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This story has a total of 10k words in 5 parts. The entire story has been written and it will all be posted.

This is an authentic tale. There will be plenty of explicit and descriptive sex but this story is actually a genuine love affair between opposites. The set and setting is NYC 1984. The protagonist is a straight appearing student and his unintended relationship with a androgynous Goth.

Absolutely East 4th Street. copyrighted by Larkin jet2larkin [at] gmail [dot] com

Part 2: Love?

When I woke up it was almost dark outside. The Christmas lights gave the room a cozy glow. Still naked, Rage was over me on his hands and knees.

"Daniel,...Danny! I could go get you some McDonalds but I don't have any money. If you do, I'll could go get em."

I opened my eyes and pieced together all the recent events. "No, I'm ok."

I sat up and looked at him. "What was your name again? I didn't forget you, just that strange name of yours."

He answered, "Rage."

His cock was still up at eleven thirty.

"Rage, I have to ask you a question. Just how old are you?"

He put on a coy look that I was sure he had used before when asked this question. 
"I'm nineteen."

I was puzzled. "No way, you`re lying!"

He flashed me a look of anger. He turned and rummaged around in a rucksack and handed me a Canadian passport. "See...Just don't call me a fuckin liar!"

The picture was him but his hair was short and blonde. I gave him a puzzled look.

"No, I'm not lying, I am nineteen. I just had this, ..endr...endrichol..logical....Shit, a problem with my glands! The doctor said it's nothing to worry about, so that's how it is."

He suddenly crossed his arms defensively and made a disappointing frown. "So now you think I am a total freak and you never want to see me again and now, because I like you, I`ll probably have to kill myself."

He curled up and started crying. I never saw anything so pitiful. Not knowing what to do with him, I pulled him over so he could rest his head on my chest. Again this feeling came over me where I wanted to protect him from the rest of the world.

Still crying, he looked up at me. "You can go if you want. Go the fuck away and never see me again, I don't care."

He buried his face in my breast and continued to sob. It was at that very moment that I knew that this encounter was going to change my life forever.

I tried to explain myself, "Just because you are a weird freak doesn't mean that I don't like you. So far, I have never had such an incredible experience with anyone like this in my life. Rage, you've done something to me. I think you are magical."

He stopped crying and listened for awhile.

Then looking out the window at the great grey city, he quietly said almost to himself, "I am magical, aren't I?"

There was a long pause between us.

Then I asked him, "Have long have you been spying on me anyway?"

He gave me his mischievous vampiric smile again. "Oh, much longer then you would believe. I don't just see people out and around, I sneak around, sometimes very late at night. You'd never know, I might have been even looking in your window when you were jerking off and you would have never known."

He laughed and then his humor faded into seriousness. "Daniel, please stay with me. I`m living here all by myself and I get so fucking miserable and lonely"

I puzzled about it for a moment. As archaic as it sounds, New York still had phone booths and I called home and spoke to the warbling answer machine.

"Hi Mom, I'm staying at the Ryder's and I promise I'll go to practice first thing tomorrow. Ok, I will, I love you, see you after school."

I brought back Chinese take-out. I looked at Rage and said. "Problem solved."

He hugged me and I pulled the blanket over us. We played together in every possible way until it began to get light.



Part 3: Self Deception

The next morning I had to collect the pieces of my life and fall back into the groove that everyone expected me to be in. I made a quick stop home so my Parents could see that I was not dead or kidnapped and quickly went off to school. They made sure I had way too many obligations and chores, keeping me focused on school and all the stuff they wanted me to do.

I had to do this, I had to do that. Each idea or problem was like wheels spinning around in my in my head, but suddenly one by one they stopped and Rage's face appeared in my mind. I left early and Rage was still cuddled up in bed.

Looking up at me, he said, "Danny, come over as soon as you get done with your stuff today. I'll be here waiting for you so you can fuck me again."

He laughed and gave me that Vampire smile.

I felt good all day like the way one feels when you made a conquest. It's good for the ego. Because of Rage's feminine nature, I felt like a man. I thought about whether I should go back or stand him up like it was just a onetime thing. If he spied on me and he liked me then maybe there lots of others out there that I can fuck. I stopped to look at my reflection in a store window. He's pretty weird anyway. I tried to imagine us as a couple. I'm a foot taller, my hair is short, and even though I am still in high school I dress to blend in.

