as told to CARL DICKSON

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My name is Andy Foss. I'm twenty two and in two months I'll be a college graduate. I'm a multi-millionaire and I have a wonderful new life with my dad. Everything I have and am is because of his love for me and I want to tell you my story. I'm not eloquent with words the way daddy is so I told him my story but the generous person he is, he said he would only publish it if we shared the byline.

I have asked daddy to go ahead and publish this second in the series of the story of our life even though we have had no response from our readers, if any. We would like to know how you like our story and will welcome any comments, we want to know how sick we are in the eyes of the world. We will try to respond to all e-mails, she-males, and he-males as the case may be, fe-males, leave phone number and picture, daddy says I need a wife so I can have sons of my own.

Chapter 2

I lay there beside this beautiful man. He had given me the best two hours of my life, three including the terrific lunch. He was a love machine, everything I wanted in a man. Everything I knew my dad would be. I was sorry that he didn't enjoy being butt fucked. He was very tight and reacted to me for my needs but he had no pleasure or release for himself. I knew that I never wanted to do that again.

He stirred and looked at me, "was that as good for you as it was for me?"

"Liar. I know you didn't like it."

"But you did and that's all that matters. I need to put your clothes in the dryer or we'll be here forever. Want to go with me?" We went out the patio door, still naked. We were in a small enclosed back yard with the back wall being the wall of another building. There was a doorway through which we entered. We were in a store room and on the other side was his laundry area.

"These are my machines. The owner let's me store them here and use them. I hate public laundries. I never know who washed what in the machine before me. I don't want grease or something all over my clothes. 'Sides that, with all the butt fucking queers in the world today there might be AIDS hiding in the machine,:" he said as he grabbed a hand full of my butt and hung on. He pulled me to him. He put his other arm around me and kissed me, deep. This was the best and longest kiss I had ever had. His tongue was deep in my mouth as I tried to lasso it with my tongue. His hands were all over my back and ass as were mine on his. Our cocks were hard and pressing together. Pushing back he said, "hold on a minute." He pulled the last of my clothes from the washer and tossed them into the dryer and turned it on. He took my hand and led me back through the store room to the back yard. "Ever want to do it in the grass?" He pulled me to the ground and rolled me on top of him and our kiss began again.

We lay there in a 69 position, sucking each other, rimming each other, loving each other for another thirty minutes. "Maybe we should take a shower, get dressed and leave here before the people next door come home and find us. How about a hose down?" He grabbed his dick and pissed on my chest. I was startled, then grabbing my own dick I pissed back. That was the first piss fight I had ever been in and before we were through we were both wet from head to toe. He reached over and picked up a garden hose and turned on the water, letting it run on the ground for a long time. He tested it and when it was cool enough he sprayed me down. I took the hose from him and hosed him all over.

"I've never had anyone piss on me before today. I always wanted to have someone piss on my stomach and lower body, but in the face??? I'm glad it was you. This is going to sound corny and I'm sorry, but...Andy." He turned away then back to look me straight in the eye, "I love you. Don't go spaz on me. I know how it sounds. I thank you for this afternoon. I'll take you where ever you want to go and I'll leave you alone. I have done to much to you already."

"Carl, would you be upset if I said that I want to go with you. Where ever you go, what ever you do, I want to be with you. I fell in love you during lunch and I tricked you into having sex with me all afternoon. I want you, I want your dick, I want your piss in my face, fuck, I may even want you to shit on me...NOT. I just want all of you. I love you. More than life itself, I love you. I don't want or need anything else but you...."

"It's been a whirlwind afternoon and we are both confused in our lust. The best thing for us to do is to get apart and cool down and think about it for a few weeks."

"NO! I can't be away from you........."

He cut me off. "We're in lust, Andy. I did wrong by taking advantage of you. I am so sorry for what I have done."

I grabbed him and held on. "Will you shut the fuck up? I'm telling you that I wanted everything that happened to happen and I want more of it. It is not lust, you big old dumb shit. IT IS LOVE!!! I, me, Andrew Foss am in love with you, Carl...what ever your name is. I love you and I want to be with you to do what ever we can do. I don't want all sex. I want a life with you. I want to sleep in your bed. Wash your clothes. Fix your food. Clean your house. Bring home a pay check and buy you gifts. I want to be in your life.

Carl, I want you to be my dad. I love you like a dad and like a lover. It is sick to think about having sex with "dad" but I think of you like a dad already and I love sucking your dick. Carl, when your dick was in my ass I was the most full-filled faggot in the world. I would ride that pony any where, any time. But most of all I want to be in your life and part of your life forever."

