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Episode Nine - Solitary

No-one saw Sean for the rest of the day, Nathan suspected he'd gone to see the prison doctor to make sure his pretty little nose wasn't too badly damaged. It wasn't until dinner that Nathan found out what Sean had been up to.
     Hanley made his way over to Nathan as he sat with his tin tray of food in front of him; Dean and Matty were on his table and had begun eating.
     "You two, come with me." Hanley gripped Nathan's and Matty's shoulder very hard, his fingers digging into their skin and pulling them to his feet.
     Standing, Nathan could see King sitting at his table smiling at him.
     "What the fuck is this about?" Nathan asked.
     "Mind the language, we're seeing the Governor."
     Hanley led the two boys out and escorted them through the compound to the Governor's office. He knocked and led them inside.
     In front of his desk, Sean stood bolt upright, his arms flat against his sides. Hanley told Nathan and Matty to stand next to him.
     The Governor was an old man, balding and had a deeply wrinkled face. It looked like he never smiled and was obviously ex-services.
     Nathan looked at Sean and saw plasters over his nose.
     The investigation was short with the governor asking questions and Nathan and Matty denying everything. He didn't believe them and told Hanley to take them to solitary, for forty-eight hours.
     Matty broke down crying, bawling out that he didn't do anything but no-one took any notice and Nathan held him, comforting him, telling him to be strong. Sean just smirked at them as Hanley led them away.

The solitory block was small and well away from any other part of the prison. Inside, you could hear nothing, not other prisoners, not even the prison staff as they went about their work. It was an eerie place which was hardly used before the new governor arrived and he started using it again.
     There were four cells in the block and a guard's station. Nathan and Matty were the only two visitors. Hanley led them to the cell block and demanded they strip.
     "What the fuck for?" Nathan was belligerent while Matty just stood still, stunned.
     "Because I said so. Now strip."
     "Look, this is solitary, we don't need to strip."
     Hanley pulled his stick from his belt and banged it on the wall before slamming it on the desk. "You do as I say or next time it will hit you." He sneered at Nathan.
     "Alright, alright, don't throw your dolly ou the pram." Nathan teased him and pulled his sweatshirt over his head. Matty followed suit and Hanley looked on.
     Naked, Nathan stood in front of Hanley, his hands on his hips. Matty stood back slightly and covered his crotch with his hands.
     "Ah, the little boy is modest." Hanley teased. "Now come with me."
     They were led to the cells and Nathan watched as Hanley pushed Matty into the first one. He tripped over his own feet fell to the floor, awkwardly; he stood up, his hands still covering his modesty.
    Smiling, Hanley slammed the door shut and locked it.
    Without a word, Nathan was pushed into his cell and the door locked. Hanley went back to the guard station and put his feet up.

The cell was small and dark. In one corner was a toilet and a sink, the other side of the cell a bed was built out of the wall, it was a solid bed with only a thin mattress on to cover it, there were no bed covers.
     Nathan lay on the bed and felt the hard base beneath him. It was uncomfortable but it would not stop him sleeping. As he became accustomed to the silence, he could hear sobbing from the next cell.
     Matty cried himself to sleep that night, Nathan lay awake for as long as possible until tiredness finally took hold and he drifted into sleep.
     Every little noise in the small block echoed and reverberated, so the moment Hanley unlocked the door to the cell block, Nathan was awake. He heard the viewing plate of Matty's cell slide across and heard Hanley demand, "Go to sleep."
     Then he heard the rattle of keys in his cell door's lock and the dark figure of Hanley stood looking at Nathan.
     "I think you need to be taught a lesson. You can't go around breaking noses in here."
     Nathan leapt to his feet which caused Hanley to take a step back.
     "You're not getting any ideas are you?" His hand was poised above his baton.
     "Not at all. Just paying attention to you."

     "Good, because this block is mine until morning and nobody will hear you or come to your rescue. Now sit down."
     Nathan sat down on the bed and watched as Hanley slowly undressed, never keeping his baton far from him.
     For some reason, Hanley had taken a liking to Nathan, and he sighed as he knew what was to come. He could resist but it would mean bruises and possibly a few cracked ribs. Nathan resigned himself to the fact that Hanley was going to use him. He wondered if Hanley actually wanted him to resist but he didn't want to waste his energy.
     In the dim light, Nathan could see the naked frame of Hanley. He was much hairier than he thought. His dark mat of chest hair stopped suddenly before his neck and flowed down his body, even covering his stomach. There was a line of darker, thicker hair that trailed down the centre of his body from between his firm pecs down to melt into the thick black bush of pubes which camouflaged his dick. Because of the thick bush, his dick looked small, but Nathan knew different as he had felt it inside him.
     Hanley kept his baton in his hand as he approached the seated Nathan. His dick was soft now in front of him. "Suck it and make me hard." Hanley demanded. "And play with my balls. But be careful as if I feel any pain I'll crack your skull open."
     Nathan leant forward and lifted Hanley's heavy balls with his hand. They were large and just as hairy as the rest of the man. Tentatively he rolled them around and he watched as his dick rolled with the balls. Now he used both hands, one played with his balls, the other started stroking his dick. It was dry and as he pulled the skin back, it revealed a gnarled and dull head; it was a dick that had seen a lot of action.
     Licking his lips, Nathan got his saliva flowing and wrapped his wet lips over the half hard knob. It smelt and tasted musty but he soon freshened it up with his spit and teased the dick so he could feel it expand and fill his mouth. Hanley started rocking his hips back and forth, fucking Nathan's face and he had to release his balls from his grip. Nathan's job was now over; Hanley was hard and ready to fuck.
     Nathan put his hands on Hanley's buttocks and he felt them tense and relax with each thrust. Rubbing his fingers through the downy hair that seemed to cover them, his fingers delved into the crack where the hair got courser. His index finger touched Hanley's hole, it flinched at his touch and Nathan suddenly felt Hanley slap the top of his head.
     "Leave that alone, it's out of bounds to you."
     Nathan moved his hands and let them rest on Hanley's hips.
     Hanley pulled out from Nathan's mouth. "That is one hot tongue you've got. Now stand up and turn around."
     Nathan knew he was going to fuck him, he'd expected it but it didn't stop him trying to make Hanley blow his load in his mouth so that he could save his arse.
     His dick was slick with spit and slid easily into Nathan, who had learnt to push back to open himself up. Hanley fucked him slowly, it was so much better this way, Nathan thought, and he was starting to enjoy it, especially when Hanley rubbed his dick over his prostate. It felt fantastic; Nathan grew hard and started to toss himself off.
     What started as a slow fuck gradually got harder and faster, both Hanley and Nathan groaned and Nathan felt his ball about to erupt. Thrashing his head around his hand wanked his dick as his balls pushed out their cum. It flew everywhere as he continued beating himself off until his dick was spent.
     Nathan's dick quickly softened and was flapping around between his legs as Hanley carried on fucking him, it was another few minutes before Hanley slammed deep into Nathan and let out his signature guttural groan, coating Nathan's colon with his cum.
     Hanley fell forward, exhausted and rested for a moment on Nathan's back like a lover who wanted to caress his partner. But he soon snapped out of this and pulled away from Nathan, feeling his dick slip from his hole.
     "So much better when you aren't acting like a cunt, isn't it?" Hanley smiled and began to dress back into his uniform.
     Nathan pulled himself back onto his bed and curled up.
    "See you tomorrow." Hanley left and locked the door.



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