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Across the Way

Chapter 4

My face was nuzzled in Brock's neck and the scent of Old Spice filled my nostrils as I watched the fire cast dancing shadows across the backyard. Brock's strong arms held me close; his chest emitted a familiar warmth, one that I haven't felt in ages. I moved my head and stared into those bright blue eyes, the bright blue eyes I have only known for a couple of days but have found myself head over heels for. Brock placed his hand under my chin and brought my lips to his. I let out a deep sigh as our lips touched yet again. His lips were soft, delicate in a way.

Not even with my ex did I feel such a spark, such intensity, such passion in a kiss. Nor have I ever felt what I was feeling. What I was feeling wasn't exactly love, no, not yet, but it was something like it. I found myself staring back at him, unable to find any words for what was happening, however he found them for me.

"Jackson. I like you. I like you a lot. You remind me of someone that I loved dearly. It-it was my best friend. Ya see, Travis, he was in love with me and had been for some time. When he told me how he felt, my reaction wasn't the best. I was awful to him. He poured his heart out to me and I refused it. I refused it because I wasn't man enough or honest enough to let myself be who I really was. It wasn't until after he died did I realize what a mistake I had made. I'm not going to do that again. Back then I was scared of what could have happened, what others might have thought. I let myself miss out on so many things, so many things. I won't let myself miss out on you. I just won't. Now, this is all going to be new to me, and I might need some of your help. I can't make any promises right now, however I will do my very best to make you happy. I don't have a lot to offer, I won't be able to buy you fancy clothes or take you to fancy dinners often. But what I can do Jackson, is make you smile, make you feel safe, make you laugh, make sure you know that you're appreciated and for you to know that someone is always thinking about you. "

Again Brock had made me speechless with declaration and it only made me fall for him even more. His bright blue eyes were holding back tears and his lips trembled when he smiled for me. I brought my hand up to his face and wiped away a tear that had formed.

"I'm really glad you took my coffee order that day." I said

"Me too."

"C'mon. Let's get back inside, it's getting cold out here."

We put out the fire, gathered the beer bottles, snacks, guitar and headed back inside the house. We put everything away and I took Brock's hand in mine. It fit so perfectly. We walked down the hall and up the stairs to my room and got ready for bed. He didn't have any clothes to wear so I grabbed a pair of my dad's sweats pants and a shirt he could sleep in.

"I ain't going to need that shirt." He said with a smile as he stripped down to his boxer briefs.

We both changed and then headed into my bathroom to brush our teeth. We stood side by side, sharing the mirror. The sweats I had given him to wear were riding low on his hips and now I could feely admire the sight before without feeling bad about it.

"You can stare all you want, considering they're all your now." Brock said, bumping his hip into me.

We finished brushing our teeth, turned off the lights and made our way to my bed. He pulled back the covers and scooted over for me, patting down the spot where I was going to sleep. I crawled over him and plopped my body right down next to his. He brought his strong arm over me and pulled me into him so that his entire body was nestled against mine. I could feel the mountains that were his pecs and make out every ridge of his abs. His crotch was also pressed up against me, and to be honest, it felt like a big one. He buried his face into my neck, giving it a few kisses before pushing our faces together for a good night kiss.

"Goodnight Jackson."

"Goodnight Brock."

"This feels really nice..." He said softly.

He fell asleep within minutes, and I was up for a little bit longer but I didn't mind. He was so warm, the way his arms cradled me, they indeed made me feel safe. I had forgotten how nice it was to have another warm body to sleep with. I spent so many of the past night alone, the other side of my bed was always cold, the sheets were never wrinkled, until now. I listened to the sound of him breathing, felt the beat of his heart, his warmth enveloped me. I ran cold all the time and usually slept with several blankets, however this time all I had was a sheet and Brock to keep me warm through the night. I eventually fell asleep in his arms and had the best sleep I've had in a very long time.

The next morning I awoke to a soft kiss on my neck, while fingers lightly traced up and down my arm. I lazily opened my eyes to find Brock's face hovering over me. He placed a kiss on my lips, and I could tell he had brushed his teeth for his breath was minty fresh. He then wrapped me up in his arms pulling me against his warm body. Since it was the morning, we both obviously were sporting morning wood. His dick was pressed up against my ass and I let out a laugh.

"Oh shit. Sorry bout' that. Do you mind?" Brock asked.

"Not at all. Not. At. All."

