Andy Finds Daddy Part 3
Andy Finds A Son
Chapter 2


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My name is Andrew Michael Foss. I still like the name Andy and I am called that by those that love me. I'm the head of my own international security company worth multi-million bucks and heir recipient of my grandfather's oil company worth many, many billions of dollars. I had a wonderful life with my dad, everything I have and am is because of his love for me. My precious Carl is gone now and I have been alone until I found a boy in as much need of love as I was at his age.
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Andy Finds a Son 2

          Genuine love is a rarity for men like me. I know how much I truly loved Carl and his deep love for me knew no bounds. I have been lost and empty since his murder Halloween night two years ago. I took up the frustrated life of the quintessential queer by sleeping with men that I couldn't care less about just to have a warm body to provide a release to my animal urges. Sick? yeah and it is a wonder that I did not get sick with the maddening numbers of STDs that are going around in the world today. So many of these diseases are becoming resistant to any kind of treatment and are leaving their victims doomed for life.
          Of course we don't want it widely known but nearly all of our employees at Foss International Security are gay or more to likely to bed a male than a female, though some do bed both. That seemed almost ironic when four of my people came down with the ancient malady commonly called the clap. After an examination of each of their varied sex partners was completed they learned that they had contacted the disease through their female contacts. Chris and I laugh about it and we both believe that these men will never touch another, what Chris calls, dickless human.
          One of those victims is an nineteen year old bi-sexual boy from right here at home. Many of the boys in Chris' house knew this boy that had gone to their highschool. The boy had a reputation as a lady's man and was most popular with several highschool cuties. Cameron Lang set all of us straight on the facts over our breakfast one morning. Kyle joins the family of happy fairies, a title given them by Chris' sister in England, for breakfast each morning. I get down there for breakfast as often as I can.
          One morning Cameron looked at me and asked me if I knew that Nicoli Verducci had the clap. I did know but I do not discuss my employees or their personal life with anyone, other than Chris. Cameron told us that Nicoli was known on campus at Wilson High as the Bambino. He laughed as he told the boys at the table how this big wrestling star was a closet fag. The Bambino was in Cameron's pants every Saturday night when he and his father attended one of the many man boy parties around the area. I looked at Chris who just nodded and smiled. The boys saw that and wanted to know all.
          Chris only told us that he knew Nicoli's father and that he had attended many parties at Charley's house in the years past. He told us that when Nicoli turned fourteen that his father was then allowed to bring his son to the parties and the boy was a cock jockey. He didn't care so much about age as he cared about size. Chris said that the boy was the definitive size queen. Sometimes Chris uses such big words that he loses me, He taught me that word quintessential but I love him just the same.
          Cameron told us that the Bambino was not anything special, as far as cocks go, but that he was a fair fuck. Cameron met with the boy after school many times. He said that Bambino would get so worked up with first one girl and then another that his dick wouldn't go soft at all. He told us that when Bambino got his first car the two of them would take off after school and go somewhere to fuck. He said that both of them liked it and they usually had time for both of them to do it. The boys laughed at Cameron's dreamy expression, they have all learned about his itchy butt.
          Cameron is the current love interest of Chris' son, RD. If you are not keeping up with Traveler then I won't give that one away but the boy is the spitting image of his father. They say that beauty is only skin deep but the cock that boy has can get deep into anybody's skin. I have thought about having him spend the night with Kyle and me. Ooohhhh, a menage a trois with two boys hanging over a foot of cock each, be still my fainting heart. They could do me from each end at the same time and their cocks could meet in the middle. Excuse me, I got kind of worked up there, have to handle matters pretty quickly, Kyle won't be home from school for three more hours then we are going to Tulsa for the holidays.

