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YOI Cock Town

By David Heulfryn


Episode Ten - Endgame


After forty-eight hours of solitary and two nights of being fucked by Hanley, Nathan and Matty were released. It was the end of the day and only a few hours before lock-up; Matty followed Nathan back to his cell. Dean was lying on his belly reading a magazine and didn't hear them until Matty asked a question.

     "What happened with Hanley at night? Did he fucků"

     Nathan turned and glared at him which stopped him mid-sentence and Dean looked up from his bed.

     "Fuck off for an hour, Dean." Nathan demanded and Dean shuffled out of the cell muttering to himself like an adolescent schoolboy.

     "Come, sit." Nathan motioned for Matty to sit with him on his bed.

     Sitting, Matty was shaking; scared he had said something wrong.

     "Look, Hanley is a right bastard and he gave me a right going over when I got here. I could have taken him if he didn't have that baton and I wasn't cuffed."

     Sniffing, Matty nodded and wiped his nose on his arm.

     "Now, what went off between me and that cunt Hanley stays unsaid, right?"

     Matty nodded again.

     "If I hear that there are any rumours floating around this place then I know that they could only come from two places. And those two places will live to regret it." Nathan delivered his threat with a calm and level voice. He also hugged Matty close to him very tightly. "Now, let's forget about it."

     Nathan eased his grip on Matty's shoulders and let him rest his head on his shoulder. Nathan moved his hand and squeezed his crotch; Matty's eyes looked down and watched as Nathan's bulge slowly grew. Very gently, Nathan put pressure to the back of Matty's neck and his head slowly fell down Nathan's chest.

     Matty's face was now deep in Nathan's crotch; he breathed in the stale scent and rooted round with his nose and tongue, feeling the cock flop around within the confines of the sweatpants. Gradually, Matty felt the cock harden and Nathan leant backwards to give him unfettered access.

     Matty gripped Nathan's sweats, pulled them down and tucked them under his balls. They pushed his package up and out so, to Matty, they looked obscenely large. He gripped his balls and the base of his dick in one hand and bent forward to place the tip of his dick in his mouth. He was scared and apprehensive at feeling the first cock in his mouth, if he refused the Nathan would surely make his life hell, but he had no idea what he was doing and just hoped that he did a reasonable job. He was somewhat reassured when he heard Nathan groan as his tongue flicked against the tip of his dick.

     As Matty managed to ease more and more cock into his mouth, he was slavering and great streams of saliva ran down Nathan's cock and soaked his pubes and balls.

     Nathan placed his hands on Matty's head, gently pushing his head down and running his fingers through his fine hair. He heard Matty gag and choke a little so he eased up and let him come up for air and allow his cock to slip from between his lips and slap loudly against his damp belly.

     "Not bad for a beginner." Nathan complimented. "I'm sure you can only get better and. boy, do I look forward to that. You mouth will be able to bring me off in seconds."

     Matty smiled, becoming coy and shy at the unexpected compliment.

     "Now for your second lesson." Nathan stood up, stepped out of his sweatpants and pulled his sweatshirt off. He noticed Matty just watching him strip and eye up his compact body. "Come on, strip."

     Embarrassed, Matty stripped under the watchful gaze of Nathan. His skin was so pale and smooth and Matty used his arms and hands to cover up as much of his body as he could.

     "Don't do that." Nathan demanded. "You have a great body." And Matty put his arms by his side and showed Nathan his throbbing erection.

     Nathan licked his lips as he saw Matty's hard cock and the small, neat patch of pubes at its base, otherwise he looked hairless. "Turn around." He whispered and watched as the smooth globes of Matty's arse came into view. "Now lie down on Dean's bed."

     Matty crawled onto the bed and lay down on his back. Nathan stood over him. "On yer front."

     That smooth arse was no glowing like a full moon in front of him. Nathan grabbed each cheek and began massaging them and splaying them apart. Between them, Nathan saw the deep red hole which twitched each time it felt the cool air.

     This was all new to Nathan as well, sure he'd fucked his girlfriend and Hanley had fucked him several times by now, but this was the first time he had fucked another guy. It excited him and gave him a sense of overwhelming power to be the one in charge and have the authority the get a guy to give him up his arse to him. Nathan's tongue was drawn to Matty winking hole and lapped at the creases, the tip of his tongue prodding occasionally and opening him up.

