Andy Finds Daddy
Part 2 Chapter 10

as told to CARL DICKSON

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My name is Andrew Michael Foss. I still like the name Andy. I am called that by those that love me. I'm twenty four and a college graduate.
I'm the head of my own international security company worth multi-million bucks. I have a wonderful life with my dad. Everything I have and am is because of his love for me.
We would like to know how you like our story and will welcome any comments, we want to know how sick we are in the eyes of the world. We will try to respond to all e-mails, she-males, and he-males as the case may be, fe-males, leave phone number and picture, daddy says I need a wife so I can have sons of my own to pleasure him in his old age.

      I have to confess something to you. I am this fantastic computer nerd and daddy is one super organized walking talking file cabinet with tons of unnecessary stuff in his head. Well we neither one know shit. This chapter got lost. This is supposed to be chapter nine. I mean we had one fucking ball in New York. Well actually it was more like twenty eight young balls and a few older pairs but man did we have fun. I have never swallowed so much cum in such a short period of time in my life. I don't know how Chris does it every day. Well anyway I am going to stick this chapter in here and I hope that you will not get too confused as I try to tell the story of my rocket ride to security king of the world. But please, try not to get too confused by time references that seem to be out of synch, my bad, okay.

      By the end of the year of 2004 we had Top Secret government contracts pouring in. My compression encryption chip was turning heads of world governments around the globe. We have a good customer who is also a very close friend by the name of Chris Dickson. The man is a whiz at making money and he has security problems that I never heard of. He has forced us to design systems to protect him. His pocket book is deep, deeper than mine and mine is fucking deep, so he keeps ordering up new ideas and we keep making them for him. I really think that what he is doing is driving us in a direction that he sees as a real barn burner for us.
      Daddy and I have let Chris in on all of our confidential work. He manages our company's finances so he needs to know what we are doing. When he found out that foreign governments wanted my chip he put his foot down. He pushed daddy into making the security on the chip absolutely fool proof. He had me tighten up my circuitry and then he had us add an interface. The simple addition of a flat piece of three ply film only nine microns thick redirects all of my chip's signals in a random pattern that can be changed by software eight hundred times a second making our system absolutely hack proof. Daddy says that I am getting too technical here so I have to cool it. I love to talk about my baby. After all it is my one claim to fame. I designed it, I built, I sold it.
      The first thing we had to do was to get Chris a top security clearance. He had to have access to everything. It was easy, the man is squeaky clean, I know, I've squeaked on him. Chris drew up this super secret agreement that had to be approved by a closed session of congress. We have so much leeway in the manner we can work. The big kicker of the contract says that only the United States Government Security entities may have our chip and its interface. If a foreign power wants access they may lease a unit with our system installed in it from the U. S. with the U. S. retaining sole ownership and right to recover the unit without notice. Chris pushed our buddy Jeff Howell into his lap. He had him work at his school in New York to design a circuit that could take a nano volt switch signal and output twelve volts across the entire bus of my chip thereby destroying it instantly.
      He's pretty sharp with the mathematics himself. He worked up the algorithm that lets us target one chip out of thousands with our ordinary traffic to all chips. When that signal hits the targeted chip it is finished forever. He said this was the only way to protect the integrity of our design and prevent it from falling into the wrong hands. He likes to use the example of the World War Two German Enigma machine. If our machine were stolen we could send ordinary traffic with a magic bullet in it that would fry the system. He told us that cable TV has been doing this for years and now so are the satellite TV providers.
      He told us as long as the equipment belongs to us we can destroy it. If we sold the unit we can no longer control it. Again he used the TV thing. They can destroy their receiver boxes that have been modified but they cannot destroy a box built by somebody else to steal their signals. If somebody else designs a unit that can decrypt a message to one of our boxes we can not touch it. Therefore the interface. So simple, so easy. He thinks it, we build it me and Jeff.