          We did get to Tulsa, Kyle has been reading over what I have written and he is wiggling his eyebrows at me. He has gotten it on with RD and he says that the boy makes all other dicks look like tiny cocktail sausages. We are expecting Chris and the boys to join us in a day or two. Kyle told me that he would get RD to join us to make my lustful dream come true. I had to take a break and ask Kyle to break my lust. Carl shoved fourteen hard man inches up my ass everyday from the day I met him, except when I was in Europe at school. Oh how I missed my daddy then. Anyway I have Kyle with his foot long hot dog that is sooooo thick....
          I'm back and I feel so much better. I wish that I could write like Chris, or even Carl did. I just don't know how to say all of the wonderful things that Kyle does to me. I guess that anyone who reads this would like to know the details of our love bed but I just can't write about it, that is sort of between me and Kyle.
          Kyle and I have a few days before Chris and the boys arrive and we have very little to do. I have sent the entire house staff on a long Christmas vacation with a very nice cash bonus to each of them. The two of us have the run of the entire house and we are running naked all of the time. I am serious, we are running, this old house was built back during prehistoric times when no one cared about the cost of heating the place so there is not a shred of insulation in it. We have to run or freeze to death where we stand.
          My grandfather's home has forty five bedrooms. Okay, so shoot me, I told Carl in Andy Finds Daddy that the house had forty five rooms, or at least that is the way he wrote it down. The house has forty five bedrooms, five extra large suites on the second floor and twenty bedrooms each on the third and fourth floor. My house compares greatly to Chris' Empire Canal. It is not a old and does not have any history at all but it is mine.
          There are large fireplaces in every room of the house, even the kitchen. Each bathroom has a vent running from the room nearest to it so that the floors are kept toasty warm. I am not accustomed to wind and snow. I thought of something that Chris always says, "There is precious little that one can do to keep warm except to curl up with someone you love and lay in front of a fireplace with a large fire burning in it." He has a point and Kyle and I are doing just that, as often as we can.
          Each bedroom suite has a quiet inglenook with wide windows only inches above the soft feather filled cushions laid out on wide seats where one can sit in and look out across the vast gardens spanning the large estate. The inglenook wraps around behind the large fireplaces to create a very private place. I wondered what the purpose behind their design had been but one look at the face of my young son told me how I wanted to use the one in our room tonight. Kyle discovered that what I thought was a decorative panel was actually an asbestos lined cover that when opened allowed a pass through style fireplace, we could lay in the inglenook and enjoy the fire as well as each other.
          The window seats were designed with this sort of a night in mind. Under the thick cushions we found a slide out leaf that could be supported by the open doors of the storage cabinets. The cushions were actually folded in half and when opened wide they formed a comfortable mattress. In the closet we found a very large and thick feather bed, a down filled quilt along with stacks of warm blankets, and down filled pillows.
          It was during the times that we curled up together that I learned about my boy. I sit in his lap, that may sound funny to you but I only stand five foot seven and a half inches tall, Kyle stands six foot four, and growing. His growing is what worries me the most. I know that Chris looks at the boy and cries, often. Chris has a dear friend, that he went to highschool with, by the name of Dr. William Hamm.
          Dr. Will, as the family knows him, was a member of a club that Chris used to belong too called the Blues club. Dr. Will is treating Kyle for a lifetime of steroid use. Kyle is one of the victims of the movie makers that fucked their own sons since infancy. Kyle and Chad Jones were the very best of boyhood friends. Richard Jones, Chad's father-Chris calls him Exiter because he is a cock jockey-and his cross dressing boyfriend, Emil, wanted Kyle to spend the night with Chad often. They enjoyed having sex with the boys, then only five or six years old. They were giving the boys "vitamin shots, down there," to make them grow faster.
          Kyle's system has not quit growing from those shots and there is genuine fear that he is aging much too fast, he may not be able to stop, ever. Chris does not want Kyle to know that, the two of us sit and cry about it constantly. Kyle is a wonderful, loving boy that I can never do without, ever again. I totally love him and everything about him.
          Kyle's passion and compassion runs deep and I am the recipient of his love. He loves Chris and longs to be with him as often as possible, but he knows how much Chris and Cory love one another and will not try to come between them. Kyle has told me what I have long known, that every boy that Chris has ever been with loves him deeply and forever. I know that is true because I love Chris and Kyle is very much like him.
          My baby wanted to talk his past and I listened, I listened to a story that makes me hate with a part of me that I thought had died when I stood glued to the small peep hole in the oven and watched the woman that bore me burn to ashes.
          Kyle has kept so much of this inside of himself for so many years. Chris still has the boys in group therapy twice a month but I am going to talk to him about having Kyle see someone on a one on one basis. I don't think that Kyle is opening up and letting his feeling go. He is harboring to much pain and resentment for a boy his age and if those that love him don't pay attention to him he is going to burst wide open one day. It is a sad sign of the times when we see kids killing kids at school and elsewhere, I think that Kyle could very easily release his hostilities on some innocent if steps are not taken at once.

