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This story has a total of 10k words in 5 parts. The entire story has been written and it will all be posted.


This is an authentic tale. There will be plenty of explicit and descriptive sex but this story is actually a genuine love affair between opposites. The set and setting is NYC 1984. The protagonist is a straight appearing student and his unintended relationship with a androgynous Goth.


Absolutely East 4th Street. copyrighted by Larkin jet2larkin [at] gmail [dot] com


Part 10 con't: Jealousy

Next day Rage let me in. He acted fairly normal but said, "God, what happened to you, you look like you got the flu bug.

He knew something was up and he acted as if he wasn't in the mood for anything heavy. 

I was past that. I had to get it out into the open.  "When I think about you having sex with someone else, I can see you with them in my mind and when I do, I fall apart inside. I never was in love with anyone else before so I am totally unprepared for this."

"Danny, what are you talking about?"

I said, "Are you and Kick fuckin around?"

He laughed in an effort to lighten things up. "Oh Danny, Me and Kick are more like girlfriends. I mean, we had sex together before I even met you but it was just for fun not like what you and me got. Today, we just look at each other and laugh at the idea."

I said, "What about what's his name, Jacques? He gives me the creeps like. He reminds me of an undercover cop.

Rage tried to conceal his amusement. He tried to reassure me." Oh, he's just a guy I know."

"So you didn't have sex with him?"

He looked at me angrily, "No, I didn't have sex with him! You must think I fuck everyone I meet."

I said, "So you're sayin, you didn't fuck him, then how come...."

He stopped me in mid-sentence.

"Okay, what if I did?" His eyes filled with fire.

"What if I did? I'm not a piece of property you know. You or no one else owns me. You must think I fuck everyone I meet."

We were both getting angry. I said, "Well you would if you could and you fucked me when we first met."

Rage was looking down examining his finger nails. "Well maybe I felt sorry for you."

I said, "What!? You felt sorry for me like I was a loser or something? I'm not the one that's looks like Dracula Jr."

He yelled back, "Well, excuse me! I should have said that you looked lonely and I thought you might be fun! That's a fucking compliment if you didn't know."

He came up to me and slipped his hand under my tee shirt. 
"Danny, I can't help it, I don't live from day to day, I live from minute to minute. I just let things happen!"

He looked up at me and into my eyes. "I didn't do anything on purpose to hurt you, I was just being me. You can't think that I don't care about you. Look how we are when we are together."

I almost began to cry but held it in. "I was just so afraid that I was going to lose you and I started to fall apart."

He climbed up on me and buried his face in my breast. He was making me melt inside. His beautiful scent returned to me. We kissed and began to undress each other.

We awoke at dawn.  Rage fixed some tea and then we continued our love embrace.  Afterwards we both fell back into a deep sleep. 



Part 11: The 3-some

There was a loud knocking on the door. I opened my eyes.  Still naked, Rage got up and went to the door.   There was a commotion and laughing. It was Kick.   She glided right in as if the apartment was center stage.  Rage hopped back in bed with me.

"Well I'm glad you two worked things out.  Rage told me she couldn't possibly live without you so if you left she'd just have to kill herself, isn't that right Rage?"

Rage pulled the cover up over his mouth and laughed.  Much to my surprise, Kick came over and climbed on the bed with the two of us. 

I was trapped in the middle between two insane creatures.  Even though I was still mad at Kick I was enjoying the obvious attention I was getting from both of them.  Kick's cuddling was getting a little too familiar.

With a half smile I looked at him and said, "Stop that!  Keep your hands on top of the blanket.  I have all I can handle with Rage, thank you very much." 

Rage knew Kick all too well and looked on with amusement.  Then Rage started handling my cock under the cover.

I sat up, still trapped between the two and said, "You guys are weird, I know what's goin and I'm not getting into a threesome especially with you, Kick!"

I climbed naked out of bed and headed off to pee.  When I came back, they were still monopolizing the bed but Rage was lying naked on top of the covers obvious aroused. 

I must have looked annoyed when Kick said, "Daniel, will you fuckin relax.  You two look so good together, I just want to see so it so I can spread it around the neighborhood and then you'll be the envy of everyone, don't you want that?"

The more Kick tried to encourage us to engage in front him the more willing and seductive Rage became. When I saw that, my resistance came down and my cock went up. Rage pulled me closer and began handling my cock. 

Kick was thrilled.  Breathlessly he said, "Oh, god, suck his cock. I wanna see."

Rage did, putting on a truly lewd performance. 

Kick said, "Rage, you really have to get your tongue pierced like me it is so fuckin hot."

She looked up at me and said, "Can she get his tongue pierced? Please, please say yes."

Like I had any real say in the matter?  I was learning that Rage would do whatever he wanted to do and on top of that, I was starting to feel like a sex object. 

Kick was groping himself.  His voice was decidedly sly. "Just to show you how much I respect you Daniel, I'll ask you first.   Can I take mine out and have a stroke while you guys go at it?"

