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By David Heulfryn

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Episode Three : Nathan's First Lesson


Nathan dashed to the small sink in his cell to rinse his mouth. The smell of Sean's cum lingered under his nose and no amount of water rinsed it away.

     "Fuck. I aint been 'ere five minutes and already I have three on me list to get."

     "No, no, no." Dean whimpered. "King has too many mates. You can't mess with him. Please don't start making trouble. I only got a few months left to serve and if King thinks I'm with you then I'll be fucked."

     "No promises but I'll try to keep you out of it, but be warned, King is fucked and when I'm finished he's going to want to go into segregation with the fucking nonces." Nathan looked intently at Dean. "Now, I need a shower to wash that cunt off me."

     Dean looked around the cell and picked up his towel. "You can borrow my towel if you like." He smiled at Nathan. "Come with me, I'll show you."

     It was getting late in the day and most other inmates had started going back to their cells but a few were lingering, playing cards, queuing for the telephone. They all seemed to ignore them as they walked by.

     The cells lined either side of a large rectangular space where the inmates socialised with each other, playing games and dossing around. At one end of this space were large bars which kept them confined, behind which was a warden's station where a couple of warders sat and watched what was going off. The other side housed the toilets and showers.

     There were a few lads in the showers and Nathan got straight down to stripping off his prison sweats. He took the towel from Dean and hung it on a hook with his clothes. "Ta," he said to Dean as he walked into the showers. He had expected Dean to disappear back to their cell but instead he noticed that Dean just leant along the rear wall and watched as Nathan pressed the button to start the water cascading onto his body.

     "Hiya, mate." Nathan nodded to the black lad who was showering next to him and only responded by grunting some form of hello back. "So, what's it like in 'ere. What d'ya get up to."

     The black lad stopped soaping up his body and let the water rinse off the suds. "Nuffin'. They make us work in the workshop or summat."

     Nathan watched as the white suds fell from the lads brown body.

     "So, d'ya know King? Get on with him?" Nathan gently tried to pump him for information.

     "Yeah. But I keep outa his way and he leaves me alone. Not his type, thankfully."

     "What, ya mean, that queen doesn't like your chocolate log in his mouth?"

     Nathan hadn't noticed the new lads who had entered the showers. King and his pussyboy, Sean, were stark bullock naked and making their way over to the shower heads.

     "I don't suck dick, you cunt! It's you who sucks my dick."

     The black boy recoiled at King's booming voice and sneaked out to grab his towel. King wasn't interested in him so never noticed, his mind was concentrating on Nathan.

     Behind King and his pussyboy, Nathan noticed two of his goons. They too were stark naked but his eyes were drawn to their rock hard dicks which pointed from their groins. They approached him and grabbed him by the arms.

     "Hey, fuck off you bastards." He was held firm and could feel the tips of their dicks brushing against his thighs.

     King came forward and grasped Nathan by the balls, his limp dick draped across the back of his hand. "You certainly have plenty of these," King squeezed lightly, "but I can see I'm going to have a lot of trouble with you. But I'm gonna enjoy breaking you, I think you're kinds cute. Cuter than my pussy here." King cocked his head to Sean who was standing behind him.

     As Sean heard King speak to Nathan he clenched every muscle in his body, he was King's pussy, he needed him to protect him from the second rate hard lads who wanted to rip his hole open everyday.

     Nathan could feel his dick lengthen as King continued to fondle his balls. "If you're not gonna suck me, then get one of these two twats to do the honours." Nathan smiled mischievously at King.

     "There's gonna be no sucking in here. You're gonna play nice and bend over."

     There was no way that Nathan could get out of this and he knew his arse was going to be invaded again, so this time he would make the most of it and screw with King back.

     "No, probs. Tell these two to let go and I'll bend over for you. It's about time you and Hanley were intimate again. He did enjoy having you." Nathan bluffed. "I'm nice and loose, I'm sure you'll like it. And you saw Dean lubing me up earlier. I can't wait to feel you hard dick in me, pushing into the present that Hanley left there just for you. His warm and juicy cum smearing itself over you cock, each thrust taking in more of that screw. Each thrust opening your piss-slit and little bits of his cum being pushed inside. Hanley's cum actually inside your dick, you'd like that and I know he would. Can you feel his hard dick up your arse now? I know you want it; your eyes are screaming it out to me. He was your first. And you want him again inside you." Nathan was just winding him up, trying to press as many buttons as he could find, one of them would surely have an effect on King.

     But it wasn't working, King just smirked at Nathan as he ranted on. When Nathan finally paused for breath King punched him hard in the stomach. His two goons never loosened their grip on Nathan so he was impeded in his instinct to bend double. But the punch was hard and the instinctive reaction too great his legs curled up and lifted from the floor. His knees were now level with his waist, his stomach muscles partially protected. King's two goons easily held Nathan's weight.