          Together we laid in the window bed and watched our first all night snowfall. I am not used to different weather patterns and was not aware that if it is cold enough then snow does not necessarily need clouds. The humidity in the air is actually frozen and falls gently to the ground.
          That is exactly what happened around two o'clock in the morning. The wind had ended and the full moon sent shadows dancing on the freshly fallen snow. The stars lit the sky as I have never seen them before in all of my life and then the most gentle snow began to fall. Kyle and I donned our boots and coats and stepped out on the wide balcony to experience this for ourselves.
          I left every light fixture that my grandfather had set about the grounds left in place but I added more than two hundred lights along the front driveway, along the sidewalks in the front of the house and down into the terraced gardens in back of the house. Three hundred feet straight out and thirty feet straight down is grandfather's fishing hole. The man loved to fish, my dad told me stories about him that made me laugh. I was only ten years old the last time I saw my grandfather
          Surprisingly the cold did not seem so intense with the wind gone, in fact it was almost surreal as we faced the falling white fluffs and looked into the moon lit sky. It was reminiscent of a movie scene of a space voyage, the white snow flakes drifted by as the movies present stars flying past a speeding space ship.
          Suddenly a strong breeze stirred the falling snow and a loud squeak caught our attention. Kyle and I both turned our heads to look up at a three foot wide windmill blade attached to an enclosed box frame running up the side of the house. I told Kyle to wait for it and in minutes water flowed over a five foot fall into a small pool at the head of my grandfathers mighty crik. My grandfather loved toys but his best one is the creek that runs around the yard in a serpentine series of water falls from one terraced level to the next.
          I remember from my days as a boy visiting my grandfather that there were fish in his crick. He told me one time that he didn't have any puny goldfish but real table fish like bass and catfish. I wonder if there are any fish left in the small pools along the terrace where the water winds its way down to the lake at the bottom of the hill.

          Cory, Chrisy, and Timmy arrived about noon Friday in Traveler Too,. Sarah, Daylight, and both of the babies were with them. Those two little ones are growing so quickly and they are both two of the cutest little boys one could ever hope to see. Both of them have the coal black hair and stark black eyes of their mothers.
          Cory told me that Chris and Daylight, both, wanted Rodney to travel with his mother, they explained to the boy that he would not see his mother again for a long time. In is ten year old attitude he told them that he would see her at the funeral for Mike's grandmother and that he wanted to stay with his boyfriend, Dane.
          All of us sat down for a long hot lunch before Cory had to leave to finish his part of the journey, he wanted to be back to spend the night with Chris in my house. Timmy stayed with me while Chrisy accompanied Cory on to Tahlequah. I felt sorry for Cory as the tears welled up in his eyes, he was taking the women home to their mothers, for good. They felt isolated from their heritage in Tucson and they feel as if Chris and Cory have each other with no need of women in their lives. I know Chris' pain over their decision and I can see the pain in young Cory. It wasn't all that long ago that Cory would make very sweet offers of personal attention to me if I would let him use the Lear Jet to fly back here so that he could see his young bride and baby once a month. I can see that happening again, and of course I will let him. What do you want to bet me that Chris will be with him this time?

           Chris and the boys arrived late Friday for their holiday vacation. Chris' largest vehicle, Travel All, only seats sixty boys so he flew the entire family in aborad his new two hundred passenger Boeing 737-900ER. He had sent four of our people to drive his big bus along with his three school buses in for transportation around town while he and the boys visit Kyle and me. As soon as they arrived Chris and I led the boys to the third and fourth floors. The boys had already chosen their roommates because they would have to sleep four boys to a room. One of the reasons that Kyle and I had come early in the week was so that we could accept delivery and set up of eighty new queen sized beds.
          My house had been used as office space by the oil company that my grandfather built. He died right after my tenth birthday and my grandmother had a fatal stroke a week later. My dad died a few weeks later, in November of 1989, two days after Thanksgiving when he and the woman had their big fight. For all intents and purposes I was an orphan, the woman cared nothing about me except for the check that she got each month for my care. Believe me, I shed no tears when she got her ass killed in 1998, in fact my heart was filled with relief.

          Chris had contacted a caterer to have a buffett laid out for the boys when they arrived, I have never seen so much food at one time in my life. Sure, I go to those all you can eat buffet places but they don't have the large number of boys eating at one time that Chris has. Chris laughs every time I join him for a meal, he tells me that his food bill is rapidly building up to a number that can compete with the national debt, daily. I know that every meal in his home can cost many hundreds of dollars and Chris insists that every bite be prepared from scratch. He does not care for pre-packaged foods, unless it was pre-packed in his own kitchen.
          I can well remember the early days at his house when we would drink coffee while twenty pounds of potatoes boiled on the stove and a twenty pound roast beef would be roasting in the oven. I have seen him prepare six chocolate cakes, completely iced with thick frosting, in one afternoon. He loved to cook so he would spend a whole day doing just that then package everything in vacuum sealed bags and flash freeze it. He loves nitrogen and he found a freezer unit that fit in his garage that would freeze anything put inside it in seconds. Food frozen that way will last two to three times longer than food frozen under normal home methods. He had two large deep freezes in his garage and a large bottom drawer freezer in his kitchen.

