This series will contains gay sex of a non-consensual nature. Therefore, if you feel that this will offend you then please do not read any further. The scenes depicted are also completely fictitious and have not been written from a basis of experience and any similarity that may exist to any actual experience is purely coincidental. Despite the initial bit of straight sex, this is wholeheartedly a gay story so don't let it put you off.



YOI Cock Town


By David Heulfryn and


Episode One : Going Down


Nathan's mother barged into his bedroom, it was early and the sun had only just started to rise. An orange glow burst through the flimsy, threadbare curtains but shone little light into the dull bedroom.

     She stood over his sleeping body, her arms crossed in her worn light blue towelling nightie.

     "Get up. We've got to get ready."

     Nathan began to stir and his summer weight quilt slipped from his bare shoulders.

     "We've got to be at the courthouse by ten!" Her words were cut short by a knock at the front door. "If that's her, she's bloody early. She can bloody well come back in an hour."

     Nathan sat up, his quilt dropping to his lap to reveal his smooth chest. "Don't you fucking dare!" He grabbed his quilt and made sure it hadn't fallen too much and reveal his nakedness. "Send her up. I might not see her for fuckin' ages if that stupid cunt of a judge sends me down."

     His mother sighed and unfolded her arms. "I'll send her up, then I'm having my bath. Make sure you're ready for yours when I'm done."

     "Yes, Mum." For the first time that day he sounded like the sixteen year old boy he was and not the angry hooligan he had grown into.

     As his mother left, Nathan fell back onto his bed and waited. He heard the scurry of footsteps up the stairs followed by the slow heavy thud of his mother's steps. Looking at his open bedroom door, he saw his girlfriend appear. She ran over to the bed and hugged him where he lay.

     "I hope they let you off again. I don't want to miss you."

     "Don't be fucking stupid, I've told you before that I'm going down. With my record I'll be lucky not to."

     She started snivelling.

     "Oh, stop that, Laura. And shut the door."

     After shutting the door, she sat on the bed and looked at Nathan, her eyes moist, holding back her tears.

     "Is Mum in the bathroom yet?"

     Laura looked at the door, then back at Nathan. "Yes, I heard her go in."

     "Good. As this may be the last few moments we get alone together, I suggest we make the most of it."

     He sat up, held Laura by the shoulders and brought their mouths together. He frantically kissed her, his open mouth almost engulfing her face as he pushed his tongue into her. His hand cupped her small breasts through her blouse. As he kneaded them roughly, her blouse became un-tucked from her short skirt. Nathan's hands found their way under her blouse and he touched her skin. Pushing upwards, his hands felt the lace ill-fitting bra she wore. He seemed frustrated and sighed into her mouth. Fumbling round the back he managed to unclasp the bra and it fell from her breasts. His fingers could then feel her hard nipples.

     Tiring of the nipple play, Nathan slipped a hand up her skirt and through the leg of her delicate panties. He felt hairs on his fingertips but moved through them to touch her wet lips. Searching for her clit, he rubbed his fingers over her cunt until he found the small, hard nub. As he teased it, Laura gasped into his mouth. Her cunt pulsed as he played with it; her juices flowed onto his hand and wet her panties. Nathan became more excitable and pushed three fingers into her, she was very warm and wet. His dick twitched as he anticipated thrusting it into her. She hadn't touched him yet, her hands kept hold of his back as he explored her body, he wished she was less submissive and often tired of doing all the work.

     Pushing her apart from him, he unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it to the floor with her bra. Her white chest finally exposed and her two small pert mounds were on show. Unfastening her skirt, she stood up and, along with her black lace panties, pulled it down and stepped out of them.

     Nathan pulled his quilt from his body and kicked it off the bed. Laura stared at his hard six inch dick which stood proud from his small bush of brown pubes. She had felt that dick inside her several times and her fanny pulsed as it anticipated it being pushed into her again.

     Moving over, Nathan made a space for her and she lay down on her back. She only ever allowed him to fuck her like this.

     Climbing on to her, his dick slipped between her legs, her thighs gripped onto him as he pulled back. With his knees he pushed her legs apart and then moved his hips until the tip of his hard dick felt her moist hole. Steadily, he pushed inside her. Her tight cunt gripped his dick and slid his foreskin down his shaft so that his sensitive exposed knob rubbed against her fanny.

     Laura laid still beneath him her hands simply resting on his hips as he fucked her. Nathan's arms were straight as he thrust in and out. His smooth buttocks clenched with each thrust to form two large dimples. Their bodies created a horizontal `V' shape, this was an act of fucking and showed no tenderness or love. Between their bodies, each of them could look down and see Nathan's dick as it went into and came out of her.

     Nathan fucked her harder, he felt his dick inflame and he pushed it deeper into her. She grunted and her cunt twitched with each hard thrust. Nathan closed his eyes and began to screw his face up, sweat poured from his brow and dripped onto Laura's chest. His mouth opened and he stifled a groan as he felt his dick pulsate. On his final thrust he left his dick embedded deep within her and felt his dick erupt. His dick throbbed as it shot his cum even deeper within her.

     As his dick calmed, he dropped on top of Laura. His dick started to shrivel and he felt the slimy tube slip from her slimy cunt. He rolled off her and lay beside her. His dick was now back to its usual four inches and lay nestled and gleaming on top of his brown pubes.

     There was a knock on the door and his mother called out to Nathan as she made her way to her bedroom to dress and cover her face with make-up. "I'm done. Bathroom's all yours."


