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By David Heulfryn

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Episode Seven : Visiting Time


With a satisfied smile on his face, Nathan stood under the showerhead and let the warm water soak his body. He squirted some shower gel onto his palm and gently rubbed it into his crotch, his limp dick rolled around as the lather gathered and smeared over his cock and balls. Despite the attention, his dick didn't inflate, it was already satisfied and wasn't ready for another round.

     Some lads had already finished breakfast and the shower was beginning to get busy. No-one spoke to Nathan, they ignored him. He supposed it was something to do with King and him warning them away from him.

     Just as Nathan was rinsing the soap from body, he noticed Sean. He minced into the showers, his long thin dick swinging between his legs. The other lads also noticed and hollered at him with jeers of requests for him to suck their dick. Sean scanned the bodies and sidled up to a young shy lad in the furthest corner. When his traced his finger over his buttocks, the lad flinched. He looked nervously at Sean, his deep blue eyes wide. He looked to be only sixteen, his body not yet fully developed and his dick was not yet fully grown.

     Sean grabbed the lad's little dick and started wanking him, his own dick started to grow and was not poking the boy in his thigh. The lad's dick went rigid very quickly and Nathan watched as Sean yanked his hard dick. The boy came very quickly and virtually ran from the showers leaving the shower free for Sean.

     The little show had caused Nathan's dick to plump up, but he wasn't about the take care of it in public and in a busy shower. He left the showers and started to dry himself, jostling for enough elbow room with the others.

     On the way back to his cell, Nathan heard the booming voice of Hanley.

     "Where the hell have you been, Nathan? I was about to list you as absconded."

     Nathan stopped dead in his tracks and turned to look at Hanley, who was striding his way over to him. "Just having a shower. Ain't no problem in that."

     "Yes that is a fucking problem when I'm looking for you." Hanley lowered his voice so that no-one else could hear him. "Don't ever make me fucking look for you again, when I want you, you'd better be standing right at my feet begging to suck me off."

     "Yes, Sir. Suck you off, Sir? Fuck yer arse, Sir?" Nathan was sarcastic.

     "Don't get smart with me or I'll yank yer balls clean off. Now get a fucking move on, you've got a visitor." Hanley pushed Nathan towards the queue of boys that were waiting to be marched from the cell block to the visitors block.

     Nathan tagged on to the end and the bars were unlocked and the lads were taken in silence to another part of the prison. When they entered a small anteroom, they were handed a fluorescent orange bib to put on, highlighting them as offenders to the officers that would keep an eye on them and the visitors.

     The visiting room was empty when they were led through and Nathan sat at a table near the farthest corner, hoping it would give him more privacy. When all the lads were sat down, the visitors started to come through. Nathan looked at the faces of the mothers and fathers that had come to see their sons, but last through skulked Laura, his girlfriend, head bowed and arms folded. She smiled when she saw Nathan and quickly shuffled over to him and sat down.

     "Hi." Nathan said.

     "They fucking searched me, ya know. I had some les feel me up and they made me leave everything I brought you."

     "Big fucking deal, I've had far worse done to me. What you come here for anyway."

     "Your Mum was supposed to come but she was too upset, so she let me come. I missed you last night."

     "I missed your wet cunt last night too."

     Laura had slipped her shoe off and started to run her bare foot up Nathan's leg. As she reached his crotched she pressed firmly and felt his dick against the sole of her foot. Nathan began to get hard as her toes wiggled and tickled his dickhead.

     Nathan tried not to groan as his dick was now fully hard and tenting his sweatpants. Laura now poked her toes down to his balls and ran her foot along the full length of his dick.

     "I want to fuck you bad." Nathan whispered.

     "I want you to, too."

     Laura now had Nathan's dick lodged between her toes and was deftly wanking him with her foot. Nathan shuffled down the chair slightly and gave her more room to play with him. The sensation of her toes on his knob and the smooth rubbing of the cotton sweatpants brought him to the edge very quickly. He stuttered a couple of times and then shot his load inside his sweatpants. Laura stopped her foot and felt the wetness seep through and the coldness of his cum on her toes.

     Nathan quickly recovered and sat up straight again. "That was fucking awesome, I hope you're going to visit me everyday."

     "I wish I could, but yer Mum will be coming instead."

     "Shit, she won't wank me off like you do." He smiled.

     He delved his hands under the table to adjust his sweatpants and the horror of him coming in them swept across his face.

     "Hands above the table!" An officer shouted over at Nathan.

     Nathan's hands shot back up and rested on the table. "Fuck, I've got a huge wet cum stain on me. They'll fucking rip the piss outa me. Shit, how long we got for it to dry?"

     "Dunno," Laura shrugged, "they never said. Don't you wear pants anyway."

     "Nope, we're supposed to but they don't give us any."

