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This story has a total of 10k words in 5 parts. The entire story has been written and it will all be posted.

This is an authentic tale. There will be plenty of explicit and descriptive sex but this story is actually a genuine love affair between opposites. The set and setting is NYC 1984. The protagonist is a straight appearing student and his unintended relationship with a androgynous Goth.

Absolutely East 4th Street. copyrighted by me, Larkin jet2larkin [at] gmail [dot] com

Part 1: Coin of the Realm. 1984

"Juh have any tokens left?"

His hair was dyed black. His clothes were tight and uncommon. They were all black. His body was unusually small and waif like. He looked like a strange little kid. I found an extra token in my pocket and gave it to him.

He smiled up at me and said, "Thanks man. Not just anyone would do a nice thing like that, ya know."

His voice sounded sort of feminine but agreeable. We both got on the subway together and he sat right up next to me. He didn't have to, there were plenty of options. It was a bold move and I was impressed.

Looking more closely at him, I noticed his hands were thin, delicate. On his fingers were a few odd hand-wrought rings of different metals. His face was cute and mischievous. He smiled and continued to talk. The brightest thing in his dark composition were his eyes. They were outlined in gothic black and were a strange sort of pale blue that was almost Manson-like. This time when he smiled, I saw them for the first time. His two canines were pointed or filed in the manner of a Vampire. I'm sure it was cosmetic but the impression was startling. You might call it fantastic reality.

Because he sat so close to me, we were able to talk as if we knew each other and not as strangers that had just met. He told me his name was Rage. I guessed that it was a name made up or taken from somewhere else. I told him I lived with my parents on East 3nd and 2nd Avenue. My Parents had been threatening to move out of the city for the longest time.

He said he lived between B and C on East 4th Street. He seemed pleased that we lived so close to each other. We got off at the same stop and both had a only short walk into the East Village.

I told him my name was Daniel and where I was going to school and all the usual stuff. My appearance is not unattractive. I consider myself young, but ordinary. He seemed to be interested in me, but I thought why? I didn't like to stick out too much. If anything, he was the interesting one.

Rage said he was an artist and worked in mixed media. I had no idea what that was. When we reached the street where we would have split our journey, he stopped. He looked disappointed that our meeting was over.

He hesitated and then said, "Juh wanna come over? I don't live far and I`d kinda like to hang out with you some more."

I looked towards my destination and thought about all the things that I was supposed to do.

Then I looked at the strange person I had just met and after a momentary pause, I said, "Ok."

We continued walking past 2nd Avenue down further East and then up to 4th. Rage's place was a five floor walk-up.

It seemed like the whole East Village had been slated for demolition. Buildings like his were in limbo. They were intentionally neglected to cause tenants to flee. The building like Rage's were often called a squat. The hallways were in ruins and some abandon apartments were even missing their doors exposing some frozen chaos or past disaster inside.

He keyed his door and let us both in. Once inside, His place was safe, comfortable and isolated from the rest of the world. He switched on a string of Christmas lights. There was another string of lights arranged in a glass bowl on sort of a coffee table. We sat together on a day bed that was done up like a couch. His whole apartment was individual, like him. Rage started some friendly chatter.

"My Aunt let me have this place when she went to Los Angeles. She went with this black guy. I didn't much like him.. Actually I should say, he really didn't like me so I'm glad they're gone. I mean like there's no rent and sometimes a war might break out in the hall down stairs, but nothing much happens up here."

Rage lit up a joint and asked me, "So, um, what were you doing over by the Noguchi Cube last Saturday?"

I was surprised. He smiled, and blew pot smoke at me.

I responded suspiciously. "Shit, I don't even know you and already you're spying on me."

I thought to myself, how could anyone as weird looking as Rage spy on anyone without them seeing him?

I gave an appraising look. "If you must know, I was handing out flyers."

He laughed out loud more like a young boy than a girl. It was plain to me that Rage was a complicated concoction of both sexes. He moved closer and now he had his hand on my leg. I don't know, I guess it was because of my friendly nature that he would assume that I was easy and, well, the truth is, I am. It's that or have a jerk more than once a day. I'm all for helping things along.

He was sort of cute and he was,, you know,.. exotic, fragile and sensitive. He made me feel like he was someone that needed care and protection. It was this impression that made me feel comfortable around him. I did not discourage any of his advances and behaved as if it was agreeable to me.

He lifted one leg up and popped off his small black and white high top then the other one. With unexpected familiarity, he spread out, half on me and half off. He appeared completely content and it became obvious that he was offering himself to me as a gift.

I held on to him and rubbed his torso. He was so skinny, much skinnier than me. When I did this he sprawled and curled like a cat prompting me to continue. He climbed up on me and we kissed. The chemistry was intoxicating. He had a natural body scent that had the allure of sweet musk.

It appeared to me as if he was some kind of magical creature, a strange night creature that can cast spells and can fly on wings. His tongue was firm and sweet. He was squeezing me through my pants and stroking me between my legs. His vampire smile cast us together in a dusty old book full of mystical stories. I have become Gothic and he was suddenly, a dark treasure.

I was thinking to myself, "I have totally lost it." Perhaps it was the pot smoke?

But I just didn't care. Some adventures in life you just have to let happen. I pulled his thin dark shirt off over his head revealing a few raw hide necklaces with charms and talismans hanging round his neck. His skin was featureless and ghostly pale white. He totally lacked the male definition that one is use to seeing even on some young boys. When I began to pull off his pants, he aided me by lifting his legs up in the air in a submissive and erotic display. Completely naked, we kissed again. Both his legs and arms clung to me in an exotic embrace.

Never having been in love before, I had nothing to gage what love is supposed to be like but I was definitely under a magic spell. My hand traced his hairless under arm, his smooth chest, warm belly down to his penis and scrotum. It was so small and delicate and even though it was erect and standing, it was barely four inches. His scrotum was the only skin that appeared darker from the rest of him. 
With the exception of his black chaotic head of hair, the rest of his body was completely and absolutely without body hair or any masculine definition. We were as different as day and night.

He began to pull off my clothes; I just lay there and watched him in wonder. He tugged off my pants and when I was naked he devoted himself to my cock. Periodically he would climb back up on me and kiss. While we kissed, he would reach behind himself and rub my stiff cock on his butt hole. My interested mounted and I turned him around. His ass was soft and round. I spread it until I could see his little hole and scrotum below. To my surprise, his scent was earthy and sweet. It was something I never thought I'd ever do but in Rage, it eventually became something I would never want to live without.

He got up and turned so he could face me and slowly sat down on my cock. We kissed some more and my cock gradually went up his ass. Next to him, my cock was so big and he was so small I could hardly believe I was up inside of him.

He looked into my eyes and said, "Come on, I want you to fuck me. You won't hurt me."

I rolled him so that I was over him and started the most wonderful fuck of my life. He wrapped his arms around me. All the motion between us was smooth, luxurious and in ever increasing in intensity.

He clung to me and whispered into my ear, "You can do anything you want to me."

His voice sent chills throughout my body.

He kept saying, "Make me love you."

We fucked for much longer than I ever had with anyone. Looking into each other's eyes and kissing, we and went on and on. We fucked until we finally came in blindingly beautiful, liquid synchronicity.

End of Part 1

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