          The boys moved through the food line as they loaded their plates with piles of fresh vegetables and each of them took a bowl of the hot vegetable soup. Hanging around Chris has made me healthier. I always hated vegetables, I thought that every meal had to center around a few pounds of meat. One time I told Chris that vegetables were not food, I told him that vegetables are what food eats. Chris showed me that Americans are fat and sick because they eat too much protein and they find that from the wrong sources.
          I learned that the human body should never consume more than four ounces of meat in one day. He told me that there are great sources of protein that are very good for the body, such as pecans and walnuts, most beans, which also add fiber to the diet. He is slowly making me healthy, now if I could just keep up with him and his boys on their morning run. There are very few of the boys that can keep up with the old man as he runs a complete eight mile course at full speed, in less than fifteen minutes, most of the time.
          Don't get me wrong, Chris still loves a good steak dinner, he calls it burnt cow. He doesn't eat meat often but he does go out once in awhile. I love to see him take five or six of his boys out for a meal together every day or two. He told me that his family is so large that they can no longer invade a pizza bar and send the manager of the place into shock, I was with him on one of those trips a few years back.
          The caterers had asked me about their instructions for making hot chocolate, they had never heard of Chris' recipe, I have and it is great. Because of the large quantity they were instructed to premix the powdered milk. The milk was poured into each side of my double fifty cup commercial coffee maker. Next came a few boxes of instant hot chocolate mix, the water fills automatically in this type of unit. They were told to pat out four pounds of butter to be so that the boys could add a pat to their cup of coco while it was still very hot. Before they left each of the catering crew had a small amount of the hot chocolate and told me that it was rich and smooth. I shared Chris' recipe for one cup, in a large mug add instant milk to fill about a third of the cup. Add a small amount of cold water and stir until the milk powder dissolves. Next add one or two packages, to taste, of hot chocolate mix. Fill cup to three quarters full with water, add a pat of butter then microwave on high for two or three minutes. If you have overfilled the cup it will boil over and you have a mess to clean up. In any event, stir the drink then fill the cup to the top with cold water and enjoy. It is rich and gives warm fuzzies on a cold night, warm nights too, and better when shared with Kyle. You share with your own cute teenager.

          As I watched the boys a question that had nagged me all day became clear. On a table at the end of the serving line were six cases filled with large jars of Cheese Whiz™, I felt like a dummy as each boy helped himself to a jar then sat down and began to dip his vegetable sticks into the concoction. Chris explained to me later that the cheese is a treat for the boys that he allows from time to time, it is one of the few convenience foods that he allows. His cooks make a vegetarian spread that looks and tastes similar to cheese but without the animal fat, he smiled at me as he told me that real cream was needed to get to a man's soul, damn I wanted his cream. I didn't ask him about the hundreds of cans of V8™ vegetable juice that the boys were pouring down their throats. The boys eat so healthy it makes me feel sick.
          Cory came back from delivering the wives before all of the boys had their plates full of food; he walked up to Chris and I watched the two in one super hot kiss. I have never seen a couple, gay or straight, that love one another as those two do. I can not conceive of any reason that they took wives; had they not they would surely be amongst the six married couples in the family.
          What really confounded me was the appearance of young RD-Arty. Chris did not even know of the boy's existence but no father ever loved his son more than Chris loves that boy and RD loves his father just as intensely. The appearance of the sixteen year old has in no way diminished Chris' love for little Rodney, at only ten years of age that boy needs a lot of reassurance which Chris is a master at giving, to all of his boys. I almost wish that I could move in and let him be my daddy too.

          Chris has started something in the family that all of us enjoy, I will use myself to tell this. I am a bottom, I love to ride a hard cock and Kyle is my favorite ride. However, Chris pointed out one time that our lovers need a ride sometimes. I know that Kyle loves for me to be on top and we do it once in awhile but Chris said that we did not do it often enough. Once a week the boys gather for story time and give the bottom the chance to be the top. We were using the ballroom the only room large enough to eat in. It is also the only room large enough for story time.
          Chris had not wanted the caterers to witness our immorality so they had set up the food and left. That meant that the boys had to clean up the mess. Within fifteen minutes everything was spic and span and there was not a sign of food, or the tables, on the totally empty dance floor. What quickly covered the floor was naked boi butts, Kyle was one of them.
          A favorite of mine in Chris' house is the second boy that he found when he began his boi toy collection in April of 2004. His long time lover had passed away and Chris took off in his Traveler to see the country. He drove along the Gulf Coast and first found Pete. Pete was in the Air Force but the two had rousing sex that one afternoon, I know that it was rousing because eight months later, at Christmas time, Pete called Chris up and has been living with the family ever since.
          Once Pete returned to Keesler AFB at Biloxi, Mississippi Chris continued on east. In Mobile, Alabama he found an abandoned little Jimmy Watkins. Jimmy has been a true blessing to Chris and the entire family. One of Jim's greatest gifts is his strong, clear voice. Jim is Chris' proof reader and prevents the many mistakes like I have made in this telling of my story. His proof reading and voice make him perfect as the story teller.
          All of the boys in the family are coupled with another boy, some of the couples are solid and almost monogamous, that is they will only fuck with other boys within the family and then only very seldom, story night is a couples only night. As I said there a minute ago, the tops need to bottom sometimes. The formula for story night is simple, the top goes to his back on the floor while the bottom kneels between his legs. The bottom has to suck the top to a climax then he tops his lover. Once orgasm is achieved the bottom, on top, has to stay up inside his lover until he can go once more. No one is allowed to uncouple until two loads have entered the bottom of the normal top from the normal bottom. Confuse you yet? I tried.
          The total love that passes between the couple during this weekly swap of positions is fantastic. The first time I walked in on story time was the first night that it was done and Kyle and I had to join in. We swap off more often now than we used too, I never thought about Kyle needing to get his ass rearranged but that had long been his position until he met me, I just thought of my own needs and not his.
          Oh, story time? Of course, how stupid of me to leave that out, this is where I need Jimmy Watkins to edit for me so I don't forget what I am saying. Okay, I'm getting there. All of the boys search the web for hot stories to read, one night Jimmy was telling about a very hot story that he had found. Chris created the family story night around that evening. Jimmy sits in a chair with his boyfriend Lew on the floor before him. Jimmy reads the story, using all of the punctuation and emphasis that writer puts into the story, he makes the story so hot and so real that everybody in the room is about to burst. Our story of the evening was entitled Roby and the Cowboy, a very stimulating story.
          While Jimmy reads, the partner who is usually on the bottom is on his knees servicing his top. The phemerones fill the air and the heat rises, cum splatters everywhere as spit and sweat are shared between lovers. By the end of the love making session every boy wants to hold his lover and be held. That is what was happening on the floor of my ballroom that night. I will forever refer to that room as the ball room as fond memories fill my thoughts, even until my old age.

