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Episode Five : Sleep Tight


"Where the fuck did you get too!" Nathan stormed back into his cell, saw Dean lying on his back on his bed and threw his damp towel hard at his head.

     Nathan's clothes clung to his damp body and showed patches of dampness, his face was red with frustration and anger.

     "Look, there's no way I coulda helped ya in there." Dean got up and draped his towel over the tiny radiator which warmed their cell to dry off for tomorrow. "King would've just broken me. I can't stand up to him."

     Nathan collapsed on his bed. "I know, mate." He sighed.

     "So, are you alright? He didn't do do much did he?"

     "Oh, no. King did bugger all to me. I could've handled it if it were just him and that pussy cunt boy of his."

     Dean let out a brief smile.

     "But he had two twats with him. They fucking had a right go at me and then King let them...well ya know."

     "Sorry, mate. Did they hurt you bad?"

     "Well I ache a little now, but I'll bet I'll feel it good and proper in the morning."

     In the background they could hear the slamming of the heavy metal cell doors and the jangle of keys as the doors were locked for the night.

     "Lock up." Dean nodded to their open cell door and the noise. "Then in an hour all the lights go off and the sockets are turned off."

     "No shit, Sherlock." Nathan pulled his damp sweatshirt over his head and threw it on the desk that they shared. "I'll be glad to be locked in. I can finally relax and work out how I am going to survive in here. And to survive I've got to deal with King."

     Dean followed Nathan's example and took off his sweatshirt.

     "I ain't been here one day yet and I've already sucked my first dick and been fucked three times. And you know what?" Nathan kicked off his pumps, "Despite four bastards shooting their loads in me, I aint shot mine once."

     "Hey," Dean crossed the space between them and placed the palm of his hand on Nathan's flank. "It looks like the bruising has started to come up."

     Nathan flinched at his touch; it was unexpected and caused a sharp pain in his side.

     "Looks like you two are going to enjoy being banged up together. Or is that banging together." Hanley was at their cell door, ready to lock them in.

     Instinctively Nathan spat out his words. "Just fuck off."

     But Hanley was alone and dashed forward. Before anyone could react, Hanley had his hand around Nathan's throat and pushed him against the wall. He squeezed hard causing Nathan to gag.

     "Don't fucking talk to me like that ever again or you'll regret it" Hanley's other hand jabbed Nathan in the balls, causing his stomach to lurch and he felt like throwing up. If it weren't for the hand closing his throat, he may well have done.

     They all heard the approaching steps of another screw. Hanley immediately released Nathan and returned to the doorway. Nathan let out a series of coughs as he recovered. Over Hanley's shoulders the face of an older screw appeared. He looked in his late fifties and did not say a word; he just looked over Hanley's shoulder inside the cell.

     "Goodnight boys." Hanley put on an ingratiating voice. "As it's your first night here, Nathan, I expect Dean here to make sure you're alright. He's a good boy so you'll be ok."

     The two boys just forced a smile at Hanley as he shut the door softly and locked them in.

     "So, that fucker does not rule the other screws. He's got a weakness." Nathan beamed a broad and genuine smile now that he knew he could use this to beat Hanley. But it was not Hanley who was his main problem, it was King and that would be more difficult to deal with.

     Nathan watched as Dean pulled down his sweatpants. "Don't anybody get underwear?"

     "Nope. They do issue some every now and then but they soon get ripped to shreds with the constant shit that goes off here. So they just leave us free-balling or else their entire budget would get spent on skivvies."

     Shucking off his own sweat pants, Nathan just lay on top of his bed and looked down his body. He expected to see his bruises slowly appear but his skin appeared untouched. It didn't feel that way.

     Sitting on his own bed, Dean just looked over at Nathan and his naked body, building up his courage to speak.

     After a couple of false starts, which caused Nathan to look in his direction, Dean finally asked. "I could help you relax. Like you said you aint shot your load. I could help you out."

     "I aint fuckin' queer you know. I fucked my girlfriend this morning before I got banged up in this dump."

     "I know, I know." Dean said defensively. "I aint either, but you learn to help each other out in this place. If you learn the skill then you can survive pretty unscathed, unless you can handle yourself."

     "Well I can handle myself." Nathan spat out if only to convince himself. "But hey, knock yourself out if you want to. But I'm not sucking your cock and you aint fucking me."

     "No fear on that score. Your hole needs time to heal anyway."

     Sliding off his bed and onto his knees, Dean shuffled over to Nathan. Staring at the limp dick that now appeared in front of his eyes he raised his hands and began to rub gentle circles around Nathan's navel. Circling lower, he ran his fingers through the brown pubes which framed Nathan dick while his other hand feathered Nathan's nipples. They were hard so he pinched them hard causing Nathan's to draw in a sharp breath and he watched as his dick lurched and thickened.

     Dean felt the increasing weight of Nathan's thickening dick in the palm of his hand. Wrapping his fingering around it, he pumped it until it was properly hard. He pulled back the foreskin and could already see precum emerging from his slit. With his tongue, Dean moistened Nathans cock before engulfing his entire length.

     "Fucking hell!" Nathan hissed as he thrust his hips upwards.

     Deep-throating Nathan, Dean hummed around his shaft and sent Nathan into a squirming frenzy. Pulling back slowly, Dean set his tongue to work on Nathan's dick.

     Groaning with delight, Nathan started humping Dean's mouth, fucking it slowly, letting his taut lips rub against his helmet and feeling Dean's tongue flicking the tip.

     Both boys were enjoying themselves too much to hear the spy-hole on the door click open and an eye appear. It looked at them as Dean went down on Nathan, watching his cock slide in and out of Dean's beautiful mouth.

