Lee Mariner

Chapter #4

DISCLAIMER: This is a gay fantasy involving homosexual acts between consenting adult males. IF YOU ARE NOT OF LEGAL AGE TO BE READING THIS MATERIAL OR YOU DO NOT APPROVE OF IT, PLEASE READ NO FURTHER. JUST LEAVE.

Any similarity between persons is coincidental and should not be thought of as otherwise. Descriptions of any city or location involving homosexual activities does not mean the author is implying that is the approved lifestyle of that location.

Clyde and Stewart leave the parking lot with an axel dragging bump and they both laugh like little kids that just got away with something.

"Where did you get your license Stu, Sears Roebuck in store or out of their catalog? We better check both axels." Clyde says.

"I've told Dad several times that drop off should be re-graded but he forgets of won't spend the money. Hell, it's a tax deduction under maintenance and upkeep. It could cost him a new car or a hell of a repair bill if someone should damage their car or even cause an accident."

"You can't teach old dogs new tricks can you?" Clyde says.

"I wouldn't know about that. I haven't met any old dogs that need retraining. Have you?"

"Won't catch me on that one stud. Here's After Midnight." Clyde says.

As he is parking the car, Stewart looks at his watch and seeing it is after 4PM, he says "Hey Clyde, after we take these things home and check on reservations how about we have dinner at the Brass Monkey? I think you would like it."

"I was thinking more along the line that we stop at 7-11,pick-up a 12 pack. We can call for a Pizza Hut pizza to be delivered and then we won't be rushing. Seems like we have been doing that today." Clyde says.

"You aren't ever going to let me show you off are you?"

"Why do you need to do that Stu? I am not much for the social stuff. Knowing it is you and I is good enough for me." Clyde says.

"Okay, beer and pizza it is." Stu says as he opens the door.

Walking inside the store, Stewart sees Phillip heading their way, "Got those things ready Phil? We are a little early but thought you might be a little ahead."

"They are being packaged up but you can try them on or take them home, whichever you want. I think they will be okay though." Phillip says.

"Thanks a lot Phil, I appreciate it." Stewart says.

"Did you say you were going out of town Stewart?" Phillip asks.

"Yeah, Phil. Clyde and I are going to Nebraska on some business for a few days." Stewart says.

"That should be a nice trip at this time of the year with fall coming on. Where in Nebraska are you going?" Phil says.

"Lincoln first but we are going to visit my Uncle's ranch outside of New Market where I was born. My parents are buried there with others of the family." Clyde says.

"I thought you had said you were." Phil says. "Give me a call when you get back and maybe we can all have dinner together or something."

"That would be great Phil. I don't know how long we will be gone exactly but will call you as soon as we get back." Stewart says. "If we have every thing, I guess we should be going. You ready Clyde?"

"Just waiting on you Stu, let me have a couple of those packages." Clyde says.

Leaving the After Midnight, they stop at the first 7-11 and pick up a 12pack of Bud Lite. Not really that cold but they would put it in the frig when they got home.

Turning into his street, Stewart looks over at Clyde and asks, "What kind of pizza do you like? I can eat just about any kind as long as it does not have mushrooms mixed with it."

"We can order a large pepperoni with extra cheese if that's okay." Clyde says as they pull into a parking place a couple of doors from Stewart's apartment entry. Looking over the facade of the building, he liked it and wondered what it would be like to own the entire building and convert it. He had always wanted a home and not apartments and now he could afford one. Mt. Vernon was a quiet neighborhood and close to all of the downtown Baltimore amenities.

Stewart noticed Clyde's eyes wandering over the front of the building as he opens the entry door and then up the stairs leading to the second floor. It was as if he could tell what he was thinking by his expression. "You thinking what I think you are thinking Clyde?" He asks.

"What might that be? Are you reading minds now?" Clyde responds.

"Sometimes it is not that difficult. I got the feeling you might have buying this building on your mind." Stewart says.

"Would you object if we owned the entire building and could make it over the way we wanted it?" Clyde asks.