Without another word Carl turned and went in the store room. I stood there with my heart broken. It wasn't just that I had no where to go it was that I didn't have Carl to go with. I was about to break into tears again as the door opened and he came out with my clothes in his hand. He wrapped his empty arm around me and guided me back into the apartment that we had been in before. We entered the bed room and he separated a pair of socks and jeans from the stack of clothes. He looked over my tees and finally decided on the one he wanted me to wear. Still with out a word he turned and put the rest of the clothes into my back pack.

This done Carl picked up the socks he had lay aside and pushed be back against the bed. I sat down and he knelt before me. He picked up my left foot and lay it on his bent knee as he knelt before me. He ran his hand up along the calf of my leg and stroked it slowly. He continued as his hand went up further each time. He placed a hand beneath my ankle and raised my foot to his mouth. He moved closer to me and began to rub his unshaven face against my foot. As ticklish as I am this felt too good to laugh and ruin the moment. His tongue began to lick the bottom of my feet, then the sides, and finally all over. He took my toe in his mouth and began to suck and to chew. I was holding on to the bed for dear life. My cock was so hard it hurt. I tried to bend over and suck myself off but couldn't with my leg held out straight as it was. He was moaning and I realized he was crying. His hands were up and down my leg then both legs were on his shoulders. He was licking up the inside of my calves then my thighs. He rubbed his face over my balls and as his hands moved to the tops of my thighs. He drew us closer together. He took my dick and rubbed the entire six and a half inches over his face. He pushed it to his nose. He did a butterfly kiss on the head of my dick.. His whiskers chaffed as the rubbed over the tender area behind the head of my dick that is usually covered by my foreskin. Then the head disappeared into his mouth. I was on the edge. I had cum so much this afternoon I didn't think it possible that I was about to go again, but....I did it. I blew off such a load. Carl's face was against my abs. His nose was pushing through my pubes. His Lips were locked on my shaft and he was sucking my cum right up out of my toes. I couldn't stop. Wave after wave after wave kept cumming and cumming. I felt like I would turn completely inside out. Finally spent I fell back on the bed. Carl licked every drop and cleaned my fine, blond pubic hairs then my balls. He even licked down between my legs and into the crack of my ass then to my pulsing hole. After an eternity I felt him withdraw. He placed a sock on my left foot and then moved to the other foot. Next he slid my jeans on. I reminded him of underwear. He told me he wanted me to try free-balling. He said that he was really turned on by the feel of Levis against his little buddy and he wanted me to try it. "If I'm going to be your dad you're going to have to learn to let me dress you my way." I squealed in delight and jumped up. He used this opportunity to pull my jeans over my butt and shoved me back on the bed. He fastened every button on my jeans with a loving hand, stopping after each button to cup my package. He took my shoes and put them on my feet and tied them tight and neat.

He reached for his clothes and I was off the bed and kicked them away. "My turn," I said. I held out a hand to help him up then I turned him, back to the bed, and guided him back to sit down. I repeated the entire scene on him, just as he had done for me. His big toe was as big in my mouth as most of the dicks I had sucked before (no, not as long). As I worked my way up I watched his boyhood grow. Sadly, he would say, there wasn't enough boy left in him. As I rubbed his dick over my face it grew to its full eleven and a half inch length. I had not seen it from this angle and I wanted to just sit there and worship it but I knew he needed his release. I stretched my mouth and slid over the massive head. "How did it get this big?" I asked. He told me it was hand grown and he would teach me how when we got home. I began to bob on his knob. I wanted to see his cum but I didn't want to take time to shower again so I took more and more of this monster into my mouth. My finger found his tight hole and slipped inside. He shoved his cock deeper into my mouth. For someone who doesn't respond to a dick up his ass he sure liked my finger in there. I was bobbing like mad now feeling him squirm around. He wrapped his legs over my shoulders and locked them behind my back. He grabbed my ears and started fucking my face. I was gasping for a breath as this huge pole rammed its full length down my throat.

"You want to taste it or let me cum in your throat? You better pull back 'cause here it cums." I slid back and felt his glans swell and then my mouth was full with a feeling of warmth as his liquid nectar flowed freely. I felt his pumping subside and I quickly pulled off and swallowed. I just got his meat back into my mouth as another wave flooded me. I took the whole length into me and let the rest of his cock snot shoot deep into my throat. He relaxed and I slowly backed off, sucking as I went. I took every drop of his seed into my mouth and licked up the outside of his gargantuan penis, his hair and balls. "I've never tasted my cum. Kiss me." Wow, this guy knew every button to push.

Spent he lay back and I dressed him. He grabbed my pack and my hand and we headed to the truck. He looked at me and smiled deeply. His whole face smiled as he glowed like a light was shining on his face. "I know you have no place to go so I was thinking that maybe you would like to crash at my place until you can figure out what you want to do." Now I was beaming and glowing. I laid my head in his lap and put my arms around my daddy.

