Andy Finds Daddy
as told to CARL DICKSON

Warning: This story contains sex between a man and teen boy. If this kind of story turns you off, find something else. The author does not encourage or condone sex between adults and children.

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My name is Andy Foss. I'm twenty two and in two months I'll be a college graduate. I'm a multi-millionare and I have a wonderful new life with my dad. Everything I have and am is because of his love for me and I want to tell you my story.
I'm not eloquent with words the way daddy is so I told him my story but the generous person he is, he said he would only publish it if we shared the byline.

Chapter 1

I sat on the low concrete wall bawling my eyes out. "Mother're a man now! Men don't cry!!" My mind was tearing me up, "I no fucking man. I'm an eighteen year old fag. I suck dicks for lunch money,." I yelled in my mind. I hated myself. I had no place to live, no place to sleep, and no money to eat on. I had just sucked some jock in the restroom by the tennis courts and the son of a bitch stole the money he just gave me as well as what little I had hidden in my underwear. I was miserable. I was so hungry my stomach hurt. I was tired. I was scared.

I had only been on the street for two days but already I knew this was not the life for me. My mother was a real bitch. She ran my dad off when I was just six. He was the only person in this world who ever loved me. He never denied me anything. He and I were together constantly. I went with him on his service route, all of his customers loved me. I fell asleep in his arms every night, but I always woke up in my own bed. He always awakened me in the morning. He fixed my breakfast. He bathed me. He dressed me. He loved me.

My mother never wanted me and she hated dad because he did. They fought all the time and then one night she ran him off at the end of a gun-- she still carries a .25 semi-automatic in her purse to this day. The woman always told me that she married an old man to get away from home but he was too old for her. She made him get her pregnant so that she could leave home. She had only been sixteen when I was born, but I was born fourteen months after they got married. "She was still young and pretty, she could do better than my dad, besides, he stinks," she said.

Yeah, dad worked hard and he was large, some people called him fat. And, yes, he did have a smell to him. But as soon as he got home he went straight to the shower, I usually got to join him. I loved taking a shower with my dad. I loved being with him. He would have to take another shower before going to bed because he would sweat so much, but I loved the smell of him. It was a strong, manly smell, the kind I only find from a guy that has been working out or playing hard for several hours. The first thing out of bed in the morning and he was in the shower. "Three S's," he said, "shit, shave, and shower and I'm ready for the day."

Two days after she ran him off, he was killed by a robber. I had been with him before when someone tried to hold him up. He was strong and quick, the "punk", as he called him, never saw it coming. Dad, hit him so hard the robber woke up the next week, in jail. I couldn't believe that someone had killed him in a robbery. As I thought about it, over the next twelve years, I decided that he didn't have his mind on what he was doing. He was probably thinking about me and that got him killed.

The woman and me (I never called her mother or mom) existed in the same house together for the next twelve years. When I wanted her attention I just said, "hey". She called me shit-head and her little mistake. But seldom did she use my name, she was so drunk most of the time that she couldn't remember it. I never had any friends over and I never stayed over at anyone's house. I had very few acquaintances and no friends. She lived for the fifteenth of the month when the check from the lawyers came, some trust fund my dad sat up. She'd go out and buy booze by the case to hold her over for another month. She sat in the kitchen, naked as a Jay bird, or on the sofa drinking and crying because she had such a fucked up life.

By the time I was ten I found out the older guys would let me hang around if I would suck their dicks. A fifteen year old was my first. He was taking a piss behind the bushes at the ball diamond and I was staring at his big thing. He saw me and he started playing with it and waving it at me. I was fascinated. He told me to touch it, and I did. He told me to lick it, and I did. He told me to suck it and he cummed in my face. He told me he liked me and I could do that anytime I wanted. Finally I had somebody who liked me. I took care of him for two years and then he told his little brother about me. His brother was celebrating his fourteenth birthday that day and he needed a blow job to make him a man. I was glad to oblige. I did the little brother until he graduated. I did two other guys in school also. They were a couple of grades ahead of me and I never feared any of them saying anything. I was so young that I knew they would be hash if they squealed on me.