     "You finished you cunt?"

     Nathan was winded and so couldn't speak.

     "It aint me who's gonna fuck you. I just shot my load up my little pussy's boy cunt. So just came in here to clean up. But Bill and Mike here are ready to go as they watched every thrust up his bucket arse." King glared at them. "Even though they were supposed to be watching the door. Besides they've been good lately and I promised them a treat, I was going to give them a go on in Sean's boy cunt but it just seems that you were just in the right place at the right time." He smiled and looked at Bill. "There you go Bill, have a good time."

     King turned away and, followed by Sean, went to the along the line of shower heads so that he could wash without having to bother about the struggle which began as Bill let Nathan go and pushed him against the wall.

     Nathan felt his teeth smash against the tiles and tasted blood. Kicking high behind him he felt his foot connect with one of the goons. Twisting round he saw Bill fall to the floor as his leg was kicked from under him. But Nathan's relief was short lived as he felt a fist against the side of his head. It was hard. Bone to Bone but he didn't think that he heard any crack. Punching back, he got Mike right in his groin and felt his knuckles crush Mike's soft testicles against his pelvis. As Mike collapsed in agony he turned to face Bill, but he was too late as Bill wrapped his arms around Nathan and squeezed hard in a crushing bear-hug. Nathan coughed and squirmed and managed to slip through his bare arms just as Mike was throwing a blow at his stomach but as Nathan fell, it struck him in the chest. Nathan felt his ribs bend and the blow reverberate through his body. He could swear that his heart stopped the moment blow hit and it now pumped harder and faster to recover from the assault.

     Feeling Nathan fall from his grip, Bill kneed him in the small of his back and released his grip. As he fell to the wet floor with a load slap Bill punched Nathan at the back of his neck. As Nathan fell forward, Mike began to repeatedly kick him and for good measure, Bill placed one well aimed kick right between Nathan's legs.

     "Alright lads, don't mess him up too much." King yelled across the showers as Sean soaped and washed King's body. Sean's dick was hard as he enjoyed rubbing his hands across King's taught and muscular frame. Whenever King fucked him, it was too mechanical and he never got to feel and touch King. This was the only time when King would let Sean fondle and caress his body.

     Bill picked Nathan from the floor and held him against the wall. Nathan coughed and spat the blood from his mouth, his body ached but he was beating himself up even more for letting his guard down and not seeing them before it was too late.

     "Ere, Mike. You hold him and get him ready for me." As Mike grabbed Nathan, Bill began to stroke his soft cock. "I always get horny after a workout."

     Mike chuckled as he turned Nathan to face the tiled wall, grabbed his hips and pulled them out. Nathan bent forward and held himself up with his arms. He rested his head against the wall and occasionally spat his bloody saliva between his feet.

     Feeling Bill's hard cock push between his buttocks, Nathan relaxed his arse and pushed out like he was taking a dump, he had learnt well from Hanley. Bill thrust deep and hard as Nathan pushed out. Nathan was relieved that Bill's dick slipped inside him easily and he relaxed further as Bill pounded his arse.

     Out of the corner of his eye, Nathan could see Mike slowly wanking, his hard dick eager to follow Bill's and spew its spunk inside his guts.

     Bill fucked like a robot, in, out, in, out. No change of pace, no gentle thrust followed by a hard push. It was hard and steady, mechanical, designed to merely drain his balls with little attempt to make it pleasurable, certainly not for Nathan, but neither for Bill. Get in, get out and get it done.

     Nathan twisted his neck and looked at King. Sean was soaping up King's long dick which was now rock hard. Nathan looked King in the eye and smiled. It was a smile which remained fixed while Bill shot his load up his arse and as Mike pushed his own dick up, squelching as it pushed deeper inside Nathan.

     Holding Nathan's gaze, King allowed Sean to wank him, but it was a steely stare which slowly ate its way inside King and he felt an uneasy feeling. King held Nathan's stare as long as he could until he involuntarily shuddered and slapped Sean's hand away from his dick. Immediately it deflated and hung limp between his legs, the water from the shower head running down his body, along his dick and then spouting forth to splash on the floor between his feet. Nathan thought it looked like he was pissing himself and thought that before long he would piss himself whenever King saw him.

     A hard slap on his buttock told Nathan it was over. He raised himself to his full height and nonchalantly put himself under a shower head and started to wash his hair with the shampoo that the black lad had left.

     "Thanks, guys." Nathan said. "But tomorrow it's my turn, ok?"

     The two goons grumbled under their breaths and followed King out of the showers.

     "Next time it's my turn." King shouted back at Nathan as they all left the showers.

     Left alone, Nathan started to boil. "Fuck!" he shouted through gritted teeth and punched the tile wall as hard as he could. He watched as the blood from the broken skin around his knuckles dribbled down the damp wall.



Next Episode : Sleep Tight


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