Andy Finds Daddy Part 3
Andy Finds A Son
Chapter 1


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My name is Andrew Michael Foss. I still like the name Andy and I am called that by those that love me. I'm the head of my own international security company worth multi-million bucks and heir recipient of my grandfather's oil company worth many, many billions of dollars. I had a wonderful life with my dad, everything I have and am is because of his love for me. My precious Carl is gone now and I have been alone until I found a boy in as much need of love as I was at his age.
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A new series for those who only wish to masturbate.
               I guess all of you know that I like really big dicks. I loved Carl Dickson with all of my heart. He was the image of my deceased dad and at the time I met Carl I needed a dad. Carl never tried to replace my dad, he was just...well, Carl, that was enough for me.
          Carl set my feet on the path of greatness. Not that I am great, I have done nothing except to be born into the right family and be their only heir. I have a fortune because of what they bequeathed me. Okay, so I am kind of smart. I developed my encryption chip that my business partner won't let me sell. I guess it was really Carl's idea not to sell it. He told me that I would control the world's security communications with that little piece of electronic wizardry.
          I don't mind telling you about how I came by the idea, although you can read all about it in my story that dad wrote down for me... excuse me, I do miss him. Everywhere I turn I remember that we were there or that we did this or that or something when we were there. I guess that is why I have to write this for myself this time. I am not eloquent with words the way the Dicksons are Chris is a master with words and dad was great too. Sometimes I just sit and read what our life was like in his eyes and the same way with Chris. I read about what he is doing and the parts I like best is where he talks about me. So does that make me a narcissist?
          Let me clue you. I talk a lot about Chris and if you know him you will know why. If you don't know him then maybe you should stop here and go read his story because I am going to talk about him a lot. You can learn quite a bit about him in Traveler but you will learn more about how he is perceived from reading my story. I just read somebody else that has a lot to say about him but he also talks some about me. That is Ryan Miller in Him part II chapter 5. I suppose that anyone who has ever had any long term dealings with this unique man loves him dearly. He is honest and full of compassion in a way that I have never seen in any other human being. I am most impressed by the fact that he never wants anything but to be a close friend.
          As I sit here reminiscing I turn to thinking about Carl then I can't help but remember my own father. He was killed when I was small. I looked it up and I had to be ten years old when my old lady ran him off at the point of a gun, then he was killed by someone else with a gun two days later. My life was so fucked up with my dad gone and then knowing that he was dead and would never return really fucked me up to the point that I remember very little of my early life. I remember our trip to my grandfather's lakeside cabin when I was ten years old. My grandmother carried out a cake that had little cars and trucks on it. Some of them I could eat and the others I could play with. I had to get a copy of his death certificate from my attorney so that I could put the dates right in my mind. I did get ten good years with the man and his parents, I do miss him and my grandparents very much.
          My dad used to sing a song that I loved and I tried to remember the words so that I could sing it to Carl. He will always be dad in my heart. I am luckier than most kids in that I have had two great dads. I look at the poor kids that live with Chris but he is more of a dad to each of them than the one who had sex with their mother. And I know something else too. Chris loves and cherishes each and every boy in his house, even those that are grown up and are leaving the nest, like Harry and Toby. I better wait and come back to them after I give you a little more background.
          I was talking about this song. I didn't know anything about surfing the web back in 1999-2000 when my story with Carl began. I don't think that I could have found what I was looking for then but I found it tonight and I am in a very melancholy mood. This is the song that my dad used to sing to me as he held me in his big strong arms. He loved his dad as much as I loved mine. Now I have the song and I have ordered the CD that it is on. I had never heard it before but now I have the whole tune.
My Dad
Artist: Paul Petersen
peak Billboard position # 6 in 1962-63
Words and Music by Barry Mann and Cynthia Weil
He isn't much in the eyes of the world
He'll never make history
No, he isn't much in the eyes of the world
But he is the world to me

My dad, now here is a man
To me he is everything strong
No, he can't do wrong, my dad

My dad, now he understands
When I bring him troubles to share
Oh, he's always there, my dad
When I was small I felt ten feet tall
When I walked by his side
And everyone would say "That's his son"
And my heart would burst with pride

My dad, oh I love him so
And I only hope that some day
My own son will say
"My dad, now here is a man"

