Who Laughs Last

Max H.  lilperv76@yahoo.com

Chapter 2

This story involves sex between guys.  If you shouldn't be reading such things, move on.

The characters in this fantasy may not always practice safe sex.  In the world we live in everyone should practice safe sex.

It's okay to print this story out or save it to disc, but it remains my property.  Don't transfer it to another website or archive without my permission.

In the preface to my first chapter I should have thanked Tom W for lots of good ideas as we talked about this story.  Better late than never.  Thanks, Tom!


When we left off last time, I was getting fucked in the ass by the guy with the brown hair.  To my surprise and chagrin, I was loving the hell out of it.  My mind was telling me that I couldn't like what was happening to me, that it was gay, perverted, unnatural.  My body was telling me that nothing which feels so good could be bad.

As Brownie continued to fuck me, Blondie was all over the place with the camera, getting me from different angles, zooming in on my face, showing brown-hair's ass as he plunged into me, everything but showing Brownie's face.  

Before long, I felt something that I couldn't believe.  I was going to come.  Here I was, hands and legs tied to the headboard, unable to touch my cock, which had been on horned up overload for hours, it seemed like, and about to spew my spooge because this guy I had never met before the previous day was stimulating my prostate with his cock.  

That's what happened, though.  In a moment of mind-numbing release, my cock pumped what seemed like gallons of cum onto my chest and face.  I even found myself licking some of my own jizz off my chin.  When my brain told me that was disgusting, some other voice inside said I wanted to compare my own taste with that of the three guys I had sucked off the night before.

My orgasm seemed to trigger the brown-haired guy's, and he came, too.  I felt his body stiffen.  Then he tried to push his cock up to about my sternum, and froze.  I could feel the spasms as he came inside me.  Then he collapsed on top of me for a moment.  

"Okay, bro, it's my turn," the black-haired one said.

Again, to make the long story short, Blackie fucked me, though he unfastened my legs from the ropes and let me rest them on his shoulders.  That felt a lot better, since they'd been getting tired.  His cock was a little longer than Brownie's but by that time I was so opened up it didn't hurt.  It just felt fantastic.  Since I was on my back, I could look at him while he fucked me.  He had black hair, of course, which, like the hair of the other two, was cut very short, military style.  His eyes were an intense blue color.  He hadn't shaved that morning, so his face showed his black stubble.  He also had black hair on his chest, some around his navel, and a thick line running down to his pubes.  He kept looking me in the eyes as he pumped in and out.  

Blackie didn't last as long as Brownie had, and he wasn't as gentle.  When he came, he just grinned down at me, slapped my butt, and said, "Thanks, quarterback.  Ya done good."

Then Brownie took the camera from Blondie so Blondie could fuck me.  

"Let's unfasten him.  I want to do him doggie style."

They undid the ropes around my wrists and made me get on elbows and knees with my face toward the end of the bed.  When blond-hair finished putting on his condom, he got behind me.  Brownie knelt at the end of the bed with the camera aimed at my face.  He could pan up, of course, to get his buddy in the picture, but I'm sure he was careful not to get his face in the shot.  They were mostly interested in my reactions.

I had just had two loads of cum dumped in me, and my hole was still stretched, so Blondie just slipped his fat, eight-inch cock in without any trouble.  I said something like, "ahhhh!," and they all chuckled.

"See, quarterback," Blackie said, "we told you you'd learn something about yourself this weekend.  You've learned that you're as gay as a guy can get.  You obviously love taking it up the ass."

I didn't want to give him the pleasure of admitting he was right.  But if the feelings I was having meant I was gay, so be it.  I'd always been turned on by a good-looking woman and I figured I wasn't about to give up straight sex, but at the moment I wasn't thinking about anything like that.  I was just surrendering myself to the great feelings some guy whose name I didn't even know was giving me with his big dick inside me, making me feel better than I'd ever felt.