He lived in a high security apartment complex with iron gates at every opening. You had to have a key card to get in and the code was changed each month to prevent someone duplicating the system. His apartment was on the second floor, facing a magnificent courtyard, well maintained with tall pine trees and thick, green grass. Each apartment had an iron security screen door and a double dead bolt on the solid wooden door. He told me that he had never had many friends up here. He said that he had been burglarized three time during his life and nothing made him feel more violated than to loose his personal belongings.

He had four computers set around in his living room and each was running with a different screen. He had a large briefcase that he had been carrying with him everywhere we had gone this afternoon and I now got to see what it was. He had a lap-top computer in there which he hooked to a cable on one of the computers in his apartment and ran some commands then turned to me. "I had to up-load all the work that I did at the park this morning," he said. "I like to go to the park early and sit out at a table all alone and drink a can of instant breakfast, you know, Coca Cola, the breakfast of champions. I built this body on Coke," he said, patting his huge belly. "I sit there and just enjoy the birds and nature. It really clears my head so that I can work. I hook up my cell-phone and jump on line sometimes but mostly I just write." He walked into the kitchen, "you want a Coke or do you drink that other one that tastes like its first and third letters?"

I took and Coke from him as I thought about what he had said. "OH! P.P. Pepsi, I get it. You're weird. So, what do you write?"

"Everything and anything," he said, rather bashfully. He was totally red. I realized he was blushing. He looked at me rather strangely and continued, "I write what ever comes into my mind. I write Christian stories, I write Christian plays. I have written a full length novel about a lost civil war army payroll of gold coins discovered in the desert outside of Tucson in 1980. I have many articles for magazines ranging from true love for ladies to hunting and fishing stories. I write web pages, I've even done some web pages for my friends for cash. I have even written some porno, not that I have any experience but you have given me a lot of material today. I just write what seems fun at the time."

"Where can I buy some of them?"

"I've never been published. I don't know how to submit anything to a publisher and if they rejected it or didn't like, I would be devastated so I don't try."

"I would like to read some of your stuff. You are very articulate and I think you would be a good writer," I told him.

"I think you may be a little prejudiced. No, I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that. You were complementing me and I don't know how to accept a complement. I am so used to being put down or flattered for flatteries sake... I don't know when it is sincere, I'm showing you my ass and I apologize."

"Don't! You never need to apologize to me. I love you for who and what your are," I told him.

"You don't know it yet but you love an absolute prick, but turn me around and I'm an ass hole. He he he."

"Fuck you!"

"You'd like to but then you'd never start on women."

"You are such a pussy."

"Hey, boy, I'm more man than you'll ever be and more woman than you'll ever get." he snapped at me.

I rolled to the floor in laughter. This guy had a quick come back for everything I said and a quick cum for every stroke I made. He helped me up and showed me the rest of the apartment.

There was a bed in the dining area of the living room. Clothes were piled by the bed and on the couch. He explained that his twenty three year old son had moved back in with him about two years ago. He had broke up with the girl he was living with and moved home to take care of dad.

He showed me "our" bedroom. He had a queen size water bed raised up on blocks so that it was twenty four inches off the floor. He told me that sometimes he would hurt his back and this made it much easier to get up and down. He said that he was diabetic and had to get up to pee at least three times a night sometime more. This turned me on, "I would like to try and drink your piss," I said. "I tasted it when we peed on each other in the yard and I want to have you pee down my throat. Would you do that for me daddy? I said in my best little boy voice."

His face went ashen. I could tell he wasn't in to this at all. I saw him kind of gag but he tried to cover it up. I put my arm around him and held him. He returned the hold and we hugged one another. "I'm not sure. I'm willing to try just about anything. But.... That seems too weird and kind of sick but kinky as all fuck. I have to piss now, you want it?" I dropped to my knees and popped the buttons of his 501s. His limp dick was hiding up under his fat roll with just about two inches of skin covered head sticking out. Like a calf suckling its mom I grabbed this big teat with my lips and used my face to burrow in closer till I could feel his pubie hair on my face. I used my tongue to push back the foreskin and wrapped my arms around his ample ass. He rubbed his hands through my hair and sighed, "alright, if that's what you want. Just don't spill it. My piss stinks and I don't want it on the carpet. Reach down beside you, under the edge of the bed and get that urinal. If you can't handle it stick my dick in that and I'll finish peeing. Sometimes I am too tired to walk to the bathroom so I keep a urinal ready. ..... Okay, Andy, here it comes."

His liquid was really hot. It almost felt like it was burning me but then it wasn't as hot as say, coffee or hot chocolate. It felt good going down. I nuzzled closer so that his dick was at the back of my throat and the piss was going straight down into my stomach. I really enjoyed this. I nursed on his dick and lightly chewed on it. He really seemed to like this and just pulled me in closer with his hands on the back of my head.