     Climbing off the bed, Nathan grabbed a towel from a drawer and threw it over his shoulder. He went to leave the room, but looked over his shoulder. "You'd better get dressed again before my mother comes in." He left his bedroom and walked naked down the hall to the bathroom.


As Nathan approached the courthouse, Laura hooked her arm around his and brought them closer together, his mother walked behind them, trying to keep up with their brisk pace.

     Inside the Victorian building Nathan solicitor and barrister waited. His solicitor checked his watch, they had arranged to meet at ten o'clock and it was now a few minutes passed that, he grew worried that he might not show up, especially knowing there was a good chance of being sent down if found guilty. When he saw Nathan arrogantly stride through the large oak doors he breathed a sigh of relief and waited for him to come over.

     He watched the confident swagger of the young man as he released himself from his girlfriend's clasp and walked over to him. He smiled to himself when he noticed the smart trousers and clean white shirt he wore, although it would have been nice to see him wearing a tie but he supposed this sort of dress was quite alien to him and a tie would be going too far. In all their previous meeting Nathan always wore tracksuit bottoms and a raggedy t-shirt.

     Nathan was introduced to his barrister and then was led away by the two men into a private room to discuss the case, Laura and his mother went to sit in the public gallery of the court room and waited for Nathan's case to be called, watching the other cases being ruled over by the judge.

     When Nathan's case finally came up, despite his not guilty plea, was dealt with very swiftly. The evidence was overwhelming and the judge was unhappy with Nathan's time wasting plea of not guilty.

     Nathan was ordered to stand in the dock while the Judge delivered his guilty verdict.

     "In response to the charge of taking a car without the owner's consent, I find you guilty. You are also found guilty of the charge of reckless driving and endangering the lives of other road users and pedestrians."

     The judge's speech went on for several minutes as he lectured Nathan on the error of his ways and Nathan merely stood insolently in the dock listening to the wigged judge preach.

     Finally, the judge ended is speech and delivered his sentence.

     "I have been fully apprised of your record and find that all previous punishments have had no effect on you. You have a blatant disregard for community service and you have breached your previous tagging order, several times.

     "You are still a young man and can still stop yourself going down this road you have put yourself on. I urge you to consider the life you and your family will have if you carry down this road. For this reason I have decided to show you a little of what can be expected in future if you do not renounce your criminal behaviour.

     "I sentence you to two years in a Young Offenders Institution."

     "Fuck." Nathan shouted.

     "Take him down." The judge ignored Nathan's comments and two dock officers grabbed his arms and pulled him out of the court room; Nathan wasn't resisting, they were just quick and efficiently removing him so the next case could be heard.

     In the public gallery, as the sentence was announced, Laura burst into tears and was comforted by his snivelling mother. They both watched as he was led from the courtroom until he disappeared from their sight.

     The two dock officers led Nathan back down to the cells, threw him inside and slammed the door.

     "Any chance of a piss before you lock me up you bastards?" Nathan had expected to be sent down but it still angered him.

     "Now you've been sentenced we can make your life hell, so be fucking careful you wanker." The taller dock officer loomed over Nathan. "And don't start fucking about with us or I'll clap you in the cuffs and let you piss and shit on yourself from now on."

     "Alright, don't throw your dummy out the pram." Nathan's high pitched voice mocked the guard.

     The guard led Nathan along the stone corridor and to the toilets. There was no privacy in there and he watched Nathan as he stood in front of a urinal.

     "Ah." He let out a loud and theatrical sigh as he started to piss. "Getting a good look?" He antagonised the guard.

     "Don't be a fuckwit; your arse is in the way."

     Nathan started wiggling his arse as he continued to piss. "I bet you like feeling up all the boys who come your way don't you, bet you think it's a perk of the job. I bet you're standing there thinking how much you want to blow me."

      "Keep it up you fucking twat and I'll rip your balls off. Besides, where you're going you're going to get all the practice you need."

      "I don't take it, I give it!" Nathan stuffed his dick back into his trousers and turned to glare at the guard.

     "Of course. We'll see." The guard smirked and led him back to his cell.


Nathan sat on the hard bed in his cell, staring at the white washed walls. His barrister had been in to see him, along with his solicitor but he didn't listen to a word they said and just shouted at them for doing such a 'fucking shite job' as he put it. Now he was alone, waiting.

     The cells had gone quiet, the noisy bloke next door and just been taken up to the judge and he now heard the ominous click of the metal studded shoes of a guard coming down the corridor. It stopped outside his door and it opened. The guard was wearing a black uniform with a white shirt and black tie; the crispness of the jackets made it look new. He stood in the doorway, his right hand hovering over his stick.

     "Stand up, face the wall and put your hands behind your back." He ordered.

     "What the fuck for?" Nathan stayed still.

     "You're going to your new home."

     Nathan sighed and stood up, turned his back to the prison officer and put his hands behind his back. The officer went over and cuffed his hands.

     "I'm Officer Hanley. You will not call me by anything else, understand?"

     "Why yes, Officer Hanley." Nathan mocked.

     "You are being taken to 'Young Offenders Institution Cockton' where those liberal twats of politicians want us to reform your character. But I think it's too late for that isn't it?"

     Nathan flinched as he felt Hanley's hand on his buttock and felt his fingers caress and squeeze him through his trousers.

     "Nice and firm, this is going to be sweet." Hanley whispered ensuring that Nathan could hear.



Next Episode : A Cock Town Welcome


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