I had my eyes shut, lost in a fuckin' fantastic new world.  Somebody tried to grab me by the hair, but it was too short, so his hand slipped off.  Then he put the heel of his hand on my forehead and pushed my head back.  When I opened my eyes I saw a big, hard cock with a bush of brown pubes behind it.  Brownie had apparently passed the camera on to Blackie.  He put the tip of his leaking cock to my lips and began to slide it around.  Instinctively, I licked my lips to get a taste of his precum.  The next thing I knew, his cock was in my mouth.  That was another first.  I'd never sucked a cock before, and a day earlier I'd have been sickened by the thought of having to do that.  At the moment, though, I just began to suck and lick as if I'd been doing it all my life.  And Blackie was busy getting videos of me being fucked by one guy and giving the other a blow job.  I was thinking that if those videos got out, I might have to move to South Beach or Key West and peddle my ass.

I came all over the sheet below me while all that was going on.  Twice I had spooged big-time without a hand ever touching my cock.  I was in a new world for sure!


I've read what Joey wrote while I was rehearsing the Beethoven.  Now I've got some free time, so I'll pick up the story.

It was the Saturday afternoon of that weekend when the three guys shanghaied my twin.  After lunch I had spent a couple of hours in a practice room and was walking back to my dorm room to grab a short nap before dinner.  I didn't have any plans for the evening, so I was thinking of calling Joey to see what he was up to.

My thoughts of the evening were interrupted when a black Cadillac Escalade pulled up to the curb beside me.  A guy got out and came up to me.  

"Hello, Jamie.  You'd better come with us!"  He was smiling at me, but I'd never seen him before, and I wasn't about to get in that SUV with a stranger.

"Do I know you?  Why should I come with you?"

"Joey needs you."

I said something really intelligent, like "What do you mean, Joey needs me?"

He reached in his pocket and pulled out a picture.  It showed my brother naked, spread-eagled on a bed.  

"Now, what happens to your twin depends on how cooperative you are.  So hop in the back!"

I got in the back, and he followed me, so I had to scoot over behind the driver.  The guy beside me put a blindfold on me.  Obviously they didn't want me knowing where they were taking me.  I tried to question them about how Joey was, what they expected from me, and stuff like that, but they wouldn't answer.

We drove in silence (it's one very quiet vehicle) for what seemed like 45 minutes or an hour, and we went around so many turns and corners I had no idea where we were.  Finally we stopped.  The guy beside me helped me out of the car, and, each one taking an arm, the two guys guided me into a house and down a set of stairs.  They backed me up to an upholstered chair and told me to sit.  When I did, they took off my blindfold.

Sitting in a chair across from me was Joseph, stark naked.  There was a black-haired guy sitting next to him.  The two who had picked me up were just standing there.

"Joey, are you okay?"

"Yeah, Jamie, I'm okay."

"What the fuck's going on?  Why are you naked?  What was that picture they showed me all about?"

"Jamie, they'll tell you what they want you to know.  Please just believe me when I say that you've got to do what they tell you to."

"But "

"Listen to your brother, maestro.  You have no idea what a vulnerable position he's in, but you've got to do just what you're told.  If you do, you'll be safely back in your dorm tomorrow sometime.  If not, you're both going to be in deep shit."

"He's right, Jamie," Joey said, looking very seriously at me.  "Just do what these guys say, okay?  I'm sorry, bro, but that's the way it is."

"Well, okay, but "

"Suppose, piano man, you stand up here and take off your clothes.  No sense in having the quarterback be the only naked man in the room."

I didn't like it, but I didn't see any way out.  They had Joey, and now they had me.  And they had a picture of him that would ruin things for him if any of his football teammates or coaches ever saw it.  So I stood up and undressed.  They took my clothes, shoes, and socks away, leaving me standing there bareass.  They told me to sit down, and I did.  The chair was leather, and it made a funny sort of farting noise as I sat on it.

"It's about the cocktail hour, gentlemen.  Dinner will be in about an hour.  Would either of you like a drink?  A beer, maybe?"

Joey said, "I'd like something stronger if you have it."

