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This story has a total of 10k words in 5 parts. The entire story has been written and it will all be posted.


This is an authentic tale. There will be plenty of explicit and descriptive sex but this story is actually a genuine love affair between opposites. The set and setting is NYC 1984. The protagonist is a straight appearing student and his unintended relationship with a androgynous Goth.

Absolutely East 4th Street. copyrighted by Larkin jet2larkin [at] gmail [dot] com


Part 4: Addiction

We spent four entire days together. My life was in pieces. Parents wanted to know why I hadn't even called. Classes were missed and still all I could think about was Rage. Last night I was ordered home by my Dad. Under interrogation, I resisted an explanation of my actions.

Grounded except for school and classes, I was despondent. How could I tell my Parents that I met this little Goth freak with vampire fangs who sucks my dick and lets me fuck him? They were not likely to understand. I had to change at 42nd Street and I stood waiting for the train. I looked in both directions. I had two more classes but I was totally conflicted inside. It was almost twelve noon when I crossed over to the downtown side and hopped on a train bound for Astor Place. The anticipation was intense. I thought about him all naked getting ready to jerk off without me. I thought about what I wanted to do to him and how I was going to do it. I successfully concealed it, but my cock rose up so hard in my pants. Then I thought about how I was going to protect him and take care of him forever.

I knocked on his door. No answer. I got this pit in my stomach, "Oh no, he gone!"

I knocked again. No answer.

For some reason, in my rush back downtown, I figured he'd be home. I didn't even consider that he wouldn't be there.

Bad thoughts tried to enter my mind. "He's dead!"

"He gone!"

Or worst of all possibilities,...., someone else is fucking him!

This is a first for me, I don't have a history of going to pieces but here it is. I stood out in front of his building, thinking he might show up. When he didn't, I slowly headed West. I kept looking back thinking he might turn a corner. How could I suddenly turn into such a basket case? I must have gone back to his place three more times. I ended up hanging around the Noguchi Cube in Astor Place, thinking he might show up there.

No Rage, no Rage. He's gone. My fucking life is so over.


Part 5: Withdrawal

My mother looked at me and said, "What the hell is the matter with you this evening? You haven't eaten and you forgot to take the videos back. They have to go back tonight. I'm not paying anymore damn late fees."

I pushed my chair back and slowly lumbered into my room. My head was still haunted by that little fucking freak.

My Mother looked into my room, "Daniel, didn't you hear me? I told you to take those damn videos back before they close."

She tossed the bag on my bed.

I got up, and zombie like, headed down the stairs to the street, up the street to the avenue, down the avenue to video store. On my way back as I approached the corner, I heard a voice.

"Hey Daniel!"

I turned and saw Rage standing there looking cheerful. My depression lifted immediately. He looked a lot better than I did after no sleep all night long and running around all day.

He came up to me smiling and said, "What's up?"

He came up close and whispered into my ear. "If you don't come over and fuck my ass, I'm going to go looking for someone who will."

At first the threat pissed me off but I didn't want to risk him actually doing it. We both headed towards East 4th Street.


Part 6: Fork in the Road

We became inseparable. I only had a month left of school so I went to most of my classes but I stopped going home. I was afraid they try would to stop me from being with Rage. I would call home when they were out and leave and retrieve messages on the machine. They left messages too.

My dad's voice came over the warbley tape of the answer machine . "Daniel, we need to talk to you. If there is anything wrong, we can work it out but you owe us an explanation!"

Next message, "You better get your ass home right away or you'll be sorry! How can you do this to us? Your Dad and I are worried sick."

Another message, unintelligible rustling and then Rage's squeaky voice making cat noises. "Oh God!"

Dad's next message. "I called the school today and they told me that you've been at your classes. I'm trying to get your Mom to back off a little but I wish we could get together to talk. If it's drugs, you know that I've been through it and you know I can help. Please call me. I love you." 