      Chris had a small get together of his boys and us at his place just after Christmas of '04. It was nothing special, just burgers and cock. He wanted us to get to know his kids. We provide security to his property but we had no idea what he had been doing the previous summer and fall. We knew that he was traveling. We didn't know that he had brought four sweet young and hungs home to live with him. Then just at Christmas time every young and hung that had hung his balls in Chris's faggot face showed up on his doorstep looking for a home. Alright it wasn't that bad. I have to admit that there is not a boy in that house that is not there legitimately. Every one of them was in danger and needed someone to help them. I am really proud to know Chris and his compassion.
      All of Chris's boys like to see if they can get daddy's cock up their butts. It is kind of cute really. They aren't really after sex so much as they are the knowledge that they can achieve it. Even the boys that are very close to each other as couples egg each other on to get the monster up in them.
      Daddy and Chris both watch the boys very closely so that they don't get hurt. Chris is super protective of these kids, as I saw for myself with them in New York last summer. Only the boys that can ride his ten inch member with ease and regularly are even allowed to try for the golden pole award that the boys themselves created. The golden pole award is a tiny little gold penis shaped pin that they wear on the inside flap of the fly on their pants. That part of the fly that overlays the zipper or buttons. You would have to pull the cloth back to see the zipper and you could see the pin. I think it is cute. They gave me the first one and made me the head of the golden pole society. Sometimes it is fun being a kid. I love being with them, I feel like a kid all the time.

