"Along the Cedar"

by Mystery Man

(c) 1997

There was a slight breeze, unseen save for the way it ruffled his dark hair, lightly rustling each wavy strand like a playful ghost. I felt it caress my cheek as well, carrying with it the faint scent of the cologne I had put on earlier in the day. 'There was also a breeze that night,' I thought to myself. 'Only it was a lot cooler.'

Yes, tonight was definitely warmer. Not uncomfortably so, but enough to allow Ben to sport a pair of soccer shorts and T-shirt without suffering from the chills. I opted for blue Levi's and a gray pullover, sleeves rolled up to the elbows.

We walked side by side, my hand occasionally brushing against his, feeling the warmth of his skin seep into mine. I reached over and lightly rubbed his ass playfully, and he looked over with at me with a grin. The smile and the depth of his blue eyes were enough to make my jeans feel uncomfortably tight, and for a second, my heart skipped a beat. I restrained the urge to pull his body against mine and sighed. "I can't believe we're doing this," I said.

"Why not?" Ben smiled. "I want to see where it happened."

I looked around, but the streets of Renfield were deserted, not surprisingly. It was 2 AM. Just the two of us and the sounds of our footsteps on pavement. The short flat buildings were mostly dark, and the sodium vapor street lamps cast a yellow sheen on the streets. On a whim, I pulled up at the intersection and wrapped my arms around Ben, pressing my lips to his. He made a slight grunt of surprise, but did not object as my tongue searched entry into his mouth. I could feel his hardness poking at me through the thin fabric of his shorts, and my hands roamed down his back to gently squeeze his ass, reveling in their paradoxically firm softness. Our tongues swirled and licked around each other, and a low moan escaped from his throat. Slowly, but reluctantly, I pulled my lips away and stepped back. "You're so fucking hot," I whispered.

He smiled and pressed his hand against my cock, hidden by the denim. As if in silent agreement, we started walking again. I stole fleeting glances at him from the corner of my eye as we strolled down the block, admiring the curvature of his jaw, the smoothness of his brow, the way the light and shadows played with each other on his smooth skin. 'God, he looks young,' I thought for the umpteenth time. Newly 18, he looked a couple of years younger. I remembered the first time we met online, what seemed like a lifetime ago, but in actuality, was only a few months earlier. I remembered how I had tried to discourage his advances upon learning his age (then 17), how I had laughed him off. It wasn't just the age difference--after all, I'm only 20. Even two years during this part of one's life can be a major difference. I didn't want to be burned...hell, to tell you the truth, I didn't want him to be burned. Despite all of my attempts to keep a distance between us, I could feel myself falling for him. Falling hard.

I don't know what it was exactly. Maybe it was his persistence. The fact that he continued to talk to me hour upon hour, day after day--well, it was more than flattering. Whatever it was, I found myself falling in love with this man/boy, an adolescent on the cusp of adulthood, one who has had to endure so much, especially within the confines of a family headed by an abusive and alcoholic father. He's had to grow up faster than his peers. I think it was this combination of innocence and maturity that did me in. There was no way I could have been able to resist.

Now, several months later, I still cannot believe we're actually together. Three thousand miles of distance...of separation--no longer in our way. I looked at him again in the darkness and blinked back a few tears, my throat tightening with a sudden rush of love. I reached out and took his hand, gently enveloping it into mine.

We turned left at the next intersection and walked down the street until we reached the end of the cul-de-sac. Beyond this little dead-end was a small park, and I pointed to the short concrete bridge that spanned Renfield's poor excuse for a river, the Cedar. "Is that where it happened?" Ben asked.

"Well, underneath, but yeah...that's where it happened. Not exactly the most romantic of places, huh?"

"I think it's neat," he said. "That 15-year-old was one lucky guy...to have had you for his first time."

"Hardly," I said, chuckling in embarrassment. "Want to take a walk?"

"Is that what you asked him at the time?"

I shook my head and pointed at the house sitting at the right end of the cul-de-sac. "Nope...see the deck right outside that house? We were sitting there, talking...and I think he was the one that suggested the walk."