I did stop sucking the highschool boys the summer I turned sixteen. I was afraid that I might get someone in my own grade and be found out. I started hanging out around the park and I found out that if I hung out by the pisser some horny jock would pay me to relieve him. I sucked every size and shape dick there is for the next two years. I found out that I really like to suck dick and drink cum. I would make fifty to a hundred dollars on a week-end and that didn't hurt. It didn't hurt that is until someone told me I was a whore. He said the worst thing in the world was a boy whore. I quit it right then.

The night before my eighteenth birthday the woman told me that her obligation was over. She told me to hit the road and never come back. I put two pair of 501s and a half dozen tee shirts and pairs of bun huggers in my back pack and split. The first night I slept in the park but I had to hide from the police, I didn't know that a city park closed at ten p.m. The next night I just kind of drifted around afraid to close my eyes. I fell in a mud hole or something in the dark and got my pack and all my clean clothes wet, and they stunk. I slept after the sun came up, but by eleven a.m. it was so fucking hot I couldn't stand it. I got up and started roaming around town trying to think of an angle.

I had put all the money I had saved down on a car so I went to see the guy and see if I could work out a deal. "No way," he said, "our deal is ja pay me 'fore ja take da car. I'll give ja one extry month ta pay it off, seein' as how youse on da street, an all. But ja don't pay in full by then ja loose what ja paid. Got it?? Good." I owe the fucker one hundred and fifty dollars or he's gonna keep the car and the five hundred I've already paid. This is a shitty world. I broke down and cried. Tears rolled down my face and I wailed like a little kid. My heart was broken, my stomach was empty, I was sleepy, and I wanted to take a shower.

I sat there bawling till my dad walked up and put his hand on my shoulder. I reached over and patted his hand. I felt so safe now. Suddenly I jerked away and looked up. Standing before me was my it wasn't him. Fuck this guy looks like my dad. He was about five foot ten and weighed maybe two hundred and sixty, seventy pounds. He was built like my dad and his thin grey hair even looked the same. Did dad have a twin brother?

"Are you alright?" The voice was so similar that I started to shake. The man got down on one knee in front of me and placed his hand on mine, "are you okay, son? Do you need some help? Where's your mom?" That did it! I jumped up, ready to let him have it. I looked at him and it was like looking at my daddy. God, I want this man to be my friend. I will do anything if he will be my friend. The look in his eyes was one of concern. He really was worried about me.

"I don't have any place to go. I'm eighteen and my mother kicked me out of the house and I'm lonesome..." I started to spill my guts. He held out his hand to me. I grabbed it, then I grabbed him. I hugged him, hard and close. Fuck!!! He returned the hug. He held me, tight. He didn't let go and I didn't want him to. I put my head on his chest and begin to sob.

"Tell you what. Why don't we go get something to eat and if you feel like it you can tell me all about it. Would that be okay with you?" Oh, yes. That would be okay with me. I squeezed him a little tighter and then I reached down to pick up my back pack. "My trucks over here," he said. "I have to take a leak and I'll be right there. If you want, I'll buy you some lunch." Hey he said it twice, I'm not stupid, I'm going to get me a lunch and I'm going to get to know this guy. If I have to strip naked in public to get his attention, I'm going to get to know this guy. He walked over to the pisser. I, reluctantly, walked to his truck, I wanted to follow him and see his dick. If it was thick and uncut I would know he was my dad and I had been living a dream for twelve years.

"What's your favorite food," he asked as he came back and opened the truck door for me. He went around and got in the other side.

"Roast beef," I said, "with potatoes and gravy."

"Boy, you are in luck. There is a restaurant just a couple of miles from here that has that on the lunch special. You even get a choice of tea or pink lemonade for no extra charge. I'm buying you a roast beef lunch in about ten minutes. Can you dig it?" I laughed. I closed my eyes and laughed so hard that my sides hurt. I put my hand under his right arm and hugged him. "Son, my name is Carl, what can I call you?"

