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Across the Way

Chapter One

Like most days I started my routine at 7:40 AM. The sun peeked its way through the navy blue curtain; the sliver of light warmed my face while blinding me at the same time. I quickly turned to my side and fumbled with my Blackberry, trying to shut the alarm off. I finally pulled myself out of bed, pulling back the covers, the brisk winter morning air made the hair on my skin stand up. I had cracked open my window a bit the night before, but of course forgot to close it before hitting the sack. I closed the window and then walked into my bathroom, the slate tiles were as cold as ice.

I slid the glass door out of the way and turned the water all the way to hot, knowing it would take a bit for it to warm up. As the water warmed up, I stood in front of my mirror, turning the faucet on to wet my tooth brush. I gave myself a look over, contemplating what to wear for the day. I stood 5'10, about 150 lbs. Due to a bit of Hispanic and Greek in my background, I had nicely tanned skin that was flawless due to my nightly regimen. I have dark green eyes, soft lips, and a nice square jaw, almost heroic looking. I kept the side of my hair short, often going for a nice fade while keeping the top long enough for me to play with. Think of David Beckham's hair, and that's what I got, but black. I had started working out the previous year and had filled out nicely. My shoulders weren't huge, but they weren't narrow either. I had pretty good sized arms, not too beefy but enough to fill out the sleeves on my shirts and my legs were pretty nice too. I had nice firm pecs that laid a top a nice six pack with a light treasure trail that lead down to my neatly trimmed 5 inch cut cock. In this day and age, it was proper protocol to manscape. Could my cock have been bigger? I guess so, but it's what God gave me and it wasn't so bad. I was more of a shower and though it didn't get much bigger it got thicker when I got aroused. I also shaved my balls, cause why not? Beside it feels great against my microfiber boxer briefs.

I powered through the shower, toweled off and slid on a pair of red and blue Abercombie and Fitch boxer briefs. As I let my hair air dry I stood in front of my closet and pondered on what to wear. After thinking about it, I grabbed my fitted khaki chinos and a light pink dress shirt, a navy blue skinny tie and topped it off with grey white washed oxfords and my new grey fitted pea coat. After placing my outfit on my bed, I headed back into my bathroom and finished styling my hair, put on deodorant and applied some cologne. I threw my clothes on and tied the laces on my boat shoes before grabbing my wallet, car keys and gold Ray Ban aviators. Normally I would have passed my parents in the kitchen, but alas they were out of the country, in Italy to be exact for their 30th anniversary. My parents are extremely important to me, they're my best friends and have always had my back. When I came out, my mother's family wasn't so keen to the idea of my being gay, but my mother stood her ground and had my back the entire time. Other than them, everyone else I knew was supportive of me and loved me the same. My brothers were a bit more protective, but they still treated me like their lil bro despite the fact I was 21, but nonetheless I was the baby of the family.

I walked down the stairs, into the garage and flicked the lights on . My father was an architect and my mother was a highly sought after interior designer, so they made great money and provided my brothers and I the life they never had. Growing up I had everything I always wanted, but I had to work for it too. I wasn't handed the keys to my BMW for the hell of it, nor was my father handed his company. My father taught me that no matter what cards life dealt you, always work hard for what you have. My parents were both dirt poor when they met, my dad worked construction and my mother worked in a department store. After they married my father started a small design firm that dabbled in small commercial buildings, then into bigger ones and then custom homes. Half the buildings in town were built by my father and everyone wanted my mother to turn their home into something you'd see in a magazine. Because of my parents I know my way around a tractor as much as I know how to color coordinate my outfits. I dabbled in a few different sports in high school, but found my real passion when I was put in choir to fulfill my "arts" requirement. I always sang in the car and shower, but never for anyone else. Who would have thought I'd have a lovely baritone voice that was capable of nabbing the lead in West Side Story. Anywho, I fill you in on that part of my life later.

I opened the door to my silver 2012 BMW 550i and pressed the START button. The engine roared to life as I turned the seat warmers on since it was below freezing outside. I switched on the country station, backed out of the garage and headed up my driveway, beginning my morning commute to work. Ya see, though I came from well of family I still worked. First I worked at A&F in high school, interned a law firm, was an assistant to a PR executive and now found myself as the assistant manager at an upscale furniture store which also sold high end art as well. Being a Sunday, we didn't open until 10 so I had some time to do some of the opening duties before the others got there. I changed one of the front displays, did some paperwork and dusted the corner bookshelf which always got neglected when it came to closing up shop. A few of the other employees showed while I was cleaning which allowed me to grab myself a coffee before we opened up.