"How about bourbon on the rocks?"

"Yeah, that'd be good."

When they asked me, I followed Joey's lead, figuring we might need the fortification.

Our three captors never gave us their names.  Jamie has described them for you, and I'll use his device of calling them by their hair color.  While Blackie went to get our drinks, the other two explained to me that I couldn't escape.  They had put my clothes where I couldn't find them.  I didn't know where I was.  And alarms would sound if any of the external doors or windows were opened.  So they suggested I relax, enjoy my drink, and then dinner.  It was a typical men's dinner, steaks, baked potato, salad, and cherry pie with vanilla ice cream.  The guys kind of smirked at each other as we ate our pie, but I didn't understand then what they thought was funny.

It was a totally bizarre situation.  Joey and I were naked.  The others were in tees and jeans.  During the meal they treated us like guests.  They asked my brother lots of questions about the university football team, its chances of having a good season the coming year, and his prospects for becoming first string quarterback.  They tried to get me to talking, but they just didn't know anything about classical music, and I wasn't in a mood to help them, so they gave up on that.  Then they asked me about girlfriends, how much dating I did, and things like that.

As we ate, I kept looking at Joey, trying to get some clue as to what they'd done to him, what was going on.  He looked spaced out sometimes.  At others he looked at me as if he were worried.  


I just want to insert a little bit here.

After Blondie and Brownie went to get Jamie, I thought about trying to take Blackie out since it was just the two of us there.  But I remembered they had all those videos and that I didn't know where they'd put my clothes or even where the fuck I was.

Blackie offered to let me have a shower, and I was grateful for that.  I sat on the toilet and expelled crap, farts, and cum.  Then I took my shower.  As I stood there, more cum ran out my ass and down my legs.  I soaped up a finger and cleaned out as far up there as I could reach.  While I was doing that I couldn't resist wiggling it around a little.  But then I was ashamed of myself.  Two of those guys were going off to kidnap my brother.  I had no business playing with myself that way.

When I got out and dried off, Blackie very civilly invited me to watch a baseball game on tv with him.  He got us beers, and we talked about the game on the screens like a couple of buds kicked back on a Saturday afternoon.  I almost forgot about being a naked prisoner.  Almost.  Blackie flicked off the tv when he heard the others come in upstairs.


After dinner they very considerately asked if I needed to use the john.  I did.

When I got back, they said it was time to "get busy."

I asked them, "Busy doing what?"

Blackie grinned.  "Making videos.  Your twin here turned out to be quite a star, and now it's your turn."

"But why are you doing this?"

"Because we can," Blondie said, smirking.

"We'll explain all that, but not until tomorrow, probably," Brownie said.  "Now, we have to do some prep on this guy.  Quarterback, take him into the bathroom.  When you two come back out, we want all the hair shaved off him from the neck down.  Got that?"

"Now just a fuckin' minute," I started to exclaim.

Joey put his hand on my arm.  "Look, bro, please just do what they want."

I went in the bathroom with him.  It was the first time we'd been alone together since I got there.

He found the can of shaving gel and a package of disposable razors.  There was also a set of electric clippers.  First he sheared off my pubes.  Then, beginning with my pits, he put on gel and then shaved off all my body hair, working his way down my body.  We talked as he worked

"Will you fuckin' tell me what this is all about?" I whispered.

"I haven't figured it out.  But they've been making me do things and taking pictures.  They told me they'd grab you and start breaking your fingers one by one if I didn't do what they said.  What was I gonna do?  We've got to go along so they don't do something that could end your piano-playing days, Jamie.  They haven't even tried to rough me up, and with three guys that size, you know they could have.  When I did what they wanted, they were pretty civil most of the time."

I put my hand on his shoulder.  "Thanks, bro.  This sucks big-time, but I appreciate what you did, and I'm sorry if you got caught up in all this because of me."

"Hold still," he said. "Don't want to cut ya."