"I'm Andy, sir."


"I'm Andy, Carl."

"Andy, you said you were eighteen. Is that true?"

"Yes sir, day before yesterday, I became a man, by law."

"Does it embarrass you if I say you look like you're only, maybe, fourteen, and that's stretching it," he laughed.

"No. It doesn't embarrass me. I wish I looked older but..."

"Oh, man, don't even go there. If I could look younger by just one year I would love it." He pulled into the parking lot of a family dinner. I looked around and felt very comfortable. This was the kind of place that my dad and I would eat in. I have got to get to know this man. Oh, I hope he's gay. I would like him to be my "daddy". I would be the best boy he ever had.

We ate lunch and I found out that he was widowed. He had four kids, all grown, and six grand kids, the oldest just a few months younger than me. He lived alone in an apartment. He sold his house when his wife died and just wasn't sure if he wanted another woman in his life or not. I told him I was gay and he just sat back and looked at me for a long time. A tear ran down his face and I could tell that he was really upset about something. His mouth twisted up in a funny way and his chin kind of shook and another tear rolled down his face. I reached across the table and he took my hand in his and covered it with the other.

After a while he pushed his empty plate back and took another drink of his lemonade. "Where are you going now?" he asked. I told him I had no place to go. He looked at me for a while then asked me if I wanted to go get a shower and some sleep. I eagerly responded that that sounded exactly like what I needed to do. We headed out to his truck and he told me that he had to get an apartment ready for someone to move into but that I could shower and sleep in a vacant unit until he was done. My heart sank. I had wanted him to invite me home but I accepted his offer. I can always hope, can't I?

He pulled into the driveway of a large house and went around back. There were several two story apartments there. He stopped his truck and told me we were there. He opened the door of an apartment. It was furnished with older furniture. It was a nice apartment but nothing fancy. He led me to a bed room. There were two twin beds but no covers or anything on them. He said that there was no gas on so there wouldn't be any hot water but at this time of year the cold water was warm enough for a quick shower. He said that I could lay down and take a nap while he worked. Then he asked if I wanted him to wash my clothes. I told him about falling in a puddle the night before and he said he could fix it right up but I would have to be naked for about an hour or so while the laundry was done.

My mind was going a hundred miles a minute. How could I get this guy naked? "I really got into a mess with that puddle last night," I said as I began to undress. He started to leave but stopped to listen but kept his back turned. "I need somebody to wash my back," I hoped he would bite. I looked at him.

"I'm going to tell you something. It's really none of your business but you said you are gay. I'm not. I'm a cocksucking queer. I'm a faggot. I love boys. I'm afraid of you. You are so beautiful and I don't want to go back to prison."


"Yes, I helped a kid out a few years ago. He was having trouble at home. He wanted to have sex with me. We sucked each others dicks. He told his best friend hoping to get him to come over and we'd all do it. The best friend went ballistic and took him to the police station and made him tell the police what happened. It turned out he still had three months to go till his eighteenth birthday. In court the prosecutor said it didn't make any difference if it was consential. The law is made to protect children from themselves and a seventeen year old boy is not old enough to know if he wants to have sex with a fifty year old man. I got sentenced to two years in prison. I served one year and I have to register as a sex offender for the rest of my life. No matter where I go, I have to notify the law within ten days that I live in the area and my picture and fingerprints are on file. If a kid, anywhere in the neighborhood says somebody patted his butt the police are at my door wanting to know where I was that day.

Andy, that was six years ago and I am marked forever. And no, it wasn't worth it. My whole life is ruined. I lost my house. My kids will have nothing to do with me. I haven't even seen my grand-kids. Nobody will give me a job. I have to work odd jobs just to stay alive. I can't move because I can't pass a background check for an apartment lease application. They don't want child molesters in their apartments."