          It was close to eleven when we led our lovers to our rooms for a quiet night of closeness. The boys would have to share their rooms with another couple but they didn't mind that. Kyle and I felt closer to one another than we had in sometime. We wanted to spend another night in the inglenook. As we lay on the small bed with the fireplace blazing behind us I looked out the window to see the snow falling quietly from the sky as it had done a few nights before.
          Kyle and I stepped out to the balcony wearing only slippers and wrapped together in a heavy, handmade quilt. We were seated on the glider to watch the snow silently fall from a pitch black sky when angelic music filled the air. I listened and quickly recognized the tune but not the voice.
          "Doesn't Cory have a sweet singing voice? I love to listen to Cullen sing, who doesn't, but Cory has such a rich tenor ring and an magnificent range to his voice." Kyle began to sing along:
Something Good

>From the movie,
The Sound of Music
Rogers and Hammerstein

Perhaps I had a wicked childhood
Perhaps I had a miserable youth
But somewhere in my wicked, miserable past
There must have been a moment of truth

For here you are, standing there, loving me
Whether or not you should
So somewhere in my youth or childhood
I must have done something good

Nothing comes from nothing
Nothing ever could
So somewhere in my youth or childhood
I must have done something good

For here you are, standing there, loving me
Whether or not you should
So somewhere in my youth or childhood
I must have done something good

Nothing comes from nothing
Nothing ever could
So somewhere in my youth Or childhood
I must have done something . . .
Something good

For here you are, standing there, loving me
Whether or not you should
So somewhere in my youth or childhood
I must have done something good

          Kyle stopped and looked at me, Cory had quit singing and it was a totally silent night. Then from out of the darkness came Cory's voice once again, "Hey Kyle, what did you do with the money that your mother gave you for singing lessons?"
          "I spent it on a fag boy who wanted to suck my cock, did I over pay you?"
          "That was no boy, that was your mother in drag," Cory shot back. Chris and I both stopped the boys' banter, we were in the mood for love. I asked Cory if he would sing the entire song to Chris as Kyle and I listened. I was moved to tears as Kyle and I sat there in each other's arms and listened to the entire piece.
          On that note Kyle and I went to our love nest.