He even did my arms and legs.  Then he made me turn around and bend over so he could do my ass.  There wasn't any hair on my cheeks, but he shaved in my crack.  I'd never been touched there by anybody besides me since we were little kids.  It felt strange, but rather nice.

"Jamie, I think they may be setting us up to blackmail us, but I can't figure out what we might have that they'd want.  They seem to know a lot about us.  They must know that our folks don't have all that much money.  It seems to me we just have to do what they say.  They did promise we'd be returned to our dorms tomorrow if we didn't give them any trouble."

"Bro, what have they been doing to you?  You look kind of shell-shocked."

"You don't want to know."

"Hey, you guys about through in there?" one of the guys asked through the door.

"Yeah, just about," Joey said.

The door opened.  In the mirror I could see an arm covered with black hair.  It was holding something I'd only seen in pictures -- a pink butt plug.  "Quarterback, stick this up your brother's ass and come out here."

"Oh, fuck, that's too big. I can't take that thing," I said, feeling a little panicky.

Joey looked in the medicine cabinet and found some lube.  He smeared it all over the plug and then put some on my asshole and began to work it in with his finger.  I'd had a prostate exam when I took my physical before coming to the university, but that doctor's finger never felt as good as my twin's digit working its way up my chute. I didn't want him to know how good it felt, though, so I gritted my teeth.  When he shoved the butt plug in, it hurt for a minute, but then the pain went away.  Then I just felt stuffed.  A little uncomfortable, but no big deal.

When we left the bathroom, I couldn't help walking funny.  The plug rubbed my insides, and that felt strange.  Almost good.

They took us upstairs into a large room.  The draperies were drawn, probably so we couldn't see out the window, and there were some lights on.  At one end of the room was a "baby grand" piano.  

"We though some after-dinner music would be nice," Blackie said.  Turning to me, he said, "We'd like you to play something for us.  Something lively."

"Uh, yeah, well, okay.  Something lively?  Unless you want something classical, it'll have to be boogie-woogie or stride or some rags.  Rock music doesn't translate into solo piano very well."

Joey, who had no idea why they were doing this but who loved ragtime music, asked for some Scott Joplin.  The others said that would be okay.  I notice that Brownie was holding his video camera.  He turned up the lighting in the room with a rheostat and nodded for me to begin.  

When I sat on the piano bench, the plug in my ass sent shock waves through my balls, cock, and elsewhere.  I'd never felt anything like that before, almost as if I were going to come at that very moment.  I played a couple of Joplin rags, each about three or four minutes long.  By the time I finished, what with moving around on the bench to play, I had sprung wood.  The guy with the camera was moving around as I played, and I think he zoomed in on my boner.  

Joey, who was sitting behind me, apparently couldn't see it. When I finished with the second piece, he said, "Jamie, play the final movement of the Appassionata for them!"  

"Gee, I don't know, Joey, whether these guys would like that.  And it's pretty long."

"No, go ahead," Brownie said.

I have to tell you, with that movement you're all over the piano and the bench, using the pedals and the keyboard.  The more I played, the harder and more excited I got because of the butt plug wiggling around inside me.  I knew I was going to come if I didn't stop and sit still, but I had been told to play, so play I did.

Just as I reached the final measures, I erupted all over my abs and belly.  When I finished playing and shooting, I just slumped, trying to get my breath and come down from the high of the music and the rest.  Camera guy, of course, was right there with a close up of all the cum, from which he slowly pulled back to get a picture of my sitting there, spent, head down, hands on the bench on either side.

"Wow," Blondie said, "that was quite a performance, piano man."  Then he chuckled.  "Looks like you enjoyed it, too.  Don't move."  He left the room and came back with a towel, which he tossed to me.  "Here, clean yourself up, and make sure you don't leave anything on the bench."

When I had done that, we all went back downstairs to the big room.  I hadn't had time to react much to the shaving.  When I looked down at my dick, even though it was soft after coming just a few minutes before, it looked bigger to me than it did when it poked out of my pubes.  My arms and legs looked like a kid's, with no hair on them.  And my balls felt exposed, open to the air.  I wondered how I'd explain that when I went to my phys. ed. class on Monday, assuming I got there.