"He came to you didn't he? He sucked your dick. Why are you to blame?"

"Because I was the adult. I was supposed to say, no. I never thought about his age. He was beautiful and he wanted to suck my dick. He took all of his clothes off and stood before me and asked me to take mine off so that he could suck me. Like a dumb shit, I did it. I will pay for it for the rest of my life."

"That's not fair."

"Sure it is. I was older and I should have said, " no, come back in three months." My fault. I am to blame. It really hurt to hear the prosecutor strut about in front of the jury. "This fifty year old man did take this minor child into his apartment for his own sexual pleasures. The laws of this state know that our children can be excited by pedophiles like him and they are designed to protect our children from his kind. You must find him guilty and have him locked away so that he can never hurt another little boy again."

The jury came back with a guilty verdict in just fifteen minutes. The boy in this case ran away from home and went to New York to live with a sixty year old man he had been sucking for the last two years. They had to fly him out here and pay for his hotel during the trial. He still lives with the guy. When he comes to town he looks me up and tells me how sorry he is. He thought his buddy would want to come over and we could all do it together. He knew that his buddy liked me and he thought that he might be gay, not homophobic."

"Man, that's the shits. Do you think I would do that to you?"

"I don't know. I don't know you. I had known him and his family for about ten years. I just never thought about having sex with him, you know? Andy, I never had sex with a guy since I was in the Army. When I was in school I used to suck around with some of my buddies. We were just horny teenagers. In the Army I got drunk with these two guys, different times, always alone. We ended up sucking each other off. It was cheaper and safer than pussy. When my wife died, no before that really, I thought what it would be like to suck a dick. I always liked it. My wife was sick for several years before she died and we didn't have sex at all. I had not had sex with anyone but 'ole lady thumb and her four daughters' for nearly twenty years. When my youngest son turned eighteen and moved out I thought I would die of loneliness. I dated a couple of women but when we got in bed I fantasized it being with a boy. I couldn't even function. I became impotent. Now I can't even get a hard on. If I jack off it is with a limp dick. I only get a few drops of cum because I jack off so much, but my dick never gets hard. This is more than you wanted to know and I know what you are thinking about me. I'm going to put your clothes in the wash and I'll be back in about an hour to bring them to you."

"Carl, please don't go yet. I want you to wash my back. Please. I'm not going to hurt you and I'll never tell." He paused. I had been setting on the bed with my pants half off. I stood and they fell to the ground. I pulled my underwear off and walked around him. I got down on my knees and unfastened his belt. His belly pulled at the 501s and stretched the button holes. He smelled really musky with a slight urine smell. I pulled at the top button and his Levis dropped to the floor. He wasn't wearing underwear. The sight I beheld was better than El Dorado. Hanging here was a roll of fat over a layer of fat that covered all but an inch of the fattest uncut dick head I ever saw. The foreskin hung a good half inch past the head and bunched together like a flower at the end. I reached under the roll of fat to find the base of his cock. He placed his hands on each side of his belly and raised it up revealing six inches of soft dick about an inch and a half across laying on top of the biggest bag of balls ever. His balls hung three inches below the head of his dick and they were at least the size of large hens eggs. I just pushed the foreskin back and his whole dick was so soft it rolled back as well. I used both hands and exposed his purple head. It was wet and glistened in the light. It had a smell on it that screamed daddy. I licked it and teased it with my tongue then engulfed the whole thing in my mouth. I had never had a soft dick in my mouth before and this felt nice. It was longer soft than almost any hard dick I had ever sucked before. It filled my whole mouth.

