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By David Heulfryn

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Episode Three : Inmate Initiation


Nathan lay on his bed, face down. He didn't want to put any pressure on his recently fucked arse and this was the most comfortable position for him.

     His cellmate got up from his bed and went to the door, checking to ensure Hanley had gone and then sat back down. He looked at Nathan.

     "I'm Dean. I see you've met the infamous Officer Hanley."

     Nathan grunted.

     "I take it he did your induction. He did mine too. Tore me a little and was in pain for weeks. I daren't see the doc."

     Nathan grunted again.

     "I'm Dean." He said again but was met by a further grunt. "What's your name?"

     "Nathan." He sighed and looked at Dean. All he wanted was to be left alone.

     Reaching under his bed, Dean pulled out a small basket where he kept his things. Nathan could hear the clanking of objects and the rustle of packets.

     "I've got some cream. It'll help sooth things down there." He looked at Nathan's rounded arse.

     "Ta." Nathan held out his hand and took the tube of cream from Dean. "Where's the bogs then, I'm not doing it here?"

     "The other end of the building, I can show you if you like. But everyone will see you and if you're still walking like you have a dick up your arse then..."

     "Yeah, yeah. I get the picture." Nathan butted in and looked at Dean who just sat on his bed. "Well fuck off then! I'm not having a fucking audience."

      Dean stood up but thought twice about leaving. "Look, don't be an arsehole. You'll struggle to do it properly. When I first came here my cell-mate sorted me out so why don't you just let me do it."

      Hearing this, Nathan felt like punching him in the face and permanently bending that straight nose of Dean's. About to get to his feet he felt a stabbing pain inside him and a warm fluid leak from his hole and smear on his cheeks. "Go on then. But be fucking quick." Nathan conceded.

     Taking the tube of healing cream from Nathan, Dean knelt beside his bed and gently pulled Nathan's sweatpants down until his two pale globes stared back at him. Dean reached over to the sink and grabbed a roll of toilet paper, wrapping a few sheets round his fingers he gently splayed Nathan's cheeks and wiped him clean.

     "Don't worry, there's not much blood. It's mostly Hanley's cum."

     "Fuckin' bastard. I'll get him back before I leave." Nathan muttered into his pillow.

     With one hand, Dean kept Nathan's cheeks apart so he could see his pink sphincter. It looked loose and had dark red streaks in its folds where the blood seeped and was circled by sparse damp hairs adhering darkened surrounding skin.

     Nathan inhaled deeply as he felt Dean squeeze the cold, waxy contents onto his hole. The cold immediately soothed him and he groaned as he felt Dean smear the cream around his hole. Closing his eyes, Nathan enjoyed the massage.

     Gradually, Dean started pressing harder on his skin. Rubbing his finger over Nathan's hole his finger slipped inside.

     Groaning, Nathan spoke. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?"

     "Sorry, but you need some inside to soothe the sores."

     "Jesus, this place is fucked up."

     Dean continued to push his finger in and out of Nathan's arse.

     "Oh, fuck." Nathan whispered to himself as he felt his dick swell.

     "It really isn't too bad; Hanley has only loosened you up, which is a good thing."

     They were both startled by someone at the door. "Well, I see we have a new boy. And his roommate is already getting to know him." He sounded camp and minced into the cell. He sat on the end of Nathan's bed staring at his bare arse.

     Nathan and Dean were startled, Dean snapped his hand away from Nathan's arse, his slimy finger leaving his warm hole as Nathan yanked his sweatpants up.

     "Get the fuck out of here." Nathan twisted his head to look at the intruder

     "I'd better tell you a few things about this place so that you fit in."

     The effeminate intruder traced a finger down Nathan's spine to the cleft of his buttocks.

     "Get your fucking queer hands off me."

     The hand was snapped from Nathan's body. "Be careful Newboy. I'm Sean and you'd better be nice to me."

     Nathan turned and lay on his side. "I suppose a camp queer like you would beat me up if I'm not."

     "No, but I will." A deep booming voice came from the doorway and Nathan saw his tall frame.

     He was definitely taller than Nathan and looked stronger too. He didn't want to start out his time here afraid of the others so he confronted him.

     "Who the fuck are you?"

     "I'm the fuck who runs this place. I'm the fuck who slices you open if you overstep the mark. I'm the fuck you obey. I'm the fuck who punishes you if you are rude to me, or my staff."

     Sean went and stood behind him. "Go on, Mr. King; punish him for what he said to me."

     "You see...What's you name?" King asked.