Brownie and Blondie were having a conference.  I couldn't hear everything, but I heard one say, "Yeah, he will, won't he?  Where'd you put the stuff?"

"In there," the other one said, pointing toward the bedroom.

"Okay, maestro, come with me."  He went through the bedroom into the bathroom with me tagging along behind, worried about what he planned to do to me.  He put down the lid on the toilet and told me to sit.  When he reached in a drawer of the vanity and began pulling out what was obviously women's makeup, I lost my cool.

"Look, man, I've put up with all this shit so far. You've shaved me and shoved that damn plug up my ass and embarrassed me by making me come while I was playing upstairs.  But you're gonna make me up to look like a girl, aren't you?  That's too much!  What have Joey and I ever done to you guys, anyway?"

He chuckled.  "You'd be surprised what Joey has done to me, boy.  Now, what would happen to your piano playing if you were to break a finger or so on each hand, say break them in a couple of places?"

"Okay, okay, bastard.  I get the point."

"You're gonna be so cute.  With that long, blond hair especially."

He used an electric razor to go over my beard.  I hadn't shaved that day, so it must have been visible, even if it is blond and not very heavy.  Then he put on eye liner and eye shadow, some sort of all over makeup, blush, and lipstick.  When he let me look in the mirror over the sink, I almost gagged.  I DID look like a girl!

"You're adorable," he said, his voice heavy with irony.  He led me back to the others in the big room.  The house was beginning to get cool, so I was glad to see someone had turned on what were obviously gas logs in the fireplace.  I suspected the fire was for visual effect, not because anyone cared if I was cold.

"Damn," Blondie said, "If you had tits instead of that pecker, you'd look just like a girl."

"Well," Brownie commented, "we can hide the dick, but we can't do much about the flat pecs."  Turning to me, he said, "Go stand over in front of the fireplace.  Push your cock and balls down and out of sight.  Clamp your thighs together to hold them back there.

I did that.  It wasn't too comfortable, but I managed.

"Now," Brownie continued, "tilt your head back a little, and close your eyes."

I did that.

"Put your right hand behind your head and pinch your left tit with the other."  I did that.  "Yeah, perfect!  He looks just like some blond floozy, doesn't he?"

Blackie laughed.  "Fuck, man, where'd you ever get a word like floozy?"

Brownie chuckled.  "That's one of my grandmother's words.  She says most young women look like floozies these days."

Meanwhile, I'm standing there while Brownie is taking still pics.  Then he put it down and picked up the video camera.  "Lick your lips and moan a little."

I did that.

"No, you can't use your regular voice.  It's too deep.  Try it with a high, more female sounding pitch."

I tried for alto.

"Yeah, that's perfect!"

I looked at Joey through slitted eyes.  He was sitting there staring at me steadily.  I had no idea what was going through his head.

"Okay, maestro, relax a minute.  Gotta piss or anything?"

I did, in fact, so they told me to go do that.  It was a relief to let my cock and balls flop back to their normal position.  I caught Joey's eye as I passed him.  He looked like he might cry at any minute.  He told me later he was feeling so sorry for me and that he felt like he had gotten me into this, somehow.  

When I got back to the big room, Blackie and Blondie were standing together, their backs to the fireplace, with the flies of their 501's unbuttoned and their balls and dicks hanging out.  Brownie was standing to the side with his video camera in his hand.  Joey was still sitting where he'd been before.

I suppose this is the place to confess.  I'd dated my share of women in high school and so far in freshman year at the university.  I'd had sex with some of them.  It was okay, but not as great as I thought sex was supposed to be.  Since I was old enough to come, I'd jacked off to images of guys.  Of guys like my brother. Of my brother.  But of course I couldn't tell anybody.  I'd be in heaps of trouble at home, at school.  Mostly, though, I stayed in the closet for Joey's sake.  It would have been tough for him having a gay brother.  He would have taken lots of shit from his jock buddies if they had known I was gay.  So I hid it.  