          Oklahoma is an hour behind Arizona time in the winter but I was still surprised to see Chris up and drinking coffee when I went downstairs at seven. I suppose that it wasn't as bad as I thought because it would be six at home and his boys have breakfast at six thirty. That was why I was up, what were we going to feed one hundred and seventy five hungry teenagers.
          I heard a loud noise, like a large pan falling to the floor, come from the kitchen. It was followed by a long line of expletives in a foreign language. Don't ask me how I know that they were expletives, you just know some things. Chris grinned but I had to see. I looked in the kitchen at six boys starring at a pile of buttered bread laying on the floor, of course Murphy's law states that the bread had to land buttered side down.
          Christopher and Jerry were laughing as one of the Arabic boys stood red faced with his fists balled up. The other Arabic boys bent over and begin to clean up the mess. I don't know how to refer to all of the boys that Chris has taken in from all over the world. I don't like to use phrases like Arabic boys, it is as racist as saying black boys or Mexican boys or any other ethnic group, Chris loves all of his boys equally. It is just Cory that is more equal, of course RD and Rodney are a little more watched over but not by much. Cullen is watched like a hawk, I am surprised that he is not tethered to Chris. However, he is a Head of State and should anything happen to that boy it would be hell to pay, internationally.
          I popped the top on a can of cold coke and sat down, Chris bored holes in me. I am not a big coffee drinker and I have to have a cold coke to get my system jump started each day. I have a coke at home then go down and drink coffee with Chris, but by that time I have gotten myself awake enough to be able to see the cup without burning myself.
          The boys started to drift in and many of them looked as if they would rather be in bed. I asked Theo why he was up already, he told me that he was hungry but he was going back to bed. Ricky told him that he would not allow that, they had a snow ball fight to attend. That set all of the boys off as they ran to the windows and plotted where they would build their forts and plot their strategy.
          I looked at Chris, he shook his head, "I might throw sand balls because I can do that where it is warm, my momma didn't raise no eskymoe,"
          The rented steam table was being stocked by some very cute boy flesh, sometimes I want to pack my bag of birthday suits and move into Chris' house. He told me that I would like to soak in a tub of hot cum, that sounds kinky, sticky and smelly, but yummy. I asked him if I could have a straw.
          I learned that the six boys working with Christopher and Jerry were the cooks that Chris found chained to various fixtures in Seigy's castle. Christopher prides himself a young chef and Jerry is pretty damn good himself. Between their combined efforts a nice breakfast was served. I was surprised when two large containers full of sausage gravy were placed on the serving line but then one of the cooks sat a large pan of bacon down and picked up a piece and began to eat it.
          "Jesus said, 'it is not what goes into the mouth that makes you unclean, it is what goes out of the mouth,'" Chris told me.

          The front door bell rang at eight sharp, Chris came down the stairs dressed in a suit and tie and carrying a heavy woolen over coat. He opened the door to admit a man who waited while Chris bundled up like he was at the north pole, he really doesn't like the cold. He pulled on heavy leather gloves and told me not to let the boys tear the house down. Cullen came down the stairs like a shot and dashed out of the door.
          I stepped to the door to see Chris slide behind the wheel of a Sedan de Ville while the other man got in the passenger side, and Cullen was sitting down in the back seat. Knowing Chris he had rented a car for his stay and it had just been delivered.
          At a quarter till ten all of the boys charged into the house and ran to one of eight fireplaces that were burning brightly. I had thought it funny when Chris had the boys stack the fires earlier but then these are desert kids, and of course fireplaces just go with snowball fights. Edmund was passing through the boys as he poured each of them a cup of hot chocolate.
          Cory and Pete were giving the boys instructions so I walked over to where I could hear better, "And Chrisy says that the milk can go in the walk in by the kitchen. The crew will bring the rest when they come."
          "But young master, what will I do?"
          "First of all you will quit that, you know that Chris hates it, you are family not a servant and nobody is your master, unless you and Mitchell are into something that you would like to share."
          The old man blanched, "Indeed not, sir."
          "Edmund, you better cool it. You are on vacation and Chris says that if you lift a dish for any other reason than to eat from it then we are to hog tie you." Gerald grinned at his grandmother's long time servant. I have grown to like Edmund, he is old enough to be Chris' father but he loves the family and he works along side Chris doing anything that he is asked to do.
          Edmund and his young lover were supposed to be in Albany but when they arrived at the airport they learned that New York was socked in so that grabbed a plane to Tulsa to join us for the weekend. Chris loves the couple and was glad to see them when their taxi dropped them on my door step. Edmund told us that they would resume their trip Monday, he is looking forward to spending Christmas day with his aging mother. Aging my ass, Chris told me that she is ninety six, she is past aging she is well aged.
          The door bell rang again and Cory called out for the boys to get a move on. A double line formed up from the front door to the steps down to the pantry below the main kitchen. I headed to the door to see two large trucks with boys lining up behind them. Boxes of fresh produce began to be off loaded and passed down the chain of boys to be stored in the house. Christopher and Jerry were inside directing the boys which way to send each box.
          Cases of milk and bread came down the line. Several cases of eggs and each boy cautioned the one to whom he passed off too that if he should drop it he would have to lick up every drop of the raw eggs, not one egg was lost. Another truck moved in behind the first two and Cory walked over to it. I could hear him talking in his Indian language before he called for Mike to come over, Steven joined them also then Rodney ran over and was tossed up in the air by one of the men then hugged by the other three.
          Cory led the four men into the kitchen and they talked in Indian talk all of the way. As Steven passed me I asked him who they were. "They are from Tahlequah, they had a restaurant there that wasn't going good, er well, so they moved to Tulsa to start up a catering service. Cory found out about them yesterday and dad talked to them from the plane. They are going to cook for us while we are here." Steven scampered away as I thought that this was just like Chris, he is always on top of everything. He had his boys on his mind constantly, they will never go hungry or without as long as they are with him.