"Good. So, how about this. I get ready here. You take me to work. Then once I get off, I'll get my truck, come here and pick you up for our first date."

"Well that sounds like a plan to me."

"Ok. Good. I got something nice planned out. "

"I can't wait. What should I wear?"

"I dunno. Something cute. Shouldn't be hard for ya. Nothing too fancy though."

"Something cute. Got it."

"Good. Well I need to shower. So, ummm. Maybe you wanna shower with me?" He gingerly asked.

"You sure?"

"Hell yeah I'm sure."

I pulled back the covers and headed to my bathroom with Brock in tow. I turned the water on for the shower and then went to brush my teeth. In the mirror, I watched Brock as he started to take off his socks. He notice me looking and decided to put on a little show on for me. He looked me dead in the eyes and started to flex his arm for me and man was I loving the show. He then turned around and showed off his rippling back muscles before he started to slowly take of the sweat pants. He pulled them down, showed me his ass, then pulled them right back up. Brock turned around, hooked his thumbs into the sides and very slowly stripped them down. I turned all the way around and admired the sight before me. He was completely naked and he looked like he belonged in a museum. His dick was at least 6 inches soft, he kept his pubic hair nice and trimmed, his balls were shaved like mine. Fuck, this man was sexy.

"You enjoy the show pretty boy?" Brock said with a seductive smirk.

"If I had my wallet, I'd start throwing some hundreds at you."

Brock opened the shower door and turned the water on as I got back to finishing up brushing my teeth.

"Hot damn this is one fancy shower ya got here. You got water shootin' out of every damn angle." Brock exclaimed as he got in.

I finished brushing my teeth, removed my clothes and stepped inside the shower. The water cascaded down Bock's ripped body like some sort of hot guy water fall. He looked me up and down, placed his hands behind my neck and pulled me in for a nice deep kiss. For the first time our bare bodies were touching, skin on skin. Naturally our dicks touched a bit and we both started to get hard, not fully hard, but at like halfmast.

"Brock..." I said as I looked him up and down. "Are you photo shopped?"

"Nah. Football and genetics are responsible for all of this." He said as he turned all around for me. He had a really nice ass as well. It was round, light dusting of hair, firm too.

"Fuck you have a nice body..." I said as my eyes lingered across every inch of his skin.

"You got a nice on yourself. I mean look at you. Nice tight ass too."

I blushed at Brocks comment. We didn't do any fooling around in the shower, nothing beyond making out a bit. Brock was new to all of this and I didn't want to rush him or push him into anything. When the time was right, it would happen. Until then, kisses and seeing the guy in the buff was enough to hold me over. After our shower, I threw on some workout clothes and a baseball. Brock put on what he had from the day before, but I gave him a long sleeve shirt to wear so he wouldn't be cold at work. I looked out the window and I grabbed the keys to my father's Mercedes matte black G63 AMG and hopped inside, with brock hopping in next to me. He grabbed my hand and placed it in his.

"You guys really do have a lot of cars."

"I know we do. Some may call it excess, but it's whatever."

"I'd do the same thing if I had the money. Have myself a nice truck, a Mustang, Corvette, a Caddy."

"Well hopefully these cars will suffice."

"Oh they do. As long as you're in the car, I could give too shits what we're in."

It didn't take us long to get to The Row from my house. Brock was going to be working from 10:3 to-5 today, so it would allow me to run a few errands before having to get ready. I pulled into the parking lot to drop him off and before he got out he leaned into me and invaded my mouth with his tongue, running his hands all over me. He hadn't shaved this morning and his stubble tickled me a bit. I found it to be really sexy. I had this football playing, cowboy looking, country boy running his hands all over me and it felt amazing. He finally pulled off and licked his lips.

"Damn boy do you taste good. Mmm. Well, I'll see you later pretty boy. I'll call you when I'm heading over."

"Alright. Have a good day at work Brock."

" I'll try." He said with that damn smile. He hopped out of the car, closed the door and walked away. Damn his ass looked good in those Wranglers. They were tight in all the right places. I drove off and headed towards the mall. I spent about three hours at the mall and since I was so high off what I was feeling, spent a little more money than I should have. I went to Nordstrom, A&F, Banana Republic, Brooks Brothers, J.Crew, and Hugo Boss for my indulgences. I got a few new pairs of jeans, some button up shirts, a pea coat, two hoodies, new boat shoes, gloves and a new cap as well. I then headed over to Whole Foods after wards and picked up a few things. I wanted to come by and see Brock at work, but figured it be best to wait until I saw him later on. I had parked next to his truck and since it stopped raining, I left a small note tucker under one of his windshield wipers. On the drive home, I decided to call my mother since it'd been a few days since we last spoke. It rang a couple times and then there was the sweet familiar voice on the other end.

