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By David Heulfryn

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Episode Six : Morning Glory


The next morning Hanley opened Nathan and Dean's cell and ordered them to stand up. Hanley took great care and looked over every inch of dean's body. He pulled Dean's arse cheeks apart and saw his red hole wink at him. He was satisfied that Nathan had done nothing to Dean.

     "Good boy Nathan."

     A gathering of boys were hanging round the cell door, wondering why Hanley was taking such an interest in the boys. Most others were milling around, getting themselves showered or taking a morning dump.

    Hanley turned to the jeering boys at the door. "Fuck off or I'll turn my attention to you lot next." Before he finished speaking, the boys had silently dispersed. "Now," he looked back at Nathan, "you need to apologise to Dean for last night."

     "Sorry, mate." Nathan was genuine. "It'll never happen again and we'll look out for each other from now on."

     "Call that a fucking apology." Hanley barked. "On yer fucking knees and do it the Cock Town way." He pointed to Dean's limp dick which swayed as he nervously shifted his feet.

     Nathan sighed and noticed Hanley's hand move towards his baton which hung loose on his belt. He dropped to his knees and took Dean's limp dick in his hand and began to fondle and stroke it. His other hand went to his balls, cupping and rolling them around in his palm. The dick began to inflate and as the dickhead began to emerge from the foreskin, Nathan stuck out his tongue and licked the tip, tasting the tiny amount of pre-cum that had began to flow. Nathan rolled his tongue around Dean's fully exposed dickhead and he heard him sigh with pleasure. The hand on Dean's balls teased its way further back until the fingers teased and played with his twitching hole.

     Taking the now stiff dick in his mouth, Nathan pushed down until his nose was tickled by pubes and he felt the dick stab the back of his throat. His finger now invaded Dean's hole and he finger fucked him in the rhythm of his mouth. Nathan groaned around Dean's hard shaft and immediately felt more pre-cum trickle down his throat. Swallowing hard, he sucked harder and stuffed two fingers up dean's hole. Dean's whole body seemed to buck as he grunted loudly. Nathan pulled his mouth off Dean's dick and watched as his slapped hard against his belly, Nathan ran his tongue along the length of his hard shaft and felt it pulse as Dean arsehole clamped against the invading fingers. Just as the tip of Dean's dick flared, Nathan wrapped his lips around the head and felt a shot of cum hit the back of his throat. He held his breath and the dick in his mouth spewed and shot more cum into his cavity, his lips locked tight so that no cum leaked out.

     Dean's dick had now calmed down and finished cumming. Nathan breathed again and sucked until the dick produced no more fluid. With his mouth still full of cum, he used his tongued and coated Dean's dick before swallowing. Nathan now sucked the remnants of cum from Dean's dick and swallowed this extra salty fluid.

     Pulling his fingers from Dean's hole, he pulled his lips free from his dick. This time it didn't slap against his belly, but it had softened slightly and bobbed in front of him.

     "Fucking hell, Nate. That was fucking great. You can do that after just a day in here."

     "Only for you, mate. And only to say sorry properly."

     "Well I'm fucking honoured."

     Nathan stood up and now smiled at Hanley, who noticed that his dick was now rock hard. Hanley slapped his dick hard causing Nathan to exhale an audible 'oof'. "You enjoyed that and now you've got a reputation. They're going to be queuing up for your gob from now on."

     "Well send them in and I'll make sure they get a good seeing to." Nathan grinned knowing that Hanley knew he wouldn't blow them but would make sure they never came back again and had some aches and pains to remind them.

     "What are you two messing at, get fucking ready and get out this cell." Hanley turned and left.

     "Come on, breakfast will start soon." Dean said.

     They both dressed in their regulation grey sweatshirts and sweatpants. Nathan was still tenting his as his hard-on had not gone down yet. He squeezed his hard dick through the fabric and grabbed the towel he used yesterday which was still damp.

     "Fuck breakfast, I'm having a shower." Nathan left Dean and went to the showers.

     Dean slinked away to queue up with the others for breakfast.


As Nathan entered the shower area, his dick had gone down and now just swung freely between his legs. He stripped and hung his towel and clothes on a peg. Entering the showers, he heard running water and noticed Bill and Mike. Bill was leaning forward and Mike was behind him. He couldn't see exactly what they were doing, but it didn't take a brain surgeon to realise that Mike was fucking Bill's arse. Nathan was not noticed as they grunted their pleasure as they fucked and he watched. His dick started to grow but his mind was not intent on fucking them, not yet anyway.

     Nathan moved behind Mike as his hips were thrusting his dick in and out of Bill's hole. Bill's head was hanging loose between his shoulders and didn't notice the extra pair of feet that appeared.

     Reaching round, Nathan's fingers ignored Bill's throbbing dick and wrapped around his loose balls. Bill thought it was only Mike but he soon got concerned as the fingers squeezed tighter and tighter. Mike stopped fucking Bill as he felt a body touching his back. All motion stopped but Nathan's fingers continued to squeeze tighter. Bill spluttered at the pain.

     "Fuck! Stop, Mike!" Bill coughed and raised his head. Twisting his neck he saw the grinning face of Nathan. "Shit!"

     Mike tried to pull his dick out of Bill and turn to face Nathan but was told not to move. Bill straightened up and Nathan pushed forward, hard. All three of them lurched forward and Bill slapped against the shower wall.