          Now I really have tears in my eyes. You may remember from Andy Finds Daddy that my Carl was murdered by men who were trying to hurt Chris Dickson and anyone they thought was connected with him. My father was into something that I really don't want to know about. I met his long time business partner after Carl was murdered and I learned that my dad may have been on the wrong side of the law. Carl knew the truth and I am pretty sure that Chris does too but they never talk to me about it and I am glad.
          As you read in Andy Finds Daddy my maternal unit was run over by a drunk in our own front yard. Yeah, up in that yard, right out there in front of this house. She had gone out to that mailbox right there, wearing nothing but the long filthy apron that she nearly always wore. She was drunk, as usual, but that is not why she was killed. She was run over by a drunk that was coming up the road. I saw it happen; Carl and I were coming up that very street when this guy passed us at a very high rate of speed. He lost control of his car and jumped the curb. He crossed two front yards before he hit the woman and sent her twenty feet up into the air.
          When Carl and I got to him he demanded to know what that drunk old lady was doing in the middle of the freeway. He was given twenty years in prison for vehicular manslaughter but he got out after eight years. He tried to contact me year before last but I would not return his calls. I don't hold anything against him for killing her, I hold it against him that he was behind the wheel of a car and in no condition to be there.
          I made Carl move into this house with me and he found my dad's safe. In it was enough cash and jewelry to last a king a lifetime. He helped me to sell all of the woman's jewelry and get myself on my feet. Not long after that I learned that I own an oil company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. My grandfather was very rich, billions rich, more even than Chris rich. I have houses and lake property and money galore but I don't have my Carl.
          Chris has been very good to me, he is seven years older than I am, and a thousand years smarter. Carl had me form a partnership with Chris, the man is worth his weight in tritium which at my last look is selling for thousands of dollars, by the gram. Tritium is a radioactive isotope of hydrogen that is used to make watch dials glow in the dark, amongst other more nasty uses. There are a little more than twenty eight and a third grams to an ounce so that makes tritium about the most valuable metal on earth one ounce is almost a tenth of what two minutes of Chris' time with me is worth.

          I learned that cock sucking was my favorite thing to do when I was only ten years old. I liked the attention of the older boys and hung out where I could find one that would let me take care of him until I was sixteen. It was when a boy called me a whore that I quit sucking for the most part. When I turned eighteen the woman told me that she had no more obligation to me and kicked me out of my dad's house. I had to suck dick for money to eat on but on the second day I got robbed by this kid that I had just sucked off in the restroom of a city park.
          I was hungry and tired, plus the pressure of trying to live on the street overwhelmed me. I guess I am a wimp in the eyes of some people be cause I had only been on the street for two days at the time but I just couldn't hack it so I sat on a low wall by the restroom and bawled like a little kid. That is when Carl came to my rescue.
          Carl Dickson was the image of how I remembered my father. That and the fact that he was so good to me caused me to fall in love with him instantly. I had six wonderful years with that man and I cherish the memory of each and every day. I already told you that he was murdered on Halloween night of 2005, six years, two months, and nineteen days after we met. Chris Dickson has been very attentive to me and my needs for the past two years but when he set me up with one of the boys from his house I started to live again.
          I never locked myself away or anything like that, I just didn't have a lot of sex. In fact were it not for Chris I suppose that I would have had no sex at all after Carl died. Chris is a fantastic lover and he knows how to feel a guy out and touch those buttons that each fellow has. His technique is not a one size fits all, he makes love to whomever he is with and makes him feel as if he is the only person on the planet.
          Chris and I go way back to my teenage years so I know a lot about the guy. I guess that I was a bit older the first time that I went to a party at his place; Carl took me there so I was over eighteen, but I still watched Chris with other guys, everybody wanted a piece of him. Thinking about it I guess that he had to be like twenty four or five but he is like me, he looks much younger than he really is. He is tall and very thin, but has a well defined musculature. His chest is a firm packed forty inches of solid man muscle while his waist is only twenty eight inches, on his six foot two inch frame it looks tiny. To add to the tiny look he has a ten and a half inch to eleven inch cock that changes with his mood–he only claims to have a nine and a half inch cock but I know better and so does his family.
          I have too much to lose to mess around with underage kids but as I grow older I don't like the company of men. I guess that Carl was the last man that I want in my life. I have had the brief encounter here and there but it was pure sex and not all that great. The only good times that I have had in the past two years has been with Chris or his family. Some of his boys are more man than any of the one nighters that I have found myself with. I don't know why I even bothered with them but if a blame should be laid we will call it biology. That sounds good, my biological urges made me do it.