          I heard Chris' voice in the kitchen but I had not seen him come in. He had a cup of hot chocolate in his hand as he stood in front of the oven with the door open, "Fuck, it's cold out there. I don't know how eskimos live here."
          "They don't, fool, they live up north where it is really cold," one of the men told him.
          "So this isn't cold?" Chris chided.
          "Not at all, this is a balmy day, you should see it when the real weather begins."
          "No thanks. Oh, hi Andy. Meet my new cooks. The one with the mouth over there is Black Bear and his best friend Amadahy--forest water--"
          "Yeah, his mother squatted to take a pee in the woods and he fell out."
          "I didn't fall out, you were sucking my dick and I wanted to get closer."
          "I wasn't sucking your dick, I was eating your old lady's cunt and you got in the way."
          "You were eating her cunt while she was pissing? You are sick." The whole bunch was laughing like crazy.
          "Hi Andy, my name is Red, Gigage actually but just call me by the yankee name of Red, and this is my little brother Ona. Onacona means white owl." Ona never said a word or cracked a smile.

          "Chrisy, it is your kitchen so you take over but remember that too many cooks spoil the broth, or gravy, or some stupid shit like that." Chris led me back into the front room to sit down in front of the largest fireplace in the house. "I might get warm if I sit here all night.
          "Fuck dude, that little inglenook idea of yours was great. Cory opened that panel and the fire was sweet. I have always said that the only thing a person can do for fun when it is cold is to snuggle up in front of a nice fire with someone you love."
          "So did you make love by the light of the fireplace?" I asked him with a smile.
          "Nosy! Did you?"
          "Of course."
          "Those boys in there, they're relations, in fact close blood relations. Things aren't going well for them and so they came to Tulsa to try to earn a living. Andy, I need help at home, I have so many boys now that Edmund and Mitchell can't handle all of the cooking. Sure, a lot of the boys like to get in the kitchen and help but they have their school work and I insist that they have to give that their top priority.
          "I want to see how these boys do and I might ask them to go to Tucson, I just have to figure out where to house them."
          "You have that little guest house, is anybody using that?"
          "Not at the present."
          "I thought that you were going to build a place overlooking the cliff behind granite house."
          "I will, eventually, but look at everything that I have going on, I don't want to hire another contractor to be around my boys. I know the men that are working there now, they have worked for me and my family many times in the past and I don't worry about them."
          "You don't worry about Cullen? Let's face it Chris, you worry about anybody that comes near that boy. You love him very much don't you?"
          "Of course I do. He is my sister's boy and he is a very important person."
          "Chris, wake up. You love him."
          "Yeah, I do. I love Cory but Cullen is something special."
          "More special than RD?" Chris looked at me. "Chris, they are blood. They have the same blood in their veins that you do. They are very special to you. Cory has a blood tie to you but he is far enough removed from you that your love can show through. You cannot love your son and your nephew the way you love Cory but you do love them, very deeply. I can see it and I think some of the other boys see it. I am sure that Jim does. That boy would walk on melted glass for you."
          Chris stared out of the window. I had given him a lot to think about. I realize that he knows all of it but I made him think about it in the front part of his brain. He pushes to many things aside as he goes through each day. I want him to relax on this trip and just let everyone take care of him for a few days.
          Chris doesn't know it yet but he is not going to England with Cullen. I have been in touch with his sister and it is arranged. Cullen and his uncle Del are going home and Cecil is going with them. Cecil's mother is ready to have her son with her again. She was very upset with Cecil's shenanigans last year that she could not even talk to him.
          Harry is going to spend a few days with his mother and father and I have assigned two more men to go with the boys so Chris can relax. He has it in his head to jump on a plane Christmas afternoon and fly to England to be with his sister for two days then fly back here for the funeral then go back for Cullen...The man will be a bloody wreck by the end of it all and I won't allow it. He has not spent a Christmas with Cory since their first year together and this year I am going to lock the pair of them away all by themselves.
          Cullen walked up to Chris with tears streaming down his face. Chris moved to arise but Cullen pushed him back and sat down in his lap. He sat and stared at the man in total silence as the tears continued to flow. Each time Chris opened his mouth to speak Cullen placed a finger over his lips. I was as curious as I know Chris was but Chris would not make eye contact with me, he just stared at the boy that had him locked in a stare.
          "Is it true? Unc do you really love me? I love you so much that I can hardly get my breath sometimes. Vaddy knows how much I love you, and of course he loves you too, but I really am deeply in love with you. I want to be with you all of the time, but not next week." That got Chris' attention.
          "What about next week?" Cullen turned and looked at me. I had no choice but to tell my friend what had been planned against him. Every time he tried to argue about our plans Cullen put his finger back up to his lips. Cory came in and sat on the arm of Chris' chair and put his arm around his lover.
          "Dad, we have never had a whole Christmas together in four years, the first year we had a great time but you have sent all of us to be with other people we love and you have gone to El's house with Cullen. Please stay with me this year. And daddy, dear sweet daddy, pleeeaaassee, take Cullen out to lunch and spend some time, just the two of you then come back here and fuck him lie you fucked me in front of the fire last night." He looked around the room as his face turned a deep red, "That was supposed to be secret wasn't it? But I don't care who knows, I love you and I know that I can not loose you but show my cousin your love, right now, okay?"
          Cullen jumped up and pulled Chris' arm as Cory pushed him up out of the chair. I sat still with a feeling of warmth running through my body. As Chris and Cullen left the room Cory came to me, "You are a good friend to Chris and I know that you love him too. I could show you how much I think about all that you do for all of us." I have long wanted to sleep with Cory, I have heard that he is almost as legendary as Chris with his technique. I guess Chrisy trained both of them, he is a fantastic little fucker, maybe I can get him off for a quickie.
          I sought out Kyle and asked him if I could go with Cory for an hour or two. Kyle winked at Cory over my shoulder and told me that he had feared that I would find somebody else. He giggled as he told me that he had his eye on a cute little eight year old that he wanted to break in the right way.