"No, I wouldn't object but it would take time and money to remodel the entire building." Stewart says as he walks into the bedroom with his packages. " Put the beer in the frig and then we can call for the pizza."

Clyde drops his packages on the couch and after putting the beer in the frig, he takes them on into the bedroom where Stewart is already placing things on hangers. The closet is a little small for both of his things and Stewart's.

"That is one thing we could do." Clyde says. "Enlarge some of the closets. Is there any backyard to the property or do you know?"

"A small yard off of the back but I don't use it. It looks like it is about 40'x20'. The buildings on either side built back to the property lines but whoever built this one, must have wanted a patio or something." Stewart says.

"40'x20', that is a pretty good sized yard. Can we see it Stu?"

"Damn, Clyde. You are serious about this aren't you?" Stewart says.

"Yes, I am. If we are going to live in Baltimore, I want a place that we both like and we won't have to share with someone. I've always wanted a place of my own and I like this building. It needs cosmetic work outside and the inside needs changing top to bottom." Clyde says.

"We don't share the apartment now Clyde. Besides, three floors is a lot of up and down walking."

"Right now, we share the building with other people in upstairs apartments. Using stairs is good for your health and we can always install a small elevator if you want. I would want a workout room for both of us and we don't have that now." Clyde says.

"Lets call for the pizza and while we are waiting for it, put the rest of this stuff away. We still need to call and see about tickets and what airline is the best for flying to Lincoln. We call talk about this then." Stewart says.

"Okay Stu. You better call though, I don't know that much about what is where yet."

Stewart calls Pizza Hut delivery and is told it would be about 30 or 45 minutes. He and Clyde finished unpacking his new clothes and hanging them up while they wait. Phillip had selected 12 pair of Calvin Klein jockey briefs with matching T-shirts and socks for every outfit and extra athletic socks. Looking around, Stewart realizes that they had forgotten the luggage and he knew he did not have enough for both of them.

"Clyde, we forgot to get the luggage we need from Phil. We can pick up some tomorrow since we aren't leaving until Friday." Stewart says.

"I was going to ask you about that. No real need for us to hang around an extra day unless you want to. I would just as soon get going. What if you called Phil and asked him if he could bring it over for us and maybe share some pizza and beer. What do you think?" Clyde asks.

"I guess we could do that except I don't know about airline tickets yet."

"Why not call and see about a charter flight? That way we won't be bothered with changing planes and we can go straight through." Clyde says.

Stewart turns and looking at Clyde walks over and puts his arms around his chest. Breathing deeply he says, "You move pretty fast don't you? I like that in a man, know what you want and go for it."

"Mmmmmm, what do I want right now since you are mind reading." Clyde teases.

"Something you can't have until later but if you keep it up and I get any harder you might just get it now." Stewart says as he breathes his answer huskily into Clyde's ear.

"Don't tempt me lover. You are right though. We have things to get done before we can relax." Clyde says. "Tell that donkey to take it easy for now. We will see about a workout to relieve his tension later."

Holding Stewart tightly against his body, Clyde looks deep into his eyes and sees a smoldering fire in the brilliant blue depths as he presses his tighter against his. He feels that desire rising in Stewart's loins and smiles as he slowly releases him, pulling away before he loses his self- control.

"Clyde Hampton, I am falling deeper in love with you at every tick of the clock. The god's willing, we will have a long and wonderful life together." Stewart says, almost as if reading Clyde's thoughts in the depths of his dark brown eyes.

"I think we will Stu., I think we will. Lets make those calls. I'm sure Phil won't mind dropping off the luggage we need and Freedom Int'l should be able to help us with a charter." Clyde says.

Stewart takes a deep breath to allow his passion to subside a little before making any calls. His cock was throbbing and will take its time returning too a restful peace. "God." He thinks. "He can sure get me upset in a hurry and just the feel of his monster cock swelling against me sends waves of excitement rushing through every part of me." After a minute or two, he dials the After Midnight number.