It's not that I made up my mind to live with Rage, it's that I came to the realization that I couldn't live without him. Even an idyllic love affair like this isn't anything without adversity. Knowing this, I live in fear. I lived in fear that someone or something is going to take him away from me or one day he'll tell me that he doesn't love me anymore. The thought of this can turn my whole world black in seconds. It can put me on a journey of murderous torment and torture. I guess maybe I avoided love because I was afraid of the pain and hurt that can come of it. I always thought I had common sense, well it's fucking gone. I am in this relationship and I have become a prisoner of it.


Part 7: Dracula Jr.

I came home to change my clothes.

My Dad tried to corner me. "Listen Mister, we have to talk!"

I hate it when my Dad tries to exercise authority. I turned around, let my arms drop to my side and then, let my whole body slump still in a standing position.

I looked at the floor and moaned, "What?"

Instead of reading me the riot act, he tried confiding in me. "Look Daniel, I'm worried about you. If it's drugs you can tell me because I have been there."

I didn't answer.

He continued, "If it's pot, I'm not so worried. I'm not sayin that's it a good idea to be smoking pot because you are still in school, but if it's anything else and I am worried. You can start these things and think you got it all under control and..."

I interrupted him, "Dad..."

He kept talking. "Dad,..Dad, it's not drugs."

He looked puzzled. "Well what is it then?"

He re-appealed in an effort to drag it out of me. "What's goin on with you?"

Still looking down at the floor I said, "I'm seeing someone."

I guess the idea that I would be in such a state over simple dating hadn't occurred to him.

I looked up at my Dad and said, "There's more."

We were not really on the same wave length but he was doing his best to be understanding and receptive.

I looked down at the floor again as if I had committed a crime. "It's with a guy."

I hate the fact that the first thing that must have gone through his mind was a guy he knew from work. Fred,...something, he works out all the time and was constantly smiling. He had a huge set of white capped teeth that made him look like an exaggerated movie star.

From the look on his face, I guessed that he had never thought of that kind of possibility in his soccer playing son.

He started out by saying, "Well, you know that your Mom and I are pretty accepting. We like gay people."

He instantly realized that it was not the right thing to say. "Look, I'm going to have to think about this a bit but I want you to work it out for yourself and I'm behind you on whatever decision you make. The only thing I ask is that you maintain school and I'll go along with everything else. I have only one other request, I don't care how late, come home at night to sleep so that we know that you are alright."

He was being so reasonable that it was almost irritating. I got my things and cleared out as soon as I could.

Before I went out the door, he said, "You know, you can bring him home to meet us if you want."

I slammed the door and ran down the stairs.

Yeah sure, bring Dracula Jr. home to meet the parents. My dad would shoot us both and then himself.


Part 8: Conflicts

Once school let out, I negotiated with my Parents. I told them that I was in a relationship. They were very understanding. I resisted a meeting and reconciliation between the four of us. They considered me to be self-centered and selfish. The truth was that they were very curious to see who I had chosen for a mate. I was grateful that they agreed to cut me some slack for the summer. Now, my greatest conflict is how I felt about Rage and how what I thought everyone else thought about Rage. I refer to him as a little freak, a vampire, a Goth reject, but that's what I think everyone else looks at him and thinks. When I see him, I see him as beautiful delicate vulnerable, intensely sexual and diamond-rare. I only see good things. I don't see the bad things that people assume because they don't know him.

When I came in, Rage was in the bathtub. Old New York apartments often have a bath tub in the main room. Pulling my chair next to the bath tub, we chatted about my meeting with my Parents. He was in a cheerful mood.

"I don't know what you're worried about? I want to meet them. I would tell your Mom, you're son has the sweetest cum. You should see how far he shoots it."

That broke us both up. He added more.

"I want to get a camera so's I could take a picture of you when you're fucking my butt and we can send it to your Dad."

The weight of Parental obligation had been lifted and I was free to be here and take care of Rage. He stood up and I dried him with a towel. We kissed and he climbed into my arms. Rage makes me so happy.

"Rage, I like you clean, but not this clean. All of your beautiful scent is gone until tomorrow."

We cuddled together. I started our sex ritual and was surprised when he pushed my hand away.

When I tried again he looked at me and said, "Daniel, is it okay if we don't? I'm not feeling up to it. That's why I took a bath. You know, achy and all."

If you love someone, you don't force yourself on them. I was content just to be with him.