I don't know what made me want to taste it. I could see how Carl would feel repulsed by it but this showed me how much he loved me. He would do anything I asked of him and I knew it now. I can't ever betray that kind of love. I must treat this man right. He was through pissing and I still lingered on. I didn't want to let go. He moved a little. He, then, cleared his throat. I came back to reality. I reached down and unfastened his sandals and slid his pants to the floor so that he could step out of them. I reached behind me and untied my shoes and pulled them off. Then I pulled my pants down and as I pushed daddy to the bed I slipped out of them and ripped my tee shirt over my head. Daddy's tee shirt was off in a flash and our cocks were buried in each other's mouths. I loved to feel his dick grow hard in my mouth. To feel it grow from a limp six or seven inch worm to a solid eleven and a half inch pole, inside my mouth, made me feel great.

We had a routine. I know what he likes but it is all I can do to keep on bobbing his gargantuan length of meat so I let him take over pumping my body up and down while I do him. He put his hands on each side of my hip bone and started pushing me up and down, fucking himself in the mouth with my dick. I, in the meantime had my hands on the bed on either side of him lifting my head up and down trying to get the long strokes for him. I agreed with him that there is no better feeling than that of the head of a truly hard dick sliding in and out against the tongue and roof of the mouth.

I could feel that wonderful feeling of a load gathering together for ejaculation. I knew it wouldn't be long. I had looked at the clock as we came into the bedroom and saw that it was nearly six o'clock. We have been cumming together for five hours now. He had matched me load for load, how many had it been? I couldn't even remember. I couldn't fucking care less. I wanted this load. He was getting my load. It is cumming up the toes. I am going to cum a bucket full. Look out below, you're gonna get cummed in. Oooohhh, aaahhh. Whoa, here is his load. Fuck, got to get this thing down my throat, it's too big. There's no room for this six and a quarter around cock and cum both to fit in my little eighteen year old mouth with out spilling most of it. His cum just lubed his cock up so that it slipped right into it's new home and his jiss filled me up.

"You guys having fun. I see you got yourself a boy to suck and he likes sucking you too, faggot!" a voice full of venom from the doorway said. I jerked up as another shot of cum shot from daddy's dick. His dick flipped as my mouth came off of it and the large wad of spunk was shooting across the room like a speeding bullet. It hit the boy in the doorway square in the chest as he stood there with his mouth gapping open. "Good god, dad, when did your dick get that big?" he squealed. It was a high pitch sound that sounded almost like terror. I rolled aside as daddy sat up. I then took his cock in my hand and pointed it at the boy who was now at the foot of the bed staring at it in disbelief.

"Yeah, we were having a lot of fun. You sure know how to fuck up a good cum. This is Andy and he likes to suck my dick. He makes it do things it hasn't done in years, and he's one good looking cocksucker to boot," he kissed me on the cheek. "You want a piece of him?"

"Sure! Huh? Fuck, I ain't to fag. You know I won't do that." He was staring at me. I slid off to the end of the bed and lay back, stretching. I pushed my dick upright so that the boy could get a good look and he never took his eyes off of it. "Silly faggot! Dicks are for chicks." He turned and walked away leaving me thinking of the rabbit in the tv commercials.

Dad grabbed me and pulled me to him. I was shaking like a leaf, he was too. I had never been caught before.

"Really, dad, when did your dick get that big?" he was back with only his underwear on and it was tenting out in front.

"You haven't seen me hard in several years. Things change," dad said.

"Not that. That doesn't change. You have always bragged about your seven and a half inch dick. That fucker is more than seven and a half inches."

Dad rolled over to his side and reached for a small measuring tape. He picked at it and pulled it out. "I have a new exercise. I told you about it two months ago. Remember me asking you if you noticed how much longer my dick was? And you called me faggot and walked away. So here, measure it now and see if my exercise routine is paying off." The boy took the tape and looked at me then back at the dick. He reached behind him to the light switch on the wall and flipped on the overhead light. He came closer and pulled his dad's dick down and laid the tape on top and stretched it tight to the head.

"Eleven and one, two, three, four..."

"Can you read a tape measure, Andy. Help him."

I looked at the tape and pushed one end tight against the huge belly of my old man. The boy stretched the tape to the end and I looked at it, "My god! It's eleven and three quarters, no seven eights long. Almost a foot long. I had a foot long in my buns today. Put some chilli and onions on me and eat me up." All three of us laughed. I took the tape measure and wrapped it around the foot long just below the head, then I moved up and measured the rim around. "Six and one quarter at the shank and six and one half at the head. That mother fucker is a mouth full and it fills my butt hole nicely."

"You took that in your ass?"

"By the way, this is Troy. He's my youngest son. He's twenty three. He's the one who lives in the dining room, and no he isn't gay. I have tried to get him to let me suck him for years. He's only let me a few times and that was over four years ago. We used to jack each other off but that stopped too. He, "out grew it," he says. But I think he wants it up his butt from some of the things he has said over the years."