" Good evening, After Midnight. Phillip Norwood here, how may I help you?"

"Phil." Stewart says. "I need a favor of you, are you doing anything tonight?"

"No Stewart, I was going too stay in tonight. Tomorrow is my late night here and I try and get to bed earlier. What do you need?" Phil asks.

"Clyde and I forgot to pick up luggage. You carry Samsonite don't you?"

"Yes, we do but only two of their line. We carry Lark and Tourister. We tried Silhouette but it did not go very well. A bit over priced I think. I would recommend the Lark series if you need some." Phil says.

"That's good enough for me Phil. Would you or could you bring over 2 sets of the Lark series for us and add it to my account? I sure would appreciate it and maybe you could have pizza and beer with us, we aren't going out either." Stewart says.

"I can do that Stewart. You don't want the cosmetic cases with it do you? I use one when I am traveling though. It is easier to put razors, shaving cream and other things in one then in a suitcase." Phil says.

"Just bring one case then. We can both use it. I like the idea of not having to stuff bathroom things in with my clothes. Never thought of that before." Stewart says.

"Good thing I drove my Toyota in today and didn't take the bus in. Pizza and beer sound good though. I can get to know Clyde a little better and you and I never see each other much anymore. See you in about 45 minutes then." Phil says.

"Good, see you then." Stewart says as he hangs up and reaches for the telephone book. "Clyde." He calls. "Phil is going to bring the luggage over and have pizza with us if that is okay."

"No problem Stu. I'll be out in a second." Clyde responds.

"What are you doing in there Clyde?"

"Just trying on a couple of the things we bought." Clyde says as he walks back into the living room.

Stewart gasps as Clyde walks into the room wearing only briefs and a T-shirt. "My lord, Clyde. I should have known better then to tell Phil to pick out the accessories and things. You might as well not be wearing anything with those on. They leave nothing to the imagination."

"I don't know about that and besides you don't need to imagine anything do you? No one else is going to see me in these except you." Clyde snickers.

"He could have left you a little room to move and breath. They are skin tight and those jockeys look like they will burst any second trying to hold all of that meat." Stewart says.

The phone rings as they are eyeing each other and talking about nothing in particular. Stewart answers and hears "Stewart, this is Tommy. Phillip wants to add two sets of Samsonite Lark luggage to your account is that correct, two sets of luggage?"

"It is Tommy any trouble with that?" Stewart says.

"No, no trouble at all. It's just a bit unusual for someone to purchase two sets of luggage for themselves." Tommy says.

"Would you feel better if Mr. Hampton and I paid for the luggage Tommy instead of adding it to my account? I should think that if you were worried about it, you could call the office for any assurance you might need."

"Stewart, I am not worried about it. I just work here and the manager might ask me about it since you are no longer with your father's firm. Your brother called about his suits and I mentioned that you and this Hampton fellow had been in and several items had been added to your account for him. He mentioned that you were no longer with the firm and your account is already pretty heavy you know." Tommy says.

"Is that all he told you Tommy? He didn't happen to mention that Mr. Hampton is a millionaire and could buy and sell After Midnight did he?" Stewart could feel his blood starting to boil as his anger rose. This simpering, jealous idiot was getting on his nerves and all because he wouldn't go too bed with him.

Clyde could see Stewart becoming angry and had heard enough of the conversation that he reached for the phone, taking it from him. Placing the receiver to his ear, he hears, "No Stewart, he only mentioned that he felt Hampton could afford whatever he needed. I don't know all of the other stuff but I think he should complete the proper credit applications before we entertain an account with him."

"Mr. Tanner, what are the totals on Mr. Ricksfords account including the luggage and clothing today." Clyde says very calmly.

"Oh, Mr. Hampton. I thought I was talking with Mr. Ricksford. The totals you say, lets see. Hmmmmm with today's purchases, it is just a little over $3,000. I am sure there is no problem though. Mr. Ricksford has been with us a very long time." Tommy says very quickly.