Carl bent down and picked me up. He carried my hundred and thirty pound body in his arms like my father would carry me. He told me that he could smell himself so he must really stink. He said he needed a shower. He was right, the cold water was warm enough that you could take a shower if you didn't mind shivering all the way through it. He took a bar of soap and lathered my hair, face, chest, back, arms, and when he reached my meat he nearly sent me into orbit. My dick was at its full salute of six and a half inches. He pulled my skin back and slowly rubbed the glans between his thumb and forefinger. He told me that he had never sucked or even touched an uncut dick other than his own and if I didn't mind he would like to play with me till the end of the world. I took the soap from him and cleaned all of him. He raised his fat rolls so that I could get every crease clean. He told me that it didn't do a lot of good because he was so fat that he sweated grease and would be stinking again in an hour. I said, "good," as I attacked his butt crack with the bar of soap. My finger touched his rosebud and he jumped. "That's virgin territory there boy. You're close enough to see, that's a one way sign there. That's out bound traffic only. Nothing goes in bigger than your finger or wetter than a tongue." I laughed at him. He was funny and I was comfortable with him. I told him that my butt was virgin but I looked forward to having the man I love bust it for me. I liked putting things in my butt and I have a ten inch vibrator in my back pack. He said that he would like to have me lay on top of him and fuck his face while he slow fucked my butt with the vibrator. Let's go!!

We didn't have a towel. He just picked me up and carried me back to the bed room and laid me down. He sat on the edge of the bed and ran his hands along my thighs and up to my belly. He was so gentle. He played around in my blonde pubic patch and told me how he had always dreamed of being with a blonde boy with a blonde patch. He had never sucked anyone that didn't have a black patch. He asked how I felt about shaving. I had thought about it often but was afraid to do it at school because of P.E. He continued to rub my body as he said my hair was so fine and light it was like I didn't have any at all. He assured me that he liked this. He said that I could shave him if I liked. I told him no. He was hairy, not bear or ape like but hair everywhere. On his back, chest, belly, legs....his hair was really fine. It had one time been black, I could see that but it was grey now and getting real thin. He had a full head of thin grey hair that he kept cut short. He remarked how he liked that I had my hair short. He said he really liked a guy that respected his appearance. He asked me if I worked out much. When I told him never he found it hard to believe because my muscles were so well developed. He probed at my ass hole and asked me if I ever let a guy finger fuck me while they sucked me. I told him that I had never had any one ever touch me, let alone suck me. He was astonished, "as beautiful as you are, I would think that you would be fighting off fags with a stick." I told him that I wished that were so but no one had ever wanted to do me. He told me it was because I was going for the older boys and not those my own age. I told him that I didn't like boys, I like mature men. He said he would see if he could help me find one and took my rigid pole in his mouth.

He truly enjoyed himself and I was in another dimension. He had my whole cock in his mouth sucking on it like it was his only life line. I reached across but could just barely touch his dick with my finger tips. "Come closer so I can play with you," I cried. He told me that he had always wanted to be mouth fucked. He asked me if I would mind laying on top of him and fuck him in the mouth while he lay there. I told him as long as I could suck his dick I would do anything he wanted. He asked what I wanted with that old limp pony. He said, "you can't get a ride out of that anymore."