          Chris has tried many times to help me find someone. He played matchmaker to a former employee of ours in Arkansas that had rescued a boy that turned out to be Chris' nephew. Have you ever noticed how Chris falls into this shit? He falls in a hole inside a cave in Arkansas and ends up in the hospital and the ambulance driver has just rescued this boy that was abandoned at a service station. The boy turns out to be related to Chris, Cory, and Mike Dickson and ends up in their home.—see Traveler chapter 84
          Chris put the rescuer onto me but...well, simply put, Sam Thatcher was just sex. He was into boys and I was into who knows what. We just didn't cut it and one day Sam was gone. It has been a year and a half now and nobody knows where Sam is and I have never heard anyone ask. I suppose that I could find him, if I wanted to but since no one has asked I haven't bothered.
          Okay, Sam and I did not split on amiable terms, so now you know; but I have never told Chris that. I would almost bet you that he knows; he always knows, more than he should.

          I sat in Chris' office one afternoon and shared a new piece of software that I had acquired from my friends at the CIA. The software is a tool that they are using to identify people that they have under surveillance when they make cell phone calls from anywhere. Chris has stored the voice prints of everyone in his house for emergencies. We were testing the software out when a call came in from one of his boys to a friend of his after school. Ronnie Cramer received a call from one of his friends that had Chris and I bursting at the seams with laughter. None of the boys ever stopped to think that their cell phone conversations are very easy for anyone to listen in on; all it takes is a short wave radio set to the right frequency, albeit that only one side of the transmission can be heard on a regular receiver.
          One thing that neither Chris nor I have is a regular receiver; our equipment not only gives us both sides of the conversation but it also tells us where both callers are; if both are on cell phones then we will know exactly where they are from the GPS satellite system. When Ronnie came home with his friend Malcolm Chris had to tease them about their plain talk call. When he played back a recording the boys almost cried. Chris loves his family and he showed the youngsters nothing but glee. The fallout of their joy was my new boyfriend, Kyle.
          Chris had set down with each of his boys on his birthday, Kyle talked to him about his desires and fears as he shared with his daddy that he was lonesome in a house full of boys that loved him. He likes older men and had always been with older men. Randy Hobbs is an employ of mine that had been Kyle's lover for two years before Chris found the boy hiding under a bridge in Mississippi after hurricane Katrina. Randy is a very large man and very hairy, just what Kyle liked most. Things had really gotten wild in Chris' office the afternoon that we listened in on Ronnie and Malcolm's phone conversation and Kyle had fucked me. I sorta lost control and fell in love with the youngster.
          Now, almost ten months later, Kyle is living with me. I never planned on falling in love with a kid and Kyle never planned on falling in love with some skinny, hairless dweeb, but here we are, and we do love each other very much. Kyle turned sixteen on September 11; that is frightening to me but then again the boys is more of a man than many men that I know.

          I have always admired Kyle; there is something so different about him that sets him apart from the other boys that I have ever known. There is even a major difference between him and the boys that he grew up with. Kyle's father was a career military man who lorded it over his son. Kyle's mother was subservient to her husband's dominance but unrelenting in her domineering attitude toward their only child. She had died when Kyle was twelve and that was one of the reasons that his father retired after only twenty years; he had to be available to raise his son and could not take a chance on being deployed over seas.
          Chris and I had a long talk about the event in his office the Friday before the Halloween party in October of 2006; I guess I am transparent to him because he smiled at me when he told me that I was in love. I had to think about it but he was correct, I always seek Kyle out to visit with and just ask him how he is doing, I suppose that those around us could see how much I cared. When school let out in May of 2007 Chris asked me if I would like to have Kyle stay with me through the summer and I jumped at the chance. I did need to see how Kyle felt about it so I sat down with him in a quiet setting.
          "Kyle, I don't want you to take this wrong but, son, I love you. If you would like to move up to my house and live with me I will do anything it takes to make you happy." I was prepared but still overwhelmed by the boy's reaction as six feet four inches of boy launched itself at me and smothered me in the kisses that I have longed for for so long.
          My first outing with Kyle was a party at the home of Ryan Miller and his partner, Bobby Feldman. Chris brought Cory, of course and he had a surprise for Ryan. Ryan had an old highschool friend that had been so heavily closeted that even he didn't know that he was gay. Eleven years after highschool and after three years of working together Chris outed Kerry Jones to Ryan, thus also outing Ryan to him.
          Chris had set Kerry up with a youngster by the name of Cayden Weston. Eighteen year old Cayden is a member of the Delta Lambda Phi Fraternity at the local university and was looking for an older man to show him love. I knew that Kyle was a sexpot just looking for someone to be with but after watching him with Cory and Cayden that evening I was pretty sure that he would want nothing to do with me. Kyle slipped up beside me as I drove home after that party and told me to take him home and make passionate love to him all night long.
          I will be the first to admit that in comparison to nearly every boy in Chris' family I am on the short end of my man equipment. I don't have a lot to complain about with almost seven inches of thick man meat but there are boys half my age that live with Chris that have twice as much as me
          Sir Chris now has immunity from his activities with the boys in his house, both past and future, but I don't have such assurances. Our flaming Knight tells me that the country can't afford to lose me because if I go down then he has the power to cancel all of my encryption chips in every computer in the world which would totally cripple the security community that has come to rely on the capabilities of my chip. He says that if I go down he can make it look as if I have to punch in a daily code to keep the system up and running, that is a terrific idea and one that I am working on blocking on him.