Ben grinned. "Let's go." I smiled, shaking my head slightly. I doubted that a little "walk" was the only thing he had in mind and the possibilities excited me. We left the streets behind and crossed the park, our footsteps muffled by the sound of the thick grass beneath us. Above us, a half-moon shimmered in the clear sky, its silver glow casting an almost surreal light onto the bridge. Midway across the bridge, Ben stopped and leaned over the railing, gazing down at the river. "Pretty small river," he remarked.

I nodded. "Barely four feet deep...about 40 feet wide." I leaned over and nuzzled his neck, breathing in his scent, his youthful maleness. I made a low moan deep in my throat and licked him, sampling the smooth base of his neck. "Oh man..." he whispered. I cupped his balls, lightly squeezing them through his shorts, letting my fingers slowly travel up his cock, hard and attentive. Ben had his eyes closed, and I could hear him breathing in short quick gasps. The feel, sight, and touch of him overwhelmed my senses, shooting directly to my groin, and I could feel my cock struggling to free itself. His lips sought mine and we locked ourselves in another tongue battle, sharing in the warmth and wetness of each other's mouths. I continued to rub the shaft of his cock as I fed on his tongue, sucking it into my mouth.

He broke away, gasping. "I'm gonna cum if you don't stop."

"Your point being?" I smiled mischievously.

"I want to make sure I do it in your mouth," he said, and walked across the bridge, looking over at me over his shoulder with a sly expression on his face.

I followed him off the bridge and down the staircase on the right. Ben was standing on the concrete path along the river, his attention focused on the waters rushing by. It was eerily quiet, save for the sound of a few crickets in the nearby grass. I thought I could almost hear his soft breathing. I came up behind him and pulled him to me, one hand rubbing his chest while the other hand slipped beneath the waistband of his shorts. He sighed and pressed his butt against my crotch, his neck turned to the side so I could kiss it. My tongue slowly traced a path up his neck to his jawline, savoring the smooth, slightly salty taste of his skin. When I encountered wetness on his cheek, I looked to see that he was crying. I hugged him tightly to me, and whispered, "What's wrong?"

He smiled and shook his head. "Nothing...I'm just sooo happy, Jeff. I love you so much, you can't even know."

Tears sprung to my eyes. "Ditto, kiddo," I said, and he giggled.

"Come on, old man," he took my hand and lead me beneath the bridge. "Make love to me. Right now, right here. I want to feel you inside me."

Below the bridge's canopy, hidden by the shadows, we looked into each other's eyes. "How did it start?" Ben asked. "With you and that kid?"

"We stood here, looking at the water for a while, the two of us really nervous. I remember saying, 'now what?' and he just looked at me and said, 'I don't know...why don't you start something.'"

"God Jeff...this is turning me on so much," Ben whispered.

"Yeah...me too." I said, my throat suddenly dry. "Anyway...I reached out and took his hand--the first time we actually touched--and..." My voice trailed off as I reached out to take Ben's hand, pulling him to me, legs to legs, chest to chest, lips to lips. A strange sense of deja vu swept over me, but quickly passed. No, this wasn't the same; this wasn't some kind of self-conscious exploration between two inexperienced boys questioning their sexuality. This was more. This was right. 'It's perfect,' I thought.

Ben pushed me back against the wall and swallowed up my tongue as I moaned into his mouth, my hands roaming frenziedly across his back, down to his ass, rubbing and squeezing, hoping to possess every part of his being. We started grinding our hips together, feeling each other's hard cocks pressed against one another, and I quickly slipped one of my hands down the back of his shorts, my finger tracing down the crack of his ass. My jeans were uncomfortably tight, the mixed throbbing pleasure and pain causing me to gasp. I leaned my head back against the wall as Ben slowly kissed and licked his way down my neck, sending shivers of pleasure down my back. He reached down and pulled my shirt up over my head, tossing it aside, licking his way down my chest, his tongue making a wet trail back and forth across my nipples. "I want you so much..." he whispered to me, playing with my nipples, sucking and nibbling them, alternating his attention between one, then the other. Electric currents of pleasure shot down my body to my crotch, and I thought I could feel my cock jerk within its confines.