He pushed me to the edge of the bed as he climbed over me and lay by the wall. He then picked me up and laid me on top of him then scooted the two of us to the middle of the bed. My dick was buried in his mouth and his hands were moving all about my back and thighs. I took hold of his huge sack and pulled it from between his legs. He spread his legs apart. I took his soft cock in my other hand and sucked it into my mouth. I pulled the skin back and let my tongue slide under its edge and around the head of his dick. He was running his tongue around under the skin of my dick making me horny as hell. I began to apply suction to his member as I licked at it. He placed his hands on each side of my pelvis and pushed me up. My dick rose from his mouth and then he let me down again. He continued this into a rhythm until I remembered that I was supposed to be fucking his mouth. I pulled my knees up beside his face and arched my back. His hands went around me and caressed my butt. His fingers started a journey along my crack and settled at my ass hole. Slowly he began to probe and pry. My rhythm increased in his mouth until my cock was sliding its full length in and out. I felt his tongue as he pushed against the top of my cock forcing me to rub the bottom along the roof of his mouth. His finger was now pressed deep in my ass as he rubbed my prostate, sending waves of pleasure through my whole body. Each pass on my prostate sent my cock hard into the back of his throat. I was sucking on his dick so hard that my jaws were getting sore but I could tell that I was making progress, his dick was definitely coming to attention and I was beginning to worry. I pulled off, quickly, to take a look. It was unmistakable. His cock was at least eight inches long and still soft. I sucked harder and started to pump up and down while continuing to pump his face. I could feel his cock growing larger in my mouth. Emboldened by what was happening I kept sucking and pumping. I felt my toes turn inside out. I could feel the rush building. I sped up my gyrations on the luscious piece of meat in my mouth as the fire built within me. I knew that I could not last much longer. Carl's hands again grabbed my hips and helped me with my menstruations. He was pumping his face with my dick at blinding speed. I continued to suck on him and felt it continue to grow. It was getting hard and full. His cock was stretching my mouth and pounding the back of my throat. I had never had a dick this big before. I had never even seen or heard of a dick this big before. I couldn't breath but I wouldn't stop. I had to have that towering wonder all the way in me. I grabbed for the base and was shocked to find that my hand would barely reach around it. I started to stroke the base and realized that I had my whole hand between the base and my mouth and I was still getting fucked deep in my throat. I was on fire. I was getting my first blow job and my dick was alive with a mind of its own. I was sucking the biggest dick in the world and it was reaching right down to the base of my own dick from inside. I couldn't stand it any more. I let go of the first wave of cock snot and I felt Carl pull me down close. He buried his nose flat into my pubes as another load ripped down his throat. He slowly lifted me and lowered me as my jism shot from my joy stick. He pulled me up a caught two hefty shots in his mouth before pulling me all the way in again. I remembered my job and quickly got back on stride with the gargantuan pole in my mouth. I was instantly rewarded with the feel of a swelling head. "How much is this pipe gonna pump?" I feared. I braced myself I knew he said that he only dripped cum for the last several years but, he said that was from a soft dick. I didn't have to wait. The first shot filled my stomach to the very top. There was at least a gallon in that shot, then another. I couldn't swallow, his dick was so far down in my throat he was cumming directly into my stomach. He had pulled me in so tight and had his arms around my waist where I could not move. He was trying to swallow me whole, cock first. I pushed up with my arms and got seven inches of his dick out of my mouth. I quickly wrapped both hands around the pole, one on top of the other so that it wouldn't all go back in. I still had a sizable amount of cock in my throat but with the next volley I slipped a little more out and could feel the head in my mouth. I pulled back just a bit more as another load blasted loose. With this one I pulled off and swallowed, oh wow!! Nectar of the gods. His cum was so sweet. No pissy taste, no acid burn, no chalk like after flavor. It tasted like honey and milk. I lip locked his cock again as another volley shot forth. And again and again. Finally Carl started to subside. He had dropped my tender cock somewhere during that battle and had his tongue fully in my ass. I pulled back and looked at the wonder meat in my face. "I thought you couldn't get a hard on."

"Honestly, baby, that's the first full sized hard on I have had in five years. That is the most I have cum in at least six maybe seven years. You have just done things to me that I didn't think I would ever experience again. It feels like it is still hard, is it?" Oh yeah, he was still hard. That thing was eleven inches if it was anything. "It depends on my weight. It varies between ten and eleven long, but its only six and a quarter inches around," he said.

"I'm going to have to find a dentist to set my jaw," I told him. "Might as well find a proctologist too. Will you stuff my butt? You don't have to fuck me, I just want to see what it feels like going in me." We had no lube so I hocked a big loogie and spread on the head of his monster cock. He spit in my butt and got three of his fat fingers through the ring. I thought I would die but I had to have that pipe laid in my field. He had me get on top so that I could control the rate of decent. I dropped down. WHOA!! If ever the firehouse needs a new pole...they can't have this one though. I just decided it is mine. I am in lust. I am in love and if I can't make this guy want me...

