(Part 2)

Having him there, for me to do with his as I pleased, was suddenly almost more than I could bear. I had planned everything so carefully for so long, and now success! I realized I was actually trembling from excitement. It would not do for Richard to notice the state I was in. He must always see me as being totally in control of every thing, not only in control over him but also in control over myself. But I had prepared for this too. I quickly turned off all the lights in the dungeon, except for a single spot light right over Richard. I then moved over to my chest of drawers and took out an eye mask and a pair of airport earmuffs, the kind worn by persons who work in the runway guiding jet planes as they park. You cannot hear a thing when you are wearing one of those. The mask and the muffs were quickly in place on Richard. He could now neither see nor hear what was going on. I noticed his erection was starting to wilt, a sign that he was now more scared than excited, which is exactly the way I wanted it.

I then undressed. I did it slowly, for my own benefit, looking at Richard's tightly stretched body all the time, marveling at its beauty, enjoying every second, as if time itself was stretched out too and flowing in slow motion. I was of course still very hard, and drooling precum by the bucket. I was also still trembling, but that did not matter now, as Richard could not see it. I stroked myself very slowly, savoring every delightful instant. Next came choosing a whip. I chose the very lightest one I had, which would sting a lot but do no more than sting and raise a pink welt, for training a new slave has to be done one small step at a time. Then as I stroked myself, still ever so slowly, I began the delightful task of delivering Richard's first whipping, concentrating first on his buttocks, then rotating all over his back and his legs, then back to his ass. As it was a very light whip I could strike fairly hard without doing any damage, and nice pink welts quickly appeared all over Richard's skin, wherever the whip struck. He screamed form the very first, and his total lack of control meant that he would not be hard to train. All the while I continued stroking myself almost imperceptibly, my own excitement now more properly channeled, my cock so hard it felt like steel in my left hand, my precum still freely flowing. I had truly arrived in heaven.

I knew I was in real trouble the moment Will turned off most of the lights in the dungeon, but when he covered my eyes and my ears so that I could neither see nor hear what was going on I nearly panicked. There was of course nothing I could do, as I was stretched so tight I couldn't move a fraction of an inch. But when all of a sudden I felt my ass being whipped I totally lost my cool. My ass felt on fire, the stinging was unbearable. It took a while before I realized that the whipping had spread to my back and my legs, and even longer before I realized I was screaming, loudly and incoherently. Each time the whip struck it felt as if a red hot iron was touching my skin. And the whip kept striking again and again. My whole body was in excruciating pain. I wanted to ask Richard to stop the whipping, that I couldn't stand the pain, that he had to untie me, to stop the competition, to let me go home, but the screams kept coming out of my throat and I couldn't even form the words I wanted to say. I was in hell for sure, and there was nothing I could do to get out.

I was still screaming when I noticed that the whipping had stopped. But the whole back of my body, from my neck to my ankles, was now on fire with the most intense pain I had ever felt. My mind was so confused, I couldn't tell if five minutes or five hours had passed since Will had tied me in his dungeon. I did not even know if Will was still there or not, as I could neither see nor hear what was going on. Even so I begged Will to please untie me and let me go home. The thought that Will might have left me alone in the dungeon made me even more scared. I humiliated myself by my begging, and I went on and on, it seemed forever, not knowing how to stop. Finally I tired of begging. My throat also needed a rest, as it was also sore from all the screaming. The moment I was quiet the ropes holding my legs stretched out to the sides loosened. I was still tied, but was now able to bring my legs together and stand upright, and as I did so the stretch on my arms loosened also. The new situation allowed me to slowly regain my composure. I now knew that Will was still there, that he was concerned for me, that he liked me, and that he had done nothing that I had not bargained for. I started to thank Will for loosening the ropes, and was instantly rewarded by a very hard swat to my buttocks. This was not the whip, but a paddle like the one Will had first used upstairs. If it had hurt a lot the first time, it now hurt a lot more on my very ravaged and thoroughly whipped ass. I screamed loudly again, but only once, as I quickly realized that Will wanted me to be silent, and that he had to be obeyed.

Can there be a sound so sweet as that of a beautiful hunk, tied in a dungeon, screaming his lungs out as I whip him? I continued the whipping methodically, moving up and down Richard's back and his legs, but concentrating even more on his ass, all the while stroking myself so slowly it was hard to tell my left hand was even moving. But all good things most come to an end, and after a long while I finally came in an explosive orgasm. I counted eleven spurts of cum, and except for the last two they were quite copious. The thick liquid made a long arch as it fell to the floor almost five feet away. Richard did not know it yet, but later on he would have to lick every drop of that cum off the floor. As for me, I was left trembling physically, but yet very calm emotionally. I was no longer whipping Richard, but he continued to scream loudly for a good while, until he realized the whipping had stopped. He then began to beg to be let go, something which he should have known was not going to happen. But the begging confirmed that Richard was emotionally weak, and would be fairly easy to train. Before the week was out he would be begging again, but begging to be permitted to be my slave forever.