"Dad! Shut up."

"Would you like to fuck Andy's butt, Troy. It's German, good-an-tight."

I reached over and cupped my hand over his tent. He instantly pushed my hand away. He had a small dick. He looked at his dad and again at his dick. "I've never seen one that big. I've never seen anyone hard but you, but that big."

"You want to jack me off, don't you?"

"I..." he looked at me and swallowed. He took the tape measure from my hand and motioned for me to lay back. I did and he measured me. Dad raised up and looked at the tape. He pointed to each mark and Troy finally said, "six and one half inches. And five and one eighth around." He handed me the tape and pulled off his underwear and lay down beside me with his hard dick catching the breeze.

Troy is five foot five. He weighs two hundred and twenty six pounds. He is half Mexican with a shaved head of jet black hair. Dark complected and acne scars in places I never knew you could get acne. His back was covered with scars and pimples. He was cute with his round face and upturned nose. He looked like he was maybe sixteen or a little less but he had a heavy beard growth on his neck and upper lip though his cheeks were virtually hairless. "Five and a half inches long and five inches around," I chimed in. I reached over and sucked his whole uncut dick in my mouth. He was not the kind of guy I would go for but he was here and he was dad's son.

Troy pushed me away and stood up. "That belongs to dad. He can suck it, if he wants to. You... You can fuck me, if you wear a rubber."

"Andy is clean. His ass was virgin until I popped him this afternoon. If you want him to wear a rubber, fine, but he doesn't need it. Since this is your first time you might enjoy him with out the raincoat."

"Ride him bare back? I'm not sure."

"Here's something else to think about. You have to suck to get fucked. You and I will do my all time fantasy. I want to 69 someone that is getting plowed so that I can watch the cock go in and out of his ass. I hope all three of us can cum at the same time. You used to want to fuck me. At least you did six years ago and you tried but you got to horny and stopped to jack off, remember?"


"Well here's your chance. 69 me and fill me with your cum while Andy fills your butt, then you can fuck me, if you want."

"Can I fuck Andy?"

"Sure, I don't mind. I would like to see what a regular dick can do. I love that monster dad has, but I want to try it with a smaller one."

"Please don't cum in my mouth. I..." he was almost crying.

"You know that I never make you do anything. I will push you off if I start to cum, I promise." Troy got up on the bed as dad moved back to the middle. He lay down on the giant of a man, their big bellies making a perfect cushion between them. Troy was fat for his size. He didn't hang over his dick like dad did but it was definite that he wasn't able to see his toes or his dick. Dad took his meat full length into his mouth. He wrapped his arms around the boy and began to suck. It was obvious to even my young eyes that this man loved this boy.

Troy smelled strong and sweaty. He had been working out in the sun all day and he was in dire need of a shower but dad had him and that was the end of that. Troy had hold of dad's dick and was looking at it from every angle. He laid his head on dad's thigh and just stared as he jacked the huge penis in his hand so slowly. His fingers were really short and they didn't even meet as they circumferenced the dick. Dad lifted him up and told him to suck it if he wanted to cum or get fucked. It may be a one eyed snake but I promise you it won't bite. It will spit at you though."

Troy stuck out his tongue and licked the shaft. Satisfied he licked a little more. "Andy, you had this in your mouth and it hasn't been washed." I pointed out his body odor and his lack of a shower and he licked the head like an ice cream cone. "It tastes like cum!" I just pushed his head down to the dick as dad shoved his finger in Troy's butt. That was the ticket, Troy opened his mouth and put the head inside. Dad began to finger fuck his ass hole and Troy started to squirm. Two fingers went up and the boy became a glob of jelly. Dad's fingers were working in and out as his empty hand tapped my legs. He pointed at the butt hole and at his mouth and I realized he wanted me to spit into the hole. I bent down and smelled Troy's shit hole. He really needed a shower. Dad pulled his fingers out and I spit and three fingers went back in. Troy was wiggling all over the top of dad as his excitement mounted. Dad pulled my dick and pointed it at the now fully opened hole. I spit in my hand and spread the glob over the head and moved in. It was a fluid transfer as dad's fingers came out and my dick went in. Troy didn't react at all. I slowly slid further in, pausing along the way.

I lay down on Troy's back and started rubbing his shoulders. "Suck that dick. Go on take it in your mouth." I shoved all the way in his ass with everything I had. He lurched. I knew I had hit his prostate and I pulled back slowly waiting for a reaction. As soon as he jerked forward I knew where it was and I started short stroking the head of my dick back and forth, concentrating on that little walnut in his ass. Troy started fucking me back while his dick was fucking the mouth around it. He now had about four inches of dad's cock in his mouth, "relax your throat. Slow. Slow. That's it you can get a lot more in your mouth. That's a good boy, you're doing fine. Suck that cock. Go up and down. I'm fucking your ass and making you feel good. Dad's fucking your mouth and making you feel great. You're doing a fantastic job. You take cock like a pro. I never knew a virgin that could take to cock like you do."