          I told you about my first meeting with Chris in chapter six of my story–Andy Finds Daddy–of course I was young and made a lot of mistakes as I told that story because Chris was only twenty and six feet two inches tall, not twenty five and five foot eleven—I was so hung up on him, but at the time Carl was the only lover that I wanted in my life. As I look back at that night I have no idea what was in my silly head, I fucked JB and Charley but not Chris.
          Well anyway, I did get with Chris a little later on, after Tom and Eddy moved into our house. Eddy was fourteen and loved male sex and Charley loved to sex boys. Eddy and I would go down to Charley's house several times a week where I managed to get it on with Chris. I fell in love with the dude but he and I both had men that we loved and who loved to be with us, neither of us were ready to give that up.
          Chris was devastated when old Charley died, he just drifted about for a time. He picked up boys from all over the country and brought them home to live with him and that is where Kyle came into my life, Chris found him in Mississippi after hurricane Katrina moved through in 2005. Kyle had been severely beaten by his own father and left out in the storm to die. I am so glad that Chris rescued him, just for me.
          The point I am trying to get to is how much I love Chris. We have been in bed many times and both of us enjoy the company of the other. We became business partners when Carl realized the advantages that Chris could provide for us. Chris is a shrewd business man that knows how the system works and how to work the system. He does not have near the amount of money that I have but he has made his money himself, I inherited most of mine.
          Okay, granted, Charley left him several hundred thousand dollars, a nice house, a house on the beach in California, and a big RV named Traveler. It was Chris that knew how to use what he had and he worked the system so that now he is worth, at my last count, over five billion dollars, yes, that's with a B. He also controls investments for his boys that total over two billion dollars and he has helped me to invest my billions so that the taxes don't take every cent of it.
          Chris has started to stretch his wings and invest in real estate but I was awe struck when I learned where he started. The government was dragging their heels in the wake of the big hurricane and people could not find funding to rebuild their lives. Chris started in Mississippi where he and his boys helped to build homes for the victims with their own hands but Chris fronted the money himself. He put five million dollars of his own money to work in the single week that he was down there. That got the business man in him to working and he has done something that I would never have thought of.
          Chris took his money, my money, and the money of his boys and bought marginal mortgages at rock bottom interest rates. He is still seeking people with some of these high variable interest loans and converting them to low interest permanent loans. I am talking five to seven percent loans which are allowing people to stay in their homes and tell the banks to take a hike. His compassion for people knows no boundaries.

          I watch over Chris like a mother hen. I can see everywhere he goes by way of a tiny implant in his groin. I have an implant myself, as do most of the boys in his house; the implant tells the satellites overhead where each of us are and I can see their location on my GPS link up.
          My dear friend, Jeff, the former concierge from a hotel in New York City, has developed a tiny receiver that fits behind the ear. With a bit of special glue it is stuck against the bone of the skull and is almost invisible unless you look right at it, the casual observer would never see it. The receiver sends sound waves through the bone and the ear can hear these sounds by what is called bone conduction.
          Jeff also developed a tiny microphone that looks like a collar button or pin with the FI logo on it. Both the earphone and the microphone beam to our private satellite and then down to our company links so that I can hear everything that Chris does and I can talk to him. I am after Jeff to develop a camera of similar range and size, so far we are having to do with our cell phone cameras, but they work pretty well.
          The sound system and the cameras in our satellite phones can be used anywhere in the world, Chris proved that on his recent trip to Romania, of course I don't know where he went or what he did there, of course. I do know that he took care of some very bad business but he made a few new enemies.