"If you don't anticipate any problem's then, why are you calling here upsetting him?" Clyde says evenly and coolly.

"I'm sorry Mr. Hampton, the call was not intended to upset anyone. The request for two sets of luggage seemed a little unusual and I just wanted to confirm it before I allowed Phillip to charge the amount to Mr. Ricksford account." Tommy says.

"Good. We can expect the luggage then?" Clyde says.

"Yes, Mr. Hampton. Phillips will deliver as requested." Tommy says and hears the telephone connection go dead.

"Humpfh, just who does this fella think he is, cutting me off like that." Tommy says to Phillip.

"Perhaps you would like to ask him Tommy? I don't think I would recommend if though. Clyde Hampton does not impress me as the type that enjoys being questioned or for someone looking down on him. I get the very strong feeling that he could be a very dangerous man if you get on his bad side." Phillip says.

Turning from the telephone, Clyde looks at Stewart and sees he is still pretty upset. Taking him in his arms, he soothes him as he strokes his hair and holds him. "You want to tell me why you are upset over this guy Stu?"

"Oh shit, he is an asshole that thinks he is hot stuff. For some damn asinine reason, Robert took him to bed and ever since he seems to think he has some kind of an "in" with us. I turned his ass down and that pissed him off to think that someone would reject him. Phil tells me when he sees Robert and that seems to be getting more frequent. I have a feeling that Tommy could be holding it over Robert's head and threatening to tell his wife Marie. I don't know if he is blackmailing Robert but he is capable of it. Marie would divorce him in a heartbeat if she found out he is going to bed with men. " Stewart says.

The doorbell rings and Stewart goes to answer it as Clyde puts on a pair of jeans. Even with jeans he is a knockout with his chiseled chest revealing more with the tight cotton cloth of his T-shirt defining every line. The nipples on his breasts are pushing against the cloth and teasingly, temptingly await someone's hot soft lips. The comments that Stewart made about this Tommy fellow going over in his mind, he didn't like snobs and dumb snobs irritated him more.

As Stewart closes the door, he turns and sees Clyde pulling on his jeans. "That Clyde is going to set Phil on his ear. He will have an absolute heart attack when he sees you dressed in jeans and the T-shirt he picked out. I love it, he will pop a boner in a heart beat."

Grinning as he snaps his jeans shut, Clyde says "I guess that it what you mean by showing me off?"

"Of course. Baby there are dozens in this town that would almost kill to get their hands on what you have. I want them to know you are all mine. Someday you are going to fuck my brains out with that rod swinging between your legs and Phil is going to have a short visit tonight." Stewart says as the doorbell rings for a second time, it is Phil with the luggage.

Stewart opens the door and Clyde asks "Can I help you with that Phil?"

His eyes bugging out, Phil stammers "Yeah Clyde, there is another set in the back of the truck." Walking on in the apartment he looks at Stewart and says, "My god Stewart, he is gorgeous. Be still my beating heart and aching cock. Good lord what a man."

Before Stewart can answer, Clyde walks back in with the rest of the luggage. "Hey guys, we going to eat that pizza before it gets cold? I have a couple of calls to make before it gets any later. You still have to call the airlines don't you Stu?"

Stacking the luggage in the bedroom, they return to the dining room. Clyde gets three cold beer's and Stewart puts paper plates and napkins on the table with silverware. As they are eating, Clyde asks Phil questions about Tommy Tanner. Phil tells him pretty much what Stewart has already told him and he likes it even less. It seems that Tommy has more then one "Robert" type he is squeezing and that pretty much makes it certain too Clyde what he is doing, getting married guys to take him to bed and then blackmailing them with hidden video tapes. Nasty business but he knows how it can be corrected and knowing that it involves Stewarts brother makes it even nastier.

"Clyde." Stewart asks. "Why so interested in Tommy? I told you he is an asshole."

"Yeah, Stu you did." Clyde says looking at them both. "I don't like that type and even more when it effects someone I love. I take it Phil that Tommy likes to brag a little, got a big mouth?"

