to find something for it to fuck.  Again I started moaning.  And again, when I got close to coming, they quit.

Keep in mind that throughout all this, no one had touched my cock or balls.  But I was almost delirious in my need to shoot off, to relieve my poor nads.

Their next torture was to unfasten my ankles.  They pulled them up so my knees were near my shoulders and refastened my ankles to the head of the bed somehow.  That left most of my weight on my upper back and shoulders, and my ass totally exposed.  I wondered if they had decided just to go ahead and fuck me without me having to beg them.  That thought made my dick relax just a little, but not for long.

The bed sagged as someone crawled on the end of it.  The next thing I felt was someone blowing gently on my exposed anus.  I jerked in my restraints, and precum dribbled from my dick onto my chest.  After blowing on it awhile, he began to rub my pucker lightly with the tip of his finger.  I groaned and then, to my surprise, I pushed my ass back against the fingertip.  

"Looks like our quarterback is a bit of a slut after all."  I recognized the voice.  It was Blackie.

While I was panting, someone stuck a finger in my mouth.  "Suck!"  Whoever said that had whispered so quietly in my ear that I didn't recognize the voice.  I figured I knew where the finger was going, so I got it good and wet.  Sure enough, he took it out and then very slowly inserted it into my tight ass.  I screamed, not because it hurt, but because, to my shock, it felt wonderful.

The finger explored a little, very gently, and suddenly I saw stars!  Looking back, I realize he must have hit my prostate, but at the time I didn't know what happened except that I thought I was about to come.  "Aw, fuck, yeah!" I yelled.

The finger very slowly and gently withdrew, and I was left hanging there on the edge of a cliff.  The cliff of my orgasm.  That was it.  I couldn't stand it any longer.

"Okay, okay.  I give.  You can fuck me."

"That's not what you have to do, quarterback," Blackie said.  "You have to beg us.  And you have to make it sound convincing for the camera."

"Fuck!  Get your goddamn camera. I'll say whatever you bastards want.  Just, please, let me come!"

Somebody chuckled.  There was a delay of about a minute.  I think they were getting the camera ready.

"Okay, quarterback, say `My pussy needs a big dick.  Please fuck me!'"

I knew I was dead if my buddies on the team ever saw these videos, but I thought I'd die of something or other if I didn't get to come soon, so it was a no brainer.  "My pussy needs a big dick.  Please, please fuck me!"  I threw in that extra "please" out of sheer desperation.

There was another pause.  Then someone took off my blindfold.  There stood the three of them.  They'd been wearing tees and gym shorts before, and two of them were in the process of getting out of their clothes.  Blondie, who had removed my blindfold, took the camera.

"So you want to be fucked, boy?"

"Oh, yes, please."  I said that because I thought I'd have some sort of breakdown if I wasn't able to come soon, but I wondered if I didn't really want to be fucked.  My ass had this funny, needy feeling, and it still tingled from having that finger in it.

"We'll be easy on you, stud.  We're going in order of size, smallest to largest," Blondie said.  "And since I'm the largest, I'll start off with the camera.

Brownie, who was the quietest of the three, asked Blondie, "What position do you want him in?"

"Let's leave him there for now, so we can get his facial expressions when you take his cherry."

Brownie didn't look so small to me.  His hard, six-inch cock was at eye level when he came to the bedside table to get some lube. He had KY jelly, and I was relieved that he was going to use some of it.  I just didn't see how even his sort of average-sized dick would fit into my little hole.

Blackie was standing there naked, but he wasn't hard.  He was sort of playing a little with his cock, maybe so he could get it up when his turn came.  I hadn't figured on getting fucked three times, but I suppose that was stupid of me.  Maybe they'd let me come after the first one.

When Brownie started stretching my ass muscle with first one finger and then two, I thought I'd died and gone to heaven.  I wasn't concerned about what my buddies would think.  I wasn't worried about what it said about me that I was enjoying this so much.  I just groaned, pushed my ass back against Brownie's hand, and zoned out.

It was a little uncomfortable when he first put three fingers up my chute, so I was nervous again for a minute or so.  But he moved those fingers around so nice, and soon I was purring again.  When he finally got around to sticking his dick in me, I was ready for him.  I realized that I wasn't doing this any more just so they'd let me come.  I was doing it because I really did need something up my ass.  

It wasn't really painful.  I felt incredibly full for a while, and there was a little burn at first, but then, as he began to move in and out very gently and slowly, I got with the program, meeting his thrusts with my ass.  He sensed that I was enjoying the fuck, so he became a little more energetic.

"Oh, God!  Fuck!  That's so great!  I love it!" I muttered.

"Quarterback," Blondie said, "you are turning out to be one fine porn star."

To be continued