     When his tongue began to tire, Nathan used his fingers and started thrusting one finger deep into Matty, who groaned at the sudden and deep intrusion. Nathan pushed Matty's legs further apart and saw his balls crushed under him. Nathan took his finger from Matty's arse and plunged his hand underneath Matty's body. Firmly, Nathan grabbed Matty's hard dick and, along with his balls pulled them back. His knob was leaking over Dean's sheets and Nathan's stroked Matty's dick and balls with the back of his hand. He watched them flinch with his touch and then pushed two fingers inside his arse.

     Matty groaned and started wiggling his arse around Nathan's fingers. "Are you ready for me?" Nathan asked and Matty just groaned.

     His fingers were pulled free and Nathan's wet and slimy dick was pushed against Matty's hole. It was thinker than the two fingers and Nathan pushed firmly as his helmet battled its way through the tight muscle. It gave way and Matty grunted into the pillow, his mouth wide open and saliva being eagerly soaked up by the cotton.

     Slowly, Nathan eased his dick inside Matty. It was nice and tight and gripped his dick like a velvet glove. When his pubes tickled Matty's white buttocks, he said. "This is so sweet. Nice and tight. No-one is ever going up here except me. You're going to be mine, unless you piss me off." His last statement was said with a hint to his voice that made Matty involuntary shake with fear; it felt good against Nathan's dick. "Don't worry, kid. Keep this up and do what I say then we will always be friends."

     Then Nathan started pumping his dick in and out of Matty's virgin arse. It felt so much nicer and tighter than any girls cunt he'd fucked, it was so much more responsive with Matty's hole pressing down and squeezing his dick, no girl he'd fucked had ever made their cunt do anything like this; perhaps they were just the lie back and think of England type and expected him to do all the work. Sure he'd enjoyed it, thought it was great, but then that was all he knew, now he knew how much better a guy's arse felt and he was a convert.

     Matty's dick was rock hard and leaked like a tap, each thrust from Nathan elicted a contented grunt from Matty and more pre-cum from his dick. His dick throbbed and became painful as it was pressed down and below his balls, he felt Nathan's balls slap against his own and could feel his breath as he panted above his bare back.

     As Nathan quickened his pace, Matty's grunting became louder as his dick pulsated and twitched, spewing cum between his legs and soaking the cotton sheets of Dean's bed.

     After his orgasm subsided, Nathan relaxed and sank into the mattress as Nathan's pumping began to staccato and he thrust hard and deep into him.

     Groaning, Nathan's dick thickened and throbbed as he shot deep inside Matty.

     Exhausted, Nathan pulled out and went over to his own bed, flopping down, his deflating dick buckled from a flag-pole to slap against his belly. He stared at the ceiling as his breathing returned to normal. He looked over at Matty who was still lying face down on Dean's bed; his arse still looked raised as if waiting for another fuck. Matty smiled at him.

     "That was one good fuck." Nathan smiled back.

     "Um." Matty whispered his agreement.

     "You better go, it'll be lock up soon and I want you to do something for me."


     "Come over here, I don't want anyone over-hearing."

     Matty pulled himself from the bed and knelt down by Nathan to listen. He spoke low and clearly and wanted Matty to arrange a meeting with Mike and Bill in the showers tomorrow morning while everyone else was having breakfast. And he wanted them to arrange for King to be there.

     Matty shuddered as he knew it meant trouble.

    "Don't worry, Matty. You'll be alright, but I do want you there too, you can watch."

     Matty shuddered again.

     "No get dressed and go."

     Matty got to his feet, Nathan watched as he slipped his legs into his sweatpants, Matty's dick still long and thick from him being fucked and cumming so intensely.

     Dean bumped into Matty as he was coming back, he smiled at him but Matty just slinked away, embarrassed.

     "You look like you enjoyed yourself." Dean said as he looked at Nathan's naked body and his wet shrunken dick.

     "He's so fucking tight, it's fucking great. I might never go back to pussy."

     "Oh, shit!" Dean looked at the spunk that was smeared all over his bed. "You've got cum all over my bed, and it looks like he's been eating my fucking pillow, it's sopping wet."

     "Sorry, mate. But that was Matty. And trust me, it was worth it. My stuff is proabably leaking out his arse as we speak and running down his legs." Nathan smiled and squeezed his dick.

     Dean folded his sheet over to cover the cum and lay down, they waited in silence for Hanley to come round and lock them in.