Rage is a genuine freak with dyed black hair, a night creature, a fabricated vampire, half boy and half girl. And what's with that sans-puberty thing? Who's going to believe that? My dad would drown me if he saw me with him and my Mom would burn me alive. They are progressive with everyone except me. They don't even know I have sex with guys.

I did the strangest thing. On the subway platform, I knelt down and opened my gym bag. Trying not to be conspicuous, I pulled out the shirt I had worn when I was over at his apartment. Pulling it up to my nose, I smelled it. It was him. I could smell him on my shirt and vivid pictures of what we did came rushing back into my mind. I saw him naked again and I began longing for him.

By early afternoon I was grabbing lunch at home, I was trying to decide whether or not to go to Rage's. I wasn't sure if I wanted to get stuck with him. Maybe I shouldn't have sex with him again because if I do it complicates things. I always figured that it not fair to lead someone on if you don't want a relationship.

The phone rang.

There was a soft voice. "Hi, you commin or not? I'm waitin for ya?"

He hung up.

I was conflicted. I didn't see any future in my encounter with Rage but the allure of sex with him was so intense and intoxicating. If I show up, we could fuck around again and then it might be just end naturally. But then, there is nothing natural about Rage.

When I got there, he was cheerful and offered me a hot pocket from the mic. We sat together. I watched nibble the only the smallest portion of the food. Then, without any fuss, he carefully and delicately pulled down my zipper, stuck his hand and rooted around until he found my cock. When he did, we kissed. Rage's body smells so good. In spite of my doubts and resistance, the spell took hold of me right away. We undressed each other in stages. He lay back and encouraged me to fuck him in his mouth. I couldn't help it, I came all over him in a series of long squirts. He looked a little disappointed that it might be over so soon. I assured him that I would have no problem doing it again and even once more.

The lust was so wicked and irresistible. I turned him over and pulled his pants down off of his behind. In doing this I knew I was preparing him to fuck. Naked, we embraced head to head and then head to bottom. He pulled his legs back and pinned them in place with his elbows. It totally exposed his behind for me to lick and penetrate. 
He covered my stiff dick with his spit and then guided it in. It was all so easy.

After the beginning, my cock went all the way up inside of him and then all the way out. He swooned and pulled me down to kiss. He rested his ankles on my shoulders and I began to fuck him more quickly. I looked down to see my cock going in and out of him. Then I looked into his beautiful face. Together, we work up an ever increasing rhythm of perfect sex.

It was exactly this point that I realized that I was toast, ....I was fucked, .....I was a goner. There was going to be no easy out of this thing.

My resistance to him was because I was afraid. The attraction was so powerful and magnetic because we were complete opposites. In a diabolical way that made us perfect for each other.

Looking up at me and in hushed tones, he said, "Daniel, please don't ever hurt me because I think I am falling in love with you. I promise, I`ll do anything you want me to."

We embraced and continued to fuck.

You know when I first started thinking of guys in a sexual way, I got very depressed. I thought I was sick and twisted and at times, even worse, dirty and filthy. I thought I let my parents down and that I was a psycho sex offender that deserved to be killed. I thought of killing myself more than once. But my life changed when I met Rage. He wasn't afraid to kiss and to open himself to me. What he did for me was show me what love is. He showed me that it doesn't matter what other people think. It is the honest feelings that you have for another person. What could be so terrible about holding a person that you care about and loving them. How can it be wrong?

I stayed way into the evening. It got so late that I decided not to go home for the second night. We spent hours just talking. I was the practical one, the sensible one. I was on a course for my future set by my Parents.

Rage live in fantasy world. He designed himself after the characters that he read about in books. He really did believe in magic. When we could no longer stay awake we slept together in each other's arms.


Dark Ritual:

It was in the wee hours when I awoke. The room was pitch black. I felt Rage's cock and it was completely stiff. I ran my fingers through his rear end. In the blackness of the rundown apartment we began again.

Sex in the dead of night, out of a deep sleep can be rude and animalistic. Rage had no problem with that and he took it upon himself to educate me. This act would finally and completely addict me to him. No words were spoken while we invented one dirty deed after another. I felt him pee on my stiff cock to lubricate it. We fucked again and again. 
We peed on each other and committed acts of humiliation. Rage showed me that he would do anything. He freed me from my fears and together we escaped civilization if only for a little while.


End of part 2