She didn't wait for an answer. She already had it out.  In complete contrast from Rage's tiny little thing, Kick's cock was nothing short of a masterpiece.  I admit that I was having trouble keeping my eyes off of it.  Rage pulled me down on the bed.  He raised his legs up and offered me his behind hole.  Carefully I penetrated him and he clung to me.  Kick was up close watching and encouraging as if she was the devil herself.  She had removed all his clothes. 

I felt his arm across my back and she whispered softly in my ear, "You fuck Rage so good, let me do it to you at the same time?"

My first impulse was to tell him to fuck off but the idea took hold and began to grow. She was behind me while I fucked Rage.  I felt Kick's stiff cock searching between my legs.

She whispered, "Please, please say yes."

This was uncharted territory for me and.... suddenly fell completely under Kick's twisted influence. Like Rage, ....I just let it happen.



Part 12: Conclusion

Of course Rage got his tongue pierced, but then so did I. He encouraged me to get a labret. He said it was fierce and when I looked in the mirror, I had to agree. 
We lived together all summer. I only saw my parents when I needed to talk about NYU coming up in the fall or I needed money. We weren't seeing eye to eye on anything.

We had a big fight that ended up with me saying, "Let's forget the whole thing, I'll start school in January when I figure out what I want to do."

My whole life was my relationship with Rage.

The powerful ingredient that made our love affair so intense was that we were totally different from each other. Almost complete and total opposites and it goes further than that. Rage couldn't, and wouldn't fit into the world I lived. In spite of the fact that my parents were old hippies, they had sold out to the machine and they were trying to teach me how to conform. Conversely, I didn't fit into his world of night creatures, artists and unorthodox sex. Rage's world was a world that he invented as he went along.

My parents, me and most people I knew, plan their lives for tomorrow and think about, "What if this?" or "What if that?" ...Rage lives in this very minute.....

He took pleasure in trying to re-design me and I also tried to change him into what I wanted but both of us changed in ways we had not expected or even intended.

We lived together five more months. Kick moved in and shared our small bed. He was the buffer between us and forestalled many fights and ultimatums but gradually Rage began to get bored and crave the unpredictable. He liked chaos because he said it made him feel real and more alive. As time went on I slowly realized that I could only share Rage's life, I could not possess it. Rage's allure and beauty made him reckless calculating and at times, even cold. My own disappointments made me philosophical and accepting of Rage's ways in a desperate attempt to hang on to him. The devotion I had for him was taken by him and also taken for granted. I don't blame him. I was a bit more in love with him then he was with me. It was supremely painful to see him get that look in his eye when he saw someone desirous and willing, someone who was different than me. Without looking back, he would go off and give himself to a perfect stranger. A day later he would return as if nothing had happened and soothe me as if I was the only one he really loved. I was grateful if for only that much, but I knew our life together was finished.

One day when I let myself into the apartment I found Jacques sitting on our bed reading. 
I asked him where Rage was. He said, without looking up and in a French Canadian accent, "I don't know, he said he'll be back in a while."

He continued as if making a declaration. "I will be here for several months, if that is okay with you?"

I collected my belongings, looked around the small apartment for signs of someone who had changed my life forever and then, descended the stairs and walked out onto the street. I was devastated but there was nothing I could do. My love affair with Rage was over. A few days later, he called and we talked. It was a friendly conversation but there was no mention of me coming back so I suppose things had gone pretty much as he had planned. He said something about having to go back up the Canada to renew his green card.


Part 13: One year later.

Kick was walking down St. Marks carrying a human form that had been bent and constructed out of chicken wire. Strangely, it looked sort of like a wirey shadow. We stopped each other on the street.

She looked at me and said, "Oh this?"

He proudly held his chicken wire effigy next to him as if it was accompanying him. "People throw out the weirdest things, I couldn't resist it."

She looked down the block and then back at me. She had a sad look on her face which was not something I expected from Kick.

She said, "I miss her, don't you?"

The Kick I knew was always shallow, self-centered, irrepressible and above all, very funny. I didn't say anything, I just looked down and nodded my head yes.

Kick said, "I talked to her a few weeks ago. She said that he and Jacques are going to Vancouver."

Kick looked as if she was going to cry. "Danny, Rage asked about you. She said that she was sorry but she would have eventually fucked things anyway."

Kick suddenly looked vulnerable and in spite of her wiry companion, totally alone. Her theatrical facade was gone and suddenly I felt close to her. We moved towards each other and embraced out in the middle of St Marks Place. That was nothing unusual for the East Village but Kick and I had found a kinship we hadn't had before. Kick's smile returned.

She slipped his hand around my waist and said, "Hey, you wanna come see my new place down on Rivington Street?" 

I know Kick only too well.

She said, "Yeah, it be fun to have someone to play with, especially someone like you.