I let Richard go on for a while, not paying attention to what he was saying, slowly inspecting his body and the result of my work. His erection was now gone, and his cock hung limp between his stretched out legs, hiding his balls. Even limp it had a nice size, easily six inches and quite thick. He was still leaking precum. The back of his body was a beautiful sight to behold. The pink welts form the light whip were everywhere. No piece of skin had been left unspared. Even though I had just had one of the best orgasms of my life, my cock began to harden again, and again I resumed the slow stroking as I admired my work. But finally his begging bored me. I then took out one of the middle weight paddles from my chest of drawers, positioned myself carefully behind and to the left of Richard, and smacked his ass forcefully. He screamed very loudly again as he bucked forward from the impact of the blow, which must have hurt a lot on a ravaged ass that was heavily criss crossed with the welts from the whip. But he screamed only once, and then stopped. He was perhaps learning that while he may scream while he is being whipped, the screaming must stop once the whipping stops.

It was now time for a serious conversation with Richard, so I stepped up behind him and took off the eye mask and the ear muffs. The paddle was close by, just in case he started begging again. As I had expected, the moment the mask and muffs were off Richard started talking again. I did not pay the least attention to his words, but quickly picked up the paddle and gave his ass another swat. This time I hit a little less hard, as I did not want his ass to go numb from excessive paddling. Still, the paddle left a darker pink circle on each buttock, which contrasted nicely with the light pink from the whip welts. And best of all, Richard immediately shut up.

I now stood in front of Richard. All the lights in the basement were still on, I was still totally naked, and my full 10" erection was back, sticking 45 degrees above the horizontal, so Richard could now see me in full glory for the first time. I could tell he was impressed. He did not say a word, but his eyes opened very wide. I then proceeded to lay down the law for him. First, the old agreement was out. It had some details I did not like, though I did not explain that to Richard. He was now my slave, at least for the moment, and such things are not explained to a slave. The new rules would be the following: He was to be my slave for the following week. During that time he was to call me Master. I could do with him as I pleased, the only limitation being that I would do nothing that would cause permanent damage or that would leave scars. Also, there would be no public humiliation, as all would happen inside the privacy of the dungeon, nor anything disgusting, like eating dog food or much less shit. During the whole week he was not to speak, unless I first gave him permission, or to answer any question I might ask him. He could, however, scream as much as he liked when I put him in pain, as I enjoy such screaming. I assured him that the pain would be applied in such a way that he would usually find it sexually stimulating. He would have to obey my every command instantly and without argument. Any disobedience would be severely punished. He was not to come unless I gave him specific permission to do so, and coming without permission would be considered a particularly improper form of disobedience, to be punished accordingly.

He would have two safe words. One would mean slow down and one would mean stop. To make sure he did not forget them, the slow down word would be "slow, slow, slow", just like that, repeated three times. The slow word would not work while he was being punished for any disobedience, although he would be given a half hour rest after the punishment was over. The stop word, of course, would be "stop, stop, stop". During the week he would have five chances to use the slow word. When he used it I would stop whatever I was doing, and let him rest in comfort for a half hour. If he used it more than five times, or if he used the stop word even once, the contest would be finished and he would be let out of the dungeon, and out of my life forever, never to return. From that point on he would be forced to watch all the beautiful hunks I invited over to my house, of which there would be many, but he could never enter it himself. If at any point during the week he decided he wanted to be my permanent slave he need only say so, and from then on we would be together, and as his master I would take care of his every need. However, it would be a voluntary slavery, and he would still be free to leave me at any moment he wanted. If he lasted out the whole first week, then I would be his slave for the following one, under the same rules. If I decided then to be his permanent slave he would have to take care of me, but he would have full control of all my money in order to do so. (I did not tell him, of course, that I never expected that second week to occur, as I was sure he would ask to be my permanent slave before the first one was over. But he would need the thought of that second week as an incentive to stick it out during the first one, at least at the beginning.) The rules were not negotiable and he had one minute to make up his mind. If he did not like them, he was out of the dungeon and out of my life forever.

Will now stepped in front of me, in the full glare of all the basement lights. Of course, I had not seen him since he had first put the eye mask on me before the whipping, and I did not expect him to be naked. But naked he was, and I almost fainted from the sight. He was big, of course, as I knew already. He was a little taller than me, and his chest was thicker than mine, as were his arms and legs, even though he was not quite as ripped as I was. But what most impressed me was his altogether magnificent prick, standing out at an angle above the horizontal, but not touching his abs, as mine does when it is very hard. That beautiful prick was huge. Mine was just a little over 9" and quite thick. Will's had to be at least two inches longer than mine, and was thicker still. And wonder of wonders, he was uncircumcised, as I was. I love foreskin, and before me I had plenty of foreskin in the biggest and best looking prick I had ever seen. I would have to last out the whole week, no matter what, since I had to be master of that prick.

Will then spelled out a new set of rules. There were a couple of details I did not particularly like, but Will said they were not negotiable, and if I did not accept them I would have to leave, never to come back. It was a no brainer. Of course, I said yes. Will looked very pleased. He then put the eye mask and the ear muffs back on me. This time I was excited rather than scared, and my erection (which I had lost some time before) started to come back. As I had expected would happen, Will then tied the ropes on my arms and legs quite tight again, and once more I was spread eagled with absolutely no freedom of movement. I waited with anticipation whatever was to come next.

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