I felt his ass tighten on my cock. He was close and he was loving it. He was fucking back at me with a heart full of passion for the meat he was getting at both ends. His body stiffened. My cock winced in the tight orifice. My load started its climb as Troy pushed back on my dick. I started long strokes. I was pushing the full length on each stroke as he pushed forward into dad's mouth and withdrew at a wild pace. I knew daddy was loving this, he loved to be mouth fucked. Troy was pumping on the dick in his mouth. He now had over half of the cock in his mouth and he was not relenting. I knew that he had already shot his load and my was coming, but he was on the edge of getting dad off. Dad was lifting Troy up trying to pull his dick from the boy's mouth but Troy only wrapped his arms around his dad's thighs and took another two inches into his mouth. I knew, from experience that that cock was in his throat. His head was bobbing up and down with a full head of passion. His ass clenched my dick and started to spasm, massaging every inch of my tool. I started shooting a full load up into him and I could tell that dad, too, was cumming. Troy didn't stop he was in full heat as he continued to fuck his own face with the monster dick sticking out of it. Dad twitched and turned under him but Troy was relentless as he kept on sucking. In only a few seconds dad relaxed and let Troy continue.

Meanwhile my dick had gone limp and I was sore. I had sucked and fucked so much there was nothing left in me. I pulled away and quietly went to the bathroom. I turned on the water in the shower and stepped in. They had a hand held shower head and a mounted one on top. There was a little valve that let you switch back and forth. I turned the water a little hotter and took the hand held shower head to my dick. It had several positions but was set to full stream so I applied that to my crotch. It felt good. I moved the stream around at let it spray on my ass hole. I could really go for this thing. It was doing a real job on me.

I stood under the shower for a long time then dried off and went back to the bed room. Troy was cumming again and dad had his arms locked behind his butt pulling him fully into his throat. Troy rolled over and he had cum dripping off of his chin. I moved over to him and started to lick it up. He opened his mouth and turned toward me. I kissed him. He put his arms around me and kissed me back. I put my tongue in his mouth and licked at the cum coating the inside. He started to push away but paused and I moved into him. I felt dad get out of bed and I rolled up on top of Troy. I heard dad in the shower as I started to grind my dick against Troy's. He spread his legs letting me slip in between them and we lay there trying to suck each others guts out.

I felt a hand on my butt and turned over. "How're you doing, Troy?"

"I'm sorry, dad." There were tears in his eyes as he reached to pull the man toward him. He kissed his dad on the mouth and then said, "I guess I'm a faggot too. I loved what just happened. But I do want to fuck Andy. Can you guys do it again?"

"I'll suck him so that I can watch your dick going in and out. But I don't think I want to cum again. My balls are sore. You feel like a fuck, Andy?"

I didn't answer. I just jumped up on top and stuck my ass up at Troy. Dad pulled me down and rimmed me as Troy reacted. Dad told him that if he had showered first he would have gotten slicked up this way but his ass smelled like shit. He then went back to my hole and continued to tongue me out. His tongue was an aphrodisiac. It turned me on like a light bulb. He stuck a couple of fingers in me and pulled Troy closer. He started sucking Troy as his fingers worked me open then he put a glob of spit on Troy's dick and pushed him in to me. I felt the head of this small dick poking at me as my cock was engulfed in a hot warm mouth Troy's head made its way in and then with a lurch he was all the way in me. I jerked straight up, "easy there. That hurt."

"Sorry. Fuck this feels good. Not as good as getting fucked but it feels good." He started to fuck me. I looked at the bed side clock, seven o five. I've been fucking for a solid hour and my cock was hard again. These two guys were more than I could ever have hoped for. God, I love Carl but I am enjoying Troy too. Is this going to work?

Troy was pounding my ass. I realized that it's not the size of the dick but how you use it. Troy was filling me up and making me feel as good as dad had done. I found that I was really enjoying this fuck and I didn't ever want it to stop. >From out of nowhere I felt the cum rise. I shot a load but I realized that it was very small. The feeling was fantastic and I was completely satisfied. Troy was still going strong in me but I felt that he was close. Suddenly he stiffened and pushed fully into me. I was nursing dad's semi-hard cock as I felt Troy go off inside of me. He didn't stop and in just a moment I had another orgasm that totally flattened me. Troy unloaded another load in me and fell on my back. I new that a simple butt fuck or a blow job could never compare to a three way. To feel my ass getting stuffed at the same time I was getting sucked...and all I had to do was lay there and enjoy it.