"Oh Ben..." I moaned. "Ooooh..."

Ben's tongue slowly worked its way down my body, snaking over my navel, his hands quickly working to undo my belt. I worked my hands over his shoulder, rubbing the back of his neck, running my fingers over his hair as he pulled my jeans down to my ankles. A circle of wetness about a half-inch wide adorned the front of my tented briefs. Ben looked up at me and smiled, then quickly fastened his mouth over the wet spot, sucking the tip of my cock through the cotton fabric. His moist warm breath on my cock sent a jolt through me, and I presss his head against my cock harder. I was leaking copious amounts of pre-cum, and he was swallowing it all through my briefs.

"I want your cock," he said up to me.

"Yeah...take it...take my cock. Suck it!"

His fingers slipped beneath the waistband of my briefs and slowly pulled them down my thighs. My cock sprung free of its confines, bobbing slightly in front of his face, its red tip glistening with the clear shiny wetness of my pre-cum. Ben reached up and cupped my balls, feeling them in his hand. I moaned encouragement to him, begging him to continue. His fingers moved up and grasped the base of my cock, stroking it up and down, once, then twice, pulling the foreskin forward and backward across the head. His warm breath on me sent tingling sensations up my spine, and I unconsciously pressed his head closer.

Ben squeezed my cock, making me gasp, and pressed the head to his lips, tracing it around his mouth, spreading my precum over his face. He licked his lips and smiled up at me, then quickly swallowed my cock all the way down to its base. I was instantly overwhelmed, and it took most of my will power to maintain control. His mouth was warm, and wet...'oh, so wet,' I thought. I leaned back against the wall and braced myself as his head started to bob up and down the shaft of my cock, sucking noisily on it. Because it was so quiet, I thought we would be heard if someone were to walk by above us, but I knew it was unlikely. Aftter midnight, this particular area of town was dead. There was just us.

"Oh yeah...oh Ben...suck it...suck my hard cock..."

He needed no encouragement as his lips were fastened tightly around the shaft, moving up and down its length, his tongue swirling and licking my head at the same time. I caressed his shoulders, my hips involuntarily thrusting back and forth into his mouth. The feeling was incredible, like a slow pleasurable burn, concentrated solely in the pelvic area, rising in temperature as it travelled across my body, curling my toes, arching my back.

"God...oh yeah...oooooh...."

I needed a reprieve and pulled him off of me, taking him in my arms and kissing his mouth, tasting myself on him, a tangy salty flavor, not unpleasant. I lead him over to a nearby bench and sat him down, kneeling before him. His cock bent his shorts out of shape and I pressed my mouth to it, blowing my hot breath through the fabric. Brandon gasped. "Now," I said. "It's my turn..."

I quickly pulled down his shorts and stared wonderingly at his cut cock. Even in the darkness, I could see its pink tip, glistening wet with his own juices, its smooth silky shaft leading down to a light patch of pubic hair. I breathed in his scent, a musky combination of sweat, pre-cum, and fresh cock. I made a wet trail underneath his cock, licking up from the base of the shaft up to the crown, savoring my first sweet taste of his pre-cum.

"Oh Jeff...take my boy cock...take it in your mouth!!"

I inserted his cock into my mouth, tasting its warmth, enjoying both its hardness and silky softness as the rest of it entered me. Ben was leaking generously now, and I swallowed every drop, applying moist suction up and down the length of his flesh. I took him in all the way, my nose pressed against his pubic thatch as he thrust into me. Ben was making low whimpering noises above me as I sucked his pole, harder and faster, my head bobbing up and down the now slick wet cock. I reached down and removed his shorts entirely, pulling up his legs and spreading them apart as I continued to work on his cock.

"Faster...oh yeah...oh god Jeff...suck my boy cock...take it...faster...ooooooh!!!"