Nathan drifted awake the next morning a soft shuffling sound. Opening his eyes, he watched as Dean was lying exposed on his bed, the light from the small window spead over his body so that he illuminated in an otherwise darkened room. Nathan watched as Dean's hand slipped up and down over his dick which pointed to the wall above Dean's head. He wanted to just lie and watch as Dean wanked himself and shot his load over his chest, but he knew he needed that dick later and knew where he wanted it and didn't want it to fail to perform.

     "Leave your fucking cock alone!" Nathan spoke loudly causing Dean to jump and look at him nervously.


     "Leave it be for now, I want you ready later."

     "What me and you?"

     "Don't be a stupid cunt."

     Nathan explained about the meeting later in the showers and how he wanted Dean there as back up, he didn't expect to need him but should be there just in case.

     Both lads just lay in bed after their cell door was opened. Dean had since pulled the covers back to cover his body, but Nathan watched as he noticed some activity in the middle of Dean's bed.

     Nathan smiled. "Your playing with yourself, aren't ya?"

     "Can't help it, I'm dying to get my rocks off."

     "Patience, mate. Patience."

     As the time drew closer, Nathan rose from his bed and stretched. He stood in front of Dean and rubbed his cock and balls. "Gotta stretch and rub away the sleep."

     They dressed slowly and grabbed their towels, waiting for the noise of the lads scurrying to the dining hall to get their breakfast.

     "It's time." Nathan declared and they made their way from their cell to the showers.

     Dean thought the morning had an eerie quality with the anticipation thick in the air, but he knew what was about to happen, very few people did and to them it was just a normal morning.

     They entered the showers and saw Matty trying hide in the corner of the changing area. As he saw Nathan he smiled and the three of them stripped. Nathan led the way, with Dean close behind him and Matty lagged a good few steps behind Dean.

     The sound of running water masked their entrance and King was happily being washed by his boycunt. Mike and Bill flanked them and were just rinsing the soap from their bodies.

     "Well, I never knew you were so retarded that you couldn't wash yourself." Nathan grinned at King who, on hearing the insult turned and glared at him.

     "Fuck off cunt or I'll make you my bitch."

     "Sorry, but it's time you understood your true place here." Nathan squared up to King, his shoulders back and chest puffed up."

     King laughed. "You look like a fucking budgie trying to look hard."

     Before King could react, Nathan swung his fist and landed a strong punch on his jaw. King slipped and fell to the ground and as he looked up at Nathan, blood trickled from the corners of his mouth.

     "You are one dead cunt!" King sneered. "Hold the fucker for me." He ordered Mike and Bill.

     They leapt at Nathan and grabbed his arms, pulling them behind his back but Nathan felt their grip ease and knew when he needed to they would let him go. King leap to his feet and, thinking he had the upper hand, pushed his face into Nathan's.

     "Now you are going to feel what it feels like to get on my bad side."

     Spitting into his face, Nathan laughed and slid sideways as King pulled back for a punch.

     "What the fuck..." King spat at Mike and Bill.

     Sean's face just dropped and he looked scared shitless. He tried to run away but Bill grabbed him and held him still.

     "Sorry, mate, but it's just you and me." And Nathan jabbed him in the side with his elbow.

     Mike and Bill stood by the exit to showers, with Dean and Matty hiding behind them. There was no was to leave and so King prepared himself to pummel Nathan. Both lads faced each other, circling, their fists ready and their mind alert to deflect any blows. Nathan relaxed and enjoyed the game which made King even more tense.

     Needing the action to begin, King lunged at Nathan with an over extended fist leaving him wide open and ungainly on his feet. Nathan easily dodged the miserable punch and jabbed him again in the side. King's next punch was better timed and connected with Nathan's jaw.

     "Now we get serious then." Nathan spat on the floor, expecting to see blood but his spittle was clear.

     "Yeah, you little fucker. I'm going to rip you a new arsehole." King sneered.

     Grunting, Nathan ran towards King, his head low, winding him and pushing backwards against the cold tile wall. Nathan's arms punched continually as they broke and managed to get a few good blows to King's chin.

     With his longer legs, King kicked out at Nathan's knees, a crack was heard and he fell to the ground. King never let up and started to kick Nathan as he hit the floor.

     Taking each punch through gritted teeth, Nathan punched upwards, trying to get King in his balls. On his third attempt he succeeded and King backed off.