     Nathan didn't respond, but his roommate, not wanting the situation to get any worse, told him.

     "Well, Nathan. You see my bitch here has been upset. You were rude to him when he was only trying to be nice."

     "So fucking what? He's a fucking poof and I don't apologise to poofs." Nathan spat out and stepped forward, squaring up to King.

     No-one hardly had time to react; King jabbed Nathan in his stomach and punched the back of his neck as he bent over. Nathan fell on his knees but before he could retaliate, King yanked a shoelace from his pocket, jumped behind Nathan and hooked the shoelace around his neck, King pulled tight. Nathan struggled but he was gasping for air as the shoelace sliced into his neck. Not wanting to get involved, Dean leapt to his feet and tried to leave.

     "Stay the fuck where you are." Spat King.

    Dean nervously sat back on his bunk and looked at the Nathan's reddening face.

     Choking, Nathan spluttered a few words out. "Get the fuck off me."

    But King tightened his hold and Nathan's head pulled further back.

     "Now, you're going to fucking apologise you cunt." King spat the words into Nathan's ear and eased the tension in the shoelace around his neck.

     "I'm sorry." Nathan choked and coughed the words.

     "That's not how we apologise here." King turned to Sean. "Come here and get ready.

     Sean came and stood in front of Nathan and pulled down the front of his sweatpants and tucked the waistband under his balls. He may have been petite but his small frame belied what was hidden between his legs, six thick inches of limp dick. It grew as Sean played with it, lengthening and thickening even more until it stood proud from his body.

     "Now, suck him off." King ordered.

     "No fucking way."

     King tightened the shoelace around Nathan's neck again while his foot connected with his tender backside. Nathan grunted.

      "You either suck him off and eat his cum or I fuck you hard, here and now."

     Capitulating, Nathan felt King loosen the twine around his neck, his eyes were glued to the hard flesh in front of him. Sean pressed the head of his dick against his closed lips.

     Holding back his desire to wretch he twisted his head to break the contact from Sean's exposed head. A string of pre-cum still connected them until it snapped. Instinctively, Nathan licked his lips and tasted its remnants. From the corner of his eye, he saw King. He had left himself open.

     As he felt the shoelace tighten again, he twisted further and jabbed King in the stomach with his elbow. King easily took the blow and merely tightened the shoelace around his neck. This time he momentarily cut off all air from getting into Nathan's lungs.

     Nathan began to panic, his fingers frantically tried to grasp the thread from his neck, but it was digging into his flesh too deep so his attempts merely caused him to scratch his neck. He began to feel weak and opened his mouth, trying desperately to get some air into his lungs. But his mouth didn't fill with air, it filled with cock. Sean pushed his hard dick into Nathan's mouth and began to move his hips back and forth. King loosened the shoelace and Nathan gasped around Sean cock. He inhaled deeply through his nose.

     As his need for oxygen subsided, Nathan focused on the dick in his mouth and fought his disgust, he wanted to throw up. The thought of him sucking a dirty, sweaty and piss tasting dick made him wretch. Knowing what would soon come out the dick made his stomach wretch even more.

     The dick in Nathan's mouth was now fully hard. Sean placed his hands on the side of his head and was fucking his throat, each time the head hammered against him, Nathan gagged and groaned. His role was totally passive as Sean took control of his pleasure. In some way it was better for Nathan as he had no idea how to suck a dick and if he did a bad job then King would probably hurt him even more.

     All the time Sean's dick was in his mouth, he contemplated retribution. He knew he was beat this time but he knew he would get them both back. Sean would be easy, but King thought he ran the place and would take more planning.

     As Nathan's head filled with thoughts of revenge, his mouth was filled with Sean's cum. The cool wet fluid that landed on his tongue brought his concentration back to the dick in his mouth. He felt Sean's dick pulsate as it spewed more cum into his mouth. Behind him he heard King growl, telling him to swallow, and he felt the sticky fluid dribble down his throat.

      Sean pulled his dick out and rubbed it with his hand, squeezing another tiny drop from his piss-slit which he rubbed over Nathan's lips. "That was nice, but next time, less teeth."

     "There won't be a next time you fucking queer."

     King tightened the shoelace again. "There will be if I say so."

     Nathan remained on his knees as King called to Sean for them to leave. Watching him having his dick sucked made him horny and he wanted to get back to his cell for a quick fuck before lockdown. Sean pulled his sweatpants back up and tucked is softening dick inside.

     "Now, be a good boy from now on," King stared at Nathan, "or I'll rip your arsehole wide open."



Next Episode : Nathan's First Lesson


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