     Dean felt the cold floor through his bare knees, his weight pushed down on his fragile knee caps which began to ache. His cock was rock solid so he slowly wanked himself as he sucked Nathan to take his mind off the pain in his legs. After a few strokes his hand left his cock and reached for his arse. Dean pushed his hand between his cheeks and started fingering his own hole. As his mouth was stuffed with Nathan's hard dick, his arse was being penetrated by his fingers, stretching and opening his hole.

     Coming off Nathan's dick, Dean rose to his feet. Nathan's eyes shot wide open at the immediate and unexpected cessation of the blow job he was enjoying. He looked at Dean as his body towered over him, casting a long shadow which covered his body. Nathan looked at Dean's cock, its leaking tip and stretched foreskin. He was not about to touch it, he was not going suck it.

     Nathan was about to tell Dean that he wouldn't help him out, when Dean stepped on to Nathan's bed and crouched over his dick. He slowly lowered himself down and smiled at Nathan. Both boys knew what was going to happen and Nathan beamed a wide smile back. He liked a fuck better than a blow job. A good suck was good to start with but he always wanted his dick inside a wet pussy when he blew. He wouldn't get any pussy in this place so the shitter of his cellmate was the next best this.

     Dean sank down and felt Nathan's dick push between his cheeks and hit a wall. He'd missed his hole by only a few centimetres but he slipped his arse over the dick and it clicked into place. He flexed his hole and felt Nathan's dick poke itself further inside and leave a slime trail in its wake.

     In one swift move, Dean sank down to sit on Nathan's hips. The dick was now deep within him and flexing wildly as Nathan felt his dick gripped tightly by Dean's rectum.

     Reaching behind, Dean tickled Nathan's balls and giggled as it caused him to thrash on the bed, laughing hysterically.

     "Seems I've found your funny bone." Dean stopped. "That's the first time you've laughed and really smiled in here. You look cute when you smile."

     For a moment Nathan felt sixteen again, young and carefree, and innocent. But despite wanting to hold on to that moment of sheer joy, it faded and he started to feel repulsed at the queer on his dick and the queers that had fucked him.

     "Just get to work!" Nathan snapped and thrust his hips forward, trying to get his dick deeper inside Dean.

     The smile dissipated from Dean's face as he started to rock his hips and feel Nathan's dick moving inside him. Lifting himself up, he inhaled as Nathan exhaled. The space between them was now bridged by Nathan's dick which was quickly shoved back up inside as Nathan bucked his hips forward. Dean sat back down and their skin slapped together very noisily and Dean started humping himself on Nathan's dick while he wanked himself. Nathan never made any move touch Dean's dick so he took the responsibility himself.

     Nathan just lay back, still but not silent. He was panting and grunting as Dean brought him closer to shooting his load. Dean got faster and the bed was now creaking so that others could hear. Dean could only just the shout of someone telling him to fuck the newboy hard. He didn't think Nathan heard as he didn't respond.

     He got quicker and squeezed his arse tight. His dick was sore and ready to blow, he felt Nathan's dick twitch within him and Nathan growled like an animal catching its prey. Dean rested on Nathan's hips, exhausted, he let go of his dick and it let loose a violent volley of cum which coated Nathan's chest. Nathan was oblivious to this as his own dick was exploding up Dean's arse, which milked it expertly until it ran dry.

     Nathan's mouth was wide open, panting to catch his breath. Opening his eyes he saw Dean leaning back, resting on his arms, his chest heaving as he recovered from the fast fuck.

     Looking down, he saw Dean's soft dick resting on his belly-button among a pool of cum. He tracked the cum further up his chest and clenched his teeth.

     "You fucker!" He pushed Dean off him causing him to fall backwards and onto the floor. Nathan jumped to his feet and grabbed Nathan's pillow. Wiping the cum which coated him he spat at Dean. "Don't ever cum on me again!"

     Dean jumped to his feet and ripped his pillow from Nathan. "Fuck you!" He shouted and pushed Nathan onto his arse, his back scraping against the bed. He yelped in pain and lunged at Dean. They both fell on the floor, Nathan on top of Dean, punching his face.

     Neither boy heard the door open and Hanley rush in. He grabbed Nathan off Dean and held him against the wall. Nathan could feel the huge lump in his trousers press against his balls.

     "I though you were going to be nice on your first night."

     "No, Sir." Dean butted in. "It's just a misunderstanding, everything's fine. It was just a bit of messing about. I'm fine, Sir."

     "Fine my knob-hole. This cunt would have spread your face over the floor."

     Hanley eased his grip on Nathan. "No, Sir. Just messing really. We're good friends."

     "Really. I should lock you up in solitary or better still put you with the nonces, they will put you straight, so to speak."

     Dean carried on saying that it was a misunderstanding and Hanley seemed to soften.

     "Show me how good friends you are then, Nathan." Hanley grinned. "Suck off your new mate here. He sucked you off and fucked himself on you."

     "You watched. You perv!" Nathan said.

     "Go on, then." Hanley nodded to Dean's soft and slimy dick.

     Nathan sighed to himself and got on his knees and tasted Dean's cum as he opened his mouth and sucked in his limp dick. He tried but Dean never managed to get hard and let it slip from his lips. Nathan looked up at Hanley.

     "So, our friend Dean is not man enough to get it up." Hanley barked at them. "Get up off the floor, you cunt, and both of you get to bed. This isn't a holiday camp." He looked sternly at Nathan. "Remember, you owe me big. And if I see one new mark on this pussy here, I will rip you a new arsehole for everyday you are here and so will every fucking cunt in this place."

     "Yes, Sir." Nathan said as he slipped into bed.

     Hanley left at the moment the lights went out. Neither Dean nor Nathan said a word to each other.



Next Episode : Morning Glory


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