"Oh yeah. He especially seems to like letting me know about Stewarts brother. He couldn't get in Stewarts pants and now he delights in squeezing Robert and letting me know. He doesn't go to bed with him anymore but he uses him. Tommy still wants to get Stewart in bed and I think he was trying to convince Robert to help him out." Phil says.

"He does that Phil? He is trying to get Robert to help him in getting me in bed? Robert hasn't said anything about that to me." Stewart said.

"I don't think you need worry about that happening Stu. I think I need to have a little talk with Mr. Tanner." Clyde says. "When does he come in too the store Phil?" Clyde asks.

"We open at 10AM but he usually is in by 8:30 to get the cash drawers set up. Mr. Cory does not get in until somewhere between 10 or 11AM. He leaves the running of the store up to Tommy. Damned wimp, happy as long as things are going smooth and the store is making money. If something gets screwed up, he lets Tommy handle it." Phil says as he looks at his watch. "Damn guys, I got to be going, it is after 8o'clock and I have almost an hours drive home. See you when you get back from your trip and maybe we can do dinner or something."

"You might see us tomorrow Phil, we aren't leaving until Friday morning. Why don't you come in early and we can have coffee or something before you go in." Clyde says noticing the surprised look in Stewart's eyes.

"I can do that. How about that little place across from the store, I can't think of the name of it. See you there between 8 and 9o'clock. Thanks for the pizza and beer." Phil says.

Clyde and Stewart walk Phil to the door and kissing him watch as he walks down the steps to his truck and then waves before getting inside.

"Phil seems like a nice guy Stewart. How long has he been in love with you?" Clyde asks.

"Damn Clyde, I can't hide anything from you can I? I guess it goes back when we were in high school together. We jerked off a few times together but that was it. Phil is strictly a top and that is not my thing. He tried a few times to seduce me but never did. I have been told he gets a little rough when in bed and that is not for me either." Stewart says.

"I could see how he felt by the way he was looking at you. But I bet he lives alone doesn't he? Most of the toppers do unless they are willing to go with the program. From what you say, he would love you until he got his cock in your ass and then it would be all lust and conquest." Clyde says.

"You are probably right. Why did you change your mind about leaving tomorrow? I don't mind the extra day but you looked like something was on your mind." Stewart says.

"Stu, I am going to have a little talk with Tommy tomorrow and then I want to talk with Robert about some business I want him to handle or have handle for us." Clyde says.

"Okay then but what do you want to see Robert about? Maybe I can help with whatever it is Clyde."

"No you can't Stu. I want Robert to see about buying this building for us. If he can handle it, I want him to make an offer and see what we can get it for. If it is available and the price is right, we can buy it and then get an architect to help us with renovating it. I have a couple of ideas that we need to talk over." Clyde says.

"Boy, you do move fast. Robert has done some real estate work for friends so he should be able to handle it. He has wanted to get into real estate but dad likes things the way they are. I really think that Robert would almost open his own office if it weren't for Dad." Stewart says. "The real problem as I see it Clyde is that you are doing the buying or you will be. I have a few bucks stashed away and an IRA account but not the kind of money you are talking about. If you want to finance the cost then we could do it together."

"I notice that you said "I" several times and I did as well. Make you a deal. In the future starting right now, no more "I, Me, Mine", from now on it is "Us, We, Ours regardless of who buys what. Is that a deal you can live with?" Clyde says.

With tears starting to well up in is eyes, Stewart moves to where Clyde is standing and wraps his arms around his chest. "What have I done to deserve you Clyde?"

"Just exactly what you are doing right now Stu. You make me feel needed and wanted. Not just some piece of meat. I can feel you hard right now but that is not the only feeling I get. I get the feeling of need and desire, the wanting of someone deep inside of me. I guess that is as close to love as it gets but I know that no one else is going to replace what I am feeling for you right now." Clyde says as he presses his lips and body against Stewart.

Breaking from an emotional and passionate kiss, Stewart says, "Lets go to bed."

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