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By David Heulfryn

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Episode Eight : Nathan's Boy


The boy paused when he reached Nathan's cell. He peered inside and saw Nathan lying on his bed reading one of Dean's magazines. He was alone since Dean had decided to go try and find something to do.

     Nathan heard the boy shuffle inside and he lowered the magazine.

     "Well, come in properly." Nathan sat up.

     "Th..thanks." The boy looked at the floor.

     "Well..." Nathan coaxed the boy to speak.

     "I...I just wanted to say thank you." He was nervous.

     "No probs." Nathan stood up and held out his hand to shake the boy's. "My name's Nathan."

     The boy shook his hand but his wrist remained limp. "I'm Matty."

     "Come sit down, Matty." Nathan put his arm around Matty and they sat together on the bed. "Now, this morning was for free. But you need to know that there will be some changes around here. I have just put myself between you and King and his bitch, Sean."

     "W...why?" He was shaking again.

     "Because I like you and I don't like King. Look, he's on his way out and I need a bitch."

     "You mean you want to... me?" He didn't say the word but just gulped in its place.

     "Trust me, I'll be a better mate to you than King. I will look after you, no-one else will touch you, ever. And if you are good to me then I will be gentle with you."

     Matty was still scared but though Nathan would be better than King.

     "So, how long you been here?" Nathan asked.

     Matty muttered that he'd only been in Cocktown a couple of days, Nathan assumed he came the same day he did and it was probably Nathan's arrogant presence that delayed King's attention to the new cute boy. Now that King thought Nathan was tamed, he had begun to turn his attention to the others.

     Nathan squeezed the boy's shoulders to comfort him and Matty let his head fall onto Nathan's chest. Looking down he could see a slight bulge in Nathan's sweatpants. He smiled, it didn't look that big, and he just wanted someone to be nice to him. He felt his dick swell as he thought about Nathan's dick. He'd been wondering about what dick tasted like for several years now but never found another boy to experiment with. Despite having a few girlfriends, his mind would occasionally wander and he'd dream about naked boys.

     Sliding his hand down, he rubbed Nathan's crotch and felt his dick beneath the cotton. Nathan relaxed his hold on the boy and leant back. Matty continued to feel the fleshy pole through the fabric as it hardened. He looked at the tent he'd created and spotted a tiny spot where the tip of Nathan's dick poked the cloth, slowly the spot spread and Matty got to his knees between Nathan's legs.

     Gripping the waistband of Nathan's sweatpants, and with Nathan lifting his arse off the bed, he pulled them down to his knees. Matty stared at the hard dick in front of him and involuntarily licked his lips.

     Tentatively, Matty gripped Nathan's hard dick, it felt warm and was sticky with sweat. he pulled the foreskin down and watched as his red knob emerged. He bent forward and licked Nathan's knob, tasting the saltiness of the pre-cum. He liked the taste and licked his cock from base to tip before parting his lips and sucking in Nathan's dick.

     Nathan's bell-end was now in his mouth and Matty used his tongue to lick and probe his piss-slip and rubbing the underside. Nathan groaned and felt his dick throb with the tongue that teased him. This boy must have been thinking about sucking a cock for some time as for a first time it was verging on the expert.

     Matty took the cock further into his mouth, struggling to fit it down his throat, but he wanted it all in. He took hold of Nathan's balls and played with them as his lips massaged his cock. His own dick was raging between his legs but he just let it be, he wanted to concentrate on giving Nathan one hell of a blowjob, his own pleasure was second.

     Letting the dick slip from his lips, it slapped against Nathan's stomach and Matty stroked it as his hand guided the loose balls to his lips. He sucked in one balls and rolled it around his mouth with his tongue, the few little hairs that grew on the sac tickled him and felt one hair remain on his tongue as he allowed the ball to roll out of his mouth. Matty licked the wet sac and transferred the stray hair back to where it belonged.