"Jackson! Baby! I so wish you and your brothers were here. I miss you guys!"

"I miss you too mom. How's Italy?"

"Italy is wonderful. Your father and I are in Capri right now. We're going to go sailing later on. How have you been hun?"

"I've been good mom. Today's my day off. I just ran some errands, heading home now. Oh, it snowed here!!"

"I know, I saw pictures your brother posted on Facebook. Too bad your father and I missed it."

"Yeah, you guys would have loved it."

"I'm sure we would have. What are doing with the rest of your day off?"

"Well, I got a date tonight."

"You do?!! Tell me about him."

"His name is Brock. He works at the coffee place at The Row, right across the way from Chaise. We just really hit it off mom. He's from Mississippi, has really pretty blue eyes, has an amazing smile. He's, he's nice mom. He's really nice to me."

"Oh baby. That makes me so happy to hear that. I'm sure he's a nice boy. I want to hear all about it later."

"Oh you will mom. You will."

"I want a picture of him too!"

"Okay mom." I said with a laugh.

"Good. Well baby, I have to get going. Have a nice night. Can't wait to hear all about it! Love you!"

"Love you too mom."

I got home and unloaded the groceries, put my new stuff away and then stood inside my closet, looking at all the options I'd have to wear for tonight. Brock told me to dress cute, but nothing too fancy. I looked through all my clothes and the stuff I had just bought. Usually I was a whiz at picking out my outfit. Hell, when I came out, so many of my friends, girls and boys alike, took advantage of the stereotype and took me shopping with them. I had an eye for what looked best on people, especially on me. It took me longer than usual to pick an outfit out, but after going through several options, I settled on plain grey sweatshirt, a light red hoodie, denim jacket, tan fitted chinos, white Chucks, and my silver Rolex Datejust, just for a lil something extra. I'm a huge watch guy like my father. I would have gone with the Patek, but I found the Rolex to be more, subtle, if a Rolex could even be such a thing. I allowed my hair to air dry completely and put very little product in my hair. I then settled on my new Lacoste cologne because it was subtle, light, but still sexy as hell. I looked at my watch and Brock would have gotten off work about 30 minutes ago. I went and checked my phone and saw I had a text message from him.

"Just got off work. Be over in a bit ; )"

I was so giddy with excitement and swore that I felt butterflies in my stomach. I messed around on the internet for a little bit, trying to make the time go by. I headed downstairs, drank some water, reorganized the fridge a bit, put away some dishes, anything to keep me busy. Of course every other second I was looking toward the door, hoping to hear a knock. I paced the halls, walked every room on the first floor and then sat down on the chaise in the foyer. I did one final check in a nearby floor length mirror to make sure everything was in order. Right then I saw lights shine through the foyer's windows, the gravel unsettle underneath tire, an engine shut off and a car door open and shut. I stood there at the door, waiting.

*Knock knock*

I took a deep breath and opened the door.

"Wow." Was all I could say. Brock had cleaned himself up. He was now clean shaven, was wearing a faded black denim jacket with an all-black pearl-snap shirt, fitted black jeans, a belt buckle with a gilded "B", black boots and he topped it off with a black Stetson cowboy hat.

"Hey there pretty boy." Brock said with a tip of the hat.

"Brock, you look, you look really nice."

"Aw shucks. You got me blushin'. You look pretty mighty fine tonight Jackson."

"Thanks Brock."

"C'mon now, let a gentleman take his man out for a night on the town." Brock said with a wink as he put out his arm for me to grab.

Brock walked me to his truck, opened the door for me and before he closed it he leaned in really close, tilted my head up and planted a nice slow kiss on me.

"I just couldn't resist."

"You wanna tell me where we're heading tonight?"

"Nope. It's a surprise. You'll see."

Brock walked around to the other side, hopped in and just looked over at me with those beautiful bright blue eyes of his.

"My mother wants a picture of you."

"Well then, just make sure ya get my good side." And with that Brock drove off us off into the night to whatever he had planned for me...


Sorry to leave you hanging there, but trust me, I have a wonderful evening planned for our two lovebirds. Hope you enjoyed this chapter of Across the Way, until next time!!!