          One of those enemies showed up in Tucson last week and he was out to rid the world of Cullen and Chris, if he could. He would take either one and I am glad that it happened in the way that it did, Cullen's death would have major repercussions all around the world.
          After the smoke cleared from that most recent attempt on his life I called Chris to my office to meet the two men that had alerted me to the possibility of an assassin. These two men are with an organization that is almost as secret as our own but Chris just looked at the two and blurted out the name of their group and its location. The man is a wonder, he has the kind of mind that never misses anything.
          I had no idea of their existence until our meeting but it was Chris who piped up and asked them why they did not have our computer in their office. The men wanted to know what had happened to the two terrorists that had been responsible for a nuclear device being placed in the hold of an oil tanker bound for the Panama Canal. I listened as Chris told more of the story of his trip to Romania in August of 2007 than I had been aware of.
          Before we finished our meeting Chris had a complete computer base loaded into the men's plane and he promised that the two of us would be at their base in a few days to install the CPU. That main component of the system is something that Chris does not want entrusted to anyone but himself or me. I have no problem going with him but I insist that he explain the installation in his no nonsense approach to technical issues. I like to get a can of coke and watch him work.

          Chris was delivered to the base in Hereford, England where we were to install our computer. I was inside supervising the installation of the system base when he walked up behind me and put his arms around me, "Guess who?" Idiot, I wanted him to hold me and I know that he wanted to hold me but we were in the midst of strangers. Chris wasted no time as he gathered all of the staff about us and began his in depth presentation.
          "Gentlemen, let me try to explain the problem to you. In the late `80s, early `90s NSA installed the top of the line Super-Connector from the, now defunct, Thinking Machines Corporation based in Waltham, Massachusetts. That system was a parallel computer that combined multiple units and used variations of the old business programming language Fortran and also the common programming language "C". They created specialized versions of these languages which the titled *Lisp and CM Fortran.
          "The NSA computer used a SIMD architecture (Single Instruction Multiple Data) and later MIMD (Multiple Instructions Multiple Data). These were the people that first introduced the RAID disk array that is common in all home computers today.
          "Their systems were able to crack codes using the 128 bit encryption analogy which included the White House Red Phone. Supposedly the system at the time, STU-3, was completely secure and unbreakable, that system is still in use in many countries and NSA broke that code in 1989. There is not an encryption code in the world that someone can not break, sometime.
          "Cray computers are in use at the present time. Cray uses as many as 8000 multiple processors as opposed to the Thinking Machines multiple computers tied in parallel. Cray operates at 1.2 nano seconds, roughly 800MHZ, which is very fast and has served the world well. Andy and I have discussed you and your position in the world politic to a great degree since your visit to his office two days ago. We have decided that you have a specific need for our newest baby.
          "We have developed a totally new computer architecture that operates at 0.0006 nano nano seconds, that's 300 THZ, or a bit more than four times the speed of light. All of this is more than two thousand times faster than the fastest model Cray. The major killer of electronic circuitry is generated heat but we have found a solution to that problem by recycling a minute amount of liquid nitrogen over the system. Liquid nitrogen @ -320° f (-196° c) circulates across the mother board and around the multiple CPUs then is recovered by use of a micro pump to be recycled again. This pump is less than one quarter of an inch square and operates on .00012 volts of electricity; it can only compress the gaseous vapor from the nitrogen to one hundred psi, which is well below the burst limits of the containers. The nitrogen dewar will need to be replaced after about five hundred hours of system runtime.
          "The shielding around the motherboard transfers heat from the system components thus keeping the entire system operating at a mere 50° f. The resulting temperatures of the CPUs create a superconductor with absolutely zero ohms of resistance meaning that there is no heat generated at all in the CPU. The miniature circuitry of the motherboard itself create diminutive amounts of heat so the heat sink of the hard drive creates the necessary heat for the motherboard to keep running at optimum temperature.
          "A serious word of caution here, any sharp blow to this unit during operation and it will shatter like glass. The liquid nitrogen freezes the internal circuit boards which makes them brittle, so brittle that the tiniest impact will make the entire system a pile of dust. As a security precaution the entire CPU is protected from removal by nitrogen also. Any tampering of any kind with any component will cause an instant release of the freezing gas. That will trigger the built in circuitry to send a two hundred volt power surge through the system to create crispy critters.
          "A special feature has been added to this system, every keystroke is written to a RAM chip as a backup. The system is set to back up any open files to two storage sources at the same time. The operator can choose the second storage device, if a device is not selected then the second backup defaults to the second hard drive. This feature is there so that you will never loose any work due to a power failure. The storage devices are not included within the security system so that your data will be intact even if the main system is destroyed.