     As they chatted, Nathan cheered up and forgot about the wet stain on the front of his sweatpants. They talked about everything and nothing but never mentioned the times he'd sucked a cock or been fucked in the short time he'd been at Cock Town. Towards the end of the visit Laura started blubbing and Nathan was getting annoyed. She didn't want to leave him and he didn't want her doing the fucking woman thing every time she visited. He told her to pull herself together and she sniffled away her tears as a load klaxon went off and the officers told the prisoners to remain seated while the visitors left.

     As the prisoners rose to their feet and began to line up for the walk back, one officer noticed the wet cum stain on Nathan's sweatpants.

     "Christ! We have a right live wire here." He pointed to Nathan's crotch, causing raucous laughter from prisoners and guards. "I think you'd better go to the front so we can keep an eye on you."

     Nathan walked to the head of the queue and tried to cover the stain with his hands.

     "And keep your hands by your sides."

     Nathan was pointed at and laughed at all during the walk back to cell block, once back he made his way back to his cell, Dean was lying on his bed reading a magazine.

     "Got any spare sweats, mate." Nathan asked as he sat on his bed.

     "Nope, we don't get any, just get replacements once a week and by the end some of the lads' sweats are pretty funky."

     Nathan lay on his back and pushed his hands inside his sweatpants, he tented the fabric with his hands to get the air circulating, trying to dry the fabric quicker, but his cum was still smeared over his dick and balls. "Got any tissues?"

     Dean delved under his bed, grabbed a box and tossed them to Nathan who took a handful and began wiping his cock and balls dry.

     Nathan quickly tucked his tackle back into his sweatpants when he heard and saw two lads run passed his cell door, they were laughing and he heard them say something like 'hurry up or they'll miss it'. The noise suddenly got loader.

     "What the fuck is goin' on out there?" Nathan asked not expecting an answer.

     "Oh, I heard that Sean fingered someone in the shower this morning for some special treatment."

     "Fingered? What up the arse?"

     "Naw, you wanker." Dean chuckled. "Sean has a signal when he wants someone dealt with. He wanks them off in the shower. Everyone here knows what it means."

     "You're fucking kidding. I was there when he did it, I thought he was just messing about and the lad just let him."

     "Well you would, wouldn't you? Or else the special treatment would be much worse."

     "What did the kid do, he looked so innocent that he wouldn't hurt a fly?"

     "Who the fuck knows, he probably just looked at Sean the wrong way, or just bumped into King or summat. But I wouldn't like to be in his shoes when King's two goons deal with him."

     "What, Mike and Bill?"

     "Yep, they'll certainly fuck him up good." Dean looked confused as Nathan got off his bed and left the cell.

     Nathan didn't know why he was getting involved, but there was something about that young skinny lad that got to him, he didn't want Mike and Bill to hurt him, he looked too cute.

     He didn't have to go far; he just made his way to the crowd that gathered around a cell door, they were all jeering. Nathan looked around and saw a couple of Officers; they just ignored what was going off. 'Bastards' Nathan muttered to himself.

     Pushing his way through the crowd, Nathan saw Mike and Bill in the young lad's cell. They had him pinned to the bed and Mike was playfully slapping him around the face while Bill was standing my, rubbing his crotch and pointing his covered hard-on to the boy. They were only just getting started.

     Nathan went over to Bill and whispered a few words in his ear. "Don't you dare fucking hurt this boy!"

     "But we have to." Bill whispered back with a worried look on his face.

     Mike looked concerned as he watched Nathan and Bill whispering to each other and stopped slapping the boy, but kept him pinned down.

     The whispering continued and the jeers from the watching crowd turned to muttering. Nathan then turned to walk out of the cell.

     "Fuck the little cunt over good and proper." He spat at Mike and Bill as he left and the crowd started jeering again.

     The look on the boys face turned to horror, he was scared and was visibly shaking. Bill spoke to Mike, "Right, now that interfering cunt has pissed off, let's get to it."

     Mike raised his fist and was about to punch the kid hard in the face when Bill shouted for him to stop.

     "I aint messing this one up with a fucking audience, I want to fuck his sweet little arse open in private. It's too good to waste on these fuckers." Bill nodded to the crowd and pushed them away from the doorway. He told one of the lads to keep watch and to knock if the Officers got too interested.

     With the door closed, Bill explained to Mike that they were to make it look like they had done him over, but not to hurt the boy.

     The boy's face relaxed and he stopped shaking. He kept blurting out a string of thank yous, but Bill told him to thank Nathan, as they would have done a good job on him.

     They now had to make it look like he was getting a good going over and Mike and Bill started play fighting each other and loudly shouting insults at the each. After a while the sound of some hard fucking could be heard on the other side of the door, the lad outside smiled and squeezed his dick as he imagined the young lad's arse being ripped open.

     Half an hour later, Bill and Mike emerged from the cell and left the young boy curled up on his bed, the sound of sobbing being mimicked from his lips.



Next Episode : Nathan's Boy


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