We lay there until his little dick went limp and fell out and he rolled over beside us. Dad pushed me up and pulled me to him. I crawled up beside him and he pulled me up on top. "I want to be with both of my men. Troy, how are you doing?"

"I'm fine. I never wanted to be gay and I've fought it for years but today...."

"You fought it with me because to make it with your dad is repulsive."

"But you're not my real dad." What? I jerked with this news.

"Troy came to live with me when he was twelve. His mother never married and her health was bad. I adopted him when he was fourteen and he has been my son every day since. His birth certificate has my name on it and as far a anybody is concerned he is my natural son."

"He has loved me from the day we met and when my mom got sick she needed a place for me to go. I couldn't have been happier when she asked dad if he would let me stay with him. He has loved me like no one else ever did. He used to ask me about sex when I was like sixteen, but I usually said no. I let him suck me a few times after he got out of prison but I didn't want to be queer so I stopped. I've thought about it a lot, especially when I can hear him in the bedroom jacking off. Sometimes I sneak into the hall and watch him then I go back to bed and jack off thinking about him doing me."

With that he rolled over and put his arm around us and kissed dad, "I'm so sorry, dad. I should have let you know before."

"Troy, don't worry about it. You know that I only want the best for you. I want you to grow up and be all that you want to be. I hope that you will find the right girl and have a family. I want Andy to marry and be a father also. Until that time I will get all of the love and cum the two of you want to share with me. I love you with all my life. I love Andy like I have loved no other. I want Andy to be part of us but I will never choose between you. I don't want either of you to get hurt so you are going to have to decide what we are going to do.

"Andy, I'm just wondering. While we fucked this afternoon I got really raunchy, talking super vulgar to you. Do you not like that?"

"I like it and I know where you are going. I didn't talk like that to Troy since this is his first time. I didn't want to hurt his feelings by calling him a bitch faggot cock whore who'd swim in shit to get a load of cum down his throat." We all laughed so hard that we were in tears.

"Speaking of hurt. You stink so bad you hurt my nose. Go take a shower," dad told Troy.

"You smell like sweat and cum. You always want to take a shower with me so come on. Andy if you're going to be my mother you better get your ass in gear and wash your men." We all laughed at that. Me, the mother. That had some possibilities. We all piled into the small bathtub and showered. I washed dad while he washed Troy. Dad rinsed off and got out saying that it was to close in there for all of us and besides that we needed to get to know each other. He told us not to stay too long because he was hungry and he wanted a big piece of meat. Troy and I looked at each other and started to wash all of those special parts. I got out and left Troy and went to the bed room. Dad had my clothes laid out and he was dressed. He went to the bath and turned off the water as Troy cussed at him. Dad just tossed him a towel and told him to come on.

Troy dressed the three of us headed out the door. We piled into Troy's Jeep and dad got behind the wheel through more cussing from Troy. This boy had a lot to learn. He was cussing the best thing he had ever had in his life. Dad drove across town without saying a word. He pulled up in front of a steakhouse. Troy got all excited and said this was his favorite place. He used his cell-phone to make a call. It seems that he had a date but he called her and canceled so that he could have a steak dinner with his dad.

The dinner was huge. We had a ten ounce top sirloin with baked potato, salad bar, pinto beans and bread. We drank ice tea and talked for two hours. It was agreed that I would move in and I could do as I pleased. The couch was a hide-a-bed and I could sleep there if I needed to be alone. Troy's bed was a twin but if I wanted to sleep with him. There was only one thing that needed to be cleared. Dad shucked his drawers as soon as he walked in the house. He preferred to sit around in the nude and he always slept nude. I had no problem with that as I had been raised in a nude household and looked forward to it. Troy agreed that since things had turned out like they had then he would try to go nude too. Dad told us that he was really looking forward to watching us just live life naked. He wanted to watch us walk around with our dicks swinging and watch us as we sat around the tv. He then asked our permission to molest us at will. He said that he loved to suck a soft dick and feel it swell in his mouth. He said that he would just grab us as we walked by and start sucking us or come over and suck us as we sat watching tv. We agreed that if we didn't want to do it we would wear our underwear, that would be our signal to lay off. Troy said that he could probably live with that if dad would be willing to fuck him full bore, he called it, when we got home. We could hardly wait to get home.

Margaret Foss sat naked at the kitchen counter drinking Jack Daniels Black neat. She had a pile of cigarette filters neatly stacked in a row about twelve inches long and nearly six inches tall. Marlborough wrappers were wadded up and laying beside an overflowing, twelve inch round, ash tray. "Where the fuck is that little son of a bitch," she said as she snubbed out another cigarette and stacked the filter on her steady growing pile. She wasn't a bad looking woman, from the neck down. She was about thirty two, stood five foot four. She weighed around one hundred and ten pounds. Her natural blond hair was long and stringy. It had not seen a brush in several days and probably longer than that since shampoo and water had run through it. Her face was drawn and haggard and covered with wrinkles that belied her age. Her eyes were red from to much smoke and not enough sleep. Her blood alcohol level would easily top 1.5. She wasn't even steady sitting on the wide early American style wooden chair. "He's never even stayed out past ten o'clock. The little bastard hasn't been home in three days now. I'll kill that fuck when he comes home, after he goes to the store and gets me another bottle and some cigarettes."