      The summer of 2005 was our most productive time. Having a close friend that just happens to be a billionaire, a boy lover, and is an all around good guy, like Chris, has made things very easy for us. Daddy has pushed me to get into all of the right circles and we do have some very solid contacts, but the one thing that has made those in the know take a good look at us was the launching of our very own satellite in May.
      We were brainstorming while we watched all of the boys play with their Christmas presents. Chris said that we should buy transponder time to link our various entities together. Daddy perked up and started the ball rolling. He had been thinking that we needed secure linkage but the cost of the transponders is several thousand dollars a month for each one. One transponder can carry hundreds of signals but we would need ten or twelve for what daddy envisioned for the immediate future. Chris just off hand said that we should just launch our own satellite and then sell the extra transponders off to other companies.
      You could tell it was Christmas because of all of the bells that went off in all or our heads at the same time. The three of us were in Chris's office, each one pounding away on a different computer. We came up with thousands of people seeking transponder time. There was a serious need for a new satellite with a specialized criteria. I got the job of research and by the middle of January I had the figures. Before the end of the month we had a contractor to build our satellite with our own people installing our encoding circuits for it.
      Chris put together a sales team of some of the most charismatic young homosexuals I have ever seen. I am not trying to be flippant or judgmental, after all I am a fag myself, but these guys were fantastic. Not even people we know who claim to have extra perceptional GAYDAR could not detect a queer bone amongst the five men. They were professional salesmen who had proved themselves in other fields. They all earned a minimum of two hundred thousand dollars a year in direct commissions before Chris would even interview them.
      Chris assured me that he had tested every one of them for their sexual prowess and they were each able to take his all night fucks and want more. I was satisfied. Then he told me something that almost turned my stomach. They could wine, dine and bed a lady all night too but their preference was boys. As motivation for these guys to take on a fat old, greasy, sleazy, female purchasing agent Chris guaranteed the award for a signed contract with the man's choice of youth for one uninterrupted week of sex and fun. I want on that sales team.
      I had to use my connections to set up a blind training center in Arlington, VA. Far enough down the road from Langley to not be associated but close enough for security. These men went through six months of the most intensive training I could imagine. They had to be extra-conversant in electronics and computer jargon. They had to know the elements of encryption. They had to know international and American laws of security and espionage. They were not spys, in any sense of the word, but they were dealing in the transmission of secure information. They spent the first few hours of each day drilling. They had to be in peak physical shape as well as mentally sharp enough to anticipate problems.
      Chris turned me on to a boy lover who could pull strings to launch us from Florida. Chris looked me in the eye when he told me that business used women and sex to get things done all of the time. He convinced me that Eddy and I could use our cocks to get real missiles to stand up and shoot off.
      Chris and I were talking to Tom and Eddy about becoming salesmen, but of a different sort from the five super fags. That's what Chris calls them. Tom really does love Eddy and is very protective of him. Eddy is twenty years old now but he still has the boyish charm and body of a sixteen year old. He has very little body hair and what is there is very fine. His face is soft and smooth with a pubescent fuzz on his cheeks and a little coarseness happening in his lip hair. I am still soft and blond, very fair and smooth skinned, with no body hair, except for my golden crown. Chris was telling Tom how we would melt the heart of this one very powerful fag.
      Tom relented and it was arranged for us to go to New York for a private party. Chris and daddy grilled us for days with the details of our satellite and our specifications for launching it. Chris arranged for the boy lover and three of his friends to go to New York to meet with the principals involved in the company wanting to launch a new communications satellite.
      During all of these negotiations I was back and forth with our customers in Virginia. I spent time going over a new technology that we had developed and what it was going to take to make it work. In early March Eddy and I sat in Chris's hotel apartment with Jeff and Mark as I begged Mark to lend his sweet ass to our endeavor. He knew a sweet little sixteen year old bus boy that was on his own and needed some money. Eddy and I interviewed the boy top to bottom, and up any place we could find in between, all night long. We were sure he would meat our expectations but we had him back every night for more interviews, just to be sure.
      We couldn't use Jeff because his position as concierge could compromise our needs. Jeff did his part though as he provided regular rooms for Eddy and I when the men arrived. It would not seem to good for us to be living in the pent house suite and begging them with sex.
      Our efforts paid off much quicker than we had hoped. My customers in Virginia fired off a request for a satellite of the specifications of the one we had under construction. A large portion of the construction price was put up on our project and it became a joint venture. An official request went through channels for a rocket and launch date. It so happened that both could be ready in mid-May. Our missile is now in orbit.
      Mark, Eddy and I got through with our asses having only been given up to each other. The men loved to watch boys fuck each other. We gave the men lots of cum to drink so that they could understand our point of view. The bus boy wanted a little more and he put his ass on the line for us. I was saddened to learn a week later that he used his money for substances that should never be inside a human body and was found dead in his cold water flat down by the wharfs. Chris had a fit and he actually hit me, not hard but his fist came in contact with the back of my hand, as he cried over the loss of the boy. He had purposely not wanted to use minors on this job because of the nature of our work. Security is dangerous business and an untrained person is in serious danger. Our bus boy had helped us but he lost his life because we didn't know him or his habits. Chris looked Mark and I in the eye and told us that the death of that boy was on our heads then he sat back and cried like a baby for someone he never knew or ever even met.