Right then, however, when I saw those three studs with their tackle hanging out, I perked up.  I prayed I wouldn't get hard in front of Joey, but I began to salivate at the thought of having to suck those guys.  I guessed that was what they had in mind, and I wasn't wrong.

I'd sort of picked up that Blackie was the leader of the group.  He didn't act like he was the employer of the other two.  It was more just a natural dominating personality, I think.  I wasn't surprised when he told me to come, kneel down, and lick his balls.

At last!  I was being forced to do something I'd wanted to do since I was 13.  I was fuckin' humiliated to have to do it in front of Joey.  He'd probably lose all respect for me.  I was about to become a cocksucker, and to jocks like him that was about the lowest a guy could sink.  He wasn't unreasonable, and he certainly was as smart as I am, but I was afraid he'd not want anything more to do with me after that.

But I did what I was ordered to do.  I dropped to my knees, lifted black-hair's plump cock out of the way, and began to lick his low-hanging balls.  He moaned in appreciation and got fully hard very quickly.  I decided to go right ahead and do what I'd always wanted to do, even if he hadn't told me to.  I took one of his balls into my mouth and sucked on it.

"Oh, yeah, that's it."  After a while he said, "Now do the other one!"

I let the ball sort of slither out of my mouth and then slurped in the other one.  I sensed rather than saw Brownie taking videos of all this.  At that point and from then on throughout the evening I just didn't give a fuck.  I was too much into what I was doing to care.

I sucked Blackie's dick as if I'd been doing it all my life.  Several girls had given me blow jobs, so I knew what felt good.  And I tried things to see how Blackie would react.  If he didn't, I'd try something else.  If he did, I'd keep on doing that for a while.  All the time, though, he was passive.  He didn't move, or pump into my mouth, or anything.  He just stood there feeling his nipples and letting me do what I wanted to.  I took that as a compliment, sort of.  As if he was content with what I was doing.

I was certainly content with what I was doing.  I found I loved having his hard, smooth, hot dick in my mouth.  I sucked and licked.  I tried to take it all and gagged.  Still he didn't react.  So I tried again.  After several attempts, I was able to stifle my gag reflex and get the whole thing down my throat.  It was hard to breathe when I had deep-throated him, but I learned to breath when it was out.  

I just had established a good sucking rhythm when Blackie pulled his dick out of my mouth.

"Hot damn!" he said.  Then he pumped his big dick, which was shiny with my saliva, and sprayed cum all over my hair and the top of my head.  I could feel his stuff sliding slowly down my hair toward my ears and forehead.

I felt fulfilled somehow, finally getting to suck a cock and finding it was just as good as I'd always dreamed it would be.  But I remembered that my twin was watching.  Nervously, I glanced at him out of the corner of my eye.  He was leaning forward, elbows on his knees, hands clasped in front of him, concentrating as if his life depended on it.  I wondered what that meant.

Those guys didn't waste any time.  Blondie was right there with his hard cock.  He didn't want me to work on his balls.  He wanted me to start sucking him right away.

I'd tasted my own cum, of course, but I'd always wondered what other guys' cum tasted like.  I was disappointed that Blackie hadn't come in my mouth.  Blondie was leaking precum a lot, and I at least got to taste that.  I liked it.  It turned me on to think I was tasting and swallowing that stuff from another man.  It was about then, I think, that I realized I was fully hard.  I wondered how Joey was reacting to my stiffie and what that suggested about me, but I was too busy to look at him.

I wanted so badly to grab my cock and start pumping it, but the thought of Joey watching me kept me from doing that.  Blondie took a little longer to come than Blackie had, but eventually I could tell he was ready, just from the feel of his cock in my mouth and throat.  I put a hand on his butt, hoping to hold him in me so I could taste his jizz, but he pushed me back, pulled out, and pumped his load all over my face.  You'd think he hadn't come in days from the amount he sprayed onto me.