I got all of it in me. I sat there staring at his beautiful, unshaven face. My butt was sore from his whiskers rubbing on it. It was being soothed by his dick stretching it. I just sat there, I was so happy to finally have a dick in my butt. "Fuck me Carl," I whined.

"Son, my dick's half as big around as you are. I don't want to hurt you."

"Roll me over and fuck me slow, pleeeaassse.." The big guy pulled me down to his face and rolled up on his side. His dick pulled out to the tip as he maneuvered me to my back and got up between my legs. He sat there on his knees looking at me for awhile. "Please, Carl, I'm okay. Fuck me. I can handle it. You're a lot bigger than my vibrator but you're softer too. I want to feel you hump me." Slowly he pushed in. It felt great. I felt like I had just pulled back the biggest turd I ever shit. I felt so full and soooo goooood. He pulled out and then came back in. He pulled out to the head of his dick and then pushed in faster. My dick spassed and a wave of pleasure swept through my whole body. He kept up his gyrations as I drifted out to heaven. He slow fucked me for fifteen minutes or more. I shot cum all over me and each time I did he bent over and licked as much as he could reach. He pulled my head up to him and kissed me, his tongue deep in my mouth, mine deep in his. I felt his dick swelling. I actually saw my legs move further apart as his dick enlarged. His load was moving up through that pipeline and I was about to get filled. I didn't actually feel the cum shoot in me, his dick had me too full. But I knew it was cumming from the fullness I felt. I was so satisfied. I have never felt so complete in all of my life. I don't ever want to loose this feeling. I never want this dick to leave my ass. I want us to be surgically attached like this for life.

His dick softened still way up inside of me. "I have to lay down, boy. I can't stay like this forever." He pulled out and flopped to the bed beside me. I looked at his monster. It was still about nine inches long and pulsing with his heart beat. A stream of cum shot out on his belly and I bent down and licked it up then took his dick in my mouth. He jerked but put his hand behind my head and pushed me down. I knew he was tender but he wanted it in my mouth. I was gentle.

I woke up and he was gone. All the stuff from my pants pockets was on the dresser and all of my clothes were gone. His clothes were still there on the floor. I wondered where he had gone. I heard the glass door to the patio open and I went to that room. He was standing there stark naked closing the shades. "Your clothes are in the wash. I'll put 'em in the dryer in about thirty minutes. How are you doing."

"I couldn't be better if I tried. I'm in love for the first time in my life."

"In love?"

"I'll tell you about it later. What do we do till the clothes are done?"

"I've been thinking about something.... I'm afraid."

"I'm not going to turn you in. I am eighteen and I can prove it. You did not take advantage of me I begged you. Please, trust me."

"Yeah, but I'm still afraid. I think that it will hurt to have a dick in my ass but you took mine and I've been wondering what it feels like. I always thought I could live with my self just being a cocksucker. At least I wasn't some low life queer that likes getting fucked in the ass. But I don't think you are any more queer than me and you seemed to like it. I don't ever ask anybody to do what I won't do. But anyway...will you fuck me?"

Carl is definitely a top. I fucked him and he let me do it and he tried to enjoy it but his dick got so limp that it nearly disappeared into his belly. He never cummed. He never got a feel good feeling but he stayed with me. He kissed me and rubbed my butt. He let me make love to him. I got off twice and he enjoyed seeing me happy but he got no satisfaction for himself. He told me I could do it anytime I wanted because he likes seeing me enjoy myself. He is my daddy and I love him so.

Years ago my dad used to sing a song about my grand pa:

My dad, now here is a man.

When I bring him troubles to share

oh, he's always there. He's my dad.

When I was small, I was ten feet tall

when I was by his side.

As we'd walk along he'd say,"here's my son,"

and my heart would burst with pride.

My dad, oh, I love him so.

When I bring him troubles to share

oh, he's always there. He's my dad.

I wish I knew all the words and the music to that song. It was so beautiful and I want to sing it to my dad, Carl.

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