She stood and staggered over to one of the sinks and turned on the water, splashing some on her face. She watched as the mail man placed the days advertisements and trash can liners in the box at the curb. She walked over to the hook on the end of the cabinet and took down the large flowered apron that hung there. She wrapped it around her body and tied a large perfect bow in the back. She fluffed up the ruffles to make them stand out as she admired the large yellow flowers with smaller red flowers behind. She thought how this apron made her feel as if she was laying in a field of flowers and she could almost smell their fragrance.

She walked across the large country kitchen with its two range ovens, two sinks, two large Zero Cold refrigerators. "It's been so long since we've entertained here," she thought. "That's what we need, a party. The house full of people enjoying themselves. That would be nice. Six bedrooms five bathrooms, forty six hundred feet of house and it's empty. I need to have a party. When Andy gets home I'll have him call all of his friends. We can party all night."

She walked out to the mail box and stepped off the curb. "Where's the fucking check. The check should be here today. Is this the fourteenth or the fifteenth. The check always comes on the fifteenth. What day is it?" She closed the box and stepped back up on the curb and started across the walkway toward the front door. She looked through the mail as she walked about twenty feet. With less than thirty fee to the door she heard something and looked to her right. She saw something black coming at her.

The next day I wanted my clothes and stuff from home. Dad was very understanding and wanted to go with me. We turned onto my street and I looked long at the large houses of my childhood sitting back from the street fifty feet or more. This was a rich neighborhood with, what many would call, mansions. I had grown up here. I knew everyone in every house. I had played in their expansive yards. Swam in their backyard pools, and even a few indoor pools. I had played with their children. I sighed.

Down the street I saw "the woman". She was dressed in that tacky, old, worn, apron with the red and yellow flowers and tons of frilly ruffles. I knew she was naked, as usual, and had just slipped that on to go get the mail. I watched as she staggered along the curling sidewalk toward the front door.

"Look out!" Dad yelled as his right arm crushed into my chest, knocking the wind out of me and pinning me to the seat. I was aware of a black streak down the right side of our truck and suddenly the thump of the impact. I watched as a long black car careened on down the street, jumping the curb and flying across the yards. "The woman" turned to look at the moment of impact. She was thrown up in the air and landed on top of the car only to slide off the back onto the grass. The car crashed into the corner of the house next door and stopped.

MOM!!" I cried. That is the first time I can remember calling her anything but "the woman" since I was a little boy. Dad had the truck stopped and was on his cell phone to 911, giving the police the address and requesting an ambulance. He ran to my mother and reached for her neck to check for pulse. It was unnecessary, her head was at an obtuse angle to her body, her left leg was laying on top of her stomach, and there was blood everywhere. It was obvious that she was dead. He picked up her apron and covered her naked body. I looked at him and he was pure white. His eyes rolled back in his head and he collapsed to the ground in a heap. I jumped to his side and rolled him on his back. He was not breathing. I unbuttoned a few of the buttons on his shirt and unfastened his belt. I then grabbed the back of his neck to tilt his head back and open his airway. I could hear the sirens getting closer as I bent toward his mouth to breathe into him. I exhaled a long breath into his lungs and watched his chest rise. I placed my thumb on a carotid artery and was met with a faint pulse. I exhaled again, watching his chest rise.

A strong hand touched my shoulder and said, "good job, guy. Let me take over." I looked up into the face of a fireman EMT and slid over. He placed a plastic mask on dad's face and I watched the pink return to his cheeks. He suddenly jerked and started coughing. He sat up as the EMT tried to restrain him. Dad was fighting for his life as he pushed the EMT away. "I have sleep apnea," he forced out. The EMT called for a back board as he lifted dad to a seated position. He reached over and pulled his medical box up behind dad as another fireman came up with a backboard. They slid it under dad's rear and lay it against the medical kit. They lay him back so that he had support for his back. The color was now returning to his body. In a few moments he removed the mask from his face and stood up. He came over to me and wrapped his arms around me, holding me close.

The police were working on the car and I asked the EMT if the driver was okay. "He'll live to stand trial," was his response.

"Is he drunk?" dad asked.

"Smells like it." We watched as a man was pulled from the wreckage. He stood up and looked at us. He started to move this way when the police took hold of his arms.

"What was she doing out in the middle of the street?" he slurred as he was taken away to a waiting police car.

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