     "You two fuckers are going to be mine. You will be my bitches after today and next on my list is that fucking King. He'll get some special treatment."

     Mike tried to turn and speak to tell Nathan where to go but Nathan was having none of it. It was now time to show them that he was not to be messed with.

     Nathan squeezed hard on Bill's balls, they compressed to about half their normal size and Bill squealed in a high voice. He gripped Mike's neck with his other hand and pulled him off Bill and pinned him to the side wall. Bill, bent double clutching his balls, squirmed as he tried to stay on his feet, but Nathan jabbed him in the kidneys. Mike tried to free himself to prevent the attack on Bill but Nathan merely squeezed his throat shut so that he couldn't breathe. Mike was pinned and impotent to help Bill. Nathan kneed Bill in his guts and gave a final downward punch to his face. Bill fell limp to the floor, curled up in a ball sobbing and groaning in pain.

     With Bill no longer a threat, Nathan turned his concentration onto Mike. As he looked at him, he saw fear and panic etched on his face.

     "I'll do whatever you say!" Mike choked out the words, pleading with Nathan.

     "I know." Nathan smiled. "But you aint getting off that easily. You fucked me yesterday and I'm going to make you pay for that."

     Before Mike could plead, Nathan landed a heavy punch to his guts and with an upper gut to his chin, Mike fell to the floor next to Bill.

     It was too easy, he thought. Mike was just trying to make it easier on himself. He knew Bill was well fucked on the floor, but Mike was play acting.

     Standing over the two groaning boys, Nathan grabbed his limp dick and pointed it at Mike's head. He let out a deep sigh and a stream of hot morning piss arched from his dick and splashed over Mike and Bill. It stank vile; the first piss of the day is deep yellow and concentrated and it clung to their bodies like a thick yellow sauce. Mike closed his eyes and spluttered as the piss splashed on his face, a few pungent drops slipping passed his lips. He tried to spit but each time he tried more piss forced its way inside.

     The yellow stream eased and stopped, Nathan's bladder was now empty. He bent forward and grabbed Mike by the hair and pulled him to his feet. "I'm not a fucking idiot you wanker." He spat at Mike and started to pummel his guts. With a final blow to his chin, Mike was spread against the side wall, his face swollen and a few drips of blood flowing from his lip.

     Nathan grabbed his dick and started to wank himself until he became hard. He pushed his hard dick between Mike's buttocks and let it rest against his hole. Mike whimpered as he felt the dick on his hole.

     With a firm push forward he forced his dick head inside Mike and let it rest as he heard Mike scream in pain.

     "Please," Mike begged, "go slow and use lube."

     "No fucking way, you're going to remember this for a long time."

     Nathan pushed in deep and hard, ignoring the yelping and screams from Mike. Without mercy, Nathan dry-fucked Mike, the friction warming his dick and blistering Mike hole. After a while, Mike stopped his screaming and let the tears stream over his face and drip to the floor. He tasted their saltiness, each tear an apology to Nathan.

     Bill had recovered enough to watch Nathan fuck his friend, his ribs and virtually his whole body ached and he couldn't find any energy to help him. His eyes watched Nathan's arse as the cheeks clenched with each inward thrust, created two dimples. Between his legs he could see his balls swinging to and fro, the hypnotic action caused Bill stare intently.

     Fucking harder, Nathan began to grunt as he felt his balls stir and ready themselves to shoot. He fucked and slammed his dick into Mike's hole, each time he was closer to shooting, Mike could be heard whimpering over Nathan's guttural groans.

     Harder and faster, Nathan fucked, he was ready, he wanted to force his cum as far up Mike as he could, he wanted his dick so far inside Mike for him to taste his cum. As Nathan's dick began to twitch and force cum from his balls to Mike's waiting innards, his fucking stopped. His dick was lodged deep inside Mike as his cum spewed forth and coated his colon.

     When Nathan pulled his spent dick out of Mike, it was red raw and immediately deflated to its soft state. Nathan slapped Mike on his arse and pulled him round.

     "Now, who do you obey, who's your master?"

     "You. But what about King? He'll kill me." Kike pleaded.

     "You do what I say, be my bitch and do my bidding and I'll look after you." Nathan started to slowly rub Mike's cock and balls to emphasis the point. "You be mine and I'll make sure that King wishes that he'd never been fucking born."

     "Ok." Mike gulped, still worried about King.

     "And your mate too. Is he with us or with King?"

     Bill could hear and looked at Mike, nodding to Nathan, he wanted to make sure his balls recovered and never wanted Nathan to have a go at them again.

     "He's with us." Mike said.

     "Good, now you two get back to what you do, stay by King and be his friend. But you tell me everything. And when the time is right and he thinks that you two are still his bitches, then I'll set him straight and let anybody in this fucking place fuck his tight arse if they want." Nathan held out his hand. "Shake on it."

     Mike shook his hand, sealing the agreement. "We ok now?"

     "Yep, do what I say and I'll say no more about it."

     Bill got to his feet and shook Nathan's hand. "Thanks."

     "Now fuck off." Nathan smiled at them and he started a shower running to wash his body.

     Mike and Bill slinked off, still stinking of piss and left Nathan to his shower.



Next Episode : Visiting Time


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