Without wasting time, Brownie handed the camera to Blackie and told me to unbutton his jeans.  Then he dropped them.  Since he was freeballing, his hard dick was pointed right at my face.  I knew what to do and did it.  

While Blackie filmed us, Brownie did what the other two hadn't.  He fucked my face.  That was cool with me.  I figured I might as well experience all the things I'd been fantasizing about while I could claim I wasn't responsible. I thought I could always explain to Joey that these guys made me do all those things and that I was as straight as he was.  I'd forgotten about my stiff dick, which was betraying me.

When Brownie was ready to come, he, too, pulled out and sprayed my face.  I felt like a breakfast bun with icing all over it.  But I thought at least it was all over.  Wrong!

Brownie looked at Joey and said, "Your turn, quarterback."  

Joey stammered, "No, I don't want to, uh, that's all right, he can . . ."

"Get over here and let your twin get to know you better.  This is the high point of our video, stud."

"Look, man, he's my brother. I can't let him do this."

"Look at his prick.  He's ready for you.  Besides, we can always work on his fingers or ship these videos off to your coach."

Joey came over to me.  What surprised me was that he was as hard as I was.  He looked down at me and mouthed, "I'm sorry, Jamie."

Okay.  He was sorry.  I wasn't.  I stuck a hand between his legs and clamped it onto his butt, with my middle finger along his crack.  He grunted in surprise.

What a way to come out to your twin!

I fingered his pucker while I sucked his steel-hard dick.  The idea of getting a blowjob from his twin obviously didn't turn him off.

He put his hands gently on top of my head and began to talk.  "Oh, yeah, baby brother.  Suck me!  That's sooo hot.  Yeah, Jamie," and things like that.

Blackie said, rather abruptly, "Joey!"


"When you come, do it on his face.  Got that?"


I tried everything I could think of to make it good for my twin.  I wanted him not to be offended.  I wanted him to be really turned on by what I was going to do.  I knew he had always loved me, but I wasn't sure how he'd feel when he figured out I was gay.  I suspected they'd made him do some gay things before I got there, and I thought he might be resentful of me because of what they'd done.  That didn't make a lot of sense, but then when we're stressed, we don't always think too clearly, do we?

When he was about to come, he remembered what he'd been told and pulled his nice, hard, fat cock out of my mouth.  I thought at the time it must be almost like sucking myself.

He surprised me by puckering his lips as if he was going to kiss somebody, and then he shot his load of hot cum all over my already cum-covered face and head.

Since I hadn't been told to get up, I stayed on my knees in front of Joey.  When he came back to earth, someone handed him a still camera and said, "Get several pix of his face."

I looked up at him and couldn't help smiling while he snapped away.  

I saw those pictures later, and my head and face really were covered with cum.  Four big loads of it.  There was cum on my hair, which was hanging down on both sides of my face and dangling over my forehead.  There was cum on one eyelid, and I was keeping that eye shut so as not to get cum in my eye.  There was cum across my nose, on both cheeks, on both lips, and dripping from my chin onto my chest.

"Now, quarterback," Brownie said, gesturing with his camera, "lick up the cum on his face and feed it to him."  Joey and I both grimaced, but he dropped to his knees facing me and did it.  The idea was disgusting, but having Joey lick my face and then put his tongue in my mouth was a real turn on.  The more he did it, the more we both got into it.  I noticed he was swallowing as much as he was feeding me.  My cock was raging hard, and so was his.  Brownie was busy with the camera.  When Joe had licked up even the cum on my chest and some from one of my ears and we'd disposed of it, one of the guys watching suggested that we should kiss.

"Yeah," Blackie said, "let's see a  real passionate kiss between you two.  Lots of tongue and all."  If I'd had any doubts about whether Joey was upset because I was gay, they were dispelled right then.  He put his arms around me, pulled me close to him, and began to french me enthusiastically.  I put my arms around him and kissed back with equal ardor.

When Brownie had taped enough of that, he said, "That's real cute, boys, but we've got one more scene to do before we're through."