          "The hard drives are protected so that any unauthorized attempt to access their data will cause the case itself to become one massive magnet, thus destroying everything on the disks inside. All data on the disk first passes through the FOSSEC and requires your four part password of sixteen characters each. The system does require that same password at each boot up and we suggest that you choose four people that will normally be in the office most of the time. This is a security system so those entrusted with a portion of the password should have a good memory and not ever have to write down his part of the sequence.
          "Passwords can be difficult but I have found something that works for me that no one can ever crack. I use the phone numbers and addresses of old highschool friends grandmothers. Anyone wanting my password will first have to know my friends, then know their grandmothers, their addresses and their phone numbers. They will also need to know the order in which I used them. I use foreign language symbols and math symbols in my one hundred and twenty eight character password, break it if you can.
          "In the event of a power failure this system shuts down instantly to prevent the circuit's triggering of the tampering features, a complete reboot of the system will be required. There are only three attempts for each section of password entries then the system will shut down and requiring a system reset signal from our home base. We hope that we have every conceivable security scenario covered for the protection of your data.
          "There are five hundred CPUs on the motherboard and each actually has four dedicated physical data streams running in two opposite directions simultaneously. Each CPU has 512 MB of L2 cache operating through a 32 THZ front side bus. Each CPU is equipped with the FOSS Encryption Chip, FOSSEC, for full 512 bit encryption with rapidly changing algorithms that, through MAP switching, randomizes the signal eight hundred times a second. We have put our system's output to the top crippies in the world and none have been able to break this code. We won't say that it can't be done, we only say that it hasn't been done.
          "You may wonder what all of this speed means to you. The speed of our unit means that the results for an inquiry are instantaneous. Most recently the USA was using the STU-4 and you still have a STU-4 system sitting right there. If you would like to use that system to call Langley and tell them that you are doing a test, use this passcode for this test, I will show you how easy our system can decrypt the signal.
          "You have satellite communications with burst technology where you send and receive signals in micro-second bursts, our system can receive that signal and decode it instantly because it is keyed to every satellite in orbit and to every transponder frequency. When a burst signal is transmitted our systems grab it and save it to our main computers deep inside a solid granite mountain that can withstand a direct hit from a five hundred megaton nuclear device. Smart bombs and bunker busters developed by our military will not penetrate to the depths of our installation, if one knew where to look for them."
          "Sir, Langley is on the phone and the required code has been verified. Are you ready for them to transmit?"
          Chris told them to ask Langley to send us at least eight pages of encrypted data using the system now in place for this installation. Our computer was printing out the decrypted pages as fast as they were coming in while the STU-4 was running about four pages slower. When the transmission ended Chris handed Peter the complete decrypted pages while their state of the art system was just finishing its translation of page four.
          "That, gentlemen, is what our system will do for you. Your weakest link now is your printer but that is being taken care of. We have ordered a six head printer that can print sixty pages of full color graphics in thirty seconds, one hundred and twenty ppm. That forty five hundred dollar printer will be here next week, and I will stop by and install it for you on my return trip, before going back home from my trip to France.
          "My partner, Andy, has obtained provisional permission from Langley for you to test this system for our government. You are a multi-national organization with personnel from many different countries, all of which use our current secure system, including the SAS. We hope to quickly replace all of those systems with this one but we need field tests and you have been selected to run those tests." Chris was in his element. I love to hear him work, he has a way with words and he can handle people. We work well together, but Chris is no beginner when it comes to technology either. He can grasp the most difficult situation almost as quickly as it is explained to him and he seldom ever needs for anything to be repeated. I have heard him ask someone to slow down and explain something to a deeper level, he wants details. I swear that man knows the intricacies of the matter of life.
          I had to roll my eyes and sit back in awe when he went into a description of the our mother board with five hundred four layer micro processors using quantum mechanics. He lost everyone in the room, with the exception of their head computer geek who hung on to every word and asked for more, much to the disdain of his fellow workers. I had to ask Chris to take pen and paper and move to the side as he explained more to his intellectual equal. I told him that I needed to finish installing our system or we would end up spending the night on the floor. Chris does not sleep on the floor. I did learn that he had slept on the ground as he moved across a mountain trail toward a castle in Romania a few months earlier.