     Getting to his feet, Nathan lunged at King again, his fists going for King's belly but King closed the space between them and grabbed Nathan in a bear hug. Squeezing tight and lifting him, he headed butted Nathan and three him the ground. Nathan swiftly turned on the slippery floor and pulled King's legs from under him and King fell to the floor with a load crunch.

     Darting over, Nathan straddle King, who lay on his front, and set to punching the hard skull and watched as it cracked on the floor.

     Squirming, King turned and managed to fee and arm which was pinned by Nathan's knees, his fist hit hard and smashed Nathan's balls.

     The advantage was now King's. As Nathan jumped up in agony and King kicked him hard in the head. Nathan flew across the room and splattered against the wall. He had no time to regain his composure as King was quickly on his back, getting his kidneys with some short sharp jabs.

     Grabbing Nathan's balls, King squeezed and lifted up off his feet. Nathan's eyes watered but his hands were free and went straight to King's neck. Squeezing hard, Nathan could feel the cartilage of his wind-pipe give beneath his fingers and King choked and gasped.

     Pushing Nathan hard against the wall, King hoped would dislodge his hands, but it had no effect, while King had Nathan by the balls, Nathan had King by the throat.

     Releasing Nathan's balls, he dropped back to his feet but never let go of King's neck, a quick jab by King released them and Nathan was back throwing punches at King's face and abdomen.

     Being smaller than King, Nathan was at a disadvantage as King's longer reach could easily catch off-guard. But Nathan punched like a powerhouse and what he lacked in reach he made up with in force and speed.

     One lucky punch caught King's nose and blood splattered over the white tiles.

     "You fucking bastard." King spat blood at Nathan and felt his nose.

     It was broken and looked squashed against the side of his face.

     King lost control and just lunged at Nathan, some good blows caught him on the chin and Nathan felt his mouth fill with blood.

     Spitting most of the blood out, Nathan saw a something white flicker in the light and clink on the floor.

     "Fucking bastard." Spots of blood came flying from his lips and flickered King's face. "You're going to pay for that tooth."

     They went for each other and their naked bodies merged in a mass of flailing arms and legs.

     Falling to the ground, Nathan squirmed so that King was underneath him, fists flew and feet kicked.

     A swift knee to the groin had King doubled up yelping in agony.

     A sharp jab to the head and a loud crack meant that King's head smashed against the floor.

     Another hard punch and King's nose was further mashed and spewed fresh blood.

     King had given up and his entire body went limp.

     Pushing King's hands away from his own balls, Nathan grabbed then and squeezed. "These are now mine!" He spat. "And everything their attached to."

     Grabbing King's hips, Nathan flipped him onto his front. "And now to prove it." Nathan's dick was still soft so he jerked it a few times to plump it up. King just lay motionless, waiting for Nathan to get his hard on; he knew what was coming.

     With his dick now rock solid, Nathan jabbed two fingers up King's arse who yelped like a girl as they entered him.

     His hole now open, Nathan placed his dick at the entranced and in one fast, harsh motion, he plunged it deep within King. Again King squealed like a girl but quickly closed his throat as Nathan fucked him, hard.

     Very quickly Nathan was spewing cum deep with King.

     Pulling out, Nathan beckoned Dean over. "Your turn." And Dean hesitantly started bo fuck King, Nathan's cum and hard fucking providing the lubricant for an easy entry.

     After Mike and Bill had taken their turn in fucking King, Nathan asked Matty if he wanted a go. Matty looked at the crumpled King on the floor and shook his head. Nathan opened his arms wide and Matty ran into them, they hugged for a while and then all five lads started to shower the sweat and sex from their bodies. Matty stayed with Nathan underneath his showerhead, stroking and cleaning his body. King crawled to the corner and curled up waiting for them to leave. Sean dashed over to him and hugged his damaged body, he cried as he heard King's groans of pain.

     Having dried themselves and dressed, they left the showers, Nathan led his gang, with Matty by his side. It wasn't long before they were stopped by Hanley.

     "I see there's been a change." Hanley softly spoke.

     "You bet, King decided it was time to retire."

     Hanley offered his hand, which Nathan accepted.

     Shaking hands, Hanley was businesslike. "I hope this means we have a new and long and happy relationship. I look forward to working with you."

     "As long as it is to my benefit." Nathan said.

     "I'm sure it will be for the benefit of both of us." Hanley smiled. "Now I must go and find King and throw him in solitary for fighting."

     Nathan walked off. Cock Town was now his.


The End


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