My store was situated in an upscale outdoor shopping area dubbed The Row. It was home to a few different boutiques, restaurants, a book store, candy store, coffee shop and a Whole Foods. It was decked out in all sorts of Christmas decorations and was flocked by nearly everybody in the area, especially around this time of year. I walked into the coffee shop which was right across from my store, the line wasn't too bad but there was going to be a wait. I pulled out my Blackberry and checked my social media sites, read over some e-mails and texted my parents while I scooted closer and closer to the front.

"Hey there! How are you doing this morning?" A voice called out in front of me.

"Oh, sorry ab-" Was all I managed to get out. For the first time in my life I was speechless. Right behind the counter stood the most beautiful man I had ever seen. He was taller than me, probably 6'2, white, broad shoulders, had short blonde hair and the bluest eyes I'd ever seen. His face and his body could have carved by Michelangelo himself. Even though he was wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and smock, I could see he had a well-defined upper body. His smile, oh fuck, his smile made me melt. It was warm and genuine, not just a routine that was a part of his job. His teeth were perfect too, worthy of being in a Colgate commercial.

"Um, sorry about that. I'm doing fine, it's a bit cold out, but I'm fine." I said with a smile.

"Well then perhaps I can get you something to warm you up a bit." He responded.

"Yeah you can actually. Ummm, I'll have a white peppermint mocha please."

"Whip ?" He said with that dammed smile.

"Uh sure."

"Can I get a name ?"

" J-Ja-Jackson." Fuck I can't believe I stuttered.

"I'll have it ready for you in just a moment Jackson."

I started to pull out my wallet before he spoke up. "It's on the house."

"Thank you. I appreciate it."

A minute or two passed and he called out my name, signaling my coffee was ready.

"All right Jackson, this should do the trick."

"I hope so, I'm freezing my ass off out there." I said with a chuckle.

"You work around here right ? I've seen you around before."

"Yeah, in fact I do. I work at Chaise, across the way." I said pointing across the narrow cobbled road to my store.

"Sweet. I'll have to check it out sometime. I just moved into a new apartment and need some furniture."

"Well I can definitely help you out with that. Just come on by and I'll see what I can do."

"I'm sure you can. I just might do that...." He said trailing off before noticing the line beginning to form. "I got to get back to work, but I'll stop by later. See ya around Jackson."

"See you later !!." I said perhaps a bit too cheerful. I grabbed my mocha and walked back to my store and into the office. I shrugged off my coat and took a moment to collect myself. I never been at a loss for words nor have I ever met a man who I had this raw attraction to. For all I knew he could have been straight, prob has a girlfriend too. Then again I could be wrong.

Last year I was introduced to a great guy by a mutual friend. We went out for dinner and hit it off quite well actually. He was quite the charmer, handsome, said all the right things, but boy did he have me fooled. He ended up sticking his dick into some other guy and I was done with him. He broke my heart. He was my first boyfriend, my first relationship as well and I took it pretty hard. I really wasn't into the dating scene before him and never knew how to approach someone. You think someone with my looks would have all sorts of action but nah, not me. Since my relationship ended I haven't been putting myself out there or seeking anybody. I wasn't huge on the dating scene I'm not into the quick blow and gos some other guys are into. It's not just for me, I want something more than a one night stand. I want a husband, a family, kids, a house on the hill. I want it all. However I'm just not so sure how to get it. I've always wanted that connection, the "spark" that people talked about it books and movies.

The spark. I never felt it until just a few moments ago. I don't even know his name, but I'm sure I felt something. Perhaps I'm reading into it too much, but maybe, just maybe, there's something there...

"Jackson...Jackson." Karen, the owner of Chaise, called out, pulling me out of my thoughts.

"Sorry Karen, I was uh, thinking."

"No problem hun, just letting you know I opened the doors. We have a few appointments today. In about an hour we have a couple looking to furnish their new home. Then at noon I have an older gentleman looking for some art for his study, and right after him a woman wanting to get a housewarming gift for her daughter. She was looking at a few of our dining sets the other day."

" I remember her. Well it sounds like it's going to be a good day."

"Oh it will be. You finish up here and I'll see you out on the floor." Karen said before departing my office.

I sipped on my mocha and sent out an e-mail to one of our suppliers. I made sure that not a hair was out of place on my perfectly combed head, chewed on a mint, put a smile on my face and headed out onto the floor. As I greeted a few of the shoppers I went to stand by the entrance, smiling and saying my hellos as people walked in. I looked through the glass door, past the people walking by and into the coffee shop across the way, hoping to see him walk my way.



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