I pushed his thighs a little further up until they were spread high up in the air, and slowly spread his ass, revealing the tight pucker of his hole. It seemed to wink at me in anticipation, and I gently rubbed it with my thumb. Ben gasped, his cock seeming to swell in my mouth.

"Oh fuck...God...Jeff! Oh yes!!!"

I increased the suction on his cock as my thumb prodded his little hole. Ben squirmed and thrusted his pelvis upward in every direction, not sure if he wanted to fuck my mouth with his cock or have his ass impaled by my fingers. His moaning was quite audible now as he gasped and took my head into his hands, thrusting his cock into my mouth, fucking my face like there was no tomorrow.

His moans excited me further and I could feel myself leaking and dripping onto the ground. I gently shoved my thumb up his tight warm hole, entering his sweaty pucker. Ben arched his back suddenly and screamed.


I continued to suck as his cock swelled and started to convulse again and again, spurt after spurt of hot jizm spraying into my mouth. The tangy, slightly bitter taste of his cum flooded over my tongue, down my throat as I swallowed. Some of it trickled out and down the side of my face, soaking up his already wet cock. His ass clenched around my thumb, contracting and squeezing it as Ben shook and trembled with his climax.

Slowly, Ben's gasps subsides, his heavy breathing returning to normal. I lifted up my head and licked my lips, smiling. He bent down and licked my lips, tasting himself as he kissed me deeply. "Oh man," he sighed. "That was...wow..."

"It ain't over, baby," I said, and pushed him back onto the bench, lifting up his legs once more. I bent down and licked up his cum-soaked balls, my tongue tracing down until it reached the outer rim of his puckering hole. I lubricated it with my tongue, circling the entrance with my spit. The fresh musky smell of sex drove me further and I pushed my tongue into his waiting hole.

Ben stared down in disbelief at me, his breathing picking up once again, his still hard cock twitching. My cock was throbbing as well, and the need for release was almost painful.

"You like this?" I asked as I ate out his hole.

"Oh Jeff...yeah...god...I want you inside me...fuck my tight little boy hole, please."

I kneeled between his legs and guided my cock to his hole, rubbing the entrance with the head, slicking it up with my pre-cum. His pucker winked once and dilated, allowing the head of my cock to slip inside. I gasped as I felt my cockhead being grasped tightly by the walls of his tight little hole. Gradually, I pushed my cock inside, inch by inch until it was fully impaled. A low moan escaped from my throat. "God Ben...you're so tight...so hot..."

"Yeah...fuck me deep. I want you...want you to fuck your little boy...spray your cum inside me...I want to feel your love inside me!"

I started to thrust my cock into him, gasping each time as I felt it being squeezed by the inner walls of his ass. "Oh Ben...I love your tight little hole...you've got a pretty ass...I love you...gonna fuck you hard!"

"Unnnh...yeah! Fuck me! FUCK ME DEEP!"

His encouragements and moans increased my ardor as I fucked his ass, thrusting my pelvis into him, the sounds of our colliding flesh echoing into the silence. I grabbed each of his legs with my hands for balance as I continued to thrust, our moans rising in unison. "Stroke your cock for me," gasped. "Jerk that pole for me...I want to see you cum as I spray inside you!"

Ben did as I instructed, and the sight of his cock being pumped in his tight little fist put me over the edge. I felt my cock jerk again and again in his ass as wave after wave of pleasure coursed through me. "Oh fuck!! Ben, I'm CUMMING!!!!"


I screamed as my cock convulsed inside his ass, spraying his innards with my seed. I felt it flood around me and leak out of his hole as I continued to thrust. Suddenly, his ass convulsed around me again as his cock shot spurt after spurt of cum onto his chest. The two of us moaned in unison.


I collapsed onto him, gasping and out of breath, my cock beginning to soften inside of him. Ben wrapped his arms around me, stroking my hair. His chest heaved and I could tell he was crying. To my dismay, I realized that I was doing the same. We held each other close, listening to each other's breathing. I kissed him gently and hugged him tightly. I listened to the river as its waters lapped against the side of the walkway. The crickets has fallen silent; nothing but the sound of each other's breathing.

And it was enough. It was perfect.