     Nathan grunted and his dick twitched in Matty's palm. "Let me cum in your mouth." He gasped and Matty immediately swallowed Nathan's dick. He pumped the dick with his lips as Nathan grunted. It surprised him when he felt the dick swell and Nathan fired his cum, coating the inside of Matty's mouth. As Nathan continued to shoot, Matty began swallowing his seed and milked the cock with his lips.

     Panting, Nathan stopped firing and collapsed on his bed. Matty slowly sucked his dick clean and let it fall limp onto his bed of pubes.

     "Fuckin' A, man."

     They both were startled by the voice and flicked their heads to see who it was. Matty looked scared as they saw Dean leaning against the doorframe his hand down his sweatpants and rubbing his hard cock.

     "Fucking perv, watching us." Nathan laughed

     Realising there would be no trouble, Matty relaxed and sat back on his haunched. Nathan just lay back with his dick still exposed to allow Matty spit to dry before covering up.

     "This is one fucking great cock sucker." Nathan looked at Matty. "I'm glad I saved him as I'm sure he has a sweet arse too."

     Matty blushed.

     "So, when do I get a go?" Dean walked into the room and pulled his dick free.

     "Never! He's mine, exclusively."

     "Argh. Please." Dean begged.

     "Well, if you're good I'll let you have a go, but not until I say so. He's mine and I decide when, where and with who. Just make sure you make it known."

     "Sure, Boss." Dean said. "But after watching that show I need to deal with this." Dean pulled on his hard dick.

     "Well, do it here, for a treat I'll let you wank yourself and shoot in his mouth, but if your dick touched his lips I rip your balls off."

     Dean knew he was serious and he almost lost his hardon, but he started wanking hard and when he felt it was time moved over to Matty, who stayed on his knees. Matty opened his mouth and Dean positioned himself so that there was a good two inches of space between them. He bucked forward and shot. The first was right on target but subsequent shots were too weak and just slid down Dean's hand. Matty swallowed what little had landed on his tongue.

     "Good, boy." Nathan smiled at Matty. "Don't let anyone touch you, even if you want them to. Now bugger off. After that blowjob I need a nap."

     Matty slinked out of the cell and disappeared, Dean lay on his bed, smiling and looked at Nathan as his pulled his sweatpants back up and covered himself up.


Nathan had dozed off for an hour and woke with a burning urge to pee. Noticing Dean's bed empty, he supposed he'd disappeared as he napped. He had to dash the last few metres to the toilet as his bladder felt like it would burst. Standing at the urinal, he let his bladder go and a long stream of piss shot from his dick. He sighed silently to himself and as he finished he now heard some voices coming from the shower, they sounded hushed but he knew something was going on.

     As he stroked his dick to get the last few drops of piss from his knob, he listened intently. It sounded like Matty.

     Tucking his dick back in his sweatpants, Nathan crept around the corner. The showers were empty apart from Matty who was cowering in the far corner, fully clothed with Sean standing over him; he was naked from the waist down.

     Nathan crept behind Sean and wrapped his arm around his neck and squeezed tight. "What the fuck are you up to?"

     Sean gasped for air and Matty got to his feet.

     "What's he done to you?" Nathan asked Matty.

     "Nothing, but he wanted me to suck him off. He says he saw me and you together earlier."

     "Oh, he did, did he? Well I'm not having this queer fucking spy on us." Nathan squeezed tighter and totally cut off Sean airway.

     Struggling, Sean tried to clutch Nathan's arm but just ended up scratching him. Nathan threw Sean to the wall, head first, and they heard a loud crack as his nose connected with the tile. Sean collapsed to the floor cupping his nose, the blood pouring profusely.

     Matty dashed over to Nathan and clung around his waist like a toddler who missed his mummy.

    "Don't fucking touch him ever again. Don't even look at him! If you do, I'll punch my fist right through your arsehole and rip your guts out of that well-fucked hole of yours. Understand!"

     Sean nodded meekly still trying desperately to stop his blood flowing.







Next Episode : Solitary


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