Blondie took me back into the bathroom, did what he could to get the cum out of my hair, and freshened up my makeup.  Then he took me to the bedroom instead of the big room with the fireplace.  On the bed where he had been spread-eagled and tied in the pic they showed me that afternoon, was Joey.  

This time he had his ass in the air and his face on the mattress.

Brownie looked at me and grinned.  "I'll bet you've always wanted to fuck this guy.  Now you can do it and blame it on us.  You won't really have any trouble getting him opened up.  He really likes to take it up the ass.  But for our film, you need to work on him a while. So get on the bed and eat out his ass."

As I climbed onto the bed, I was stunned by what Brownie had said.  Joey liked taking it up the ass?  My straight jock brother?  No way.  Until that evening I'd never had any hint that he wasn't as straight as they come.  

Then I thought about how much time we'd wasted if what Brownie said was true.

Is it narcissistic to say that I'd always thought my twin was beautiful?  Of course, he worked out.  He was more muscular, more physically perfect than I'd ever be.  But we were twins, after all.

I pulled his muscular globes apart and went to work.  Well, it wasn't work at all.  It was the sheerest pleasure to lick his crack, to tickle his rosebud with the tip of my tongue, to stick my tongue into his opening.  

He opened up for me quickly.  Something must have happened before I got there, because my stud jock straight brother's ass responded to my tongue, welcoming it by twitching, relaxing, almost inviting it in.  And Joey moaned his appreciation.  No doubt about it.  He liked what I was doing!

I was so into my ministrations to his ass that I was startled when he said, "Oooh, Jamie, baby, fuck me, please!"

I couldn't believe what I'd just heard.  Straight macho jock Joey?  He really did say that, didn't he?

Before I had time to wonder very long, he was pleading with me again.

"Come on, brother.  I need your sweet, hot, hard cock up my ass.  Don't make me beg you, Jamie, please!"

I glanced at Brownie, who was doing a close-up of Joey's face as he said that.  Brownie just gave me a jerk of the head that said, in effect, "Do it!"

They handed me a tube of KY jelly and a condom.  I wouldn't have thought of using a condom with Joey, but I supposed, thinking of his sexual activities, that maybe it would be a good idea.  I hoped he'd been safe, but I didn't know for sure.

So here I was, fucking my brother.  I'd never in a million years have thought that would happen.  I'd sucked four guys off, including Joey.  And now I was fucking him.  I was obviously not taking his cherry, though.  His hole was really loose, not tight as mine had been when he put the butt plug in me.  His ass practically invited me in.  And he was begging me to plug him like a guy who was used to it and needed it regularly.  I couldn't help wondering how long he'd been this way.  If we ever got out of that place, I intended to find out.

All the cock sucking without any release resulted in my coming before either Joey or I wanted me to.  I felt my balls churning, and I let out a yell.  "Oh, yeah, baby brother, come inside me!"  Joey shouted.

I was going to have to talk with him about the "baby brother" thing.  He might be bigger, but I was five minutes older than he was.

When I collapsed on his back, he fell flat on the bed.  I lay there, occasionally licking the back of his neck, until my cock shriveled and pulled out of his ass with a soft "plop."

The three guys who were watching applauded.

After letting us shower and get dressed, they blindfolded us, put us in the Escalade, and took us back to campus.  As we rode, they explained what this weekend had been about, what they expected of us.  They offered to drop us off at our own dorms, but Joey said his roommate was away for the weekend and asked me to stay the rest of the night with him.  Since we had a lot to talk about, I agreed.  Just before we got out of the car, Brownie handed each of us a dvd in a sleeve.  He said this was a sample but that he'd be sending us an updated and more complete one soon.  

Even though Joey had said we had a lot to talk about, there wasn't much conversation that night.  That night we became lovers.  We spent it in his bed.  I eagerly offered him my cherry ass, which he gently and lovingly took.  

It wasn't until late the next morning that we watched the dvd's and discussed what our captors would expect from us in the future.

To be continued.