      No sooner had we secured the rocket to put our bird in orbit then I got a call from Washington to come and visit with them. I was taken to an underground bunker somewhere over in Virginia and shown their state of the art communications center. I pointed out so many deficiencies and outmoded systems to them that they were sorry they had taken me in there.
      I was led into a conference room full of older men. There were some of the top congress men. Several Generals and tons of suits. They were drinking coffee. I was seated in the middle of a long table with hundreds of eyes staring me down. They offered me coffee which I declined. Someone said they had sodas but some one else popped up that they could send for milk. I don't have to remind you that I am very young, especially to these people. I am a twenty four year old smooth bodied, blond headed, non-shaving sixteen year old looking kid in their eyes. When it comes to business I am all business. I looked at the assemblage. I pushed my chair back and rose as I said, "You're wasting my time. I'll come back when you've grown up."
      The room was deathly silent as I headed to the door. The Vice President of the United States Of America blocked my path. "We have many children that get elected to offices. Those that don't grow up don't come back. Those that come back would like to seek your assistance." I stared at the man's wain smile. I don't like this man but he touched me with his words. He placed a hand on my shoulder and led me back to my seat. I took a Coke of the two brands offered me and sat down with the Vice president sitting down next to me.
      "I have seen your work and I want to know what you can do for us. We'll start in that room you just came from." he said to me.
      I turned my chair so that I was talking directly to him. "This is the twenty first century. We have come so far from the PBX system that is in the heart of that tangle of wires in there. There is enough copper in there to rebuild the Statue of Liberty and still be able to make pennies. The heat dissipation has long been over burdened. The amount of air conditioning you are using is imprinting itself on any communique that you are receiving. Not to mention that the electric bill for that mess would wipe out the national debt."
      "What would you do?"
      "Burn it to the ground and start over somewhere else. The rock formation here is not right for modern technology. You need fiber optics. In the space of one pair of copper wires you can have a fiber optic strand that will carry thousands of digital messages, two ways. Rebuild the feeds to all fiber optic. In the event of global upheaval and destruction of the satellite system you need a strong and secure back up feed. Fiber optic repeaters. Buried underground and secure. Hundreds of them from every point in the nation and around the world if you want them."
      "Can you do it?"
      "Yes sir. Not here."
      "New York has the proper mineral content. Deep granite formations. Solid without many fault lines. There may be other locations. A satellite survey can tell you in a few minutes."
      "Show us."
      A lap-top was set before me. I began to punch the keys. My screen was visible on wide screen monitors on the walls all around the room. I punched in the known variables. Arkansas was best. A little out of the way but geologically perfect. Southern Arizona was great. A totally fault free mountain with no volcanic history. Upper state New York.
      The men began to mingle. The veep was head to head with the head of the nations number one spy agency. I was ignored. I walked over to the coffee bar and looked in the refrigerator. "Help yourself to anything you see." I needed a sugar fix. I was running on adrenalin and that shit burns up sugar, fast. I grabbed another coke and a couple of donuts out of the almost full Dunkin Donut® box sitting there. I took a napkin and went back to my seat.
      The veep was circulating the room. He came and sat down by me. "Agreed. Is one area easier than another."
      "Construction wise Arizona is a snap. Right equipment, enough labor, three months. New York, five months. Arkansas five maybe six months, depends on ground water. That area is full of artisan wells and natural springs. Wiring and hardware about a year at each site. Laying feeder to site, no clue."
      "Honest and sincere. It's yours. I'll have your budget delivered to your room in two hours. Where are you staying?"
      "The airport, American Airlines terminal third bench from the left. I didn't plan to stay so I booked a return flight."
      "We'll put you up or if you have to get home we'll get you there."
      Well there it is. Before April we had a base a mile under a mountain in Arizona. There are two way into the base. Plane or mountain goat. You better be a damn good pilot because the last four thousand feet of the runway is in the mountain. From the air our strip looks like a very old road to nowhere..
      New York turned out to be a breeze. Just a few miles from that Bradford School of Chris's was an abandoned coal mine. The mine was never a producer but an old man was sure that he knew that there was coal and then there was gold behind that. They committed him in the sixties. The land was available with the right connections which the government has.
      Arkansas caused Chris to come unglued. The mountain we wanted belongs to him, at least a large part of it. We built an ultra secure base back under that mountain with easy walking to Chris and Cory's house in Eastern Oklahoma.

      The team of super fags was trained and on the streets. Chris had them calling on banks and financial institutions of all kinds. Insurance companies were a sweet target. Anybody who dealt with massive amounts of secure data dealing with people and their personal information. This team was leasing three units a week with regularity. It was a scaled down version but their data was totally secure. They did use an interface as all of their traffic was routed to us for encryption. Chris had the sales team target the internet providers to set up super secure routers. He explained that the weakest link was between the individuals computer and the secure server. Any theft of information would occur in that dark tunnel. He wanted Carl and I to close that tunnel.

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