          Chris cuts right to the chase. "What does it cost to heat this place?" I really had no idea, Chris handed me a computer print out of the heating bills for the house for the past five years. Natural gas prices had sky rocketed in the winter of 2006 sending my bill for the December example that he had highlighted from six hundred dollars a month to over twenty eight hundred for the previous year. He had read my gas meter and applied the local multiplier and told me that with five days to go before my meter was to be read again that I had already amassed a thirty one hundred dollar heating bill and now I had twelve dozen kids running around naked that needed more heat.
          I never worried about things like utility bills, I can afford it but Chris took the wind right out of me. "Sure you can afford it but do you have the right to use more of our natural resources than necessary. Think of the future of the planet." That made sense, why should I waste what we have? Sure, I own a larger international oil company and have lots of money and power but that does not make it right to be greedy.
          "I just saw your wood pile behind the garage, Andy there is at least forty cords of wood stacked over there, that is an entire rain forest. I love the fireplaces, they are romantic and warm, I like the warmth that they provide but really, a fireplace sucks the air out of the house and along with that goes the heat. You should see your gas meter out there, it is spinning so fast that I can see the stockholders of the utility company looking through wish books to find what they will buy with all of the money you are going to shovel over to them. When Chris makes a point he shoves it in, with an ice pick.
          "Andy, I have something that I have wanted to ask for a long time but we always have an audience. Sean has a little sister that would be what, about thirteen? What has become of her?" Chris wondered aloud.
          I told him that Heather Leanne is living in Tulsa with their mother's mother. According to the directions of Tom's will Carl was to have full custody of Sean in the event of his death. He also had enough foresight to make me co-beneficiary in the event of anything happening to his father. That stipulation made Sean my ward. Sean could not handle living in my house where he and his dad had lived and I was pleased that he choose to move to Chris' house instead of off to his grandmother.
          I have had a few run ins with Mrs. Howell but Sean tells her to leave him alone and to quit trying to run his life as she did with his mother. That part bothered me when Chris asked me if it be possible for Sean to see her and his little sister.
          "Let's find out." Chris brought Sean down and held him as I called the grandmother. I placed the phone on the speaker and Chris told Sean to talk.
          "Merry Christmas mee-maw, this is Sean. I am in town and I thought that I would call you." When the woman kept her cool Chris nodded me out of the room to leave Sean on his own. A few minutes passed and Sean came out as happy as I have ever seen him.
          "She said that I could come and see Heather and her. I told her that I was bringing my dad. I had to tell her that you were a good friend of dad's and that you had taken me in. She is cool with that." Sean and Chris were invited to lunch at her house. Chris told Sean that he might want to get a Christmas gift for both of them. The boy was up the stairs like a rocket and back in moments all ready to go.
          When Chris and Sean returned I thought that surely they were putting me on. I have had such a bad history with Sean's grandmother but they were telling me what a lovely lady she is. Sean told me that Chris got her attention when he told her that he was a self made oil baron worth two hundred billion dollars. He said the old lady's heart melted when she walked over to a corner table and picked up a picture of his mother and Chris on the first date that either one of them had ever had.
          Sean ran to his room and was back in a moment to show me the picture of two kids of about eleven or twelve looking as if they would rather be anyplace else. I looked at the picture of my dear friend as a child and so wished that I had known him back then. I love Chris Dickson and I will always hold that man in the very highest esteem.

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