          Suddenly the STU-4 rang and startled me, I had my head right next to the phone's DSL connection which was connecting to the computer. Peter walked over and disconnected the link so that it was hooked back to their old system. The SIX man, or boss of the office, stepped in to where we were, "Load em up lads, a bit of a rough at Lord Philby's flat."
          "The King is there," Chris shouted from the door as I jumped up. I had not even noticed that Chris and the head computer programer had been gone. These people were not used to Cullen being referred to as The King and they were not even aware that he was in the country. Chris was explaining at a mile a minute that Lord Philby—Dukey—was his brother-in-law, and that Lady Muneday was his sister. He told them that he had left his nephew with them for a party with the Wild boys while we attended to business.
          Chris asked for, and received a helicopter to take the two of us the ninety six miles to Dukey's Downing Street townhouse. We were in the air before the SWAT team was ready to go. The chopper pilot did not know where he was going to be able to land but Chris told him that there was a helipad located at Jason Russell's school only four blocks from his sister's place. There was a police car waiting for us when we landed.
          Chris demanded to speak to the officer in charge and was threatened with bodily removal until he flashed his badge. Reluctantly he was taken to an officer where he tried to explain about Cullen being in the house. By the time I was able to catch up to Chris the police were telling him that they were not sure if anyone was alive in the house. Chris grabbed my lap top and called up our secure page and showed the cop in charge the red dots flashing on the screen then he explained our GPS locators embedded under our skin. He showed his location, and mine, on the computer screen then told the man that the other two dots were two of our boys inside the house.
          Chris looked at me with fear in his eyes, Cullen was supposed to be in there, along with Jason and Gary Russell, but there were only two signals. I turned the computer to me and typed in the codes for the Russell boys as well as Cullen's. I showed Cris that Gary's signal was moving up behind us but Cullen was inside the house with young Jason.
          "Chris, Chris, over here, I'm over here." I turned and saw a boy that I did not know waving at Chris. Chris called out to Gary and then I knew that this must be Gary Russell, Jason's brother. Chris rushed over to the boy and hugged him. He told the policeman holding back the crowd to let several more boys pass then I saw Phil Russell, Jason and Gary's dad as well as the Wild boys' manager.
          Gary came up to us as the SWAT team from Hereford arrived. He told us that he and his dad had left to go pick up the rest of the band for a party that Chris's sister, El, wanted to have for Cullen. Only Jason was in the house, along with Cullen and his parents. Chris pointed out to Peter that the dots inside the house were in the area of the panic room that he had made Dukey install three years earlier. I know that I began to breathe easier.
          Chris straightened up and began to speak into mid-air as tears rolled down his face. He turned to the computer and asked Peter for his command phone's number which he typed on the keypad. Peter's tech man patched Chris' phone into their system and I heard Cullen talking. Chris told Cullen that everything was under control but to stay put. He told the boy not to open the door but that he would open it himself when all was clear. He then asked to speak to Cullen's dad. He was not in the house so Chris' sister, El came on the line. Chris turned to Peter who passed the call off to another of his men.
          "Your Ladyship, my name is Doctor Fellows. I am with the Rainbow team and we are on the scene. Tell me how many people are in your house...."
          Chris led me over to Phil and the boys where we talked quietly until I looked up and Chris was gone. I looked about for Peter and his people but did not see them anywhere and the old cop would not tell me anything. I showed him my badge and he gave a smart salute then told me that the other yank had gone with the rescue team. I had to shake my head, Chris constantly walks into danger.
          Only later I watched a large helicopter hover over the house and six men slide down on long ropes and disappear through the windows of the house. Shortly after that Chris came out with Cullen wrapped around him. El was behind them. Her husband, Lord Philby rushed up to greet them as they were placed into a police van and whisked away, moments later I saw a large green Sikorsky helicopter lift off, it had the Wild boys logo emblazoned on the side. I looked around for Gary and his father but all of the boys were gone. I rode back to the base with Peter and his crew then mounted my Lear Jet for the trip home to my sweet Kyle who was waiting for me.

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